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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> kristen: now at 5:00, controversial video circulating the internet of elementary student in cleveland county, what it shows and why there is now an investigation underway. opponents of the non-discrimination ordinance in charlotte are pressing pat mccrory to take action. the latest just weeks before the law takes effect. on your side tracking changes in the forecast today, how it could impact your plans for the weekend. wbtv news saturday morning starts right now. this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> kristen: 5:00 on this saturday morning, good morning, glad to have you with us i'm kristen miranda. >> lyndsay: good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. it is the last day of winter, tomorrow is spring.
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for weeks, but still official. weekend upon us but cloudy, showery, you saw that radar but here's another peek at it, we have showers coming in from the south and west, so yeah, we're not going to have a lot of sun. showers on and off for the day time hours, will keep temperatures down from levels we've seen all week whether we've been in the 70s and 80s if, 58 outside right now, but we're not going to see much of a rise in temps, we'll letou know what to expect for the rest of the forecast, tomorrow first day of spring and palm sunday, those details in a few minutes. >> kristen: thank you, lyndsay. one person taken to the hospital after single-vehicle accident in east charlotte. this is the scene at 3:00 this morning on eastway drive and audrey street. the victim taken to the hospital, should be okay. the driver hit and broke a power pole, it didn't affect power in
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closed for a while while crews make the repairs. police are investigating what caused that accident. a crime alert, police are looking for four men wanted for shooting a man in east charlotte, they tell wbtv the man was shot in the leg off the plaza near atmore street last night, he drove himself to the gas station here. medic says he will be okay and now police are looking for four men wearing camo pants and dark shirts, if you have information, call authorities. new information about a decorated south carolina officer, killed by a gang member. the officer was allen jacobs. he and another officer were trying to question a man they believed was trying to buy a gun. investigators say that man identified as 17-year-old dee
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house and shot him as >> mackey called his mother before shooting and killing himself. officer jacobs leaves behind two children and pregnant wife, also an iraqi war veteran. able nude strangers a fourth grader met on the internet convinced her to make a nude video. >> reporter: we know elementary schools have phones and can download apps. a deputy said a local girl down loaded an app and sent naked pictures of herself around the country. it is impossible to get it off the internet. even with the nice day at the park, the phones aren't far. his kids, ages 3, 9, 12 have tablets, xboxs and other
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>> they meet friendses on line, they think it is real. >>. kids have never gotten in trouble because he keeps an eye on their phones. the cleveland county sheriff's office says it is essential. his agency is investigating a nude video of local fourth grader traveling across the web. >> t hard to track it down. >> porn popped up. >> she videos herself doing what she observed on the porn site. >> very difficult to track the strangers, his best advice? >> only way to stop it is to monitor your children and don't let them have cell phones and access to the internet. >> tough love is the best.
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kid makes the right decision. >> we reached out to the app, we have not gotten a response yet. alex giles, wbtv on your side. deputies think the child was chatting with five different men using the kik app before she made the video. no us a respects identified yet. a teacher who resigned after a student spread spread nude photos of her is suing the district. she said leaders forced her to quit after the incident. >> this is not my fault. i did not know leave my cell phone on my desk knowing i have them on there. >> seeking damages for lost income and harm to her reputation. a group of concerned parents, teens and businessmen is calling for governor pat mccrory to call a special session and strike down charlotte's controversial
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several dozen people gathered outside the charlotte-mecklenburg government center demanding the state take action before the ordinance takes effect on april 1st. the ordinance protects people in the lgbt community from discrimination, that includes which bathroom they use. >> i have some serious concerns and anxiety about men being in the bathroom with me or with my children. >> yesterday's gathering attracted charlotte city council member john autry who voted in favor of the ordinance. he feels safety would not be violated. >> it hasn't happened in columbia, south carolina, hasn't happened in charleston, south carolina, hasn't happened in myrtle beach. itch eve also talked to thepanthers stadium and charlotte motor speedwade have similar protections. >> the senate has not set a date for special session.
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during a regularration regular session because a special session costs too much. 19 neighborhoods will get guidance and planning goals. also $1500 neighborhood matching grant incentive. runs from 8:upon to 1:30 at johnson c. smith university. big crowd at westin for unc masquerade ball. molly grantham served as emcee. helped 65,000 students attained students attend 900olleges and universities.
