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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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two-hour delay. if any other school districts call in we'll let you know right here and >> john: we have a cool start, will it warm up? here is charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: after a chilly day yesterday, in the 40s, we will rebound in the 50s this afternoon. first things first, as john mentioned, a school delay, alleghany county in the mountains, we will keep an eye on the other county school districts, there is a little bit of ice after a little bit of snow fell last evening, temperatures below freezing. we're in the 30s in charlotte, clear skies, after last evening's rain, that moved out. 30 in boone, 38 morganton, hickory, statesville and charlotte. 40 gastonia, 39 in monroe, 37 in chester. chilly start to the day, will be below average, improvement over yesterday, more sunshine, high temperature getting back to 58. keep in mind, tonight the colder
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charlotte drops down to the freezing mark. i'll talk about that plus when we might expect a warm-up in the forecast in the seven day planner. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: chris larson off today, we'll try to pick up a few things here traffic-wise. a live look at current conditions map, and you can see we have green throughout the area there if you're driving in from gaston county on i-85 or 74 from monroe in charlotte you'll look pretty good because things are clear and moving smoothly. here's a live look at i-77 at clanton road you can see traffic somewhat light this morning and it is moving smoothly, we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. following breaking news involving an armed robbery this morning at a convenience store in south charlotte. >> christine: go to brody o'connell who first broke the story in the last half hour
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watch other new details arewhat other details are coming in? >> brody: this is at park and woodlawn, it looks like this might be video we got in. earlier we just had pictures. a man went in the kangaroo gas station over at park and woodlawn in charlotte, he had a knife or screwdriver, apparently not clear at this time, went in, demanded money, got away with undisclosed amount of cash. we have a crew at the scene right now, no word on injuries at this point. also, no word on any arrests or anything like that. obviously, a a very fluid situation, we'll stay on top of this and bring you developments throughout the morning. john and christine, back to you. >> john: thanks, brody. following more breaking news, involving a fire in mooresville, crews have been called out to a single story structure fire. they got the call around 4:30 this morning. structure on east mcneeley avenue. crews saw smoke coming out of the building. crews are on the scene, we do have a crew headed to the scene
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information, we'll bring it to you live and online at >> christine: this morning, we're working to learn more about two driver alsos who were killed in a head-on crash in 485. it happened at 2:00 yesterday morning. one. drivers was going the wrong way on the highway. wbtv's mark davenport live in charlotte with more on this, so mark, what do we know about the area where this crash happened? >> reporter: cistine, we know it is dark out there, not a lot of signage, that is what we know from people we talked to around the crash. they live on providence road off 485 w wre the crash happened. they told us emergency vehicles pass by their house practically every single day on the way to accidents on 485. this accident specifically i want to show you video, troopers tell us wbtv that a man named luis menacho was driving in
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2:00 a.m. sunday he crashed into victor castillo head-on. both drivers were killed. troopers have not confirmed if drugs or alcohol were involved. we did the numbers for you since 2009 there have been two other wrong way crashes on i-485, neither resulted in death but alcohol was a factor in both those cases. the neighbors, the family we spoke to say they are surprised these wrong way collisions don't happen more often. >> you don't know the area, it could easily happen. >> there is not a lot of signs, especially right up the road. >> dark there, poor signage, that is what the neighbors were saying on providence road. troopers are looking over traffic cameras to figure out where the driver got on 485 going in the wrong direction, once we get more information we'll get it to you first here on wbtv. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: state troopers say speed and alcohol do not appear
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killed a 16 year oned girl from-year-old girl until shelby. two vehicles hit nycia copes. she and a passenger were standing in the intersection after getting out of their car. one driver hit them both, s al-qaeda driver came byasecond driver came by and hit copes. >> john: south carolina may have paid $40 million to settle road claims and lawsuits against the state transportation department. the number of claims was 2600 in the past two years, half the claims against dot since 2010 have been for damage caused by potholes. >> christine: the mother of a six month old baby beaten to death is expected to testify against the man charged with killing the infant. todd boderick accused of killing his daughter keyoni at a motel
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he is defending himself in the trial. the mother is also charged with murder. >> john: an officer who was shot in the line of duty and three others that saved him will be honored in cornelius. gray son farrell shot james quattelbaum last may. all four officers will be recognize at the cornelius town meeting tonight. several charges including attempted murder are pending against farrell. >> christine: tim moore hopes to call a special legislative session this week on the non-discrimination ordinance. according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, moore is discussing the possibility with governor pat mccrory. the most controversial portion of the ordinance centers on allowing transgender to use the bathroom with the gender with which they identify. expected to go in effect april 1st. the regular session begins on april 25th. under state law, the house
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call a special session if three-fifths of the legislature in both chambers support the move. moore is pushing for special sessioning to take mails at the end of the week. >> john: ambassador of france is hoping to boost business with north carolina, he will visit tomorrow. he will speak at event and attend a reception hosted by the french american chamber of commerce of the carolinas. france and north carolina exchange more than $3 billion worth of goods each year. >> christine: we're just getting started. if starbuck is part of your routine, the lawsuit claiming you may not be getting all that you pay for. >> john: now we want to give you a quick check of first alert weather, cool start to the day out there, we have 38 degrees here in charlotte, 29 up in boone, below freezing. 40 gastonia, 39 shelby, 39
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a live look at i-77 and i-485 and traffic is starting to pick up out there as we begin the work week yet again. we'll keep you posted because you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and
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it is e >> christine: we're following more breaking news at this hour involving an officer-involved shooting in durham. >> john: go over to brody o'connell with new details. >> brody: busy morning in charlotte and across the state. we got word from wncn, apparently an officer was shot in the durham area. very limited details at this time. apparently this officer suffered minor injuries, it's not clear what led up to the shooting.
