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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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charlotte's controversy so called bathroom ordinance under fire as lawmakers calling a special session to put a stop to it. the story in a moment. first, temperatures are dropping fast, we're under a freeze warning, i'm molly grantham. i'm jamie boll. let's go to eric thomas in the first alert center. >> if you put your plants out this weekend, we're likely going to get around freezing tonight and east of charlotte we have the frost advisory, thee are one in the same they come to ground cover and the plants that are in the pots around the house. bring them in and protect them. no freeze warning that's because of the growing season has not you will be cold. you will see the temperatures overnight dropping into the mid-30s. we're going to nip that mark
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we'll call it 36 degrees and a very brisk and chilly. we have the rain. a rebound part of the first alert forecast. >> and lawmakers are preparing to fight charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance and a special session. >> it allows transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. and we're live tonight on your side looking at the action lawmakers will take. >> it has been a back and forth battle. when the session was called some were happy about it, others not so much. >> a two sided story gets another chapter. they are calling for a session to discuss the ordinance and the rights of transgender individuals. >> and put people at risk and create uncertainty and concern and correct. >> they voted to pass the ordinance.
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in. things could change, what we have is a mix up of priorities in raleigh and time for that to change. >> and they support the ordinance and state lawmakers are wasting time and money. to do this is intheoretical they will legislate the discrimination, some would like to get rid of it. >> it is ridiculous. they will undo it. it is insane. and they worry the ordinance will bring confusion to charlotte but neither side is backing down. we're going to win. you? >> no. >> no way? >> no it is to early to tell
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effect april 1. jennifer getted out a statement in response to the move by the lawmakers saying, quote, a special session is a waste of taxpayer money. the general assembly should focus on teacher pay, not taking away rights. we have breaking developments between apple and the f.b.i. the hearing set for tomorrow has been canceled. they are working with an outside party to unlock the iphone belonging to the terrorist a court ordered apple to develop software that would allow them to get past the suspect's password. but tim cook says it could jeopardize iphones. >> we didn't know we would be at odds with our government but we believe we have a responsibility to help you protect your data
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>> a spokesperson for the u.s. justice department said the government is, quote, cautiously optimistic that this method of breaking into the phone will work. we will be following this closely and update you when the story develops. unc charlotte officials investigating two new cases of mumps on campus. and mecklenburg county health department alerted the university on friday. that brings the number of cases involving the school to four now. the health department sent a letter warning them about the symptoms if they think they are sick with the mumps. >> deadly crash in union county. we learned a ten year old has died from injuries sustained in the accident. the aftermath here on monroe road, the enjoin of the struck crushed up to the cab. trappers -- troopers say he never hit the brakes.
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a teen nearby ran to help. we talked to him by telephone. >> he was trying to get out of the. two others have broken bones and are going to be all right, the driver of the van was the mom's boy friend. he survived. >> a school considering putting cameras in classes after reports of abuse ininvolving students. things like forcing a child to eat in the dark. we're on your side with details with the documents and what happened at tonight's meeting. >> they are something that the superintendent said he is considering but he was not ready
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tonight. this is after controversy surrounding the 2014 report where someone alleged a culture of abuse involving students. some of the allegations involved children being forced to eat in a closet and a child on a toilet for 90 minutes. the board investigated and found the allegations to be untrue and that started the discussion of cameras in the classes that continued tonight. i spoke to one parent who says he is willing to give up the privacy of his special needs daughter to make sure she is safe. >> and it will protect the children. my child. and the teachers i think it gives them assurance that evidence of their behavior in class. >> and he needs more time to look into this. he says he has not found any other districts in south carolina that are doing exactly this. and greenville is doing
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teachers here are welcoming the idea while others are not so excited. for now, reporting in clover. we have breaking news here at 11, and a plan rejected to bring costco to the area. the meeting were concerned about traffic in the area. and the town commissioners there voted against the zoning plan 5-1. it cannot build the store at the proposed lotion off i-77 at exit 35. and it would have to be a main store there bringing in others academy stores. information on a deadly stretch of road. chester county council to have the state dot investigate highway 9 that killed several people. neighbors call this deadman's curve saying the speed is too high. two people were killed in a crash weeks ago with a log truck.
