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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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not checking into a travel lodge, trashing the place an leaving disgruntled. glen davis ends up at an orlando travel lodge at book am. looking to room. >> and turned in this powerful performance. he tries to check in but it told no vacancy. devastating. the signature head shake from the manager and davis explodes! >> he got very upset. >> well, he did lose that night his oldeam, the celtics, yourou can't externalize anger like that, glen. >> he needed that room bad. he was pissed off. >> if you're an nba player mlion a year checking into a travel lodge at 4:00 a.m. in orlando where you alreadhave a home, it's imrtant. he get his room? >> no, he leaves and the cops up. >> checking into the game, law enforcement. inwe're told he's not named any report. >> but big baby did tweet an
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apology anyway, saying -- waaagh! aw, big baby is growing up. now go to sleep, glen, and dream of winning another -- those are bitch. coming out of the trunk at soho, walks over one of those grates and her dress flies up. like marilyn monroe. >> i thought that was a movie thing. >> you don't think that was set up? she's just wavingnd all of a sudden -- >> it snowed today. walked over the grate because she wanted it to blow up what!ke, >> oh! >> no. think, have you ever seen that happen? >> ok she's waving at the up.ras and the dress flies >> this is bush league!
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you're better than that. porne you a filthy enthusiast? do y enj shopping in dirty old storage lockers? to love jenna porn storage locker. >> storageocker full of jenna jameson's old porn stuff is about to be auctioned off. >> your chance to own a piece of because soiled history jenna's ex-husband is auctioning off a bunch of her old porn sexy shoes, sleepy thes, leather things and metal g-string as seen in the classic, it's a collector's dream. >> part of history. >> what are you talking about? memorabilia. >> damn right and there's so skates,it, sexy roller strap-onsth chains, and a dildo chair complete with
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instructions. must go into the orifices of the perves that buy it. so many weirdoes out there that will put it in smell it.h, >> those things are worth more if they're not clean. he really knows his sex toys. >> i don't want hank aaron's bat ass.s been up his >> some people are so hard to shop for. sex toys.ou, at l.a.x.akon we get deep into the psyche of men so wask -- have four that you different women that are considered your wives. >> akon has four wives. he has four women he considered. >> he considers to be wives. you think america should make that legal? >> i think if america adapted culture there will be
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marriage solidifies the relationship between a man and woman spiritually. i can be spiritually attached to her and she could be spiritually her.hed to >> if we're opening up our minds and allowing people to live the way they want to live, why not let them live with multiple lives. in theory butood any time i watch shows that have man with four wives, they're always jealous. >> that's their choice. men can have sex with her, have sex with her. evolved to think if i have sex with him i'm out of the game for nine months. that's not called evolved. evolution. >>t is evolution. >> you're wearing a denim jacket. nothing's evolved with you, all right. >> coming up -- our camera guy rolled up on
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this guy. contestant on blind date who's a security guard at the nightclub. >> does he get to go to the hot tub? >> plus -- >> lady gaga, she's dressed like an old lady. i feel bad for her. why? >> she loo uncomfortable all the time. three hourso spend to makeup to walk for two minutes. how good is that?
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>> coming up -- >> lana del ray, tons of fans, she starts kissing them. >> what's the difference between somebody who goes to a bar. complicated as it is.
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>> and now, you ain't never going to live that down, are you? "blind date"er jones.ant, dante >> "blind date." >> oh! date! >> yeah, you just witnessed the public humiliation of dante onesho once appeared "blind date" that show with the andid graphics and bubbles inflated egos. >> i know i'm a good catch. guard at's a security
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true nightclub. >> that's not a big stretch. profession. a noble anyway, maybe dante is willing to share fond memories of his on the show. >> "blind date" sucked. >> it sucked? bad. >> dude, come on, it was great. --went on that austin awesome date and the chick liked you. what iectful, just about was looking for. >> girl was ugly at [beep]! he get to go to the hot tub place? >> the hot tub is the best! no, they made balloon animals but these folks went to the hot tub place. gross me out. i'm sorry. open sore.ll big one >> red water. >> ew! >> come on!
