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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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schools 'can state and nc state contributed more than half a million dollars in constitutional funds to the committee which asked voters to support the bond. all gaves tens of thousands of dollars in non-foundation money institutional money which would be public to the connect nc committee. >> that is not my understanding and i will investigate thank you for point to go out. >> so you are concerned about that? >> i need to know the facts. >> public money cannot be used to support a position for the referendum. do you think accepting that money violated that? >> well, what money? you're asking a hypothetical question. >> bob orr is the chief spokesman for the connect nc committee. >> my primary concern is that we win this referendum today. >> no matter what laws you broke? >> at all costs, no.
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we feel like we have complied with all of the campaign finance laws. all of the election laws. and we expect that all of our supporters have done so also. >> now, in some cases the court has said referendum votes could be invalidated if public money was used to advocate for its passage. we will keep watching. >> if you would like to see a breakdown which public universities contributed institutional funds to the connect nc committee we have it posted on >> north carolina's coal ash commission has been disbanded according to our partners at the "charlotte observer". the commission was formed to oversee state regulators while toque energy closes coal ash ponds. governor mccrory challenged the legislature's appointments to the commission and won. the "charlotte observer" mentioned an e-mail quoting the
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commission is no longer a legal entity. >> two boys 13 and 14 years old are facing charges after shots were fired at charlotte-mecklenburg police. >> the 14-year-old fired at officers last night on milton road as police were responding to a report of an assault. the 13-year-old is charged with resisting arrest. the officers were not hurt. >> police know the area well and they have responded to 80 crimes within a mile of the scene in just the last month. steve crump joins us live from that neighborhood. and one question people are asking: how are kids that young getting their hands on guns? >> interesting question, jamie. from the people we talked with with knowledge of the neighborhood it's not hard at all. if you got the money, you can make the purchase. this environment feeds into a buyers market. the presence of police can be noticed near the scene of
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milton road is no stranger to gun violence. but that does not mean everyone is writing the neighborhood off. new investment has come to the challenged community. several weeks ago, gerald nathan and vicky opened a neighborhood eatery. serving up home-cooked meals is one part of the focus. but they are also concerned about changing the environment near their place of business. >> we came into this area due to the fact we know there are a lot of challenges but i do not consider that a challenge. i consider it someone stepping up trying to help the community. >> based on the statement help here is needed because the suspects and wednesday night's shooting were 14 and 13-year-olds. questions now come about the ease in which guns fall into the hands of juveniles. >> guns just like any corner store, you ask around you might
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one, you got it. >> he remembers the shooting that took the lives of two officers at the nearby kimber ridge apartments. he is among those who understand past violence but she has seen a change. >> now it's like a little better. you can walk around, you can walk around here. >> the kids here just need someone to listen to them. to respect them. >> while vicky battle provides a caring ear her business partner offers this vision. >> we are actually looking to do is to bring the community together through the food that we serve. >> and back again live from east charlotte we have seen police up and down milton road and because of the seriousness of the situation we have seen them riding two to a car. live in east charlotte, steve crump wbtv on your side. >> takes a community effort to solve this. >> a teenager accused of
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in jail after his first court appearance. 19-year-old smith shot 19-year-old ray kwan leigh in a parking lot across from the transportation center. the judge appointed a public defender for smith. he is in jail on $285,000 secure bond. if he gets out he will have to wear an electronic monitor. >> new at 6:00 more than 100 gambling machines were confiscated from 48 different businesses in gaston county. wbtv was there as some of the machines were hauled back to the gaston county police department. we are told the business owners who operated these machines will face misdemeanor charges. more than 44 officers from several different police departments took part in the sting. the money collected will go to the local school system. if you or someone you know has a gambling addiction you can get help at... >> a wanted fugitive from new york state is in the mecklenberg
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federal marshalls located and arrested ramon fraser yesterday in charlotte on pfiefer avenueful he was wanted object weapons charges in new york. fraser awaiting extradition. >> and the luck of the irish we are enjoying a gorgeous sunny day with warm temperatures but i understand there is a change coming. >> it is march. cooler air is creeping into the carolinas along with perhaps weekend rain. chief meterologist, eric thomas tracking it all in the first alert weather center. >> and i want to point out i am wearing green even though we stand in front of a green wall. here we go. on the bigger map, you mentioned the cooler air and rain in your future. weekend. it is gathering steam over the gulf coast. your hd towercam that rain not a factor for the evening if you are stepping out could it be
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76 and the dew point at 26. here it is mid-70s in the piedmont. and cooler in the 50s already there in the high country. your hour-by-hour forecast, 65 at 9:00 and 61 through 11:00 p.m. tomorrow is friday and the weekend is around the corner. and as said cooler and wetter weather on the way. part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> thank you. >> coming up new at 6:00... >> neighbors here say enough is enough. they have called an emergency meeting tonight to talk about the issues at west mecklenburg high school. one neighbor told me the situation is getting scary. that story is coming up. >> and next how this house fire is a good thing for firefighters and neighbors in mecklenberg county.
