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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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car parts but i didn't cedars see any doors, that were broken. when i went to the hyatt gunshot, this is on wilkinson boulevard, they told me a stolen car was rammed in the back of highest gun shop. right next to the family dollar, a car rammed in the back there, cut a gas line, that is why they called charlotte fire to the scene. they believe the car was also attempting to burglarize that place as well. that is the hyatt gunshot. two possible attempted burglaries this morning. we'll follow this. i have been seeing police stationed at a bunch of pawn shops and gun shops, one officer at probably each one of these pawnshops i've seen two or three on the way up here. they are staying out, making sure they are aware of what is happening this morning. we'll get you more details and figure out what is going on here in charlotte, reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: time now 5:01 here on wednesday morning, let's check in with charlotte's most experienced morning
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>> al: dry conditions and mild conditions, one hour loop from the metro school. if you look closely you see the trees are bending stiffly in the breeze. a gusty breeze, 20 miles per hour this morning. that is helping to keep temperatures up. there are cool spots, 44 albermarle, 34 in boone, most everybody else is close to 50 if not in the low 50s. 53 right now in charlotte, should be close to that at 8:00, headed for 77 this afternoon. not as cold this morning, yesterday we had the freeze warning, today no freezing temperatures. bright sunshine, windy, warm. that gusty breeze will be with us through the day. let's look at it this morning, wind gusts 25 miles per hour, this is through 8:00, then this afternoon, they still stay above 20 miles per hour for most of us, that is a concern with the dry conditions, brush fires that could be a problem, we'll keep an eye on that later today. right now temperatures headed for 77 this afternoon. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and
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here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. getting you out on the road for this wednesday morning commute, live look i-77 west boulevard, volume light, no problems here, checking your drive times, just getting ready to start out rock hill uptown, 21 minutes, concord to center city 19 minutes. a whole lot of green, a few slow-downs here south boulevard over on providence road. other than that, things looking a-okay for wednesday morning commute. that is a check of traffic, guys, back to you. >> christine: this morning we're hearing from isis about the deadly terrorist attacks in brussels. at least 30 people have died following the attacks at the airport and a metro station in belgium's capital city. >> john: kristen miranda is live in the alert center getting the latest developments from overnight. >> kristen: big developmentses this morning in the attacks that killed 34 people. let's start with the investigation, two of the suspected suicide bombers, the
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been identified this morning. khalid and brahim bakraoui, wrote, twobrothers blew themselves up. they are searching for the third suspect, the guy on the right side. this his the deadliest attack in decades. all night police conducted raids. khalid el bakraoui, according to a tv station, rented an apartment raided by police last week in the operation that led authoritieses to the top paris attack suspect, salah abdeslam. the airport and several brussels metro stations are closedded today, if we want to look at apple tv i can show you the statement from the brussels airport, about the closure of the airport. they say following the attacks, there will be no flights in and out of brussels airport because
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we have no axles to the access to the building. they talk about folks who may have lost luggage in the chaos yesterday, and what they need to do to get those items back eventually, though it won't be soon. anyone with flightses that are going through the airport in brussels, have been asked to contact their airline because they are not going to get in the there. >> christine: two people from huntersville hol who saw the explosion are safe. >> john: anna schaeffer and tanner dorman were flying back to the u.s. yesterday, just 100 feet away from the bomb blast. schaeffer's father homes those hopes those responsible are brought to justice. >> i'm angry, we should be doing more than we are, just trying to take out the people doing this. >> john: the two friends didn't feel comfortable staying in
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to germany before returning home. >> christine: wbtv is committed to bringing you continuing coverage of the attacks on air and online, we will update you onupdate youon new developments. >> john: breaking news involving a large fire in lincoln county. ashton pellom has the latest on the this, exactly where ises this and what called what caused the fire? >> reporter: bearbear with me as i get the camera straight, it is very dark. officials tell meal this tell me this fire broke out at 2:00 this morning. this is behind a home on bill lynch road. this was used for a workshop and just a storage home.
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destruction as i look around you can see as i zoom in right there, the machinery that was in here, that appears to be what was a tractor-trailer and another one right beside it, so a lot of damage out here. fire officials tell me there was nobody injured in this fire, no one was injured, it broke out around 2:00. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. they say the homeowner, the owner of the building was asleep at the time of the fire and he didn't hear any of the ordeal, he came out after all was said and done, and it is an elderly man that lives hear, hard of hearing, he didn't hear anything going on. fire officials tell me it was a massive fire, fully involved when they arrived.
