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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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ahead of tomorrow's primary. good afternoon we thank you for joining us for first at 4:00 on this monday i'm brigida mack. we'll get to those stories in just a moment. first, a storm system moving our way and could bring the possibility for severe storms. >> it bears watching. those storms could bring wind and hail and i've moved to the first alert forecast with meteorologist leigh brock and the timing of this. they are in tennessee right now. >> they have not moved into north carolina yet. the southern mountains facing showers but the rest of us so far so good. here is the progress of it. they are moving from the west. notice how they are moving fairly quickly from the west to the east out of tennessee. you can see some of the showers and some of our southern mountains. farther to the north this is not quite in north carolina yet but just a matter of time before we see this batch in here. that is going to be pushing closer to us. let's look at the numbers. we have temperatures that are
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the 70s. 79 right now in charlotte. 76 in salisbury and 79 in rock hill. temperatures they are still definitely on the warm side through the next several hours. here is where we are going. temperatures in the upper 70s. and we will talk about the rainfall and our thunderstorm potential in a little bit. >> thank you. now is a good time to download the wbtv weather app to track rain and storms in the first-alert weather team. there is a feature that will tell you when lightning strikes near you. the app is free search wbtv in the app stores. >> six people cited at donald trump's campaign event in hickory. charges ranged from disorderly conduct to obstruction. christian flores was at the event and joins us live. christian what was the general tone of the rally? >> well, brigida, as you can imagine there was a lot of excitement.
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excitement was not erupted by protestors who disrupted the rally three times. one group sat in front of media row shouting after trump's first reference to building a wall on the mexico border. each group was pulled out by security. trump went on to talk about his plans to address issues are veterans, trade deficits and national securities. and about the protests at his rally. >> you know how many people have been hurt? basically known other than i guess, maybe somebody got hit once but there is no violence. >> protestors and supporters waited outside because there was not enough room inside. tonight, i talk with more people who attended today's rally. christian flores, wbtv on your side. >> see you then. thank you. sara palin canceled an event
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>> right now we are waiting for democratic candidate bernie sanders to speak at a campaign event in charlotte. wbtv's michael clark joining us live from pnc pavilion where supporters have been waiting all day long. at least they have had good weather. tell us more about what folks can expect there this afternoon. >> thousands of supporters are here to feel the bern. mecklenberg county commissioner pat could have lynn is speaking to supporters. take a look at video of the line waiting to get inside. it wrapped around the parking lot here at the pavilion and some people traveled a couple hours and are waiting to get inside. and most of the folks here are younger. lots of students and political experts will tell you that he has a big following and the people here said they were
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if he continues to reach the base but people [inaudible] and healthcare and education were the biggest reasons why they are backing him and we expect to hear from sanders within the hour. he has been making stops in ohio and cleveland. and after he speaks here in charlotte he will get on a plane and heads towards st. louis. a live look as it develops within the hour. live, michael clark wbtv on your side. >> young college folk it is will be interesting to watch. sanders' opponent hillary clinton will be in our area. she is scheduled to speak in charlotte at 9:15 tonight. sara-blake morgan will be there and have a full report at 11:00 p.m. >> we want to check into the alert center with alex giles. he joins us live with an accident that shutdown part of freedom drive? >> yes, the accident happened earlier but the aftermath is affecting this area. this is freedom drive near wesley village road in
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can see the crews and power lines are down. and there is an accident earlier where two cars collided and one hit a utility pole. freedom drive between morehead and berry hill will be closed for several hours while they work to make those repairs on the road. we will update you and follow the situation as we get the latest information about that repair work going on. back to you. >> that is going to spell trouble for the commute. thank you. a judge ruled three children who went missing for 20 hours last week will stay in protective custody. the children found locked in a closet in an abandoned trailer. detectives need to further investigate the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. they will have supervised visits with family members. >> a south carolina police officer has been released from the hospital after being shot in the arm. dennis alexander has been charged with attempted murder of
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alexander dropped his weapon and said please don't shoot after wounding the officer. police officers say evidence shows the gunman who killed an officer outside a maryland police station wanted to die as well. state flags flying at half-staff in honor of 28-year-old police officer jack colson. the attack was unprovoked sunday afternoon. the suspect was injured and is being treated at the hospital. >> a woman taken to the hospital after a mobile home caught fire in gaston county. the fire started at 8:30 this morning on oak run court in bessemer city. ems took the woman to the hospital for smoke inhalation. firefighters still working to determine what started that fire. >> time to check in for the first time this afternoon with our tonya rivens. between freedom drive and what we're seeing on the dot camera, you have your hands full already? >> a busy start to the monday afternoon commute. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank.
