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what i walked away from wit that interview was -- excuse me. what i walked away from from that interview is, okay, she made the altion that chilli slept with l.a. reid and the other two girls wanted chilli out of the group for fraternizi fraternizing. all i got was the only thing th wrue is a chanel bag. it's a mess. she was telling me that she wants -- she's going to -- well, shentends on possibly suing vh-1 for fsely representing her in the movie. i'm glad that she stopped by. thank you, pebbles, for coming by and clearing things up, but i do have to say this. [ applause ] >> wendy: but i do have to say this. you'd be hard-pressed to find anybody who thought that interview was a good loo at you. i looked on social media. everybody was like, why did she even me on? why didn't she sue years ago? why didn't she just let the
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movie wash over. the movie has already been out. people have forgotten it. sh keeps briin up. don't kno stories like that are good business for me, so i'm glad she did. [ applause ] >> wendy: apparently mariah carey didn't have such a terrific time on "american "idol"." as a matter fact, she says she hated the entire experience. e says she only took the job because they dangled $18 million in front of her. she didn't include the part in my head about she wanted to outdo jennifer lopez, you know, like, you know. shea also says that she thought there would only be three judges on the show, and she said that going to work every day was like going to work in hell with satan. e didn't say nicki minaj's name, but i'm assuming that's what she means becaus remember, nicki was brought on as a fourth judge and ten all of their bickering. side note, i always said that --
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it and i love "american "idol"" but i thought taking thatob as a judge was beneath mariah carey just like i think it's beneath her to he a perfume line. i think it's beneath her to have of a nail polish line. i think it's beath her to have cloing line. think it's beneath her to do anything but sing because, you know -- applse ] >> wendy: side hustle is for those other girls. they're not for you. you shouldn't have taken the job and, furthermore, she probably still has sour grapes because she took the job and then she was -- well, she won't admitit but the tea on the street is she was dismissed. you know. she didn't survive -- she'sot back. anyway, mariah, so you live and you learn. don't take cheap jobs like that amore. get backn the studio. by the way, i also don't believe e mo nic and mariah have trouble in their marriage. if you weak up this week's
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"weekly" magazine there's a two-page spread saying that nick is like the blk ryan seacrest, he's working all the time. mariah is sick of it. she's tired of him using her as the butt of joks. i don't believe that. i don't believe they're fighting. yeah, yeah. you don't believe it either? no. so let's talk about the jacksons because we have to. [ applause ] i don't particularly like talking about them anymore because it's always something seedy and sad and it seems as though every story about them that you read about and talk about here on "hot topics" has to do with kicking michael's dearly departed back in because the family is bad with business. now they're fighting still over the death of michael jackson. last month the jackson fily lost that $40 billion wrongful death lawsuit against the concert promoter aig. they also do not have abig legal bill from that. allegedly what they did, they
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told the lawyer, we will -- you know, we'll pay you if we win, then we'll give you a percentage. they didn't win so nobo got nothing. now mrs. jackson is going back in to appeal the jury's verdict. mrs. jackson, you are 81 years old. sit down and rest. [ applause ] >> wendy: you, ma'am, with all due respect, you and the rest of that family have just ruined michael's legacy. just ruined it with this back and orth. i mean, parais was t well at one point. i don't know whether she's beer now, his young taur. you are bringing up this lawsuit, mrs. jackson. now because you bring it up, all the dirt continues to come out about your family. we've learned so much about michael's drug use. we've even seen him as recently as last month with hs naked body on a slab on one of the tabloids and his kids d't need
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to walking around seeing that in the newspaper. how htful are you, woman? sit down. [ applause ] >> wendy: so what do you guys think about "american idol" as a judge i'm sorry, i think he's better looking than george clooney in this picture. really? you all don't like the vampire look? i know i have a bump in my -- i put my wig on a particular way today and the bump is rubbing me the wronway. look, during the commercial break i'll deflate. in the meantime let's talk about max because you all are so wrong or you need glasses. i'm going to take a poll by collapse. who thinks this man here is hot? [ applse ]
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>> wendy: who tnks -- who thinks he is not? [ silence ] >> wendy: see? . you're ju trying to be different. well,look, maks is a jerk and he is early on the eyes and those are two things that work for me at the judge's table. he will do a danceudge thing o"daing with the stars." len here in the middle, they're going to get rid of len and they're trying to -- now see, i say the same thi. and i've been saying to the tv all along that they need to mix up the judges' table and being that maks is not working this season doing the dancing, we see him in the magazines still dating kate upton but he would be perfect for "dancing with the stars." he's like the dancing version of simon cowell, right? mean and easy on the eyes.
