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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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davidson, cornelius, 485 this morning, traffic pattern still running in the green. it looks good out there early morning coming out of lake norman. charlotte commute if you're coming in 77, 85, no problems there, providence road, north tryon up in the university city area, down to the south also looking good this morning. check injuring drive times with a live look at i-77 at the rest area, volume pretty light here on 77. rock hill in uptown, 22 minutes, 63 miles an hour. concord to center city, sitting at 18 minute commute and southbound lake norman, 17 minutes, average speed, 60 miles an hour, that is a check of traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: thanks, chris. we continue to follow breaking overnight news for you, charlotte-mecklenburg police investigating four shootings in which six people were injured. a woman shot in the leg around 11:30 on brooktree drive in west charlotte. three hours earlier, a person suffered minor injury in a
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milton road. at 5:30, two people shot on the plaza, one seriously hurt, the other in critical condition. then around 4:30 a person shot, suffered injuries on brookshire boulevard. wbtv's mark davenport live in charlotte from police headquarters with more on that afternoon shooting and mark, it involved more than one scene, didn't it? >> reporter: it involved two different scenes, one at a busy gas station, the shell gas station off brookshire boulevard. the other one less than a mile away in a neighborhood. i'll get to both those in a minute. the video to show you that busy gas station where the first shooting took place. where police taped off the entire area, trying to figure out exactly what happened out there, you see evidence markers all over the ground out there. police found a gun in a cardboard box, wasn't the only scene. less than a mile away, a car was shot into at the gas station. that car ended up on mcginn
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like the person shot at the gas station, both of those people non-life threatening injuries, that what is we know from police. while we're trying to get more update, we'll get them to you. we talk to neighbors in the area who told us things are getting out of hand. >> i don't know, it don't have to be this way. i can remember a time it wasn't. we lost a lot of sleep over it, i'll tell you that. >> reporter: police still haven't made an arrest in this shooting. so if you have any information, call them as soon as you can to get that information across to investigators. reporting live at cmpd headquarters, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: sad news for music fans. kristen miranda has details on a legendary producer for the beatles, george martin. >> kristen: a lot of people will wake up to the news, sad news but he sounds like lived a very
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george martin died at the age of 90. his management says he died peacefully at home last night. produced some of the most popular and influential albums of the time. sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band. abbey road, all albums martin was involved in. won six grammies, inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame in 1999. he was knighted as knighted as well. this is certainly story everybody will talk about today. back to you. >> christine: is name is trending right now. thank you, kristen. the south carolina house is set to vote on a bill banning abortions past 19 weeks. the senate passed the bill yesterday allows exceptions if the mother's life is in jeopardy or if the baby can't survive outside the womb. there are no exceptions for rape or incest.
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superintendent of education is calling for better training for dealing with misconduct in the classroom. a task force has been asked to come up with recommendations after an incident at spring valley high school involving an officer who threw a student to the floor after she refused to cooperate. the roles of resource officers need to be better define and using them to handle misconduct should be a last resort. >> christine: officials in charlotte-mecklenburg schools want to make it easier for parents to stay informed on the search for a new school superintendent. the district launching this new website yesterday, dedicated to to the search. a message by mary mccray says the board wants to keep the search as transparent as possible and will post updates on the page. the contract for current superintendent ann clark expires next year. >> john: officials in north and south carolina making sure people are are prepared with tornado drills today.
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will be holding drills at 9:00 in south carolina, 9:30 here in north carolina. last year the national weather service issued 25 tornado warnings for north carolina and recorded nine tornadoes. >> christine: a quick check of the commute right now, 5:36, and this is how traffic is looking on i-77, down by the state line where we usually see congestion but you're good to go on this stretch whether you're going north or southbound on 77. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. so let's get to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: thanks, christine. out there this morning, big ridge of high pressure still dominating our weather and it will continue to do so for at least a couple more days before a frontal system impacts us some what over the weekend. not saying we'll cool-down but rain chances will go up and very cool air won't be very far away from us. that is down the road. numale fishing forecast, mostly sunny skies, mid 50s getting
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78 degrees, a very very warm day today. long time wbtv viewer betty miller said i'm proud of these two. here husband and nephew, caught trigger fish and grouper fish on a charter boat in carteret county. the average high for this time of year is 61 degrees, what did i say today? 78? that's right, a warm one, let you know if will be back in the seasonal 60s in a couple minutes. >> christine: i love it. john hates it. >> john: you can still go skiing, the resorts are still open. >> christine: i'm ready for the pool to open. hope for young girls in refugee camps overseas. a project to turn them into
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>> christine: a look at what is trending. >> john: a surprise a couple planned for their son backfired. >> where are we? >> at the circus. >> i wanted to go -- >> max, wait. >> max's parents wanted to surprise him with a trip to the circus, they said they were going to a broccoli farm. unfortunately, max said he would rather spend the day surrounded elephants. the video has more than half a million views. the broccoli farm, huh?