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study before a fix like widening the road or adding a traffic light. a lincoln county man arrested after he shot a woman during a night. >> and since then we learned from deputies that this was a domestic dispute. ems took the woman to the hospital where she was treated and released. she was shot in the shoulder. the man tried to make a run for it but he crashed. deputies chased him down and a friend of the shooter took the gun from the scene but deputies were able to recover it. campaign 2016 the final five leading candidates taking part in a town hall on cnn. and there are several important states up for grabs. voters in arizona, idaho and utah go to the polls tomorrow. and the arizona primary is winner take all and the caucus is a majority take all.
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trump and clinton in the lead. the president and his family on a tribe to cuba. the president arrived in havana. he met with raoul castro. this is the first time he visited the country in 90 yeaea. the president stressed the importance of cuba to u.s. business. >> america wants to be a partner and moving ahead with deals. leaders are joining the president on the trip and the ceo of pay pal. it tweeted about the visit today. you remember it just announced 400 new jobs coming to charlotte. >> and the council voting committee approve as plan to bring big changes to south mark. it is replacing the church with 490 apartments and 175 room hotel and other office space.
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church facility for the church. and honoring the basketball champs. and robinson high school. concord hosted the parade. we flew over the celebration with sky 3. cheerleaders and the band participated. and today was bulldog day in the city of concord. job well done. >> let's of basketball on the minds of people. >> march madness, what are we going to do. next at 11. a officer survives being shot in the line of duty, i was lucky i had my vest on. it saved my life. >> all knew we're hearing about the moment that they jumped in to help. >> i'll tell you what. >> how that will affect the weekend.
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what led to the fistfight. an officer surviving a nearly deadly encounter and wearing a v. tonight he and fellow officers. >> and we hear from the officer and those who jumped in to save him. we have more from cornelius. >> the lieutenant was back on the job a month after he was shot in the line of duty in may. and they never forgot what happened. >> and a purple heart for sustaining an injury in the line
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>> it can be grateful and proud. >> it is surreal. >> when the job is to protect and serve. >> every day it is dangerous. every situation we go. every person is a dangerous situation. >> and they know that there is a risk. >> i was lucky i had it on. >> and he responded to a call. the lieutenant stayed on the front porch to interview someone while another went inside of the house. according to the documents, grayson fer came down into the living room with a shotgun and shot the lieutenant who was still outside. the officer in the living room fired two shots and bringing him down. >> tonight a thank you. the officer who rushed to treat the wound. >> and assisted with the evacuation and the scene under dangerous conditions, the
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lieutenant was shot. >> he returned accurate fire and striking the suspect. >> the officer who ran into the house after he heard shots. >> and the actions were instrumental in getting control of the suspect. >> and left with a reminder that protect and service should not be taken lightly. >> this is in our town. >> coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> according to court officials the shooter grayson fer will be back in court in june. we have more on the story now posted on wbtv it's where can you see more from the ceremony. funeral arrangements have been set for south carolina police officer shot and killed by a gang member. officer allen jacobs was shot and killed trying to arrest a man. he was a celebrated iraq war veteran and the father of two children. his wife is expecting another
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the police officer will be laid to rest on thursday. authorities say the only surviving suspect in the november attacks on paris may have been plotting more. they captured him in brussels on friday. they found lots of heavy weapons. at 11, dramatic protest in charlotte as people staged a die in outside of the duke energy building. protestors pretended to drink coal ash kool-aid. a person handing a sign saying they were the governor was handing out the kool-aid. they were told for a year it was not safe. in is as -- neighbors say it was never retested and they blame duke, we did not create the problem, they put it there. and they should clean it up. >> and they are not impacting
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as the municipal supplies. >> there is a public meeting tomorrow night about the coal ash risks near the alan steam station. neighbors say they will go and ask a lot of questions. we will be there doing the same thing. we'll have coverage for you here on wbtv at 11. police in monroe looking for a robbery suspect with a unique tap. here is the photos that the police gave us. officers say the man robbed the first citizens banked around 11:30. he has a cross tattoo between his eyes if. you know him or know where he is, contact officials. a jury awarding -- awarding more money to hulk hogan. he was awarded $25 million more as punishment against gawker for violating his privacy. gawker said they were news
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he was awarded $115 million in the case. a fight involving the easter bunny. this is a new jersey mall. bystanders caught it on video. a guy there with part of the costume. he got into an argument with a parent after a child slipped from the chair. >> and it was on. the two started throwing punches. >> you could see it throughout the mall the crowd was crazy. >> the easter bunfy and parent were arrested on assault charges. i don't mean to laugh but wow. a temporary bunny was called in. >> like are you going to stay in line after that. >> you make the big trip. >> a job listing for a permanent. >> does your kid want to sitten the lab of the bunny after he reacted that way. >> probably not,. [ laughter ]
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>> that's a christian holiday. >> just to remind you. >> where was that? >> new jersey. >> hey, i'll tell you what it felt like new jersey around here. you know what happened the 86 that high that we had the middle of the week. swan dive. 70 is the high. coulding down already and look at what happened to the high temperature 47 degrees. yesterday we rerounded to 58. don't let that fool you. and the top of the show the freeze warning in effect if you have any sensitive plants in the viewing area pull them inside. you don't see that because the growing season not underway. set them out there bring yours in. >> that will allow the heat to radiate very efficiently for the overnight hours. here is the clock.
