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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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skies, mid-60s for the lunch hour, 70 upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: let's give you a live look at current conditions map, traffic is flowing smoothly. there is an incident reported disabled vehicle in the road at south tryon, and sandy porter road. that happened within the last ten minutes. disabled vehicle there. here is a live look at i-77 at tyvola, traffic there is moving very smoothly, no significant issues to let you know about if there are, we'll let you know. >> john: this morning, a six-year-old in gaston county is being credited with saving his family from a burning home. wbtv's sky 3 was the first on the scene in belmont yesterday evening as firefighters worked to put out this massive fire. you can see the house just
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mark davenport is live this morning with more details on this. so mark, tell us, how did the little boy help get everyone out? >> reporter: john, he told us yesterday at the scene of that fire that he was the only one in the house that heard the fire crackling, he immediately got everyone's attention in the home and got them out the back door before the flames took over the rest of the house. i want to show you the aftermath of the home this is on the ground when we were able to get there with the cameras after the fire was put out. carter lost most of his toys in the fire but saved a few of his favorite things, his family members. the boy heard the fire before he saw it. he acted fast, got his mom out of the bathroom woke grandma up, his mom, brianna hurley said her baby is her hero. >> you could see smoke from everywhere. i couldn't see when we walked out of the back door it was scary.
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>> 30 seconds the roof started collapsing, i'm glad we got out when we did. >> reporter: unreal. sounds like a narrow escape. three people were inside, mom, grandma and six-year-old carter. the family lost two cats in the fire. they are staying at a hotel temporarily until they can find another place to stay. mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: glad it ended happily. the trial delayed for a man accused of ordering the killings of a lake wylie couple. investigators say jamell cureton is a high ranking member of the bloods gang and had doug and debbie london killed so doug couldn't testify in the trial of a robbery at the london's mattress store. the trial is being delayed partly because the u.s. attorney general has not decided whether to seek the death penalty. >> john: a teen accused of shooting a man in uptown charlotte is back in jail this morning after his first court
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dajour smith shot reakwon lee on brevard street. the judge appointed a public defender for smith. he's in jail on $285,000 bond. if he bonds out he will have to wear an electronic monitor. one of two teens accused of shooting at police in east charlotte was released to his parents. officers chased after a 13 and 14-year-old wednesday night on drive. released. police say he opened fire. no one was hurt. officers have not released the names of the teens because they are minors. a lincoln county employee accused of stealing thousands of gallons of gas is due in court today. deputies say joseph gibson used his government-issued fuel card to buy more than 9,000 gallons of gas. caught on video with a truck with a large fuel tank. the gas was worth $18,000.
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more than 100 gambling machines were confiscated from 48 different businesses in gaston county. wbtv was there as some of the machines were hauled back to the gaston county police department. we're told the business owners who operated the machines will face misdemeanor charges. police say the money collected will go to the local school system. >> john: lgbt activists are fighting hard to keep the new non-discrimination ordinance. members of equality nc spoke outside the general assembly in raleigh yesterday, urging lawmakers to allow the ordinance to stay on the books. it gives people in the lgbt community additional protections from discrimination, including which bathroom they use. there are plenty of people who strongly against the idea. >> i'm tired of being denied rest room use. i'm tired of being told i can't use the female dressing room. i, for one, am sick of getting
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it is time for a change. >> allowing men in womens bathrooms or locker rooms or changing rooms puts women and children in grave danger. >> state lawmakers threatened to call a special session to reverse the ordinance. the governor says it costs too much money, the state house would need a three-fifths majority of members to agree to a special session. >> john: we're just getting started here at 5:00 a.m. scary moments at a high school pep rally, what led to a fire that seriously hurt a performer and sent some students to the hospital. kristen miranda live in the alert center all morning long. >> kristen: a couple new details on the shoot-outoutside the houston shopping center. >> john: a quick check of first alert weather temperatures, actually we don't have those up, a shot of the skyline, we have what is the
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degrees in charlotte, headed to a high today around 70. going to be a nice one out there. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this