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news source, our cbs affiliate in the raleigh-durham area. the officer suffered minor injuries. no details that led up to the shooting, we don't know if anyone was in custody. from what i'm reading it appears the officer is expected to survive this close call here. john and christine the story that will be developing throughout the morning, updates right here in the alert center. back to you. >> john: new this morning, a retired pennsylvania state trooper is dead after authorities say he killed a turnpike toll collector and guard in a hold-up attempt. police say clarence briggs killed the toll collector and ronald heist then fled in collection vehicle, he was killed in a stand off with troopers. >> christine: police in new york city are looking for a man suspected of slashing three people with a machete.
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restaurant in queens. the 24-year-old suspect got in an argument with someone, waited for his victims to come out. the three men who were attacked were taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> john: the f.b.i. is investigating a threatening letter sent to the sister of republican presidential front runner donald trump. she is a federal appeals court judge in pennsylvania. the f.b.i. didn't give many details about the letter saying only the agency is working with the secret service and u.s. marshalls in the investigation. on the friday, officials revealed his son, eric, received a threatening letter urging the candidate to exit the presidential race. now 13 after 5:00, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al conklin. >> al: we will see more sunshine than yesterday, still on the chilly side, improvement over yesterday but only in the 50s in charlotte and much colder in the mountains. you'll be in the 40s today. out there this morning, clear
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you had a little skiff of snow, there may be ice out there early this morning, use caution. everybody is below freezing in most communities up here are in the 20s right now. your forecast for ashe, watauga, avery counties, lots of sunshine sunshine, gusty breeze, getting back to 43, big clung of the day in the 30s. the hd tower cam looking great this morning, good deal of sunshine, cloud cover from yesterday gone, temperatures slowly going up, 38 this morning at 8:00, 52 at lunch time and 58 late this afternoon. we have freeze watches and warnings in effect for just about all communities in the wbtv viewing area for tonight, i'll break that down and let you know how cold it will get in your neighborhood in a couple minutes. right now, first alert traffic. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: early in the commute and so far, not a single
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hour so that is some good news for those of you who get on the roads early. slight slow down we're seeing on independence boulevard as you get to albermarle. but no major back-up. remember, the hornets takes on the spurs tonight at time warner cable arena, game is at 7:00, watch for traffic in the uptown area for that game. otherwise, as we look live here on the dot camera to i-77 at west boulevard, traffic light but you can see sheen on the roads. drying out from the a in overnight, berainovernight. >> john: we have a warning for you if you haven't filed your taxes yet, the scam the irs is telling taxpayers to be on the look out for. >> christine: first, wbtv is always on your side, in your community.
