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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> yes, got this information in the last 10 minutes. police saying they have made an arrest in a cold case that happened in 2012. suspect darnier brown charged for willing this woman. 2012. brown charged for killing that woman and her unborn child. brown was already in custody on unrelated charges when he was interviewed by police at police headquarters. after that interview he was charged with murder and murder of an unborn child. he was then returned to the mecklenberg county sheriff's office. where he will remain in custody for the crimes he was already in jail for as well as these new serious murder charges. this is breaking news right now. arrests for the killing of that mother and her unborn child, four years ago. good to see they are solving the cases. >> back in 2012 that was a university area in a park. you know i will keep following it for us. thank you. >> first at 4:00 a community
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woman killed in a car crash. troopers tell us the woman's two children hurt on the wreck on highway 150 in lincoln county. the damage is extensive after being hit head on. pamela escobar joining us live from lincoln county. pam, is the driver of that red truck facing any charges at this point? >> yeah, brigida, i spoke with highway patrol and david boyd that driver was served with a misdemeanor death by vehicle charge and that this investigation continues as he is in the hospital. now, they tell me that boyd was driving down 150 when his car truck crossed the center line. he sideswiped one vehicle and struck the minivan head on. she was taking her kids to school. the two boys were in the van at the time. their father went to the hospital with the three and seven-year-old sons and spoke with the pastor of their church. the pastor met with the parents and sister who live in lincoln
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>> i have told them that we cannot figure this out we have to faith it out. the christian life is about faith. we walk by faith and not by sight. we trust him in all things. and i am incapable of explaining this as a pastor. i have been pastoring for 33 >> i spoke to a member of this church and he told me that the last time he saw candace thomas was sunday and holding both boys hands. now, coming up tonight at 6:30 this church is going to hold a special prayer service for the family and the pastor of the baptist church is encouraging anyone to come out. reporting live here in lincoln county, pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> unimaginable what this family is going through. thank you. understandably, the family is still in shock. but they did have a family friend talk about candace. and tonight at 5:00 you will hear more about the mother who died in this crash.
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teacher pleaded guilty to having sex with a student. particular ka helton sentenced to two years of probation and community service. police arrested and charged helton for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. michael clark spoke with the student's mother who believes the sentence is not harsh enough. >> and a gaston county courtroom an emotional plea in a deadly dwi crash. 23-year-old britney reddiker was sentenced in a wreck that killed her girlfriend. maureen o'boyle joins us live with more on what happened in court today. >> and as you mentioned it was very emotional when reddiker addressed the court before the judge sentenced her to 18 months for that crash. it happened in june of last year. we learned today reddiker and the victim, kaylee were together for five years. reddiker apologized to falls' family saying she lost the love
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harder than losing her and her family whom reddiker says she would have done anything for. >> i'm so sorry that we are all sitting here right now and there is nothing that i would not do to trade places with her. or anything that i could give too, i would take her place in a heart beat if i could. >> reddiker went on to tell the family they will always be family to her. and she will always love them. reddiker will serve five years probation after her release. back to you. >> maureen, thank you. new information on the zika virus this afternoon. sexual transmission maybe more serious than thought. the world health organization made the announcement after reviewing reports from countries. there have been five cases of zika virus here in north carolina. health officials all travel-related and are urging pregnant women to postpone trips to latin american countriesch
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linked to birth defects and no vaccine to protect against the virus. >> turning to campaign 2016 voters heading to the polls in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii for presidential primaries. north carolina's primary now a week away and candidates are coming through the state. ted cruz is in kannapolis and scheduled to speak at 5:00 p.m. we will bring that to you live. >> sunshine and temperatures in the 70s hard to think about bad weather. >> tornado season has arrived in north carolina. almost like we are jinxing ourselves talking about this. meteorologist leigh brock in the first alert weather center. do we have potential for storms soon, leigh? >> not really. we have a chance of showers and a little bit of rain over the weekend but right now we do not see severe weather in the forecast for the time being. this is the time to prepare and have that tornado drill figure out what you will do if there is that type of situation. go ahead and plan ahead.
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we have mainly clear skies and your camera shows your charlotte camera, cpcc camera, it is moving around a little bit we have a little bit of a breeze. but it is just a nice day. check out the numbers! we are in the mid-70s for now. 74 in charlotte. 75 in salisbury. 76 in wadesboro. and 74 in rock hill. in boone you are 68 . it is march, by the way. you might have for goat and that. and warmer than yesterday and i think we agree it was nice yesterday but many of us still 5-11 warmer now than 24 hours ago. and we keep the temperatures around for a while. that is the best part of it. this is not the end of it. not one of the times when it's warm one day and chilly the next. the evening hours mid-70s. heading back to the low 60s by 10:00 p.m. a couple more days at or above the 70 mark. i will tell you how many in a little bit. >> first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank.
