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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 14, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> adrianna lima, super gorge supereorge. and favorite, candice anepoel, amaze. amaze. >> use full words. >> so what taylor swt doing there? >>he was singing but she didn'tear any of the lingeri likeihanna didast year. >> but she did wear a top hat! >> she looks so pretty and she's got these long legs. i think she killed it. >> show me candice again, please. >> ok, calm down, freak. gosh, if only someonhad a fun fact to close this out. >> by the way, fun fact, our office instead of sunset boulevard were almt boom above victoria's secret. >> that woulhave been amazi. >>e know who's running the company. >> ha-ha, it's funny because he's -- you know. anks, super hot, almost naked
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dies and tiny top hat, you're sexy! >> anne hathaway, she was leaving the gym. she has her hoodie on and she is toeing out, brutal! it looks like a painful outfit as she is walking out. >> she going to upset with you. >> oh, boohoo. >> smu camel toe hoity-toity. >>oity-ttyoe. ♪ here i come to save the day >> merely 30 years after the supposed death of legendary comic andy kaufman, new evidence he's still alive. wanted to honor my dad. >> hang on, who's this?
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>> we have footage from the annual andy kaufman awards. a 24ear-old woman comes up claiming to be the daughter andy kaufman >> he wanted to be a stay-at-homead >>k, sure. she gets up there with andy's brother, michael, and they say andy's sll alive. >> that's what they say, huh? what a bunch of [beep]. >> dennis farina's dead, we know that. >> what's her evence? >> she doesn't have evidence but what she claims -- >> to hell with what she claims but it got us to thinking. here's what he know. >> ay kamas a notorious prankster. before he died he talked about faking his own death. >> we can talk about big foot banging the tooth fairy. it don make it true. what else. >> there's an internet search engine that people use to find out when someone dies. it will say dead at a certain year. hiner shs up. >> wait, that actually seems like evidence.
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on. >> it ys for property listed imthere was no properties under to him until 2001 new york under his name still. >> he bought a place seven years after he died? that's weird but doesn't prove he's alive. >> that's the ultimate prank. he's a pps artist. >> at what point would you admit you're wrong? >> at what point would you admit you're wrong? >> andy, if you're alive, congrats on pulling off the greatest hoax ever and if you're dead, this chick is a terrible person. andy! >> how you doing today, sir? >> how you doing? >> we have tyrin turner at the grove. he plays caine in "menace ii society." ask him -- >> do you still get racially profiled? >> in the movie there's a scene. >> he has an interesting answer. he goes -- >> i don't feel like i ever was racially profiled. >> never?
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>> what? >> his first te on "tmz," so -- >> so the camera guy goes into itfor instance, one day i went to rite aid, i went to the bathroom, i walked, e guy followed me out and asked me, do we have everything you need and i was like, yeah, and he was like, oh, ok have you ever been profiled in any way? >> for what? >> you can't profile a jewish guy? going to accuse m of, usery. >> there's a difference. >> what do i do? >> every day he woulcome through my bag and ask me if there's hummus in there. >> 99%. >> no! hummus.'t like baklava. >> i like baklava. >> appreciate it, bro. >> coming up, mariah carey has this epic interview with angie martinez. angie asked her about "american
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idol" and she said it was like hell. with satan. >> they undermined heriva. that's like hell. >> then she's not a good enough diva. >> -- >> anthony bourdain, he's been getting heat from the mayor of detroit. he profiled detroit as a run-down city, not in a positive light. >> we don't want them to get that reputation.
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>> coming up -- >> you know how zac efrowi the slip of the water and he fell. there's no 911 call. don't you think you're going to call 911?
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>> and now, nicki minaj is the devil, starring mariah carey. >> what happened with "american idol"? >> honestly, hated it.
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>> really? >> that's mariah on hot 97 in new york this week explaining why doing "idol" was the worst mistake of her entire career! ok, second worst. >> it was like hell going to work every day in hell with satan. >> mariah's talking about nicki minaj because those bitches hated each other. >> i thought it was going to be a the-peon panel. >> she said they dangled the paycheck, $18 million, got her to sign on and added a fourth judge. >> it was like hell. >> and that is why mariah carey is a terble rson. you are bitching about $18 million for about 20 weeks! >> yeah, boohoo, mariah. so you didn't get along with a co-worker. you still got $18 million to sit a chair and do nothing. >> what made it horrible for her was that they would dare put another woman next to her. like, deal with it. >> they undermined her diva, that's like hell. >> she needs to up her diva.
