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tv   WBTV News Prime Time  CBS  March 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> maureen: and now peach farmers are bracing for the cold. the crops are at the most vulnerable stage. too much of a freeze could ruin them. we spoke with one farmer who told us if it gets below 28 degrees for four hours or more, a lot of damage could be done. still, farmers are hoping for the very best. meteorologist lee brock is in the weather center. how far will these temperatures drip? >> they will get close to freezing and some areas below freezing. either way you look at it, it is a good way to bring inside the plants and take care of any plants you have outside. we had a gorgeous day. 55 degrees is your current temperature from our metro school camera. from our scott clark toyota network of cameras, the temperatures are in the mid50s. 52 in hickory and 55 in lancaster. so it never really got warm. 58 was our high temperature and now we are heading through
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skies. that means a freeze warning for all of the counties you see in bright blue. there was a frost advisory for the rest of the counties. that means we are close to the freezing mark. if you have any plants outside you may want to bring them in and be on the safe side. mid40s boo i 1:00 a.m. 30s by tomorrow morning. i have that forecast in a little bit. >> right now on "primetime" the clover school board is is holding a meeting to discuss putting cameras in special education classrooms. this after concerned parents contacted wbtv. last month we told you about allegations of abuse against a child with autism. the school held a meeting for pairns, but would not allow our crews inside the meeting. fast-forward to tonight and there is now a public
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latest on wbtv news at 11:00. new on "primetime" a show of support for six north carolina immigrant teens, two of whom are from charlotte. activists acted out a dramatization of an immigration raid to education the community. this was all done to grow support for a group being called the nc6. they were arrested this year as part of increased immigration enforcement. the two charlotte teens were arrested in january and are being held in georgia. they came from el salvador in 2014 and could be deported at any moment. activists want to win new trials to keep the teams in the u.s. we now know a north carolina surgeon isen -- surgeon was on the scene of this horrible school bus crash in indiana over the weekend. two dozen people, mostly high school students, were on board this bus when it crashed. all of them survived. tonight we are hearing from that surgeon about being in
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time. molly granthom has the story knew on "primetime." >> oh sweet jesus. >> a school bus crashed and all members of the basketball team heading to the big state tournament. their hoop dreams sideswiped by a distracted driver. police say a 23-year-old lost the lid on her drink spilling it and losing control of her car and swerving into the side of a bus. >> my buddy on the ground can't move and can't work. >> reporter: a surgeon from north carolina who happened to be driving by stopped to help. >> even as a trained health professional you see an upside down school bus and it is every parent's worst nightmare. a fear goes through you of horror. >> police are investigating the crash and no one has been charged. remarkably no one suffered life-threatening injuries and everyone should be okay. last night a prayer service
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mourning. >> our prayers have been answered. we are all walking and we are all talking which matters. >> not exactly the homecoming they were planning, but one they will gladly accept. >> we want to recoup rate to bring a state ring back here. that's the main goal. >> reporter: and with big dreams still to strive for. molly granthom, wbtv "primetime" . >> maureen: the doctor was on his way to a funeral in wisconsin when he came upon the crash. right now on "primetime" a meeting in chester county to talk about proposed changes to this dangerous stretch of roadway. people who live nearby say it is known as dead man's curve. it is on turn buckle road 1k3 -- and you can see it is a loop on and off highway 9. in the past two weeks dead man's curve has claimed the lives of two people. michael clark spoke to one victim's son and he has that
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>> on this winding road in chester county, an american flag and firefighters' helmet. >> he was my best friend and he is is the person who called for everything and now he is not. >> the momentos are for police lieutenant's father, mike and the off duty lancaster volunteer firefighter. the makeshift memorial is not permanent, but safety changes because of the head on collision could be. >> if my dad's passing can bring about safety or a positive change for someone else i think he would like that. i know we would like that. >> this stretch of highway 9 is called dead man's curve. >> as long as i have been here for fourth -- for 40 years that's the name of it. >> he is is a councilman in the area and he is also a former law enforcement. the thought of seeing anyone die here is pushing him to ask the state for help. >> a lot of folks have lost their lives. we want the departments to run
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>> reporter: the county council will consider a vote to ask the department of transportation for a safety study before coming up with a possible fix like widening a road and adding a light they could study the number of cars and the traveling speeds and the number of accidents, the severity of injuries and driving hazards and any other factors that make this stretch of highway a deadly one. >> if you can grab on to one positive it is something to latch on to and it is something to help you carry through the negatives. >> reporter: michael clark wbtv on your side. >> maureen: up next on "primetime" a post by a north carolina police department goes viral. what was in the post that has a lot of people talking tonight. plus, chilling testimony from this mother accused of murder in the death of her baby girl. the father was also charged. and a scary scene outside a school when this 10-foot alligator shows up to visit. what a professional trapper says may have brought the animal there. we are your only live, local news at 7:00.
