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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  March 18, 2016 12:00am-12:37am EDT

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jim: going to be an 85-57 final. nope, that's it. coach cal and kentucky have an opponent with indiana on saturday. let's bring back the rivalry. and it looks like providence just hit a shot with a second to go against u.s.c. to win it. kentucky rolls on here. providence did just win at the buzzer. i'm told. bill: ben ben till -- ben bentil with that three. jim: and coach cal and kentucky -- by the way that's kentucky's
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2200 for the cats. and let's send it over to you with trace y with the victorious wildcats. tracy: thanks a lot. first let me ask you, jamal, 1-9 but you came without 19 points. what did this guy say to you over in the locker room? >> he said just play. don't think too much that's what i did. i missed in the first half. but i got going in the second. tracy: i think you cleaned that up a little bit. how about his performance and the way he came out after the break? >> can we talk about the first step? his first ncaa tournament game and he was a little shaky. he's a terrific player. he does crazy stuff. it used to be seven times a half. yeah, it was. but he's starting to do the right things. you know, the first half he didn't play the way he's been playing. he's been efficient.
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but we'll chalked it up to the first ncaa tournament game. tracy: let's talk about the second game and that's a matchup with indiana. now, it's here. your thoughts? >> tom crean should be coach of the year nationally. he loses his best player and they win their league like they did? they won on the road. they were unbeatable at home. thank goodness we're not playing them in their building. they pass the ball. they shoot the ball. , you know, we know how hard the game. is we're just happy we're playing another game. tracy: thanks a lot. good luck. >> thank you. jim: it's going to be some guy, isn't it guys? bill: yes, indeed. they're both defensive-minded. gotten better, indiana. jim: the tournament continues live now on tbs and trutv.
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for raf and grant, i'm jim. we'll send you to the studios
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see you saturday. greg: hello, everyone. welcome back to our studios here in new york. greg gumbel along with clark,
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kentucky rolls on 85-57. the wildcats a force to be reckonned with. kenny: without question. you look at tyler ulis and jamal murray, those are two guys regardless if they're shooting well or not, they're steady. they won't turn the basketball over. they can pressure the basketball as well. you add in the blend of everything else. perfect blend. charles: i'm not sure if they can win the tournament. but the next game against indiana, must-see tv. probably two of the best in all of college basketball. cannot wait for saturday. greg: as you say, kentucky moves on to play indiana. meanwhile in east regional play, this one just ended and providence knocking off u.s.c. clark: a terrific game all day long and providence has the ballast and scores the game-winning shot.
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that last -- really last minute and half, they had a chance to close it out and couldn't. greg: they move on to play north carolina. and over on trutv, gonzaga is leading at halftime by a score of 35-25. a reminder, coming up after your late news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert" as he welcomes william h. macy and melissa rauch. followed by "the late late show"." four games in the early block tomorrow. 16 games in all. that will do it for now. are you tired? are you ready -- kenny: they're ready to go. charles: let's find out what we can do in new york city. kenny: you ever heard "fake it
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>> tonight a six-year-old boy helps his family escape this "-jn ko >> i was really scared. >> hearing what he did to get his family outxd alive.r >> i'm jamie. sky 3 was on the scene as firefighters worked to put oute1 thatok massive%@%uj we just got new photosf* showing t0e flames. you canw3ym_ see the little boy
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all new at 11:00. >> this family credits the smallest men mlb of ther household withjs&aving everyone's lives. they say if he hadn't been alert$sthis could have end ed worse.xd >>xd carter engler has>wsr awk favorite things after a fire ripped his homeokf* apart.e1 >> ilpiss my toys, especially myixd ipad. >> mosts* of them gone,jf the family lost two cats, but thanks to carter the peoplelp who were inside arer saf.vy >> i was in theixd bathtub michlt mom was asleep. he came and he told us therexd was a fire and he got us to get out. >> that's right, while the family was relaxing carter was the only one that heard the fire. >> crashing windows. >> quickly he grabbed his family members and led them outside, a narrow escape. >>i 30 seconds after we came out the roof started collapsing. >> i wast(r really scared because i never seen a fire before. >>jf firefightersre1 say ther six-year-old handled thef*