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she needs to up her diva. >> she tried. >> she can't up her diva, she's not a good enough diva. >> oh, wow! >> nicki minaj -- >> boom! mariah carey got straight out-diva'd. >> nicki minaj is not satan. nicki minaj is a better diva and that's really the answer. >> remember, mariah, the next time you want to bit about an $18 million job, just rememb, that's $13 million more than "glitter" made. that movie was terrible. bye! >> so you know how zac efron with the mysterious slip on the water and fell. >> broke his jaw. wired shut. >> his jaw's wired shut. there's no 911 call. >> if you slip on a puddle of water and have such a violent fall that you gash your face and your mouth has to be wired shut -- >> because your jaw is broken. >> don't you think that whoever you're with or you -- you're going to call 911? >> no.
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>> not at all. why would you call 911? >> normally we do stories on celebrities, every single celebrity, no matter h minor, call 911. >> josh hartnett called 911 for diarrhea. and throwing up. >> diarrhea! >> anthony, how's it going, sir. >> it's anthony bourdain in new york. chef, author, reality star and the second most googled anthony in the world and who's the first, you ask? not you, antny michael hall. don't be ridiculous. we're talking about -- >> anthony weiner. >> anthony weiner. i just got show my [beep] more. >> he's edgy and he's also embroiled in a fiery controversy! >> he's been getting heat from the mayor of detroit. the guy's saying anthony made the city look really bad on his show. >> recently, anthony and his
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show, "parts unknown" traveled to detroit to show the beauty of the city. >> another block and more decay and a liquor store. >> looks fun. what's the problem? >> the mayor of detroit is saying he didn't go to the nice places and he profiled detroit as a run-down city. >> whe dide ? >> he goes through this neighborhood and these peopl set up a grill and were selling food out of their yard. >> is that like smoked ham hock in the greens? >> i can't tell yomy secret. >> do these people sell the food in the backyard? >> yeah. >> ihappened a lot. >> there's all kinds of places in l.a. like that. >> i have en to one in venice in the garage, it's underground, you can only be invited by email. dining?er >> yes, the hipster cafe where the motto is, you're not cool enough to know our motto. so what does anthony say about the mayor's complaint? >> i'm not in the tourism business. i gave an honest impression of the city, a city i have a lot of
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affection for. >> he says i have a lot of affection for that city, a lot of loyalty for that city. >> but -- >> what he did was right, he's not part of the detroit tourism board. >> true, but you know who should be? a certain motown icon. sunshine ♪ >> god, he's got soul trapped in jar somewhere. thanks, detroit, you guys rock. >> kendall and kylie jenner. they were out, they were going to the mr. c hotel. they just got dethroned by lorde. lorde is now rolling in dough, million signed a $2.5 de >> might be $4 million. publishing deal. old! 17 years >> these two girls were the richest teeny boppers in hollywood. was talking about lorde walks into the scene and she has acal tent. >> she's number one on the billboard chart and miley cyrus and katy perry below her.
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she's beating all of them. >> she's got talent. whoa.n whoa, whoa, stop saying katy perry doesn't talent. >> i didn't say katy perry didn't have talent. she's talented. she got two big talents in front her. >> a gift from god is what they are. >> coming up -- >> justin bieber says that he did not desecrate the argentinian flag. he's saying it was just a misunderstanding. he thought it was bra and panties thrown on stage.
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>> next "tmz," one of the biggt stars in the world whose sex, andmotes drugs, overpriced bottles of booze
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>> "tmz" argentina where we marathon our 24-hour of the movie "evita" to break you breaking justin bieber flag news.ation >> he says he did not desecrate the argentinian flag. >> what he's referng to is the incident where a fan threw what appeared to be an argentinian flag on stage and justin did this.
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>> apparently ere's an investigation in argentina, criminal investigation, targeting justin bieber for that very thing. >> and biebs could face one to four years of prison time, argentinian prison time, which actually has some wonderful steak and red wine but now eber fighting back! >> he's saying it was just a misunderstanding. he thought it was bra and panties thrown on stage because it happens a lot at his concert. to that he was just trying clean up the stage. >> but he still disrespected the entire country by desecrating the flag, right. >> he says the flag in question was on a t-shirt and not a proper flag. >> not only did bieber not see the argentinian symbol but it turns out it wasn't even a flag. >> you can burn a t-shirt with it.merican flag on it was burning the american flag that used to be the crime. >> what will become of justin bieber?
