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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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is 32 degrees in boone but the windchill factor is 22. 38 here in charlotte, everybody else outside of the mountains is safely at or above freezing, 38 arboretum, 38 ballantyne, 34 belmont, north of town it is freezing now from morganton, hickory, statesville, 34, 38 in monroe, 40 around wadesboro. outside the high country, it will be mostly cloudy until late this afternoon. rest of us see a decent amount of sunshine and rebound to 57 degrees, ten degrees above yesterday, improving conditions. we'll talk weekend forecast around the corner because you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here's chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you.first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. as you roll in friday morning commute, looks pretty good out there. this is a live look i-77 toward the rest area and the south carolina state line. north and southbound traffic volume just beginning to increase here across the charlotte area somewhaha john belk over to the brookshire
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hornets taking on the indiana pacers, that is 7:00 at time warner cable arena. looking at the mapping system most of the majors running in the green, 485, 85 out of gastonia look good. concord, kannapolis commute running smoothly. out of lake norman still in the green, southbound on 77. check of drive times, leaving matthews, for uptown, 13 minutes, 47-miles-per-hour. providence road from the arboretum area at 16 minute, concord to center city, 17 minutes at 71-miles-per-hour. john, over to you. >> john: breaking news now out of northwest charlotte, right now police are investigating a smash and grab burglary at a rite aid on belhaven boulevard. this happened just within the last couple hours. wbtv's ashton pellom is joining us now live at the scene, so ashton, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, good morning, john, what i can tell you whoever committed this crime left the mess. police tell me this happened around 3:30 this morning.
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zoom in so you can get a better look what i'm looking at right here. i'll zoom in, you can see the frame of the two sets of doors, one initial door and you go through another door to get in the store, both doors have been rammed through i'm being told a car backed in and rammed through the two sets of doors you can see glass scattered across the pavement and those doors hanging on by a thread. i'm being told that the suspects used a car, backed into it, rammed in the two sets of doors. i've been told they got away with a couple items, but not the pharmacy side, just items from the front of the store, they did not make it to the backside of the store and get any drugs from the pharmacy section of the store.police tell me these suspects e out on the loose, they are tively searching for the spects of the crime, whoever d this crime right now. they haven't given a description of the car yet but there are security cameras out here, i've
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above it, i'm sure they have video and they're going over that right now and can catch whoever did this crime and as soon as they do or give us any more update, we'll update you on air and online at reporting live in charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: ashton, thank you. charlotte mayor jennifer roberts is criticizing lawmakers who want to overturn the city's non-discrimination bathroom ordinance: mayor tweeted in the past few hours she is shocked that the general assembly wants to make that move. she says it would hurt job and tourism growth saying other big cities nearby like columbia and atlanta have similar inclusive ordinances. north carolina house speaker tim moore called it an imminent threat to public safety. he says he has had requests from more than three-fifths of house members wanting to deal with the so-called bathroom ordinance. the charlotte city council says the ordinance is designed to give protections to people in discrimination.
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>> the idea that grown men and young girls should use the same bathroom and middle school boys and girls should share locker facilities defies common sense. and puts children and families at risk. this is crazy. >> my reaction was this press conference is crazy. this was an extension of the already existing ordinance which clearly the cities have the right to pass and change. >> the ordinance is set to take effect on april 1st. lawmakers reconvene april 25th unless they decide to t hold hold a special session. >> john: we hear from governor pat mccrory to reevaluate the i-77 toll lane plan. a subsidiary of cintra, the cio building thecompany building the toll lanes declared bankruptcy.