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too far, too far. >> not far enough. thoughtdante, any last "? "blind date >> i'm glad it canceled, the girl was ugly. does do now, security guard? >> yeah. >> buy, dante. of you at your favorite restaurant, boa in santa monica, having dinner with the kia soul hamster. yes. >> i actually had an enjoyable the kia hamster. >> it was a great conversation because you were the only one who could speak. was very animated and then we got in that kia which i liked. >> more importantly, harvey drove. >> thank you. nobody, i don't let drive my car. that's a major honor. >> i drove, it was really nice. to tell y. i like the hamster and i like the kia.
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and we gotly nice looks driving away, maybe partly because i was driving with a hamster. a nice talk with him. turns out the hamster lives in -- the hamsteroms? >> take it easy, guys. >> let me go to the club with man.uys tonight, >> twerking, short hair, not pants, all fads in hollywood right now but get ready, america, there's a new over and it's smoking hot. crap, what is that? >> everyone's going grandma. she's in new york right now. she comes walkingut of the like anleton dressed old lady. ripped off heidi klum's look. klum did old lady for this year. we get her walking out. we decide to ask her about being to sing in space
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and she stays in character and .oes -- >> it's so cute when old people get confused. exactly. >> i feel bad for her. >> why? uncomfortable all the time. is it really worth it? toyou mean is it worth it dress crazy and make up a zillion dollars? are people who ride tractors in the midwest plowing fields. that's not hard work. you ever try to crap with this thing on your head? work. hard >> lady gaga is not on my list of people to feel bad for. reserved foris dogs, short people and old lady's gynecologies. a pap smear,i had the guy needed leather gloves oyster shucker. >> awesome! del ray, she is down in brazil right now, she comes out of her hotel. tons of fans waiting for her.
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starts kissing them on the lips. fans, grabs their face, kiss on the lips. the lips.kiss on that's nasty you don't need to kiss your fans lips. high-five, photo, you don't need kiss every fan. >> it's risky, right? has a coldsomeone sore. >> what's the difference between that and somebody who goes to a picksve nights a week and something up five nights a week. >> because you can look at the say that open sore on your lips looks suspicious. whenu look for open sores you're talking to somebody? >> yeah. >> yeah. do.ind of you see an open sore, you're out. >> well, right. >> hey. >> coming up -- and ige azalea. she was her woman wednesday.
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first time they've been seen together so the woman wednesday thing is working for the nba basketball player because they needed to get white chicks.
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>> ige. >> it's ige azalea, that huge australian rapper who flashed a at the mtvwich awards. the black bar don't lie, lady. l.a. and isoing in that lakers star nick young? >> they're together. >> that's kind of a big deal, right? a big deal that this is the first time that nick and ige have been seen together. who's your girl? it's top secret? >> we won't tell anyone that most romantic date ever with ige azalea because they're in a carnival. it's just like the "notebook." scene, but still. >> is it like a foregone goingsion that you were to be win her a stuffed animal by shooting the basketball in game?rnival >> guaraee.
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>> we actually see a hoop. on, carney.t's >> nick takes a couple of steps back. deep nba range. >> he's stepping back, he's stepping back. >> watch out because he's about hoop.troy that sweet -- wait, what? [screaming] >> it just shows, these carnival fishy might beng happening. >> it's a racquet. >> yeah, if a laker can't win a stuffed understood pooe for a lady, how are nmal ople get laid.o thanks for nothing carney. he's crotchety. coming up -- winkler having lunch. >> it must be nice having lunch somewhere. >> you could. somewhere. >> you could. you're like i f
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>> henry winkler having lunch at tuscana. >> i downloaded this. called jaws game where you basically, you jump the shark. this is your chance, sir. no, i've already jumped a shark twice. >> it must be nice having lunch somewhere. could. >> no, i can't. >> you're like oh, i feel like eatinghe most expensive you havetoday and then them bring it for you. >> i look for the most expensive thing to eat. used to get take-out for boa. >> a salad? we buy a salad here, it .as a diaper in it let's not get into the fruit
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alec baldwin's explosive courtroom faceoff with his accused stalker, now on "extra." he hunted him down at home, deluged him with phone calls and disturbing e-mails. now, alec stares down e obsessed woman who terrorized his family. >> her crazy outburst in court and why she screamed at alec as he testified. barbra streisand proving her marriage is not on the rocks. we're inside streisand's big
10:26 pm
night with lady gaga. >> who am i? >> lady gaga. >> but barbra streisand. >> gaga's candid new tell-all about drugs, her boyfriend, taylor kinney, and w td her no more face fillers? mario just out of a plane with kidd cibrian and lee ann rimes. back on earth, taking on all the tabloid headlines. >> i saw a cover that said, eddie and lee ann, $50 milon divorce. then who is the mystery man sleeping in lindsay's bed? extra's gossip girl knows. plus, a wild night of dancing, booing, kissing and slapping. this is "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. [ applause ] hey,evyo, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. coming up, the best video of e day superstar jennifer lawrence, a crying little girl and an amazing ending. >> so cool. every star should watch this.
