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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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americans may have been hurt. guys? >> thank you. seeing the images of today's attacks opened up old wounds for many. they look similar to another mass attack by isis that happened five months ago. this is what it looked like when they struck in paris. those bombings were the bloodiest conflict in the city since the nazis invaded in world war ii. 352 were hurt. a top leader from france was in charlotte for a luncheon. and he talked to wbtv's michael clark about the most recent attacks and michael he told he he was not surprised about what happened today? >> the french ambassador knew sooner or later there would be another attack but he thinks that radical islamic recruits are able to travel through european countries too easily leaving areas vulnerable for an attack. as the death toll from the terrorist attacks continues to
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all too familiar with the fear and uncertainty that is soon to follow. >> one time we have to go back to the day and realize but on the other side we have to be careful. >> he is the french ambassador to the united states and his message to people in charlotte tuesday enemies like isis are going after young people and recruiting them to syria. it's happening in america and overseas. >> they are militarized and trained and they are radicalized. we have not identified all of them. so we do know that there are some sleeping cells and that the people are ready to strike again. >> he says the attack is not surprising. and believes more are possible for those who think closing french borders is the solution the ambassador offers this warning. >> it's very difficult to do it. try to imagine closing the borders between north carolina and south carolina. it's impossible.
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the people can cross the borders everywhere else. >> the frontlines of war on terror start in europe. where some travel can be less restricted. and countrieses like the u.s. and france must stay ahead of future attacks that threaten lives, peace and sense of security. >> french we have been the first one to join the americans for striking against isis. we have soldiers fighting in africa. and again, we are [inaudible] >> we are allies once more. >> and while there are areas that have borders closed between france and belgium it is not a permanent solution instead calling for a global and european response. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> all right. thank you. we have continuing coverage on our website. for up to the second information go to >> new information on a proposal that would bring big noticeable changes to southpark.
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proposal that would replace sharon united methodist church with 490 apartments and a hotel and office space. and last night city council approved the measure. the developer will be in charge of redeveloping nine acres in southpark. >> a special session called by north carolina republicans about a controversial ordinance passed here in charlotte. lawmakers announced yesterday they would call a session to address the rule that would allow transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. the session was called after three fifths of lawmakers agreed to come in a month before the general assembly is scheduled to start. it's estimated the special session will cost taxpayers $42000. wbtv's steve crump is on your side tonight and a lot of people are upset that lawmakers in raleigh are stepping into the local issue. >> absolutely. and as you talk about the cost of it all being $42000 a day,
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we know at this point but it is unclear how long the session will go and some of the lawmakers we spoke with, they have not seen draft of this legislation and they will get it tomorrow. >> do not agree. >> from the beginning the battle lines have been drawn over charlotte's so-called bathroom bill. lawmakers headed back to raleigh where republicans control the balance of power understand the issues of wednesday's special session. however, state senator tart has yet to see any proposed legislation designed to repeel the bill. >> you all of a sudden invalidate criminal press trespass ordinances and indecent exposure and we cannot have that. >> we have that passing 7-4. >> it stands a chance of being repealed. mayor roberts is concerned the
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its appeal. >> focus on the inclusive and welcoming in the way that charleston and atlanta and orlando all the other cities have had this for years and we want to be competitive. >> the vote passed by a convincing margin b one of the votes came from councilmember ed rigs. >> the e-mails i got were 7-1 against the ordinance from charlotte so i felt we did not look hard enough to find a solution that respected everybody. >> democrats who will have a voice in raleigh are not expecting the vote to breakdown party lines. >> could be viewed as a power grab from raleigh on behalf of the city of charlotte but unfortunately, the city of charlotte has to take responsibility for passing this ordinance without bringing the general assembly and the rest of the community along with it. >> now, tonight, one question that a lot of people have in this debate is what differs in
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relates to the bills that will be produced tomorrow and delivered to lawmakers? and the question is what will it take to end up all on the same page? steve crump wbtv on your side. >> not a lot of support to overturn the ordinance. 25% of people across the state want the state legislature to get involved in overriding the ordinance. >> a meeting on proposed risk classifications for coal ash ponds in our area is happening at gaston college's meyer center auditorium and started seven minutes ago and officials are listening to neighbors of duke energy's allen steam station and residents are reacting to a proposal to lift the two coal ash ponds and list them as low risk sites. sara-blake morgan is live for us. and we know we have heard from them neighbors want answers?
