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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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us. they got here earlier, the fire coming through the roof. they put it out in 18 minutes. the guys were on the roof and the back patio. you see a couple firefighters pulling lines, pulling the hoses back in and out of the building right now, making sure the hot spots are put out. the building has been here 70 years, the el paisano restaurant, there has been four or five renovations, in those 70 years, a lot of things to work through, a lot of roofing to work through. firefighters believe this fire started in the back of the building, i put something out on twitter showing a couple fire investigators working through some of the debris in the back of the building out there and i want to you check that out. my handle @thedavenreport. chris, one lane is still closed outbound on albermarle, if traffic gets bad what can drivers do? >> chris: easy alternates, mark, first alert traffic sponsored by
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let's look at the mapping systems, if you're outbound, if you need to, it would be north sharon amity over to central avenue put you around the fire scene there. there you see it inbound lanes all over, outbound, one lane is open but fire trucks still blocking at least one or two of those outbound lanes there as mark said. let's take a live look, john belk and up toward bank of america stadium, volume of traffic here pretty light, running along smoothly in center city. let's take a look at john belk, brookshire, no significant problems. both highways running in the green. further up to the north, just north of noda, accident statesville avenue at atando, so expect you will find a few delays there, if you're inbound along statesville avenue, and looking at the overall commute, most of us still running in the green with a few slow downs, providence road inbound and independence boulevard before albermarle. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and
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>> christine: following more breaking news at in the hour, the state bureau of investigation is in anson county right now investigating a deputy-involved shooting. it happened late last night on boat landing road. and that is where we find ashton pellom live at the scene. so ashton, what can you tell us happened? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. the scene very much so still active, i'll step out of the way you can see anson county deputy car, blocking the road that leads down to boat landing road where the shooting actually happened. with that anson county officer and a man is what i'm being told. we can't get down there to the scene but what i am being told by officials so far, they do tell me this happened around 11:00 last night at a home down there on boat landing road. officers here on scene the deputies i should say, wouldn't go in much detail seeing it is an officer-involved shooting. the sbi is here, a man was shot. at last check that man was -- is still alive, was shot by a
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deputy is okay, that shot the man. details around what the deputy was doing before he shot that man is still up in the air right now, they haven't confirm anything, the state bureau of investigation is still out here on the scene, as soon as i get more details, i'll make sure to update you on air and online at but just to recap in anson county, a deputy shot a man on boat landing road, i'll keep you updated. reporting live, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: we have more breaking news out of cabarrus county this morning, all lanes have reopened on i-85 southbound after a crash involving a pedestrian. it happened around 2:00 on i-85 near concord mills boulevard exit. we reached south to learn the condition of the pedestrian, when we get information we'll bring it to you on air and online at >> christine: crime alert in east charlotte, several officers
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a call, this morning two people under custody now. happened at 8:00 near the intersection of milton and barrington drive. authorities were responding to an assault call when they saw one of two people shoot in the air. the officers followed the pair to the woods where they were taken in custody. neighbors say it is concerning. >> for this amount of police to be out here at this time of night, you know, literally surrounding apartments, had to be something pretty bad. >> the officers never returned fire and were not hurt. police have not released the names of the two who were taken in custody. >> john: a teen charged in a shooting in uptown charlotte that sent want man to the hospital will appear in court today. police say this man, 19-year-old dajour smith shot a man outside the transit center. smith knew the victim and they were in an altercation. >> christine: patrick cannon is sentenced to minimal jail time after he pleads guilty to a charge of attempted voter fraud.
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federal prison to face the charge back here in mecklenburg county. cannon admits he cast a ballot right after he pleaded guilty to the federal corruption charge. convicted felons aren't allowed to vote until they serve a sentence. a judge sentenced him to one day in jail, he will serve that at the same time he's serving his federal sentence. >> john: five deputies suspended for their actions at a donald trump rally where a protester was sucker punched in the face. you've seen the video. the cumberland county sheriff says three deputies were demoted and suspended without pay for five days. other two suspended with pay. the sheriff launched an investigation after the video surfaced. the deputies witnessed the assault, didn't do anything about it. authorities charged a 78-year-old with assault and disorderly conduct. >> christine: thieves smash their way in a store, all caught on camera. this happened yesterday morning at the a1 concept store.