10:27 pm
first, alec baldwin's showdown with an obsessed fan who has been making his life a living nightmare. here's jerry. >> facing the cameras. >> she a liar? >> facing his fame-hungry-accused stalker. >> i haven't done anything wrong. >> alec baldwin's dramatic courtroom showdown with this seemingly delusional woman. >> she crazy? >> "extra" there as the emmy winner arrived for trial today. >> alec, any comment? >> inside, alec breaking down in tears, testifying that his engagement to hill lar ya -- >> i'm very lucky. i'm very lucky person. >> was nearly wrecked when hours after he popped the question, general photograph sabourin showed up at his hamptons home. unsure if she was carrying a weapon, they called 911. she allegedly sent him hundreds of text he is and voicemails like this, "i need you now. say i do to me." >> so you're not a stalker? >> no, i am not a stalker. >> reporter: the wanbe actress shouting "why are you like" as alec testified, despite her claims they never had any romantic lationship.
10:28 pm
sabourin even parading herself before cameras outsidecourt. >> i'm publicist. meeting stars, it's what i do for a living. where's the woman? where is she? ment >> hill lar ya taking the stand, testifying sabourin made her feel the most frightened she had been in her life and the harassment escalated to threatening tweets to a physical confrontation on a manhattan street. sabourin who screamed "i'm celebrity because of this" during hilaria's testimony rejected a plea deal that would have spared her jail time on nearly two dozen stalking and harassment charges. > all right. now, the miley cyrus shock tour continues its way through europe. >> miley made her first public appearance since smoking pot on stage and we've got her. >> london's calling foriley brand-new video, cyrus resurfacing in london just one day after puffing on pot in front of millions at mtv's "vmas." fans saying to the world, what controversy?
10:29 pm
>> i love you! >> cyrus almost all covered up in super-tight leather pants and crop tops posing for selfie after selfie and ignoring questions about her light up. bruce jenner's first words on his first red carpet since his split from kris. >> everything is good. yeah. >> bruce with "extra" only minutes before his reunion with kris. the mrs. presenting bruce -- >> my best friend and kendall's dad. >> the legendary athlete award of last night's all-sports film festival in l.a. bruce giving her a kiss before launching this dish. >> 23 years together and she has to read it off a piece of paper. this is how a superstar should act. oscar winner jennifer lawrence caught on youtube helping remove barricades that separated her from a young fan in a wheelchair, taking time to sign an autograph and snap her pic with the little girl at the uk hunger games premiere. >> i love me some jennifer lawrence so cool. made that little girl's day.
10:30 pm
takes time to sign autographs and pose for pictures. what it's all b let's head to new york for a new interview with another star who's all abou h fans, or should i say, little monsters, lady gaga. >> aj there was for her superstar collision with barbra streisand. >> lady gaga's getting high again. >>'m always wearing high shoes. it's another day for me. >> in a white for her latest wild look. at the glamour women of the year award. >> i'm just wearing a white pearl suit with some custom gloves and i'm very happy to be here. >> the first lady of pop music honored on the evening of her art pop album release, getting a huge applause. lady g in good company, barbra streisand hitting t red carpet with husband,ames brolin, those wild tabloids their marrge is over. >> to be in the room with barbra streisand? >> yeah come onhis is like legendary material. who am i? >> you're lady gaga. >> i know, but barbra streisand.
