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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tracking the forecast on the radar as rain sorta heads our way, one of those days. 6:00 on this saturday morning, glad to have you up early i'm kristen miranda. >> lyndsay: good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. >> kristen: do you like my forecast? kinda sorta maybe. >> lyndsay: i'm glad you're not doing the rest of the forecast. >> kristen: everybody is. >> lyndsay: hopefully get more specific than that. a good try. but yeah, we have showers in the forecast for today, there is your check over cpcc from our scott clark nissan honda weather net camera, the lights come back on overuptown over uptown. a mild start, numbers will flat line this afternoon with clouds and showers in the forecast so the first day in a week-and-a-half that we will not make it out of the 60s, 65 in
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so we'll show you that on futurecast tom kind of time time -- to kind of time out the day, we will see how it looks for the mid-morning hours in a few minutes. >> kristen: one person taken to the hospital after a single vehicle accident in east charlotte. this was the scene around 3:00 this morning on eastway and audrey street. the pick-up landed on the roof. victim taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. broke a poor pole, the road was going to be closed while crews made necessary repairs. police are still investigating what caused this truck to be fip. a crime alert, police looking for four men wanted for shooting a man in east charlotte. they tell wbtv the man was shot in the leg. off the plaza near atmore street. he was able to drive himself to the gas station. medic says he will be okay. now police are looking for four men all wearing camo pants and dark shirts, if you have
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right away. neighbors in an east charlotte neighborhood coming to terms with a crime when a 13 and 14-year-old were arrested for allegedly shooting at police. we talked with a man who lives in the area, steven has a unique perspective. in 2007 he ran to help the two cmpd officers who were slot and killed in the same neighborhood. he tells coleen harry nine years later violence remains a problem problem. >> reporter: a lot of memories in the area near milton and barrington drive. >> when i see flashing lights it just -- it gets overwhelming. >> for steven mcmick ins, some are too much. >> somebody could have got hurt. >> two juveniles allegedly fired shots at charlotte-mecklenburg police officers. mcmickens says it sends him back nine years. >> one of the main things i remember was when i got down there, both of the officers were
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>> back in 2007, officers sean clark and jeff shelton were shot and killed in the timber ridge apartments with the officers down, mcmickens ran to help. officer shelton was barely hanging on. >> before he died, he grabbed my hand and he looked at my eyes, i could hear him say tell my wife i love her from his heart. >> fast forward to this week, more gunshots, more officers in danger. this time, no one was hurt. police say a 13-year-old and 14-year-old were arrested. despite several serious charges, the 14-year-old was not sent to detention center. >> they looking to see whether the seriousness of the offense, has he been in trouble before. >> chuck porter is not representing the teens in this case but says in general, it is not unusual for a juvenile accused of a serious crime to be sent home to a parent. >> then they will look apartment
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child will get at home. >> back at the corner of milton and barrington, mcmickens says kids are off track, at a crossroads again. >> a lot of violence, nothing for the youth to do. side. >> kristen: four minutes after 6:00. this just in, three people have been killed in an explosion on a busy street in istanbul in turkey. this is live pictures here, officials say ten people injured, taken to hospitals. also say they believe the explosion was called by a suicide bomber. these are live pictures from turkey this morning. explosion occurred outside a shopping mall and this comes as the people of turkey are on edge following two recent suicide bomb attacks in the capital. they were claimed by a kurdish militant group, this is as story we will continue to watch
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new information on a decorated south carolina officer shot and killed by self-proclaimed gang member. the greenville police chief identified the officer killed as alan jacobs. he and another officer were trying to question a man they believed was trying to buy a gun. investigators say that man who was identified as 17-year-old deandre mackey ran behind the house and shot officer jacobs when he chased him. >> he was dedicated as anybody could be died dedicated. >> mackey called his mother before shooting and killing himself. officer jacobs leaves behind two children and pregnant wife, also an iraqi war veteran. >> kim long of charlotte was involved in an exchange of gunfire before he was shot and killed by deputies. the 48-year-old hit in the chest and in the stomach and the deputy was not hurt.