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north tryon street. listen to business owner's reaction. >> at first i thought it was broken glass, then i got here and i was like oh, wow, drove through the store. >> is it frustrating as a business owner? >> oh, definitely. you lose money especially we'll be down god knows how long. >> the thieves took cheap cell phones and shoes. if you have information about the crime, call 704-334-1600. still plenty ahead here in the 6:00 a.m. hour of wbtv news this morning. >> john: officers across the country feel like they are getting a bad rap for highly publicized incidents. one officers trying to change the public's opinion with a help of a police horse. a check of first alert weather, 48 degrees in charlotte, 41 up in boone. 49 shelby, 41 albermarle, 52 in statesville and 48 in chester. a live look at i-77 at west boulevard, things are moving smoothly. we had issues this morning.
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minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this
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it is you're planning your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: welcome back, every morning we bring you brand new stories in our 6:00 a.m. hour, so here's what is coming up at 6:33, south carolina is taking new steps to find families for foster children. we'll hear from governor nikki haley about the initiative. ever wonder who decides what you see on those sports broadcasts? at 6:42, we'll take you behind the scenes of the ncaa tournament and incredible story of survival for one dog, how she
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right now check back in with kristen miranda. >> john: a preview of one amusement park's big announcement. >> kristen: we say amusement park, lake light seaworld look at apple tv the 30 or so orca is what that live at seaworld parks are the last generation that will ever live there. seaworld breaking the news, they have been listening to society and making changes. they won't collect any more marine mammals from the wild, they haven't collected an orca from the wild in 40 years. the company will end the breeding of captive orcas. humane society of the united states saysunitedstates has been working with seaworld, they sent out a statement praising seaworld for the changes. there will be more on the story on cbs this morning, they will
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of seaworld right here on wbtv starting at 7:00. this is big news for those who are animal lovers, people in the animal community. happy to see seaworld making this change to the orca breeding program. >> john: 13 after 6:00. this morning police officer in ohio helped save a man from being hit by a train. you want to look at your tv, a van driver tried to go around the truck on the train tracks and got stuck. when officer harold duncan saw it, he got him to safety. seconds later, the train barrels in the van. no one was hurt. >> christine: wow. >> john: also new this morning, police officers say these days they are getting a bad rap, mainly because of all the incidents happening nationally. >> christine: one officer in new orleans turned to facebook to show people what it is like to be on patrol with a little spin.
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partnered with matt mccleary. she has her own facebook page shedding light on the good things the police department does. >> i think a positive light on police as opposed to negative things out there lately. >> they are even considering getting more facebook pages for the other patrol horses. that is a neat idea. >> john: maybe do that in charlotte. >> christine: we know those officers are doing good things out there. >> john: 14 after 6:00, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. i think horse was saying i want to see al conklin. >> al: yeah, right. can you imagine what mr. ed would have done with social media, amazing that horse is on facebook. >> christine: ha ha ha ha. >> al: much cooler than yesterday, 86 degrees, record high temperature, temperatures have fallen off, 5 to 20 degrees cooler. king street in boone, dry conditions here courtesy of, in the 30s in the mountains, you'll get back
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blowing rock, gusty breed will be out there, no gusty breeze. 41 in boone, 37 morganton, 48 shelby, charlotte, 41 albermarle, 44 wadesboro. much cooler start today, we will wind up going from 51 at 8:00 to 77 this afternoon, still way above the average. but cooler than yesterday. again, nice day today, chilly weekend on the way, lots of clouds, bouts of rain, time on this not good at all i will break it down so you can make your plans this weekend not a wash out, all that in the seven day planner. 6:15, check in with chris. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. keeping you updated about the fire situation on albermarle road at a restaurant, overnight that is albermarle at central avenue, inbound lanes are all open, one outbound lane away from independence boulevard is closed down. fire crews still on the scene
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looking live at i-77 west boulevard, john belk and brookshire in the green, we do have an accident up at statesville avenue at atando, expect inbound delays along statesville, still most of our major highways, interstates running in the green, seeing slow downs there along providence road. that is a check of traffic, christine, over to you. >> christine: how safe is your tap water? >> john: on "cbs this morning," surprising results of u sa today network investigation of water systems. >> christine: next at 6:00, history will be made when seton hall takes the court at ncaa tournament. we'll explain how and look ahead to the game. featuring north carolina teams. wbtv is always on your side, in