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hopefully not that but it is argeina so it's not entirely out of the question. this has been tmz argentina. >> cominup -- >> we gocharmane srr, and another rn star athe gve they absolutely blasted jenna jameson. >> who hasn't?
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>> we got charmane starr, monique alexander and another porn star at the grove. they absolutely blasted jenna jameson. >> who hasn't? >> yeah, right. >> hey-o! >> we asked them about that. we say, do you think that jenna jameson will actually make any money going back to porn? >> no, really? >> you better turn that off. turn it off, turn it off! >> let me just say, we got jenna
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jameson on "tmz live" yesterday. why now? what's changed in your life that requires you to do it again? >> it doesn't require money because i absolutely have money. >> dion, how long did it take you to fix her mic? i was watching the record. you were trying to mic her for 30 minutes. >> she's like, wt, is this ok? >> i'm now really obsessed with guys with beards. >> why are you trying to put your mic on wi your mouth. >> harvey's kind of hot. i like how he tans.
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ale baldwin's stalker guilty. her youtube rant. reay wan t help hilia and . >> now o"extra." victory for ec, his craze tormenter behind bars, but is
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her campaign of rear really over? >> she wilbe back on the streets and why this video is full of ominous warning signs. ason patric fighting back tears, his tug-of-war over his little boy. >> i haven't seen gus in38 wes. i hope one daye willee everhing've done. tt dan, kier sutherland, mel gibson, how path trick pulling in hollywood's big ns. >> iwas like hell goingo wo every day. tan. >> slamming "americ idol." whshe's mocking. "extra" backstage at victoria secret's sexiest show on earth. >> i tend toook athe quality out of lingerie. ha ha. us, the cast of the best n holiday in e house, aring cloes thi time. now o"extra" from univsal studio hollywood,he enteainment capital of l.a. hey,everyone, wcome to xtra." i'm marloz. >> and i'maria menounos.
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>>a guilty verdi in the alec baldwin stalker trial. >> the woman harassing ammic baldwin and his family is finally locked up but is she out forreveng >> jer piece togher h meline of threateniehavior anwhat's nex >> she c't proclaim her innocee anymore. >>aven't donanything wrong. >> the verdict, guiltonll coun, stalng, attempted aggravat harassment, attempted criminal contpt. >> ac baldwin' alleged stalker. >> "extra" exposing her caught on youtube manifesto, speaking directly to her victims. >> if you really want to help hilaria and alec. one year ago. >> justiceight now. >> continuing her reign of terror, even after her arrest. >> you're breaking my family, my life. >> alec spotted leangis new yorkpartment today ashe veict was anunced. >> i she crazy? >>e and wife"extra" coespondent,hilariaced
10:28 pm
e wannabe actss inourt toy. >> whe is the won? is where is she? >> saab bore ribbon went into a tissue and then cried out today. >> the prosecutors revealed a disturbing piece of eviden. >>aab be ribbon cght on ta pacing in the lob lobby of alec's apartme blding minutes fore she was arrested r terrorizing the emmy winner anhis wife. the judg sding her to the slammer fo180 days that's on top the 30 she alrdy got for contempt for bizarre courtroom outbursts. >>rohibit anything contact from any means with either of the banced wi. >> but new yk attorney rose marie arn telng "tra" everything we have seen so far has her saying --. clearly, we are dling with a woman who issturbed and in the past, shown no respect for court orders even the judge. >> tomorrow on "extra," hilaria's first words on the verdict. how are yo feelingfter allf this is said and done? now that it' finally over --
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>> the exclusive interview tomorrow on "extra." and while alec's legal mess is over for now, camille grammer's drama is just starting. >> today, the former tv. house wife was talking about the restraining oer she jt filed against h eboyfriend ter she says h bea herup. cille grammer's rst words on the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend. >> it was terrible. >> tse photos evidence in the se, she claimse beater in an hour-long struggle only days after she uernt radal cancer surgery. dimitri denies camille's accusations. >> right after any kind of procedure, you want to be surrounded by love. i was physically abused and assaulted by ts rson. >> camle telling dr. oz tay in addition to a restraining order, she is now getting professional help. >> very dramating. therapt. 'm working with a i'm gog to okay. rand new kat ash, areim anchri getti a mommy
10:30 pm
