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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with the breaking news from brussels where the toll continues to rise in the terror attacks at the airport and the subway station. the coordinated bombings killed at least 31 people. 250 were wounded, including some americans. isis claimed responsibility and warned today that there will be more "dark days. " officials believe the two men there on the left were the suicide bombers who attacked the airport and a search is on right now for the third man there on the right. we have extensive coverage tonight. first we go to d'agata doing at the airport where 11 died. >> reporter: even through the dust and the chaos, there is no mistaking what had happened. a massive blast blew windows out, ceiling tiles collapsed as
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a young woman cried for her mother. [cries] and a man shouted. but there were no soldiers to come to their rescue. in the confusion, the survivors streamed o out on luggage carts. >> all the luggage stays here. all the luggage stays here. >> reporter: the area outside the airport became a tangle of injured bodies. those who came to help were quickly overwhelmed. after the first explosion in the departure area, a second one followed. >> it was very loud. it was not something that fell on the ground. you felt kind of shocked. >> for everyone, it was a terrible thing. >> an explosion. >> reporter: the explosions
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woman said. "look around." isis claimed responsibility quickly for the attack today, warning of more dark days ahead. belgian police released this photograph of three suspects. look at the two on the left, casualty pushing luggage which officials believe were loaded with explosives. they're wearing only one governor each, possibly to conceal a detonator. both men were killed in the attacks. the third man, in the hat, has vanished. according to police, he left his luggage and is on the run. another bomb was found which police detonated by a controlled explosion. this afternoon security forces conducted raids in the brussels neighborhood of shaerbeek and found two more explosive devices containing nails as well as chemicals and an isis flag. one of the doctors who dealt with the worst of the injuries said he hadn't seen any bullet wounds, only injuries caused by
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the attacks in belgium come just four days after salah abdeslam was caught in a dramatic police shoot-out in brussels. one of the ten paris attackers, abdeslam was the only one to survive the police dragnet and evade capture for four months. after his arrest, abdeslam had promised new attacks, heightening fears among security forces that the militants' reach into europe is deeper and larger than they knew. now counter-terror police are conducting further raids tonight, scott. they've launched massive manhunt to find that missing third suspect. after raids in brussels uncovered two more bombs today, police fear militants may have been planning even further attacks. >> pelley: charlie d'agata at the airport for us tonight. charlie, thank you. so why brussels? well, there are several possible reasons. it's the capital of the european union. it's home to the nato alliance, and it has its own population of islamist extremists.
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were killed in the subway station that serves the european parliament, and becca becca pizzi -- allen pizzey is there. >> reporter: minutes after an explosion ripped apart a rush hour subway train in central brussels, passengers scrambled to safety in near pitch dark. smoke billowed from the station entrance as the day's commuters streamed out. the explosion went off barely an hour after the airport attack. the mangled remains of the cars were graphic evidence of why there were so many horrific karmities. some of them had to be treated in the street. many had what appeared to be serious head injuries. emmanuel batiot arrived during the aftermath. >> you see it in a movie, but you cannot imagine when you see people yelling like they were... like they are going to die, and you don't know. you feel like you are raging. >> reporter: lachlan carmichael was on another train in the tunnel.
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of air, and the train stopped. >> your attention, please. >> and we had the normal recording announcement. we've just had an incident on the line. passengers told me inside they felt very nervous, very worried. >> reporter: police and soldiers flooded the area. the station is only about 400 yards from the european parliament building and the area is considered among the most secure in the belgian capital, but this is a city that lives with major terrorist threat in its midst. it emanates from here, the suburb of molembeek, known to have sent at least 30 foreign fighters to syria. many of the paris terrorists lived and plotted the november attacks in the neighborhood. in the wake of today's bombings, the authorities asked people the move around the city as little as possible. that has now been lifted, scott, but the belgian crisis center warned the threat of more attacks is "real and serious. ". >> p%lley: allen pizzey in
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allen, thank you. we know of no americans killed today, but several were wounded. jim act has the latest. >> reporter: carolyn moore from kentucky was with her daughter stephanie when the bombs exploded at the airport. stephanie is now missing. >> my husband called the american embassy, and he said they're looking for her, too. >> did you receive information from... >> i haven't gotten any information from anyone. >> reporter: the injured include three mormon missionaries from utah, 66-year-old richard norby, joseph empy and mason wells. all three are recovering from their injuries. friends tells us wells was also at the boston marathon bombing lancier ear paris attack. a u.s. air force lieutenant colonel, his wife and four kids were also injured. we're told some were seriously hurt. this man, seb bellin is a belgian businessman who once played college basketball for
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his father spoke to his son in the hospitals. >> well, he saw people dying. he saw people dead and people dying. so that's... i'm sure that will stay with him for the rest of his life. >> reporter: and then there are the near misses. these three students from quinnipiac university in connecticut are studying abroad. they were at the airport traveling for spring break. kate duffy spoke to us by phone. >> there was a huge ball of fire like 50 feet from us, and it absolutely was insane. >> reporter: professional basketball fans will be relieved to hear that while former nba all-star dikembe mutuombo was in the airport at the time of the bombing, he is reporting on his facebook page he was not injured. >> pelley: jim axelrod, thank you. well, here at home law enforcement went on high alert, and michelle miller has that. >> reporter: just before rush hour this morning, new york city deployed an army of counter-terrorism officers from
