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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to restaurants in boston taking over center stage at city hall today. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 thanks for joining us. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser it's wednesday august 3rd and we need a check of the forecast. it's going to be a great day today. >> it's going to be gorgeous. aid cool start this morning ri going tonight rule today. temperatures coming into the 70s and 80s. 63 in boston right now. we dipped into the 50s in the suburbs. 52 in norwood. middle 50s from keene to orange and fitchburg. lower 60s for many of us from the the south shore to hyannis. look at the satellite and radar. nothing going on. once we burn off the fog, which is pappy but low -- patchy but locally dense we will get into the sunshine. quarter mile visibility in bedford. be aware of that orange to
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by mid morning. i would say 8, 9 a.m. for most of us. other than that, we rise out of the 60s and 50s pretty quickly and 78 by lunchtime. looks beautiful. mostly sunny and wind coming in off the ocean will keep the coastline in the upper 70s to near 80 today. and 82 for the ride home with mostly sunny skies sunset at 8:01. i am tracking a warmup and we will talk about it and the weekend let's get you on the road and check in on the traffic good morning. >> reporter: this is normal lay beautiful view of now it's a little foggy. traffic is still light as you u approach the o'neill tunnel on the bridge and all routes into the city are wide open. 128, route 1 all great options. south who are is in great shape. nothing to slow you down --south shore is in great shape nothing to slow you down. now back to you. >> thanks. police in billerica are vegging two armed robberies -- investigating two armed robberies that may be
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night. a short time later's woman was mugged a few -- later a. woman was mugged a few miles away. the suspect description were similar in both cases. if you have information, call police. happening today, a medical marijuana dispensary getting ready to open up in boston. >> it will be the first in the city. anna meiler is live with a closer look for us. anna. >> reporter: and chris the doors here at 21 milk street will open to customers this aften. 200 state certified patients have preregistered to shop at this dispensary. here's a look inside of the doors which looks like a doctor's office. the company tells the globe they are prepared to handle at least 150 customers a day. this is the 7th dispensary to open in massachusetts since voters approved marijuana for medical use four years ago. but this is the first dispensary to open in boston. all the products sold at the location are grown at the
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company officials tell the globe they are proud to be in boston and restoring economic vitality to a space vacant for a decade. some local businesses and residents have expressed concerns about the dispensary possibly increasing safety and traffic problems. the globe reports there will likely be increased police patrols and there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 this morning. we expect to hear more from company officials and community members then. reporting live in boston, anna meiler, wbz this morning. back to you. >> thanks taking photos of a woman -- up a woman's skirt. todd mitchell is charged with upskirting. police say he was working in the pit area of a garage in tewksbury underneath a car when he used the phone to take pictures up a female customer's dress. the woman told police she saw him holding the phone and pointing it in her direction. he posted the $500 bail after the arraignment yesterday.
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talking about police shootings after stopping them on tuesday. officers say they he found a loaded handgun and large capacity rifle. both face adjudge yesterday on drug and weep -- faced a judge yesterday on drug and weapons charges. police were concerned the men were monitoring them with a phone app that played a live feed of the salem police scanner. wake will be held for the 7- year-old boy who drowned at a city run summer camp. last night the family held a vigil outside the community center in boston. kyzr willis drowned last week in the water about 20 yards off carson beach. according to his uncle, the boy did know how to swim. friends and family released balloons into the air in memory of kyzr. >> a didn't know my nephew. but yet they came out and looked for hem. him we wanted to thank the bpd and state police for their search and the coast guard and the quincy police.
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everything they could to find him. >> the wake will be in mattapan today followed by a funeral tomorrow. checking in on campaign 2016, a top republican donor is endorsing hillary for president. meg whitman says donald trump is reckless and would put national security in danger. she sen couraging all republicans to vote for clinton. -- she is encouraging all republicans to vote for clinton. the gop nominee is ki criticism of his controversial comments which appear to be impacting his poll numbers. wbz kate merrill has the latest. >> reporter: facing a crowd in virginia donald trumpp faces a very small -- trump face as very small unhappy -- faces a very small unhappy person in the crowd. >> don't worry about the babies i love babies. >> reporter: but moments later an about face. >> i was only kidding you can get the baby out. >> reporter: the focus was supposed to be on veterans and
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handed me his purple heart. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: but trump who had five draft deferments was under attacks about his comments about the khan family who lost their son fighting for the u.s. his supporters, though, they are standing by their man. >> he made it fair game when he went on national television in front of many people. >> reporter: when asked about trump and the oval office the >> he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues doesn't have the judgment the temperament and willfully unprepared. >> reporter: the slam left trump unphased. >> he's been one of the worstpresidents in the history of our country and for him to call me out is almost a honor. >> reporter: trump says he won't support speaker paul ryan or john mccain in their primaries. more chaos claims senator
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to vote trump. >> just when you think that donald trump can't.