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we're down into the mid-30s around 7:00 below freezing and boone and freezing in the foothills. it will hit the freezing mark. if you have the sensitive plants, here is is the chance. >> if there is anything and track and for us it is another day on tap. tons of sunshine. no rain and that means the allergens will ramp up. and poplar now. the primary pollen you will see where tuesday and wednesday and pegging it again into the red. that's the highest category on thursday.
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they will be basking in the sunshine, take you into the 60s. >> a glorious day they may hit 70 briefly and upper 60s that way. a know storm that's developing. >> and the for us showers by the time we get you into the timeframe. and most of you don't want the snow storm either. on the backside. it is similar with rain and the best chance. they are on the way back. we'll spend the time back in the 70s. have a great night. >> and thank you. how good are the hornets a good test with the spurs in town.
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delano little. hornets hosting the spurs.
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i can tell you sitting court side thomas davis the linebacker a busy day dog charity work sitting nearby. and they saw the hornets they put up a season low 7 points in the first quarter. cody zeller. 14 rebounds. they were running up hill the rest of the way going down 23 points in the second quarter. trailed by 15 at half time. and it is over. >> and battling back. and 15 of the 29 in final 12 minutes a couple of huge 3s. to tie late here. you see swearmy lin drop another one. and my name is no, my number is no. san antonio swinking -- winning streak, no. they lose to the spurs. celebration time. victory second largest come back in franchise his.
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they play brook brooklyn tomorrow. a handful of hornets have their teams alive. and the heels take on indiana where cody zeller went to school. no duke representatives on the hornets. they get the late game in the western regional taking on the number one seat oregon and here is our light up i can tell you it will be a good tip off. villanova and. virginia, iowa state. syracuse. and time to go into the prep zone. the monroe red hawks received big rings for the state aa championship. they were handed out. community members and washington redskin flame stepped up to pay
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they were a perfect 16-0. robinson by the way had a parade to celebrate their state title. congrats to the area state damps for the 2015-16 year. and the latest on the panthers signing and robinson go to the sports app and play with the redskins the last three.
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we have breaking news. police investigating a crash involving a motorcyclist on yorkmont road. truck. that person was taken to the hospital and later died. no one else was hurt.
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was speeding. final check of the weather. >> look at this. when the temperatures recover they will hover not that far from an average high. and again frankly delightful. >> thank you, thank you for making us your choice for news at 11. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes?
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>> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme )
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) thanks, everybody. please! welcome to "the late show." hello, jon! i am your host, stephen colbert. what a beautiful crowd we have here tonight. aren't you lovely people? and we've got some very special audience members tonight. they're joining us from the united states coast guard reserve, everybody. please, give them a hand over there. ( applause ) thank you so much for being here. ladies and gentlemen of the coast guard. thank you for dressing up in your dress blues. you look lovely. today is the 75th anniversary of the coast guard reserve, and i'm glad they're here so no one can smuggle drugs in a speedboat through my front row. thank you for your service.


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