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this. >> maureen: now on "primetime" the most notable video in the big three. this was captured off the coast of florida yesterday. watch this water spout relatively close to the shore off fort lauderdale. you can see it move across the ocean as people use cell phones to capture that video. the video now of an alligator
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you is viral -- in florida is viral. they came out to see this 10-foot guy. the police officers were able to keep the animal a safe distance away from the kids until a professional trapper showed up. the trapper believes it was headed for a lake very close to the school. surveillance footage capture the moment a man pulls a gun on a convenience store employee. it happened after the worker caught the man stealing nachos. the worker ran after him, but then the man chased him back inside. the thief fired one shot and fortunately no one was hurt. still to come on "primetime" a mother takes the stand in a murder trial of the father of her chimed. how she describeses the shield's last 48 hours alive.
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wbtv and cbs. >> maureen: chilling testimony of a baby's slow death while her parents allegedly watched. it is something in the trial going on in charlotte right now. he and the baby's mother are both charged in the baby's murder. he is representing himself and he was able to cross-examine minute the child's mother today. sharon smith is in the
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details. >> reporter: his mom sounded detached and as a matter of fact the only vitality we heard of the six-month-old. and it was the same as this mother charged with murder described keoni's last 48 hours. >> i just thought he was sick. >> reporter: kiani was limp and motionless, but okay enough for several trips outside their west charlotte motel. >> sleeping in a stroller. >> reporter: she never called the doctor. >> i didn't know what was wrong. i didn't want to get dss vopped. >> reporter: when she called 9-1-1 they discussed what to say. >> i told him that her sister dropped her off the bed. >> was that true? >> no, sir. >> reporter: under the cross-examination the minutes and pauses dragged on reflective of the four years
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case to trial and symbolic of the days keoni was dyeing in front of them. she tried to explain her thoughts. that's what she said about him and not their daughter. >> sharon smith, wbtv on your side. >> maureen: prosecutors say he was not offered any kind of deal for her testimony. her charges are still pending. >> reporter: this man was accused of holding a gun to a teenager's head and demanding she deposit two checks and then withdrawal the money from a bank in rock hill. the victim told a school resource officer that she came in contact with lewis after she clicked on the facebook ad advertising easy ways to make money. the victim also has two children. and a police department is getting national attention and i warn you that the photo you will about to see may be disturbing.
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picture posted on facebook. the officers invited the man seen her making a vulgar hand signal standing by the police car to go on a ride along with them to see what it is really like to serve and protect the community. already this post has over 20,000 likes. 16,000 shares. by the way, the man in the picture has imred to that ride along. >> maureen: lee brock has been telling us about the cool down we will experience and anxious to see the rebound. the second day of spring and we are ready to say goodbye to the cold temps. >> we will get it by the third and fourth day of spring. for now it will be cold tonight. you will bring in any plants. it is close to freezing for just about anybody. here is what it looks like right now. it is gorgeous outside. beautiful conditions from the
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there has been a little breeze. other than that you can't really complain about the way his look today was not compared to yesterday. the temperatures are 55 and that's your current temperature in charlotte. 54 in salisbury. your temperature is 53 in shelby and 41 is your temperature in boone right now. the wind though has also been a factor. you my look at these wind speeds and it is not a big deal, and you're right. they are not a big deal. anywhere from five to ten to 15 mile-an-hour winds takes the already cool temperatures and makes them feel a lot cooler. so even if you have a light breeze or so it would seem, it can make the difference in a feel. the winds will be dying down. we know we have clear skies. you put those two things together and you have just a cool air mass in place. it will be really chilly tonight. we are talking about a freeze warning for all of the blue counties. we are talking about a frost advisory for the darker blue, the purplish
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what this means is is just about everybody has a chance to get close to freezing that there could be damage. if you have any plants outside you want to protect, cover those up and bring them in if you can. the highest elevation you may think that is interesting that you don't have any watch warning or advisory. that's really just because you haven't really seen your growing season start yet. there is just not really a need to have that in place. clear skies in the highest elevations. avery and ash and watauga. you can see the snow peck tour you have in the background it was definitely melting and this is what i mean at the highest elevations. you have no snow and even the highest elevations and even the ski slopes you are seeing that snow melt quickly. we'll take a look at this. your starting out temperature is close to the 32-degree mark. by 8:00 a.m. we start to rebound. we are adding in a little sunshine and that means
