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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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>> i'm jamie boll. glad you are here. >> it may be spring officially but it certainly does not feel like it today and did not feel like it yesterday for the first day of spring. >> meteorologist leigh brock joins us live in the first alert forecast do we have to bring the plants in tonight? >> yeah, we do need to do that we welcomed in spring but saturday it was 70 . saturday 47 and now we are in the mid-50s in the middle today but it feels chilly outside. looks nice. we have the sunshine out again and it makes the 50s feel more pleasant. 56 in charlotte. 53 in salisbury. 55 in rock hill. you are cooler in boone 40 for now. we have a freeze warning in effect for all of the counties you see in blue until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. what that means your temperature will be close to the freezing mark. you need to bring in the plants. if you have anything outside that you want to protect and cover up this is the night to do it.
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advisory until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. the same solution for anything else. if you have the cool temperatures tonight you need to bring everything in just to be on te safe side. clear skies and dry conditions are going to allow the temperatures to drop. and next several hours we will be falling through the 50s to the upper 40s by 9:00 and close to freezing by tomorrow morning. and i have your finally warm-up temperatures in a little bit. >> first at 4:00 a man killed after his vehicle apparently crossed the center line and hit a van head on in union county. three children were in the van. they were headed to school. one of those kids had to be flown to carolinas medical center in charlotte where pamela escobar joining us live. what are you hearing about the child's condition? >> reporter: , well, i got off the phone with harm and troopers say the boy is hanging on and that he is trying to get on
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have broken bones but they believe they will be able to recover. what we know from union county school district all three kids were headed to rock rest elementary school this morning just under d.u.i. miles away from old pageland road where the crash happened. highway patrol says the kids and the driver were taken to the hospital. the driver of the black pickup truck richard lewis moss. his truck crossed the cen the investigators are working to determine how fast the two vehicles were going combined. >> 90-100-mile-per-hour impact like hitting a brick wall going that fast. >> troopers are still investigating but they believe moss the driver of the black pickup truck never hit his brakes. they think it's possible that distracted driving was involved or if it had to do with a phone they are investigating that.
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drop off time and there was a high school student at a bus stop nearby. at 5:00 p.m. i will have more what that high school did to help the family now here at carolinas medical center. pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> thinking of everyone involved. thank you. >> a group against charlotte's new controversial nondiscrimination ordinance is in raleigh calling for state leaders to take immediate action against it. the most controversial centers on allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. the regular session for legislators begins after april first, on april 25. protestors want governor mccrory and the general assembly to call a special session this week. nc equality and lgbt advocacy group launched a petition to the general assembly asking them not to pass legislation that would target gay and transgender people. >> police are searching for a
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with a knife and screwdriver before 4:30 this morning at this kangaroo express at park road at woodlawn. was hurt. if you saw anything call... >> students are back at school after someone set a bathroom on fire friday. the fire at walter g. buyers elementary was set on purpose. two students are being questioned. investigators believe it cost about $4,000 worth of damage. the school made counselors available for students and staff. >> a fire into the alert center. alex giles is live with the latest. what do you have? >> this is reportedly near uptown video from the crews in the field. take a look here. on north church street and you can see down there a number of ambulances and fire trucks called out to the scene. we are told there is a fire in the furnace of a building in that block. that coming from the charlotte fire department.