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what the action in texas entails and how it may or may not impact the north carolina projectct >> the troubled highway in texas was at the center of an on your side investigation weeks ago. in our digging, we uncovered the track record of failed roads across the united states. of the four roads the company operates, three have now gone bankrupt or sold amid financial troubles. mccrory's transportation secretary will head to texas monday to meet with cintraexecutives. >> kristen: the arlotte-mecklenburg school ard is taking steps to find e district's next perintendent. ard members turned to former mber trent merchant who told e school board to re-think how hears from the community. s background is in cruitment. says the old way of hosting rge community forums can get stracting and be a waste of time. some board members agree. >> we are more than happy to hear from anybody that wants to share but i don't think we need to spend the taxpayer dollars or time to reengage and ask the
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>> this was an opportunity for us to re-set and say what we're going to do like we promised the community all along. >> the board will hire a search firm to assist, merchant says when and if the board finds the person they want they don't have to wait until ann clark's contract is up to make an offer. >> john: a community in south carolina is rallying around a family dealing with tragedy. bryson mcsweeney was killed this week whether he rode through a stop sign on his bike and hit a car in the glen laurel subdivision in indian land. dozens of people in the community came together for a special meeting. they raised thousands of dollars through a gofundme page active less than a day. neighbors have planned to bring the family meals for weeks to come. >> myself as a mother driving down the road every day i could have either been easily the one that was driving the car, or i could have easily been the mother whose kid was hit. >> residents are showing support for the driver of the car are that was involved in the
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>> kristen: new information the woman charged in the death of her husband in gaston county is murder. crystal gambino was back before police say she killed her husband, giovanni along with lice were called to the home monday night on alexis-lucia ad in alexis where they found naked. police say it appears the victims met online. seven minutes after 6:00, plenty ahead. >> john: an update on the spread of mumps in north carolina. plus -- do you hate using airplane bathrooms because of the germs? >> kristen: yep. >> john: what boeing is doing to make things cleaner. a quick check of first alert weather temperatures, 38 in charlotte, freezing in boone. 39 in rock hill, 34 shelby, 40 wadesboro and here is a live look at i-77 at the rest area, and you can see things there are
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remember, you're never more than
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and traffic on live from charlotte this is wbtv news this morning. >> john: 11 minutes after 6:00. several all-new stories you want to stick around for in the 6:30 half hour, at 6:33, parents outraged when students are sent home with an assignment title, "if i were a slave" how the school district is responding. how would you feel about that? an innocent man released from a prison a quarter of a cntury later. we hear from him and his family about being back together. right now get over to mark davenport. >> kristen: live in the alert center following details on a ferry that capsize.
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>> mark: the bali strait, close continuedclosedto indonesia. this is an english newschannel in central china. they put this out 30 minutes ago. the head of the bali search and rescue office says 26 people are are missing after ferry carrying 51 passengers capsized in the bali strait, a map to show you where this is, pull the maps up, that is where this ferry is supposed to have been capsized. close to indonesia, you can see that on the top right hand of the screen. malaysia on the top left side. 26 people missing, that is the latest we have, breaking news, brand new in the alert center this morning. back to you. >> kristen: mark, thank you. new information the state health department has released new details on growing number of mumps cases in north carolina. there are six c cfirmed cases in
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there are also nine probable cases in mecklenburg county and iredell county. health officials say some of the people have already recovered, and they are not infectious. most recent cases do not appear to be connected to the previous cases that we have been telling you about. john: the fight against zika getting a big assist from ogle. e internet search giant nated one million dollars to unicef. engineers are mapping the spread of the virus, mapping the outbreak is not easy because many people who contracted zika don't show symptoms. the outbrain was declared a public health emergency by the world health organization. >> kristen: boeing created a new bathroom for the germaphobe in all of us. hands-free toilet, faucet and garbage can. when empty, ultraviolet light kills all the germs inside. boeing filed a patent but says more studies need to be donon before this is offered on flights.