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telling them you'll serve broccoli and they will want to go to theircus. >> john: girls at a refugee camp got to forget about troubles and lived like a a fairy tale. >> a costume party was held for girls. took pictures of the girls in costume, asked them about their dreams. she hopes the photo shoot will empower the girls and give them hope. most girls would not want their date to dance out shine them but a teen in australia was happy to let her steal the show. >> erin and her dog had matching dresses for the big night. lacey helps erin with picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors. also her best friend. >> aww, good stuff. >> looks good. i like that.
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>> al: you're going skiing this weekend? gillette me say this. gillette me say >> john: the ski resorts are open. >> christine: will warm temperatures stay? >> al: we're headed for 70 in the mountains. all upward trend. last week, a couple days in the 40s and 50s. this week every day gets warmer and warmer. yesterday, 75, today upper 70s. one thing we haven't had very much of is rain. in the last two weeks, barely a drop of rain, the deficits are over an inch for both the month and year, we can make that up in one heavy downpour, i don't see that coming any time soon. what i do see is continuation of the warm weather that is just all across the eastern part of the country. high pressure dominating, warm
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and new england. cool front in the midwest. in advance of that all this heavy rain that falls, texas, louisiana, arkansas, west tennessee. until this high gives ground, that rain is not moving anywhere, this high is going to give up ground and probably going to happen over the weekend. first things first, this morning, might be a little bit of low clouds that tries to develop this morning. you see it otherwise patchy clouds around this afternoon. good deal of sunshine, very nice day. certainly pleasantly warm. a dry start to the day, no fog in belmont, that is main street looking down toward the railroad tracks in front of city hall. looking great this morning. temperatures are mostly in the low 50s. 51 gastonia, 54 charlotte up to hickory, 49 in shelby, 44 morganton, cooler in boone at 39. neighborhood forecast today, mostly sunny skies, charlotte, 78, rock hill could be very close to 80 this afternoon, albermarle, 78, lincolnton, 77,
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this high gives up a little bit of ground so notice the front is on the move. tomorrow morning we start with a lot of low clouds, there might be drizzle. partly sunny for the afternoon. front back door in as the high exits to the east of us and so there is a chance for a couple showers friday up across the mountains, then this front will lift northward as a warm front in response to another area of low pressure developing across the mid-south and that will move through here we think sunday into monday. so our best opportunity for shower or thunderstorm isn't saturday now, the models are converging. yesterday i was telling you mixed messages, they are converging on sunday into monday as a good opportunity for showers and thunderstorms. saturday much less so as the warm front lifts northward. here you go, in the mid to upper 70s for today, tomorrow and friday, even with more clouds cover the next couple days, still well in the 70s saturday small chance of a shower. cool front comes through sunday into monday, dry out nicely on tuesday.
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soon, we will remain above average for the foreseeable future. check in with chris, quarter of 6:00, he has first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start with a live look, i-85 at bruton smith boulevard, headlights coming toward you inbound from concord and kannapolis, running smoothly on 85, 77, coming out of lake norman area also looking good this morning. here in the charlotte region, 485 no problems, providence road, independence boulevard, looking good. starting to look for the slow downs spaghetti bowl, 77, 485 no problems. coming out of south carolina this morning, you've got the green light, 77 up to westinghouse boulevard and on toward tyvola road. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: would you like to work out with others without joining a gym? we'll introduce you to the new technology that allows users to take classes at multiple gyms and fitness studios for one fee.
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hour. >> christine: kristen miranda live in the alert center following a breaking story right now, an explosion in a
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czech in withcheck in with there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks,
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and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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thank you for starting your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: welcome back to wbtv news this morning. >> john: ten before 6:00. go over to kristen miranda with new images of an explosion in seattle, this is just coming in the alert center. >> kristen: it is just coming in, john, i'm still trying to get some new details on exactly what happened here, but let me show you the pictures because they are unbelievable images. this is an explosion has really
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a mini mart and sandwich shop but look at these images from the scene there in seattle. you can just see the devastation there, the cbs affiliate in seattle is reporting a gas explosion, if you're familiar with the seattle area, this is in the greenwood neighborhood. just happened moments ago, 1:00 in the morning seattle time, they are three hours behind us, but look at what is left, really nothing, neighbors that live blocks away say they heard a huge boom and the explosion happened. there are some evacuations in the area, while crews continue to sift through the rubble to figure out exactly what happened and get the situation under control. you can see windows and buildings nearby blown out from the force of the explosion. this is across the street from the building that where the explosion took place. quite a mess there and a story i will follow for you in the alert center. >> christine: incredible, thanks.