makeover? whatind of surryre you getting? >> the pair spd leavi a cosmetic laser cent. okay, mayb ty were having a spa day or somethg, but k does not need any work. >> are you going to have another baby with kanye after the wake? >> baby number two rumors are everywre rig now, kim hunting to us that that could be her plan. >> me babies for you and kanye? >> i hope so we definitely want some. >> everyone is talking about the new espresso ad with george clooney and matt damon. >> how much money matt raked n >> i'll see you, george. >> matt damon's inside. >> matt reportedly got paid $150,000 per second for the uk ad that means he got $3illion for his 20-second cameo. not bad. >> got to be some seriously good coffee right there. got to try that. all right. mariah carey is going off on her stint on "american idol." >> yes, she is. you can tell she wasn't exactly having a great time on the show but we didn't realize it was this bad. no, we didn't. ourpecial coespondent, angie mart isith miah in new
10:31 pm
york. >> it wasn't for show. it wn't forratings. >> it was li hell going to work every day in ll with satan. >> mariah carey holding nothing back about her "american idol" experience, telling angie, it wasn't just the feud with nikki minaj that drove her crazy, it was the politics. >> honestly, i hated it, because it -- producers telling me, we lost this one b we don't think you should really vote for that one. i'm like, i'm gonna say how think sings the best. period. >> they hated you? >> end of cversation. >> they did not li y. >> live for me, dling. live for me. >> mariah back to doing what she does bes releasing a new single, "t art of letting go." the album due in early 2014 warning aj she is abo to get personal. >> secd line in the second vee, verse two, i want you to listen to and dothat >> it's two stories and it definitely is real. this is for you if you need to
10:32 pm
just let go of anybody or anything or any situion in yo life today. i know that feeling. we all do >> making an appearance on the album acres long with producer/manager, jermaine due pre. the babies. >> how do theyound singing? >> singing with jay-z. she amazed me. >> she is holding back. she sings on the record. >> she does sing. >> were you singing, too? apparently, yes. my mom said that i was. >> talted, just ke her mama. th's cool. w, a who' who in hoywoodoined forcelast ght for afriend >> yes, talking matt damon and kiefer sutherland, just to name a few, all on hand, helping actor jason patric in a nightmare fight for his son. here's jerry. >> for years, he was gus'dad, and then gus was taken fromhi >> bee going thrgh aorrible thin >> aisibly disaught jason patric and some of his best a-list friend he is. >> just as a dad, i can't imagine what -- what he's been
10:33 pm
going through. >> fighting bac against what he calls an antiquated and unfair law, a law that branded him just a sperm doane ar no parental rights, a law his ex-girlfriend isownvoking in their custody battle. >> i haven't seen gus in 38 weeks. so i hope -- i hope one day he will see everything that i've done, but i'm gonna see him, get him back and i'm going to help other people. >> patric and his ex, danielle shah reich, agreed to have a child through artificial insemination. shah reich claiming she was always supposed to be a sgle parent. >> jason nev did anything to raise gus, when even wn w were rang. >> path trick said no way,e has been part of gusfrom the ginning. >>ost my son through a terrible loopho. >> mat damon, sarah silverman, chelsea handler, kiefer suthernd, turninout f the first annual stand up for gus fund-raiser. >> one of the last things i would ever want, ever wish on any of my friends. >> especially when dad so
10:34 pm
wants to be involved. >> it has become pnfully obvious the wafamilies is come together i changed dramatically the last ten years, i don't think the laws reflect t i have to take mine and have the voice i have and make sure this doesn't happ to other people. >> up xt, eddie cibrian, day digg and terrence howard versus their super hot best man holiday co-stars. >> little battle of the sexes. >> dishing on proper text ket and hollywood dating games. >> how soon before you meet the family? then, "extra's" at the victoria sect fashion show after party. which model is about to feast on french fries? "extra's" star sightings from coast to coast. kate hudson's going blonde mbshell, times square goes totally gaga. >> gaga everywhere. plus, where we spied pam anderson going out with one of her ex-husbands.
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10:36 pm
well, my next guests have reunited after 14 years. please welcome from the cast of the best man holiday you nia long, regina hall, sana'a lathan, taye diggs, morris chestnut, eddie cibrian. old college friends reuniting on screen in "the best man holidays" way too goodking ensemble hanging with me at iversal. may i say y'all look great if not even better who changed the most during this time? >> eddie cibrian. >> he used to be black. >> hey, baby.