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>> he's my hero. >> the red cross is assisting those who lost her homes. family says they'll be temporarily staying in a hotelr until they find\@ permanent living arrangements. wbtv ont( your side.c cooler temperatures quickly settling in tonight. >> a live look behind us fromxd ours7 hd harre camera. we are looking to changes in the morning and the weeke^bd eric thomase1 isxd live. >> molly, let'st( show you how continues`uf trickle n. you'll see once again cooler air trying to sag into the carolinas, and then next up the cooler perhaps even_[ wetter weather going to be on tap as we take you into the weekend. right now you'll see your out the door temperatures, here's your clock, upper 40s to 50 degrees in the piedmont and high
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charlotte 49 degrees.t( nice start to friday but doesn't look like we will carry that through the weekend. details coming up in your seven-day forecast. >> a teenager accused of ]lwj)n a man in charlotte is back in jails after hiq courti appearance. i' say 19-year-old smith shot jaqawni lee yesterday. judge appointed a public defenderf)nf* for smith. he's in jail on bond. if he gets out, he will have to wearlp monitori bracelet. >> information on two teenagers accused of shooting at police in east charlotte. one of the teamslp is out of jail. we were the first to break this story. investigators say two plainclothes police officers were chasing a 13 andrlp 14-year-old on milton road whent( fire. no one was hurt.lp police were able to chase them down and_ place them intor
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tonight we talk to neighbors in that areai] who sayxde1 it's easy for anyone in the neighborhood including kids to get a gun on the street. >> you make a couple calls, you got a little money, they find you a gun. >> officers haven't released the names of the teenagers. the 14-year-old who police say pulled the trigger_[ was released to his parents. >> an emergency meeting wraps in the paste1xd fewe1 years calling for people living near west high school saying students are causing trouble.: wbtv'sw3 colleenxd investigates. >> people in this community will tell you they're tired of kidsy)v"n skipping school roaming the streetq] hanging out in neighbor yards, breaking into homes, tonightjf they wantt( toxd mare what they plan to do about the problem.xdf*
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withlp these kids. they'rer kidsf* fighting. >> something bad is going to happen because people are hired of these truants. >> thoseko tell wbtv some students are skippink school and breaking the law. >> stole my tvt( and broke into my car got my gps. >>t(i residences especiallyt( older neighbors says!jw*wmuth.=ii% they never know who will be in their yard.e1 tonight they havee1 words for cms.i] >> i don't know what you're going to do to stop it. >> it'sv!t challenge and will continue to be ai challenge. you have nine building campus, 2100 students. staff sad kwat but we could uset( more staff. >> crew officials point out not every student is skippingf* school.r some are from a new academy that opened for older students who need class credits.r cms leaders say they're workingf*
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>> i'm not saying thate1f* it's impossible for a youngster to >> officers say so far this year they're seeing more calls for truancyq+ compared to theit( same time last year. >> we are going to partner with the school systemz//xf* becausef* we did have that last night._[ >> aftere1 this hour and a half meetingr somev change will ever come. >> we feel like that there's no one ine1 charge. they're not accountable. no one is held accountable for these children._[ >>f* colleen harry wbtv.: xdxd >> ae1_ lincoln countyym employee facing charges after investigators say he stole thousands of gallons of gas on the taxpayer dime. deputies say joseph used his governmentbussued fuel car at gas stations, loading up on more than 9,000 gallons but was
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gas was worth $18,000.r gibson facing charges.r news on the man odelp the killing of this couple from behind bars. documents obtainedjf show a judge granted ae1 trial delay for jamel, who is a member of bloods gang who had doug and debbie murdered.xd the judge overseeing the case said part of the decision to delay came from the fact the u.s. attorney general has notr decided whether to seek the death penalty.w3 >> lgbtr keep charlotte's bathros) ordinance. members ofr outside the general assembly urging lawmakers to allow thef*] non-discrimination ordinance tolp stay on the books. it gives people in the lgbt community protection from discrimination.