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at tyvola road the left lanes blocked due to an injury accident and a backyard beyond arrowood i-77 northbound. certainly an alternate route would be south boulevard or south tryon to get around this. because we have a problem over on south boulevard as we look at this backup. it's at least three-four miles of stop-and-go traffic as a result of this accident. and then an accident at south boulevard and tyvola road as well. congestion in that area. park road is a great alternate route. and we'll check in on wilkinson boulevard in our next traffic back to you. >> thank you. this afternoon investigators are trying to figure out what caused an amtrak train to derail hurting passengers. >> next, what the scene looked
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jumped the tracks. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. 30 people hurt this afternoon after the train they were riding jumped the tracks.
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figure out why the train derailed west of witch ka, kansas. folks were crying for help and looking for family members. you you can only imagine a scene like that. >> in the dark, too. everything seems more chaotic as `well. they were looking into the possibility that an earlier car accident had done something to the tracks or something. early on in the investigation. >> and you can see the aftermath and the cleanup process that has to take place. >> big job ahead. it's hard to know what instinctings will kick in when you are in a dangerous situation. >> for one, 104-year-old woman how she scared off someone trying to break into her home next. >> we are tracking rain and thunderstorms back in tennessee. some will be making their way into the wbtv viewing area and
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hours and your day on tuesday is there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child
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where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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>> back to our alert center with alex giles to talk about a bus accident that hpened in the university area. >> just got this information into the newsroom and video from our sky3 overhead on 485 near rocky river road a school bus involved in an accident with a vehicle. one person did have to go to the hospital with minor injuriesment and you see the car smashed up in the front. we reached out to the schools
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involved and that is something we are trying to figure out. you see school bus accidents in residential areas but not always on highways like that. as soon as we get information we will pass it along to you. back to you. >> and jamie was telling me it says mecklenburg catholic schoolsment and we'll look for you the next time we get back to you. >> first at 4:00 terrifying situation. a burglar tries to break into the home of a 104-year-old woman but she did something simple and smart. she heard a noise at the window in the middle of the night and saw someone looking inside and cutting through the screen. instead of calling police she turned on the light. it scared the would be robber away and hopefully for good. >> probably they never happen again. >> i hope not. >> you never know. >> the woman says times have changed in her neighborhood.
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house or her car. but i bet she does now. >> the family of a 13-year-old boy who underwent a heart transplant is asking for prayers. we told you about albert jefferies last week from north carolina and learned days before his surgery he would get a new heart. the surgery was successful but he is now having complications with his kidneys. add blueberries to your diet. researchers say the fruit may fight off alzheimer's. patients with mild cognitive problems who took blueberry power showed improvements in brain power. the fruit may protect against heart disease and cancer. >> that season will be here soon enough. and let's update the traffic. tonya rivens busy in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. let's check in on wilkinson
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john belk merges into west boulevard and slow-moving traffic. alex mentioned that road closure due to an injury accident. the utility pole down. freedom drive and wesley village road is where the closure is. and notice that it is at least a mile. traffic is being detoured around this but we have slow-moving traffic on wilkinson boulevard in this area by tuckaseegee road or going away from tuckaseegee rather. and slow-moving traffic on i-77. tuckaseegee may be one of the alternate routes to consider as we see red on the mapping system. there is debris in the roadway between freedom and berry hill road they are working hard to get this cleared out. but the evening commute is affected because that is a main artery for commuters. >> thank you. >> let's talk weather. there's things to talk about. beautiful, warm and sunny but thunderstorms are not far away. >> and for our neighbors to the north it could be more of an
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>> our mountain counties, you can see the showers and thunderstorms rolling through. here is what it looks like. most of the rain back into tennessee but it is coming our way. and doing that quickly. here is what it looks like in charlotte. calm and clear and dry. and the hd towercam. still looking good. maybe the calm before the storm. we'll see what happens over the next several hours. right now, just about the entire viewing area, completely dry. we have seen includes move in in the mountain areas into the foothills back into tennessee where we will look first of all because that is where the action is right now. here you see the heavy rains. those are pushing off to the north and the east. a little bit of good news if you acin avery, ash, watauga, this may miss you. northern parts of those counties may see a little bit of rain. otherwise i do not think that is the one that gets us. but there is more back to the west. this is rotating through.