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evacuated by medic. luckily no one had to be taken to the hospital. they had a big response there and we are asking questions what damages are to the building and how that fire might have started. as soon as we get new information we will let you know. back to you. >> thank you. in york county, a papa john's pizza delivery driver was robbed while delivering an order. the victim was cornered by three people wearing hoodies. he told officers one pointed at him what appeared to be a sawed off shotgun and ordered them to give them pizza and money. and the suspects ran off. >> a house fire in iredell county is under investigation. firefighters were called to i astructure fire on east mcneely avenue at 4:30 am. one person was in the house but not hurt. firefighters got the flames under control. we are working to find out what caused the fire. >> the only surviving suspect in
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been plotting more terror. he was arrested friday in brussels and founds weapons and he is due to appear before a judge on wednesday. a live look here from havana, cuba, as president obama is scheduled to speak at the cuba entrepreneur conference. mr. obama and cuban president raul castro held their first summit meeting on cuban soil. castro is calling on the president to lift more restrictions and return land used at guantanomo bay. he welcomes changes to allow commercial flights to resume and changes in the area of telecommunications but an economic blockade is the most important object ka stem cell to cuba's economic development and the well-being of the cuban people. let's check the afternoon commute with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> good afternoon. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in on i-85 this is the highway 29 and 49, traffic
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heads up as we look around north tryon and i-85. mallard creek church road we have an accident at i-85. congestion building on mallard creek church road. another accident at north tryon near jw clay boulevard congestion is visible on north tryon as well as on w.t. harris crossing over. and another accident at university city boulevard and 485. and notice the volume here heading away from center city. back creek church may be a better option but patience as we see traffic in this area and three accidents creating congestion for commuters. back to you guys. >> all right, tonya thank you, a normer north carolina state fair worker involved in an accident that hurt several people was set to face a judge. next why that man will not receive his sentence today. >> and next at 4:00 teachers and
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>> first at 4:00, video of an alligator outside a school has gone viral on-line. >> not a little one, either. crowds of students and teachers came outside to see the ten-foot gator in a private christian school in lakeland, florida. they kept the animal away from the kids until a professional trapper showed up. he was able to wrangle the reptile. and he looks so calm about it. >> does not have shoes on. >> probably believes it was headed for a lake near the school. quite a scene and show and tell for the kids at school. not unusual for them to come across the alligators they live in florida. >> they are a little more... >> people just watching. there you go. >> ok. surveillance footage capturing the moment the man pulls a gun on a convenience store employee of after the worker caught the
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the man chased him back one shot was fired. police arrested the man. all this over nachos. for real? >> that is not something to be firing weapons over, ever, right? what are they? $1.99. >> struggle is real. >> new parents desperate after their five week old baby starts choking. >> thankfully a police officer was nearby. >> thank you jesus for the police officer that did come. >> next, we will hear from the officer about the moments he saved this baby girl's life. >> and we have had temperatures in the 70s and 80s and now freezing temperatures going into tomorrow morning. who needs to worry and who needs
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i have the >> first at 4:00 remember the north carolina state fair ride accident that injured a handful of people? sentencing has been post poped for the worker operating the ride. he admitted to altering the vortex ride leading to five people being hurt. the sentencing was postponed because two of the victims were involved in a car crash. the judge agreed to wait until the victims were physically able to attend the hearing. >> enough plutonium on its way to south carolina from britain and some from u.s. and france had been used for research purposes. it will be stored at a u.s. government facility near north augusta under an agreement with
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>> pack to our alert center with alex giles live with developments in the case involving a north carolina soldier. >> this is coming from our affiliate in the raleigh area a soldier set to stand trial in the killing of his girlfriend. he pled guilty to some charges today we are told. that is omar pagan and pled guilty to wrongful use and possession of a controlled substance, adult industry and obstructing justice. he is accused of hitting i girlfriend with a car that killed her. he is pleading not guilty to unpretated -- premeditated murder. we will watch this one. back to you. >> thank you. a south carolina police officer is being credited with saving the life of a 5 week old baby girl. the malden infant was choking on milk and her family did not know what to do. an officer was close by and just completed cpr training.
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i heard it come out and i responded there and the dad was outside waving me in. >> he came through the door he took my daughter asked me what her name was was talking to her as if it was his own child. pumping on her chest and just saying alia cry for me. >> the baby started crying just as the ambulance arrived. we are happy to report little alia is fine and her mother says she is considering taking cpr classes. >> that would be a smart thing to do with a little one in the house. they put things in their mouth. >> here is tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we take a check if you look closely you may be able to see traffic is at a stand still as a result of an accident. outbound on 277 there is an accident and volume is starting to build on 277 as a result of this situation.
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12th near see gal avenue. a lot of volume is starting to build on 277. and approaching independence boulevard and i-77 northbound and we have a situation on monroe road which is a great alternate route at east 7th and monroe farther down we have a situation with an accident. and you know the hornets are in town for a game tonight. you may want to take the congestion and traffic into consideration. back to you. >> thank you. >> sunshine was nice today. that part was beautiful. >> it did make a difference. yesterday it was cool and gray all day. it was in the 40s. >> rainy at times. >> right. the breeze will still get you today. >> it will. sustained winds are 10-miles-per-hour and gusting higher. it is not warm but it looks better. we will take small steps.
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clear skies which we have had most of the day. you can see the breeze blowing. yes, that makes it feel cooler than it is. here are your numbers. 56 in charlotte. 53 in salisbury. 55 in rock hill and 55 in morganton. boone 40 ment and the mountain temperatures because they have been struggling all day long by noon many of you were in the 20s. banner elk 30 right now. 37 beech mountain. 43 boone and 45 in blowing rock. 40 in west jefferson. it is cold up there. here is your banner elk camera. you can see the clear skies and this moving around a little bit. but it's beautiful up there. it feels very chilly outside when you add in the wind which is 20-25-mile-per-hour gusts. and as far as the watches and advisories and warnings. we have a freeze warning for the bright blue areas. a frost advisory for the darker blue areas.