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57 is is your midday temperature. plenty of sun from the beginning to the end. so looking nice. tomorrow it is actually feeling nice. today we had high pressure in place. we haven't picked up very much warm air yet. we are still ahead of the warm air. the same high-pressure system will be in control, but it moves far enough off to the east and it will bring up our temperatures. on sunday your high was 47 degrees. we have already added on more than 10 degrees. it will do the same thing tomorrow and by then we are talking mid70 ises for high temperatures. the wind is really coming out of the west or the southwest and really starting to make a difference by then. we have had a lot of pollen issues and allergy issues. for your tuesday and wednesday
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going back up. the rain washed things down and it cleared out the atmosphere. 67 is your tuesday. the high after morning time low close to freezing and 75 on wednesday and 74 on thursday. another rain chance comes in thursday night to friday morning. easter weekend it doesn't look half bad. we are you can taying about upper 60s. the best chance of rain is on easter sunday. maureen, we will send things back over to you. >> maureen: thomas davis and the harlem globe trotters are teaming up for a famous message. the abc's of bullying prevention. the kids learned about action, bravery and compassion. >> our anti-bullying program
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it is important they learn that at a young age. bullying is not a right of passage and it is not okay to be disrespectful to others. >> maureen: no, it is not. after they learned the available lesson they were given tickets to see the globe trotters live. it is time for tonight's "primetime" pic. this is from communication study student association at uncc. the caption says we had an amazing time with our private studio tour of wbtv. a huge thank you to robbie thomas forgiving us amazing insight into the business. thank you so much. post your picture on instagram with the # wbtv and me and we could use yours. follow us on instagram wbtv underscore news. chances are many people have never seen a baby emu until now. look at that face. but peaches has a leg that didn't develop properly and
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stand any chance. thanks to a local rescue peaches is is actually in surgery right now. kristen hampton explains in tonight's good news. >> reporter: we do that so they can maintain their strength. >> reporter: peaches does president -- doesn't seem to know they are hatched with harnesses and most have two legs that work just fine. she is independent for sure, but without a surgery to fix her poorly formed leg she wouldn't ever be able to walk on her own. >> they can live for nearly 20 years and they are really comical and friendly birds. we wanted to give her a shot at life. >> peaches came to the water foul rescue with not much hope of a normal life. her left leg didn't grow in right, and now vets hope a new surgical technique can help. >> she will break the bone and put it in position and put a series of rings on it.
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the surgery will be a success. which are pretty good odds considering the hope is she will heal fine and live a normal life as a perfectly normal emu. in monroe with the good news, kristen hampton, wbtv on your side. >> maureen: beautiful. kristen is always looking for good news to share. send your ideas to good news at >> maureen: coming up later on "bounce." the soundoff to to be pick is is about two southern beach towns to crackdown on violence. they are banning alcohol consumption. consumption on beaches. they can no longer be left out on the beach overnight. what do you think about the crackdown? is it necessary? we are reading your comments from the wbtv facebook and
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we are back after this. >> tomorrow we will be up early tracking early news and bringing it to you in the alert center. >> and the fbi is providing special training on local college campuses. >> and how you can be a part of the special olympic games tomorrow on wbtv news this morning.
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news is sponsored by subaru >> your forecast, chilly by
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sijt in the afternoon and -- 60 in the afternoon and 75 on wednesday. close to that on thursday. chance of rain thursday night to friday morning. upper 60s and a chance of showers late in the day on sun day. it looks like the best chance as of now. >> maureen: thank you for watching "primetime." the news continues at 11:00.
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see you back here at 7:00. causing a little bit of controversy want to get clear right now. this back tattoo, real, fake? >> much ado about that tattoo. and let's see if ben's answer can clear up the confusion. i'm billy bush. this we know for sure, that man's got a not so secret past. >> seems like i are avenue. >> very impressive, britney, in a bikini, but is seeing believing upon further inspection. >> i don't want it talk about the kardashians. >> that's the real khloe. can you identify the other kar-trashians. >> amy's $1077 tip on a $1,000


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