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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  March 19, 2016 12:00am-12:37am EDT

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making a guy go to his left. he slips a little bit. mike brey on the sideline looking for a call. doesn't get it. verne: three-point game. jim: same look. coming this way now. verne: zak irvin. jim: oh, yes. and donnal misses from point -blank range. jim: i thought the pass was a fraction late. he still has to finish that one off. but high screens, motion without the ball. they get exactly what they wanted out of this. verne: 1:45 to go. colton, vasturia. colton was open for a moment. vasturia off-balance. air ball. got it! bonzie colson, big basket with 92 seconds to go. jim: and only three seconds on
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that one from underneath. verne: five-point margin. jim: start going towards the basket if you can if you're michigan. verne: walton. tussle. offensive board. zak irvin, got it to fall! nearing the one-minute mark. irish, up by three. time-out notre dame. they don't get the jump tore go. but now it's time to work the glass.
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irvin with the finish. verne: if you live in the eastern time zone, welcome to saturday morning.
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wally szczerbiak and georgia state head coach ron hunter have all the highlights and analysis on inside march madness presented by buick only on trutv. notre dame has lost 13 straight in the tournament when trailing at the half. they were down 41-29 at the break tonight. jim: and if they can be patient with the basketball out on the spread, what a perfect time for possibly a back-door cut. and they're going to get it imbalanced. verne: yes they do. pflueger gets it to vasturia to demetrius jackson. 55 seconds to go. nine on the shot clock. jackson turns the corner.
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bonzie colson, no. rebound. jim: once again, don't let the three-points dictate your shot attempt right here. verne: notre dame has a couple of fouls to give. 25 seconds remaining. vasturia. 10 on the shot clock. it's in the hands of zak irvin. five on the shot clock. three, no. jim: and a foul. verne: and they do. jim: i don't think that look is what john beilein was trying to pull off on the sidelines. i thought about five seconds ago that he was looking to get a time-out. and that rule has changed now where the coach from last year could have called a time-out. i think john wanted to call a time-out and not get this to be a three-point shot. and i think he wanted to go a whole lot earlier in the sequence than wait for that.
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bench reacting down, 49-29 at the half. bonzie colson at the line where he is 2-2 tonight. jim: 76% on the season. verne: nice. one more. perfect. 10 seconds to go. walton. tip. wagner. jumper. no. [whistle] pflueger is fouled. jim: it's not going to matter. verne: nope. i guess the answer is yes when we asked if notre dame could
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i thought mike brey made very, very good adjustments. and obviously the gloomy side of things at the michigan end of the floor, and the adjustments were trying to attack michigan a little bit more off the dribble. and it was the first 3-4 in the second half where they made that strategy adjustment and that's the difference as the half wore on. they that outscored them 40-22 so far. that's why they outscored them 40-22 so far. verne: fighting irish against the lumberjacks on sunday.
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win it by seven. so notre dame and stephen f. austin will meet at 2:40 eastern time on cbs from brooklyn. the second round begins tomorrow at noon eastern on cbs with wichita state and miami. at 5:00, tnt that is ncaa infinti tip-off show. eight games across tnt, and cbs. the tournament coverage begins at noon. for jim spanarkel and allie laforce, verne lundquist saying so long from brooklyn. back to our studios after these messages. plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.
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on the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity. well, we are the roses, these are my damaged petals. don't ask me why, ask me how! clark: cha's your point guard's name. -- what's your point guard's name? tell them to step out. greg: he said that the cinnamon ice cream was his first sugar of the day. kenny: he got charged up and started talking a bunching of noise. charles: we're looking for you.
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was the ohio state buckeyes. clark: yeah, for some odd reason. kenny: there was a buckeye in my eye. greg: welcome back to final four. notre dame over michigan by a score of 70-63. clarke, kenny, and charles here at the desk. what a great basketball game. it was terrific. clark: it was terrific. excellent comeback by notre dame. they're down 12. held michigan to 22 points. started playing downhill dribble driving in that second half to create opportunities for high quality shots. greg: are you a believer in the irish, chuck? charles: who do they play next? greg: they play stephen f. austin. charles: i like them against stephen f. austin. kenny: this was a good matchup. that's why they were able to stay in contention. the perimeter defense on the irish at times could be lacking
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and that's probably the biggest difference. but perimeter defense is going to be a key against stephen f. austin again because those guys they shoot the three ball as well. they push the pace. so they're going to have similar problems that they had tonight against michigan if they don't come up with a different game plan. greg: all right. once again the irish on their way to a game on sunday against stephen f. austin. they win it 70-6763. -- 70-63. there was great sound from around the country. >> and syracuse advances. impressive performance. >> we didn't think about it. >> the rainbow warriors hold the first round upset as they stun cal here in spokane. >> what's it look to be the team that just busted up everybody's bracket? >> in my bracket i had us winning. all my friends and family had us winning too. i don't know about everybody else.
