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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and "it's common sense." and steve crump has the latest. >> you talk about it being an issue of timing and april first being a couple weeks away and the issue here is those protestors that we ran into at the government center they are hoping the state can step in before this ordinance takes effect. >> there are thousands of business owners that do not agree with this ordinance. >> david and his twin brother attracted dozens of opponents fighting against charlotte's so-called bathroom bill. >> i have serious concerns and anxiety about men being in the bact room with me or my children. >> beyond bathrooms opponents are concerned about locker rooms and showers. >> i for 1:00 a.m. tired of being denied restroom use and told i cannot use the female dressing him. >> erica who is transgendered
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the gathering attracted city councilmember autrey would voted for it and feels strongly that people's safety would not be violated. >> it has not happened in columbia, south carolina. and it has not happened in charleston, south carolina and in myrtle beach. and i have talked to the panthers organization. and panthers stadium and the charlotte motor speedway has similar protections. >> opponents want a special legislative session before the law takes effect on april first. dan bishop backs the idea. >> we have an extra week available and a couple days in order to get it done before april 1 the date of the ordinance they passed. >> now, you talk about timing. here is another aspect. april first is the big date. but the state legislature they have a special session which begins on april 25. the question in all of this is what goes on for the 24 days? live in west charlotte, steve crump wbtv on your side.
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go to for more of our coverage on the nondiscrimination ordinance. >> nice night here in the queen city right now. you are looking live through the hd towercam. but don't get used to the weather. changes are on the way. our chief meterologist, eric thomas is tracking it all from the first alert weather center. >> maureen, a delightful happy hour getting underway. i hope you had a good week. however, yeah, there is disruptive weather heading our way. right here to the radar. look at the rainfall. marching across the gulf coast states and for now, you will see charlotte in the clear. i mean not any cloud cover in the atmosphere. room temperature 72 in the piedmont. closer to 6o that is mild. and up around boone and blowing rock. through the evening you know what? you will be fine. the rain coming across georgia but through 11:00 p.m. still no
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62 at 9:00 p.m. and 59 through 11:00 p.m. the rain it will not be denied it's coming for the weekend we will track it part of the seven-day first-alert forecast. >> new tonight we are learning more about charlotte city councilmembers allegedly concerned over their meeting rooms being bugged by the media. former councilmember michael barns confirms to wbtv there were concerns after items mentioned in executive sessions were getting out to the media and at times published. and he told us he did ask city staff to look into weather listening devices were left in meeting rooms and staff members did not find anything to suggest that. >> unemployment is up in all 100 counties in north carolina. according to a report released by the state department of commerce today. mecklenburg's rate is 5.2% up from 4.8% in december. still that is lower that was hyde county which has the
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>> jamie, the in us is not all bad. 400 jobs are coming to charlotte. paypal announced they will open a global operations center here. david whisenant has that story. >> the new paypal operations center will be located off i-85 north of w.t. harris. governor mccrory pointed out last year revenues for paypal were $9 billion. >> and now the state of north carolina is excited to add this prominent name as a major ohmrations center here in charlotte-mecklenburg. >> saying north carolina was on fire for job creation, governor mccrory said that charlotte was leading the way. according to the state, the 400 new jobs will create a payroll impact of $20 million a year for mecklenburg and counties. and local leaders say it was a team effort to catch this big fish. >> we need to cherish the fact that we are able to work together, county, city, state, that doesn't happen everywhere.
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>> 400 people will be software engineers, and risk managers, they will be compliance specialists, and we are just so excited as our business continues to grow and we are excited to be growing here. >> we have software engineers and cyber expert experts bringing the skills here and the local hires as well. >> and the governor said that paypal fits the culture of north carolina when it comes to charity giving through giving tuesday last year paypal raised $46 million in 24 hours and they benefit 15,000 non-profits in north carolina. david whisenant wbtv on your side. >> the state did approve a job development investment grant today giving paypal nearly $3 million in reimbursements over 12 years. >> new, a charlotte woman is recovering after a man attacked her with an axe before 6:00 p.m. wednesday.