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teacher who resigned after a student spread nude photos of her on text message and social media is suing the district. leeann arthur filed am lawsuit for breach of contract and slander. leaders forced her to quit after the incident. >> was not my fault. i did not leave my cell phone knowing i had the pictureses on there. >> seeking damages for lost income and harm to her reputation. students sent home early from a school in charlotte after someone set a bathroom on fire will be back in class on monday. officers say the fire at walter g. byers school was set intentionally. lingering smoke in the building forced it to shut down. parents had to pick up kids yesterday. >> i'm probably going to have to be off the rest of the year, just losing a little money but as long as my baby is okay. >> fire investigators say it did about $4,000 in damage.
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make repairs over the weekend. two students suspected the fire are being questioned. no world on any discipline. it is a topic both side have very strong opinions about, two weeks from today the non-discrimination ordinance will tall effect. that is april 1st. not everyone wants to see it happen. a group gathered outside the charlotte-mecklenburg government center in uptown holding signs with phrases like "keep women safe, keep children safe" steve crump has the latest. >> thousands of business owners don't agree with the ordinance. >> reporter: david and his brother attracted dozens of oaf poe meants fightingopponents of the bathroom ordinance. beyond bathrooms, they are concerned about locker rooms and showers. >> i, for one, am tired of being
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i, for one, am tired of being told i cannot use the female dressing room. >> erie erica supported the antidiscrimination ordinance in raleigh one day before. it attracted john autry who voted for it and feels strongly that people's safety would not be vibe lated. >> it hasn't happened in columbia, south carolina. hasn't happened in charleston, south carolina, hasn't happened in myrtle beach. i've also talked to the panthers organization and panthers stadium and charlotte molt or motor speedway have similar precautions. state representative dan bishop backing thes the idea. >> we have to get it down before april 1st. >> steve crump reporting. here is another part of the timing april 1st the ordinance goes in effect but the state
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session until april 25th. the question on many minds is what happens during those 24 days. go to for more of our coverage of the non-discrimination ordinance, you will hear from both sides of the argument. the annual st. patrick's day parade in charlotte goes green festival ises today. this is video from years past. little sunnier than today. fun gets started at 10:00, runs until 6:00 tonight, paradee itself if you want to go uptown for that, steps off at 11:00 this morning, starts on north tryon street. always fun to be uptown during the parade. doesn't matter, just fun to be there. >> lyndsay: everything lit up green, duke building, bank of america green, although i think they switched over to hornets colors now. >> kristen: they did. >> lyndsay: but been fun to keep
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not ideal but we'll take it as it is. showers are going to be possible, you wants to plan accordingly for that. 40 maries chance at 11:00 a.m., may get lucky during the parade time we end up dry but definitely far from guaranteed, so of course bring whatever you have for rain gear to be on the safe side, even if it is not rain when you leave the house. temperatures in the 50s and pretty much in the 50s almost every where right now. 58 in charlotte, 60 in gastonia, 59 rock hill, also upper 50s, lancaster, monroe, cooler from statesville, hickory, morganton, 50 to 53 and then 39 in boone right now as of the 6:00 hour. so here is what it looks like hour-by-hour, going to have the clouds all day long, again in the charlotte area on average through about 8:00, still kind of hold in the upper 50s, noon taking you to 62 and 65 by 4:00,
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later this afternoon despite having a relatively mild start with that rain chance kind of increasing each time period as well. so we'll show you futurecast to give you a little bit better of an idea of when and where the showers may lineup today as well as a check of the rest of the weekend forecast in a few. kristen? >> kristen: lyndsay, thank you. up next, play it safe traveling with children, an effort to stop the prevalence of unrestrained child deaths. we're always on your side, 11
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you're >> kristen: 13713 minutes after 6:00. >> lyndsay: yeah. >> kristen: i can't remember anything. she was being sassy, you said where is the product? in the freezer. >> lyndsay: duh, lyndsay. a freezing wine thing. >> kristen: like a blankie, a cooler for wines. you don't expect people to come over and you don't have a bottle of white in the fridge. >> lyndsay: okay. >> kristen: you quickly want to
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lovely, cool temperature as opposed to room temperature. promises in five minutes it will chill the wine. >> lyndsay: that is a good scenario, man i need to fix my nail polish. >> kristen: you like that scenario? >> lyndsay: the other is display my wine bottles on a holder, just as kind of a decoration, so if you have them out but then you want to just pluck one off and drink it but not chilled that would be another scenario where perhaps this would work. so we'll compare a bottle that is actually been in the fridge. >> kristen: room temperature bottle to how cold the one with the sleeve is. we'll keep one room temperature. you put it in the fridge five minutes. i don't think it will be that cold. >> lyndsay: okay, anyway, we'll