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e says it like he means it and he doesn't care what you think. i love the widow's peak. e's like dracula. all right. so we'll be watching ma can ks d "dancinwith the stars." thanks for taking my suggestion. [ applause ] >> wendy: so, okay, this charlie sheen cust did did i battle is getting messy. well, first of all you know charlie lives in a gated community, a very well-appointed place, and all of his women live in the same community like denise richards lives down the steet with their kids and brooke lives over here on this street in the same community with their kids. and the psychiatrist w treats brooke's kids, allegedly, lives onhe same street with his situation. well, charlie reportedly put the house that brooke lives in on
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sale. for the same amount of money that he bought it for. he doesn't want one time of profit because he doesn't want to split not even a quarter with brooke. you know, charlie, with all due respect, in your meanness, you are hurting your twins and u are going to make them more of a head case than you already have. [ applause ] >> wendy: brooke is living in the house now with charlie's twins, they're 4 years old. that means they're in nursery school, probably somewhere around the neighborhood, right? so she moves, now the kids have to be uprooted and put some place else. the one thing these kids need is stability, their house, their neighrhood and what not. remember, i was tellingyou the other day if brooke manages to stay sober until christmas, then she will regain full custody --
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why do you always laugh at that? look, this is her 21st time in rehab she just finished. look, she's 32 years old, it's the holiday season, like i told you all, who stays sober during the hodays? but brooke is go have to do it and then her brother will be able to move out of the hse. remember, i told you her brother is living there right now as the responsible person in the house and he is responsible, he's married to a gyn. everybody is being a jerk and selling it. let's move along. oh, by the way, charlie's former co-star don cryer -- you know what this is. magic hair. look, hav you ever used it? you know what this is. these are the flakey powders -- you can't be complely bald.
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you have to have some sort of peach fuzz or something and you shake it into your baldy area and it sticks to each fiber and next thing you know you have hair. and nobody sells toppik but this little bottle is like 30 bucks so you you have to be committed. now i say all that to say th is john cryer with his magic fibers on top of his head. they look good, don't they? you would have known. me neither and i'm a hairnista. of this is what he los like without the magic ir. show the other one. but what i love -- [ applause ] >> wendy: i'm telling you -- i'm telling you beauty supply stores are like a wonder land. and what i love of about john cryer is that he reveals all this on "conan."
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he doesn't wear a wig. he uses the fibers -- and he has a whole glam that gets him ready and lls him out there to do "two and a half men." look, you wouldn't know through the tv, though,rit? but you'd kow if it starts to ra. do you remember when joe gorga had the fight with juicy joe in new jersey and after the fight was over everybody's ike, what is allhis black stuff on us? that's becauseoe gorga uses fibers, too. he admitted it on the camera. i love of it. hey, i'll talk to you more about this can -- as a matter of fact, maybe i'll demo it on th after showtoday il demo it for you. susan? i'lneed a balding staff member.
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can you help me? >> i know a few. i'm not going to name them right now. i will talk to them privately and bring one into your office. >> wendy: thk you. porsha stewart and her divorce from kordell. she wrote a blog alleging that she wasn't telling the whole truth about her marriage and last night, s doesn't normally stoop to such a level, posted a pi picture and then deleted it even before "hot pics" could get to it but we have a picture affecting sort of kind of the picture tha she poed and i'll read you t comment because the comment is the most shocking. i'm supposed to care about what this says? don't be mad at me. be mad at the doctor you want to. #itriedtobenice.