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>> john: now 20 min 20 minutes after 6:00. this is our hd tower cam, duke energy lit up in green in observation of st. patrick's day today. we want to get over to kristen miranda, live in the alert center with new details just coming in. >> kristen: john and christine, we have been talking about this, al wears green, chris, you two have green. >> christine: you don't. >> kristen: i forgot. a lot of people wearing green in savannah. let's take a live look, there it is. savannah looking gorgeous, that is river street all of river street closed starting today because that is where the weekend-long activities begin in savannah. a huge place for people to go
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and thousands go for the parade which is today. the roadway is closed so they can have stuff going on all weekend long. if we can look at apple tv, the parade route this morning, starts at 10:15 and that is parade map, where the parade goes, if you're still looking for a thing to do, if you left now, you could get there probably be close, could you see the parade. that is where people are going to be setting up this morning, we've gotten word from our sister station, wtoc that people are up and picking their spots along the route. it will be a big day in beautiful savannah today. >> christine: a big deal down there. >> kristen: sure is. >> christine: a men's basketball player at seton hall will become the first openly gay player in the tournament.
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>> my teammates knows, everybody knows, no pressure, just me doing what i know how to do. >> gordon's seton hall pirates take to the floor tonight against gonzaga. >> john: the ncaa tournament tips off, first game features unc asheville playing duke at 12:15, in providence, rhode island. unc plays tonight against unc wilmington. not unc asheville. later tonight, unc plays florida gulf coast. >> christine: unc wilmington playing duke. >> al: we have students we know at unc wilmington that occasionally live at our homes, they are excited.
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mid-day just to watch the game. >> christine: priorities. >> al: i'll let them know you said asheville. they don't want to be in the mountains, they're at beach. very little here the last couple weeks, it has been so dry here, we'll make up for this and the timing is not great. this weekend. not a lot of rain coming but i tell you, just after having such a great week of weather, as we get toward friday and the weekend, we'll see cloud cover increase and we will whittle away that the deficit. now two inches for the month and two inches for the year. i want to caution you don't cancel outdoor plans, you have to deal with rain and definitely much cooler weather. a lot of cloud cover but not a wash out. this is scott clark's toyota in stallings, dry conditions, clear skies. 48 degrees, great visibility, light breeze out of the northwest at three miles per hour, temperatures in the 40s. it is 36 in morganton, 53 at the airport in hickory, 55 in statesville, 44 salisbury,
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low 40s lincolnton, 49 right now in monroe. all these temperatures running from 5 to 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday, so again, this is the beginning stages, not still very nice this afternoon. decent amount of sunshine in the mountains in the 60s, plenty of sunshine, mid 70s from morganton, lenoir, taylorsville, a couple high clouds. here in charlotte, high temperature of 77, like wise lincolnton, mooresville, statesville, 76 hickory, nearly 80 down around wadesboro and upper 70s to about 80 from pageland, chester and rock hill, plenty of sunshine. last night's front is just to the south of us, so sunshine for today, then a gradual increase in cloud cover coming tomorrow and then as you notice as we go from tomorrow morning in to saturday morning, the clouds really thicken up here, high pressure to the north will provide the chilly breeze out of the northeast, low pressure from the gulf will provide the moisture, the end result is a lot of cloud cover. the low itself will cut south of
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saturday night into sunday. but it will be close enough we will get rain. not heavy rain, that will be reserved for the coastal plain, but 50/50 chance of rain, probably an 80% chance saturday night into sunday morning but goes up from saturday mid-day through sunday mid-day and back down. will return to sunshine for the better part of next week. the weekend is when everybody would love to get the 70s and 80s, we have 50s. just the way it is. pattern unfolding before us now. 77 today, 69, partly sunny tomorrow, rain from mid-day on saturday off and on in early sunday. clears out, back in the 60s and 70s next week. 6:25 here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. getting you out there on the roadways for your thursday morning commute, most of our major interstates still looking pretty good, running in the green this morning, start in center city with a look at john belk over to the brookshire, no problems there.
