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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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york's penn station, a major transportation hub where commuter rails meet the subway system. >> we in new york city stand ready to fight against terror in every way. >> the heightened security at u.s. airports and train stations brussels-style terrorist attack which targeted travelers for maximum impact. >> airports and in subways is the perfect place for them to conduct an attack because it creates the most fear. >> law enforcement and emergency officials trained for situations just like this. >> kind of attacks in brussels are one of the many risks that the washington metro region studies, prepares for, drills for. >> david snyder helps coordinate emergency preparedness in the capital. and passengers have a role to play. >> they see a left suitcase for example or they see someone acting unusually, it's critical that they contact the
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message we need to repeat day in and day out particularly on a day like this. >> authorities say the increased security is not due to a specific threat. but out of an abundance of caution. back to you. >> thank you, maureen. >> and what if your child was set to board a plane connecting in brussels today? that was the reality this father faced. after the attacks the airport was shutdown and the young man's flight was canceled. more now new at 5:00. >> molly they tell me they are lucky the flight was not any earlier in the kay. after hearing about the attacks they were mindful of their surroundings. >> he had a connecting flight in brussels after hearing about the bombings there he cannot help but think what if the flight was there earlier? >> to know that that could happen and i could be there when it happened, and we are both
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>> his dad joined them as he wayed for three hours for another flight to open up. liberia. his family is lucky they did not have to live out a nightmare. >> we were thankful that he was not on his way or already there. >> they were not traveling to brussels tuesday or at all they were dropping off their granddaughter. after hearing the news in belgium they decided to make sure their granddaughter made it to their flight. >> we are waiting here to just get word from her. >> with security ramped up throughout the country and taking longer to get through the lines. >> it may slow down the process but it's worth it to be safe. >> they spent much of their wait joining airport security in monitoring their surroundings. >> it makes you think harder about where are you going. >> scary to think this can happen.
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i travel out of the country, i try to keep my eyes open. >> despite his worries, he made it on to a flight to liberia. and after the canine units he did not have any doubt he would get to his destination safely. >> i did not have second thoughts about it. >> just looking around when i left the airport security had not loosened up. before coming to the airport look at the website to get the latest on security measures. christian flores, wbtv on your side. >> american airlines released this statement after the brussels attacks extending their deepest sympathies to those affected by the tragic events. the airline says they are taking care of employees and customers at brussels airport and announced all employees and crew members are ok and unharmed. we are on your side keeping track of it all.
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coverage on air and on-line at some south carolina lawmakers say the attacks in brussel backup the need the bill requiring all refugees in the state to register with the department of social services. some republican lawmakers say they are expecting a long debate. the bill requires sled to make analysis for any refugees coming from nations designated sponsoring terrorism. >> we are not going to roll out the red carpet. >> democratic lawmakers are blasting the bill. a point some lawmakers say is illegal by federal agencies. >> now, lancaster county voters are heading to the polls to vote on a $199 million bond referendum. the majority of that money would go to a new elementary school and high school in indian land and other parts would benefit with money going to infrastructure, safety and technology.
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and we will update you as soon as we have results. live look at uptown charlotte through the hd towercam. 66 . meteorologist leigh brock is in the first alert weather center tracking it all. hey, leigh. >> hey, it has been nice and average for this time of year after a day in the 40s on sunday and 50s yesterday we are in the 60s today. here is your camera from our network of cameras, just the way the camera is jumping around you can see the kids in the yard makes me wonder if there is an easter egg hunt going on. maybe a little bit early, no nothing wrong with practicing earlier. here your are temperatures in the mid-60s for everyone. you see them in the upper 50s in the highest elevations in boone. and through the evening, temperatures are not going to fall quickly. 7:00 p.m. 62o by 9:00 p.m. 56 and your 11:00 p.m. temperature will be 54 . and we have more warm weather in the forecast. 10 warmer by tomorrow.
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here is tonya rivens and traffic. >> and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. let's focus around the uptown area as we continue to see problems here is i-77 at woodlawn road. we have the situation in the heart of center city with the accident at morehead street near i-77. south tryon is a great alternate route and slow-moving traffic on i-77 northbound. notice the problems that we have caldwell or davidson street and third street that accident at kennelworth avenue by morehead. but this problem here in the center of the intersection at kings drive and elizabeth avenue. injuries involved. avoid this area altogether. randolph road is a great alternate route. >> thank you. next, a day after changes to the dangerous road were proposed we are learning more about what will happen to the road named dead man's curve. and five years after her sister was gunned down inside this home a woman talks to us as the man
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penalty. >> we are hearing more from a chester county leaders about a plan to help with the dangerous road we told you about yesterday on turn buckle road off highway 9. neighbors nicknamed it dead man's curve. council met to talk about the road after two were killed in the past two weeks. they decided to ask the south carolina highway patrol to investigate. >> we want the highway department to do a study of it and [inaudible] >> we figured it would be better if it came from a county council as a majority that is what we asked.