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are strongly againsti the idea. denied restrooms.r i forlp one am tired of beingi old can i not usee1 the female dressing room. i for one oflp sitting getting my shoes spit in. >> it'slp time for ar change. >> allowing men into women's bathrooms or locker rooms ort( changing rooms puts women and children in grave danger. >> state lawmakersrx have threat toned call a special sessione156h- before april 1st to reverse the ordinance. governor pat says\@ lawmakers should take care of when we they return in april. >> tonight more than 100 gambling machines werev confiscatedv businesses in gaston counsel can i -- county. some of them were hauled back to the police department. we are told the businessjk
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will facei]xd mismischarges. police say the money collected will go to the local school system. >>_[ investigate resear#rs ) started a fire inside_ this east charlotte restaurant. this was at the restaurant this morning. firefighterst( were forced toxdxd close the road fo2(i several hours. nobody was hurt.f* new informa =x on a fire that ripped through a gas_ stairs, fire investigators say it was an accident. this is at the circle k. it caught fire three weeks ago middle of the day. the fire did $800,000 in damage. >> incredible damage in texas after golf ball size hail smashedlp windshields and piled up on roads in fort worth. piles of hail slowed traffict( and damaged cars.xd >> i was sitting in my car, and boom that happened. >> whenxd i came out this morning it was covered andt( the only thing i saw was the golf ball
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>> neighbors spent the dayr raking hail stones and clearing outf* downi tree branches n. one clear the piles of hail away from street drains.r no severe weather for us but theret rain in our forecast. >> and significantly cooler temperatures. eric thomas is live at the weather center. >> molly good earnings doese1 look like wet( are going end the week on a bright delightful notet( but it's going to be tough to car that i through the weekend. cooler weather conditions on the way, part oflp your seven-day forecast. >> desperate attempts by both parties to stop donagf trump's dominantws$*ug for the white house, the closed door meeting today strikee1 to find a way to derail hisi campaign. >> neighbors wearing_[ helmetsf* carrying batst( after being attacked by hawks a& street. >> i thought i got hit by a basketball.
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rid of these menacing birds.r >> tonight some people in a hickory neighborhoodjf are being handheldi held hostage by these two hawks. they_[ have a nestw3 in the tree and are attacking anybody who gets close. some wearr baseball bats.?- >> they come up from behind and get knew the back of the_ head. >> even our own steve miller put on his army helmet. last year hee1 wasas attacked. this is actually the sixth year the hawks have been nesting here. neighbors have put upt( spikes in the trees but the birds just find other spots.i hawks are protecx so you can't shoot them. neighbors have to wait until the
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wasn't until june. >> a dramatic announcement from seaworld. the theme park says the current generation oflp killer whales will be the last generation in this park. they're ending the orca breeding program.i seaworld sayst( the current whales willok remain at parks for years to come and saysxd they'll receykf0@6hcj& the highestlp quality carei]. commission disbanded. it wast( formed to overseee1 statef* regulators. governorr llengedr it and won.re1rxd >> 2016 a close race in the democratic missouri presidential primary is going to hillary clinton. late today her rival bernie sanders conceded in that race. they were separated by only 1500 votes. his announcement meansif* clinton swept all five states andhvt*edxd in tuesday's primary including
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>>qjnorth carolina'c man akfl%ed ofxd crash,thingijf_ a donald trump; campaign sign and posting video to facebook is in trouble j 20-year-old wilmington man faces hit-and-run and reckless drivingxd charges. the video was posted on primary day and has been watched millions of times. tonight a movement to take on trump is picking up steam. >> politician on both sides the aisle are drafting ways to try to stop him before he reaches the white house.b. >> in his first comment since suspending his presidential campaign, marco rubio went after donald trump.m@e8>>i hopefully_ this time itrxd will preventjy trump nomination which i think wouldok fracture thei party_ and damage the conservative movement. >> ruin rubio frped out of the race after trump won the primary in florida. rubio's home state. trump has nearly half of the 1237w3 degree gas he needs to