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north of noda, statesville avenue, inbound at atando, accident in the road there, about 15 minutes, but expect you may find a few delays along statesville. interstates 485 looks good, 77, 85 okay, a few slow downs beginning to pop up down to our south around the arboretum area, and we've been following this breaking news overnight with a fire at a restaurant on albermarle road, inbound lanes toward independence are are all open, but there is still a lane blockage heading outbound with fire crews on the scene there, so again, central avenue, north sharon amity, if you find the delays you're looking for a way around that down to sent val avenuecentral andback to albermarle. christine, over to you. >> christine: president obama made his nomination for the supreme court of the united states. >> john: a look ahead to merrick garland's schedule today. you're watching wbtv news this
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back. >> john: mecklenburg county bans the box. commissioners will stop asking appear play cans if they are convicted criminals. >> christine: a new initiative to help foster children find families in south carolina. nikki haley speaks about the campaign. >> john: thanks for watching wbtv news this morning, it is now 6:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. good morning. start this half hour with a look at first alert weather, we told you changes would be coming, temperature-wise and meteorologist al conklin has more details on that. you're the one who said it, al. >> al: i share. i share this anchor desk with you. yesterday record, 86, today in the 70s, still above normal. toward the weekend a major chill down.
6:30 am
train just came by, clear skies, sun will be up in an hour. 42 in boone, 53 hickory, 40s gastonia, salisbury, monroe and rock hill. it is st. patrick's day, hope you have a great one, thursday, lots of sunshine, start off this morning at 53 degrees here and by the lunch time, temperatures in the low 70s, late afternoon 77 and heading out this weekend, temperatures in the mid 60s, under partly cloudy skies, a bit of a chill down, goodbye 80s, hello 50s. we have a parade saturday morning i'll cover that under a couple minutes. rain chances are going up this weekend. >> chris: the cool-down doesn't last long. >> al: seven day planner holds promise, timing is brutal. brutal. >> chris: fire on albermarle at centralle avenue, a live look, wbtv's mark davenport has been
6:31 am
cleared the scene so all lanes along albermarle road at central avenue have reopened. take a look at the mapping system point out where this happened during the overnight hours. there you have redmond and central, back in the green there along that section of albermarle. looking live at i-77 arrowood, volume of traffic picking up across the charlotte area this morning but most of our majors continue to run in the green with a few slow downs on highway albermarle split. we have an earlier accident, statesville at atando, expect you may find a few inbound delays along statesville. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: people applying for county jobs in mecklenburg unty no longer have to indicate if they are a convicted criminals. commissioners unanimously approving the removal of the question from county job applications.