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it is seven minutes after 5:00. >> john: ten after 5:00. breaking overnight news, a shoot out between police and robbery suspect in texas turns deadly. >> christine: kristen miranda getting details in on this incident, live in the alert center now. >> kristen: a wild situation in houston, overnight, john and christine. this is the scene, it is an investigation on-going. you can see the damage to one of the nearby businesses there. this was a shoot out between police and five guys believed to be robbing a furniture store. two of the suspected robbers
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two others were injured. attackity cal unita az tactical unit was tracking them, they were track to a furniture store. the suspects came out running, ignored the verbal commands to drop weapons and the gunfire broke out. no officers hurt, which is the good news, but two people dead, two people injured, one other, the fifth person in custody in houston this morning. back to you. >> christine: another terrifying situation to tell you about at this high school in florida. this fire breather catches fire during his routine at this high school pep rally. ricky charles doing a stunt which he jumps over a ball of fire. we won't show you the moment he catches fire. he accidentally caught himself on fire causing first degree burns to his face, seven students taken to the hospital are expected to be okay. school officials are taking
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who can perform at school events. >> john: come over to your tv to watch this incredible video showing a building demolition gone wrong in philadelphia. a section of the building collapsed on a street yesterday, coming to rest against a school bus. the concrete knocked a small tree and light pole on the bus. windows on the bus were shattered, the kids had just been dropped off at their school. no injuries reported. it is 12 after 5:00, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meterologist chris larson. >> chris: an hour-by-hour look in planning your friday, partly cloudy, mild mid 50s at 8:00 a.m. in the lunch hour, mid 60s, upper 60s and low 70s for highs across the charlotte area. charlotte, partly to mostly cloudy, thicker as you head out to our east, thinning back in the foothills and mountains this morning. rain showers holding at bay down
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we will see an influx of moisture, cooler temperatures and rain showers saturday morning, another round of rain late saturday night and into your sunday morning. so our futurecast for today, a pretty quiet friday ahead of us, see a good deal of sunshine but thin, high clouds through the afternoon and evening, but again, mild temperatures, well above average and upper 60s and low 70s. carolina temperatures right now, 52 in charlotte, 57 hickory, 46 in boone, 49 right now in albermarle, and looking at charlotte, 70 degrees, # morganton, 73, boone at 61. thinning clouds will allow temperatures to warm a bit in the foothills and mountains this afternoon. take a look at futurecast and talk about the weekend in a few minutes. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: a live look at traffic map it updates us as
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or slow downs. only one accident cmpd working at this hour at south tryon and sandy porter, it is a vehicle disabled in the roadway, but not causing back-ups on our map. let's look at interstates this morning, i-85 at statesville, traffic for the most part light, right now, if you're one of the early commuters, we're giving you the thumb's up for now and if something changes we'll let you know about it. >> john: on your side with news of a recall that may affect your lunch plans. why thousands of cans of tuna are being recalled. >> christine: this week our wbtv and me spotlight is on salisbury. we want to see all your pictures of your favorite hang-out spots, beautiful views in and around salisbury. follow us on instagram at wbtv news and use #wbtv and me when you post pictures. you might see your picture featured online or on the air,
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live from charlotte, this is wbtv news this morning. >> christine: 5:18. >> john: kristen miranda has details on north korea's latest military move, live in the alert center. >> kristen: a quick update from north and south korea, south korea says that north korea fired a ballistic missile in the sea a short time ago. not known exactly what type of missile was fired but south korean military expert is saying this morning that north
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likely a test of a re-entry vehicle, re-entry vehicle would allow the return of nuclear war head in the atmosphere from space, so that it could hit the intended target. just an update to let you know the tensions continue the north and south battling over missile tests that north korea continually has happening here. we'll get you caught fun there are more details from the alert center, back to you. >> christine: in consumer headlines, if you have any canned tuna in the house, you'll want to check it before eating. >> john: bumble bee is a chunk-like tuna may be contaminated during the sterilization process. eating it could be life threatening, but no reports of anyone getting sick. triunion seafood says chicken of the sea chunk like tuna may be under cooked. look up the upc codes by going to the web extras section of
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companies have agreed not to advertise to children under the age of 12. some of the companies include peeps, jelly bellies, lemon heads and ghiradelli chocolates. >> john: bring your own cup days is back at 7-eleven, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the slurpee, this is going to last two days. bring any size container to 7-eleven today or tomorrow have it filled with all the slurpee you can drink for a $1.50. any container. >> christine: i mean, wow. only two days? 50th anniversary should be 50 days. >> chris: you go to home depot