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theory -- >> john: something to look forward to. >> kristen: if nothing else to look forward to, we have that! >> john: 14 after 6:00, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: i flew to new york with john carter. that is the kind of stuff he looks forward to, trust me. last night's rain didn't amount to much, out of here quickly. the clouds that is a different story, 12 hour loop, still getting a few snow showers in the mountains, mention had watauga and avery county schools are are closed. this is lees mccray college in banner elk, the back roads here are snow-covered. windchill factor in boone, 22. couple inches of snow, main roads are okay, back roads are snow-covered. flurries give way, windy and cold, might get breaks of sunshine. 39 degrees this afternoon. we should be about 20 degrees better than that in the piedmont. 38, cloudy in charlotte, at freezing in boone. just above freezing hickory, mid
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salisbury, monroe to rock hill. end with sunshine, start with clouds. 57 late this afternoon. so clouds on the decrease today, weekend forecast holds promise, talk about that plus a major warm-up seven day planner in a couple minutes, 6:14, here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. friday morning commute looking pretty good. taking a check of drive times if you're inbound from rock hill, 21 minutes, 65 miles an hour. kannapolis, 17 minutes, lake norman southbound 15 minutes at 66 miles per hour. live look i-77 toward the rest area coming off the south carolina state line, volume increasing a bit but still, everything running in the green this morning except for providence road where we see slow-downs inbound and down around the arboretum area on highway 51. as we come in center city john belk, brookshire, both of those highways running in the clear this morning and the hornets you
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cable arena tonight taking on the indiana pacers at 7:00 p.m. that is a check of the morning traffic, kristen, over to you. >> kristen: chris, thank you. a charity under fire. >> john: allegations of excessive spending at wounded warrior project has people up in arms. that is coming up on "cbs this morning" at 8:00. >> kristen: a first of a kind roller coaster set to open next week. we will introduce you to the new revolution virtual reality coaster. carter that is up your alley,. >> john: i'm loving this. >> kristen: wbtv news on your side in your community, 16 minutes after 6:00. this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> john: 20 minutes after 6:00. avery and watauga county schools
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mitchell county on three-hour delay. alleghany and ashe county schools are on a two-hour delay. we want to get over to mark davenport who is live in the alert center with new details just coming in on the escape of two hostages held by isis. what have you got? >> mark: two italian hostages escaped isis in libya. want to get you this information quickly, just came down on the wires now. breaking news in the alert center. a map of where they were able to escape from. in western libya, that is where the two hostages escaped. they were able to kick down the front door of the home they were being held in, officials say they were rescued by local fighters and reportedly in good condition, they are safe at this point in time but they got away by kicking down the door, taking matter in their own hands, escaping isis. that is breaking news, wanted to get it to you first in the alert >> kristen: the carolina panthers are getting ready by making roster moves. charles johnson was released.
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missed seven because of a hamstring injury. they also released dwan edwards and nate chandler. >> john: six flags over texas a week away from launching all new kind of thrill ride. look at this. the new revolution virtual reality coaster opens for test rides next thursday. six flags says the first virtual reality coaster in north america. get head set, send them in a 360 virtual world synced with the roler coaster. >> kristen: because they are not tense enough? u have to be in a virtual rld? >> john: you get the sensation d take you on the ride that uld never be done in reality. i guess that is -- i would be lling to try it. >> kristen: my stomach hurts oking at that.
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and then got a sno-cone. if you're heading out the door, a look at what is going on weather-wise, the rain very little, this week less than a tenth of an inch in two systems that impacted us. another one that i'm looking at that will biscet the weekend, we stand at a deficit for early part of this month and the entire year but again these numbers are very very small. we could make that up in no time, not a big deal. low pressure now along the beaches moving away, heavier rain that way for us, now looking to the west for drier high pressure that will be building in. so we have dry conditions, most of the roads outside the mountains under fact dry, looking out in stallings and overcast at the moment but we should see some sunshine through the day. widen out the shot the came from from scott clark nissan honda, light breeze out of the north, dew point at 35, damp, chilly start to the day. near freezing in the mountains.