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with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99, it's gotta be d's. there is an emergency meeting for people who live near west mecklenburg high school. >> they are tired of students causing trouble in their community when they are supposed to be in the classroom. dedrick russell is live where that meeting will take place. is cms responding to the concerns? >> well, maureen, all the
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looks forward to share with the concerned neighbors some of the programs that west mecklenburg high offers. and neighbors tell me that is not a good enough answer. they want to know what the school district will do to keep the students off their streets. >> we want you to come to the meeting tonight. >> anne miller is on assignment. she has lived in the community near west mecklenburg high school for 50 years. her son graduated from the school. miller is involved. no longer a parent, now a messenger. she is handing out the flyer about tonight's emergency neighborhood watch meeting. >> always been a good neighborhood. and we just want to keep it that way. >> miller is fed up with what she sees often outside her door. >> the children roaming the streets, cutting through our yards, jumping our fence, and we have to call 9-1-1. >> she dialed 9-1-1 a few days ago. students were cutting through her yard and she had a
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this is what the students said to her... >> you cannot make me go to school. >> discouraging. >> jim nolan will be at the meeting. why? he graduated from west meck high in 1959 and says things have changed. >> breaking in the houses and all. >> about six months ago police told him the suspects would stole from him are students who attend his alma mater. >> stole my tv and broke into the car and got my gps. >> it's scary for the old folks. >> and neighbors want action. >> it's all experience. >> students say the school is great and concerned a handful of classmates giving the school a bad rap. >> i never saw a bunch of kids skip. >> back on the streets miller still on assignment. >> we are stabbing strong trying our best to help west mecklenburg. >> neighbors tell me they will
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call 9-1-1 if necessary in order to take back their neighborhood. now, cms officials will be here and the representative will be here and cmpd will be here. cms tells me they will talk with the neighbors. and neighbors say they do not anymore talking but action at tonight's meeting. live at the church tonight, dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> they sound concerned. thank you. the emergency meeting starts in an hour. at covenant united methodist church on tuckaseegee road. we will be there for the meeting and we will have coverage on wbtv news at 11:00. >> campaign news just in to the wbtv newsroom. vermont senator bernie sanders says he will not seek a recount of results in missouri's democratic primary and is conceding defeat to clinton she won by 1500 votes and there was a thought that he would seek a recount because the margin was
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state it would not matter much. the delegates will be split. and hillary clinton won all five states that voted on tuesday including here in north carolina and florida and ohio and illinois as she increased her delegate lead in the battle for the white house. this house fire part of a bigger effort to stem losses from flooding in mecklenberg county. we were there as fire department cadets burned the house on stafford circle during a training exercise. the house is on mcmullen creek in an area prone to flooding. storm water services purchased this house as part of the flood buyout program. >> we work with the homeowner. and paid them fair market value for the home and they were able to move out into another home. >> officials figure buyouts like this avoid an estimated $300 million of losses due to flooding. >> let's update the commute. tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center.