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only seven bucks. >> kristen: i got your favorite wine. >> lyndsay: i put in the my request. >> kristen: you did. >> lyndsay: it early for wine, start off the morning with coffee. we have our sun coming up at 7:29, sun coming down at 7:25, average high temperature is 64, closer to average than the past couple weeks. we have been on a streak of about a week-and-a-half straight of temperatures in the 70s and 80s, but that looks like it stops with today. we will hold in the 60s today, even 50s in some areas, a little bit of a cooler day ahead for the start of the weekend for us. 58 outside right now in charlotte, rock hill, 59, 58 monroe, salisbury, 56. you're at 60 in gastonia, 53 hickory and boone, cooler at 39 as of the 6:00 hour. out there right now. so we've got the cloud cover in place for sure, rain is kind of in two parts, one batch here off
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of off to the north, but it does look like kind of in between we'll start to see the radar fill in a little bit more so as we head through the mid-morning hours, already starting to see a couple more showers break out, very tin tinny. on and off day, there will be dry breaks in between the periods of intermittent light rainfall but will be hard to again pinpoint exactly where it will be raining at what time because of the very scattered nature of the showers. but this will give you at least a little bit of an idea. here is what it looks like at 12 noon, going forward through the early evening hours, 5:00,
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then through 9:00, 10, 10, 10: 10:00, 11:00. if you have church plans force palm sunday, followed by a brunch later on, 1:00, cloudy but dry, but final push of showers that comes through first in the mountains and foothills for the evening and then in the piedmont by sunday night, that is the last batch as far as weekend rain is concerned before we dry things out in next week. sole both days are a little bit unsettled but during the day time hours, again, today is going to be your wetter day. temperature-wise in boone at 47, foothills will be in the mid to upper 50s, a really wide range of temperatures today, so taylorsville, 54, 57 in morganton and lenoir, while as you get in the piedmont, we get up in the 60s. so very large spread.
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then some spots across the south carolina upstate may get close to that 70 mark. we do see cooler air start to drain back in tonight, so we will be down to 41 overnight and tomorrow and monday, we hold in the 50s. so a little below average the next two days, tomorrow is the first day of spring, then beyond that we come back up in the 60s and 70s for the mid to later part of next week. kristen, back to you. >> kristen: charlotte-mecklenburg police want to make sure your child is safe that is why they invited parents to free car safety seat check. crashes are the no. 1 cause of death for children. in mecklenburg county along, 81 unrestrained child deaths. >> the minor crash could cause serious injuries to a child. so if they are not restrained properly, their seat could go
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out of the seat. >> children should ride in the back seat until they are at least 13 years old. the police department will hold events every third friday of the month. more proof in car breathalyzers keep dui offenderses from getting behind the wheel. a study of the 18 states that require ignition locks shows 900 lives were saved in a six-year period. new research estimates 50 u.s. cities may be at risk of zika outbreaks, including charlotte but there is no, sir need tois no needto panic. miami and orlando face the highest risk, charlotte a moderate risk. if the u.s. does see outbreaks, they will not be on the scale of what is happening in brazil. zika, action can cause a birth defect. not even the ocean is safe
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the yellow menace in north myrtle beach, the waves were spotted at cherry grove beach. sunny, unseasonably warm weather brought the yellow menace to the carolinases this week. and so many people are feeling it. next at 6:30, life saving health tests every woman needs. at lab spokesperson to share a
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about to monitor your >> kristen: 6:22, on your side with five lab tests every woman should have in order to get a sense of how you are doing. how are you? >> i'm fine. >> thanks for coming in. you and you i were talking about what any lab test is, people can get any lab test. >> we have over 8,000 different types of lab tests that can be
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>> this ises if you don't have insurance, pay out of pocket, find out the information. >> precisely. >> the five tests that women should have. check. >> yes, heart check is very important for all women. cardiovascular disease is no. 1 killeror women and the heart check is able to give you good information for your physician to treat that or for you to get a good sense of what is going on with your health. >> we saw what particular test on the screen that is and it is looking at those cholesterol things and things that affect how your heart operate. >> one of the tests is lpp test, it looks at the very dense particles kateed in. >> the second test is a blood sugar breakdown. >> yes.
