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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  November 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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so last night on "real housewives of beverly hills," the housewives suspected that lisa was faking it. don't ask me why we're still deal with that on "dancing with the stars" on "real housewives of beverly hills." i found it comical that the ladies thought what i said all along. take a look at everything. >> i fainted on camera before and i fainted for real. some people just aren't cut out for fake faints. [ ughter ] >> she wakes up, don't people when tey wake up, don't they wake up startled? she woke up like and she was looking at him and then like at the camera. lisa wanted out from "dancing with the stars." she wanted out. i don't blame her. i'd be tired too and want to go home. [ laughter ] >> back when we saw that happen, i said nobody faints that pretty
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and being a "dancing with the stars" insider, there's some of us who we realize, gosh, we bit off more than we can chew, i want to get back to my regular life. can i stub a toe? can i faint? can i get a doctor's note saying i have sciatica, what? i understand what yo did and why you did it. [ applause ] allegedly. hey, the singer, adele, we haven't talked about her in a long time. i have a nice story to share. depending on the type of person you are, i have a nice story. she reportedly declined, miss adele did, a huge $19 million deal to become the face of l'ore l'oreal. well, she's worth $ million and she didn't want to be associated with -- she didn't want to bessociated with outside products. i respect her integrity.
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$19 million. i respect that. i sew respect that. she didn't sell out. she's only 25 years old. you know, she's got that cute new baby. she sings like nobody's business and people love her. there's nothing wrong if she did take that cover gir thing, but the idea that she didn't, i like her even more. i remember back in the day before mariah carey had her perfume and before she had that nail polish that she does, like that branding thing, i used to really love that mariah carey is a pure singer, she hits the notes and goes home. doesn't want to be involved with clothing lines or nail polishes or anything. she ended up caving in. janet jackson, i used to always say, it's so great that she's a pure performer, like a purist. doesn't want the side money from being an easy, breezy, whatever. listen, i appreciate that aut some of our singers.
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they don't sell their names down the river for the sake of being associated with -- they don't kardashian themselves is what i'm sayi. [ applause ] now, listen, okay. so lady gaga was on a morning showe in new york on z-100. hey, elvis. how you doin'? she opened up about her struggles with drugs. marijuana. i hear -- it wasn't me. it was them. i heard -- i see eye rolls. i say the same thing. i don't believe that marijuana is an addictive drug. we can argue and debate all day. but we only got another 50 minutes on the show. so we can talk to each other on facebook. however, listen to what she says
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to elvis and then we'll continue our conversation. >> i just want young kids to know that you actually can become addicted to it. and there's a sentiment that you can't. that's actually not true. i have been addicted to it. it's ultimately related to anxiety coping. an it's a form of self-medication. i was sking up to 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day with no tobacco. >> that's a lot. >> yeah. >> you caught me. i was shifting. [ applause ] >> i love you. now, the thing about the weed, okay. i understand that -- my opinion, cigarettes are a gateway drug. cigarettes lead to weed, weed
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leads to coke, coke leads to heroin, pills and the rest. i don't think it's addictive and i wa to do a clap by poll in the audience. can i do the clap by poll? clap only if you feel marijuana is addictive? [ applause ] >> okay. that's fair. that's like a 50/50 split. i'm glad that gaga is saying this. she has so many fans. i've always said this and i'll continue to say it. we can't leave it up to pop stars and actorsnd talk show host toss raise your kids. we have to learn to be better parents ourselves. i'm glad at the very least, she's conscious that she's got a lot of young impressionable people who listen to her and watch her every move. by saying that, maybe she will help somebody. i don't think the weed is addictive. i think it just makes you sleepy. the new strain doesn't even make you hungry. anyway -- uh-huh. let's move along.
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[ applause ] remember i was telling you that the actress octavious spencer is starring in the remake of the old show, wch i still love in repeats,urder she wrote. now the original star, angela lansbury is throwing -- at 88 years old, you know how shady you can get. she doesn't want them to use the original title. in fact, she doesn't want the show to be remade. why? here's the thing. i don't want them to use the original title either. i said that about ironside. if you're gng to remix something, don't associate it with the old show. there's too much pressure to live up to. but they can change the name, keep the same premise, the premise is octavia spencer works
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in the hospital as a hospital administrator and fights crime in between. so i have a couple of suggestions because i think octavia spencer would be perfect for this. i would love murder she wrote to come back. i love cop shows without guns and chases. just smarts and clues. [ applause ] >> but they could rename the show like magnified murder and have the magnifying glass be part of the thing. or, or make it more modern. murder she tweeted instead of "murder, she wrote." ms. lansbury -- so paris hilton has a secret admirer or some uld say somebody with a little bit of weird kind of stalkerish behavior. the mystery person rted two
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planes. i know that sounds great and romant romantical. the planes through across malibu all day with banners asking paris t. i know. do you think that's romantic? >> no. >> creepy, right? just asking. that's like zoe zal danno's husband with that forearm tattoo we talked about yesterday. can't get paris, whitney hilton out of my mind and mr. and mrs. hilton, may i court your dauter paris? i mean, initially sounds very romantic. and i -- but then thinking about it more, it's kind of creepy. my hot topics team did the math, though. we called up to find out what it cost to rent the plane and the banners. a total of $8,000. so that's somebody who, if he ended up getting a date with paris, that's worth his weight in gold, i guess. you can't. she already has a boyfriend.