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in boston by the time we get to late morning in the 80s inland today. i will lety in when the fog -- i will let you know when the fog burns off you can see in the worcester cam looking towards boston it will burn off by mid morning clear skies
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ticks are out in mass. so check yourself, your kids, and your pets anytime you've been outdoors. check everywhere -- in your hair,
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ck, remove it as soon as you can. use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin. use firm, even pressure pulling straight up, without twisting or turning. then clean the bite area and your hands with soap and water. some tick bites can make you sick. so if you start to feel ill or notice a rash near the bite, call your doctor. a fish history is playing out at a local beach. people see fish flopping on the
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explanation is the fish are trying to escape predators probably bluefish and are being driven on to the shore. >> the bluefish are pushing them into shallow watter to increase the probability they are going to be able to with each pass through, have a higher number of them disabled. >> and the aquarium also tells us this is part of the natural life cycles of the fish and it happens every year. >> >> right circles of life. >> right. it's going to be a great day but first we got to get through the foggy start out there. >> yeah. a little fog. >> a little reduced visibility chris and kathryn. after that the sun will shinelow humidity beautiful day today. 63 right now. we are in the 50s in the suburbs. 51 in jaffrey. 57 in concord new hampshire. upper 50s from portsmouth to lawrence. low 50s in taunton.
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the fog is not everywhere. it's patchy but locally thick so quarter mile visibility bedford springfield and orange and concord be aware of it. little patchy fog over the city of boston as well. once it burns off let's say by 8, 9 a.m. we are in for sunshine. there's nothing going on acrossa lot of the eastern part of the country at least in the mid and lat i can to the -- atlantic to the northeast and that's our weather over the next several days a light sea breeze today. highs 75 to 80 at the coin tonight yet again, clear and cool. and 54 to 60 in the suburbs. about 63 in downtown boston. looks fantastic tomorrow as well. 85 in boston. so there will be a different wind direction tomorrow from the south southwest. we bump it up near 90 but falling shy in several communities like manchester lawrence in the upper 80s and 86 in norwood and 75 to 80 on the cape. high pressure is in control for now. we will slide towards the east and we get humidity to come
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friday. so the next couple days it's in check. we are looking good. an isolated storm way to the north. don't have to worry about that tomorrow. even friday, in the morning we start with patchy fog on the cape and that burns off and sun will be out. looks beautiful. near 90 on friday afternoon and then this cold front arrives on saturday. and that will mean a threat for thunderstorms as we head into the start of the weekend which the pan mass challenge is this weekend. for ride, it will be a little hot but we will start in the 60s in the thunderstorm muggy too but that front comes in and brings less humid air drier air on sunday and mid-80s for highs around 80 on cape cod. also looking at the tropics, the latest update from the national hurricane center of the this is earl. earl has -- center, this is earl. moving to the west at 14 miles per hour. so, the bay islands right here off the coast lined of belize and belize on guard. it could become a hurricane
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overnightton and weaken as it impacts mexico. keeping nuts 80s for several days in a row once the threat for thunderstorms comes through on saturday. mid to upper 80s with sunshine through the beginning part of next week. and speaking of this weekend and pmc, wbz is your proud official pmc station. we hope you join us for opening ceremonies live this friday night at 7 p.m. for more information on the pmc or support a rider go to website cbs and we are psyched to be riding the whole weather team breana. >> reporter: check out this beautiful shot. the city is literally just barely poking up above the fog this morning. fog lights probably a good idea for the morning commute. we want to look live at the expressway from columbia road. check that out. volume is building pretty early as you head into the city from the south. but it's moving along and it's not slow and go yet. so expect normal drive times. from the west route 2, 9 and
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no delays on commuter rail or the t. now back to you. >> thanks very much. osha says a north accused overchemical plant -- andover chemical plant is facing more than 129,000 dollars in fines. the labor department says the company failed to properly design and inspect and maintain and operate the chemical process that led to the fire and explosion. four workers were hurt and e a framingham family searching for answers after their lost cat end up youthized. laura and allen grome said they tried to find their cat who was an outdoor cat that roamed theneighborhood a new neighbor found him and took him to mspca because they thought it was a straych the hospital cared for him for two days but because he was ill and had no
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>> that is loved family pet and they are a animal hospital don't tell meow can't handle diabetic animal for a week and make an attempt to call the town where they came from. >> the mspca says it's critical to make sure your pets have the proper identification so they can contact you in case of an emergency. hundreds of animals from a massachusetts firm farm are in a -- farm are in a temporary shelter after being found in squaller. hundreds of dead and injured animals were discovered last month. two dozen people are investigated and may face charges. police say they found a similar situation on the same property back in 2010. federal investigators are looking into how the city of boston handled the now canceled indy car race. according to the boston herald the u.s. attorney's office and department of labor are looking into whether mayor walsh or other elected officials pressure event to hire union contractors.
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regarding a separate city event. the city says they have not received subpoenas connected to the race. several groups are calling on the state of rhode island to release all documents related to kurt schilling failed studio adventure. taxpayers lost 75 million dollars in the program. which was supposed to bring new businesses to the ocean state. on friday was announced therewould be no criminal charges but the aclu the new england first amendment coalition and otgr a letter to the attorney general yesterday asking for more document. residents in one town in western massachusetts are seeing red over efforts to go green. chicopee will fine residents if they don't recycle. you can throw out metal plastic or glass in the trash anyone who doesn't compline about let- - comply will get a fine of $100.