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>> we know about diabetes, the effects of diabetes, affects almost every organ in the body. you want to do a1c, gives average blood glucose level over three months. you get a good assess meant of what is going on with your glucose level to look at pre-diabetes or diabetes issues. and that gives you a parameter. >> should people call ahead to test? i would imagine you shouldn't eat before hand you shouldn't, that kind of thing. >> empt is good to call ahead but you don't have to have an appointment. the lpp test we talked about is good to be fasting. but for most of the other tests you can walk in and just come on in, we'll tall care take care of you.
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>> empt is very it is important for women it helps to regulate temperature, some of the hormones and a lot of edge try cat, intricate, important function. >> if your thyroid is off, it can messes with everything. vitamin d. >> it has implication, information to do with your heart health, muscle, with a lot of your metabolic functions, important to doppler radar vitaminvitamin d wants to look at vitamin d levels.
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>> also calls cmp. that gives overall picture of your general health. looks at a number of things. 16 individual tests and in the panel. your liver, kidneys, metabolizing on a whole, gives you a good picture what is going on with your body today. >> in the 15 second also we have left, is this for women at any age or talking women who are 30 plus, 40 plus? >> primary target is for women 25 and older. but for women in general. i think it is good to have baselines to see what changes over time and how you're adjusting as you grow and evolve. >> good information we learned a lot, thank you for coming to see us. >> my pleasure. >> nice to see you, we'll put -- don't leave me yet.
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we'll be right back after this. i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. enjoy freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon. or sausage. two tasty croissants at an eventastier $4 price.
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>> kristen: 6:30 on this saturday morning. a busy morning today you know who is coming in later, we'll talk about that in a second. why don't we do the forecast first? >> lyndsay: we can talk about it. >> kristen: i'm paused. >> lyndsay: as long as you're paused. i won't take too much of your time. >> kristen: you're the most important information. >> lyndsay: we have rain showers, the weekend been beautiful the past week and unfortunately, always kind of unfortunate when the yucky weather coincides with the weekend. you can see showers coming up on the radar network across the carolinas, we'll be tracking those for you and let you know what to expect the rest of the
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>> kristen: one of my favorite chefs, jamie lynch, 5church, and 5church charleston and 5church atlanta soon. jamie will come in and making something from the spring menu, not sure if it is 5church -- from the spring menu -- >> lyndsay: we don't know what it is. it will be delicious. >> kristen: it is seared see scallops with yukon potatoes, brussel spots and orange pan sauce. >> lyndsay: i can get down with that. i love scallops. cool. >> kristen: also coach lamont is here. >> lyndsay: oh, coach. >> kristen: celebrating an anniversary. >> lyndsay: what is he wearing, that is as throw back. so young.
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out with us in four years. >> lyndsay: he has aged. >> kristen: will revisit genesis moment, he talked about then and -- >> lyndsay: saturday morning throw back. >> kristen: also talking about staging your house for sale. lyndsay, see you in a few minutes. unemployment is up in all 100 counties across north carolina. that is according to a new report released by state department of commerce. mecklenburg's rate is 5.2% up from 4.8 in december. much lower than hyde county, highest rate of 15.5%. the news isn't all bald on the economic front, 400 jobs are coming to charlotte. payed palpal will open an operation here. david whisenant has the story.
