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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a spokesperson says elliott was moving his arms around and not allowing officers to put handcuffs on him. and that is when elliott is hit in the back. the witness who shot this video did not want to go on camera. but she says the man was listening to officer's commands and does not understand why he is being punched. elliott is in jail and facing several charges including resisting a public officer and hit-and-run. now you have to remember the video that we're seeing has been taken from above. so we do not know what is officers. i did ask cmpd if there's body-cam footage. and i'm told if there is that will not be released to the public. reporting live, pamela escobar >> thank you. now police are telling us investigators are gathering witness statements and reviewing the video. if you have any information you
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affairs... >> gaston county woman is charged with murder in connection to a triple homicide. crystal gambino killed her husband last night in her home. two others also have dead tonight and christian flores has been following the story and joins us live from the home where this happened. what can you tell us? >> maureen, gaston county police were called to this home last night by concerned family members. when they discovered the three dead bodies with gunshot wounds. the crime scene is taped off. officers arrested gambino in stanly, north carolina after first arriving to the scene. she has been charged with first degree murder and she made her appearance in court and is held without bond. long time neighbors are still in disbelief she could commit the crimes.
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longtime you just can't i guess hard to believe it's that close to your house and somebody you know. >> so far gambino has been charged for her husband's death but more charges could be coming for the other two people found dead inside the home. christian flores, wbtv on your side. >> thank you. gambino's next court appearance is march 21 where she will be arraigned. >> clouds have been moving in and tracking rain and possible storms and cooler temperatures. chief meterologist, eric thomas in the first alert weather center. >> curious if rain is falling already in our area? >> the answer is yes. we have spotty showers not far from charlotte but we'll start off in the mountains because that main line of showers and thunderstorms is roaring into the high country. have a look at the radar. and again this is all moving off to the east northeast at 50-miles-per-hour and as the showers move into the mountains, the winds are going to get
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the wind warning in effect for ash, watauga gusts in excess of 60-miles-per-hour. tie it down and avery mitchell you have advisory for 50-60-mile-per-hour gusts. i mentioned the showers closer to charlotte and they are moving quickly. turnersburg and harmony you are in the path of these showers right now. do not be surprised if you hear the thunder tonight. 63 at 9:00 p.m. and 60 through 11:00 p.m. and the chances of rain go up and up. the cooler temperatures is part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> thank you. tonight police say a crash killed a west mecklenburg high school student. wendy grove road. the driver was speeding and lost control driving off the road and hitting a tree. the 15-year-old heaven see died and two others were hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital but it's not clear if
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police are investigating and have not said if anyone is going to face charges. >> a woman was chased by this man carrying a knife in rock hill and had to hide in a nearby bank. police released this photo of the man they are looking for. tonight, we spoke with the jogger who ran for her life. michael clark has her story all new at 6:00. >> to be honest i have not barely left my apartment. >> a frightening end to an afternoon jog still has this woman thak shaken up. we have agreed not to show her face. >> five minutes into the jog i could hear footsteps. >> the victim is 20. and she is talking about the man she says chased her with a knife last week in rock hill. police released this picture today. >> i figured this guy was going to try to kill me. that went through my mind. >> police say the woman did what she was supposed to do and ran to the bank one of the populated buildings between winthrop university and downtown rock hill.