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she's been with the 22-year-old fella for a year. his name is river. he's 22. when she came here on our show a few months ago, he was with her, sitting right there in the audience, really supportive. she's a tall girl, she's like 5'10". he's tall in calvin klein model kind much way. i think they're a cute couple she's 32 years old, he's 22. you might say what do they have in common? what do they need to have in common? [ applause ] so there's a newook coming out just in time for the holiday season. i don't know about you, but i find books to be a great gift, as long as you're going to put a lot of thought into the book that you're giving to the person. if you want to give me a book, here's a book i'd want. it's a juicy tell-all. it's about the hollywood -- i by a hollywood casting director
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revealsomeurprising information about some of our favorite stars. one of them being beyonce. i know. don't you want the book, too? >> yeah. >> it will be out like december 1st. beyonce reportedly refused to audition for a role in the animated disney movie "the princess an the frog." well, she reportedly expected the role to be rolled out for her and handed to her. alicia keys, on the other hand, auditioned three times and still didn't get the role. the role went to anita noni rose. she played a princess. she was the first i think disney princess. she's been on our show before. you can kind of see where, it's a lot cheaper to hire her than beyonce or alicia keys. here's the bigger thing. y should beyonce have to audition for a role that requires singing and acting and
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it's a cartoon role? that's on. really, disney? [ applause ] >> you know, when i sit here in my purple chair and talk to you about hot topics, i try to be as fair as i possibly can. a lot of you say i waffle in my opinion. you know what, it's not that i waffle in my opinion. when you don't dislike somebody or something that they do, to me, it's not cut and dry. in this particular case, we've said a lot of things about beyonce, good and bad. let me just say this. beyonce knowles should not have to audition to play an animated frog in a disney movie. [ applause ] >> now, maybe alicia keys, yes. beuse i've never sienna leash i can't keys act to my knowledge. she's a brilliant singer, and the frog sings, not act. they should have given it to
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beyonce and allocution with it. come on frog, get off my lily pad. i mean, come on now. she's a real looker and she's a great syringe and she speaks the ebnics. she should have gotten he will cougs lessons and congratulations to you a nick a none i ose. [ applause ] david hasselhoff has proposed to higirlfriend, hailey roberts not once, not twice but five times. now, let me lay it out for you. apparently she keeps saying no. she's 34 and he's 61. and the reason why she sys no is because he proposes but doesn't present a ring. and my thought is girl, please.
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okay. hasselhoff has been married twice. he's got two children. one of them who has been here before. and he probably is not into t formalities of relationships in that way. you're luy you asked him to marry him i guess. a lot of guysnce you're married twice, they don't want to do it again. young lady, you used to work at the mall. we checked our dossier. i'm not saying there's anything wrong with working athe mall. i'm not sago oying -- there's nothing wrong with working at the mall. can you imagine being a mall shop girl and all of a sudden u go from that and to david hasselhoff. he's got money on top of money. don't let eating the hamburger off the ground fool you. that knight rider money and plus, he's like asa loon singer over in europe. he makes a lot of money nging his songs. this is what i would do if i
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were her. i would say, yeah, daddy. [ laughter ] but i would say yes, david. i'll mar you give me your credit card and i'm going to the mall to pick up a ring and then i, as a 36-year-old woman who remembers where i came from, i was a shop girl, she's been with him now a couple of years shall it's not like a user relationship. they do love one another. it's that hasselhoff is older and it's 2013. a lot of people don't believe in formality and marriage. take his credit card and buy the best ring at the mall. that's it. [ applause ] and come back home and give it back to him. that's your ring and you walk down the aisle and have a good day. hailey, don't be a fool girl. marry the man, get the ring.
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[ applause ] you know, we all know that winning an oscar is a huge accomplishment. but it doesn't phase this jennifer lawrence which i love. to me, by it not fazin her and by her losing her oscar, she obviously does not judge her own worth by what people say in terms of awards. she just revealed that she has no idea where her oscar is. look, she just won the oscar. she has no idea where it is. she's hoping it's at her parents' house in kentucky. if it's not, she says well, it's gone. kind of like that, though. you know what i mean? you ever walk into someone's house with a lot of awards and they're sitting there in the foyer at the front door under a light? you walked in our house, you would never know it was a tv lady's house. it's home. i like that, though, jennifer lawrence. although the academy might not like it so much.
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why don't you call your parents and ask them to look in the box in the basement, the ones that you've closed with pink tape so you know they're yours and ask them to see if your oscar is in there. that's all. [ applause ] >> drama is brewing in the palin household. we haven't talked about them in a long time. however, this is a good story. bristol palin, has that baby's father, levi johnston. well, they're good looking people x aren't they? they re debating in hot topics. she's pretty. money well spent. call the before and after allegedly. [ applause ] right? i mean, she wast hole looking to begin with. but i like the improvement a lot. levi is very, very cute.