6:33 am
operations center located off 85 north of wt harris. governor mccrory pointed out last year revenues force revenues for paypal were $9 billion. >> north carolina is excited to d it here. >> reporter: north carolina was on fire for job creation, charlotte was leading the way according to the governor. the 400 new jobs will create an impact of $20 million for mecklenburg and surrounding counties. local leaders say it was a team effort to catch this big fish. >> we need to cherish the fact we are able to work together, county, city, state, that doesn't happen everywhere. >> reporter: what kind of jobs ofjobsoffered? >> software engineers, compliance officers, we're excited as the business grows,
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>> we have software engineers, cyber security experts, local hires, because the range of jobs. >> the governor said paypal if its the culture of north carolina when it comes to charity giving through giving tuesday last year, paypal raised $46 million in 24 hours and benefit 15,000 non-profits in north carolina. reporting in charlotte, david whisenant, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: the state did approve a job development investment grant giving paypal $3 million in reimbursements over 12 years. a company based in upstate new york that makes parts for gas turbine is expanding the south carolina plant and adding 50 new jobs. usher's machine and tool company announced it is investing $13 million in the plant in greenville. the facility should be in operation by the end of september. also new, raleigh-durham airport wants travelers to pay for parking online before they
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the news and observer reported the airport will change the parking system this spring. daily and hourly rates will still be available but travelers will be encouraged to avoid the top rates by booking and paying online foronline in advance. >> people with wells near coal ash ponds are receiving letters the water is safe. the no drinking ban was limited. we spoke to the catawba river keeper. >> what we've seen today with the do not drink orders being lifted is a dangerous, reckless and unacceptable abandonment of the state's duty to serve its people and to protect them. >> neighbors surrounding the allen and marshall steam stations have been forced to drink bottled water since april. a meeting set for tuesday to talk about the allen steam station will take mails at
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duke energy sent us as response, says it is unfortunate neighbors received so much confusing information but science has consistently shown ash basins have not influenced neighbors wells. water in the wells is as safe or better than the public water supplies that millions rely on across the nation. looking ahead, the american red cross will visit homes to teach people how to be prepared for home fires to help create appear fire plan and install free smoke alarms. each year south carolina ranks within the top ten state for home fire deaths per capita. the blitz will take mails this afternoon. a south carolina woman and dog fell in the hole. the dog fell first, the woman tried to rescue the dog, she fell in.
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system and pulled the two out. both are okay this morning. they are home and they are resting. we have video to share with you that is going viral. shows a clerk saving a baby while the mom has a seizure. one of the top stories on our website. watch this, you can see the the woman walks in the gas station in colorado, goeses to buy something and the clerk notices she is wobbling, the clerk grabs the arm of the baby as the mom starts to fall. look at that. a good samaritan rushes over, an ambulance called. good news is, mom and baby are okay. quick thinking by the clerk. oh my goodness. scary moment. >> lyndsay: crazy video. >> kristen: um-hmm. let's talk about our forecast, a lot going on this weekend. >> lyndsay: yes. we have the parade and also getting in the time of year there is a 5 k almost every morning. we have the 321 dash for down
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coursein addition to theparade in uptown. the radar is lighting up more, so we have a 40% shower chance for both of those activities, the 5 k for the dash for down syndrome starts at 8:30, the walk starts at 9:00. temperatures will be in the 50s, and i don't think that it is going to be raining heavily, so if it is showery it should be on the lighter side, you won't be running in a driving, pouring rain, do be prepared for some showers through the morning hours and that will also be the case as you are headed uptown for the parade festivities for st. patrick's day. still talking temps in the 50s with showers possible through the mid-morning hours. now as far as highs today, we will get back up in the 60s, so while it won't be as warm as the past couple days, just closer to average for us, 65 degrees for the high in the charlotte area and again while
6:39 am
40% for the day as a whole is 70. almost all of us will have on and off showers, little bit of wet start to the weekend. we do turn drier, cooler tomorrow, a check of the rest of the details coming up in a couple minutes. >> kristen: more still to come on wbtv news stat saturday morning. appear nasa astronaut poised to set a record. details on the blast off and docking that happened early this morning. putting a new spin on school drop-off time. the school crossing guard better known as the dancing lady.
