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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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a private company reveals when the first tours might be able to finally visit the stars. bernie sanders not the is not going away quietlily scoring a win over hillary clinton in the michigan primary. his win virtually negates clinton earlier landslide victory in the mississippi primary. on the republican side, donald trump stayed on a roll securing wins in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. and while he finished a distant second to ted cruz in idaho, the billionaire front-runner still picked up ten delegates there. but there might be an even gop.
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washington. senator did not add a single delegate in tonight's contest and cbs news has learned there are serious discussions taking place in the rubio campaign about dropping off before next week's winner take all florida primary. meanwhile, bernie sanders campaign got a momentum boost with his upset win in michigan. >> kind of repudiated the polls that had us out a few days and repudiated the pundits who said bernie sanders is not going anywhere. >> reporter: bernie sanders has won four of the last sanders capitalized with michigan voters, many of whom expressed concerns over trade and the economy. he says his campaign is only going to get stronger. >> political revolution that we
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every part of the country. and we believe our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporter: hillary clinton enjoyed strong support among black voters in mississippi and speaking to the voters before the michigan results were in, she spoke. >> running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people! >> reporter: it was another strong night for trump. his victories came in the face of a fierce effort from republican leaders who don't want to see the brash businessman get the party's nomination. >> every single one who has attacked me is gone and i'm very proud of that, because that is what we should have for our >> reporter: trump signaled he wants to unify the gop. >> we have millions and millions of people coming up and voting. largely for me. >> with a projected win in
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the only republican who can beat trump. >> yet, at this point only two candidates who have a plausible path to 2016 and that donald trump and me. >> reporter: john kasich's late surge in michigan. >> just wait one week from tonight. we are going to win the state of ohio and it will be a whole new ball game! >> reporter: despite the rumbling from inside marco rubio's campaign, the florida senator told supporters he is ready to fight in his home state's primary. >> i need your help. i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. >> reporter: interesting to see how tuesday's primary results wrap up the pressure for wednesday's debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, as well as the gop debate on thursday. craig boswell, cbs news, washington.
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michigan he remains far beyond hillary clinton in the delegate count. clinton holds more than 1,200 delegates and more than half of what is necessary to secure the nomination. although trump continues to pile up victories, he is still about a third of the way to the 1,237 needed to ge the republican nomination. a series of winner take all contests could widen the gap. florida holds one of those races next tuesday. cbs news senior political editor steve chaggaris is there with a look at where the race is headed next. >> reporter: any talk of a trump slump has gone away for the time being and see if he can take that momentum in the winner take all states of florida and ohio next week and see if cruz and kasich take their momentum in those states. rubio, on the other hand, had a disappointing night. he needs to win in florida next week in order to keep his campaign alive. speaking of momentum. sanders' big win in michigan and see what he can do in another state ohio next week.
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of work to do after losing to him in michigan. i'm steve chaggaris, cbs news, in miami. coming up on "cbs this morning," cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson will have more on last night's results. the man suspected of shooting an idaho pastor last weekend is in custody this morning. kyle odom was arrested yesterday evening by the secret service. he allegedly threw several items over the white house fence. a former marine is accused of shooting pastor tim remington outside of his idaho church. police say they are reviewing a manifesto from odom that mentions president obama and members of congress and the israeli government. the threat of severe weather continues this morning in the southern plains and central gulf coast where rainfall totals could exceed 10 inches. flash flood warnings and watches are posted in texas, oklahoma, mississippi, arkansas, missouri, illinois, and louisiana. last night in northwest
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the evacuation of up to 40 homes. randy simmons did what he could to help his sister but there was four feet of water in her home. >> we had to take all of her stuff and put it on top of the refrigerators and all up high. her whole house is destroyed. >> in north texas, at least three tornadoes touched down, injuring four people. an american graduate student was stabbed to death in israeli. 28-year-old taylor force studied at vanderbilt university. the army combat veteran was attacked in a popular tourist spot yesterday in jaffa. a palestinian killed a terrorist. an illegal immigrant of mexico is under arrest. it ended early this morning in eastern missouri. police believe he killed a man
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shooting four others to death at his neighbor's home monday in kansas. it's unclear if he knew the victims or what the motive was. the justice department is investigating the fbi agents involved in a traffic stop that led to the death of one of the occupiers of an oregon wildlife refuge. robert lavoy finicum was shot and killed by oregon state police as he reached for a weapon. the fbi agents on the scene never disclosed they fired two shots that missed. the public will be able to file past the casket of former first lady nancy reagan today and tomorrow. she will lie in repose at the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. attorney general loretta lynch said she would not want to be a nomination for the supreme
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she says urgent issues need to be resolved at the justice department. the man behind nearly 700 beatles records has died. ahead, we remember the legendary producer george martin. plus, separating fact from fiction. wrestler hulk hogan delivers emotional system over a trial over sex tapes. you're watching the "cbs morning
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and kindness, george. peace and love. george martin was 90 years old. hulk hogan separates his wrestling act from his real life and president obama gets a passing health grade. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the tampa tribune reports on the hulk hogan trial. he is suing for $100 million because gawker posted video showing him having sex with his friend's wife. he says the incident was separate from the character he play in the ring and invaded his personal life. >> well, the person is sitting here today under oath and i don't lie under oath. it's terry baloa. >> reporter: gawker says the posting was justified because hogan talked publicly about his sex life. "the washington post" reports that president obama is in excellent health. his latest physical shows he is building muscle in the gym and
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the 54-year-old president lost five pounds since 2014 and weighing in at 175 pounds. "variety" reports the second codirector of the matrix movies that come out as a transgender woman. lilly wachowski was planning an announcement but was plotted to go public by her journalist sister. her sister came out as a transgender woman years ago. "the new york times" reports that a former football -- college football player whose life went awry had a degenerative brain disease. boston university researchers confirmed that ryan hoffman's brain showed evidence of cte. it's thought to be caused by repeated hits to the head. hoffman was homeless when he died in november at the age of 41. a television reporter doing a live report becomes the news. ahead, his quick reaction as a
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an accident sent one car careening toward them during a live shot tuesday morning in northern california. the photographer shouted to the reporter to get out of the way! and he did just in time! neither of the men were hurt and the crash is under investigation. on the cbs "moneywatch" now. a new health concern at a 'cha chipotle restaurant. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chipotle restaurant in a boston suburb is temporarily closed after an employee was diagnosed with noro virus. two other employees with similar symptoms. no customers appear to be infected and health inspectors at the restaurant today. a boston restaurant closed several weeks last year when 150 people became sick after a noro virus outbreak.
