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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  March 11, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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wheels came off he was doing as much psychology on his club as he could. you get on the bus knowing it is over this week at least you have a chance to get back on the bus next week. >> mike: that had to have been an emotionally, physically draining game for that team against duke, come back to get in it and go in overtime. >> tim: which i believe duke lost some of their cast from having to be pushed by n.c. state. >> mike: they needed three pit stops to get gas, it wasn't there for them. marshall plumlee's injury impacted them. >> tim: different tournament next week, you get a day in between. let's see if they drew something to get brogdon the ball, set a screen for him.
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keep away being played. shayok is the guy. lawrence looked to have a lot of leather and larranaga is having problems with that. >> mike: not happy with tim nestor. >> tim: that looked lean to clean to me. >> mike: picks up the dribble. >> tim: the reach was in, mike, he never hit it. watch this. shayok hit the first two. >> tim: i think we got one clean and it didn't go his way. such is life when you're trying to beat a team like virginia. game on.
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here. >> mike: watch the show back. shayok will foul him and he has fouled out. now you get your free-throws, turn it in a one-possession game and you rarely see this happen to a team like virginia. they are up double digits with a little over two minutes to play and here comes miami storming back. >> mike: i'm looking over the virginia crowd is, a lot of people thought the game was over and they left. >> tim: back over to deb antonelli. >> debbie: i know you remember this game in 2011, virginia had a ten point lead with 36 seconds left and miami came back one of the best come backs in the history of the tournament put it in overtime.
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it there. there went the shot at turning it in the a one possession game. still shaking his head. >> mike: now they can take the ball out of bounds, a smart move you put one of your poor free-throw shooters, a lot of responsibility but get him off the floor. >> tim: larranaga proving yet again how great coaches are able to do that by fouling the right personnel, hoping that your guys can make the plays they have to make with no time-outs. >> mike: exactly, no time-outs, that is where you trust you have senior guards. >> tim: it was 63-50 with 3:10 left. >> mike: against a virginia team one defend like crazy and two runs the shot clock down.
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over. >> tim: brogdon up to 22. miami needs something quick. rejected by brogdon but a foul. got him over the back. >> mike: he's not happy about it. but again, the expression, perrantes smiling a little bit. >> tim: crowd responding. got them with the body. he got them with the body. fans will see what they see, hear what they want to hear, they got him with the body. >> mike: two missed free-throws for the canes down the stretch, the referees love the jumbotron video. >> tim: as i say that my
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the state of virginia. 71-66. >> mike: try to funnel it to thompson. >> tim: perrantes fouled by reed. >> mike: he held it for a quarter second. >> tim: at this stage you're running out of time and hope but not quite closed the door, just yet. perrantes will get to the line. >> mike: two free-throws will probably do it. stranger things have >> tim: first opportunity today. >> mike: we've seen both team miss critical free-throws. >> tim: another opportunity at a three-point shot for no. 33. >> mike: i wonder if tony bennett makes more time run off the clock rather than
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it up. >> tim: rodriguez, again, going quick, need something fast. right to the rack he goes, not there. the bobble by lawrence, three seconds left and three-point game. got to foul right away and they do. but it is brogdon. >> mike: if he makes one, game over. >> tim: how about the job la's team has done keeping it interesting this late. against virginia? you rarely see a team make up this much ground in 3:10. 8 of 9 at the stripe for brogdon. punch their ticket, they are playing north carolina for
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tournament tomorrow. virginia gets it done. have a great championship with tim brant, wonderful. >> always a joy to work with you. >> for must see moments from this game and others check out bidding you fare well for deb antonelli, pom werme, cory alexander, mike gminski and to the retiring tim brant, have a wonderful time and take it all until tomorrow, tim. this is tim brando saying so long, you've been watching raycom sports coverage of the acc championship. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do.