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hercules team, specially trained to protect the city's most sensitive target and transportation hub. new york city police commissioner bill bratton. >> the timing of this event allowed us to hold over the morning tours of duty on all of those units, so we have literally double the amount of officers available to us this morning. >> reporter: thousands of commuters filed past heavily armed officers and were thought to have their bags searched. >> it's comforting. very grateful to all of them. >> reporter: in los angeles, police presence was beefed up at union station, the largest rail terminal on the west coast. los angeles police chief charlie beck. >> we want to have high visibility. we want to make sure that our critical infrastructure is safe. >> reporter: in chicago, police had k-9 units on the platform when train arrived, and in washington, d.c.,, the metro police chief consulted with f.b.i. this morning to make sure her officers were doing all they
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mary battle and her family visiting from florida witnessed the show of force in times square. >> i'm hoping that with the extra security here that this is going to be one of the safest days. >> reporter: scott, while there is an arm presence in times square above ground, the nypd announced that it will be. aing up patrols whose sole purpose will be to guard the city's busy underground sunway system. >> pelley: michelle, thanks very much. the man who runs counter-terrorism and intelligence for new york city police is deputy commissioner john miller and a former senior correspondent here at cbs news. john, is isis coming here? >> reporter: well, isis is already here. as isis has developed as an organization, scott, what we've seen is inspired attacks. they're basically advertising through social media, they've called on people the attack here. we've seen arrests in those cases. enabled attacks where they've
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people directly over closed social media channels where they've said, here's the target, go do it. what we haven't seen is directed attacks. that's what we saw in paris. that's what we just saw in brussels. and that's what we have to be prepared for obviously. >> pelley: what did you learn from the tactics that were used today? >> i think we learned once again that you have rudimentary tactics. we're talking about fairly large bombs when you look at the damage and assess the casualties, but basically terrorism as we see it here, explosives, or as we saw in paris, explosives with active shooters is a low-tech, low-cost, but extraordinarily high-impact venture. >> pelley: since paris over these last four months, islamic extremists in brussels have been under withering scrutiny. intelligence officers have been raiding their homes, tapping their phones. how can this happen with that
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>> well, a couple ways. one, there's an opposite argument that the intelligence was pretty good, they managed to find their way just a few days ago a secret safe house, hit that location, actually come up with a mastermind who was not just a mastermind of planned attacks in western europe and brussels, but attacks that have already happened in paris some that's very good intelligence. on the other hand, there was a shoot-out. there was an officer wounded, a couple individuals got away. so you look at that. but i think the real point here, scott, is we're looking at what we call "going dark," which is whether it's the app telegram, which you featured on "60 minutes" this week, which was all encrypted, or the app wicker, which comes out of san francisco, not russia, that is all encrypted, we are seeing not just iphones that can't be cracked, but entire communications systems that are designed to be impenetrable, and we're seeing those become the primary tools of terrorists. so when you ask a question like,
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technology is becoming a big enabler. >> pelley: john miller, deputy commissioner of the nypd. john, thank you. it's been only four months since the isis assault on paris that killed 130. many of those terrorists came from that same brussels neighborhood that allen pizzey showed us. holly williams is in paris tonight. holly, what are the connections between paris and brussels? >> reporter: well, scott, there is suspicion, but at this point no confirmation, that the two are closely linked. just four days ago salah abdeslam, the alleged logistical planner behind the paris attacks, was finally captured in belgium, and when the belgian police raided an apartment last week in brussels, they found ammunition an isis flag and abdeslam's fingerprints. that raised suspicions that another attack could be imminent. >> pelley: but all of europe has been on alert since the paris attacks.
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>> well, scott, we don't know if there were any intelligence failures, but certainly one criticism that is leveled at european intelligence officials is that they don't share enough information because they don't trust each other. and that's a very big problem. because within europe you have open borders and visa-free travel between countries. some of the men involved in the paris attacks were able to go to syria, fight or receive training from isis and then return home, traveling through europe apparently unnoticed. the big question now, especially after today's attacks, is how many more young men may have done the same thing. >> pelley: holly williams in paris for us tonight. holly, thank you. how did isis succeed today with police hot on their trail? we'll have that next when this
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% >> pelley: michael morrell is our senior cbs contributor. michael, if the four months since paris, authorities have been watching these neighborhoods in brussels. they have been raiding home, tapping phones. how did isis pull this off today? >> >> scott, i think it's a combination of two things. one, it's a combination of how sophisticated these guys are. the investigative report showed the use of throwaway phone, sophisticated document forgery, the making of bombs in europe by bomb-making experts, the ability to move money around, the use of encrypted apps that intelligence services can't read, very sophisticated, right. that's one reason. the other is the very large numbers of individuals we're dealing with here. 5,000 people went from western europe to iraq and syria the fight. some of them are still there. some of them have died. some of them are coming home in numbers huge. put those two things together,
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problem. >> drew: >> pelley: are you saying these guys are experts at what they're doing? >> they're very good from my perspective, and they were trained in iraq and syria by pros. >> pelley: where are we now in the fight against isis? >> i think you have to look, scott,what they want to do, which is conduct attacks against us, and what we want to do, is stop them by degrading that capability. in the foreign... in the last four and a half months, scott, they've had four victories, they've brought down an airliner in the sinai, one of their affiliates. they conducted the attacks in paris, a directed attack. san bernardino, an inspired attack, and now brussels, either inspired or directed. that's a pace of operations that al qaeda never dreamed of. right. these guys are doing very well in doing what they want to do and we're not degrading them. >> pelley: what in your view should be done in >> so, scott, i think there are two things we have to look at. one is the defensive side. al qaeda went after symbolic targets on the far side of security.
