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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  November 13, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> why did he come to me? >> because you are open. thank you. >> so are you with taton right now? >> yes. >> kirk: taton and you have two childr together >> yes, we are together >> kirk: but he is sneaking off wi nirvana. have you -- >> we weren't together at the time, no. >> kirk: are you still seeing taton? >> yeah, last week >> i know. >> kirk: you are ok with that? >> i don't care. she is open. i mean come on his sex is good so... yeah, i know it is. i had it first. sloppy seconds. >> sloppy seconds you think so? >> taton must be so special if people do not mind him sleeping with everybody >> he is an idiot >> kirk: but he is the father o your children. do you live with him? >> no, god no. >> kirk: now taton said if cole
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is his -- >> we're taking him. >> they want cole --ismr my dead body and you ain't going near my kids >> i already have been >> kirk: i cannot believe you guys are not friends anymore >> i have been near your daughter. >> kirk: you on the town must have been a blast. time to meet the man in the middle of this former friend feud. taton come on out and try not t get anyone pregnant on the way. [laughter] how are you doing? >> how is it going? >> kirk: this is like almost an abercrombie and finch poster. this started you were watching spiderman with nirvana, right? >> if i can remember.
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>> kirk: tell me about that web. how did the web start? >> well, it all started -- >> kirk: were you with tiffany at the time? >> no, i wasn't. >> kirk: who are you with now? >> i want to be with tiffany i'm not with nobody. >> kirk: tiffany do you want anything to do with him? no? you have twohildren? >> if he quits sleeping with... i will be good >> i'm here to be honest with you >> kirk: who were you with last night and this morning? >> tiffany. it don't matter he was with me when he was with her, too. obviously it doesn't matter >> it does matter. >> kirk: nirvana when were you the last time with adonis? >> well, the last time i was with nirvana she came out really high. and i did not like that >> i do heroin
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>> she has cole and that is not cool >> cps has cole >> are yn drugs >> he doesore drugs than i do >> it doesn't matter it's not about him it's about you. it's about you. >> you know... about me. get out of my life. >> i'm not in your life. >> leave him alone >> he is the one coming aer me >> i'm sure >> and he is saying when he wants to be with you and last week he told me how much h loved me. he is a big sack of lying... >> if i am the father of cole which she is telling me i am, i want custody of him and i talked with tiffany and tiffany is a od mom she has been there with the girls her life. >> kirk: you want to raise cole? >> i will raise him >> and it's my stupidity that got the best of me which this is the problem now.
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she is the one who came between me and tiffany. she hady heart from day one >> kirk: are you still trying to come between them >> no. >> everytime me and her break up... it sucks being alone >> kirk: you slept with nirvana >> from the waist below that is all she has. from the heart up she has my heart. >> that is all you everywhere >> that is all she wanted >> do you tnk his heart was involved? >> no. it was only when we were drunk. >> i couldn't do it when i wasn't. >> kirk: all right. next, is taton the father of two children or three. we'll find out when we come back with the results of the test. [applause] [cheering] >> kirk: coming up on "the test"... >> i don't want to hear you voice >> i am not a slut >> kirk: and later... >> tracy believes her twin
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sister stacy was behind the break up of her exboyfriend >> i want it to end today and when the truth comes out i want you to apologize to me.
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do you think your significant other is living a double life? do they disappear for days? if so put them to the "the test". call...