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the closest place that is safe somewhere where there's other people. >> after hiding in the restroom the woman was so scared she ran home to call police and did not have a cellphone. >> the worst part is not that it happened it's knowing that something like that can happen especially to like a woman my age. >> the close encounter has the victim encouraging others to jog in groups and carry a cellphone and pepper spray. >> i was lucky and did get away but somebody else could have got hurt. >> police hope someone recognizes the man and the victim says an arrest will help her peace of mind. >> turn him in so he can get the help he needs so that he does not hurt somebody else. >> michael clark wbtv on your side. >> police are still looking for that suspect and we want to show you that photo one more time. take a good look. if you recognize this man call
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>> we are following campaign 2016 and super tuesday. a dozen states voting or holding caucuses in the primaries. stakes are high. the results could all but seal the nomination for donald trump and hillary clinton. early voting for north carolina's primary starts in two days from now. >> it will be the first time you will have to show your id when you head to the polls. north carolina's voter id requirement goes into effect in time for the march primary but a federal judge could rule against the law. steve crump is joining us now and on your side looking at what this means for you so is everything ready for this new requirement? >> maureen, the local board of elections office have been working on the issue for months and printed out forms and rolled out signs and hired brand new staffers. >> a north carolina driver's license is an id. permit, passport. >> part of the list of accepted
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carolina polling places. mowrk elections -- mecklenberg county elections super visor says he is hiring extra staffers to handle the changes. >> we have had to retrain our poll workers for that. and you have to take that into account is that going to slow the process down on election day. >> and dealing with the changes at the ballot box, the state board of elections has taken queues from other states in getting the word out. >> attention virginia voters do not forget your id. >> it's not just virginia but a number of states where it means identification are laying out the rules across a number of platforms and here in north carolina, the days leading up to the primary has resulted in new billboards designed to answer questions. >> if this is the rule this is the rule you have to operate under. >> african-american
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in the struggle for decades and ref represented williamson says staying current with the political process means teaching the new rules from the pulpit. >> i think the understanding of the id effort and the cause of it and what it is for has raised questions. >> dickerson says the rules are clear. >> photo id is necessary to vote in this year's election. >> now, dickerson and state officials are going the extra mile in getting the word out they are taking this issue on the road as part of a community forum happening at friendship baptist church. >> and we have the types of
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you do not need identification for absentee voting. if you are not able to obtain a proper id i can file for a provisional ballot. the information is on in the web extra section. >> and new at 6:00... >> tonight environmental leaders are meeting in gaston county to discuss coal ash and we are hearing from families who have been living off of bottled water for a year now. >> and new dash-cam video how the chase came to an end in caldwell county. here is eric. >> thank you we are tracking a vigorous cold front coming into the carolinas and the wbtv viewing area. showers and storms racing into the mountains and cooler air coming in behind that. it's all part of the seven-day first-alert forecast. >> and new at 7:00 on primetime... >> not my baby. >> the family of the south carolina woman allegedly killed
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killed an officer in virginia. the officer's first day on the job what the family is saying about what happened at 7:00 p.m.
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more than five years after var ra baker disappeared a man is speaking out. the key piece of evidence he he and his team uncovered that help them id the missing 10-year-old. a story you will only see here on wbtv news at 11:00. >> a motorcyclist crashes after chased by police and tries to get away the entire event caught there on video. this is dash-cam video from the chase. you can see the motorcyclist crash and run trying to get away but an officer ran as well and he caught the guy. officers say the suspect was originally pulled over for a license plate violation and found drugs in his backpack. >> what would you do if you were afraid your drinking water as tainted? it's been a year since elevated
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close to duke energy's coal ash ponds. homeowners have relied on bottled water. a meet something happening right now in gaston county and brody o'connell is there live. any resolution in sight for the homeowners? >> paul it appears not. in fact talking to people in gaston county where we were about a year ago they are living off of bottled water their wells contaminated and no one wants to take responsibility for it. tonight the department of environmental quality meeting gave families and activists a platform to have their voices heard. >> there will be no closure. >> debra graham and amy brown live near coal ash basins but the state says their well water is not safe to drink. >> we live on bottled water and we use bottled water for everything from making coffee to cooking macaroni. this is a serious matter and
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toxic waste trash that the state allowed them to dump in pits for many, many years and when you know better you should do better. >> graham lives in rowan county. brown lives near allen steam station in gaston county. despite their problem and proximity to coal ash duke energy says it's innocent of wrongdoing. >> what we have learned over months of research and study and independent sigh sense that the coal ash basins are not impacting the residents' well water. what is in their wells is not rally occurring all over our state. >> without proof that duke is responsible, brown and graham are turning to lawmakers hoping that they can step in and help them. >> we are asking our state to protect us from coal ash contamination and to protect our waterways. >> and both women are here tonight and we wanted to go to their homes to see their situation. also several groups are here
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governor for not doing enough to help the families and i reached out to governor mccrory's office and they believe that roy cooper is saying perhaps he is trying to gain political favor ahead of the up coming election. side. live to raleigh. there is a march going on led by police escort gone through the downtown streets in response to the monday shooting of a man named aeel rakeem fatally shot by a raleigh police officer. the family claims he was unarmed but the police chief says a weapon was found near the body. and again these people are protesting that shooting. we'll watch this and let you know if anything else happens in raleigh. >> a busy afternoon because we have been watching as clouds over the queen city. >> and here is eric thomas. >> paul, some of the showers could be blustery.