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it's still good work. i mean, good work is good work. i never thought kenya was natural, no, iny mind. anyway, kenya has previously denied plastic surge claims. don't they all? let's move along. one of my favorite shows on tv is ray donovan and i was not familiar with a song and dance man from broadway and he was in "the wolverine." but the way he plays ray donovan, do you watch that show? the sex scenes and the sexy tension between he and his wife and he's just -- mm.
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when you get older, you're going to look li him. [ applause ] >> wendy: so this little lady next to him, this is his partner of eight years. they have two chdren together naomi watts. well, naomi appareny is not happy with what he's doing over there at ray donovan and report edly she is insecure because she thinks that the woma enjoys the seamy, on-screen sex scenes a little too much. me, too. me, too. the actress that plays his wife, it's not that e's real sexy or anything, but they have this amazing chemistry and tn, you know, he's cheated on her a few times and that sex is good and ray donovan is just bad to the bo b so good to tch. it is sexy. if she's been with him for eight years and she's typing up a big jealous now, why is she jealous now? he's never done roles like this. of this is naomi's first time
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seeing her man, you know, in the sex scenes. so i guess that's the jealousy. but don't be really jealous, though, that ray donan ow is bringi in goodcoino your family. [ applause ] >> wendy: and ifou're an actor or an actress by trade it seems to me you'rsupposed to do all the sex scenes a stuso you know you are going to get with an actor or actress that's whathey're going to do. i'm a talk show host first, joke teller second, and -- but you know i've been getting into a little acting. but i already have a rule. did didn't even have to talk to my husband about it. i announc my rule to him. i will not be doing any sex scenes. the i will not be doing any topless scenes, any butt shots -- i won't even be kissing. the i don't -- don't even get in my -- i can't, i can't i'm an actress, not that much of anactress, you know. not so much. naomi, in other words, you mari anactor, deal with it.
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it's rubbing me. look, it's rubbing me. anyway, there is a topless fphoo of my friend fro"good morning america" sam champion heating up the internet. he's 52 years old andit's our hotshot of the day. let's take a look. sam is on the beach in rio. he's actually on his honeymoon. they got married a couple months ago but haven't had time to do their honeymoon. how are you doing, sam champion? you're looking good. everybody clap it up. we hava great show for you. "shape" magazine is joining us withfall's best beauty finds. but up next, bellamy young is here from the h tv show
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emergen-c. making healthy contagious. >> wendy: okay, our first guest plays the power hungry first lady that we a le toate on he hit political thriller "scandal." love this show. take a look. >> we're in this together. the least you could do is be my friend, just a little bit. he lst you could do is show up. sh up for me. show up for me.