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31 boone, 33 hickory, 37 concord and 38 right now in monroe. 39 lancaster and rock hill. probably only get to 39 in boone but i think by the afternoon you will see some sunshine breaking through the clouds, maybe still a clam flurries, 56 morganton, lenoir, mostly sunny skies expected there, so we should be in good shape for you folks. here in the piedmont, 56 albermarle, 57 gastonia, shelby, lincolnton, 56 hickory and 58 in wadesboro. another pretty nice day, muc warmer than yesterday. couldn't get out of the mid 40s and looks like upper 50s near 60 to the south of us. high pressure building in now, will provide mostly sunny skies, clear skies tonight, evening temperatures in the 40s. then as we go in tomorrow, this
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saturday afternoon we're getting more cloud cover, might be a small opportunity for a shower tomorrow evening, not a big deal, much like last night's rain and high pressure builds in behind that for sunday.that is the heat pump high. at will get rid of the rain ances. xt couple days look very low far as rain goes, but our mperatures will be going up, that high builds off toward e east. today is the coolest day out the next seven. tomorrow, increasing clouds the afternoon. stly sunny sunday, 63, then partly to mostly sunny and every day gets warmer, mid-70s by the middle part of next week. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte. still pretty quiet for friday morning commute but it is heading in the rush hour and seeing that traffic picking up, looking live at i-77 woodlawn road in both directions starting to see a little bit of heaviertraffic. you are eye coming in from e lake norman area at 15 minutes, 66 miles an hour. looking at the mapping system, still a green shot from the 485 across the charlotte area, 485
6:25 am
seeing slow-downs along wt harris boulevard up in the university city area. and if you're coming northbound out of rock hill this morning, curb drive time for rock hill, 77 northbound, 21 minutes with an average speed of 65-miles-per-hour. that is a check of traffic, kristen, over to you. >> kristen: chris, thanks. much more still to come on wbtv news this morning. >> john: police released new details about a deadly officer-involved shooting in raleigh. what they are saying about a gun found near the victim's body. >> kristen: changes coming to the eggs you buy at food lion. why one company says it is moving to all cage-free eggs. >> john: you're watching wbtv
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it is 6:25, we'll be right back. lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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>> kristen: analyzing threats made against schools, security experts say most are not credible but law enforcement still has an obligation to keep you safe and take them seriously. >> john: students told to fill out a slave journal for a school assignment in south carolina with parents outraged, school officials pulled the assignment saying it is a teachable moment. >> kristen: latest gop debate turns in a shouting match between the top three candidates. stays out of the fray. >> john: thanks for waking up good to have you along with us hn carter. for christine sperow now. ery and watauga county schools e closed today. ree-hour delay. a two hour delay. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: we have a lot of cloud cover, a different story in the mountains you're getting a few
6:30 am
of the schools are delayed. avery and watauga are closed today. we'll keep you posted on that situation, low pressure moving away, high pressure building in and that means changes. starting off damp, cool this morning, in the 30s. a lot of cloud cover but notice the streets are dry in center city. i think you will be in good shape as you head in town. 38 charlotte, monroe, 39 lancaster, 40 wadesboro. 31 morganton, 33 hickory, 34 shelby and statesville at freezing in boone. at the bus stop, mostly cloudy skies, chilly breeze, damp at 39 degrees, this afternoon coming home, in good shape, temperatures getting up in the 50s. seasonal this time of the year. if you like that you'll like tomorrow, looking at highs getting close to 60 and chris, that's just the beginning. the trend is like this. it really looks nice next week, all the specific details in the seven day planner. >> chris: happy superintendents in the mountains. >> al: maybe no delays next week.
6:31 am
charlotte. it has been a relatively quiet friday morning commute. 6:30, we're still half an hour away from the heaviest traffic in the rush hour, looking live at i-77 at the rest area, northbound traffic heading in toward the city, beginning to pick up somewhat but still quite a bit of green out there, 77 looks okay, 85 looks okay.seeing slow downs wt harris, rth tryon up in the university ty area, albermarle road, her than that, again, looks etty good, coming in center ty the john belk, over to the ookshire both of those are nning in the green, friday ght, a lot of folks heading in zip town, hornets at home taking on the pacers, you will find heavier traffic in and around time warner cable arena. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> kristen: 6:32, staying on top
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they say burglars drove right in a rite aid in northwest charlotte. they say they stole several items at the store on belhaven boulevard. ashton pellom is at the scene,he's talking with investigators d he will join us with a live report in a little bit. >> john: seems to be happening more and more often, threats being made against schools. some of them have kept kids out of the classrooms, others found not to be credible. what goes in determining whether the threat is credible? wbtv's ashton pellom on your side talking with school leaders and security experts. >> reporter: security experts say the majority of these threats have no substance behind them but they say it is law enforcement's obligation to look into them. safety is on the mind of every parent with a child in school, learning about a threat can cause panic especially when it spreads on social media. last month a threat posted on facebook resulted in 200 kids at indian land high school to miss school. security expert karl de la guerra says investigations are two-fold.
