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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. wbtv on your side, wbtv news starts right now. charlotte's mayor fires back after lawmakers threat ton overturn the bathroom ordinance y she says doing that could hurt jobs. first. after rain and snow changes in the weekend forecast. and eric thomas is live in the first alert weather forecast. >> we're going to get video out of that. and with the embedded snow
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and so overnight tonight look at the future cast, a few left over flurries from time to time. the clouds here on day break are starting to break up. and a chilly start and if you are tired of this weather. changes you know what, i think we have changes. new at 11 a mayor and lawmakers and overturn the non-discrimination bathroom ordinance. the mayor tweeted out she is shocked that the general assembly wants to make the move. it would hurt job growth and other cities like columbia and atlanta have similar ordinances. a it is a threat to safety and he had requests for house
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ordinance. the council said it will give protection to those in the lgbt community from discrimination and which bathroom to use, the idea that grown men and young girls should the bathroom and middle school boys and girls share locker facilities defies add children at risk. this is crazy. the reaction is this is crazy. it was an extension of the ordinance which clearly the cities have the right to pass and change. >> it will take effect april 1. lawmakers have not officially scheduled a special session ent. campaign 2016 the post super tuesday gop debate was a slug fest with two of the three candidates jabbing at donald trump. protestors making their voices heard. >> the gop debate on the fox
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shouting match. >> don't worry about it little, marco. >> don't worry about it. >> he was asked why he went negative. >> anyone who deserved to be attacked that way, it is donald trump, he referred to my hands if my hands are small something else is small. i guarantee you there is no problem. >> and he donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not once twice, not three times, ten times. >> the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. >> not only did he field attacks from inside the theater but outside they chanted dump trump. >> dump trump, we know that he is in there, he is no good. >> this is cleaner than trump that's not vul lar like he -- vulgar like he is. >> john kasich wanted to talk about his own record, where i go
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stage, they are fighting with him all the way to the finish line. and the presidential primary will be held on march 15th. remember the voter id law is in effect. and is your election headquarters with the stories about each of the candidates. molly? and wbtv was the only station to question north carolina governor right after he ordered the dot to reevaluate the i-77 plan. we learned a subsidiary of cintra,s company building the toll lanes declared bankruptcy in texas. and there was expressed doubt. >> there is a review of what the action in texas entails and how it may or may not impact the project. >> the troubled highway in texas was at the center of an on your
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we uncovered cintra's record of failed roads. the four the company operates, three have gone bankrupt or sold amid final troubles. the transportation secretary will head to texas to meet with the executives t is unclear if the administration will take action or change or canceling the contract. new at 11, an elderly woman attacked while she was walking out of a lowe's store in salisbury. two teens knocked her to the ground trying to grab her purse a bystander jumped in to help, tackling a teen to the ground holding him there until the police arrived. the teen attackers were caught. the woman is okay. she has a bump on her head. there is a thought when someone is put in jail they stay there because they commit a crime, that's not always the case a follow up to a repeat offender we highlighted.
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all new at 11. he once again did not play by the rules. >> he not a chance to get out of jail waiting for his case to make its way through the court on the condition he showed up four future court dates. he didn't show up and his history shows this is a young man with a taste for breaking the law. >> time and time again, jakirin harris showed who he is but the officials did not pay attention, the red flags were there. >> which is why court watchers are angry. they have been trying to monitor him since february when the police arrested the 20-year-old on gun charges. harris was being held on $4000 bond. despite his arrest record and charges, including interfering with an electronic monitor, a judge let him out of jail with no bond and referred him to the county program pre-trial services.