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west up the foothills and into the carolina high country. this is a sharp and vigorous cold front and flowing across tennessee and we've seen thunderstorms embedded and now moving into the mountains. look at this. this is one hour that you are seeing. and we went from a blank map to covered in 60 minutes. that high wind warning thereby an issue as the showers are cruising through. and then we bring you into the foothills and caldwell and this is moving up into wilks county. and showers here and statesville north you have this shower in turnersburg. and hd towercam nothing disruptive but if you are heading out be aware rain drops becoming more likely through the evening hours. 68 and the winds have been gusting since 11:00 a.m. and they are gusting right now between 20-30-miles-per-hour. but they are sustained out of the south at 18 in advance of
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near 70 in the piedmont and mid-60s around i40 and 50s in the high country but the rain moving in and that cool air will come in behind the rain. through 11:00 p.m. notice where the best axis of rain is it's approaching and closing with the greater charlotte area with leftover rain in the mountains. if you are heading out to the hornets game, 63 at 9:00 p.m. you might want to be prepared for that walk across the parking lot after the game where rain is becoming more likely and 11:00 p.m. 60 but the rain hanging around. and all of that quickly moves off to the east during the overnight. look at the map by wednesday morning hardly a drop. not bad 43 . your out the door forecast charlotte and vicinity rain is moving out but it will be on the cool side i will not rule out a snow flurry but thursday, thursday night where we will be on the lookout for more snow
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all right hard to get above freezing during the day tomorrow. that is evidence of the cold air on the backside of this front. 40s to 50. in the foothills. very little chance of rain once we get you past the few hours in the morning. temperatures mid-50s and that is cooler than the 73 that we had around the area today. impressive. beyond that, thursday night here it is. this next slug of rain coming in and some could end up as snow thursday night into early friday. and beyond that then there it is 54 on wednesday. mid-50s on thursday and a round of rain for us thursday night with that mountain snow maybe an inch or two for sure and look at the warming trend through the weekend we are back into the 60s. and the 70s are not going to be behind. that is the way it shapes up. how about the roads? here is tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and we have had a lot of slow-moving traffic especially
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and traffic is not recovering. 77 north and southbound congested and look at all the incidents around the area as we check the hornets in town tonight against the suns. a lot of activity will happen around uptown there is an accident at church and fourth from and we see that volume on 77 northbound approaching i-85. also another problem very close by nations ford and tyvola a lot of congestion as well. i mentioned traffic trying to recover it's slow-moving traffic traffic north and southbound on
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safe travels up it's been thought that the panthers would use the tag on norman and they did. they used the nonexclusive franchise tag on josh norman the cornerback will make $13.95 million and they have time to workout a deal before july 15th. and after that the tag allows other teams to give norman an offer sheet and if he signs it panthers can match and if they don't the other team can get him. he is the 6th panthers player to get franchised he had a break-out season. and now coach ron rivera said quote i am excited that josh will be back with the panthers.
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and was a big part of the success we enjoyed as a team. and now the hornets are seeking success back at time warner cable arena for the first time in a month, they will play eight of the next 9 at home starting tonight. it should be fun for fans and nickelodeon theme night taking place. but this late in the season it's about business for the team on the playoff level. >> guys are kind of getting more locked in and we've been around long enough where there are no like excuses in terms of i'm new here whatever. at this point in the season it really is just get it done. we have to carry that over in what we have been doing on the road we need to do at home. >> highlights on the late sports
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7:00 p.m. >> pelley: can trump be caught? >> super tuesday is the single best opportunity. >> pelley: he's already looking ahead to another opponent. >> hillary clinton does not h become president, i'll telling you. >> pelley: also tonight, the president argues his case for a supreme court nomination, and gets his answer. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. >> pelley: erin andrews testifies in her multi-million-dollar stalk case. and there's another sanders. meet bernie's bro.
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cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: norah o'donnell, john dickerson, and i are coming to you tonight from cbs news election headquarters at a turning point this this presidential campaign. it is likely the last chance for challengers to catch the front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton. no candidate can clinch the nomination tonight, but voters in 12 states are choosing nearly half the delegates needed for the republican nomination, and more than a third needed for the democrats. major garrett is covering the republicans, nancy cordes the democrats, and we'll start tonight with major. >> today's such a big day, and i shouldn't be here because i shouldn't be thinking about this. i should be thinking about tonight. >> reporter: a supremely comfort donald trump ignored sprlt states and campaigned in ohio, which doesn't vote for two weeks. he focused his fire on democrat hillary clinton.


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