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[applause] [♪] >> kirk: nirvana says taton could be the father of her 1-year-old son. her former best friend tiffany says nirvana is a... who slept with her boyfriend, taton. taton and his super sperm are stuck in the middle. [laughter] nirvana how do you feel when she says she wants to take cole and raise him? i want to rip her head off >> that is ok. >> kirk: why do you say she is a bad mother? >> because she is doing heroin and she has a fiancee and she is sleeping around and her kids are with cps >> four hours on -- everything that is coming out of his mouth is a big lie. and all you are doing is taking
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it. >> kirk: nirvana are you using drugs are you on heroin? >> no, i have not done drugs in a longtime. >> she does drugs everyday >> kirk: do you want to take a drug test? >> i will take a drug test. let's it. >> man, i will do it. but he needs to take one, too. >> i won't lie i've done bad stuff in my life.are you on dru? i had a bad time in my life when me and tiffany broke up. >> excuses, excuses, poor you, poor you >> am i talking to you? >> i am the slut? i know who my baby daddy is. i am n on the show you are. >> i don't want to hear your voice >> yeah, okay. i'm not a slut. >> kirk: nirvana are the kids
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with your mother? >> they are with my mother >> they are going to be with me. >> kirk: why aren't you with your kids? >> because she called cps on me telling them i'm addicted to heroin and everytime they tested me it came up negative. you test me right now and i will come up damn negative. i do not party every night >> kirk: we are going to send tate taton and nirvana for a drug test and has taton's super sperm spawned another baby? we will find out next. [applause] >> kirk: coming up on "the test"... >> you ruined my lif he is not a father because of you. >> that ain't my problem. that is his problem. >> you lied to me.
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coming up tomorrow... >> active's had to live my life without a father. >> two men but only one is the father of 20-year-old britney. >> i'm torn into pieces. >> will it be a man she has never met? >> i might not have much but i will give you my life. >> or the guy she has called daddy her entire life >> the dna results show that you... that's tomorrow on "the test."
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[applause] [♪] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". before the break weet nirvana and tiffany and taton. and there was a lot of accusations flying around. we were here and we still are for the primary is young cole to find out if taton's super sperm made it there during the viewing of spider-man. beautiful child. but then there was accusations everyone was sleeping with everybody. you said she was on drugs. she said she was not on drugs. and i asked her if she would like to take a drug test and she said yes. let's address that. shall we? we tested for 12 drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, meth and amphetamines. nirvana tested negative for all
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drugs >> thats right! [applause] >> ok. >> shut up >> calm down >> that is one thing. >> all drugs shut up. all drugs. shut up. and she is clean. a drug test can you at least apologize for that accusation? >> nope. i'm not going to say sorry to her. i don't owe her anything. she owes me. you've ruined my life. >> actually he has >> he is not a father because of you. >> kirk: what does that mean? >> that ain't my problem that is hi problem. that is his fault. >> all my lies came and my pas has come up. so i am here to be honest. i want to see if am the father of your son, and if i am, i will take custody that i want to be.
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she is a damn good mom and her kids are not in cps custody. if i am the father then me and her are going to raise him >> no. no, over my dead body. >> before you told the results of the test i know iill come up negative >> kirk: let's find out i know you want to be a father to cole and let's find out if you are going to be a father to cole on drugs >> that test wl come out positive. i was at a bad time. >> kirk: let me do it. we testedor 12 drugs. you took your drug test let's find out his. taton we tested for drugs cluding marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine and amphetamines. you tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. >> i told you.
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>> are you joking? cocaine? >> i told you. >> cocaine? why are you on coke? what is wrong with you? >> i was -- >> you have two kids. you lied to me you lied to... >> thats all he does is lie. >> kirk: notere. notere. no violence here >> i told you >> kirk: we do not do that here. no violence >> cocaine, really >> kirk: taton how oftenre you doing cocaine >> that when me and her broke up and we started hanging out again. and -- i wasn't seeing my kids. you know. i was getting drunk all night dude because i could not deal with the heartbreak. >> kirk: you cannot blame nirvana >> you did that your damn self. >> she came to my house and the last time she came over she told me she was on heroin
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>> look at that test. look at the test. >> it's cool. >> heroin would still be in my system >> kirk: she is clean of drugs >> i do not care. [all talking at once] [inaudible] >> kirk: let me do it. let me just try let me try. all right. has taton's super sperm spawned another baby? we are going to find out when we come back. [applause] coming up on "the test"... >> if it's not him are there any other possibilities? >> i knew about five in the same week. >> the dna results show that taton... and later... >> it's only positive. >> did you have sexual intercourse with tracy's ex? gold bond men's lotion makes me look so good
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it should come with a warning label. [ male announcer ] gold bond men's lotion. skin strengthening proteins plus 7 moisturizers. man up.