6:33 am
side if you will, and interviews of the individuals that are involved. law enforcement and school systems if they are going to make an error, make it on the side of safety. >> reporter: even theparents should monitor their child's activity on social media and if there is a credible threat, they will be notified. reporting in charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: all new, parent in one south carolina school district are outraged after students went home with an assignment that was entitled "if i were a slave" richland district, two officials say a teacher at killian elementary passed out eight out the assignment. students were asked to fill in the blanks. after a complaint they took the assignment back. one board member is calling it a teachable moment. we have done a review district-wide of third grade and made sure that we don't have
6:34 am
our other buildings in the district and in addition to that, we used this as a learning opportunity, as a growing opportunity for our teachers. >> officials say the teacher purchased the material independently and it was not provided by the district. in the future the district will provide the materials to teachers regarding slavery. >> john: new information, the man shot and killed by police in raleigh was shot only after he -year-old akiel denkins being rested on a drug charge when police say he got ine got in the a grab the officer's weapon. e officer killed denkins. ny including the naacp calling for justice. afternoon. mark davenport. >> kristen: he's live in the alert center following details on a deadly house fire in from louisiana.
6:35 am
check in, another raycom station in baton rouge, a cbs station, channel 9. i was watching a couple tweets from one of the reporters on apple tv, a reporter for wafb, tweeting pictures and information on fatal house fire, first one happened 54 minutes ago, first tweet, two dead, one injured on a house fire on north 38th street. the fire department taped off the scene. then another one, 43 minutes ago. coroner's van left the scene, third victim taken to the hospital. one of the most sad tweets, the most recent, victims haven't been identified yet but fire department says they were a man and his grandson. all this information coming down in baton rouge, this is our raycom affiliate down there, wafb, we're following that here in the alert center this morning. wanted to bring that to you first. back to you. >> kristen: mark, thank you. now top stories across the nation and around the world. >> john: campaign 2016, the republican presidential candidates taking part in the
6:36 am
tuesday, boy was it lively. ted cruz and marco rubio paying little attention to each other and lobbing insults at donald trump during the fox newschannel debate. trump fired back. >> has tenuous relationship withthe troops. anyone ever deserved to be tack had way is donald trump. the real con artist is nator marco rubio. e people of florida can't and him. john kasich proclaimed mself the only adult on the bate stage in detroit. e candidates maintained they ll support whoever the nominee rns out to be. ny in the republican tablishment have launched a mpaign to derail trump. mitt romney called him a phony. >> kristen: north korea's official news header says kim jong un ordered his country to have the nuclear missiles ready for use at a moment's notice. on wednesday the united nations slammed the country with the toughest sanction in 20 years over the recent tests and long
6:37 am
food lion announced it will begin transitioning to 100% cage-free shell egg policy. they will make the transition by 2025 or sooner based on available supply. affordability and customer demand. they will report on the number of eggs involved in the transition and aim to increase that number every year. a spokesman says the move is meant to insure human treatment of animals. >> kristen: 6:37 now, take a look at your first alert traffic. the roads, i-85, thank you very much, chris larson, looking pretty good on 85 this morning. traffic moving smoothly, no this morning. chris is watching all the traffic cameras and the maps and have the latest in a couple minutes. let's check in now with meteorologist al conklin. >> al: a little bit of snow falling in the mountains but are no flurries than anything now, accumulating snow has ended.