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to get it under control. we'll be out here continuing to work on this as investigators continue to find exactly what happened out here this morning, again, that cause of the fire is under investigation, as soon as we get more details we'll update you on air and online at reporting out in lincoln county, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side side. >> christine: we're working to learn the name of a man killed until many ain a shooting last night. officers were responding to assault with deadly weapon call and found a man shot. that man was pronounced dead on scene. no word if any arrests have been made. >> john: today is a big day in raleigh as lawmakers will hold a special session to take on the non-discrimination ordinance. wbtv obtained a drift of the bill, bathroom use will be
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which groups are protected from discrimination. in the next half hour, we'll take a close look at what else is included in the bill in a live report. >> christine: new this morning, the red cross is helping two adults and two children after a fire in charlotte. happened around 12:30 this morning here on king george drive. that is off old concord road. it took 23 firefighters 12 minuteses tominutes to control the blaze. >> john: taxes going up in lancaster after voters passed a $199 bond referendum to help schools. the referendum passed by 74% to 25%. most of the money will go to new elementary school and high school in indian land. other parts of the district could benefit with money going to infrastructure, safety and technology. >> christine: we're just getting started. hillary clinton and donald trump celebrating big victories, the latest resultses from overnight. >> john: a quick check of
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temperatures, 53 degrees in charlotte, 20 cooler up in boone at 33. that is near freezing. 49 in shelby, 51 wadesboro, 46 lancaster, 53 in salisbury. a live look at i-77 the west boulevard, things are moving very smoothly this morning. we'll keep you postedded on that because you're never more than seven minutes away from weather
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it is ten minutes after 5:00. >> john: 5:13, in campaign 2016, donald trump and hillary clinton are increasing their leads in the presidential race. >> christine: both won the primaries in arizona last night and results have been coming in this morning from contests in two other states. the very latest, kristen miranda in the alert center with more. >> kristen: some of those
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let me get you caught up on what happened on the western part of the country. let's look at video, bernie sanders won the democratic presidential caucuses in utah and idaho. the win does not give him enough delegates to make up for the loss earlier to hillary clinton as you said, john and christine, won the as az arizona democratic primary. has 1214 to sanders 925 delegates. ted cruz won the republican presidential caucuses in utah, but earlier in the night of course the front runner, donald trump, won arizona's gop primary. so he's a little further ahead, ted cruz but not close enough to donald trump yet to make any significant changes in the way things have stood for some time now in the presidential primaries and caucuses. back to you. >> john: on the republican side, the presidential race is getting
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ted cruz attacking each other on twitter over bringing their wives in the campaign. last night donald trump tweeted that senator cruz needed to be careful or he would spill the beans on your wife. trump appears to be upset about an ad that used his wife. cruz shot back saying donald, if you try to attack heidi you're more of a coward than i thought. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: sticks and stones can break my bones -- oh, man, is it getting to that level? out there, warm high pressure is dominating across the east. of course it was a cool high the last couple days, 40s and 50s, now shifting off toward the east, a southerly flow and that will keep us very warm. the temperatures are mild this morning. 53 charlotte, 55 rock hill, 49 in monroe, low to mid 50s from hickory, gastonia, salisbury,
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we have dry conditions, clear skies here in and around the charlotte area, full moon this morning. in the mountains what we are expect today, get this, upper 60s with plenty of sunshine, didn't you have snow sunday night? that's right. a bit of a breeze but fairly mild today. in charlotte, start off at 52 at 8:00, 71 at lunch time, 77 late this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. what we don't have today is rain, we have been very dry here, pollen count through the roof. need a little rain to clear things out and maybe dampen the lawn and garden, down 2.5 for the month and year. two opportunities for rain in the next several days, i'll break it down and show you when in the seven day planner in a couple minutes. 5:16, check in with chris, he has an update, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start with a live look here i-77 northbound out at the
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volume very light, 5:16 on your wednesday morning. in center city, 277 the john running free and clear as are most of the major interstates. 77 looks good this morning, 85, 485 all in the green. and here is a check of drive times coming inbound from rock hill, 21 minutes, concord tore center city, 18 minutes, lake norman southbound, 17 minutes, average speed, 65-mil-per-hour. that is a check of the morning traffic, john, over to you. >> john: thanks, chris. next at 5:00, microsoft is under fire over the entertainment hired at at company event. the performance that led to claims of sexism at the company. first, wbtv always on your side, in your community.
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live from charlotte, this is wbtv news this morning. >> christine: new this morning, microsoft is apologizing over a video showing scantily clad female dancers at a party. they hired dancers at a gamers development conference in van san francisco. microsoft has been pushing for gender equality. hours after the video surfaced, phil spencer wrote it was not consistent or aligned to our values. spencer promised to make changes in the future.