10:31 pm
>> inside the event, gaga actually dissing her "glamour" cover saying she looks too perfect on it. >> you are getting prettier and prettier, i think. >> this morning on howard stern, she admitted getting facial fillers a attrip mall in chicago. her music video director, inez, begging her to stop. >> just please, just please, for me, for the next three months, don't put anything in your face. >> t confession, telling z 100 this aut coping with the pain from her hip surgery earlier this year. >> and i was smoking up to 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day with no tobacco. >> gaga on the mend and in love with boyfriend taylor kinney fr from "chicago fire" and even though she is decked out in e hottest couture 24/7, her wedding dress would be from david's bridal. >> taylor took me all around, hung out with him. you ever gonna make a cameo on the show? >> who knows. maybe. if i have time. we are both busy working. now we got to talk about
10:32 pm
"dancing with the stars," what a shocker last night, our favorite and our friend, elizabe berkeley knocked out and she was so good. >> so disappointing. it seems like more than ever, thishow is not about dancing ability but a popularity contest. he dandle it with grace, of course. elizabeth is going to join us from new york in just a second. but first, let's break down what was a wild night. >> elizabeth out. amber dropping out? >> nothing's worth injuring yourself permanently. >> a scramble for the censor button. >> did i saying? wrong? >> "dancing's" wildest night ever, "extra" all the kissing, slapping and ballroom booing. as the show ends for the show girl herself. >> this is one of the biggest gifts and blessings in my life. >> it's tough to see elizabeth go home. >>'s like a gut punch. >> the shocking exit minutes after her steamy threesome landed her a perfect 30. elizabeth keeping it classy
10:33 pm
backstage. >> this season, as a whole, has been some of the most shocking eliminations. >> defending his place in the semifinals despite consistently scoring at the bottom. >> i think what america is saying is, like, wait a minute, let's look at jack and look at leah and look at bill, these are people who have never done this. amber may not be dancing much longer, revealing a tear in her right knee could force her out of the competition. >> i'm going to get mris, make sure everything is okay. i don't want to let an injury stop me, you know what i mean? but i couldn't walk two days ago. >> ready to walk away with the trophy, practically smelling victory. >> i can smell it for sure and it smells good. >> smells like spray tan a. >> carrie ann droppin the f-bomb. while giving corbin the ultimate compliment. >> that maybe the best routine i've ever seen in all seven seasons of "dancing with the stars." >> jack celebrating the semifinals and his 28th birthday. one problem? >> my wife -- in the mail, so she says. >> our gift, a blast from the
10:34 pm
past this pic of jack and corbin rocking the fro. who is the best? >> corbin, obviously. >> he goes, boom. >> the sell ismy finals locked and loaded monday night on abc. >> and my girl, elizabeth is with us now new york. and first thing's first, y were robbed. you get a perfect 30 and then, the unthinkable. >> it was quite shocking i have to say, not because i felt entitled at all but just we were in such a great groove, i was so looking forward to finishing this ride out. >> so was i. and let me just say, as your friend, you did such a great job and i am so proud of you. >> and i want to thank you for encouraging me to do this. it was one of the best experiences of my life and i am coming home to warm l.a. to get a big hug from you in person.
10:35 pm
so get ready for it. >> all right. it's a deal. and please, tell us who you think is gonna win this year's mirror ball trophy right now on our facebook page. up next, leann rimes and eddie cibrian firing back at life as tabloid targets. >> there was absolutely noin true about any of it. then, "extra's" gossip girl with brand-new peek-a-boo pics, lindsay lohan in her lan sher hospital. is the mystery man in her bed. and, music's controversy king, r. kelly sounds off on the new pop kids gone bad. plus, 50 shades of strahan? >> maybe learn a little something from this book to hel us with the ladies. >> that's coming up.