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is wbtv news saturday morning. >> kristen: 6:43, new information about a dog many of you have been asking about, investigators in columbia have found the owner of arabella. she was found, baldly badly injured. lost her right hindleg. they thought she was dragged behind a car but now they believe she was hit. the dog got out of an enclosed gate. they signed over the rights to her because of the major medical costs they can't afford. animal rescue in new york is taking care of all the medical bills. we have placedded a link how to
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after hours of watching and waiting, eagle cam fans from all over the world witnessed a baby eaglet hatching. it hatched friday morning. mr.the parents are mr. president and first lady. the cameras are viewing 24 hours a day online. ful you driven down 160 in fort mill, a chance you have seen this woman, the lady dancing in the middle of the highway with a stop sign is working. a job she does not just for paycheck, though. our kristen hampton has the good news. >> reporter: getting up and going to work for veronica is the same as any other school traffic controller, once the vest is on. >> step right up. >> so is the show.
6:45 am
>> this is where she sets herself apart. >> what do i love about it? i love people! i see them smiling as they go by, they wave, give me good compliments. >> parents, students and bus drivers in and out of the fort mill middle and elementary schools dubbed her the dancing lady. >> i have two little boys i drive to school or to daycare, the 2 and 4-year-old notice, they ask where is the dancing lady, it makes their day and mine. >> thank you! >> the compliments are just as heavy as the traffic that she gets in and out of the schools. >> makes me feel wonderful. >> the paycheck takes the back seat to the very best part of the job. >> i had people tell me how they had bad days, and i make them
6:46 am
>> dancing lady should be better known as the dancing queen. >> see you tomorrow! >> in fort mill with the good news, kristen hampton, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: such a fan way to start a day to drive by her. very cool. >> lyndsay: fun job to be outside. she gets to do that. >> kristen: wonder if she listens to music or the music is in her head. >> lyndsay: either way. rock on. cool job. appreciate someone who loves their job that much. >> kristen: i will agree. but we will not be sunny this weekend, sorry. >> kristen: we had good luck. >> lyndsay: been fantastic. the whole month. but at least there is basketball on today. >> kristen: yay! there's that.
6:47 am
i'll rent a movie. >> lyndsay: mid to upper 50s this morning, heading through the afternoon, we'll get up in the mid 60s, so this is going to be the first day in between week-and-a-half or so that we will have not made it in at least the 70s, just been so, so warm. and by the way, technically speaking today is also the last day of winter, since sprinkles begins tomorrow. so we're seeing kind of change in seasons but also a change in temperatures kind of in the reverse of of what you could expect. anyway, 65 the high of the day in the charlotte area. city by city, rock hill, 65, 262 gastonia, very large spread in temperatures today, northwest of the city as you get in some of the foothill areas, hickory, 56, concord, 65, morganton also 57. so again, foothills will be in
6:48 am
in the mountains will be in the 40s, then you get in the 60s from charlotte south. so again, really large range in temperatureses today. as far as how that will affect the pollen, since we do have the showers coming in with those cooler temps, probably notice the past week or so, seems like the pollen has taken off, it will be cut back for today, with wet weather in the forecast, stay at least more of a moderate range tomorrow before coming back up as we head in monday of next week. so, we'll talk about what the rest of the work week forecast will hold beyond the weekend. all part of the seven day first alert coming up in a couple minutes. kristen? >> kristen: lyndsay, thank you. al russian spacecraft carrying three crew members to the international space station has successfully docked with the orbital outpost. crew members includedded two russians and american, jeff williams, a veteran of long
6:49 am
also a grandfather of three. the new crew members are expected to stay for 173 days. by the end of williams' half year trip aboard the space station he will become the american with the most cumulative days in space, 534. spring marking the beginning of the busiest home selling and home buying season. this morning we're going to talk what you need to know, check off before you put your house on the
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6:49, we'll be rightclosed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. >> kristen: kevin mcclain from henderson properties. how are you? >> i'm doing well, how are you? >> i'm good, thank you. a perfect conversation for us to be having this morning because lots of people are thinking about putting their houses on the market. it is spring, they are ready to see what they can get for their homes.