6:32 am
areas on job applications that require to you check off if you are are a convict. >> we've been talking about access to economic opportunity. you can't have access to economic opportunity if you don't have a job. >> that's right. >> to support your family. >> that's right. >> so we need to be in the business of removing barriers. >> this would not do away with background checks. >> john: all new, south carolina governor nikki haley and the state's department of social services are launching a new program to help recruit foster parents. the initiative is called champions for children. according to the governor, 54% of foster children are not placed within their own county because they are not enough foster families. >> these children are vulnerable. they have been through a traumatic situation. but they are lovable and they want a home and they want a place they will feel protected. >> dss director says her department has worked to
6:33 am
process since the shortage was identified. governor haley says the goal is to recruit 1500 more families. david howard is taking a job with the federal government. several courses confirming to us here at wbtv that howard accepted a role within the ranks of the u.s. department of transportation, will work in the federal highway administration. howard is not commenting about the job but is expected to start at the end of the month. >> christine: his new boss, u.s. secretary of transportation anthony foxx will be in charlotte today, speaking at the southeast rail forum at 1:00 today. fox x discuss to discuss a range of issues including how to build a stronger train network here in the southeast. now 6:34, get back to kristen miranda. >> john: live in the alert center with a story happening right now in paris, what have you got? >> kristen: something interesting happening in paris. lawmakers leading the
6:34 am
there back on november 13th that killed so many people, they are reenacting the killings inside that concert hall, that bataclan concert hall, they hope it will shed light on what happened when the gunmen startedded opening fire. later today they will stage a fake bombing on a mock sports crowd. that will be reminiscent of the suicide attacks on the french national stadium outside paris. lawmakers using them to try to get a sense of how these things are happening with the hope of preventing them in the future. back to you. >> john: time for quick look at top stories from across the nation and around the world. >> christine: president obama's supreme court nominee heads to capitol hill to meet with senators. on wednesday the president tapped merrick gar land to fill the seat left vacant by the late antonin scalia. president obama is urging senate republicans to grant the
6:35 am
mitch mcconnell rejected the idea. >> john: the 13th republican debate will not happen next week. fox news canceling the debate after donald trump refused to participate because of a prior engagement. after trump pulled out, john kasich did as well. >> christine: nikki haley is throeing her support behind ted cruz. she previously supported marco rubio before he dropped out on tuesday. >> john: despite in-fighting in the republican party one person not running for president is paul ryan. former speaker john boehner suggested he should be the republican nominee if no one wins the first ballot at the republican national convention. a spokesperson says he is grateful but not interested. the republican national convention takes place this summer in cleveland.
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is a live look at i-77 at arrowood road exit and we're seeing traffic slowing in the northbound lanes. you see the northbound lanes moving away from us and people are starting to hit the brakes here, this area often getsed by locked and seeing congestion, if this is part of your commute, give yourself extra time. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: at bottom of the hour, looking at a nice day, lots of sunshine, warm, chiliier air filtering in. temperatures about 10 degrees cooler, we're from 5 to 20 degrees cooler as the air is now coming out of the north, dry, cool air coming out of the north as opposed to the south. numale fishing forecast, 51 this morning, a few high clouds this afternoon, 72 lunch time and 77 for late this afternoon. linda powers of the lansing sent in a picture of asher, her grandson, an excellent fourth grade student on his way to blue
6:37 am
catch. when not fishing he likes to race dirt bikes. way to go, buying guy, big guy you're our catch of the day. 77 today, sunshine, close to 70 tomorrow, more cloud cover, saturday not looking great, temperatures in the 50s, overnight lows in the 30s. we have rain that we'll have to deal with, i'll cover that in the seven day forecast in a couple minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning -- >> christine: looking ahead to charlotte's st. patrick's day parade plus what it takes for cbs to broadcast your favorite teams, a look behind the scenes of the ncaa tournament, you'll see that only on wbtv right after the break. >> john: first, a look at what
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>> on your side right now you're watching wbtv news this morning. >> john: all new, with the ncaa tournament tipping off today, a really unique behind the scenes look at what goes in the broadcast you will be watching. a cbs crew of 65 people work ten hour days for the past week to make sure you get to see your favorite teams playing in raleigh. now mike arnold will check every camera choose what you see at home, even though directed big events including the super bowl, it is still nerve racking. >> try not to think how many people watch, i would never make a decision. everybody yelling and screaming and filter out what you don't need to know and what you do need to know. >> we're on your side within important programming note.
6:42 am
the ncaa tournament from noon until 5:00. the regular programs resume monday. for complete look at the schedule, log on to >> christine: also looking ahead on this st. patrick's day morning, we want to remind you we're a few days away from the 20th annual charlotte st. patrick's day, and festival. the festival begins this saturday at 10:00 in the morning runs until 6:00 at night. parade begins at 11:00 a.m. and all of the festivities are happening in uptown charlotte. you don't want to miss that. 20th annual parade and a lot going on, take the whole family. >> john: it is big, a special grand marshall of the parade, lots of floats, bands, what do i need to wear when i go? >> christine: long sleeves or short sleeves?