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bring you the latest updates live from the the alert center, thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> christine: 19 minutes after 5:00, on your side with a look at consumer headlines. >> john: ing if you have been noticing tax-related spam this year you're not alone. the irs has seen a h 400% surge this season compared to last year. they are warning taxpayers more and more scammers sending texts and emails, posing as the irs or tax software companies. >> christine: twitter will keep it brief. they are sticking to the 140 character limit, the chief
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dorsey announced the news saying constraint allows at the moment brevity. they were thinking of allowing longer tweets but many spoke out against it. >> john: two people in california suing starbucks for not giving customers a full cup of latte. they violated laws and alleged negligent misrepresentation and fraud. each is 25% under-filled. the lawyers are seeking class action status in the lawsuit. >> christine: domino's is delving in the future, looking to test self-driving delivery robot, four wheeled machine dubbed dro, for domino's robotic unit made the first trial delivery in australia. it uses gps, can avoid obstacles, reach speeds of speeds of
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customers receive a security code. >> john: do you have to tip the robot? a quart of oil? >> al: slice of pizza, you have to have a tip. let's face it. let's get you out there, we have a lot of chilly weather, that is for sure, look at the stretch, going back about two weeks, every single day in the 70s, low 80s. then the bottom fell out. hopefully you weren't caught off guard, we certainly talked about it a lot last week thissing would happen. yesterday, only 47 degrees here and last evening the rain as well. that et cetera s the stage set the stage for a chilly overnight. big bright moon is settling, sun will be up in another hour and 15 minutes and good deal of sunshine in the forecast. clear skies in charlotte. the cloud cover and there was a bit of a breeze helping to keep the temperatures up a little bit. now with clearing conditions, we're in the 30s, northwest
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feels-like temperature is 34, going to be chilly at the bus stop this morning and this afternoon, mostly in the low 40s up across the mountains, gusty breeze and sunshine all day long. you come down here in the foothills, 57 morganton over to lenoir, taylorsville, 58 in wilkesboro, good deal of sunshine, wall-to-wall sunshine for charlotte area. we'll improve getting up ten degrees above where we were yesterday, because of the sunshine but there will be a bit of a breeze most of the day, factor that are in, will feel on the chilly side. 57 hickory, 58 charlotte, gastonia, concord and in monroe. late this afternoon, i expect you'll get in the upper 50s, maybe 60 from chester to lancaster, pageland the numbers below average this time of year. christine mentioned the spurs are taking on the hornet, tip-off temperature, 52. keep in mind that is at 7:00. you come out of the game at 9:30, 10:00, temperatures down in the low to middle 40s, a chilly evening. very cold overnight.
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hasn't started we don't have advisories but there is a freeze watch for the metro area, frost advisory south and east of i-85, that is for tonight in early tomorrow morning. how cold? down to freezing andsome of the areas are going to be below freezing. cold enough for frost to develop in the mountains, back down in the 20s. as you are this morning. tomorrow afternoon we rebound, tacking on a good 10 more degrees, getting in the mid to upper 60s across most of the viewing area. high pressure back to the west. on the cold side of this, tomorrow morning that high is essentially on top of us. as the high builds off toward the east, we return to the 60s tomorrow and in the 70s in advance of this front, which could bring rain to the area late thursday night into early good friday, then our rain chances are pretty slim until the late part of the weekend. there is mixed signals right now easter sunrise is a-okay, not expecting rain, going deeper
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until monday a chance for more rain coming back. but no rain expected here for the rest of the time going forward through that weekend and again we have to deal with rain thursday night into early friday morning. look at numbers, if you're not a fan of the cold weather this is ideal. fitch tease today, 60s and 70s, little bit of a fall back toward saturday. that is the forecast, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: here's a live look at your current conditions map and again, most of the area is in green and that is good news, means you shunts have any significant --shouldn't have any issues. charlotte-mecklenburg is working no active wrecks, that is good news. a live look at i-77 at lasalle street you can see traffic is a little thick out there this morning but it is moving smoothly, although a little slowly. keep that in mind as you head
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bad news for those of us who use public transportation to get around charlotte. s. >> christine: the proposal to
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all new at >> reporter: the union county school board is meeting to discuss their superintendent search. i'm mark davenport, coming up, all the details. >> john: huge boost to a program to turn around struggling schools in charlotte, the donation that will keep project lift going. thanks for waking up with wbtv news this morning, now 5:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. al school delay to tell you about, alleghany county schools operating on two-hour delay, if
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on air and at get right to first alert weather. >> al: windy and cold, temperatures below freezing up there, may be a few slick spots and few roads. they had snow, a skiff, a dusting. temperatures have fallen off. this is center city charlotte from our camera at central piedmont community college looking toward the west, excellent visibility, chilly, 38 right now in charlotte. 36 belmont, 37 weddington, harrisburg. 34 coulwood, oak dale, 39 in indian trail. going to the mountains, 29 in boone. 38 hickory, charlotte, 39 lancaster, cheraw, rockingham and monroe,a chilly start, going to be a cool day today but sunny, unlike yesterday, clouds are gone, rain is gone, sunshine back, only in the mid to upper 50s from charlotte to concord to mooresville, kannapolis, lenoir, and boone 43. tonight, the colder night, with temperatures area-wide going
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i'll break it down for you in a couple minutes. 5:30, first alert traffic. >> first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: here is a look at your commute this morning, we have all the major interstates highlighted in green right now, 85 coming in or out of gastonia looks great. 77 looking great and 485 all around the loop, highlighted in green, so traffic moving smoothly, there are no major back-ups to tell you about and as we look live at one of the d.o.t. cameras, 77 at remount, traffic moving smoothly here. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. john? >> john: charlotte-mecklenburg schools not the only district in the area looking for a new superintendent. officials in union county schools will meet to discuss their search to replace outgoing superintendent dr. mary ellis. mark davenport looking into this, he joins us live with more


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