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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at 11 time starts right now. the eiffel tower lit up in the colors of france. blue, white and red. that country is bruised but resilient. to night the french president is calling on the world to help with isis. >> just as a worldwide manhunt is underway. a 27-year-old and believed to be hiding in syria and tonight isis is out with a new warning this time threatening washington d.c. and also concern about the flood of syrian refugees. governor baker is among one that wants to keep them out at least for now.
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>> david and lisa there are two manhunts underway one believed to be involved in the attack, the other for the alleged master mind behind it. >> reporter: silence at noon in paris and then the promise of revenge from france's president and they are sweeping the country for extremists more than 150 property searches house arrests and 38 deportations. salah abdeslam accused of one of the attacks. his brother today expressed shock and condemnation. also wanted is this young -- belgium man. 500 of its own citizens are
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france conducted airstrikes sunday on syria stronghold area. the u.s. provided intelligence to help with the attacks. that comes with this video threat that it will carry out a similar plan in washington d.c. if u.s. airstrikes continue. the president on monday defended his plans not to put large numbers of boots on the ground. >> and it is not just my view but the view of my closest military and civilian advisors not to. >> a civil group promised to hack into the group to take down its websites, media accounts and financial accounts. governments are also trying to get in-between incremented messages to -- encrypted
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not even the journalist traveling with kerry could report on the visit. the attacks in paris are adding to the fuel. governors in at least 18 other refugees out. jim, this is a shift for governor baker. >> reporter: it is, lisa, but it turns out there there's very little that an individual governor of a state can determine whether or not a refugee into the country let alone after they have been let in by the federal government. charlie baker joining a host of governors around the country saying now is not the time
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until he learns a lot more from the federal government. my view that the safety and security of the commonwealth of massachusetts is my highest prior to. the worry is that some could be or sympathizers. we can't be selfish and ourselves only. >> reporter: he thes the state should open its doors -- he thinks the state should open its doors and its hearts. >> we don't have say in the matter today. >> reporter: officials in washington tonight are insisting no syrian refugees
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anywhere in the u.s. for that matter until after they have under gone a lengthy process that could take up to a year and a half. live outside the state house tonight jim strong wbz news. thank you, jim. >> boston area students are standing with the people of france calling for peace. they paused for a moment of silence to remember victims in france, beirut and in egypt. tomorrow the french soccer game will play a game in london. the first competition since the bomb struck friday night. this will be a game of national unity and for the victims. stay on wbz and online we will bring you all the information as soon as we get that information.
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first with a security military break-in. weapons stolen from a secure site. >> reporter: david, they are looking specifically of the tape. sources say he looks like he knew exactly what he was doing. the alarm was disabled due to construction and now dozens of fbi agents are working the case. these are still pictures of a video that captures the crime in progress. the video shows a man carefully stealing weapon after weapon and sources tell us the theft goes on for five hours starting around 6:00 saturday night with a man going in and out loading up his car unnoticed. >> i'm especially concerned about it separate and apart
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with terrorism i'm just concerned that some really high caliber weapons were stolen from a military facility in the first place. >> reporter: the governor and fbi say it doesn't appear to be there's a concern. roughly 30 fbi agents assigned to the case. >> how they could break into an army revere -- reserve, how could that happen? >> they tell wbz the man is seen calmly loading the weapons and it was a lot of weapons, 6m4 assault rifles and handguns. now they're watching that armory even closer as they look at security cameras from nearby
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businesses to see more of that bmw an its driver. i've also learned tonight they only have a partial plate so the fbi is trying to use their technology to enhance it they will have extra police presence in key areas around worcester. a health crisis for a new england patriots and his family. steve burton now with news we just learned tonight. yes nate shoaled had his season come to an end after he suffered a injury to his shoulder. tonight he announced his son hudson has cancer. hudson was born in july and diagnosed with a tumor in his kidneys last month.
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a couple of rounds of chemotherapy. and we are praying that he beats it. julian edelman has a broken foot. how long will he be out? we'll have a look with that. puts things certainly in place with that story of nate sol der. the high school student accused of killing his teacher, the mother of the teacher is planning to testify tomorrow. the defense is saying he had an undiagnosed psychotic disease. the girl husband.
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>> he saided she was buried in the woods. at the time to have murder he was 14 years old. he is now being tried as an adult. . a teacher was robbed by knife point at her school. one house from the school when she was robbed. the teacher actually through coffee on the suspect who ran away. also at 11:00 we are about to get new information about a long standing mystery. four bodies found in knew harp and -- new hampshire and never identified. a hunter found two bodies in a 55-gallon metal drum and the other bodies were found 15 years later. the attorney general's office says it will share new information with the public tomorrow.
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will not throw out murder charges against a previous new england patriots. hernandez is serving a life sentence for the time. this after some writers were offended by an ad in the subway. they say they should stop sending military to israel. they loud them back after they were removed after the afc got involved. >> this is something that really contributes to community to discuss political issues that matter. >> now the current contract calls for seven similar ads next month but after that they say it will be changing its policy. a treasure trove of sports
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memorabilia was found. a thief stole at least nine jerseys autographed by players like tom brady and david or ortiz. tonight some wild weather tearing through the midwest. a massive funnel cloud in the heartlands. eric is tracking this system. >> reporter: in the wake of the paris atrocities a prayer vigil at a church. we are asking the if they are ready for full scale war?