6:43 am
will you need the umbrella? i expect dry and chilly for the morning and most of the midday hours, rain may not be too far away, 20% chance during the early morning. low 50s to start the parade, mid 50s toward the afternoon hours. here is the key, lots of clouds and northeast breezes make it feel cooler, just plan on fairly chilly weekend coming up. let's go through the seven day forecast, first off, nothing chilly about it, 77 degrees, this is nice, sunshine, a few high clouds, not bad at all. so what we're looking at is the last of the warm weather, temperatures in the 80s yesterday, today, looking at much cooler conditions going forward, each day we sort of stair-step down. good deal of sunshine tomorrow, increasing clouds in the afternoon only in the upper 50s in the mountains, upper 60s to low 70s across the piedmont, which is still above average this time of the year but again a step down in terms
6:44 am
saturday, 50% chance of rain. 56 degrees is the high. rain is probably back end-loaded. keep in mind also while we have the parade in center city charlotte we also have 321 dash for down syndrome. winding up in the 50s. deeper through the day rain chances pick up. if i had to say best opportunity for rain is probably late saturday through early sunday. saturday night is going to be probably wet and very chilly around here. beyond that, we should see temperatures start to rebound pretty nicely with highs getting back up in the 60s and and 70s. the timing is not great for the weekend. best opportunity for rain, saturday afternoon, saturday night, early sunday, then gone sunday afternoon. that is the forecast, right now in the 40s in charlotte headed for the upper 70s, should be a nice one. lots of sunshine. check in with chris, 6:45, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte. getting you out the door, we do
6:45 am
system, this is at north tryon at dalton, busy intersection for folks heading inbound but most of the delays we're seeing here are northbound heading out on dalton avenue. live look i-77, arrowood, much heavier volume of traffic here at 6:45, inbound delays are beginning to build coming across 77 and 485, so rock hill commute, 22 minutes, concord to center city, 18 minutes, lake norman southbound, 20 minutes, average speed of 50-miles-per-hour. here is a look at overall map, major interstates like 485, 77, 85 looking okay right now but delays out of lake norman and northbound across 485. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: 6:46 right now, kristen miranda has been getting the latest news as she is combing the wires for information and videos in the alert center with news out of cairo, egypt. what is happening?
6:46 am
interesting for those of you who were in to artifacts and things like that from early egyptian times. look at this picture, we can tell you coming from the news conference in cairo this morning, analysis of scans of king tut's burial chamber revealed two hidden rooms. researchers think they could contain some metal or organic material. these are japanese researchers, they are going to scan the chambers again at end of the month. one expert thinks perhaps the remains of queen nefertiti might be inside. there is no consensus, but interesting this morning they are still after all these years, finding secret rooms and chambers in the area where king tut's burial chamber was. >> john: after the break, how a dog found its way home after falling overboard in the pacific ocean. >> christine: we switch over to
6:47 am
your under exposed film festival. we'll be joined by a representative to tell you how you can enter your films in this competition. that and so much more from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. on bounce tv. here is where you can find bounce based on your cable provider or live stream the newscast at coming up, we'll speak with senators from both are parties about president obama's supreme court nominee, merrick garland. humane society president joined seaworld's ceo to announce changes to the program. more real news coming up on "cbs
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>> john: give you a quick look at top local stories. >> christine: several breaking news stories this morning. wbtv's ashton pellom is live on the scene at one of them where there is a deputy-involved shooting in anson county. ashton, what is the very latest? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. details are very limited right now. i'll step out of the way, deputies are are telling me shooting happened down this road, boat landing road in rural anson county. there was a deputy-involvement shooting. one deputy shot a man down that road. car has been blocking us, the man is so far at last check still alive this morning. details around what happened before that shooting are still limited at this time, asking questions as soon as we get the questions answered we'll update you on air and online at roaring live in anson county, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: more breaking news out