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press conference 45 minutes ago and they are frustrated because this is something they have been dealing with for quite sometime. not being able to drink their water. thinking it's unsafe because of the runoff from the allen steam station. and what you are looking at the meeting has not started yet but the people are signing up to speak and this is not the only people signing up. there is 200 people inside getting ready to hear from the state to hear from duke energy they want answers. now right now the state currently lists the allen plant as a low risk site but the state will make their final decision on that this summer and that is why they are holding the meeting to hear from people like a mother who spoke who is worried for her family's safety and another women says her husband died from cancer and blames that on the drinking water. again this meeting was supposed to start at 6:00 p.m. and we will bring you an update tonight
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in gaston county, sara-blake morgan wbtv on your side. >> of course that is a story we are staying up for. >> 123 people will soon be without a job. yarns in china grove will be closing may 9th. the company filed a state notice march 10th. a community task force is working on a plan to help those who will lose their jobs. the textile mill expanded in 2011. with the help of a $146,000 state grant. >> right now a check on the forecast with chief meterologist, eric thomas. >> maureen, good evening. beautiful day out there today as the temperatures continue to rebound from the cold-snap. our high today 66 and we'll take you outside and show you. high pressure dominating the southeast and that is pushing that cold air away from us. with that clear skies and a cool night ahead. all coming up in the seven-day first-alert forecast. >> also, on your side investigates, continues to
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for our veterans. >> we would call and be on hold-up ward of 'hour to two hours each time. >> find out why some local doctor's offices are saying the problems are so bad they cannot treat those who served our country. >> and new at 7:00 on primetime... >> oh, my god, i don't know where i'm at. >> a 9-1-1 call minutes after a north carolina woman witnessed an explosion. hear from her and we have the
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>> announcer: closed captioning wbtv news is sponsored by... here is all new at 11:00. charlotte motor speedway in talks to bring the x games to charlotte. it is a big deal. and it could bring big money to our area. how close they are to sealing the deal coming up for you on wbtv news at 11:00. >> thank you. veterans across the state are not able to get the medical treatment they need because of problems with a program meant to speed access to care. >> that is what we have uncovered in an on your side investigation. nick ochsner uncovered problems
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month. and his investigation continues tonight as he talks with doctors frustrated by the broken system. >> on any given day, the staff at salisbury orthopedics, and the practice says all that work has been slowed down as it fought bureaucratic red tape to treat veterans. >> we would call and be on hold-up ward an hour to two hours each time. and the patient would get frustrated with us. >> sandra is the practice manager at salisbury ordinary r orthopedic and is talking about dealing with health net the company contracted to administer the program. >> we check a week or two before the appointment and they would tell us it had not been authorized or faxed but we did not have it. had to cancel several appointments for the same patient. >> health net was losing paperwork that is required before they can treat any
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she blames it on a process that relies on human beings sending faxes. >> we would find we would get faxes for other doctors and authorization for doctors in militia began and doctors around the state would call us and we have your fax for a patient. and it went to them. >> it has been plagued by problems. >> bob the c.e.o. of the north carolina medical society. he and his staff are working to address problems with the va choice program after hearing from doctor's offices from across the state. >> we started checking around and we had at least 30 practices call in across the state. >> what is it going to take to fix the choice program? >> i think that health net federal needs to fix their disconnect within their system. >> senator bird led a group of colleagues in introducing legislation aimed that doing that. >> we have worked to put
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was told before i walked in the door that we are there. >> proposals to fix the choice program will be folded into larger legislation aimed at fixing problems that continue to plague the va. they say a fix cannot some soon enough. what is the effect of that ban on veterans? >> the veteran did not get the service they need. >> i reached out to health net to find out what the company is doing to fix the problems. in a statement a spokesman said quote... we'll keep monitoring them. back to you. >> thank you. you can see more of our ongoing investigation into these problems with v.a. healthcare on our website head to
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us about problems may be you have experienced at the v.a. click the link to fill out our special form. >> a big award to a program your child may be part of. greater enrichment program has been named the community program of the year by north carolina center for after school programs. the 40-year-old charlotte nonprofit was given the award 15 minutes ago. the program helps provide educational out of school time for eligible at risk students. doing terrific work for a longtime. >> good for them. tonya rivens is watching the roads for us in the first alert traffic center. >> a lot of problems in south charlotte as we check in. this is i-77 and 485. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. a lot of problems around 485. an accident at 485 and providence road and notice in that intersection slow-moving traffic. it's right in the intersection. rea road is the better alternate route.