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million dollars to settle a lawsuit. it affected credit card customers. they will cover other expenses like identity protection services. a court still needs to approve that agreement. on wall street, stocks fell across the board yesterday. worries about chinese economic slowdown and a drop in the price of oil. the dow lost 109 points and s&p finished 22 points lower, nasdaq dropped 59. a growing shortage of hotel rooms in cuba. event this month have taken up most of the rooms in havana and it includes president obama's visit, a tampa bay rays exhibition game and rolling stones concert. some tourists were forced to stay about two hours from the city. travel agents are up in arms. it pays to be real for american eagles lingerie brand ares. their real marketing campaign for 26% sales growth in the
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the ads used untouched photos featuringeing model of all sizes. the aerie campaign launched in 2014. blue origin expects to begin human test flights next unique! blue original was found by jeff bezos. it could start to make suborbital flights as early as 2018 and it is making rocket engines it expects to sell to other companies. >> i will not be an early adopter. i want them to work out all of the kinks. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. this is how i prefer to take in the heavens. maybe on plane or something along those lines. flight 870 from anklechorage to honolulu was pushed back so they
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. some college basketball teams are punching they're ticket to the big dance and gonzaga is one of them they are headed to their eighth straight ncaa tournament after beating st. mary's 85-75. the dickinson knights are dancing for the first time since 2005. they upset the top seed wagner
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87-79 to capture the northeast conference tournament title. selection sunday is almost here. the entire field of 68 teams will be set this weekend. we will reveal the bracket on the tournament selection show. it's this sunday at 5:30 p.m. eastern right here on cbs. fallout over maria sharpova's failed drug test is impacting her bottom line. sponsors nike and tag heuer are taking away her sponsors. drug was added to the ban substance list earlier this year. a list with sharpova admitted she did not read. the new york yankees are making news with the signing of a young player with a lot of potential. the yanks signed 10-year-old
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that, yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay and yes, your children will have breakfast. every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise. help us keep it. the only reason i kthink of the senator from the people of republic of vermont has only sparked up twice maybe bernie thought it clashed with his political beliefs. the bottom 10% of the right is getting 80% less and 1% on the left-hand side. i promise in my administration there will be equal redistribution of the dochi. here is another look at this morning's top stories. vermont senator bernie sanders upsets hillary clinton in a big primary state. sanders won michigan in a close contest.
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in mississippi. she has about 1,200 delegates, more than double that of sanders. and donald trump picked up three states, while ted cruz earned one. cbs news has learned discussions are taking place in marco rubio's campaign for the senator to drop out by next week. sponsors of a stairclimb fund-raiser at new york's world trade center are furious the building's owner cancelled the event. the organization said it poses security issues but event organizers say the owners don't want potential tennants to be reminded of the 9/11 attacks. >> come on! this building is so symbolic! >> the sponsors plan to meet with owners and ask them to reconsider. the event is scheduled for may 15th. bad timing for a would-be
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cabbie monday in ready, pennsylvania. but then a sheriff's deputy approached to find out why the taxi hadn't moved through a green light. the 18-year-old suspect is facing charges, including robbery and makeing terroristic threats. on "cbs this morning," we break down results of tuesday's primaries. plus a potential safety defect that can cause injuries in car crashes. and how the passwords you use in everyday life could become a thing of the past. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. we leave you with clips of the view from the pacific ocean.sclips of the ew from the pacific ocean.oclips of the view from the pacific ocean.lclips of the view from the pacific ocean.aclips of the view from the pacific ocean.rclips of
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>> john: we are following breaking news, a woman taken to the hospital after a shooting in charlotte. she is one of six victims in a string of shootings in the past 24 hours. this broadcast is sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning here on this wednesday, it is march 9th, good to have you with us at 4:30 i'm john carter. >> al: i'm meteorologist al conklin. another warm day. yesterday, 75 degrees, john. incredible. 15 degrees above average. back in that neighborhood if not a little above that, this afternoon. that same area of high pressure
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several days still with us and not in a big hurry to leave. with that, we have partly cloudy skies out there this morning, dry conditions, fog not much of an issue. may be low clouds here and there early this morning that will give way to partly if not mostly sunny skies. 55 charlotte, wadesboro monroe, 52 gastonia, 51 rock hill, shelby, a couple of 40s boone and morganton, low to mid 50s, hickory, statesville, salisbury, a very mild start to the day, that will be a jump start, partly to mostly sunny skies, 78 degrees today, very little chance for any rain. frontal systems back to the west are showing movement in the models. that may bring rain chances over the weekend. i'll break it down and give you the best shot when we think the rain will arrive and end. the seven day planner in a few minutes. back to you. >> john: authorities in north carolina need your help finding


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