6:52 am
catching fire early this morning. this was the scene on albermarle road at el paisano restaurant. firefighters closed to force lanes on albermarle road several hours, all lanes of albermarle have reopened. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> christine: all lanes reopen on i-85 south after a crash involving a pedestrian there. this was at 2:00 near the concord mills boulevard exit. crash shut down all southbound lanes for about two hours. we reached out to troopers to learn the condition of the pedestrian, when we get more information we'll brinn it to you on air and online at wbtv >> john: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al conklin. >> al: we have temperatures in the upper 40s. clear skies, brighter sky looking toward the east in stallings, if you look closely toward the east, clear condition, plenty of sunshine, starting off chilly, 48 charlotte, 49 monroe, over to gastonia, 53 hickory, 35 in
6:53 am
42 up around albermarle and salisbury, high pressure today means plenty of sunshine, should be a nice afternoon, then going from thursday into friday, we see a gradual increase in cloud cover and eventually from friday and especially saturday into sunday, high pressure to the north, cool air, low pressure from the south, a lot of cloud cover and some rain, not a wash-out but a good chance for rain from saturday afternoon through saturday night and through the midday hours on sunday before we clear out. should be very nice next week, timing is everything an right now the timing not looking great for the weekend. 48 headed for 77 this afternoon. good deal of sunshine on the hd tower cam. here is chris, an update first alert traffic. >> chris: back ups build on north tryon. first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we do have a new accident, this is north tryon at dalton, seeing delays there both in and out bound at that intersection, expect that you will find emergency crews on the scene there. a live look i-77 at arrowood, inbound backing up from 485 up
6:54 am
so heading in the rush hour, starting to see a few of those delays, 77 southbound through center city as well. coming inbound on brookshire, we have a new accident, brookshire boulevard right there at i-85, right now, not seeing any significant delays, we'll keep our eye on that one. the alternate would be rozzelles ferry road. that is a check of traffic, christine. >> christine: kristen miranda back with three big stories we need to watch. >> kristen: the governor of michigan will testify before a house hearing on the flint water crisis. >> president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland will meet with democrats on capitol hill. >> the big breaking story you will talk about, seaworld no longer participating in captive breeding of orca is what. theiswhales.they really listen to what
6:55 am
saying. >> christine: they have been getting push-back, interesting, thanks, kristen. one lucky german shepherd has the navy to thank for reuniting her for her family. >> luna missing five week, assumed to be dead after going overboard off a fishing boat. >> kristen: she manage to swim top san clemente island, owned and operated by the navy and reunited her with the family. >> john: what a story, wow. >> christine: they probably had no hope of finding her. >> john: i tell thank you was something else. >> christine: we're switching to bounce tv right now.
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morning" keep it here, have captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." supreme court nominee merrick garland heads to capitol hill today, but the senate's gop leaders refuse to meet with him. breaking news. seaworld says it's going to end its controversial killer whale shows. the company's ceo is in studio 57. and major league baseball player gives up 13 million dollars in a showdown over his son spending te in the clubhouse. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the next president is going to make the decision. send us a nominee and we will deal with it then. >> the president's nomination hits the republican wall. i didn't think the president should send anybody up now
7:00 am
it's just more division. now we have more fighting, more fighting. >> donald trump has decided not to participate in the debate this upcoming monday. >> for whatever reason, it seems that donald trump finds you a very, very terrifying person. >> kasich said if trump is not coming he is not either. a lot of overtime pay down the drain for the fox news techies. i hope they can sleep tonight. >> a victim's family calling for the death penalty to apriver. >> parts of louisiana and texas more rain on the way. >> major league baseball player is choosing his family over a multimillion dollar contract. >> nobody's kid needs to be in a professional locker room every day! >> sad news in the world of music. frank sinatra jr. has tied while on tour. the young frank sinatra was 72 years old. >> 2 million dollar inferno.


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