10:37 pm
see how well you know e other? what is taye diggs' real name? >> shante. >> what does the nozzle name mean? >> [ inaudible ] [ laughter ] >> who is the first on set, the most prompt? really? >> me and sanaa are usually the first. >> the first what? >> oh, hell no. >> a little bat of the sexes if someone sexes you that you're dating is there a proper period of time you wait or you text back? >> if yoel it you feel it. >> text back. >> d't pla games. >> easy to say you hey, let wait a couple of months. >> have any options? how soon before you meet the family? >> hopefully never. >> i'll see their mama in them. so you might as well meet their
10:38 pm
mama first. so you know whether you want to buy. you know what you're getting into. >> gentlemen, who determines -- >> the woman. >> well that's what --ho determines when a relationship is official >> always the woman that wants to bring up -- bring up the subject. >> like where are we going next? >> a woman -- >> the exclusivity to be defined? >> also, we have a plan >> right. >> you can't make a proper plan if you don't know who's on the team. >> wait, did you know about this? >> we know this, the guys showinthe diesome prey ooth moves in the film. ♪ can you >> ho ho ho. >> be sure to catch the best man who will day in theatersfriday. >> i got check tha movie ou kate hudson has three films of her own coming outext year. this month, however, she is on the cover of the n harper's baar. inside, showing off serious leg and looking good gold in a
10:39 pm
cavalli swimsuit. while she may not be in harper, lady ga's always bizae and we we with her after midnigh in new york. art pop? more like art shop. lady gaga rolling up to the brand new h & m times square as only she can, e answering our favorite question. ♪ wha gaga wearing >> this actuall is a cat suit from h & m that you can get, but it w black. paintedt today. my legs were sticking together in the car. i was so excited because it's actually fashion dilemma i haven't had yet, wch is rare sean penn joining kristen wiig and ben sometime forear hollywd night f, screening the life ben afar as and directs, "the sretife of walt mitty." is this date night for your beautiful wife, christe? >>t s we live in n york, threw 3,000 miles f a date night. >> kristen wiig taking a break from comedy, playing ben's love there in the movie about a daydream her escas his borg li for a fantasyorld whore you wearg, who is this?
10:40 pm
>> bance len see yag . >> le your rrings. who are your little earri by? >> marn katz. >> t other side of the country, pamela anderson cozying up to the famed jewelry desigr at martin katz jewelry suite in new york boegz ex-husban and current friend with benefits, rick solomon. behind every good hollywood star there san even better makeup ar, the hollywood reporter's beauty issue with anne hathaway and kate lee on their coverg the 25 beauty moments the year inde. ese newsstandnow. cong up, onlyextra"as ason cpler on th set of "two and a half men" and the tmi nfession at's got him going -- >> whoa! whoa! > plus, michael sthan's guys night out with aj at the victoria secret fashion sh. what he really told his fiancee to let him go. >> you g him good. then, bachelorette emily maynard's w man. how far did she go to keep him
10:41 pm
secret? that's next. sneak peek of the fourth annual variety's power of comedy event sponsored by xbox one. late nig funnyman jimmy kimmel honored. and "extra" is one-on-one with thman of the hour. >> that's right. have returned. >> tha excsive airs monday. e preview extratv.c.
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sy super molds, lots of skin, in a $1 billion business, but did you know victoria's secret all started because the founder was embarrassed to buy his wife lingerie? so, you know at he did? he borrowed 40 grand from his parents to open a sre of his own. the back story, huh? >> the angels are working last
10:45 pm
night at their big runway show in new york and aj was with them. i'sure hwas reall unhappy about that and a very hap michl strahan as ll. >> n secrets here. red-hot supermodels. red, whi and blu superstar. taylor swift draped inhe brish flag, ditching at tiny top hat. ♪ singinher big hit knew you were trouble." beforehe show taylorn the caet. >> how are you? >> mhael strahan on the corder. th night t, fncee approved. >> thank you, cole. >>ouet a ps to come to e show? >> iold her las wee i was cong. i did t rend h what tol her last week. >> you attend the victoria secret fashion show what do you look at? >> i tend to look at the quality of the lingerie. that's . ha ha. >> nicole,ou've got himgood. e angels owning you the runway, sporting a $10 milli ntasybra, adam levine's front review of his fiancee, strahan
10:46 pm
in nd of a good wing man. >> you gng? you go, i'll go with you. >> i have to go i'm working. hi, honey. i'm working. >> i got to go workith aj. doing the cameraork next time. kicking yoout, sir. >> o fine camera work catching she is fine lies ready to l loe. >> you can relax a little, right? >> no, time to celebrate. >> aid rathe have french fries an champagne now. >> the par rol . the vtoria secre fason show december 10th on cbs. >>well, no lingerie but ashton and the cast of "two and a half men" were in their pjs when i stopped by the set for a little sneak peek at tonight's new episode. hey what's up? i'm on the set of "two and a half men," with the new star right here. sorry, guys. only "extra" on set with jokesters jon, ashton -- >> cut. >> tir new half, amber tam britain. >> oh, my god. >> first of all, accident get e memo, i feel extreme overdresd. i didt know the sleepover.