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to bring down an airliner. these guys are going after soft targets on the near side of security. we have to push that security perimeter out. number, two we need better intelligence on the defensive side. on the offensive side, i only know two ways to fundamentally degrade a terrorist organization. one is to remove rapidly the leadership from the battlefield and the other is to take their safe haven away. we have to pick up the pace on those two. >> pelley: michael morrell, former number two at the c.i.a. michael, thank you so much. the f.b.i. took immediate action today after the attacks. we'll have that next. about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> pelley: late today the federal government said there is no specific credible intelligence of any plots against the united states. but homeland security correspondent jeff pegues reports that law enforcement is very concerned about what it doesn't know. >> within hours of the attacks in brussels, the f.b.i. stepped
6:52 pm
terrorism suspects in the united states. diego rodriguez is an assistant director of the f.b.i. >> we're going to ramp up on all of our subjects here 24/7 surveillance and cover them just in the event that there is some type of connection. >> reporter: officials are concerned about the potential for isis sympathizers to plot attacks in the u.s. [explosion] there was a similar fear after the paris attacks in november. frank cillufo is a former white house counter terrorism official. >> the concern is could there be copycats in the u.s. >> you always need to be worried about copycats because there is an old saying, terrorists are not innovators, they're imitators. >> reporter: according to this report by the house homeland security committee, more than one-third of isis-linked terror plots have been aimed at the united states or its interests overseas. u.s. officials also estimate
6:53 pm
traveled to syria and iraq to join isis, including around 150 from the u.s. one intelligence consulting group believes about 40 have returned. those are the ones u.s. law enforcement officials are aware of. >> where are you from? >> the united states. >> reporter: but just last week american mohammed jamal khweis surrendered to kurdish forces in northern iraq. he traveled from the washington, d.c., region the syria to join isis, and he was not known to the f.b.i. >> what you're seeing right now is we're shaking every known bush. you're going to have a number that won't necessarily be on anyone's radar screen, and that's something we do need to be cognizant of. >> reporter: the couple behind december's san bernardino attack was not on the f.b.i.'s radar either. scott, today homeland security sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies across the country warning of the potential threats from isis. >> pelley: jeff pegues in the washington newsroom. jeff, thanks very much.
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% >> pelley: in brussels this 22nd of march, there was no separation between day and night. this evening candles do what the sun could not, cut through the darkness that has fallen over this city. and in light, the world shows its unity against the terrorists. the colors of belgium bathe the eiffel tower in paris. the brandenburg gate in berlin, the trevi fountain in rome, and in washington this night, light shines on the most powerful symbol of freedom in the world as america honors the fallen. some of our cbs stations will be leaving us now for local
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this expanded edition of the evening news will continue in a moment. this broadcast is is brought to you by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv is on your side. wbtv knew starts right now. >> maureen: now on "primetime" the future of your school is on the ballot. voters deciding today how millions will be spent too educate local kids. plus a north carolina woman watches in horror as this explosion erupts right before her eye. and terror in brussels. tonight the search is on for this man. investigators say he was part of the attacks that killed at least 36 people and injured hundreds more. good evening. i'm maureen o'boyle. it is great to have you with
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we have continuing coverage out of brussels as police ask anyone with video from today's attacks on the city airport and subway to call them and hand over that video to help with their investigation. this video inside the airport was released today. 36 people as i said were killed. nearly 200 others are recovering right now. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack and already some here in the u.n security council have strongly recommended the attacks urging more regional and international efforts to overcome terrorism and violent extremism. joining us by phone is wbtv security analyst. carl, we know the security council says we have to be vigilant here. what needs to be done to stop crimes like this? >> good evening. as we know early this morning the crime happened in brussels, belgium.
7:00 pm
effort to combat isis. there is a group that claimed responsibility for the bombing in brussels and it will take a coordinated approach not just nationally, but internationally to combat this type of crime. >> they are condemning this obviously because of the horror. and i wonder about the security there. they say authorities knew some kind of extremist account a was being prepared. they were surprised by the scale of the attack in brussels. what's your take on that? >> as you know there was a key suspect taken into custody in brussels as result of the paris attack. it was known that there would be some type of retaliation coming, but they just didn't know when and they didn't know how. the greatest fears did play out that day.


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