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ask the dot to look at it and do a study on it and see if there is something that can be done to correct that roadway. >> there is no time-frame when changes could occur. the world's largest cruise company is going to cuba. carnival seven-day trip will leave from miami and passengers will be expected to spend eight hours a day involved in a cultural experience. the cruise will cost $1800 per person. in half an hour, a team in morganton will be honored for winning the state championship. a parade for the team will be held at 6:00 p.m. in downtown morganton. the lady patriots won the state championship earlier this month. congrats to them and it's starting in 20 minutes. next, we are learning more why a man accused of breaking into vehicles at fire departments in three counties targeted firefighters. what he allegedly told police why he did it and when.
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huge warm-up. today mid-60s and tomorrow mid
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how far beyond that do we we are learning more about vehicle break-ins targeting local firefighters. wbtv obtained search warrants where the suspect told authorities he chose fire departments because there were no witnesses or cameras. he says he broke into the vehicles while firefighters were sleeping. bing was caught after a wal-mart receipt after ammunition was found near one of the vehicles linking him to the crimes he said he did it to live and eat.
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live in the alert center with more with police activity on west boulevard. >> yes. this video into the newsroom. this was happening this afternoon in charlotte west boulevard near remount road. and you will see the officers with a vehicle stopped. we were wondering what this was. and we were told that was a stolen vehicle and one person was taken into custody. and you can see the suspect loaded into one of the cmpd vehicles. when we get more information about the suspect and what they are doing we will bring it to you. >> thank you. >> a map accused of a triple murder five years ago could be put to death. everett hewitt went before a judge and he maintained he is innocent and will go on trial for first degree murder with the death penalty on the table. steve ohnesorge was in court and spoke with the sister of one of hewitt's alleged victims that story is new at 5:00.
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accused of three counts of first degree murder. five years ago when he was arrested he told me he was innocent. >> did you kill those people? >> no, i did not, sir. >> the murders happened four people shot and three died u i want justice for all three. >> beverly's sister was among the victims and beverly was in court today as the defense argued that the state failed to turnover all evidence in a timely fashion and the judge agreed and says it was not enough to throw out the case and we learned a plea deal was offered to hewitt second degree murder. >> i wish he would take the plea deal so we do not have to relive this nightmare. >> he said no. still maintaining his innocence. just as he has since that day he was charged. >> you did not do any of this? >> no, sir. >> his rejection of the deal means the death penalty is on the table if he is convicted. no matter what happens here, justice will be served.
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judgment some day. and it's god. >> his judgment in here gets underway next week. as for the violations that the judge ruled the state committed the judge says the penalty for that will be allows the defense to have the last say before the jury and that jury selection begins monday and could last several weeks. steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> when this story broke in 2011 we were on scene and at the time it was believed to be a home invasion. it cannot take long for authorities to rule that out and say drugs were at the center of it all. we will update you as we learn more. uptown charlotte we have been listening to leigh talk about the forecast and it is just beautiful. 66 still at this hour. and she is live right now in the first alert weather center. >> this is one of the days i love talking about the weather and love being out in the weather because it is so nice.
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we have a slight breeze and other than that no problems whatsoever. 66 is your temperature. we have a dew point of 26 . that makes your humidity 22%. it's dry outside. plus we have the wind blowing out of the south, southwest at 15-miles-per-hour and not a strong wind but because it's out of the southwest direction it's pulling in the warm air. we have warmed up the past couple of days. in the 60s. 66 in charlotte. same in salisbury. 67 in rock hill and 66 in lancaster. and we have a high pressure in place just offshore. that is one strong high pressure system. what it's doing is pulling our wind out of the south, southwest and we know it's warm around the deep south and mississippi and georgia they are warmer than we are and this is taking that warm air and pulling it up into our area.