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are you caught in a love triangle? does your partner leave you for their ex everytime you fight? if you want to confront your partner and their ex call... >> kirk: welcome back to "the test." we are here with nirvana, tiffan taton. do you want to know if she was on drugs? she was not. and we were curious if you were, and you are. and that bad place is today. so that is something that you have to deal with >> that is why i'm here to clear it up. i'm tired of t i cannot keep moving like this. if i do, i mean --
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>> kirk: what if you are the father? let's do a few what if's and i will find out who is cole's daddy. you've tested two guys and this is the third if it's not him are there any other possibilities? >> no. >> i heard there's four guys >> kirk: do you think there's other possibilities tiffany? >> i heard about five in the same week. so... who knows. >> kirk: i am not surprised you heard of that many >> i was her friend she told me about all of them. >> kirk: tell me how many men you had sex with that week. i don't know if it was a leap year >> just three. >> kirk: just three that week >> just three. >> kirk: now, three in a week. >> yep. >> kirk: i don't know if i've had that many in a year. [applause] all right. three in a week. i mean does that include sunday? >> no.
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no. >> kirk: so maybe it's five if we throw sunday in. [applause] all right. the dna results that taton... you are the father of cole. >> that's right. >> if i am the father -- stop. wait. ladies, stop. serious. all right. if i am the father now -- >> did you say if? >> now that i'm the father, i want to change my life now, all right. i mean all my lies has caused this. i lied to her and i lied to her and i wasn't with her. i don't want to be with her. you know, she -- >> kirk: you do have a child with her >> and i want to be the father of him and i want custody and i am going to change my life now. this is why i was here because this is a changing point in my
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life. if not it was going to go downhill. do not interrupt me. it's going to change >> kirk: are you going to stand in the way of him being a father to cole? >> i never did >> kirk: i'm just asking >> no >> kirk: are you going to let him in cole's life? >> not while he is on drugs >> the moment he is clean is the moment i will let him around my son >> that is why i'm here. i will change that part. i was in that bad part and the girls ripped my heart in half >> stop blaming us. >> because of what i done. i want to change that and i want to be a man >> kirk: it doesn't matter what you say ripped your heart apart. the point is you have to deal with -- quit making excuses. are you 18 it's time to step up and be who you are >> i want to be that father. >> be a dad. and stop doing cocaine.
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you keep doing coke you will have a lot of kids and they will visit you in jail >> other than that, i smoke pot. >> it doesn't matter >> you have two kids you should get a job >> i got two jobs >> you have three kids now >> i got two jobs and i will get three jobs. >> nobody cares about you. you are not cool. are you not cool. you are not in high school >> i don't care if i'm not cool or not. my point is i am here today to see if i am the father. all right. >> kirk: you are the father. >> so i'm going to be that man. all right? >> changes for her? >> because of her? >> from this day on >> kirk: i hope are you not all in the same flight home. all right we will be right back.
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if you are in the l area and want to be in the studio audience for a taping of the test go to [♪] [applause] >> kirk: a double trouble time here at "the test." trac believes her twin sister stacy is the broad behind her break up with her exboyfriend. tracy thinks she will catch stacy in a lie today. stacy says she did not sabotage her twin'selationship and is here to prove it with the test. welcometacy to the show >> thank you for having me. >> tell me what is going on. what do you want to happen here today? >> i want to tell you a little bit about my twin sister.