6:38 am
will be dry as well. five sweeps of power doppler radar, things will be quieting down, i expect we'll start with a lot of clouds but wind up with decent amount of sunshine, numale fishing forecast, 57 in the queen city this afternoon. big catch, mike verdi out of charlotte, loves to go after the trout. look at this brook trout he hauled in earlier. went three straight days up at stone mountain in the north carolina high country. gorgeous fish. mike a beautiful wife and two great kids, involved in sports with the kids at cool oak and softball and baseball and a veteran, two tours in iraq. way to go, big catch looks good. 59 the normal high, 6:49 the sun will be up. we won't see much sunshine earlybut this afternoon, different ory. lk about sunny skies at least r part of the weekend, we may ve rain to deal with. i'll let you know when as we have the seven day forecast
6:39 am
you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning. >> kristen: an innocent man is released from a north carolina prison after 24 years behind bars. right after the break, we're going to tell you what his first stop was on the outside. >> john: convicted gang member reaches out to the pope for forgiveness and gets a response. we'll tell you what the leader of the catholic church had to say. first, a look at what's
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wbtv. giving you first alert weather and traffic every seven minute, welcome back to wbtv news this morning. >> kristen: 6:43, all new, an innocent man is released from prison in north carolina after nearly a quarter century behind bars.
6:43 am
in 1992 he was sentenced to life in prison after a judge found him gym tee ofhim guilty of molesting his daughter. his daughter recanted, they are happy it is over. >> there is no malace. >> i'm happy for him, i know it feels real good to be free. >> so his first stop on his bucket list after being released, bojangles! dudley enjoyed much needed time with friends family and his team of lawyers. pope francis is known for merciful attitude toward prisoners. one teen serving an 11 year sentence found out how merciful. carlos vasquez wrote a letter asking for forgiveness.
6:44 am
voluntaryfor involuntary manslaughter. the pope wrote him back, spoke of a holy door to mercy. it helped him regain his will to live. >> kristen: life-changing moment for sure. >> john: 16 minutes before 7:00. snow up in boone. >> al: i have to put my hat on. >> kristen: what on earth ishappening? >> al: a little cold. >> kristen: adorable, conklin. >> al: my hugo hat. rst 5,000 fans tonight, i got e. rter don't take it. u want to ski this, you're not getting it. >> john: would be great to ski in. >> al: that is enough of that. out there this morning, low pressure moving through the area, moving off toward the east and i tell you what, high pressure will build in, what that means is sinking air, drying air, down slope flow off the mountains, starting off with a lot of cloud cover, wiped up with a lot of sunshine as we go in the afternoon hours. metro school camera, sun is up
6:45 am
tell, a little brighter sky, the trend is going to be for increasing amounts of sunshine going through the day. there is the seven day forecast, one thing i want to point out today is 57, the coolest day out of the next seven. warm-up going forward. what about the weekend, any small chance. tonight. this system comes through tomorrow night and you see a couple showers, if you make saturday evening plans, we might need the umbrella. keep an eye on that, doesn't look to be a strong system, quickly gone by sunday morning. and high pressure will build in. what that means is we get lots of sunshine sunday, probably the prettier day of the weekend. tomorrow start with sunshine, end with clouds. as we head toward the rest of the week, that low or that high will become a heat pump high. as far as tomorrow, i'm going with the idea in the upper 50s to 60, these are pretty seasonal temperatures, close to 50 in boone, 58 hickory, 65 gastonia,
6:46 am
now, as far as rain chances, we have the small chance on saturday evening, sunday i look for 63 degrees and temperatures they go up from here the next several days, all uphill. we're in the 70s, the other thing i don't see any major rain systems coming our way, we may have a decent week ahead. there will be some cloud cover but the rain chances from monday on are basically no more than 20%. if you have plans for next week, maybe outdoor plans, the kids have soccer practice, baseball games, you should be in good shape. right now, we're looking at a decent start to the day with a lot of clouds, but again these are going to break, the roads are dry, we'll wind up getting up to 57 degrees in charlotte this afternoon. that is the forecast, let's check in with chris, he has first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic is charlotte. let's take a live look, this is i-85 over toward 485 coming out of gastonia, volume of traffic
6:47 am
up a bit here and as we look at the charlotte area, again, most of our major highways, 77, 85, running in the green. 485 looks good. we have slow downs over on albermarle road, we have seen slow downs here along providence road. here is gastonia, along i-85 from 321, lowell, mcadenville, belmont running in the green. so gastonia commute time right now at 19 minutes with an average speed there of 65 miles an hour. guys back to you. >> john: you're never more than and traffic on wbtv news this >> kristen: 6:47 now, rk davenport is following all and the wires. he's in the alert center with details on the attack in yemen. >> mark: coming down on the wires from associated press. i have a map behind me here i'll show you on apple tv, of yemen of the coastal town where this
