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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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[cheering] the hottest young driver in the world. >> sounded like driver introductions at the speedway only the announcer was a man who wants to be president. donald trump brought out brian france for an endorsement and ryan newman and bill elliott and his son chase. >> i think he can do great things for us. >> there was an immediate reaction on twitter. some fans loving it and others not so much. and one fan saying he is disappointed and alienated. in an opinion piece in "usa today" calling it a huge mistake. locally reactions were split. >> i think donald trump will be a good president. it did not affect me what he said. >> donald trump lied. >> politics and racing have been bed fellows for years but the trump enendorsement and the timing struck folks one day after trump was criticized for not distancing himself from
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and the kkk though he did so. and nascar strived to increase diversity. >> race fans they do not play the political game. >> and long time fan got to the heart of the matter. wondering if race fans listen to what brian france had to say. >> i do not think mr. france's comments is going to sway the race fan either way. >> and obviously mr. france's comments were important to donald trump. and nascar released a statement saying that endorsement was from brian france personally it was not a corporate endorsement from nascar. >> thank you. now, you will recall nascar the organization once distanced itself from trump after remarks on mexican immigrants after the
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title sponsor of the nascar truck series sent a letter denouncing trump and yesterday marcus tweeted there is no place for politics any political endorsements in any business. your customers and employees should have their own mind hashtag period. trump took to twitter to thank france and the drivers for their endorsements. i'm now with leigh brock in the first alert weather center she is tracking changes and leigh it is the first day of meterological spring but the beautiful sunshine is not going to last long. >> it's not. we are in transition. it's meterological spring that started today we are still going to go back and forth. here is your camera from our network of cameras. the clouds they are winning out they will be with us through the night. and the rain is making progress moving into western north carolina. and the bulk is back into tennessee but we have had a couple of showers move in.
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of rain. and we are going to zoom in and it's moving quickly and almost trying to move out of my shot. pleasant grove and ramsey and henry and pull this out and let you get your bearings and where we are and zoom in farther to the north this is in burke county. you have a couple more showers. and if you are moving into this area it's along 321, blowing rock you are getting wet. patterson you have the rain coming down. and on top of that especially in the highest elevations we have winds to worry about. we have a high wind warning for ash and watauga county. a wind advisory for avery from 7:00 p.m. until noon tomorrow. and more on the forecast and what the cooldown is going to look like and feel like in a little bit. >> thank you. you can stay up-to-date on changes by downloading the first alert forecast weather app. >> more testimony in the trial of a man accused of shooting an officers outside his cornelius home. several police officers took the
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one of them said charles sane told medic he had three or four liquor drinks and 2:00 a.m. be yen that night. police were responding to a domestic disturbance. sane's defense team says their client was not aware of his actions because of his reaction to the drug and therefore he is not responsible. we have a road closure to warn you about in blowing rock. starting today a shift will take place. traffic will split north of west cornish drive and lanes will merge back today on u.s. 321 business. keep that in mind. for a check of traffic here in charlotte let's get you over to tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> thank you. and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. we have this accident 77 northbound tyvola road has moved to the shoulder. it was in the left lane and it was closed earlier. as you can imagine it's created slow-moving traffic. and we have problems northbound
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and park road is a great alternate route and another accident at colony road and fern cliff park road is a great alternate route back to you. >> thank you. the accused piper glen skauter is -- squatter is filing a pile of charges against her. she decided to represent herself as trial. we have followed this case sincele bay was ordered to leave a home in november. she claims the court has no jurisdiction because she is a member of the moorish nation. sharon smith is stepping out of court with all the details. how is el bay doing at her attorney? >> you can tell she is smart and she has certainly studied this. but she is also definitely not an attorney. she has stumbled some and seems to know what she wants to present and can quote all the state statutes but it seems like she misses when the prosecutor or the judge counters with something. we will show you how it's going inside there.