9:31 am
she is over the top with this. it's been five or six years now. my sister has been blaming me of sleeping with an exboyfriend who is not even in the picture anymore. >> kirk: was he in the picture back then? >> he was. but they -- >> kirk: did you sleep with him? >> no, i did not. i would never break the code we do not do that. the girl code, the sister code your home girl code. you don't do it. >> sometimes they do. why does she think you did? well, because i was giving her information about her boyfriend at the time and he was just cheating and being a whore bag excuse my language but it is what it is. >> kirk: i can take it >> he did what he did. and i caught him on the phone talking to some other chick >> kirk: were you on the phone with him? >> no but i was close to h t see he was talking with someone
9:32 am
>> kirk: so y we friends? >> anybody that dates my family, hey they are family with me. i was a good friend of his as well. i want the test today that i am loyal that i do love my sister and i would never break the code and i want everybody to know all the billions of viewers of viewers to know that im not disloyal >> kirk: wow. [applause] i mean why would she think you had sex with him? is there something that happened? >> that is crazy. that is absolutely crazy. i guess because i kept telling her you know he is no good. and more than likely when a chick -- >> kirk: why you jealous? you used to always only date friends, correct? >> see now you are bringing up another thing because i'm like this. >> kirk: this guy was a cch? >> yes, he was absolutely a
9:33 am
catch. >> kirk: were you upset that he did not catch him? >> i was upsethat he did not have friends or a brother or cousin in line. >> kirk: maybe that is why she thinks you may have slipped in there >> that is why i'm here to prove it today on the test. >> kirk: twin sister tracy is suspicious of stacy, the two barely speak after the boyfriend break up. let's get the conveation started. come out entreessy with my man. know if you were i've trusted you and you gave me no excuses you sai he is not good for you. we got to leave. first of all this has gone on too long. youot to get it together. today is -- today it's going to be proven >> you said he might have a chick on the side. he did not answer the phone and right now i want to know the truth. he w dipping with my man --
9:34 am
>> kirk: wt about the list? there is a list that you go by? >> listen if she was dating a guy and i don't like him i said his hair is nappy or he has no money or living with his mom or living in the basement >> yes, we have that list. and was letting you know that it was no good for you. i told you that. >> why didn't you say he wasn't into you. and we have this code and my mo is i don't play with guys if you are going to hurt me i will ht you first. he was working in california >> he was not right for you. that is the bottom line and it had to be known >> and he did not answer his phone for me tee times that is why i decided to take her advice. but when i asked her -- >> kirk: now that you are looking back you think maybe she was sotaging it? >> i don't know what the hell she was doing. i don't like this. i do not like the fact that s is blaming me for something that
9:35 am
i did not do >> it's been five years >> that why we are getting to the bottom of it today. >> kirk: we will get to the bottom of it >> did you ever do anything with her ex? >> no. >> kirk: did you do anything? >> was y'all kicking it? >> now, let me say this. because you know when we were at the house and we stepped out and watched that movie and wated that movie and after the movie was over, you guys walked out of the room. everyone walked out of the room. i was pulled back into the room. and then he planted a kiss on my lips. it wasn't nothing. it wasn't nothing. and the reason why i did not let that hangout is because i knew -- >>irk: did you know about the kiss? >> if i knew about the kiss -- >> the reason i did not bringt up -- >> kirk: isn't that the girl
9:36 am
code to tell her everything? >> he was a good catch for one. and so when she introduced me to him at that time they were not even dating they were not interested in each other or anything. it wasn't nothing. i don't give a damn about him. i care about you. and when you started dating him, i told you, i kept telling you something ain't right about him he is anake. i told you that. >> kirk: back it up. because first he w a catch. and now he is a piece of... >> now, i'm saying that after i'm sayin ttow after the fact that she foundut he is a whore what were you doing? you found out he was dating her and fivether girls >> i want to find o did you have a personal agenda with my man? >> no. >> because right now -- >> that kiss on my lips would
9:37 am
not have happened either. it should have been confused you should have asked him do you have an interest in my sister? because you knew we were in that room together. you knew we were there together >> you should have said don't talk to him. he just kissed me >> no. >> kirk: we areoing to get -- >> he called afterwards and said let me take you out on a date. that was a week later. >> kirk: who met who first? di you mt him first? >> she met him first but she did not have an interest in him. there is a handsome guy here he is single check him out and see if you like him >> kirk: are you talking about me? i'm standing rig here >> he was a sne. he kissed me first and called my sister a week later and said let me take you out. >> kirk: here is a qstion and we will go to a break in a
9:38 am
second. maybe you possibly she thinks you were upset because you kissed him first and then he asked her out >> that kiss was nothing. we didn't tongue. >> kirk: befor the show we heard she kissed a piece of... catch. but did she touch or do anything with her twin's man behind her back. we are going to find out the truth when we come back. [applause] [cheering] [♪] >> coming up on "the test"... >> you are my sister io not understand why you are doing this to me. >> d you overhear tracy's ex making
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this november no one does know like "the test." you think nirvana is carrying your baby? >> n >> have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? your answer? >> no. >> no one has you on the edge of the seat like "the test" >> your answer? >> no. no. no. >> you've never cheated >> no one is getting away with no.hing. you don't tell me to shh >> and no one does it better. you've had sex with a lot.