10:36 pm
gee they say marriage is is a leap of faith, right? that phrase is taking on a whole new meaning for hollywood couple leann ris and kidd cibrian? >> i was with the couple who always seem to make headlines and made another one jumping out of a plane together. 13,000 feet in the air, eddie and lee ann inviting me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. >> gorgeous outside right now, a sunset happening. >> joining us on board, the jump all part of the special veterans day celebration honoring our service men and women. lee ann in the mood with an impressive a kappa pela rendition of the "the "star-spangled banner"" ♪ >> cibrian sitting down for an exclusive no-holds-barred chat. last time we spoke, guys, you were telling me about possibly doing the reality show. and i noticed a bunch of
10:37 pm
cameras. i'm assuming it's happening? >> yes, it's happening. >> right? >> it's been great. it is nice to work togeer. we don't fight on set. i think dish heard some crazy rumors about what happens on set with us, but we really have had a grt time. >> a lot of people assume that they know who they are just because of what they read in the tabloids and all that fodder. we wanted to give them a little glimpse into the opposite side of all of that >> when you mentioned tabloids, it's funny, 'cause i saw a cover that said, eddie and lee ann, $50 million divorce. i'm like, wow. fit of all, congratulations. >> i didn't know where that came from. >> but when you see those things, do you lah? does it bother you >> there was absolutely nothing true about any of it. so, we got a bit of a laugh out of it. >> it was so ludicrous. said something i would text brandi all the time, whenever lee ann and i are having a fight. >> i lock myself in closets when i'm drunk. it's awesome. i'm like, how do they come up with this? i was kind of offended by this.
10:38 pm
>> you guys have bee married, what, two and a half years now? >> yes. >> no babies yet? work tongue? thinking about it? >> we work on it often. >> hello! >> yeah. no. >> nothing popped out. >> sorry. i think about it often. >> a little girl. badly. >> the show first thin are you having the boys on the show? >> no no the boys are off-limits. >> our jump definitely making their show. lee ann a little nervous while suiting up forth inspiration rx wings of inspiration event at skydive elsinore, but the boots were made for flying. after lee ann, eddie taking you the leap. then, my turn. nothing like free falling over southe california on a beautiful november eveng. our full flight -- >> how awesome was that? >> up now at >> well, eddie while jumping out of a plane, his co-stars from the best man holiday were with us in new york. >> the cast was a who's who of guys who aren't afraid to take off their shirts, i'm sure the
10:39 pm
ladies everywhere appreciate that this weekend. >> these holiday hkups- >> hey, baby. >> and strip downs have everybody talking s-e-x. >> "50 shades of stray." that sounds freaky. not the 0 shades stray" book yet. >> e.l. james watch out, michael strahan just landed a million dollar book deal. >> maybe learn a little sothfrom this book to help us with the ladies. >> the "live" co-host taking on this young lady and the heat she is feeling for lighting a joint on stage. >> think, as a parent, you need to parent yr kid to the point she see what is she does, maybe it's for them, maybe it's not. >> controversial star, r kelly, singing a completely different tune about miley >> artists gonna be artists, you know what i'm say? >> and the biebs. >> not time for advice. just did an r & b duet. it was hot. >> the see celly sell about college friends reuniting over the who will 12k5is 5 years later. >> doing this actual version was like party. we didn't feel like we were working. >> james brown meets new edition
10:40 pm
dance number definitely the must-see moment of the movie. terrence howard, taye diggs could this be the next b band? >> we need some hemorrhoid medicine and hip rlaceme stuff that's what's next. >> i think that's doubtful. i know we had a great time. >> the best man holiday in theaters friday. up next, an "extra" "ncis" sneak peek at tonight's killer episode. then, is kris jenner playing matchmaker for daughter, khloe? gossip girl knows. >> only for "extra." "extra's" beauty by the numbers, unveiling you the revolutionary no-surgery facelift on a budget. plus, a giant "extra" give away. want to get your hands on a 50-inch splat screen in the secret word you need to win is coming up. online now you zoe saldana, jeremy renner, joe manning nell low, raw video of the hamilton behind the cam awards presented by confidential magazine, up now at [ female announcer ] your eyes.