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on i-77 southbound already as we check in here this is tyvola road. perhaps you can see on the far right side the flashing lights. several cars involved. i've heard as many as eight cars involved in the situation. the backup back towards trade street. a lot of congestion. problems starting early. it's near nations ford exits 4 and trade are street is exit 10. two lanes blocked. south tryon is a great alternate route. and a stranded motorist close by at remount at auto i-77 southbound and lane closures here as well. and another accident dropping in here at east boulevard and a problem on wilkinson boulevard we have a lot of traffic to start out the afternoon commute back to you. >> not pretty. thank you. marine researchers think they found the wreckage of a civil war era steamer off the north carolina coast. archeologists say it is near the mouth of the cape fear river possibly the remains of one of three block aid runners used to
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divers will begin pulling the wreckagege a high speed chase nearly causes several crashes. >> and that is not the interesting part. scooby do's mystery machine was the vehicle chased. yes, you heard that right.
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>> the mystery machine goes on a high speed chase and this time it is on the wrong side of the law. >> the blur there. it wasn't scooby, the driver made a run for it during a probation check. a tight shot of the vehicle. and she abandoned the mystery machine and vanished like one of the ghouls from the series. police are looking for her but they have the vehicle. >> can you imagine the scanner traffic like hearing that? and you would be thinking no, i cannot be hearing this correctly. >> the mystery machine. no scooby do aboard but crazy stuff.
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>> when you think you have heard it all? television news? >> that was out west? i -- i think so. i'm not california. >> california. there you go. >> there you have it. today is international women's day. it is a day to celebrate the achievements of women all over the world. >> next we will introduce you to a nonprofit in charlotte that is inspiring women. keep it here. first, here is leigh. >> the forecast might inspire you. temperatures in the mid-70s. and we are not done. we'll talk about how long the warm temperatures last and when
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little >> new information coming into the alert center alex giles is live taxpayer has to do with water restrictions in some of our neighborhood. >> and restrictions lifted according to the "charlotte observer". state health officials say it is now ok to drink the well water near duke energy coal ash ponds this affected folks in gaston county and rowan counties. the state department of health and human services told people not to drink that water near the coal ash pond and tests showed high level of chemicals from the coal ash found in the water but today the department says the tests were based on temporary screenings stanrds and -- standard and now ok to drink the water. good news for the folks in gagaon county and rowan county. >> it is time for our monthly
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it's international women's day and i'm joined by kelly brooks and elizabeth. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we want to introduce the nonprofit we are highlighting. kelly first to you why did you choose to bring empower muse with you today? >> it is international women's day. and we are celebrating that that is awesome. share charlotte is led and run by women. and empower muse is one of our nearly 400 local non-profits here in charlotte and they bring women together and help them empower their lives. women helping women. >> we need that all of the time not just on the day that we are celebrating. what was your motivation for starting this focused on women. our nonprofit was born by four women. we four cofounders and we were sitting around a kitchen table and talking about how we all really had needed the support of
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where we were. and where we wanted to be that all women are worthy of their dreams and their goals but not all women know how to get from point a to point b and not everyone feels the self-worth to go after it that requires vulnerability and sometimes asking for help. >> how can women get involved and ask for that help? >> so empower me is unique is that the women that we serve often are the women who serve others. so you do not have to be at the-top of your game, exactly where you want to be to serve others. and so when women want to get involved if they can go to our website empower and ways to get involved and share charlotte but primarily women offer whatever their superpower is. if they own their own business and share, if they are a stay
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whatever your superpower is there is a place for them in empower muse. >> for information go to the web extras section of it is right there on the home page. thank you for being here today and shining a spotlight how women can help other women in our community. >> thank you for having us. >> absolutely. >> great information thank you. we are following that breaking news in the first alert traffic center big problems on i-77. >> we are looking at morehead street and morehead street is around exit 10. and as we continue to look around the area this accident i-77 south near nations ford road only two lanes blocked. south tryon is a great alternate route and the backup. and typically we have problems to drop in. a stranded motorist into this area dropped in creating backup on i-77 at remount road. lanes blocked in this area as well. back towards trade street is where the problem is.