9:42 am
>> honestly. >> all new on "the test"... [applause] >> kirk: well, tracy ever trust her twin sister again >> yes. >> kirk: did stacy sabotage her sist's relationship with a man she could have married? >> no. >> kirk: that is what we are about to find out on "the test" >> we are about to find out the truth, i want the rea deal holyfield sister and there it is. >> kirk: clearly this is affected this relationship. >> absolutely. >> tell me a little bit about your life before this catch of... >> we were so close like everything we went to school together we graduated together. we went to trade school together. we did everything. we had kids at the same time. everything we lived together for
9:43 am
eight years. this is my home girl. this is my best friend my bff >> kirk: and you want it to be the way it was? >> i'm sick of it. i want my friendship back and i call you and you pick up the phone and not give me the run around and say, hey i want to hangout with you and do barbecues again and have social parties again. i want us to have a relationship. you are my sister. i do not understand why you are doing this to me. >> that is why we are here. i want to know did you sabotage this relationship because i was ready and he was ready. >> kirk: and seven months later >> and eight months later he is on facebook talking about he is married >> and that could have been my man >> you would not have walked away. >> it is what she told you. and you knew that is what it was. >> you knew. >> if i know he kissed you i
9:44 am
never would have dated him >> kirk: maybe you could have saved all of this out of the gate >> the thing is when he hits me it was nothing. i did not take it -- when he kissed me i did not take it personal until he called my sister. so me, i felt like he was feeling us out to see which one they wanted. that is what guys do. i like her. can -- >> it's your sister and somebody kissed you on the mouth ain't you going to tell your sister don't talk to him. he is married to someone right w and he could have been my man >> kirk: what does today mean to you? if you find out she ced and you admit you should have told her out of the gate >> i should he. i should have. but at the end of the day, he was the joke he was. and i don't understand why you won't take it for what it is. you've been holding tngs against me for a longtime now
9:45 am
and i want it to end today and when the truth come out i want you to apologize to me for accusing me of doing anything. >> let it be the truth that i nt to hear. >> if she is telling the truth >> this is my sister. this is my twin. and i have not been hanging with her like we don't do girls night out or movies >> kirk: i heard if i am correct that your mom has cancelled holidays. >> until y'all get this together don't come to my house >> we have dinners separately. we don't do anything together no more >> she is at my mom's house i come in. >> and clearly it's affecting the children if you have take anne way christmas >> and my kids love her >> we have to get christmas back >> yes. [cheering]
9:46 am
[applause] >> kirk: all right. are you ready to find out the resultsf your lie detector test? >> yes. [appuse] >> kirk: stacy before the show our lie detector administrator asked you the following questions here is the first one. i'm going as fast as i can. i guess on the list i'm too slow on the list >> i want this to end. >> a right stacy. and the exam was smooth? >> i was so comfortable. i knew that i was going to pass this test >> kirk: we'll find out. did you over hereracy's ex making plans with another woman to go out of town? your answer? >> yes. >> kirk: she passed that. [applause]
9:47 am
>> i will pass the rest, too. i will pass the rest. >> kirk: all right. [laughter] >> sit down >> kirk: you are tall in those shoes i don't know if i can look up that high >> i'm justxcited and i want it to be out and over with. >> kirk: did you have sexual intercourse with tracy's ex? >> no. >> kirk: she passed that. >> thank you. thank you! thank you! thank you. [applause] >> it's not coo >> i'm soorry >> for five years why did y do this for five years? >> because for five years i did not want to be living a lie and going through lie thinking you are my best friend and sleeping with my man. and i really thought you was the
9:48 am