6:48 am
gunman raided a retirement home, pretty sick, killed 16 people including four indian nuns, that happened a while ago coming down off the wires here. what we have known in the area is that islamic state claimed responsibility for deadly attacks in the south of yemen. so they have not said they are responsible for this but it is a very big possibility here and once again, 16 people are dead at this moment in time, they opened fire on elderly people and also separated the nuns from everyone else, handcuffed them and opened fire on them, sick story out of yemen in the alert center. back to you. >> kristen: this morning we're on your side partnering with the north carolina bar association. >> john: a live look from our patterson studio where lawyers are getting ready to give you free legal information, free. today is the bar association's 4 all service day and north carolina lawyers will join forces to take your calls at call centers across the state. volunteers will be providing free legal information and
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carolina matters. beginning at 7:00 this morning, you can call the number on the screen, 866-616-4255, phone lines will remain open until 7:00 tonight. >> kristen: coming up when we switch over to bounce tv, college. >> brody: with siriuscollege basketball with sirius host mark packer, duke and uncc from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning. here is where to find bows
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it live on this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> john: 6:53, breaking news out of northwest charlotte police are investigating a smash and grab burglary. >> kristen: unbelievable pictures from the scene. ashton pellom joins us live outside the rite aid on belhaven boulevard, the damage is severe, ashton. >> reporter: yeah, exactly right, kristen. quickly step out of the way i'll make this quick, the manager is in the background cleaning up at is left here of the smash d grab armed robbery. lice tell me, i'm sorry, smash d grab robbery. cked their car in this front or here at rite aid, smashed rough the doors, stole a
6:54 am
ren't specific, they said a couple items. no items were stolen from the pharmacy. police are still looking for the people right now. going over videos, hoping to catch whoever did the crime. we'll keep you updated on air and online at reporting here in charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: we're on your side with school closings and delays. this is a complete list, not just a select few, avery and watauga county schools are closed today. mitchell is on a three-hour delay. alleghany and ashe county schools are are delayed two hours. >> kristen: 6:54, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al. >> al: overcast conditions, damp, cloverleaf elementary school. few breaks in the clouds. going through the morning increased amounts of sunshine, a little damp on the parking lot. other than that, we should be okay this morning heading out for work and school, outside of
6:55 am
flurry, 32 boone, 33 hickory, 38 charlotte, monroe, gastonia, 39 for rock hill and lancaster. for today, increasing amounts of sunshine, cold this morning in the 30s. 52 at lunch time, 57 this afternoon, pretty close to average this time of the year, so again clouds will be on the decrease, the weekend forecast looks pretty good. we have a major warm-up. look at the seven day planner, looks great if you like warm temperatures. today the coolest out of the next seven. 60 tomorrow, may get a shower tomorrow night, sunshine sunday, in the 70s next week. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. this is i-77 woodlawn road, volume picking up here as we lead in the friday morning rush hour, still quite a bit of green most of our major interstates are running free and clear, seeing a few slow downs providence road, independence boulevard, quick check of drives time rock hill uptown, 20 minutes.
6:56 am
you. >> kristen: mark has three big >> mark: all stuff we watched from the alert center. north korea as they continue the nuclear threat. >> deadly retirement home shooting in yemen. breaking news this morning in the alert center. >> the fatal house fire in baton rouge, a boy and his grandfather are dead. those are the three things i want you to watch this morning. >> kristen: this morning, wbtv is on your side partnering with the north carolina bar association to provide you with free legal information. >> john: the 4 all state wide service day. this is our patterson studios. lawyers are getting ready to take calls beginning at 7:00. the number is 866-616-4255. switch over to bounce and we will have live reports with more
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." blistering attacks dominate a vulgar gop debate. we ask donald trump about the backlash to his campaign. the wounded warrior project is losing support from big donors. new developments in a cbs news investigation. she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing but that hasn't slowed her down. we will meet the woman preparing to run this year's race. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. he referred to my hand of


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