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potential for showers and thunderstorms. here is our future-cast. notice for the next little bit for your 4:00 p.m. hour we have a couple of showers in the highest elevations. the rest of us dry but seeing the clouds increase. after that, monday 6:00 p.m. forecast rain over the mountain areas. avery, ash, watauga and burke and caldwell you could pick up heavier rain. and 8:00 p.m., that batch pushes to the east. and more forms to the south closer to charlotte, lincoln and gaston county and cleveland county. you could see the rain picking up as well. and it pushes to the east by 10:00 p.m. we are not done. even the charlotte area could see showers or a thunderstorm. and let me remind you no those could be severe. gusty winds and also possibly heavy rain and hail cannot be ruled out. and the forecast tore tomorrow morning it's out of here.
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56 is the temperature. and the rest of the day, still not half bad back to the 80s. and 72 in the middle of the day. 81 your high temperature with a lot of sunshine. and it stays nice from there. a temperature of 81 on tuesday. 82 on wednesday. back to the 70s on thursday. we will start to step it down heading into friday. 69 is the temperature over the weekend low to mid-60s. look at monday, how are we going to handle that? 58 . and a better chance of rain saturday and again on sunday. there is the forecast. back over to you. >> thank you. most kids cannot wait until the final bell but when city leaders worry the most. what charlotte's mayor is doing to keep students out of trouble after school. >> why this photo of the first daughters has gone viral.
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the "daily detour." she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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[ ] >> welcome back time for the "daily detour." we put two minutes on the clock. >> reps from richard simmons putting rumors about him being in danger to rest. reports that simmons is held inside his home against his will are false. instead the 67-year-old is taking a break from the public eye after 40 years of being in the spotlight. simmons is committed to helping
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behind the scenes now. there have been reports and interesting articles written about his friends having difficulty reaching him. >> saying his housekeeper was holding him hostage and the reps say not true. bernie mac mack's widow is speaking publicly. rhonda appeared on oprah where are they now and grapple's with his death. she met mack when she was 16 and struggled to find her purpose after he passed because so much of her life was spent with him. he was just 50 when he died. >> the force is strong in john friday the 23-year-old "star wars" actor delivered toys to sick children at the royal hospital in london. he came the request of a fan daniel bell diagnosed with a
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his dream was to meet fin and he came to the hospital in character to grant that wish. special. >> i never get tired of those stories. they are super cool. if you have a younger sibling you can relate... this picture of the eldest malia giving her sister the thumb's up as she chats with ryan reynolds has gone viral. they were attending their first state dinner. i feel like malia is teasing her because sasha is having a moment that is shade. something that i would do to my sister. >> out of sight he is not paying attention. >> she is clearly -- >> cool moment. lots of fun. >> we have more news ahead. a presidential candidate on his way to speak to our area. >> live to democrat bernie sanders' campaign rally.
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at 4:00. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> right now we are waiting for democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders to take the stage in charlotte on the eve of the north carolina primary. we will bring you live coverage of his speech once he arrives.
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4:00 i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack. thank you for joining us. right now our first-alert weather team is tracking the potential for severe storms this afternoon and into the evening. >> meteorologist leigh brock join uses from the first alert weather center. >> when the storms come through we are likely to see heavy rain. and also hail and gusty winds that would be a possibility. depends where they are at what time. we have a couple more hours of heating before the suppose goes down and after that the chances will be going down. and the forecast right now we have temperatures in the upper 70s. some areas close to 80 . and ahead of this we have sunshine and it's moving into an unstable atmosphere but the rain and the thunderstorms have been in tennessee. and here is the main line of this. look at the heavy rain. and this is back into tennessee. here is our viewing area. ashe county and watauga. and look at the lightning.
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north and the east. there is a chance may be the northern tip of ashe county you might see the thunderstorms passing through and this batch may miss us. here is for now upper 70s. we have an 80 reading in albemarle, rockingham. 79 in charlotte and 73 in shelby. looks beautiful outside. we have had the gorgeous day from our hd towercam. and the several the next several hours 77 is 5:00 p.m. temperature. 74 at 7:00 p.m. and 68 at 9:00 p.m. and the rain chances increase. the forecast is coming up. >> thank you. presidential candidates making their case for your vote today in north carolina. 55,000 early voters have locked in their choices in mecklenberg county. the director of elections anticipating 140,000 people will vote on election day.
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escobar is on your side when you can expect to see the shortest lines at the polls. >> the director of elections told me if you vote at a school avoid doing it at pick up and drop off times and how quick it is to vote. >> it gives you two chances. >> election workers will be ready to help you out in case you have questions. early voting was a success at 17 locations and tuesday there will be 195 locations. presidential politics attracts the most voters and his office has planned for it. the ballot is not long and it should not take people to vote. he told me when the good time to vote if you have a choice. >> during the day, mid-morning, midafternoon, it's quiet. it's usually quiet and then for


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