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get through some of the pretrial motions. mostly dealing with dismissing her attorney. el bay said this court has no jurisdiction over her based on that moorish nation status. and the judge said hold on. she needs to save all of those claims for the presentation of evidence. first witness today the realtor who noticed the for sale sign missing on the $800,000 piper glen home in foreclose. she goes up to the door and notices the lock is messed up and a young man comes and answers the door. and here is some of that exchange. >> he said who are you? >> i said i am the realtor for this property. and he said well we own the property now. i said the foreclose the bank owns the property. no we own it. the foreclose has been overturned by the indigital just
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>> he said they own the house now as part of this international indigenous trust that the realtor's contract was broken. interesting there. and of course the realtor says that is not true. the bank owns this house. that is what is on the deed. mecklenberg county is seeing more of these moorish nation cases, too. when people represent themselves and say they are sovereign and the law does not apply to them. and we could be in for a long night here. have not heard from the judge yet how long they will continue the case or possibly restart tomorrow. for now live outside the courthouse, sharon smith wbtv on your side. >> complicated case but interesting thank you. >> next, the n.a.a.c.p. reacts to a man killed after a run-in with police what they are urging the neighbors to do tonight. >> inside the boxes jane doe, men, women, children the man who
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find out who they were.
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caroli a meeting is going on on closing coal ash ponds. state tests showed elevated levels in water near belmont. neighbors relied on bottled water. we will have an update for you at 6:00 p.m. >> we are hearing more from the north carolina n.a.a.c.p. after an officer involved shooting in raleigh. authorities say dennis died after an officer shot him yesterday. and dennis was wantnd wanted on a
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as neighbors wait for answers, n.a.a.c.p. leaders are urging calm. >> truth is the man anecdote. to unrest. truth. no matter where it leads, truth. no matter where the finger points, truth. not predetermined truth. >> so far authorities have been tight-lipped. the sbi is investigating. next new at 5:00 he worked for 18 years to try and give boxes of human remains a name. >> out of the 100 cases he is
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from 1998 that strikes a cord. over to alex giles. >> we mentioned that officer-involved shooting in raleigh. i saw this tweet. dozens of people marching to the courthouse in response to that officer-involved shooting. and that is going on right now. we will follow the situation as it develops and bring you the latest details here in the alert center. >> imagine trying to put a puzzle together without the pieces. and give you an incomplete picture. now you have a little understanding of what the state medical examiner's office is up against when a body is found with no identity. new, steve crump went to raleigh to see how they are trying to find the missing pieces.
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60 plus years of age, 40 years of age, 1977. >> clyde has been at this for 18 years. >> 1981, 85, 86. >> and comes back to the same series of questions. >> was it a blunt force injury? a sharp force injury? was it a gunshot injury? >> his task is not rooted in who did it but who it is. in many ways, he is north carolina's bone collector. we have had cases that we go back to the 1970s. or cases that are still unidentified. >> tucked away at the state medical examine area's office are 100 boxes of human remains from north carolina. one case happened 125 miles north of charlotte and is still at this investigator. >> the child case from orange county from 98 that is a
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remained unidentified is the biggest on a lot of radars why is there a 10-year-old child that does not have a name. >> the box is beat up. and replaced a couple of times. i kept it under my desk. >> lieutenant tim horn has been connected to the investigation for two decades. >> i have been there since day one when the 9-1-1 call was made. >> beneath the signage, a simple cross pays tribute to the unknown victim. the memorial spells out the year but doesn't offer a name. >> and the medical examiner listed it as a homicide based on the fact it was an 8-10-year-old child left unattended in the circumstances. >> a lot of this is rooted in science and part gum shoe detective work? >> yes. >> in the case of boy clyde gibbs relied on reconstructive artwork to help investigators in orange county.
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bureau of investigation and the f.b.i. and the smithsonian. >> and a sculpted image imagined to get a couple thousand hits on youtube. >> it takes a morbid curiosity. >> the workload means staying on top of 115 cases and remaining sensitive not cynical. >> we want to make sure they are treated with due respect regardless of whether they are unidentified. i think it's more important that we have something to return to families versus nothing. >> if at the end of the day clyde gibbs' closure comes in finding the name behind an unsolved case number. steve crump wbtv on your side raleigh. >> quite a job. the case of the 10-year-old boy. they have clues. they hope a new dna isotope test will narrow down what part of
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>> my, that is fascinating. time to check traffic with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in here on trade street i-77 northbound and southbound has taken a heavy beating as far as congestion. as we check here woe can see this congestion. keep in mind the hornets uptown tonight so congestion around that later on and an accident at beatties ford road and oak lawn avenue and i-77 northbound and southbound. slow-moving traffic. back to you. >> thank you. get ready temperatures are about to take a dip. >> could see rain before the night is out. leigh brock is in the first alert weather center. >> only a matter of time now. and you can notice the camera jiggling around. there is wind outside from our hd towercam. winds have been blowing from 15-25-miles-per-hour. just in the charlotte area everywhere else it's been stronger especially in the highest elevations.