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festival and st. patrick's day parade is today. a lot of people want to the know if they will stay dry if they turn out. >> lyndsay: mm, i can't guarantee it. it does look like a wave earlier, maybe mid-morning break before more in the afternoon. be prepared for it. but you may get lucky. it is a luck of the irish. do you see what i did there? that was a bad joke. >> kristen: that was great. >> lyndsay: 10:00 ises when everything kicks off. mid to upper 50s. shower chance, 40%, less than 50/50 odds, be prepared for it, it will be a possibility because it will be hard to rule out a time period pretty much all day long when we can guarantee that
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temperature-wise, 50s all across the board, 58 in charlotte, gastonia, 59 rock hill, lancaster, monroe, 57, 49 in albermarle, cooler there, down to 50 statesville, hickory and morganton, boone cooler at 39 as. 5:00 a.m. hour. hour-by-hour forecast, we'll be in the upper 50s in the city through the 8:00 hour, again, as far as the morning goes, it is a pretty mild start but the catch is that the temperatures don't come up quite as much this afternoon from there, because of the clouds and showers moving in. so we'll be held to the low 60s by the noon hour and 65 around 4:00 should be around our high of the day today. the first day in a week-and-a-half that we haven't made it in the 70s or 80s with the rain chance increasing each time period through the afternoon hours. so little bit of a wet start to
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cooler tomorrow. chris ten? >> kristen: next on wbtv news saturday morning, a boeing 737 passenger jet crashes in southern russia. details and what investigators believe is to blame. crews will be working to make repairs at a school in charlotte, more on a fire that forced the facility to close early yesterday.
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is wbtv news saturday morning.closed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. >> kristen: students sent home early from a school in charlotte after someone set a bathroom on fire. they will be back in class on monday, though. officer also say the fire at walter g. byers was set on purpose.
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forced the social to shut down. parents had to pick up their kids. >> i'll probably have to be off the rest of the year. losing a little money as long as my baby is okay. >> fire investigators say the school sustained $4,000 in damage. they have a crew working to make repairs over the weekend, two students suspected of setting the fire were questioned. fire investigators say a restaurant fire broke out at 3:30 at el paisano restaurant on albermarle road. fire crews first noticed the fire after they saw smoke on a traffic camera. no arrests have been made in the case. now this morning, spring officially starts tomorrow at 12:30 a.m., while the calendar says spring, winter won't be going away quietly. a snow storm could hit the mid-atlantic and northeast and a
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areas, especially in new england. >> lyndsay: hmm. >> kristen: tell your family to proposal. prepare. >> lyndsay: it is not too unusual to have snow this late but any time you get it after the time change i am is kind, it is a little weird. >> kristen: and annoying. >> lyndsay: why we are glad we don't live there anymore. done with it. we've been done with it at it a while, better part of the past two weeks so warm, you forget the average high is around 64 because the past week-and-a-half we've been in the 70s and 80s. today will be closer to that average and below average for a few days starting tomorrow, so it will feel cooler, not only because it will be below average but because compared to how warm it has been, it will be a significant drop.
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for the start of the weekend. 58 in the charlotte area, 39 boone, hickory 50. 59 gastonia, 57 salisbury, monroe, 59 rock hill as of the 5:00 a.m. hour. the clouds moved in overnight, those are pretty much locked into place, however, we don't have much falling from them at least not this early on. dual pol power radar, one moving across georgia and south carolina, the second one across kentucky and tennessee, but there are signs this is going to fill until a little bit more kind of in the middle part here with the on and off showers that will eventually travel across the rest of the carolinas including our viewing area during the course of the day today. with that being said, we're not looking for a huge wall of rain to move in. it won't be pouring every hour
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there will still be some dry breaks in between, just going to be hard to rule out one time pearled pretty. from mid-morning on where we can guarantee that it will be dry. futurecast has those on and off showers, at 11:00 going forward through the afternoon, 4:00 p.m. with the kind of intermittent showers or light rain, 9:00 hour, saturday night plans, still a possibility. when we see a break develop is overnight and into the first part of the day tomorrow. so we have the clock already fast forwarded to 12 noon on sunday. if you have palm sunday church, brunch plans, it will be cloudy, should be dry during the first part of the day and we have a final push that comes through tomorrow night, that could maybe with colder air working in, produce a few wet snow flakes and this comes through as a final wave of showers in the piedmont by later tomorrow night. we won't completely be done with
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time frame. temperature-wise, in the mid to upper 40s for the mountains, and the foothills, low 50s, tailorsville, 53, up person 50s places like lenoir, bigger rise in temps getting in the piedmont, mid 60s concord, charlotte, 65, 62, back toward gastonia, also middle 60s, maybe upper 60s to close to many70across the upstate of south carolina. wide range in temperatures. we cool off significantly tonight. 41 is the coldest night we've had in quite some time. for sunday, first day of the spring, ironically coolest of the next week and the coolest day in several of the past weeks. 58, 56 monday and as we mead back in next week, 60s to 70s return. even though it will get cooler for a short time, not going to last forever. >> kristen: okay, that's good.
