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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 11, 2016 3:38am-4:00am EST

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charity wounded warrior project. the group has come under fire for what some contend is a lavish spending by some of its executives. chip reid broke the story and has the latest. >> repter: wounded warrior project, chief executive officer, steven nardizzi and chief operating officer al giordano was fired by the board after a meeting here this afternoon in new york.f7: >> with a gift of $19 a month you can join wounded warrior project. >> reporter: by appealing to america's generosity, wounded _ rrior project raised more than $1 billion in donations since 2003. $300 million in 2014 alone. but while the money was pouring in, it was also flowing out. on lavish employee conferences. in 2014, $26 million. >> let's get a mexican mariachi band in there, the logo, put them on every staff members desk, get it catered, have a big old party.
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sergeant when he took a job with wounded warriors as motivational > i'll be damned if you will take hard working american's money, and drink it and waste it instead of helping brave men and women who gave you freedom. >> reporter: more than 40 rmer employees told cbs news that spending by the charity was out of control. these two former employees were so fearful of retaliation, they asked us not to show their faces. >> it was extremely extravagant. dinners, and alcohol, and just tal access. >> for a charitable organization serving veterans all this expense on expensive resorts and cohoal >> what the military calls fraud, waste, and abuse.
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told us excessive spending begl+an when steven nardizzi took over as ceo in 2009. they point to the 2014 annual meeting at luxury resort in colorado springs as typical of o his style. >> he rappelled down the side of a building. >> reporter: to make a grand entrance.o >> yes, come in on a segway. come in on a horse. >> reporter: nardizzi defended the charity's spending. >> if your only fixation is spending the most on proams, that is feeling good, but not necessarily doing good. you can run a lot of programs, spend a lot of money and have them be ineffective. >> eporter: many donors were outraged over allegations that a little over half of donations went to help wounded vets. fred and diane kane raised $325,000 with golf tournaments. >> i feel like i'm representing all of these people that have donated over the years. all of these seniors over 65 that, that have sent them $19 a month. all the people on fixed incomes. if noby is going to talk about this right now, and it has the
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>> eporter: are you done with wounded warrior project? >> yes, except for my motion of trying to see change there. overseas the u.s. coalition carr d out strikes against weapon sit, from a captured isis commander who used to run the group's chemical weapons 9i program. the coalition obtained a treasure trove of information about isis recruits. sky ne was given 22,000 w documents eventually job applications containing the names, addresses and phone numbers of isis wannabes. the information reportedly comes from the former headf the islamic state's internal security police. he claims he grew disillusioned with the group and wants the fightersf^ identified. david martin has more on the isis files and the chemical weapons. >> if th lisisof fighters is
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one of the biggest intelligence victories in the war against isis. intelligencean be powerful weapon perhaps more powerful than chemical weapons. >> reporter: this video appears to show the aftermath of an isis strike using a mustard agent in syria last year. but the u.s. may have dealt the terror group's chemical weapons program a serious blow. delta force commandos captured an isis chemical weapons expert in a raid last month. the iraqi had once work ford saddam hussein's regime.$` >> t caphering of some one of this high caliber provides gold mine of information, what isis is doing, how it is structured in this case, its chemical weapons program. >> after interrogating him. intelligence located a building in mosul where the mustard agent was manufactured and loaded into shells. british minister released the
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last weekend. the day before that strike. u.s. aircraft targeted top isis commander known by alias, omar the chechen, the equivalent of the group's secretary of defense. human rights group monitoring syria says omar the chechen was injured but not killed >> if it turns out he hasn't been killed. i don'think there is an impact. what is really going to weaken isis as an organization. king biwack 7territory from. i >> u.s. intelligence is trying to confirm whether omar the chechen is alive or dead.\r air strikes have killed about 100 is but whatever intelligence they had, died with them. there are only two known cases in which key members of isis have been captured alive. along with their cell phones and lap tops, for what they know. >> china's communist government
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christians. and in one province, crosses are being pulled down from churches. last month a protestant pastor sentenced to 14 years in prison. one of the charges, disturbing social order by holding prayer services. seth oan has mr. from beijing. >> reporter: the protests can be quickly quieted. the pictures of the cross removal scan be que grainy. but for almost two years now, we have seen an ongoing battle against religion. cell phone individually released this week shows yet another cross being taken off a steeple. the government of the province has removed. some times burned down crosses. from as ma as 200 churches there. since u.s. based activist group, china aid.