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much because what you can do is bring your plants inside. regardless where you are it will be cold. it will be close to the freezing mark. bring those plants in. take care of them and cover them. if you want to take care of them. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. we should be back above the freezing mark. it should be a short time below the freezing mark but it's enough to do damage. plenty of sunshine. here are your lows. notice just how many areas could be at or below the freezing mark. you need to plan accordingly. tomorrow the morning time does not count but by the afternoon we see a warmup. 36 at 8:00 a.m. and 67 is not a bad high temperature we are warming up 10 everyday since yesterday and heading into tomorrow as well. overall if you like the warm temperatures, they are going to be making a comeback. today in the 50s and 70s for
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easter weekend and we have a couple shower chances. and your high temperature heading into the day tomorrow 67. 75 on wednesday. 74 on thursday and another rain chance thursday night into friday morning and we stay in the 70s for a high. over easter weekend and upper 60s for high temperatures. now, the best chance of rain is late in the day on easter afternoon. we will have more coming up. now back to you. >> thank you. a warning for drivers who have electronic gearshiftners their cars why the government is now getting involved after reports of hundreds of accidents. >> and amy schumer shongs a bartender after paying her tab
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find out why [ ] >> welcome back it is time now for the "daily detour." two minutes put on the clock. >> if you needed one more reason to be a fan of amy schumer. she left a $1,000 tip over the weekend while she and several friends checked out the broadway hit hamilton. the tap at the bar came to $77 but captain sara larson was shocked to see the tip. 1300% when you do the math. the tip was split among all the bartenders each pocketed about
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a thousand dollar tip for $77. and the manager at the bar saying that amy understands she used to bartend when she was doing stand up and getting her breaks. >> give back a little. next story. an australian tabloid claims it has proof that olivia newton john's boyfriend is alive and not presumed dead. australia's women's day alleges that patrick mcdermott may have been living in mexico with a german woman. he vanished in 2005 during a fishing trip in california and coast guard said he likely drowned. newton john moved on from this and is married again. but, wow, strange indeed. >> this was in the news for months when it happened several years ago. it looks like madonna and guy richie's custody battle over their son rocco will be settled in the u.s.
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the two have been waging a public dispute over their son when rocco left madonna's tour to be with his father and refused to come back to the states. the judge urged the two not on speaking terms to come to a solution say it's their relationship with their son that will be affected in the long-run. >> there's story coming out about the tour acting strainingly. she had a meltdown on strange. >> end rald city, wicked the musical just passed the $1 billion mark. the musical one of three shows to reach that milestone. the other lion king and phantom of the opera. the fastest to get there. incredible stuff for wicked. >> when you think about it. we are out of time. but we have a lot more news ahead here. the two largest school districts in our area looking for superintendents. we are finding out how close they are to getting a new leader.
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officer taken to the hospital after a scuffle in jail. we will have the latest on the
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you're watching first at 4:00. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> a dangerous road nicknamed dead man's curve now county leaders are looking for
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firefighter and the father of a police officer are killed. welcome back to first at 4:00 i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack thank you for being here on this monday. tonight the chester county council will discuss potential fixes to a dangerous road. the stretch in question south carolina highway 9 at turn buckle road. it has a history of problems including a wreck two weeks agoch live to michael clark he has been following the developments. michael? >> this wreck just two weeks ago to this day is fresh on the minds of many people here in chester county. leaders will formally ask the state of south carolina for help with a safety study that could look at ways to fix that roadway. take a look at video of the crash scene a makeshift memorial is out there where a truck driver and off duty volunteer firefighter died in a crash two weeks ago. i checked with the state and
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looking at the number of cars that travel on that stretch of roadway everyday. how fast the cars are going and also looking for obstacles like branches or trees or anything that could cause low visibility or hazards. remember, first responders can remember at least half a dozen serious wrecks here over the past couple of years but the exact number will be a part of the study. the county wants to know exactly how many wrecks occurred around the dead man's curve area and the severity of those involved in the collisions. they can vote to accident the state for help. one of the victims in this most recent crash was had a son that was a police officer with the town of clover. he and his family feel this is such an important issue they are driving down for the meeting. and we will have reaction from them and the councilman at 5:30. reporting live in chester, michael clark wbtv on your side.


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