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75-67 win over oregon state. >> with the matchup against buddy hield, what's your thoughts at guarding him and shutting him down? >> that's on the coaches -- i mean for the most -- [laughter] >> he has 40, it's on me. >> middle tennessee, a 15 seed is going to take down the michigan state spartans. >> you know, there are three guys here that gave me every singng thing they had. and i don't care about next year. i don't even care about tomorrow right now. >> when you're in this position and everybody's looking at you, you have to come through. i didn't come through today. and i'll remember that for the rest of my life. greg: winners and losers from today. games continuing on tbs and on trutv tonight. first of all, on tbs, right now west region oklahoma city.
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36.5 seconds to play. texas leading the panthers, 70-69. on trutv, west region in spokane, st. joe's with a four-point lead on the bearcats of cincinnati with just over two and a half minutes to play in that game. that is on trutv. a reminder for you tonight after your local news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert," followed by "the late late show"." but for now we're done. second round action on cbs tomorrow with wichita state and miami. we thank you for joining us. from all of us here in new york, good night, everybody. come on and dance with me
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wbtv on your side. say goodbye to the spring-like temperatures. rain is coming with the spring. happy late friday, saturday morning. >> we're to the weekend. >> i'm jamie boll. eric thomas is live in the first alert whether center timing out how the weather. we saw the sun go down with nary a cloud in the sky.
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patches of rain and they will be marching in the area. some in the viewing area by tomorrow morning. let's extend this the clock look at the showers now creeping in. be aware of that are you up out and early on your saturday morning. temperatures will not drop all that fast. you see that with the clouds n the mid-50s. what about the 8:00 temperature? again, showers around 567894 degrees. some outdoor activities i'll give you forecasts and beyond. sunny is dicey. how about snow coming up. that's coming up. >> thank you. and you can down load the weather app it is free in the google and apple app stores. we have breaking news, reduce looking for four men for shooting a man in east charlotte. and they say he was shot in the leg off atmore street.
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he will be okay. police are looking for four men wearing camo plants and dark shirts. decorated officer shot and killed by a gang member. the greenville chief identify the officer as alan jacobs. here is the victory. he said that he and another were trying to question a man who they believed was trying to buy a gun. that man, 17-year-old dioda mackey shot him when he chased him, he was dedicated. that's why he was out doing what he was doing. >> he was able to call his mother before shooting and killing himself. the officer leaves two children and a pregnant wife. he was an iraqi war veteran. and an app to be aware of a
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making its way around the internet and she met strangers on social media and they convinced her to make the video. we're on your side talking about what you should watch out for. >> we know school kids have phones and down load apps. a deputy said a girl down loaded and sent pictures of herself around the country t is hard to get this off the internet. something all parents should be aware of. >> for dad and family even with a nice day at the park the phones are not far. kids 3, 9 and 12 have tablets, x-boxes and other gadgets. >> they think the friends online are real, we have to get them outside. >> his kids are not in trouble he keeps an eye on the phones. and the captain of the sheriff's office said that's essential.
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of a fourth grader traveling on the web, it is hard to track down the people responsible. >> porn popped up while she was using the app. she met strangers on the site. they chatted using a second app called kik sincing her to film herself nude, she videos herself doing what she observed on the site. >> it is difficult to track the strangers. >> the only way to stop it is to monitor your children and do not let them have cell phones or access to the internet. >> and tough love is the best. >> the scary part hoping they make the decision, we reached out to the temperature to ask them about porn being accessible. we have not got an response yet. alex giles, wbtv on your side. >> deputies think the child was chatting with five different menussing the kik app before she
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no suspects have been identified. parents, teens and business owners calling for the governor to call a special session and strike down charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. take a look here. couple dozen people gathered outside of the government centerdemanding action be teaken. it products people in the lgbt community and including which bathroom they use, i have concerns and anxiety about men being in the bathroom with me or my children. >> and it adirected the -- attracted the council member. he feels people's safety would not be violated. >> it has not happened in columbia or charleston, it has not happened in myrtle beach. i have talked to the panthers organization and the they stadium and the motor speedway
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>> leaders have threatened to call a session to deal with the ordinance they have not set a date. they want hawkers -- lawmakers to take it up a special session costs too much. students sent home early from a school after someone sent a -- set a bathroom on fire. they will be in class on friday. it was set on purpose. officials got everyone out safely. they put the fire out but lingering smoke forced the school to shut down. parents had to go early to pick up their kids, i will have to be off the rest of the day, losing a little money as long as my baby is okay. it did $4000 in damages. this very a crew working over the weekend. two students are being questioned but no word on discipline. neighbors in a neighborhood are trying to come to terms with a crime when a 13-year-old and 14-year-old were arrested and shooting at police.