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you're a stranger. >> wendyplease welme bellamy ung. hi, bellamy. oh, my gosh. have a seat. >> hi, you guys. >> wendy: i just love your drss. >> thk you so much. thank you so much. >> wen: bellamy,ut your fe and let'sive you some shoe m. how ce. oh, bellamy. >> i can't wah it. >> wdy: you seem like a very, very sunin happy person. >> i'm happy to be here. how you doin'? >> wendy: and congratulations on
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your hit show. >> thank you, thank you, thank u, thank you. andhank you and thanksto all of you. >> wendy: and here the thing this is n the hair at i saw en you were in the oval office. >> no, would you li to borrow it? >> wendydo you wear a wig on the show? >> i wear a glorious wig on the show. tonya cryer does my hair. and she built a wig and then we have two full heads of extension hair and wed it in. it's like a lion's mane. it's magnificent. >> wendy: i love your widow's peak and the dimlen your chin. we're all big "scandal" fa. and i hrd that you're a fan, also. >> i le that shoso much. i love our show and i love the cast. i love our writers and our cr, everybody. >> wendy: do you watch it? >> yes, i watch it. of course i watch it. >> wendy: a lot of people are so affected and try toe so cool,
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they t they put it out there and the're not fans. i that you're giddy. >> this moment is rare and it's blessed and it's fleeting. we all know to be grateful, and we try and drink i ever moment. we're so gratul that peopl love it and we like to love it. >> wendy: and it's true you weren't supposed to be a regular on the sh? >> no, i had two lines in the pilot. l literally i d nothing do. t the firs table readi got all dressed up and was happy. shonda was telli everyone wh their arc would be. we did sven episodes. she got to me -- and she said, youre going to be here three episodes, and she's continuing to talk and i'm trying to sle because i'm southern, but i'm dying inside. and i can't quite hear -- i hear her say something about presidential divorce. they found like melanien the story d start aed writing it
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in. it's been uv believable. the my first time as aregular. >> wendy: i get glimpse of the clintons when i watch the show. i get glimpses of them. >> i think they pulled from a lot of people but certain that's the clints. there's so much to pull. they're amazing. >> wendy: what is the plot line that has shocked you regarding your charaer the most? >> there's been a lot. i mean, when you unleash the baby manilating him, that's kind of big. i think for me following through on the threat to give the interview about his affa, i mean, you just don't do that. at's sometng you hold over somebody's head r 20 years or but, no, she was -- at the end of the episode sitting down for an interview. in that table read we all were like - we have not seen the material before, so we fi t
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there the om. i mean, people are like throwing scripts and throwing chairs. >> wendy: the interesting thing is normally in real life you don't root for the mistress but when we watch the show i find myself -- do you find yourse rooting for the mistress played by kerry? what do you make of that? >> i make of it shonda's genius. she started the story sort of in a pin hole and you were just lacking at their love and their reationship and you were like, oa oh, god, yes. i feel that for them. they got the contacta, oh, am pulli for ultery. w does that make me? her kind o story lling, she lets the characters be really messy. let's examine you because you find who you pull for. endy: bellamy, i don't know where you came from before "scandal." what were you doing? >> jobbing around, girl. i mean, you know.
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>> wendy: th business you're in, it ain't easy. >> i was here for ten years, i did broadway musicals, i'm a singer. i started an album on the 20th. and then i was in l.a. doing, you know -- i was very blessed to do 10000 guest stars and a lot of recurring. >> wendy: this is solid. >> i mean, this is the pot of gold. >> wendy: the perk, you get to go to fancy events. . i understand you went to a part and you ok youmom. whose party was that? >> it can come and go in an instant so share it with th people you love. my mom was visiting oscar week and i didn't think i would have anythingo do becae i'm on the tv but i got invited to some things and one was elton john's oscar night. a i took my am mo, got her all dressed up, did her hair and makeup. that's my mother. d elton john actually came around, we wereat the table as
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he came t and sayi hello to eryone. heoesn't knous. put his hand on my ther's should shoulder. i'm so glad you could come. he wafted away, and my mother, like, levitated. >> wendy: sometimes i say success like this that you're seeking is best served to somebody who is more mature and can deal with it. i'm sitting he talking to you, you are so humble and such a fan of the things you do. >> i'm grateful. i'm happy to be he. >> wendy: you are glowing. are you dating? are you married? >> no. >> wendy: are you single? >> i am. >wend listen, you're a very beautiful woman. we're going to continue to watch "scandal." everybody, please clab it up for our friend, bellamy young and "scandal" is tonit. ursday night at 10:00 on abc. up next, "hape" magane is goi to share e best fal beauty fis. don't gfar.
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>> wendy: welcome back. tre are so many beauty products on the market. we all need a little bit of help to figure out which ones to buy. so here from "shape" magazine to show us the top beauty finds for fall is theirhe heditor at larg. say hello to bata


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