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close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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wbtv on your side. the news starts now with breaking news. this security concerns causes donald trump who cancel his rally in chicago. they flooded the street a chaotic scene. i'm paul cameron. molly grantham has the night off. let's get to alex giles in the alert center. he is breaking down the decision to cancel the rally, this unfolded in the past few hours police were called in and had to forcefully remove people. the crowd gathered for a donald trump rally in chicago erupting. after the campaign postponed after the event because of growing security concerns. >> he arrived after meeting with
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that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have area gathered around the arena, the rally will be postponed. thank you for your attendance go. if peace, fights broke out as people con fanted each other. >> we want trump. >> one person stormed the stage, protestors gathered inside and thousands assembled outside of the venue at the university of illinois. protestors have been increasingly disruptive at trump events. >> these are not good people so you understand. >> earlier on friday 32 people were arrested at the first rally in st. louis. marco rubio said there is not violence at his events or the rallies for the other candidates. >> he needs to realize and take responsible for the fact that some of the rhetoric he has used can be contributing to the environment. that is growing increasingly disturbing for a number of
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>> there were clashes 569 the rally was postponed. trump has three rallies planned for vet. >> the violence is just days after a trump supporter sucker punched a protestors in north carolina. that man is 78-year-old john mc graw who is facing assault charges. the protestors was kicked out and is not facing charges. >> thank you. in the past 60 minutes donald trump spoke by phone saying the violence is not his fault. >> i don't take responsibility. nobody has been hurt at our rallies. i hope it is not that of causing violence. the tone is that of securing the borders of having a country and having a great country. he went on to blame the violence on the youth who do not have be. >> s. several people were hurt, including a police officer who was head in the head with the bottle. we have more and it is on can you share that link on
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we're monitoring rain from the gulf anded to the carolinas. eric thomas is mapping out it could impact the weekend. eric. >> we'll do that. we'll take you to the radar. you will see nothing in terms of rain over the carolinas. we have the cloud cover t is rotating around a large upper level low. the first batch will be over the weekend. here is the future cast. watch the clock. let's get you out the door here on a saturday morning. there could be a couple of stray showers around but overall it will be more clouds than anything else and the other headline, look how mild it will be. the high temperature is 62. we're at 63 at day break. sunday is wetter. how wet. it is participant of the forecast. >> can you stay on top of rain moving in by down loading the mobile weather app.
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saturday and sunday. new 1591 an accident involving a caps bus it was down the road from our studios. eight west moore head street. you canyou can see the car front was mangled. three people were taken to the hospital. some were on the bus. they are all expected to be okay. a man on a dirt bike raced to the happened after he crashed into a car. this is on morris chapel road. and the man on the bike is seriously hurt. investigators had part of the roadblocked off for hours they have not said if anyone will face charges. when you order a ride from uber you never know who will show up a teen said for him trouble showed up. after just one ride the 17-year-old said the driver is giving him unwelcome advances. he has prove of it. coleen harry sat down with the
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>> the teen said he first booked a ride with uner in september to get from home to work. he says that since then one uber driver has been harassing him. >> frustrated t is crazy. >> he does not want his face shown. he said his problems started six months ago when an uber driver came to pick him up, he said you have thick hair. i have modeling classes. and started rubbing his fingers in my hair, he grabbed my leg. that can make you so much money, i got out i shout the door. >> he said the driver has been contacting him first through text messages then the man found him on instagram. and started sending direct messages. >> dozens and dozens. >> i can bring you $100. let me take care of you, i was disgusted the moment he told me about it.
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no i got to say something. >> she contacted the police when more messages kept coming. >> you don't what to be gay to do this. people do it for money all the time. >> the dude is a sicko. >> and wbtv sent the driver a message. shes not responded. uber has not answered any of our messages either. both isiah and his mother said they contacted uber. he made january the company sent him a message saying, quote, this was handled internally and action was taken against the other party involved. but still more messages as recently as this week. >> he knows my location. he knows what i do. what i say to other people. more. coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> his mother says that police told her that her son is the only one who can file a police report. the 17-year-old said he has
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an investigators to date. a mother killed in a crash drive driving her child to school will be laid to rest. she crashed head on into her tuesday. her boys were in the car and had to be taken to the hospital. they survived. friends put together a gofundme account for the family. so far it raised $4000. the family set up a trust fund to pay for her kid's -- kid's college. we're learninging about a woman who stole an ambulance. and autumn preshal was arevelled at albemarle and denver drive. we learned today it was tolden from cmc main. the gps tracked it down to albemarle road. we have new video a man just moments after being arrested following a chase with police a
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them into the car. and neighbors say they saw the police race into the quiet neighborhood on the ground and with their helicopter in the air. they chased after all the commotion and used a canine. we're asking police why the man was on the run. we'll press for answers. deputies gave us photos of a robber who held up this roast. he pointed a gun at an employee. it was in indian trail. he hopped over the counter. he is wearing some distinct moto cross gloves, people gathered in hickory to remember two people shot and killed outside of a mcdonald's restaurant. they were gunned down last week in the restaurant parking lot. friends and co-workers gathered at the mountain grove baptist church. >> i was the kindest human on the planet. he would give the shirt off his
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rochelle, she watts a -- she was a fun and kind hearted person. she with tell you like it is. >> the deputy have charged this man with the murders. investigators say that all three knew each other. >> early voting in the primary in north carolina ends tomorrow morning but the main event is tuesday. bernie sanders addressed a crowd at an auditorium in raleigh. thousands came out they could not get in. it was packed. he is trailing hillary clinton in the latest poll. hillary clinton will be in charlotte on monday just before the primary. she will hold a get out the vote event. the event starts at 7:30 t is open to the public. we'll bring you coverage. and ted cruz is set to appear at a rally in charlotte.