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tonight a troubling set back to determine why the el faro sunk. joaquin. it's a question so many people are asking tonight. will the horror in paris draw more u.s. grounds troops? we have a look at what local people are saying ability this. >> reporter: in the most recent gallop pole most americans disagree with sending more troops in by a 53% margin, but that pole came out on thursday and in light of the atrocities on friday, it seems those numbers maybe influx. there have been a few that suggested we should put large numbers of u.s. troops on the
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grounds. >> reporter: but the president says no. and some from both parties in congress are saying it may be necessary. and inside our laid comforter of the afflicted church, the views of parishioners reflected our leaders' division and the prospect of another grounds war. >> they say that once the power of love can concore conquer the love of power, that's when we will have peace. i believe in peace. on the same timing, that's the yeah.
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>> i really don't think i could condone it because violence only breeds violence. the pole numbers say we're not happy with the way the administration is handling isis but also not eager to jump into another war. >> reporter: call that a hang over from iraq but americans are more reluctant to seeing our men and women fighting over there. but that's certainly going to unfolds. this is video out of grain field, kansas, look at that huge funnel cloud. this is a huge system. in the midwest? >> it is for a couple of days. remember that storm up near denver and towards the great lakes? this one is going to stick around with more issues because
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of it. we have had numerous tornado reports and that's unusual for this time of year. usually don't see them this far west and on the other sides of it they have blizzard conditions. we have only had one day below this november. things will start to even out a little bit more the back half of the months. shore line. the back door cool front is moving its way from the atlantic. our focus is on that back door cold front and winds still gusting over 20 miles per hour adding a bit of winds chill tonight. it will keep temperatures in the 30s or 40s. certainly a very crisp start to the day tomorrow. and we won't be looking as warm
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we will have wall to wall sun and blue skies, temperatures will stay in the 40s and as soon as the sunsets tomorrow evening it's going to be cold. certainly cooler than it's been and tomorrow night we actually have a meteor shower. it's the lenids. expect about 10 to 15 per hour. so if you are looking out that there will be a enhanced chance of seeing them. wednesday, another cool day , bright day, lots of sunshine, that storm system from the middle of the country starts to pull in as we head into thursday afternoon. so rain will start to increase the second half of the day. right now i think the biggest will be on late thursday into friday morning.
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a problem for us and as we head toward the windy side of it it will be windy but no destructive wind. friday's high temperatures in the morning and cooler and dryer as we head toward the weekend. 7:00 here on wbz we will be hall. right now not anticipating any major weather issues with that. good news on that front. sunday we might actually see some snow flakes and flurries. we should have some at night though just to add to the am biance. >> holiday gift cards may not
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the government is out with a warning. >> if you're not careful what looks like a legitimate business could wind up ripping you off. >> says this is one of the best barbecue places on earth. >> the website with the best price and seemingly good reviews. when he placed his order there was an unusual requirement. >> they said we cannot accept credit cards because we want to save you the sales tax. >> reporter: louis figured it was worth the effort to buy it through credit. after louis sent his to av ada rs he never heard back and soon the website disappeared.
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this is a common scam around the holidays. they create gift cards often on electronics. they warn about paying on amazon gift cards. but when he reached out to amazon he said they refused to put a freeze on the cards or refunds. louis paid for his cards with a credit cards. amazon has placed a hold on his account until he pace them back. >> reporter: experts say your best protection is using a credit card. amazon says it does have the ability to put a stop on it but wouldn't provide the specifics on this situation. celtics on the road in houston. >> and they are pulling some tricks out of the hat.
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high cost. yeah, this is a big injury slightly worried. how many injuries can you take? >> reporter: that's a good question. bill belichick was up he said i'll let you know when the injury report comes out. he broke his left foot and had surgery today.
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return for the playoffs and back. when he plants his left foot after being tackled he catches his foot. he did not return to the game. this morning tom brady said he won't be easy to replace. >> julian has been incredible for us. it's so unfortunate to lose such a critical player, but you have to find out -- out ways to get the it done. >> hopefully here is back as possible. 11:30. and then the post game show on my t.v.38 as soon as the game is over.
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they come storming back here. near the end of the first half, got it. and we are tied at the break. second half, all celtics. high off the glass for the reverse land and the foul. up by five and the lead would continue to grow. another three, it's good and all the sudden boston had a 14- point lead and they weren't done. celtics win it 111-95. rolling.
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okay, making money on your drive into work sounds pretty much like a dream. >> it does but uber has an idea. the ride service is rolling out a new service that would allow you to pick up people on your way to work and then has you head home. all you have to do is put in your work destination and find people headed your way and you can also decline a ride if you're running late. >> what kind of characters do you think we would find on the way? >> it would be interesting. >> we have an update with
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>> a lot of it?
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