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the woman said the man hit her in the face before stomping her and hitting her in the back of the head with an axe and we are told the woman knew the man and no arrests have been made. new, a fire at a local restaurant deemed arson. broke out at 3:30 am yesterday at the restaurant on albemarle road. we've learned fire crews noticed the fire after seeing smoke on a traffic camera. the fire is under investigation. >> news of another intentionally set fire. this time at a charlotte school. this morning school officials at walter g. byers school evacuated all students after a fire was set in a bathroom and the parents had to pick up their kids and two people face charges. >> new information in a deputy-involved shooting in anson county that happened in november. kim long of charlotte was involved in an exchange of
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killed by deputies. the 48-year-old was hit in the chest and stomach and the deputy was not hurt. this comes a day after another man dennis matthew penny died after he was shot by anson deputies after a shootout. he was a suspect in a kidnapping case out of chesterfield involving his own children back in 2012. let's get you over to alex giles. >> live in the alert center with new information in a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> we have been following this happened in greenville, south carolina an officer shot in the line of duty and killed. this is the officer. tweeted this photo of this is alan jacobs. he was serving a search warrant today. killed in the line of duty after the suspect fled and then fired shots at the officers. we are continuing to get new information about this. and we just got a picture of the officer killed in south carolina
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the suspect was a gang member. he fired shots at the officers. two of them. and hit this one alan jacobs killed him in the line of duty. back to you. >> such a sad story. next, what a former charlotte mayor fears might send the city away from its current form of government. >> plus a new beginning for a part of rock hill. >> to see it go from a pile of ruins to what it is now is a height transformation. >> you have probably seen the construction on 77 south or 21. the businesses popping up and how they will change the lives of people who call the area home. >> and i'm meteorologist eric thomas. what a gorgeous way to kickoff the weekend. your seven-day first-alert forecast is coming up.
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we are on after the game. >> new people with wells living near coal ash ponds are receiving letters that it's safe to drink their water again. this comes after the north carolina department of health and human services lifted the no drinking ban. we spoke to the catawba river keeper today. >> what we have seen with the do not drink orders being lifted is a dangerous, wreckless and unacceptable abandonment of the safe duty to service people and to protect them. >> neighbors surrounding the allen and marshall steam stations have been forced to drink bottled water since april. a meeting is set for tuesday to discuss the alan steam station. it will take place at gaston college at 6:00 p.m. duke energy sent us a statement in response to the river
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it says in part... >> a former charlotte mayor weighs in on the drama between a city councilmember and the charlotte fire chief. richard vinroot who served as mayor is concerned the controversy could push charlotte away from its current council manager system. councilmember claire fallon's intern pucket sent an e-mail calling for the chief to be replaced. vinroot called hannon a superb public serve apartment throughout his career with the fire department and excellent chief during the past 12 years. >> a nearly abandoned area of rock hill has new life. this is redevelopment to the
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is the center of the city's future and changing the lives of people living there. michael clark has the story new at 6:00. >> an old pumphouse is now the site of the newest rock hill restaurant. people are already coming out to look at the view on the catawba river. >> wanted to look at it and see what it looked like. >> buildings in the new development are peeking the curiosity of passerbies who watched construction. >> to see it go from a pile of ruins to what it is now it is a huge transformation. >> some businesses opened since we came by in november. the apartments above the stores should have tenants soon. the first building is almost complete. >> i'm thankful for it because rock hill needed something. >> rock hill developers are hoping for success that similar developments. >> first time here and wanted to check it out and thought she would enjoy it.