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lives in the area. back in 2007 he ran to help two officers shot and killed in the neighborhood. >> violence is a problem. >> there are problems near barrington drive. it is overwhelming. for some are too much. they could have got hurt. yearly this week they fired shots at the police officers. and this most recent incident sent him back 9 years. one of the main things i remember when i got there, most of the officers were olding each other. >> back in 2007, the officers were shot and killed in the timber ridge apartments with the
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the officer was barely hanging on. >> before he died he grabbed my hand. ky hear him say, you know, tell her i love her. >> and more gunshots and senator in danger. and no one was hurt a 13-year-old and 14-year-old were arrested. despite the charges 194-year-old was not sent to a detention center. >> they looked to see whether the seriousness. chuck passporter has spent years in the matters. he said in general it is not unusual for a juvenile accused of a crime to be sent home to a parent. >> they will look at the level of supervision. >> back at milton and barrington, a lot of kids are off track.
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>> a lot of sidelines, there is fog for the boughto do. >> it is up to the office of juvenile justice to determine if a minor should be kept in jail. information on a fire that ripped through a charlotte restaurant. it was set on purpose. it started yesterday at 3:30 on albemarle road. we learned crews noticed the fire after seeing smoke on a traffic camera. no arrests have been made. more than four months on the run, and the paris terrorist suspect was captured today during a police raid in brussels. he was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. they believe he directed the paris attack via calls from belgium. people with well water near cole coal ash ponds say it is safe to drink the water.
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lifted. neighbors around the steam stations have been forced to drink bottled water since april. after hours of watching and waiting, eagle canaling are a fans witnessed a baby hatching. and it hatched on friday morning. the parents are mr. president and the first lady. they are available for viewing 24 hours a day online. thousands have been tuning in. tomorrow is nestled up to the baby. another expected to join the nest this weekend, very calm. new at 11, a big crowd at the westin for the ufc ball. they pressed up for the united
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and it has helped students attend 900 universities. it is a resounding success. the masks were awesome. >> do you have yours, i have it in the newsroom. >> wait until sports. $100,000. >> a big night a lot of students spoke about how it make as difference for them. we're watching changes in the forecast. >> expect the cooler temperatures. and we're live in the first alert whether center. we have been cooling down for three days we were above average we'll chew into that and beyond the better weekend. next at 11. a student steals nude photos off the cell phone. the action she was forced to resign.
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that ware doing. a teacher who resigned after a student spread nude photos over social media is suing the school district. lee an arthur filed a lawsuit for breach of contract and slander. she was forced to quit after the incident. >> this is not my fault. i did not -- i left my phone on the desk knowing i have them on there, she is seeking damage for lost income and harm to her reputation. and hulk hogan win as big lawsuit.
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awarding him $115 million. it was posted by gawker. it showed him having sex with his former best friend's wife. he said it was an invasion of privacy. and gawker has commentary on stars. the president will make a trip to cuba over the weekend. he will be the first u.s. president to visit in 90 years. the visit will usher in a new era of openness. they will touch down on sunday and the spire family will join him. a suspicious letter sent to one of donald trump's sons. arab trump's wife was going through the male when she picked up the male and a wider leaked out. there was a letter threatening donald trump if he does not drop out of the race. s suspicious powder was tested it is lepon aid mix.
12:35 am
from a boston post office. and the train is promising to hunt down whoever leaked the number and social security number. members of anonymous posted it online and information for people close to trump. and anonymous have posted a video condemning trump. contenders are gearing up for voting. neither party has rallied behind a candidate. >> on the republican side. they are turning to an unlikely source to stop donald trump. ted cruz is viewed as an outsider. he has been mocked by leaders like lyndsay graham. >> if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you.
12:36 am
when the consider was endorsed. he said anyone is better than donald trump. >> it is religious beg outtry. it would be a disaster for the party. >> he tweeted it was a, jinx. and thoughted -- touted his wins. others are trying to topple trump some have met with the house speaker and the party's done donors to discuss alternatives. the president has yet to endorse a candidate but he appears to favor hillary clinton. the time reports that the president said in texas that bernie sanders campaign was coming to an end. and the party must unite. bernie sanders has not given in. on friday he held a rally in idaho, we have more votes from
12:37 am
clinton and donald trump combined. >> clinton is taking a break to attend private fundraisers in cam connecticut and virginia, he is more than 2/3 of the way to secure the nomination. the next round of contest beginning with early voting in wisconsin. there are several caucuses on tuesday. and wbtv is committed to bringing you the complete coverage. follow us for updates leading up to the conventions. a.m. eastern time. and the calendar may say spring it is not going quietly. it could hit and a foot is possible in nug figure. you hear that. >> yes. >> baseball season is close.


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