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calls to the case manager and show up for the court appearances. >> he did not show up to court on the february 23rd date. >> he is on the run, pre-trial assessed his risk of flight and danger to community they thought supervision would be enough to keep him in line. >> he didn't hold up his end of the bargain. a warrant has been issued. he has been revoked. >> but the fact remains ten days and no one has been able to track him down. >> why do you say the process worked. >> the process worked he was given a chance, he had a contract that outlined the conditions of release and he didn't follow them. >> it gives offenders an opportunity than they deserve. >> and harris should not have gotten another chance. >> he cut off his monitor in the past. he has no regard for the law, he has no regard for his release
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>> and he will be banned from the program for a minimum of two years. coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> thank you. >> rock hill inmate who walked away from a center is back in custody, caught in georgia not long after he escaped he was caught on video at a school where he is accused of taking money and a gun. he was serving eight years for burglary. he will be extradited back to south carolina to face more charges. a deadly officer involved shooting in raleigh a report released said the white officer shot and killed the african-american suspect only after the man pulled a gun from his waistband. the 20-year-old got into a struggle with the officer. denykins tried to grab the officer's weapon. he fired several shots hitting him in the chest. and his death sparked protests and the naacp is supporting the family. the funeral is tomorrow
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cmpd said a 13-year-old, one of three people who robbed a store this morning. and marcus mar keys addison and asian tay addison pulled out a gun and cole cash and cigars. units were able to track down the three to a nearby car and make the arrest. >> community is rallying around the family of the boy. he was killed in a bike accident this week. brieson mc sweny was not wearing his helmet when he went through a stop sign and was hit. and the neighborhood is helping the family. it is all new for you at 11. >> reporter: neighbors in the community say they were afraid the family would be overcome with brief but hit with funeral expenses at the same time. that's why they wanted to step in and help out, as a pocketer
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have been the one that was driving the car. i could have been the mother whose child was hit, people came together for a meeting this week deciding they needed to do something for the family. they have raised thousands of dollars through a gofundme page that's been active less than a day. neighbors have planning to prepare meals for the week to come. this has been rough on the neighborhood, neighbors recognize this could have happened to any of them. they wanted to give back to those feeling the most rain right now. >> this is a wonderful community, a caring community i have never seen the outpouring of people. >> neighbors say they are not only helping out the family but showing support for the driver of the car involved in the accident, too. reporting in indian land, alex giles, wbtv on your side. >> we have been dealing with a little rain in the area tonight. eric thomas is live in the weather center timing out when
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the rain is moving out but before you look past this. we have more rain heading back f that impacts your plans. the first alert forecast. and wbtv getting behind the scenes access to the f.b.i. as it trains officers to find a child who has been abducted. >> time is credible when you have a missing child. >> the training that could save lives when seconds count. a clerk who fought backment when he pulled out a gun.
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one choice for news at law enforcement in a neighborhood not because a crime has been happening but because they want to be ready if and when it does.
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spent the week training more than 20 agencies across the straight in mint hill. today they put that training to work with a scenario in a real neighborhood. a look of what went down. >> officers canvassing missing posters in hammed. this is not a sight anyone wants to see when it involve as child, we consider this a low probability but high impact crime. the stage was set and a teen had been abducted. >> she is a white female. >> the clock was everything. >> time is critical when you have a missing child. >> and this is not real but the f.b.i. agents want to make it look as life like as possible so if and when something like this really does happen, the local and state partners will know what to do. >> they are not able to train on child abduction cases we're bringing in agents that have worked the abductions and have
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to investigate the cases. >> the f.b.i.'s rapid deployment team trained and tested more than 20 law enforcement agencies from across the state. >> we have got to be able to ensure that we are prepared beforehand so we know each step that we need to get started on. >> in a scenario we would be there, too. that's why the f.b.i. asked to us step in and ask questions. >> how confident that you are going to find them safely. >> these are stressful. and they're tough on veteran law enforcement agents and police officers. training, they will be ready but never eager to use. >> when something like that happens no agency can go it alone including the f.b.i. and now the card team has been deployed more than 100 times here in the u.s. and abroad. this is the first time the training has been offered in north carolina. information in the case of a man charged for killing his
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and irwin feldman is accused of killing his mom in 2014. a warrant obtained by wbtv on the night of the murder her son drafted a list of mother's assets and was going to distribute them to family members but a life insurance policy was not on the list. they learned she did have a policy and that her son was the beneficiary. according to the warrant the proceeds from that policy were paid. it states that there is evidence leaking -- linking him to the crime scene. and information on a triple murder. and crystal gambino charged with the murders. she was charged with killing her husband. she is now accused of killing two others. all three victims were found naked and shot to death at the gambino home.