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>> lyndsay: you're welcome. >> kristen: tracing the history ofacc basketball. that is on the southern weekend. you're watching wbtv news news saturday morning stale with us. the following is a response to a recent speak out editorial. the views expressed are solely those of the speaker. >> as we expected, our recent news reports and editorial on the company building the i-77 toll lanes drew some impassioned responses. wanda morris wrote: >> i'm against the toll road. it will cause more headaches and cost more for consumers. we are in a financial crisis now; we do not need toll roads. >> shari tate shared her experiences on i-95 in virginia: >> i-95 sits like a parking lot or travels at a snail's pace, while the toll lanes are rarely utilized.
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income can't afford to pay high tolls to drive to work. >> several viewers came out against the contract specifically: linda gould from huntersville: >> i am extremely opposed to it and i do feel like the least the dot can do is their research and not hire a company that has had several problems in the past. >> james johnson of charlotte: >> it is a terrible situation and cintra should not have that contract. it should be taken away from them immediately. >> and william rakatansky of huntersville: >> i am delighted that you have done your speakout tonight on the toll lanes, and are basically telling people to call governor mccrory and tell him to cancel the contract. >> thanks to all of you who took the time to call or
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5:23 am >> kristen: money spent on march madness bracket is adding up to big bucks. american gaming association
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$9.2 billion on the brackets this year. more than double the amount spent on sports gambling last year in nevada. the association says 40 million americans filled out 70 million brake kepts for the tournament this year. brackets. looking for a great way to spend the weekend visit the acc hall of champions in greensboro. our southern weekend travel series takes a step to see what it is about. rachel lee has more. >> reporter: i'm with mark with the acc hall of champion also. when i think of acc i think of basketball. >> you better believe it. all about basketball. greensboro and our coliseum hosted more acc bren tournaments
5:25 am
footprint of the acc. college basketball, how popular it has become. acc basketball goes back a long time but really what grew collegiate basketball. >> when people visit, what will they see? >> the entrance celebrates all the conference championships. we have the display cases that showcase mens and women basketball, football and championships. three very active video presentations, we have tvs all across the top of the room, we have the member institution kiosk with information, possibly the most popular, though, are the 15 real life real size mascots of all the acc schools. all those teams are represented here, we celebrate them, looking forward to celebrating the 2015 champchampionships.
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inspiration head to the at 5:30, a u.s. president has not visited cuba in almost 90 years, that is going to change this weekend. more on president obama's trip to the island nation. it is 5:26, a live looking from our hd tower cam this morning, it is about 58 degrees, stay with us, we'll be i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants.
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>> kristen: 5:30 on saturday morning. we're glad you're with us up early, i know, so early. >> lyndsay: very early. >> kristen: up for a reason. you have to work or a lot to do we're here to get your day started. >> lyndsay: oh, empt is have you been thinking it is 4:30? i've been good, usually after a time change, it is really this time but i've been good. this year i kind of -- >> kristen: accepted it and moved on. >> lyndsay: accepted it and moved on. it is 5:30.