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served tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan has died after a palestinian knife attack in israel. 28-year-old taylor force was getting his mba at vanderbilt university. he was on a school-sponsored trip yesterday when the knife attack happened. school officials say no other students or faculty were hurt. >> john: president obama latest checkup shows he's in good health. the white house released the results. the 54-year-old president has lost five pounds since 2014, now weighs 175 pounds, body mass index of 22.8, which is in the normal range. doctor credits healthy diet and strict exercise regime for the good health. >> christine: a program spreading across the country is taking a unique approach to get african american boys to read. >> barber shop books places donated books in shops across the country.
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while getting his haircut and watching boys looked bored. if boys see boys reading they will pick up a book as well. encourages dad to read to sons. while in the barber chair. >> great idea. >> so important to read, golly, i love that. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. let's check in with meteorologist al conklin. >> al: it is the beat goes on here, warm, warm weather will dominate yet again today, 75 today, even warmer, back to the west of us, that frontal system is in no hurry to move, we'll look at very warm conditions the next couple days. this front will make inroads on our weather, talk about that in the seven day planner. we have good visibility, scott clark's toyota in stallings, dry conditions, sun will be up in 45 minutes. 54 charlotte, 54 wadesboro, 50
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that gastonia and shelby, 44 morganton, 54 in hickory area and 53 up around shelby. for today, our temperatures go straight up, starting in the 50s, will be at 73 by lunch time, 78 degrees this afternoon for a high. not a record, but still very warm. if you're think about get out there and get the garden going, might put the brakes on that idea. average last frost in charlotte is the first week in april. over the years i have seen devastating killing frosts in april. so let's just temper that for the while. i'll let you know if we have cold weather coming back in the picture any time soon, seven day planner at 6:00. check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. taking a live look i-77 in center city at west boulevard, volume of traffic beginning to pick up on area interstates, but still running in the green if you're coming inbound from south carolina or down from the lake,
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center city, 277, john belk over to the brookshire, looking good this morning and heading in center city to tonight, the charlotte hornets taking on the birds of prey, the pelicans at time warner cable arena at 7:00 p.m. that is a check of the morning commute, guys, back to you. >> christine: anthony davis didn't hear you say that. still ahead on wbtv news at 6:00 a.m., what lawmakers in south carolina are now doing to remove the confederate flag from the chapels of public colleges and universities. >> john: a string of shootings in charlotte over the last 24 hours, we're asking the questions you want answered,
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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> christine: four shootings, six people injured in a span of seven hours. the latest of those shootings in west charlotte to a gunshot wound to the leg. for their safety. >> we lost a lot of sleep over it, i tell you that. >> john: we're reaching out to police for new information about the string of crimes. good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning, it is 6:00 a.m., it is your wednesday, march 9th i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. kristen miranda getting you headlines first as news is happening, what is going on, kristen? >> kristen: just starting to get new video in of what severe weather is doing in louisiana and texas. al told us to watch out for this, he will come over in the alert center and we'll talk about what they are showing us.
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started with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: a mild start to the day, that high pressure dominating now for the last several days continuing to do so this morning. warm conditions, east of that front that continues to bring heavy rain across the lower mississippi valley and mid-south. no rain here, no foggy they are, clear skies, metro school camera in center city, currently at 53 degrees in the queen city, 51 in belmont, ballantyne, 52, coulwood, oakdale, 56 cornelius, 55 harrisburg, 49 the cool spot, arboretum, tega cay at 51. 44 morganton, 53 statesville, 52 concord, monroe, lancaster and wadesboro. today, decent amount of sunshine, back in the forecast, even warmer, yesterday 75, today, 78, almost 20 degrees above average this time of the year but we are looking at rain chances on the increase, i'll break it down for you about the
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minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start with a live look i-77, clanton road, you see center city, volume of traffic on the interstates picking up, southbound traffic going in south carolina, beginning to thicken up and also that northbound traffic in toward center city beginning to thicken up as well. looking at drive times, coming in from lake norman area, southbound on 77, average speed is 67 miles an hour, running at 15 minute commute. lake norman commute still running in the green from davidson to cornelius, huntersville all the way up to 485. overall here in the charlotte area, most of our major highways are continuing to run in the green. northbound out of rock hill this morning, let's launch the drive time for rock hill, this is inbound at 21 minutes with of a acknowledge speed of 65-miles-per-hour an hour. that is a check of the first alert traffic, christine,


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