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that is your cup, right? multiple straws. >> christine: kristen does not like slurpees. >> kristen: no. >> chris: we have much colder temperatures on the way as we head in the weekend. let's start with a live look at king street up in boone, right now they have generally clear skies in the north carolina mountains, thin and high level clouds here across the charlotte area, here is a live look from
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boone, 57 hickory, 52 charlotte, 58 in monroe, mountains this afternoon, partly cloudy, mild, 61 boone, mid 50s on the top of beech mountains, winds out of the west at 9 miles an hour. day are loresville, 71, 70 wilkesboro. here in the piedmont, upper 60s and low 70s, we brought temperatures up a couple degrees, 70 mooresville for the high today, 72 albermarle, 72 in wadesboro for this afternoon. and here is our futurecast, this is 5:00 a.m. this morning on friday, notice we see a good deal of clearing this afternoon and clouds beginning to encroach from the west as we head
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4:00 a.m., by 10:00 a.m., light rain showers here from charlotte back in the foothills and the mountains, we see showers during the day tomorrow and another band of heavier rain coming through overnight and into your sunday morning. so rain showers early on sunday, but i think by the afternoon, starting to clear out but notice this, the colder air in place, could even start sunday morning with snow showers. up in the north carolina high country. so 58 saturday afternoon in charlotte, 55 hickory, 47 in boone, as we jump ahead toward sunday, lower 50s, mostly sunny skies in charlotte, 53 degrees, 56 hickory and high of 42 for boone and blowing rock. seven day forecast, cool through the weekend, again, rain showers saturday into sunday. clearing sunday afternoon. so we continue to see the temperatures drop. two days ago, we had a record high of 86 degrees, yesterday, 78. today, 70, 58 to 53 on sunday. nice warming trend by the middle
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look at that, 65 and sunshine tuesday, back in the low 70s on wednesday, 77 coming up next thursday. that is a check of the first alert forecast, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: here's a live look at your current conditions map, and you can see if you're traveling from i-85 from gaston county things are moving smoothly. 77 looking good as is i-485. a live look at i-77 at clanton road. let you know that in the steele creek division at east westinghouse boulevard and south boulevard, a vehicle disabled in the road there, that might cause a few issues, otherwise things are looking good. we're on your side helping you keep your kids safe during your commute. >> christine: where you can get your child's car seat checked for free, good information all
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at wbtv. >> reporter: cars broken into, stuff stolen from homes, list goes on and on for community members around west mecklenburg high school, i'm mark davenport, coming up, what is going on out there and what the community wants to do to solve the problem. >> christine: several states including north and south carolina are suing over president obama's executive actions on immigration. how congress is getting involved. >> john: good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv this morning, glad to have you with us at 5:30, i'm john carter. >> christine: happy friday, i'm christine sperow. start this half hour with first alert weather, changes we're feeling them, will they
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here is meteorologist al conklin meterologist chris larson. >> chris: 52 in charlotte, winds out of the are no at 3 miles an hour. highs the next couple days in the 50s here in the charlotte area. so what a change from the 80s and record-breaking temperatures earlier this week, rain showers and cooler temperatures in the weekend. 52 charlotte, 57 in hickory, 46 boone, 57 in rockingham. and you can see heavier cloud cover from charlotte and areas out to the east, it thins in the foothills and mountains this morning and the storm track for today will stay well down to the south. rain showers this morning to start the day, in charleston, south carolina, they extend down to jacksonville and back along the florida panhandle in coming out of the gulf. that moisture does work our way in the carolinas for this weekend but here is the hour-by-hour forecast today, 8:00 a.m., we have partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid 50s. 66 degrees for the lunch hour and optimistic, upper 60s and
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peeks of sunshine late on your friday but the clouds will roll in again tonight, and overnight in saturday morning. so if you have saturday morning plans, it may be some rain showers around 10:00 a.m., as parade starts tomorrow morning. we'll look at that in a few minutes. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: all right, we're continuing to watch all the traffic patterns this morning, on the outer loop of 485 just beyond us74, you may face a slow down there, but for the most part, 485, 77 and 85 looking great this morning. let's look live at i-77 and west boulevard, you can see it, traffic is light, but as soon as the problem arises, we'll tell you first on wbtv because you're never more than seven minutes wbtv news this morning. people living near west asking charlotte-mecklenburg


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