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up from the 40s to 50s on monday and 60s today and the 70s tomorrow. that is a strong southerly flow. and as far as satellite-radar there is nothing showing up and that is another factor when you have sinking air you cannot have too many clouds. and here is how we start out not in the 30s like this morning. there is no frost advisory or freeze warning tonight. we start out in the low 40s by the first part of your day. 47 by 8:00 a.m. with a lot of sunshine. and that sunshine lasts through the day tomorrow. here are the numbers. mid-40s. by 11:00 a.m., we are at 62 . your average high is around 65. and we will be there by lunchtime. and heading back above average 73 that is not going to be a bad afternoon temperature. lots of sunshine topping out in the 60s. and farther to the south, foothills low to mid-70s
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most of us will be in the mid-70s. and also with a lot of sunshine and that is going to be the case into the south carolina counties. mid-to upper 70s. and here is the forecast a temperature of 76 on wednesday 75 on thursday, low 70s friday and saturday. there is a shower chance thursday night into friday morning. and most of that should fall through the overnight. and easter weekend, 68 on sunday. and a chance of a late day shower as of now. over to tonya rivens and a check on traffic. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. here is 277 after a busy start things have started to clear out but problems around w.t. harris with two accidents one at lynda lake drive and the other near hickory grove road. a busy commute around the area. we have a lot of congestion on i-77 northbound and southbound and 485 is started to ramp it up as well with a couple of
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boulevard and the other near providence road. >> next, a local woman dreamed of flying a plane and today her dream came true at 70 years young. we will show you next. >> and on your side investigation continues as we find more problems with the program designed to give veterans faster care. why local doctors offices says this system is not working next.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... what happens when a treatment comes true? it did happen for a monroe woman and kristen hampton got it on camera. she has tonight's good news. >> georgia sander son thought her family was bringing her to the airport to meet a friend. she had no idea this was coming. >> we will take you up and teach you how to fly a plane. >> the 70-year-old woman lives in a long-term care facility in monroe. they were part of setting up
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>> nervous. and excited at the same time. >> ever since she was a little girl georgia dreamed of this being thousands of feet in the air but not just flying in the airplane, today her wish of being a pilot came true. >> every year we do one big project and this year they joined with second wing dreams like make a wish foundation but for the elderly. >> she heard about the wish and made it a reality as her family watched, georgia was hands on the controls making turns and literally, living a dream. >> i am having a good time. >> after 45 minutes in the air, georgia landed safely back on the ground. with a story she will not soon forget. >> the flying, being able to fly it, and listening to him and you know, and the tower and everything. >> safe to say if there was a
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be called 9 and ms. georgia sanderson is still on it. in monroe with the good news, kristen hampton wbtv on your side. >> georgia on cloud 9. she had her lipstick on and looked good and it never came off. congratulations on your dream come true. kristen is always looking for good news to share. and a special session for lawmakers in raleigh will cost thousands in taxpayer money. how much just ahead. >> an on your side investigation that continues to uncover problems delaying care for our veterans. next why some local doctors say they cannot treat those who
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don't go anywhere. >> now, at 6:00 an on your side investigation tips as we find more problems with the program designed to give veterans faster care. why local doctor's offices says the system is not working. >> and we are asking if lawmakers in raleigh should be able to challenge an ordinance in charlotte? we have both sides of the argument. >> first, terror in brussels, team cover ramp on an attack that killed dozens of people and hurt hundreds more. >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks in brussels. welcome to wbtv i'm in for paul cameron. >> and here is the latest on the
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the attacks happened at an airport in belgium. at least 36 people are dead. nearly 200 more are are recovering from injuries. investigators are still trying to find one man who they call a suspect in the attack. we have team coverage for you. let's start with wbtv's alex giles. he is in the alert center with wrand new information on the attack came into the newsroom. what is that? >> we continue to follow the updates. investigators are seeking amateur video which we have seen clips of that can help them assist in finding the people responsible. they said in a statement anyone who has amateur film where the attackers may be could help move the investigation forward that is what they are looking for. and president obama has ordered that all american flags in the united states be flown at half-staff through saturday. out of respect for the victims in these attacks many and we
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americans may have been hurt. guys? >> thank you. seeing the images of today's attacks opened up old wounds for many. they look similar to another mass attack by isis that happened five months ago. this is what it looked like when they struck in paris. those bombings were the bloodiest conflict in the city since the nazis invaded in world war ii. 352 were hurt. a top leader from france was in charlotte for a luncheon. and he talked to wbtv's michael clark about the most recent attacks and michael he told he he was not surprised about what happened today? >> the french ambassador knew sooner or later there would be another attack but he thinks that radical islamic recruits are able to travel through european countries too easily leaving areas vulnerable for an attack. as the death toll from the terrorist attacks continues to


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