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to build as well. typical this time of day but it's heading towards i-77 from providence road. and two additional accidents we have one at caramel road and pineville matthews and another at 485 and south boulevard. and we still have slow-moving traffic on i-77 southbound. safe travels back to you guys. >> thank you. i have been inside most of the day but that 66 is pretty nice. >> comfortable and lots of sunshine and the days are getting longer that is fun, too. here is eric thomas in the first alert weather center. >> ok. absolutely 66 was the high temperature today. after a morning low of 33 at the airport. so you have to figure a lot of areas around here especially in the suburbia did nip that 32 mark and hopefully you protected your plants and that cool air is shoved off to the northeast thanks to the high pressure. great stuff. look what it's providing us here
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66 and brisk wind. almost on top of us. gusts over 20-miles-per-hour. the last four hours now. here is the rest of it. if you are heading out, are you in great shape mid-60s are locked in. and mid-to upper 50s on the blue ridge. and down to 56 at 9:00 and 54 through 11:00 p.m. and what do we have heading our way? it will be a slow process. through the overnight hours the leading edge of the next area of cloud cover is well off to the west. you can expect more of that. clear skies and cold and 37 and we will call it cool as we bring you here into the piedmont 47 by 8:00 p.m. and let's track this. you will notice that there is not a lot of progress during the day on wednesday. that is a snowstorm and look at the belt. and in advance of that, we will take it backup to 66 now. keep in mind that was the high
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and how about 10 , 76 by 4:00 back at it. we will not contend with the snowstorm but this front will get its act together and moisture pouring into it. and that means rain beginning to show up across eastern tennessee thursday. it's not here yet so it looks like thursday during the day should be in great shape partly cloudy skies and a nice day. that 30% that we have that will be during the evening hours toward midnight and i think it gets out of here quickly on friday. and how about the temperatures? comfortable and saturday ok. and then sunday, rain begins to approach. sunrise services are ok. and if you are outdoors sunday morning with that rain spilling into monday and things will get quiet. a couple of opportunities for
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we will keep you updated. right now it's about basketball. what do you get after pulling off the biggest common back? a trip to brooklyn to take on the nets. hornets need a short memory after coming back from the deficit to beat san antonio. exciting. after losing to denver before that, last night's win was like a double victory. bouncing back and taking out the
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had beaten the top team golden state. it had to pump up the hornets who know they can compete with the best and now they have to forget that and beat one of the worst teams in the east tonight back-to-back nights with a good team finds a way to win. and we'll have highlights on wbtv news at 11:00. >> 16 teams are left one has to win four games and they will be crowned the ncaa champ for 2016. duke is in california ready to take on oregon in the west. and advantage goes to the ducks but history is on the side of the blue devils making their 15th sweet 16 appearance since 1998. it will be the second meeting between the programs. practice is tomorrow in anaheim. and the tar heels are the number one seed in the east and they held practice before they took off to philadelphia for the friday late night matchup against indiana.
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heels will have a send off in chapel hill. and if you think the hoosiers win was big going back-to-back against power programs could basketball. practice is thursday. and look at our schedule on wbtv... we're back with jamie and maureen right now. >> we want to show you i-77 southbound at the berkshire we are watching cars get by. but several vehicles are involved. if anyone you know uses this as an avenue home at the berkshire
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to clear out and >> great to have you here.
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>> cbs news next.% >> pelley: terror in brussels. [screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> pelley: isis claims responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders. >> this is a war. this is not an ice lated end debt. --
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with the breaking news from brussels where the toll continues to rise in the terror attacks at the airport and the subway station. the coordinated bombings killed at least 31 people. 250 were wounded, including some americans. isis claimed responsibility and warned today that there will be more "dark days. " officials believe the two men there on the left were the suicide bombers who attacked the airport and a search is on right now for the third man there on the right. we have extensive coverage tonight. first we go to d'agata doing at the airport where 11 died. >> reporter: even through the dust and the chaos, there is no mistaking what had happened. a massive blast blew windows out, ceiling tiles collapsed as


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