10:47 pm
>> slumber party. >> only have pajama parties on the show. >> amber now a show reg loorn hit cbs comedy as alan harper's niece. >> see wom in the underwear game tremendously. >> i read recently though that because ashton's shirt getting low there he has got rather nice nipples. >> whoa. whoa. whoa what was -- did you seey nipples? >> little lucky pennies. >> she finally knew what i learned all alouchblgt. >> find a penny, pick it up. >> or see two women, try to pick them up. >> alpha bravo, two bogeys on your 6. >> tonight on cbs. all right. now we have got some breaking bachelorette news. emily maynard, who found love and lost love on the show twice, by the way, has a new man. >> yeah. reports are emily is dating a guy from her hometown of charlotte, tyler johnson. and she wants it to be secret so much, she has been telling everyone at her church it is her brother. >> first of all, like at church, major sin right there. by the way that is going to be
10:48 pm
awkward when t finally come clean. another southern girl whs also looking for love on reality tv is kelsey smith, she is trying to find her man on the new season of "sweet home alabama." >> my heart skipped at least five beat,
10:49 pm
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all right, let's e the show the right way by hooking you one one of taylor swift's favorite things, keds. in fact, taylor collaborated with codes for a signature kids' collection, glittered and sparkled just like taylor's tour outfit for your chance to win one at home, go to and enter word red. right now, i looking up our crowd here who wants some keds? >>an to go to kiss fm jingle ball? win a trip to l. to see miley cyrus, robin thic, selena gomez and many more. justatch "extra" all next week for the word of the day and enter at
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hello. raymond? even better. i'm robert, the other. well, hi, i'm carol marshall from humm vac cleaning systems international. oh, please, come in. thank you. ah, you must be raymond. yeah. hi. hi. i spoke to your wife last night
10:56 pm
about comingy to demonstrate our system. oh, right. yeah, oh, the vacuum. i thought she said that we didn't need a new vacuum cleaner. yeah, she did. i remember because it was right before she told me that i have to go pick up something from somewhere. oh, you didn't happen to catch any of that, did you? sorry. yeah, so, when we spoke last night, things did seem pretty hectic, so, since i happen to be in the neighborhood, i wondered if maybe now might be a good time to come show you how wonderful the humm vac is, and to offer you this complimentary lint brush yeah. i don't know. my wife says i'm really not supposed to -- come on, ray. it's complimentary. may i, robert? this won't hurt a bit. see? ew. cool. and that is yours for being such a good patient. thank you. ayou were very gentle.being such a good patient. oh, here, i have one for you, too. oh. oh
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
aa what are you doing? you scared the hell out of me. what is that? this is something thatoue going to love -- the humm vac esprit. what, you bought this? yep. you hed me tell the lady on the phone that we do not need a vacuum cleaner. i know, i know, but it turnsut really do she showed me all the dirt. you let her in here? wait. wait a minute, how good-looking was this saleslady? you know what? she was quite good-looking, but i'm not afraid to say that 'cause that's how good this machine is. i would have bought this from an ugly man! you are such a sucr.
10:59 pm
a sucker for a great product! [ vacuum cleaner hums ] you hear that? you hear that hum? that's a fully insulated 4-horsepowerotor. is it versatile, is theyou ask?f clean. check this out. i did this whole section in 30 seconds. crevice attachment -- boom! done! all right, look, that's very nice. wait a minute, wait a minute. watch this. you're not going to believe this. these pillows seem clean enough to the naked eye. in a regar vacuum, there's not enough suction power to pick up all the dirt that the beater bar kicks up. ray, turn it off. i vacuumed there yesterday. you could have vacuumed here four or five times yesterday with your old vacuum... ray, what are you doing to my pillow? patience, my dear. look. the humm vac,


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