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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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investigators say they saw drag marks leading from the truck into the woods. steve ohnesorge is on the scene right now. tonight at 5:00 he will tell us what one of the suspects told him. >> we are following breaking news in our alert center. alex giles with more on an accident in rock hill. >> this appears to be a serious accident sky3 chopper live over the scene. let's look down there. it's in front of a shopping center in rock hill and it is one of the three-wheeled motorcycles involved in an accident with a pickup truck. there is heavy traffic backup in the area near the bellview square shopping center. traffic is diverted at east main street and pinewood. and you see the wreckage in the middle of the road. police officers on scene as well. officers are investigating. we've reached out to the police and the fire department in rock hill to get more information about how this accident happened as soon as we get details about
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to you in the alert center. >> alex, thank you. first at 4:00 charlotte-mecklenburg police still looking for suspects in four separate shooting in the city yesterday. six people were hurt and officers do not believe the shootings are related. we have a map that shows where this happened. as you expect people who live in those neighborhoods are worried. wbtv's brody o'connell spoke with some who live near the crime scenes and joins us live with the investigation. brody? >> good afternoon, jamie. yeah, talking to police as you can imagine busy day for them they shooting let alone four. right now here is what we know. no arrests have been made in connection to the shootings directly. there was one arrest yesterday as you reported from one of the scenes but that was drug-related. still, the suspects we are told from police the suspects are still on the loose. i'm told by police all of the
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open ongoing investigations that limit some of the access we have to information. but we know police are doing a lot of legwork and follow-up interviews and talk to witnesses to find out what happened at the crime scenes. >> what do we know about the condition of the victims? >> it's unbelievable. with all of this violence and this wreckless behavior, all of the victims i'm told are expected to survive. i spoke to a couple of the victims today who suffered minor injuries. lucky to be alive and the girlfriend of one man shot he is in the hospital. he had to have surgery on his leg. but he is going to make a full recovery. i talked to one woman she was hit by shards of glass after the vehicle she was in was shot into. and and and she is expected to survive and i talked to her on the phone. and jamie, the direct victims the people hit by the gunfire and the secondary victims today. people who are so afraid and so in fear of their lives that they were not will to talk to the
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are afraid there will be retaliation against them. these are people trying to live an honest life but caught in the crossfire in the violent neighborhoods. police obviously that is what they want to put an end to violence in the neighborhoods. much more at 5:00. right now live at cmpd headquarters, brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> good point. chaotic few hours in the city of charlotte. thank you. >> a south carolina house is set to [inaudible] the senate passed the bill yesterday tonight allows exceptions if the mother's life is in jeopardy or if the baby cannot survive outside the womb. there are no except shops for rape or incest. >> charlotte-mecklenburg school leaders wants to keep you up-to-date on the 7 for a superintendent. the district is launching a website and it will be updated. to check out the site we have placed a link in the web extras section of >> turning to campaign 2016.
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off again tonight when they appear in another democratic debate this up with in the key state of florida. bernie sanders is hoping floridians will do what voters in michigan did and pull off an upset. hillary clinton beat sanders in mississippi and won more delegates overall and more than halfway to the number needed to clinch the nomination. north carolina's primary is tuesday. and candidates have been rallying in the state. trump will appear in fayetteville at 7:00 p.m. tonight. and hillary clinton will be in durham tomorrow. tomorrow. >> crews scrambling to put out a fire in seattle. the building was leveled and businesses destroyed and nine firefighters were hurt. nearby residents were advantage 8ed after the blast. but there is no word of other injuries or anyone missing. flash floods in louisiana forced evacuations and rescues because of the rising water.