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>> lyndsay: a mild start, temperatures in the upper 50s this morning but not going to see them come up a whole lot more by the afternoon. we'll level off in the mid-60s, because we have eve got clouds, showers moving in and the wind is shifting more out of the north as well, that will be the numbers down over the past week or so, 65 in the charlotte area with showers likely, really going to be possible at any point during the day today, we will show you futurecast and help you plan that out better. still dry periods, too, but wet weather for the start of the weekend. talk about that coming up. >> kristen: russian officials say an airliner with 62 people crashed while trying to land at an airport in southern russia. officials say all 55 passengers, mostly russians and seven crew were killed.
5:31 am
the plane was as boeing 737-800, flying for fly dubai. weather conditions are most likely responsible. they have found one of the plane's flight recorders. a jetliner landed safely at los angeles international airport after it encounteredded a drone 14 miles east of lax. faa spokesperson says the pilot reported the drone passed 200 feet overhead at an altitude of 5,000 feet. french president wants the paris terror suspect captured yesterday extradited to face trial in france. 26-year-old was arrested near where he grew up in brussels. omar villafranca has moore. >> reporter: the manhunt for the only paris attacker to escape alive is over. [ gunshots ]
5:32 am
captured salah abdeslam. >> was arrested at 4:40 p.m. >> this this is believed to be him the moment he was caught. prosecutors say abdeslam did not immediately surrender. police tracked him down after they found his fingerprints during a raid tuesday. the most wanted man in europe, authorities say he helped plan the november 13th paris attacks and was in the city the night they went down. the coordinated attacks at cafes, a sports stadium and concert hall killed 130 people and wounded more than 400. authorities believe abdeslam called friendses to pick him up and drive him back to belgium during the pan demonium following the attacks. french president front as says it appears more people were involved in planning the attack.
5:33 am
and fbi are investigating a suspicious letter sent to eric trump. his wife picked up an envelope and white powder leaked out. a handwritten note threatening donald trump if he does not drop out of the race. a law enforcement source says the suspicious powder was tested and it appears to be lemonnade mix. post marked march 7th from boston. donald trump's campaign promising to hunt down whoever leaked the candidate's cell phone number and social security number. membersmembers of the group anonymous posted it online. people whom identify as part of anonymous have posted a video as condemning trump.
5:34 am
presidential contenders are rallying. establishment figures are turning to unlikely source to stop donald trump and jamie boll has more. >> reporter: ted cruz is viewed as an outsider. been mocked by gop leaders, like south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> if you kill pulse ted cruz on the the floor of the senate and trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. >> fast forward three weeks to thursday. when graham endorsed the texas senator saying anyone is better than front runner donald trump. >> i think his bigotry. >> trump said it was a jinx. some republicans have met with paul ryan and the biggest donorses to discuss alternatives. on the democratic side,
5:35 am
publicly endorse a candidate, but privately he appears to favor hillary clinton. the new york times reports the president told democratic donors at a private fund-raiser in texas that bernie sanders campaign was coming to an end. and that the party mussy of must unite around clinton. on friday he held a rally in idaho. >> we received more votes from people under 30. >> clinton is attending private fund-raisers in connecticut and virginia. >> kristen: that is jamie boll reporting this morning. clinton is more than two-thirds of the way, collecting the collecting the delegates needed. monday early voting in wisconsin. several states are holding primaries and caucuses on tuesday including arizona and utah.
5:36 am
bringing you the most complete campaign 2016 coverage, follow us on the air and online for every update leading to the the national conventions. ex pro wrestler hulk hogan was awarded $115 million. the video posted by the website gawker, having sex with his former best friend's wife. he said it invaded his privacy. they argued the video and article was a newsworthy commentary of the ordinariness of the celebrity sex videos. president obama will make a historic trip to cuba over the weekend. he will be the first president to visit the country in 90 years. the visit is expected to tusher in a new era of openness between the two countries.
5:37 am
cuba limit late tomorrow afternoon. >> i didn't have power steering, lost my gas pedal. >> a gas mix up causing a nightmare for 100 drivers in washington state. the company that fills the gas tanks at one state in the washington messed up the tanks this weekend, mixed them up, switched diesel and unleaded fuel. many driverses who filled up with the wrong type of gals got agas.the insurance company will tall care of the repairs. >> lyndsay: good thing. that is good the worst happened ises that they stopped. >> kristen: i don't know anything about cars, i don't know whati don'tknow what kind of damage it does. >> lyndsay: so, yeah. >> kristen: i feel like i need to stay inside. i have been outside so much.