6:52 am
>> there are things we have to do before we do that. >> absolutely >> can't. >> can't put them on as-is. do we have to declutter? >> one of the first steps, box up all your not used go through the closets, go through the attic space, now is a good time to donate to the charity. remove portraits from shelfing. clean off the countertops. remember make the home look as spacious as possible. >> people worry about other people going through their stuff when theystuff. do people do that when they come through a house, open up the cupboards and go through the drawers? >> lock all valuables up. other than that, you will be safe with putting item in a lower cabinet, outside of the
6:53 am
kitchen cabinets are the cabinets everybody likeses to look in. maybe sure those are organized as they open those. >> you have to really work on the curb appeal, exterior. >> yes, ma'am. pressure washing, fresh pine needles and mulch does wonders. touch up the paint, add door mats, trim the shrubs, and keep your lawn weed-free. we want the first impression when the buyer shows up to the property. >> we see on tv on hgtv that people stage their homes. but in real life do they stage their homes? >> absolutely. dep pendingsome show better vacant, some not. think about removing extra recliner, putting a coffee table until different position, adding
6:54 am
think of this it as a model home rather than a home personal lil lived in. >> this one isal toughie for a lot of people. remember this is not about you anymore. >> everybody thinks their kid is the cutest and the home is the prettiest, we have to remember it is not about what we think, what we like it is a the buyer is looking for. step out of your comfort zone, and realize that your emotions are moving with the property. >> sometimes we have to do little things like touching up paint, up say even important to replace the outlet covers and light switch cover also. >> absolutely. minor things you can do to the house to enhance the appeal as well as add a little value. switch plate covers, just
6:55 am
harmedknobs in the kitchen and bathroom. >> making sure everything is cleaned. >> professionally cleaned. hardwood also carpets cleaned. make sure the home is in showing conditions. >> we have 30 seconds left. are the kitchen and bathrooms still the most important rooms uptaped? >> those are the key area also. does that make a big difference if you put money in the areas what's you will get back? >> that is one of the biggest returns. if you want to put fresh countertops on or hardwoods in versus the laminate, things like that go a long way. >> good advice, we'll put more advice from kevin and henderson property on the website,, just in case you are like the many getting ready to sell your house.
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we'll be back after this. this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now.
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pick-up truck on the roof after an accident in east charlotte. we'll take you to the scene and police investigate what happened here. we're tracking the forecast, on live power doppler radar, rain chances over the next few hours, changes in the forecast and they are coming up. 7:00 on this saturday morning. glad you're hanging with us nice and early i'm kristen miranda. >> lyndsay: good morning, i'm lyndsay tapases. >> kristen: how are you doing? >> lyndsay: doing well. >> kristen: okay, good. >> lyndsay: you said that weird. >> kristen: kind of a buffalo way, comes out every once in a while. >> lyndsay: can't suppress it, glad you got that out. >> kristen: thank you. >> lyndsay: it is interesting the radar is showing a little more now than it was about 30 to 60 minutes or so ago. starting to see showers popping up on the five sweeps, pretty much from 77 east where we have most of these developing as far as early morning hours are concerned. showers are a possibility all
7:00 am
day time hours today, show you those on futurecast, little bit of wet start to the weekend, we turn drier tomorrow, that complete weekend forecast for you in a couple minutes. >> kristen: thank you, lyns. one person taken to the hospital after a single vehicle accident in east charlotte. this was the scene around 3:00 on easted wayway drive and audrey street. the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a power pole was broken, didn't impact power but crews made repairs. police looking for four men wanted forward shooting a man in east charlotte. the man shot in the leg off the plaza near atmore street. able to drive himself to the gas station. medic says he will be okay, police are looking for four guys


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