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importance of private public partnerships and making sure that the infrastructure is in place for future developments like the knowledge park between between rock hill and winthrop. >> it's bringing in more people and it's showing how much rock hill is growing. >> this development is not just attracting people. homes and businesses. and a church is setting up a sanctuary for 1,000 people. and there are plans for a grocery store and designs on a new building are in the works. people think it will help attract new families relocating to charlotte. >> it's exciting. it's exciting to have new things to go to. i'm always looking for something different. >> michael clark wbtv on your side. >> and the pumphouse is already fully booked for reservations tonight through sunday. >> you can see why. cool looking place. >> let's update the commute with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> and we continue to see a lot
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as we check in on i-85 at bruton smith boulevard and a lot of volume around the area. and you have a problem on i-85 south highway 29 and 601. congestion. highway 73 or poplar tent may be options. but there is quite a bit of slow-moving traffic that extends back into rowan county. that is a problem for commuters at the moment. as we head towards the city and look around the area things are starting to wrap up but slow-moving traffic on 485 and i-77 northbound. safe travels back to you. >> all right thank you. yes, folks eager to get home and enjoy what is left of the beautiful day. >> i keep thinking of the things i wanted to pick up in the yard before the rain came. >> maybe next weekend. >> maybe. >> let's check in with chief meterologist, eric thomas. >> here we go. you are right. we are kicking off the weekend
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it's hard to believe we could be talking about rain in the next 12 hours. your weather net right now 72 and delightful. down about, boy, a lot since that high of 86 . and our high 74. it feels cooler but it's hard to believe it's 10 warmer than average that is how high we were. you will see the shower activity marching across georgia. that through 11:00 p.m. but nothing showing up here yet. so the friday evening is on. as we roll from the low 70s into the low 60s by 9:00 p.m. and we will keep it to 60 by late this evening coming back from a late movie. and there is the rain 7:00 a.m. saturday it is covering a large part of the wbtv viewing area. we'll start off with the
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cool and 44 and the clouds getting thick with the showers arriving in the piedmont. everybody fair game quickly saturday morning. that temperature about 53 . ok. back to the future-cast here again that is that morning rain. there is your clock. we'll roll it through noon. and you will see the best axis is rain is moving off to the east and would not rule out a shower. and still showers of the high country as well through the afternoon and into the early evening hours. with that, you have to expect showers this is a dash, 53 at 8:00 a.m. and do not be fooled by the video. and showers likely. this is the st. patrick's day parade. this in the uptown charlotte area and the temperatures by late morning are still only going to be in the 50s. and it does not look like we are
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the limited sunshine. we will call it 58 and lock it in through the afternoon hours. let's talk about sunday. you will see that rain continues to move through and that is the second batch saturday and sunday morning services this is palm sunday and showers around during the morning and this time once the batch moves through and we have the noon hour and we we break it up a little bit. and that is snow. wrapping back into the carolina high country. how about that? your forecast best chance of rain saturday and wrap around shower activity sunday with that mountain snow and then after that, we will definitely dry out with the sun coming back it appears the temperatures will respond 50s, 60s, 70s and the low temperatures near freezing and they come back as well and we do not see rain until the end of next week. overall you got to like this.
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trend this is easier to look at. here again, you will see this average high temperature of 64 . we will spend the weekend below average have not been able to say that for a while. and all of a sudden we get on the gravy train and in the warming trend and back into temperatures 10 above average next week. >> you mentioned the st. patrick's day parade, the parade and charlotte goes green festival takes place tomorrow. this is video from last year and the fun gets started at 10:00 a.m. runs through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. and the parade steps off at 11:00 on north tryon street him. two dozen members of congress are participating in a tour of south carolina. u.s. congressman lewis launched the tour at zion baptist church. it is meant to explore the role of faith in south carolina's
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james cliburg and tim scott
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>> sports is next. hoops and the hornets are shining priority and they host the nuggets tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. hornets tied for fourth place with miami and boston half a game behind atlanta in third place thanks to the win in
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good to be -- going to be a wild finish with 14 games to go. and hornets single game playoff tickets go on monday. ashley stroehlein will have coverage of the game tomorrow night. and plenty of college basketball. tomorrow on wbtv from noon to 10:00 p.m. we are hooping it up... biggest shockers, middle tennessee state beat the number two seed michigan state. michigan state known as jamie boll's bracket champion. ouch! may we live in interesting times. out of 13 million brackets and six are perfectment inside the prep zone... meet jessica mary. high school senior women's swim team captain led the huskies to the title and broke records along the way and is now repairing to compete in olympic trials for the 200 meter
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she watched her sister compete four years ago and prior to the london olympics and that is when she knew she wanted to be in the same pool four years later. >> just going and sitting in the stands and watching the best swimmers in the world and a majority of the best swimmers in the country compete was something that motivated me so much more to get to the point i am today. >> merit has been training since she was four years old. the next meet is the grand prix in may first for a long season and we wish her the best of
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sorry great to have you with us.
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have a great evening. [gunfire] >> pelley: a four-month manhunt ended today in a hail of gunfire and the capture of the last surviving terrorist from the massacre in paris. also tonight, the american who joined isis then escaped with his life. panama city beach last year and this year. where did the spring breakers go? we'll show you. and remember jmac? >> it's hot as a pistol. >> pelley: steve hartman catches up with number 52 ten years later. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the tweet today from a belgian government minister said it all, "we got him."


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