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storms in texas. in a five-minute span last night more than 750 strikes around san antonio. and that same storm system is headed to our area. i'm in the first alert weather center with meteorologist lyndsay tapases. the storms be as dangerous here? >> not nearly. by the time it gets here it will be in a weakened state. we are looking at later on the day and sunday before we see rain. until then it's warm, right? are you loving it? >> i love it. i cannot get enough of it. >> we are going to see the temperatures well into the 70s through the rest of the week. and the same high pressure system that is situated offshore that is bringing the warmup and keeping that rain to the west of us at bay right now and keeping it in that direction and just right off to the west. because of that high in place keeping things dry and warm across the southeast. we may see more cloud cover here throughout the course of the day tomorrow we do not have rain in
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through the later part of the second half of the weekend. another day in the mid-upper 70s. 75 in charlotte right now and in the mountains comfortable. 65 as of the 4:00 p.m. hour. and we will hold in the mid-70s through 5:00 p.m. and once that sun goes down, 69 at 7:00 p.m. and 64 at 9:00 p.m. with a partly cloudy sky through the early part of the night. upper 70s flirting with 80 talking about the later part of the week. we have a look at that and the weekend forecast all part of the seven-day first-alert forecast. let's update the traffic with tonya rivens. >> thank you. sponsored by people's bank. i-85 and suggest far creek road a nice quiet start to the afternoon commute. let's go to the injury accident on graham street close to i-85. south of it. north tryon is moving along nicely. and a problem i-85 north at university city boulevard but
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we do have a local volume on -- little volume on north tryonment and volume on university city boulevard. and the mapping system i must say it's been quite sometime where we have seen so much green. again, a nice start to the evening commute. >> let's hope it stays that way. >> no question about it. stick around. we have amazing images from last night's total solar eclipse. >> we could not see it in the united states this time but we
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able to see this with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99, it's gotta be d's. >> first at 4:00 amazing photos from a rare event. people in south each asia experienced a total solar eclipse. >> when the moon moved in front of the sun and casting a shadow in someplaces it lasted four manipulates. on august 21, of 2017 millions in the u.s. will get to experience one. it will start in oregon and end
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scientists say next year's eclipse will be the best observed eclipse in human history. >> something to look forward to. >> there you have it. >> that is cool to see. >> march is colon cancer awareness month shining a light on one of the most deadly cancers. >> next, expert health advice about screenings that could save your life. >> and into the upper 70s to close-out the work week but it will not stay that warm through the weekend. details on the weekend forecast
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your seven-day first-alert we've health alert. colon cancer is the third most common cancer in men and women and the second killer. march is national colon cancer awareness month to start the conversation about screening. the health director for mecklenberg county is good enough to join us to talk about this. appreciate your time. let's talk about who is at risk. it is non-discriminating. >> that is correct. and we encourage people to get screened when they turn 50. and some people if you have a family history sometimes your doctor might advise earlier. but age 50 you want to start getting screened and that is a good time to find things early and catch them. >> and what goes into the screening? some folks get nervous?
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you have a choice. there's colonoscopy, the procedure that you have done and take home tests that you can use. you take home and do a test at home when you use the restroom. >> symptoms? >> so the thing here is that you want to do colon cancer symptoms. the idea is to catch things before they become systemic. it's -- sim towmatic. anybody that has blood in their stools, abdominal pain might be concerning. but again this is about finding it before it becomes symptommic. >> when we find the cancer early it's treatable. we can take care of it depending what it is and where it is there are different ways to approach it. can get rid of it where it doesn't become something that would be life-threatening. >> have a conversation with your
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great information. thank you. >> thank you. check in once again with our tonya rivens. when we checked in first time things were quiet but it's starting to ramp up a bit. >> i-85 is the focus. 277 and 485 are quiet. we have a problem i-85 south mile marker 51. the right lane is blocked. highway 29 is one alternate route. and the mapping system not showing congestion i cannot imagine not having congestion in this area with one lane closed. and farther north in cabarrus county, notice that we have volume starting to build i-85 south around highway 29 and daily earn hard boulevard on 29, headed towards 85 volume as well. but quiet and the dot camera this is bruton smith boulevard
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your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. back to you. >> thank you. i don't know about you, but i cannot get enough of this weather. right? we have to remind ourselves this is march. beautiful outside. >> and you took a jaunt outside? >> i had to take 15 minutes to walk around the block. and let's find out how long it will last. watching. here is lyndsay tapases in the first alert weather center. >> we have 70s in the forecast. and upper 70s is what we average early part of may. two months ahead of our average march highs for the time of year which are around 61 . well above for yet another day here. 75 in charlotte as of 4:00 p.m. that strong south breeze contributing to the warmup that we have coming in at 10-miles-per-hour for us. now we will start to have the dew points come up a little bit more.