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a clerk and the moment she decided to fight back after a robbery. she was working in georgia and what happened, well, it was quick when a hooded man came in, he pulls out a pistol. she fights back. when he demanded the money, she hits him over the head and goes for a hammer, i said i can not. >> i said i'll shoot you, i said go ahead. shoot me, well he never got the chance. she slapped the gun away, poked him in the high. hit him in the head and grabbed the hammer. the rob ser on the run. he is now in custody that's the good news. >> don't mess with her. big talks about some surprise snow. and we saw the flakes coming down in gaston county. our newsroom was flooded with calls. you send those. we ask you to do that.
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this is video of the snow in cornelius. kind of pretty. >> i was told they were big coming down. >> pretty stuff. >> pretty. >> when it is warm they stick and they are giants. >> they are bigger. >> we didn't forecast that today the snow i'll tell you i'm never going to forecast it when it is 46 degrees. and 500 times i'll take it. want to look at colors. look at the map. what i want to you note here can you see the time in the upper right-hand corner. the cool colors representing the air. wouldn't you know they represent warm air you want to go into the future here. let's see how things will progress. and produce that snow today we'll move you now to friday. and let's keep an eye on the push. up into the bread basket t is
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still not really into the charlotte area by saturday. what is moving into sunday. boy it is rocketing up to the boarder here. we cannot push out the cooler air. now monday at 4:00. now the yellow colors are starting to work their way t is overtaking the the orange area. >> ready. and we talked about that. >> we'll work our way through the 50s. >> and you got it.
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mid70s. >> and the storm system where it is going and moving a nice day around here highs in the 50s. >> it will be a good looking day. and 40. and that will be about it. and rain and snow off once you get out. and mid-to-upper 50s. >> hoy are things. a little bit milder but we have rain on the way. and wouldn't you know it. >> and not getting here until saturday night. and one of those rain falls. and sunday and overall
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a final look. >> and we are in the 70s. 5 degrees shy of 80 that right there is a warming trend. look at the high now at 55. we're going to be out there. >> that's the way it shapes up here again paul and molly. we wanted to mention high school senior as group of students to practice the skills and possibly win scholarship money. they all gave speeches. i was a judge. it was a contest through communities and schools. congrats to you just saw. they won $1,501,000. they are going on to four-year colleges. and really great to hear high school seniors give the speeches. that's tough to do really.
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let's get to it. panthers made roster moves. we had some special guests on bounce tonight.
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they released charles johnson, started nine games. missed seven due to a hamstring injury. pasted in the third round by the panthers in 2007. they released ed edwards and chandler. and when you are immediately think of class serate but his brother is becoming a force, too. he is leading the news takes with 31 points per game. second best. top 20 in the nation. he is the all time leading scorer in lincoln county. something for little brother to be proud of but it is all in perspective. >> we're working to the same goal. we're competing with each other we're striving and working with each other. i mean i feel good. >> i did, and something. >> i beat him in something, that's the way it goes.
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to finish the season on a strong note and the head coach and he is upset. and upset it happens. and trying to keep that from happening again. 16 points for south carolina. and for the bulldogs --bulldogs. orgia the winner. uth carolina giving the ncaa mmittee a lot to think about en giving a bid to the urnament. careful as they go into the c. re college hoops on the score board. charlotte on the road with a big win at rice. 88-75. niners have won three in a row. they wrap up the season saturday at north texas before they play in the conference u.s. tournament next week. gardener webb was a winner at campbell. they play coastal carolina at 8 p.m. in the quarter finals. and a winner over arkansas
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latest on hoops nascar in vegas. they are rolling the dice here. all things sports. can you go to the speedway
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we're back with more after this. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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want to see the newest addition to the zoo. nikita wild be company for the
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they are hoping to have off spring eventually. what will they name them. nikita banana. >> they want a romantic meeting there. >> they saw thrown into the tank it was a fish not a bottle. fedex brought the bear from kansas city, they brought it. >> when you have to have it on time. >> that's a good ad. eric. >> well nikita may be an air conditioner we're moving up. 50s and 60s and 70s next week. >> thank you, thank you for making us your choice for news
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go (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show!" i am stephen colbert. thanks, everybody! thank you so much! (cheers and applause) hey! thanks so much!


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