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the galaxy the best cell phones. excellent battery life, high resolution screens and cameras. head out to the store. >> christine: go buy me one. >> john: i'll stick with my iphone, i got a new update. >> al: everything is junk two weeks later. >> john: technology moves so fast. >> al: like our temperature trend, moving up quickly. you think about it bottomed out on sunday after being in the 70s and 80s so long, 47 with the rain sunday, and then in the 50s, and in the upper 60s, today in the 70s. what a warming trend. this is king street in boone from, one of the cool spots, 33 degrees in boone. empt ishere in charlotte, current conditions, clear skies, 53, a southwest wind at 10-miles-per-hour, the gusts up about 15, 20, even
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so that is helping to keep our temperatures up a little bit. those winds are probably going to hang stout most of the day. not as cold this morning, yesterday we were 33 in charlotte for the morning low, this morning we will be likely in the upper 40s to 50. bright sunshine at lunch time and windy and warm this afternoon, high of 77 degrees. high pressure moving off the coast and that has the southerly fallow, so maybe a few high clouds this afternoon, that is it, dry today and dry most of tomorrow, by tomorrow morning the frontal system approaches, moving through the ohio and tennessee river valleys, that moves in late tomorrow afternoon thundershowers. high pressure will build in behind that, linger for good friday and most of saturday in the start of easter sunday before we get another round of rain in the picture. during the daylight hours, 20% chance of rain thursday and early friday, but in between about an 80% chance of rain thursday night. like wise on sunday, the rain is
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steadieststeadiest rain sunday night into monday. seven day forecast, 77 today, breezy, warm, lots of sunshine, 51 tonight, 76 tomorrow, showers and storms end early friday morning. going in good friday, 74, saturday is great at 70. 72 on sunday. now sunday i've got some rain here, not an uneventful day, out and about for sunrise services, sun comes up at 7:16, the easter forecast we'll break it down for you here i think dry for the morning hours unless things change the clouds on the increase through the day and by late in the day i think at least a 50/50 chance for rain. we'll go from the 50s in the morning to low 70s during the afternoon hours. beyond that, the rain probably continues in monday, out of here by tuesday. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. let's check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte.
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the independence expressway from briar creek, no problems here outbound very little traffic, a few cars beginning to stroll in center city on this wednesday morning, most of our major highways running in the green, 77, 85, 485 all looking okay. we do have disableed vehicle down on 485 near west boulevard there or steele creek i should say. let's take a look matthews to center city, 14 minutes, 45 miles an hour, coming in from the providence road arboretum area running at 16 minute commute, 40 miles an hour there. concord to center city, 20 minutes, 66 miles an hour. that is a check of the morning traffic, john, back over to you. >> john: new push to increase security after a series of deadly attacks in brussels.
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acrosssacross europe plan to do this >> christine: next at 5:30, today is the day lawmakers in north carolina will take up charlotte's couldn't veer shall non-discrimination ordinance, the bill lawmakers are considering that goes far beyond which bathrooms transgender people can use. >> john: cms superintendent ann clark proposes a huge bond referendum for charlotte-mecklenburg schools. how much money she is asking for and how it will be used. good morning, thanks for watching wbtv news this morning it is 5:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. good morning, get you caught up on the forecast before we get in the news of the day. of meteorologist al conklin letting us know if this cold snap has come to an end. >> al: i think it has. this is main street in belmont, there is a gaggle of joggers, everybody in shorts, not bad at all, considering we were down
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55 rock hill, 53 in charlotte, there are colder pockets, 43 in albermarle, 50 on morganton, 49 in shelby. out the door, in the low 50s, not as cold, lots of sunshine, little bit on the breezy side this morning that wind will be with us much of the day. our charlotte metro cast, high temperature of 77 degrees. what we haven't had very much lately is rain. pollens through the roof. we need rain to clear the pollens and dampen the garden and lawn. couple opportunities coming up, i'll let you know the timing with the seven day balancer. hereplanner. >> chris: highway 321, 19 minutes, average speed, 64 miles an hour. green light from the 321 to lowell can mcadenville, 485,
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kannapolis looks good. southbound 77, mooresville, huntsersville in the green this morning. in the charlotte area, most of our majors continuing to in the green. northbound out of rock hill this morning, checking your drive time, 21 minutes, average speed is 64-miles-per-hour. here is a live look i-77 toward the rest area, volume still very light. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: state lawmakers will head to raleigh for a special session about a controversial ordinance in charlotte. it is estimated special session will cost taxpayers $42,000. wbtv's obtained a copy of the bill lawmakers are set to consider. mark davenport has more on the bill. >> reporter: this bill goes beyond the controversial clause allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify. it will be determined by what the gender is on the birth certificate.


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