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he's cute in a really sturdy pipe layer from alaska type of way. that's what he does. he works on the pipeline. anyway, levi filed for equal -- you're not going to take me there. levi has filed for equal custody of their son trip. levi is also allegedly behind in child support by over $60,000. so bristol's mother sarah, along with me and my team feel he probably wants 50/50 custody to cut down on child support. he might get that custody because he has more of a stable household than bristol who is still single and ready to mingle. leviis married and has a one-year-old daughter with his wife. i'll keep you posted on this whole little situation. in the meantime, we've got a great show for you. did i already tell you "the wanted" is here? i look forward to meeting them. i want max george to sit next to
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me. up next, it's time everybody's favorite, celebrity fan out. don't miss it.
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[ alause ] welcome back. it's time for celebrity fa out. love this. our first celebrity fan out comes from eric s. who watches on wztv in nashvi tennessee. eric writes, endy, how you doin'? i was having a beer at a small local bar downtown when a couple came up behind me and ordered a drink. mind you, this is in tennessee, he says. when i looked up and saw who it was, i almost spit out my beer. it was leann rimes and eddie b sibryian. eric says, i was speechless for an entire minute. but eventually asked for a photo. eddie's dimples are dangerous, lee an.
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she's one lucky lady. yes, they are and yes she is. our next celebrity fan out comes from gloria p. who watches on wavy in chesapeake, virginia. she writes, i served in the u.s. navy and spent christmas aboard the u.s.s enterprise. i heard a commotion upstairs and went to see what was happening. i couldn't believe my eyes. it was ben affleck. [ applause ] he's giving me a dangerous smile there. look at his smile. mischievous. anyway, he had come to cheer up the troops for the holidays and it worked. i had that big goofy smile on my face that day. you guys actually look like a couple. nice. good for you, gloria. all right. next one comes from britney w. who watches our show on wfld in plainfield, illinois. brittany writes, hey wendy, my
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sisters and are channing tatum's biggest fans. we walked by the set every day after school for several weeks hoping to see him. but we never did. we started to lose hope until one day we walked by and there he was. [ applause ] we told channing we loved him and he gave us a a big sweaty hug. everyone in school was jealous. i ve it. we've got one more celebrity fan out. it comes from carolyn d. who watches on wnyw in staten island new york. caroline writes, how you doin', wendy? my daughter and i spent the day mini golfing. after i tooky shot, i looked up and you'll never believe who i saw? mini golfing in staten island. jon bon jovi! i love that. he was playing mini golf with his family and happily posed for a photo with my daughter and me.
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i didn't play very well but it was still my favorite round of mini golf ever. i'll bet! i love celebrity fan out. if you've ever had an encounter with a celebrity and want to share it, go to ndy's is everybody ready for the wanted? [ applause ] [ applause ] they're here, next!
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[ applause ] so our first guests are international superstars who make the girlsbgo crazy. [ cheering ] >> their new album, word-of-mouth has four hit singles. please welcome from across the pond,he wanted. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ [ applause ] so cute. so the guys came outere to their song, the sun goes up ♪
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we play that s lot here at the wendy studios and personally in my car. your music makes me feel young. so i understand, tom, that you did that video across the -- in a bisa. >> it was a lot of fun. >> uh-huh. >> but in europe -- cancun. >> jay, normally when people think of boy bands, they think of matching outfits and -- and dance steps, maybe like the o jays or something. i understand you made a concerted fort to break the boy band stereotype. >> i think the stereotype is great for hype and all that. people expect the music to be secondary to all that stuff. it's not satisfying for your job not to be the most important part. i think we've tried.
5:28 pm
>> how did you meet? >> it was off a label. max and another band had on myspace and i was a you-tube kid. they saw us, forced us together. they helped us out. weorke very hard to generate a foundation. social media. we couldn'tave done it 20 years ago. >> that's great. five strangers and now you're a band and traveling around the world. i trust that you've forged personal relationships with each other too. >> no. >> i know that the girls go crazy. infamous for throwing bras and panties on the stage. >> especially th americans. >> what do you do with those things afterwards? do you leave them on the stage? donate them to crity?
5:29 pm
>> put them on >> we normally throw them around the stage a little bit. i'm really good at throwing. so normally i try and throw it so it hooks over someone's head and they'll wear it as a necklace for a little bit. when they get on the stage, they're always really warm. [ laughter ] you know that it's real. not jt -- it's actually been -- >> the guys are between the ages of, what, 21 and 25. ou're having the time of your life. nathan, is it true thatou guys individually have been requested a lot to give girls their first kiss? >> yeah. >> their first tongue kiss? >> yes. >> it's quite an honor. >> yeah. >> it's ys a bit awkward like when there's parents there. >> parents allow this


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