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morning lows coming up into the 50s and that may lead to a shower in the mountains. with increase in humidity but we will talk about that when you get to the seven-day first-alert forecast. aside from that we are loving the warmth into the mountains the high country still upper 60s. 73 in hickory. 75 statesville. salisbury 77. 76 rock hill. and 77 in lancaster and wadesboro 78. so the overall large scale weather pattern setup not changing. we have strong high pressure anchored offshore. with the clockwise flow around that it's bringing in the south wind which is keeping the temperatures above average. really into the northeast as well. and we are talking not only mid-70s but upper 70s here as we head into thursday and friday. 77 on thursday. 79 on friday and both records are in the low
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are within 4-5 of records. with the temperatures typical what we see in may. region by region, in the mountains 67. here is where you have a 20% chance of a shower in the afternoon because we are starting to see the humidity come you up a little bit more. outside of the mountains it's 10%. we will have a little bit more cloud cover tomorrow but that still shouldn't stop the numbers. so 74 in taylorsville. and charlotte 77. same in concorde and monroe. close to 80 for rockingham and wadeboro. and page land 79. friday. and then with more clouds moving in and a little bit of rain over into the -- come back down into the low to mid-70s. and a 30% shower chance in the evening. and we could have periods of
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72 and some of that rain and storms could last into monday with the temperatures in the low 70s as well. more on the forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. back to alex giles live in the alert center monitoring a crash on graham street. what do you know? >> on the roads sounds like power lines are down on north graham. charlotte fire tweeted about this. pull it up for you there. 4300 block closed due to power lines on the road. we are going to monitor that. and sky3 chopper is en route to that location now and should be there in a few minutes. as soon as we get you a live picture hopefully we can see what is going on down there. >> that is a horrible story. a video posted to social media of a middle schooler changing clothes in the locker room. now her father is asking for harsher punishment for a serious case of bullying.
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your "daily detour." [ ] >> welcome back time for your "daily detour." we put two minutes on the clock. >> if you did not stay up late you missed quite a moment. dame mir ran british star stopped by the late show and when she was introduced she
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one right there. and she wanted to do this for a longtime. >> she had a crush on him and has been wanting to do it for 15 years. and there she is she slugs it off like -- shrugs it off like whatever. >> and he was at a loss for words. >> indeed. and a first at the kennedy center for performing arts. they just announced that rapper q tip will join the institution as the first artistic director of hip-hop. hip-hop added to the core programming this year. now there will be a series of audiences. cool opportunity for him and great too see the kennedy center branching out. >> and understanding the times have changed. >> vacation is always a special time when you are royalty. check out the pictures here prince george and prince ses charlotte in awe of the
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they used to vacation before they had children. wouldn't we like to do that? the kids were along this time. and that makes for a different experience but they seem to be having a great time and adorable picture. >> so cute they look like they are really enjoying things. we know that bbc announced its plans to do a documentary on the late whitney houston. it is going to be a feature length documentary. it is going to focus on the highs and lows the legendary singer's life and the guy behind it produced the documentaries for rappers biggie and tupac. no word when it is going to come out and of course, she died in february of 2012. and we passed the anniversary of her death last month. >> and the bbc does terrific work i'm sure it will be powerful stuff.
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have sparked a change in security. >> how they convinced university
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precautions to campus. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone.
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> crime on a local college campus has students so concerned they did something about it.
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their push for safety works. and welcome back to first at 4:00 i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack thank you for joining us for first at 4:00. students were shaken up about crime on winthrop university campus. wbtv's michael clark joining us live from campus. they did not just talk about the concerns they convinced university leaders to add safety features? >> yeah absolutely. if you can see this is one of the emergency call boxes that will be put up outside where that 18-year-old was robbed. student asked for in a on line petition drive that collected 900 signatures. leaders say the armed robbery and student response were major factors in making the decision: the president met with the organizer of the petition drive to let them know their voices have been heard.
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hall and all female dorm here and that is where a young woman was robbed and another person was sexually assaulted here a couple years ago. students comranned that the nearest 9-1-1 box was too far away and that area is secluded and poorly lit at night. and leaders are reassuring students that they are making changes with the addition of the call boxes. officials hope to start installing these and at 5:30 we will hear from students relieved to know their voices were heard. reporting live, michael clark wbtv on your side. >> thank you. >> police are looking for that suspect in last month's robbery they have released this sketch in the case. police. >> back to the alert center uptown area. alex giles joins us with new information. >> sky3 is now on scene on north graham street. this is the 4300 block right there.
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the road. looks like they have the street shutdown and a power pole is banged up on the side and that car has bad damage there. we know medic is on scene and the charlotte fire department. we are trying to get information as to what happened and caused that accident and wondering about injuries for folks involved. hope everyone is all right. that is the 4300 block of north graham. >> thank you. an american student killed in israel has ties to south carolina. taylor forest is a vannedderrability graduate student. the attacker was shot and killed by police. >> a man arrested for throwing items over the white house fence is accused in the shooting of an idaho pastor. kyle odem was arrested.


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