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>> we have tod bring our party together. >> trump warned that any plan to derail his candidacy could lead to voter group of activistlps and lawmakers met to discuss alternatives to the g.o.p. frontrunner.e1 senator lindsey graham threw his support behind7n' his adversary ted cruz. >> i think the bestxdr to stop donald trump isw3 ted cruz. >> democrats too are sounding the alarm. threeers of nearly twoi] dozen liberal groups sign ago leter something that isr hillary clinton. >> ift( he getsi]e1 nominated we are_ going to have a very vigorous general election. >> if trump doesn't rem 1237 delegates needed to get thei nomination, republicans would have their first contested convention since 1976. party rules would decide how to
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convention. >> a man`'8ught by deputiesjf has died.t( we are learning he may have been the suspect in a kidnapping and police case. investigators tellt us 40-year-old dennis matthews wasr spaotd during a shootout with deputies last night. he died this afternoon. deputies at the chesterfield sheriff's office say they believe he mayi] have abducted? the fbi is assisting investigation. up to 100 people in pineville will lose their jobs.zv thelp+n0 carolina pavilion social security one of 18 stores shutting down. they will be closed on june 19th. >> new york city decked out in green this st. patrick's day for one of its oldest traditionsfjy a couplef* milr)&n people line the streets. new york city mayor bill de blasio attend ed the first time in three years.
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in protest when one gave group was allowedlp to plate. >> this saturday will belp the 20th anniversary for the parade. the charlotte goes green festival is free and open to everyone. it kicks off at 11:00 in thei morning.t( starts at ninth street.t( the spotjf where it ends will be where dancing ensues.e1rjf >> a lot of people know thatf* we stand in front after green wall. i didn't disappear. >> ixd wouldn't have been able to tell. it does look green. i told my daughter she had to wear green.xdf* >> a lot of people say they can see through me. not today.
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it's late. gaez what, we are going rightlp to it, no waste of one m of your time, here. >> your seven-day forecast first ',qie=it,t( the cooler airf* isxd trickling in, all down to 45 degrees this morning. let's break down friday. looks tor be nice.?;5 you saw that 10 p]$lt there._[lp highym clouds rolling around, not going to bei a big deal. certainly nothing disruptive, rain showers still way down over the gulf, soi you're going to be okay. so hour-by-hour forecast friday through the noon hour about 56 takes tojf you 59 at 4:00 in the afternoon. let's cover everybody who watches\@i us, about 60e1ym degrees. m will call it 70 in the foothills, lots of sunshine and very comfortable even though temperatures keep coming down from high 86 yesterday. we are not going to bei
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with temperatures in the5a upper 60s, lower 70s acrosse1 upstate of south carolina. what about the allergies? that'se1i not as good /m. we are goiwuz be pegged on saturday but rain on saturday and spilling8uz sunday may knock the allergens down into4m;- the moderate category by sunday2 &$gqk#nd then they start coming back up again monday. we covered friday. let's talke1 about saturdayf* herer these temperatures keep coming down. now the showers are becoming a better benefit look at this by the noon hour. they're on_ top of us. then we take it to late in thee1 this system. it could produce showerse1 for us. we are thinking just about one
12:33 am still a couple of wraparound showers, but it's n the rain. it's aboutw3 the cold air coming n. that could prugs show inlp the mountains on sunday.e1 even onxd monday that wraparound circulation could be enough to produce even a few more flurries. for thexd charlotte area, you see degrees so.lj chilly next weeka5 but we start to rebound.r_ have a great night. thanks for staying up.rie1 >> the state attorney general is alerting fans about possible ticket some of the tournament being played at the pnc arena in raleigh. you're looking to scoop up last minute tickets_[ avoid suspicious sellers whoi offer deals that are too good to be true or if_[ they
12:34 am
odor wire transfer. xdw3 >> hayley:lp $35,000 for a ticket? >>xd especially ->"your team is in it. >> $35,000, $70,000 for us to go tolp the game. >> you're not willing tolpe1 pay forrjf your tar heels?ilp are your time four teams still alive? >> what a fun day of basketball.
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