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have a lot of vitamin d late dee. lately. there is a lot of basketball on. >> kristen: yeah, that is what i will be watching. >> lyndsay: nothingno, you won't. 58 in charlotte right now, dew point started to come up, one. things about the past couple days been so nice humidity has been comfortable but dew points are slowly creeping back up at least back in the low 40s. winds still out of the south for the time being but that it's convenient actually goingthatis eventually going to turn that will contribute to the cooler temps today. cool is as relative term. still it looks like getting in the 60s in a lot of spots. close to average the time of year but will feel cooler because we have been so warm lately. but we'll take you will to 65 in the charlotte area, same in rock
5:39 am
morganton 57, 46 in boone with showers possible across the board. one good thing about the showers it will cut back on the pollen level alsos today and tomorrow. that will be good before they do come back up in the early part of next week. we have a check of the rest of the forecast details coming up in a couple minutes. kristen? >> kristen: lyndsay, thank you. the charlotte hornets have unfinished business as they get readied for another match-up. where it stands in the east in sports.
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is wbtv news saturday morning. your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time
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>> kristen: 5:43, a live look at the roads this morning. of alot of people up and out. i-77 southbound at clanton road, 5:43, a little busy for saturday we'll keep an eye on the roads if anything pops up that will slow you down if you have to head out, we will let you know right away. for more traffic go to, click under the traffic tab and follow the traffic team on twitter, find the link on our wbtv traffic page. talking sports, the hornets shining bright, they host the nuggets later tonight at the arena. game time an hour earlier at 6:00, boston lost last night so the hornets are tied for fourth place with miami, the team they
5:44 am
they are only half game behind third of third place atlanta with 14 to go. a wild finish to the regular season. playoff tickets go on sale monday. there will be plenty of college basketball right here on wbtv. just leave the tv on starting now until 10:00 tonight. basketball starts at noon, runs until 10:00. duke plays yale in the second game at 2:40. the tarheels taking on providence in the second round in raleigh in the late game, that is at 9:40. biggest slobbinger in the biggest shocker, middle tennessee beat michigan state. in a late finish, paul jes sperson got a sheet to give iowa over win texas, 75-72. everybody so happy in the first round of the ncaa tournament west region. money round of knock out qualifying for the sprint cup
5:45 am
fontana, california, austin dillon14, the top spot since he won the daytona 5700 500. meet jessica merit, hough high senior and swim team captain. they broke national records along the way. now preparing to compete in the olympic trials just three short months away. for the 200 meter freestyle. settle watched hershe watched her older sister compete, that is whens she knew she wanted to be in the same pool. four years later. >> going and sitting in the stands, being in the atmosphere of watching some of the best swimmers in the world and majority of the best swimmers in the country compete, was just something that motivated mead so
5:46 am
am today. >> merit has been training with swim meck carolina since she was four years old. 5:46, good for her. it would be great to the have that skill to compete. >> lyndsay: swimming is tough. i don't think people don't realize how hard it is. pool brings back bad memories. swig were >> kristen: were you a swimmer? >> lyndsay: no, just high school gym,. >> kristen: wet hair, go back to class. >> lyndsay: awful. we're done with that. anyway, come as a far from there. >> kristen: we sure have,. >> lyndsay: so far.
5:47 am
and we have kind of an unsettled forecast for both days really but today kind of more so than tomorrow, we're starting out this morning with temperatures in the upper 50s, so it is technically am mild start compared tocompared to average. clouds and rain move in, we won't see the numbers come up nearly as high as they have the past couple days and really over the past one to two weeks where we've been well above average, spent the better part of the past two weeks in the 70s and 80s. here are the futurecast temperatures pretty much where we're at right now, up person 50s in the charlotte area, upper 50s, low 40s in the mountains. hour-by-hour, 9:00 a.m., middle 50s in the charlotte area, closer to 50 north of the city. going forward through the afternoon, again there is going to be kind of a widespread in temperatures here from the mountains, going down i-40 corridor south, you will see
5:48 am
the highs of the day, while it doesn't look like we make it out of the 50s from salisbury, statesville, hickory, morganton, boone, upper 40s, near 50. in the charlotte area, in the low to mid 60s and mid to upper 60s south of the city. a very wide range in highs across the viewing area, then you see the colder air come in and drain in the area during the overnight hours, so tomorrow going to be a much chiliier start for first thing sunday, in the low 40s in a lot of spots. some upper 306r7 30s for daybreak temperatures. will fill in the in the-between area. as far as right now, what is being picked up by the radar network, a couple showers in showers in the mountains.