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a lot of 70s showing up. 6:00 p.m. and we have 71 in charlotte and rock hill and wadesboro upper 60s farther to the north. and we have a high wind warning for a couple counties for ash and watauga county from 7:00 p.m. until noontime gusts up to 50-miles-per-hour. avery you could have the gusts up to 50-miles-per-hour. certainly gusty winds and we have rain on top of that. pushing in from tennessee. one batch looks like it will move just to the north might clip parts of watauga and avery. and the bulk is over tennessee and that is what is heading this way. it should be out of here by morning tomorrow. most of that rain is not going to stick around long. 43 your morning temperature. 10% chance of a shower. and the reason why... we have had warm temperatures for the past few days. temperatures in the low 70s. yesterday and today we hit 73 this afternoon and that southerly flow that is pulling
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but here is the cold front going to put a stop to that. and pushes through quickly overnight brings the rain and comes in and moves out. and tomorrow morning that rain is out of here and the front is off to the east. we're clearing out. high pressure builds in and that makes for a cool day for tomorrow. starting out in the low 40s. 42, 54 your high temperature. maybe a leftover shower. and late on thursday another round of rain thursday night into friday morning. both days in the 50s. saturday 59 is the temperature. and 60s for sunday, monday and 70s by the middle of next week. and eric thomas has the full forecast at 6:00 p.m. back to you. >> we all know kids can say anything. >> what happens when you put a camera in front of them and ask for compliments? you will see next.
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two weeks from today and an ad campaign is under way to make sure those who show up at the polls have proper documentation.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... today is worldcom impliment day. >> kristen hampton sat down with kindergarteners to find out what compliments are all about. >> a compliment is something to say something nice to somebody. >> a compliment means you be nice to people. >> a compliment is a home where animals sleep. >> you are telling somebody else who you like about them. >> you are saying something nice to somebody. you make them happy. you can make a person's day go great. >> i told my friend that i like her hair. >> one time we shared cupcakes with the older grades in art. >> i think she shared my toy
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>> what i would do is give 10 hundred dollars to another person. >> makes people feel good? >> so happy inside. >> yeah? >> because it's nice. i like your hair. >> thank you. >> i look to be your friend. >> well, i have a compliment for you. >> ok. >> you are very nice. >> ok. >> what kind of compliment would you give me? >> um, i love you. people. heart. >> you are very nice. >> well, you are very nice, too. thank you. >> adorable. >> kids say the best. especially kristen is so good with the kids. and today at irwin academic center i read to kindergarteners
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irwin academic center they dropped off the thank you card at the station. they are on it, man. >> cool stuff. >> next, a jogger who says she was chased by a knife describes her escape. >> and police are investigating the use of force in this arrest. what sources are telling us about one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money.
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his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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>> new at 6:00 a jogger describes her escape from a man with a knife. >> i figured the guy was going to try to kill me. >> her warning for other women. >> and three people found dead in this gaston county home. this woman is charged with murder. we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> and we're tracking a chance for rain and storms tonight in your first alert forecast.
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wbtv news starts right now. >> we are getting answers from police about the video of this arrest in east charlotte. >> cmpd is investigating the use of force. good evening nice to have you here at 6:00 i'm maureen o'boyle. >> i'm paul cameron. a charlotte-mecklenburg police officer appears to strike a suspect while the man is on the ground. malcolm glen elliott was resisting arrest. pamela escobar has new information. you are getting more perspective on the video? tell us what it is. >> yes, we are. officers do not want their names to be used but one said from reviewing the footage the officer in the video is using controlled strikes so the suspect will release his hands under his body. >> cmpd says malcolm glen elliott is resisting officers as they tried to arrest him after a hit-and-run. the department's internal affairs department is reviewing the video and investigating
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a spokesperson says elliott was moving his arms around and not allowing officers to put handcuffs on him. and that is when elliott is hit in the back. the witness who shot this video did not want to go on camera. but she says the man was listening to officer's commands and does not understand why he is being punched. elliott is in jail and facing several charges including resisting a public officer and hit-and-run. now you have to remember the video that we're seeing has been taken from above. so we do not know what is officers. i did ask cmpd if there's body-cam footage. and i'm told if there is that will not be released to the public. reporting live, pamela escobar >> thank you. now police are telling us investigators are gathering witness statements and reviewing the video. if you have any information you


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