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and there are free pictures it is online you have to register for them. we put a link on more than 1000 invited guests paid their respect to the former first lady nancy reagan at her funeral in california today. the first lady was there and with george and laura bush. the children paid distribute to their mom with love and honesty. she passed abay sunday in st. louis. she was buried next to her husband at the presidential library. next at 11. we're on your side getting answers after a woman's dog came home with a shock collar after being at doggie daycare. the response we got from the owner of the daycare. >> we're going to serve that up not as warm as it was today. you will not be troubled by the temperatures but the rain fall. plan around that for the
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7-day forecast. an explosion rocks a shopping center. what caused this on camera. this is wbtv.
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at 11. people rescued in louisiana as parts of the southeast are hit with another dose of rain. and five people have died in the storms the same system to bring rain to the carolinas. can you see it headed this way all that green. and eric thomas is timing out when it will get here. and all new at 11. people people drop off their pets at daycare trusting they will be taken care of a family found this shock collar around
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and the owner of the company tells sarah blake-morgan that it was an awful mistake. >> it is obvious the second you walk in the door, sopia is the apple of their eye. >> the least aggressive dog. >> they started taking their new puppy to puppy planet. >> everything was great. i have been very happy until this last time. >> this changed it and she picked her up. she found appeared to be a shock collar. >> it is like going to pick your child up at daycare. she has a collar on. >> i don't have kids i don't know if someone new was there. >> it was her second day and she innocently made a mistake. >> she owns the daycare and this is all just a mix up made by a new employee.
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happened. i mean she is a sweetheart there is no reason for it. >> and the collars are used on dogs they are training only with the earn's permission. >> we have different colors,. >> the certified trainer said it's not a shock color but a static electricity collar. but it shocked them. the owner is owning up to the accident. it was a mistake. >> and the employee has been reprimanded and there is new protocol to make sure it does not happen again. the death of keith emerson. he was a founder of emerson,
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they believe he killed himself. his long time girlfriend found morning. he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. he was a talented keyboardist and teamed up with lake and palmer to produce a series of platinum selling albums. couldwould not forget. incredible video of a tank exploding in the middle of a shopping center. watch this. >> what a boom. investigators say that there was a leak at a smaller fire at a site from the tank. ten fire departments responded to the scene the area had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. tonight another case of the zika virus confirmed here in north carolina. this makes the fifth travel related case in the state. the most involve as person in
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officials say a vaccine could be ready for testing by the fall. the mosquito borne virus is hitting port rockyo very hard. and it has been linked to a defect that levels babies with small heads and developmental delays. it has been a beautiful night for food truck friday at the south end. we stopped by the spot at sycamore brewing. they have five different food trucks there every friday with live music and beer and it is dog friendly. the old food truck spot was bought and turned into office space. >> could you feel the humidity. >> we have the rain.
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we did not tie that it gets your attention. we're 20 degrees warmer than average. you are talking about a high temperature of say 110 trees. let's not go there. and all right well there is the cloud cover with the moisture and humidity. look at this. this was the problem down in dixie. that area of low pressure on top of the southeast sections of texas just anchored itself and continued to roll the moisture up. you will see ahead of it. can you see which is channeling that. that's coming our way and it is about the warm and hot pocket if you will that humidity that's been working its way up into the picture. this cept forecast for saturday. you will see the focus of the warmer weather will be in our part of the sun.
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but that's a long way from us. we're entrenched in the patterns. and well we were not stuck in the rainy pattern. here you go. saturday's forecast the showers show up. look how mild. 59 degrees we take to you 72. that's a big difference from the high that we had today, 81. we had cloud cover. >> and showers here and there and that that's why we allow the showers to get in. maybe capping that off: 60s the highest elevations and it will be mild. that will be the story across the board and.
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we bring it down the room temperature about 72 here and the upstate and, they can poke through and highs getting up to 80 degrees. look at sunday now and temperatures in the 70s. and 2:00 and through charlotte and winding down and pointing out a factor on monday as it rolls through. we'll flatten out. >> notice again not a lot of rain fall in the picture right now a quarter of an inch you
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and 1% 1% of the rain they picked up. >> and let's hope we can wash the allergies out. we take you through the first half of the week. here is paul cameron. we're getting a look at the view from one of the newest towers. the museum apartment tower high rise celebrating the ceremony. they will get a stadium. that was taken by the partners at the observer. the unit, will be hope to renters this fall. cam newton rubbing elbows with the top nba players. he was court side for the cavs and lakers game. it is the final showdown between
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and he had the big hat. and they were filming a show called all in. it is about helping kids reach their arms embargos. some teams reached their dream.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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add big game and hosting detroit. walker enters play with four straight game with 30 points they did not need him to do that. and balance 17 points, 1 1 rebounds. williams he led them with 22. courtney lee the newcomer 15. big al jefferson. 6 in a row. they own the tiebreaker. they host houston at 7:00. college hoops. acc first game of the night. 19. this is from 21 jump street. they dom nated. control inside early. johnson finished with 12 points. they outrebounded them. and page we have a sighting him


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