5:49 am
brings one wave through during the morning hours, this is 8:00 little bit of a break during mid-morning which could be good if this happens for the parade uptown between 10:00 and 11:00 through noon or so. so we'll hope that ends up happening and then more showers develop as we head through the afternoon and evening hours. here we are at 6:00 tonight. so as far as rainfall totals are concerned, today is not a complete wash-out. we could see some spots pick up a couple tenths to quarter inch or more. still, although a good, measurable rain, won't be pouring all day long. coverage around 70%. you should have some dry breaks in the mix to get outside, if you don't today, tomorrow is a drier day, although cooler, highs will be stuck in the upper 50s for the first day of spring.
5:50 am
pretty much hold off until tomorrow night if most of the day, still cool goingin monday. rest of the week we get back in the 60s and 70s so below average temps won't last too long over the next couple days. >> kristen: thank you, lyndsay. next at 5:30, members of congress traveling the state of south carolina this weekend to learn more about a civil rights past. more on the focus of the three-day trip is coming up next.
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>> kristen: now for a look at news across the carolina also,s, two dozen members of the congress will tour south carolina. john lewis launched the tour in columbia. meant to explore the role of faith in the civil rights history. james clyburn and tim scott joined the cause. the tour will end tomorrow with sunday services at emanuel ame church in charleston, the site
5:54 am
killed last summer. robert robert ford filed to run for the senate seat he held for 20 years before resigning in 2013. sentenced last may to five years of probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of misconduct in office, forgery and ethics law violations. also ordered to pay $70,000. ford must app in court april 11th. abandoned aired yeah of rock abandoned area of rock hill has new life. the riverwalk last november, this area is the center of the future and it is changing the lives of the people who live there. wbtv's michael clark has the story. >> reporter: old pump house is the site of site of the newest rock hill restaurant. >> since the pump house is finished, wanted to see what it
5:55 am
>> reporter: buildings in the development are piquing the curiosity of passer-byes. >> to see to go it from the a pile of ruins, to now, a huge transformation. >> some businesses have opened doors, the amounts apartments should have tenants soon, the first building almost complete. >> very thankful, rock hill needed something. >> developerses are hoping for success that similar mixed use developments have found in uptown, steele creek and ballantyne. >> first time out here, wanted to check it out, thought she would enjoy it. >> the riverwalk development highlights importance of private-public partnership also. the sit at this time making city is makeing sure -- >> bringing in more people and unless showing how much rock
5:56 am
>> homes and businesses, a church setting up a sanctuary for 1000 people. plans for a new store and new building designs are in the works. they think it will attract new families relocating to the charlotte area. >> exciting to have new things to go to. different. >> in rock hill, michael clark, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: the pump house is already fully booked for reservations through sunday. at 6:00, plenty to do in the queen city and st. patrick's day parade kicks off kicks off later this morning.
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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> kristen: next at 6:00, people living in the charlotte neighborhood speak out after two teens are accused of shooting at officers. why they say violence is something they have dealt with before. opponents of non-discrimination ordinance planning a news conference, more on new calls to stop the law
6:00 am
tracking the forecast on the radar as rain sorta heads our way, one of those days. 6:00 on this saturday morning, glad to have you up early i'm kristen miranda. >> lyndsay: good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. >> kristen: do you like my forecast? kinda sorta maybe. >> lyndsay: i'm glad you're not doing the rest of the forecast. >> kristen: everybody is. >> lyndsay: hopefully get more specific than that. a good try. but yeah, we have showers in the forecast for today, there is your check over cpcc from our scott clark nissan honda weather net camera, the lights come back on overuptown over uptown. a mild start, numbers will flat line this afternoon with clouds and showers in the forecast so the first day in a week-and-a-half that we will not make it out of the 60s, 65 in


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