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protested illegal demolition. while one of their supporters, wyer john kawas i raded on state tv in february, expressing remorse. at t start of government's campaign, a chur. was demolished. the offi
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>> by a show of hand.a can you tell me how many have been detained for doing this, 1irhji for gathering and prying. >> wow, everyone raised their hand all of you have been detained. >> there is no justice in this country. he told us, we choose to believe in god and place our hope in his hands. >> by some estimates there are more christmas chins in china tharn than members of qtgthe communist party. we reached fought for comment or explanation but did not hear back. >> and the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. dry spray? that's fun. it's already dry! no wait time. this is great. it's very soft. > can i keep it? (laughs) all the care of dove... in a dry antiperspirant spray. man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming.
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/h> in the gotham market, surroundedy delicious places sf to eat.0d food halls are the hottest trend in cuisine right now. places like this are opening up all over the country. >> mm.
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that mario bettali makes aean sandwich. after all he is celebrity chef and owner of more than two dozen rej.g?staurants. but it may surprise you that hiso latest spot is little more than a stall.p nestled among five other booths at a foohall. >> when i was growing up you might go to the mall. get yourself an orange julius or ice cream place.wr never a serious gastronomic experience, it was frivolous. >> you mention orrin orange m- julius. they think of a food court. then they come to a place like this and are blown away. >> hope so. the id is make somethi delicious, autntic, and handmade. not machine made food. ere are cooks in the stations. reporter: stations manned by mous chefs and tho getse arted. amoring to be part of the food ll movement which is exploding cities throughout the untry. all youan eat ll you can eat
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that is marinade in korean marinade. >> chefs like hannah chung, cooks up korean at central seoul in the pod city market. >> a big deal for me. i'm a little business. i am new in my career. thisas m wbig break. >> reporter: are we on the verge6>kf of a food ha explosion in this country? >> not on the verge. we're in the middle of the food hall explosion. >> bon appetit editor says food halls reflect the new way americans eat. >> celebrity chef is not exploring food markets or doing food on a much casual level, you are not going to know who they are in 20 years. >> reporter: that big a movement? >> huge deal. got to figure out a way to get your product in e hand of people who want it. people don't want to go to a restaurant.
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chef. >> reporter: food halls are leading in a trend of reclaiming underused urban space. >> formerly a condemned dx@ building. >> yes. >> once a sears warehouse and store before being taken over by the city in 1991. >> what's in it for the customer, that food halls are expaing?nd >> the customer no longer has to to greasy pizza shop. me in. ve different dates eat at five h^ef's visions of whathe f td n be. the point of food halls. shared overhead for restaurant owners and smorgasbord of choice for hungry customers. >> go to the places. you think you are looking for e thing. but you discover a whole new thing. so maybe we finally have solved the age old question, where do you want to eat tonight? >> and that diversity of choice may be the best thing about food halls. this morning alone we have everything from breakfast tacos to sushi burritos.
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and the "cbs overnight news"
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u.s. in london, a sneak peek at the so-called ground drone >> reporter: the new divery guy in london looks more like a cooler on wheels than high-tech robot. \?`/ but this little baby is about to revolutionize the industry. its creator and skype founde >> you said billions, your scale? >> of course. i meanhy n w billions? because, because, easily billions of people today are customers of delivery companies. >> reporter: the battery powered robot designed to deliver on demand in less than 30 minute from a neighborhood store or depot to the doorstep. it scoots along at 4 miles an hour and big enough to carry most home oodeliveries.a+p >> while aerial drones have been getting all attention. he says that idea just isn't ready to get off t>j/ihe ground.;o >> it lot aer. its a lot friendlier to
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you know, people, people don't like aerial drones. w9 they don't like drones flying over their backyards with other people's groceries, dangling there. >> reporter: is this a fantastic idea, surd? hard to judge. scott stein is senior edor ait "c-net." stay tuned. robots. automated services for delivery are going to come. >> reporter: nine on board cameras and sensors detect pedestrians tell it to slow down. stop, change direction. uses gps and maps to reach its destination. although monitored bhumans, robot itself does 99% of the work. it not only knows exactly where am, but who i am, using a ecial app only the recipient n open the lid and get at the ods. ecifically aiming at suburbs, aces with open sidewalks. g cities are too crowded ready. d of course, there are other lnerabilities to consider. isn't there a concern about enagers, taking aback to it. r fun. >> sure somebody will do that at some point. there its also. danger of, then the same people taking it back to a parked car for instance. >> reporter: he said if he gets in trouble, a human operator will use a speaker to warn cull pretties they're being filmed and authorities are on the way.
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7v it's friday, march 11th, 2016. thisgi is the "cbs morning news." issues over the republican candidates tone it down in their last debate before tuesday's critical primary contest. remembering nancy reagan. more than a thousand peof;ple will attend the funeral today for the former first lady. dishonorable discharge. the wounded warrior froth fires its two top executives after cbs news raises questions about how the charity spends its money. and prime punch line. the president and canadian prime minister swap bieber barbs at the white house state dinner.o good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york.


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