other chick. i thought you was the chick he was talkingo on the phone. >> kirk: next time you kiss someone first >> i will tell her >> no, i didn't because at the time you were not dating him. so when he started dating you it made me start watching him because i knew he was a snake and if he do anying snake to her it's coming to the surface >> kir you had fiveears to tell her. if we learned anything -- >> don't hold secrets. do not hold athing back. [applause] back.ind out when we comeisters? [cheering]
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[applause] >> kirk: all right. now what are you going to do to repair this? is it repaire ar you set to move on? >> this is done with, water under the bridge we are going over the bridge now. >> christmas is back on for the children? >> we are making a new relationship. christmas is back on. my mother is going to be so happy. >> kirk: anything you want to say to "the test" >> i want to say thank you guys so much for giving us this opportunity to clear the air >> this is what it's all about. proving your point and getting it out on the table and clearing the air >> kirk: that's right. all right. thank you, ladies. good to see you together >> thank youo much. >> check out what is happening next time on "the test"... >> coming up tomorrow... >> two men but only one is the father of 20-year-old britney. will it be a man she has never
9:52 am
met? or the guy she called daddy her entire life? >> i cannot take this. that is tomorrow on "the test"... ther of your baby is?ho the if so put them to the "the test". go to thanks for watching. see you next time. good-bye. [applause] [♪] [cheering]
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live from new york city, it's "wendy williams. "toda kathy griffin is here giving us a hilarious take on her hot topics. and for the first time ever j jumps into wendy's "hot seat. "plus, wendy shows us this fall's hot coat foeverybody's body type and all the latest, juicy "hot topics." now here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah.
9:56 am
>> wendy: thank you for being here, studio audience. and thank you for watching. i'm doing great. sch to share with you. kenya thinks it's okay to text married men. jennifer lopez is mad because there's a plastisurgeon who is spreading word that she's had plastic surgery. an ruben got eliminated on "the biggest loser." let's talk about it and mo. time f "hot topics." laws mraus [ applause ]
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>> wendy: so -- where do we start? we might as well back it up to yesterday and dmx, okay? well, look -- ok, honey, let me tell you, i've had it up to here. god bless my staff. they were entertained with telephone calls and making reservation and what not all night long. we made not one, two, three, four, five plane reservations for that man to come up here from south carolina, and missed all five flights. then there's a guy in his life named mo who has a van who was going to it drive him the ten hours from south carolina. from what i was told, he brought his bag out of the house, into the house, out, in, out, in. his pastor said there w something going on up here and he wasn't really in a good place. and then he has this baby's mother. he has 13 kids.
9:58 am
ell, and he owes over $1 million in child support. we wanted to talk about all of this, not in a judgmental way but a what happened way. please, don't laugh. of this is sad. all right. do what you want to do. then he's got one of the baby's mother lives in florida with one of his kids. well, he said he wasn't coming to new york unless we fly the baby's mother up hearo ey could have a visitation backstage. i have no idea. but you want to know what? i like dmx. we come from the same place, and we were accommodating. we bought the plane tickets for the baby's mother. she missed the flight -- nope, check. showed up at the airport randomly the next day to get on the plane. no telephone call or anything, like she could just use the ticket. look, i told you all, and i mean
9:59 am
this, he has until friday. the showe must go on. mra [ applause ] >> wendy: so i want to shout out to t first family of new york ci city, the new mayor. i think he gets swn in in january or something like that. i love that he's 6'5". i love that he's the first democratic mayor in the city since david dinkins back in the day. his wife, mrs. de blasio used to be a full-blown lesbian. okay. she wrote about it herself in "essence" magazine, you see. you thought i was outing her or something. no, i'm not that girl.


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