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sponsored by people's bank. as we check in on i-77 notice volume on the northbound side. but we have problems 485 at johnston road. volume and a lot of congestion in this area. outer loop. rea road is a great alternate route. and notice all of this volume beyond rea road by providence all the way beyond south boulevard back towards i-77. that is quite a bit of slow-moving traffic for this time of day. we have another accident also at pineville matthews road highway 51 and polk street. park road will help out. but that turns into johnston road also real volume on south boulevard in both directions. as we monitor i-77 and see how traffic is moving, volume northbound and southbound as we look at tyvola road. no accidents. we did have a stranded motorist earlier and that cleared out. safe travels back to you. >> thank you. and we have enjoyed the temperatures over the past couple of days but i understand they will start dropping
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>> reminder it is march today was perfect. >> i love to do. >> here is eric thomas in the first alert weather center. >> i tell you what they have dropped. now i suppose when you are 3 shy of 80 it does not feel that way. 86 a 10 drop today. the high temperature 77 . you will see evidence of cool air trickling in. this is the overnight here as we take you through day break. there's plenty of cool air piling up to the northwest. and a fantastic sunset. metro school in uptown charlotte. 75 . the number there. 76 officially at the airport. mid-70s common in the piedmont. and do you not see much change until you hit 3500 feet boone and blowing rock. charlotte your hour-by-hour forecast we will drop you still going to be comfortable 9:00 p.m. 65 . and 60 through 11:00 p.m. and midnight. again that average high
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hanging around 60 at midnight that is impressive. >> and the rain that we showed you, this is the future-cast and notice it is just sliding off to the east. at least that first batch is. that should clear the way for very nice start on your friday morning. up into the high country no problems. cool, nice start. 40o. how about the piedmont and the greater charlotte area? great shape. cooler and pretty conditions and that temperature 49. all right, back to the future-cast. let's see how the rest of friday will unfold. more batches of rain showing up in the gulf coast. right now not well organized but over the weekend an storm center will get its act together and roll up the eastern seaboard and that is when the chances of rain will go up. tomorrow outdoor plans you are in great shape. 65 with an isolated light brief shower 68 by 4:00 p.m. now the allergy report is interesting. because it will start responding
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weekend that we are expecting. still sky high friday. be careful if you are sensitive. and then look at this saturday down to moderate. not bad. and we come up a little bit on sunday. into the mountains tomorrow 60 for you. and down into the foothills upper 60s to 70 . into the piedmont, nice! talking about again upper 60s to around 70 and a bet you will be around 70 by the end of the afternoon. for the rest of your seven-day first-alert forecast here you go... maybe the allergens get washed out saturday. and the cold air with mountain snow monday. and around charlotte low temperatures getting close to freezing and we rebound and it looks like a pretty week on tap
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much more coming ed. >> far heels take on florida gulf coast tonight and ashley stroehlein and nate wimberly join us live with a preview. hey, guys! >> hey, there are two local guys that have a chance to make a big impact during play starting with kennedy meeks. kennedy has received criticism regarding his play and starting spot but kennedy knows it's always going to be a love-hate deal. so regardless that he knows he
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their focus is winning tonight's game not the outside noise. >> we work hard this season to get that one seed. and as a playing in front of most of our fans a great time for us. something that they deserve. but overall, our main focus is no matter we have to go in with the mindset to win. >> now, while walk on freshman luke may, may not play a major role tonight at some point you will see him in the game. the former star has played in 29 of the games averaging six minutes for contest. he could have got more minutes but the decision to walk on at unc is one that he does not regret. >> i look back in the way we have been playing and how much better i've gotten and the coaching staff playing against all these great players every
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been a great fit for me. and it's been good. it's been up and down. but we have had a lot more ups luckily. we need to keep doing what we have been doing the past couple games and everything should workout. >> great a lot of fans lining up to get in.
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go to break >> a big day for duke. >> big basketball game the first one on wbtv. legality's look at those highlights the tar heels play tonight. and mike mike krzyzewski knew they would be in for a challenge and they were. wilmington looked like they could pull the upset. leading at halftime. but in the end duke wore down the seahawks. and both had 23 points now. duke won 93-85. and they will face yale, yale, saturday in the second round. yale upset baylor and i called it in the brackets. bam. >> you are going to win it again this year. >> ok, eric. >> you always win. great. >> i had baylor. >> great brackets. 69 friday.
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the weekend. look how cool it will be. we will have trouble getting out of the 40s on sunday. >> we thank you for joining us. our news continues after the
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>> absolut
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window of a car after a ferocious hail storm battered north texas. also tonight, under fire over water. >> you messed up 100,000 people's lives, 100,000 of them, 10,000 of those people are six years old and younger. >> pelley: the e.p.a. takes the heat for the crisis in flint. the democrats fall preview. >> donald trump won't make america great again, but he will make republicans the minority again. >> pelley: a sea change at seaworld. the curtain is coming down on killer whale shows. and the players who turned riding bench into an art form. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: late today, the skies opened fire on texas. a violent dalath-forth worth area with huge hail stones leaving
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attacked by machine guns. vinita nair is here with the story and the pictures. >> reporter: hail, ranging in size from an egg to a tennis ball, destroyed just about everything it fell on this morning here in the dallas-fort worth area. in arlington, texas, the violent storm paralyzed the morning commute. in dallas, backyards were covered in a sheet of white. more than two dozen medstar ambulances were put out of services. some of their windshields were punctured by baseball-sized shattered. this greenhouse roof blown over by the storm, the fort worth zoo said the hail killed a number of exotic birds, including five flamingos. the bad weather may not be over yet. there is a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms in dallas tonight and a 50% chance through friday. scott. >> pelley: vanita, thank you. from broazen water we turn now to tainted water. the e.p.a. says over four years,


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