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the stop-and-go traffic and on the dot camera it's between tyvola and nations ford road and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. back to you guys. >> going to take time to recover. in that area. when we have an accident. made the mistake of going outside at lunch-hour and it was hard to come back into the building. >> funny story. angela wallace in our graphics department she is like if you do not see graphics during the 4:00 it's because i'm not coming back inside. it was so nice out. >> it took willpower today. here is leigh brock in the first alert weather center. >> the good news if you did not get to get outside you have more time you have the rest of the evening now. and also a couple more days. currently 74 in charlotte. let's pull it out more. 74 in belmont. and 77 arboretum. 73 in harrisburg and everyone is
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temperatures. 73 in shelby and statesville. 76 in wadesboro and 73 in lancaster. if you've had to be inside if you have been working, it's been so nice out there. heath springs elementary school camera. you notice people are working down there. this is a good couple days to do that. because remember it is early march. and it's this warm we are running 15 above average. so the chances of these temperatures sticking around long are really not great. if you have anything that you need to get done these are the days to do that. and the forecast through the evening 72 at 5:00 p.m. 66 at 7:00 p.m. and 63 your evening time temperature. all running well above the average high of 61 . next couple of days we have more warm weather in store. what to expect in a little bit. >> all right thank you. you expect the person behind the wheel of your child's school bus to be one of the safest drivers
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shocked when she saw her child's we'll tell you where it happened. >> and the mommy film franchise is getting a reboot which a lister has been cast as the lead.
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detour" right after this. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> welcome back time for the "daily detour." we put two minutes on the clock. here we go.
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mummy? action packed it's getting a reboot and a big name is attached. tom cruz will play the lead and anabell wallace is in talks to play the female lead. the action adventure will be set in the present day scheduled to hit theaters in june 2017. that is a guaranteed hit with tom cruz. >> anytime it comes on i get sucked in. i've seen it before and i want to see it. and other casting news charlie sheen and whooppy goldberg are collaborating and are star in the drama 9/11. it depicts five people trapped in an elevator in the world trade center on september 11th and their struggle to survive. it will be shot at a studio in long beach, california. no word on when it will hit theaters. >> that will be interesting. you think comedy with those two but not in this case.
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will have the chance to own per possessions. christie's is olding an auction featuring 200 items from her manhattan penthouse t will include paintings to furniture to jewelry and range from $200 to $200,000. a portion of the proceeds will benefit two of her favorite charities. starting june 16th. >> the mtv nominations are out. the rock and kevin hart costars of the movie central intelligence will be the co-hosts. and "star wars" the force awakens leading the field with 11 nominations. and get this mtv revealing the nominations on snapchat. the second time the network has done so and in 2014 it was seem as groundbreaking. the statutes will be handed out april 10th. >> different from the academy awards.
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got so many crazy categories best kiss best fight scene. best dramatic role what have you. >> and more diversity. >> a lot more diversity. >> we have a lot more news ahead. a popular civil rights museum in north carolina owes tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.
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>> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> a school psychologist arrested for assaulting say student. this afternoon we are back at the middle school say where it happened. welcome back to first at 4:00 on this tuesday i'm brigida mack. >> i'm jamie boll. first at 4:00 a story that has people talking. parents in union county are upset after a middle school psychologist was arrested for assaulting a student. 53-year-old dale russ is facing criminal charges after police responded to a call last week. brody o'connell on your side investigating from monroe. let's start with the school district what are they saying about this? >> good afternoon. the school keeping tight-lipped on this one. they did talk to me but referred all questions to the monroe police department. the agency i'm told that is handling this investigation. but here is what we know. we know that russ has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of this investigation.
4:29 pm
what are parents saying? >> well, as you can imagine, you are a parent it's one of the situations where you do not want to hear this is happening in your school. and i talked to parents here in monroe, and they are upset about this happening. but what really seemed to bother them the fact this is a school psychologist somebody that may have been dealing with vulnerable students. so i spoke to parents and you can hear what they had to say on primetime on wbtv at 7:00 p.m. live in monroe, brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> more details that will come out. thank you. >> south carolina has run oft of the drugs used to put inmates to death by lethal injection and now the company wants to buy the drugs from will not sell them to put someone to death. law enforcement hopes a bill in the is assembly would pass and keep the identities and information of those pharmaceutical companies or compounding pharmacies a secret.
4:30 pm
convince the company to sell those drugs to emth. >> north carolinians will be voting in more than the presidential primary. leaders on both sides want voters to prove the connect nc bond $2 billion in new debt for projects all over north carolina including new,s or colleges water and sewer upgrades and state parks. the bond will not require a tax increase because interest rates are low. and the state is paying off the existing debt quickly. >> it took less than 30 minutes for the union county school board to decide the process to replace outgoing superintendent dr. mary ellis. the board met and decided it will spend no more than $25,000 for the north carolina school board association to found the county's next top educator. the board discussed how long the search should take and parents discussed if there was a reason for the the superintendent's departure. dedrick russell was at the meeting and has the story first at 4:00.


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