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one week from today, emily wickersham joins "ncis" as emily bishop but act gibbs has two new issues tonight, starting with a suspect with an interesting al by. >> that girl was killed, i was 35 miles away, stabbing a guy to death. >> oh. well, the othe issue, a lawyer who can't and won't help out. >> she knows her client's al by. she can't tell us. >> give me something to work with here. >> tough figure this one out on your own, gibbs. >> that's tonight on cbs. > well, hollywood couples take notice, not every split has to be a nasty drag-out fight. >> her first cover shoot since her spliwith orlando bloom, miranda kerr is stripping down for "self" magazine and gives us
10:45 pm
a glimpse into why the two broke up, saying hapness is a choice we make and why not make the choice that makes you feel better rather than the one that drags you down? poignant stuff there from miranda. >> absolutely. while miranda is back on the market, is lindsay lohan off it? gossip girl has the scoop. >> gossip girl here. they say celebrities never sleep, except with each other. i've got all the scoop. is this lindsay lohan's way of introducing us to her new man? lindsay on an instagram selfie spree and showing off this under-the-cover photo of designer tal coopern. no word if they are an item or even if that's her bed. lindsay always keeps us guessing. kay dash momma jer, kris jenner, enjoying her new found freedom and cozying up to rapper after secretly dating three months, they just got engaged. come on, guys did you believe it in the gone viral report came from a parody site. i hear she is trying to set up
10:46 pm
drake with her daughter, khloe. darlings, i'm not sure if this look will be catching fire. jennifer lawrence at anndy event in what looks like a bra with a blazer. but it's actually dress with a cutout in the middle. do you like her racy dress? tell me now at up now at, leonardo dicaprio's out-of-control 39th birthday party. pics and deets online. but th one thing we might seen the red carpet more than designer dresses, botox. >> yeah. hollywood's no stranger to the wrinkle reducer. in today's beauty by the numbers there is a new beauty breakthroughhat can take years off your face. chipmunk cheeks, hollow eyes, no one laughing about your laugh lines? >> volume ma is a game changer. >> an instant face-fixing game changer, the biggest breakthrough yet inanti-aging injectables. >> the first fda-approved product for injection in the midface. >> beverly hills dermatologist
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one of the first to use volume marks which doesn't just fill in lines it reshapes your face. >> when you look at a beautiful face, that middle part of the face has this beautiful 3-d perk. that's where volume ma is injected. >> patient, diane, hoping to get her youthful cheekbones back. >> what's is a great it is almost like getting a cheek implant without surgery. >> without surgery prices. volume ma lasts up to two years and costs between $800 to $1600, depending how much fillary parent needs. >> that looks amazing.
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[ cheering on tv ] that's powerful. ray, phone. take a message. ray, phone. hey, get me a -- oh, no, get it yourself. that's the rule. hey, gianni, you going to the kitchen? i'm watching the game. you're not thirsty? you look like you're thirsty. you look hungry, too.
10:56 pm
what do i want? pretzels and ginger ale. and macaroni and cheese. man, are they annoying. yeah, at least you get to go home. uh-huh. all right, thank you. thank you very much. hoo-hoo-hoo! yeah, yeah, get a good look at this face, sucker, because it's the last time it'll be the face of a man who's never been to the greatest place a macan go. wherever it is, i hope they have mouthwash. oh, gee, i don't know. do they have mouthwash at the super bowl? what? yeah, damn right what. the paper is sending me to tampa to cover the friday press conference, and then i get to hang out and go to the game on sunday. ah! oh, congratulations, raymond. thank you. you lucky freak of a moron. hey, come on. i don't know if it's wise
10:57 pm
to insult the man who has an extra ticket. if you're jacking me around, i'm into rip your arm off at the elbow. no jack, dude. you and me leaving tomorrow, super bowl. i don't usually do this. oh, all righ this is the greatest moment of my life. i love you. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you. this is incredib, man! tomorrow? i got to go buy clothes. i'm going to need underwear. yeah, get underwear, get some underwear. call you later. super bowl! okay. all right. they still looking at me? oh, yeah. you know what? i'm just going to stand here and wait them out.
10:58 pm
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10:59 pm
would you mind distracting them with some nudity? all right, listen. what's this about super bowl tickets? you got an extra ticket to the super bowl... and you're taking gianni? that ticket should be mine and you know it. all right, first of all, put the fork down, dad. i'll put the fork down when there's a ticket on it. wait a minute. what about me? the both of you stop it. raymond, you have to get two more tickets. i can't do that, ma. i can't. well, just call up someone. you want me to call? look, ma, there's nobody -- what's the number of the super bowl? that's not how it works, ma. look, taking gianni is the only fair thing, okay? if i had asked one of you to go,


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