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>> steve burton has a closer look at a player to watch this season. >> and bad news for the sox out west. how they let's 4-run lead against the mariners slep away.
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bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw sent her or visit us at bmw >> the pats getting back to work at training camp. >> and the player to keep an eye on. steve burton has more in the morning sports. >> well good morning. and on the 6th day the patriots rested after 5 days of practice they got the day off yesterday and they rested and recharged. but they will be at it this morning and remember free. practice starts at 9:40. if you go, you might want to check out air dobson so far the wide receiver has looked -- aaron dobson. so far the wide receiver has looked pretty good. he has been mia for most of the last two seasons because of injuries. he has been injury free this summer and bill belichick likes what he sees from the former secondndnes to stay on the field. >> he has not always been out there for one reason or
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he trained hard and looks like he is in good condition and hopefully he will be able to continue to improve i think that's key you know. not just being healthy but healthy to practice and improve. and he worked hard and made big catches so hopefully he keeps going in that direction. >> again practice starts at 9:40 this morning down in foxborough. they's sports for now. -- that's sports for now. >> things fell apart for the red sox in seattle a strong start by david mariners scoreless through the first 6 and in the 8th price gave up a solo home run and a a few singles to allow -- a few singles to allow a few base runners and the new pitcher gabe up a 3-run homer to catch cap off a mariners win. still to come, a proposed pokemon go ban in massachusetts. >> the new push to stop some people from having access to the popular game.
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canner. now the research is safe flossing is no good for you are you kidding me? my rebuttal is coming up when wbz this morning continues. >> and if you are headed to the cape and islands the next few days, what a stretch. luteful -- beautiful sunshine upper 70s for today and tomorrow. low 80s into the end of the week on friday. i am timing out thunderstorms for the weekend. we will talk more about that coming up as we look live towards boston from our needham camera. low clouds and patchy fog. undercast is going to burn n shine. stay with us. you are watching wbz this
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right now at 5:30, two armed robberies in billerica and this morning police want to know if they are connected. >> local mother killed in her
5:30 am
arrest. why police say she feared for her safety. >> boston first medical marijuana dispensary opening today. how many people are already registered to use it. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you great to have you with us. it's 5:30 right now. gorgeousrise taking shape this morning -- gorgeous sunrise taking shape th kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. danielle niles has a look at our day. >> it's going to be beautiful. great summer weather on tap. temperatures this morning on the cool side. 50s to lower 60s for most of us. 36 in boston. 5 -- 63 in boston. upper 50sin new bedford and -- 50s in new bedford. and middle to upper 50s. hugh hidity will be low today and look at satellite and radar nothing going on. mostly sunny skies once the fog and low cloud cover burns off.
5:31 am
locally dense. be aware of that. half a mile advice friability lawrence to bedford and half a mile in keene. thicker fog back up to concord. the fog burns off by 8, 9 a.m. at the latest, temperatures in the upper 70s by lunch hour and postly -- mostly sunny and beautiful. sea breeze will keep the coastline in the upper 70s today but we will be in the low to even mid-80s through the interior sunshine beautiful ride home and great evening sunset at 8:01. we will go through the weekend the commute coming up. >> reporter: pf you have to sit in -- if you have to sit in traffic you goat watch a beautiful sunrise. the gas tank is the beautiful stretch. you are tapping the brakes but it's not slowing you down significantly. your drive time from the split to downtown and the pike exit is right around 10 minutes. 128, 93, and route 1 are all clear to the north and we have no delays on the t or the commuter rail. now back to you. >> thanks very much.
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investigating two armed robberies that may be connected. the first happened at the 129 liquor store on salem road last night. a short time later's woman was mugged a few miles away near jim's quick stop on boston road. police say the suspect's description was similar in both cases. they are looking at sur veil and video from stores. if -- surveillance video from stores. if you have information call billerica police. the first marijuana dispensary will open up today a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at milk street. dispensary will be opened for patients later this afternoon. all of the product for the boston dispensary are grown at a cultivation site in lowell. the company says they are prepared to handle 150 customers a day. more than # 00 state certified patients preregistered to use the facility -- 200 state certified patients preregistered to use the facility.
5:33 am
documents 50-year-old douglas steeves strange elfed carmella saunders after they got into a fight -- can strangled carmella saunders after they got into a fight. she filed for a divorce and restraining order against him in may stating i fear for my life. >> no one wants to believe someone who loves you for a day or 27 years might be capable of taking your life. so our message really is to people, talk to a domestic violence trained local program who can help you identify the reality of your situation. >> if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship jay doe -- jane doe incorporated has resources to tell you. we poeted that on cbs -- posted that on cbs boston.coin. police arrested a--
5:34 am
was clocked speeding in a blue maserati and is charged with reckless operation. a push in massachusetts to ban poem from playing the pokemon go game. one local lawmaker propose a bil banning sex offenders from the game. lawmakers worry sex offenders could use features of the game to lure children. we told you yesterday about a new finding that is making waves. researchers are sayingn't tuall explains why we shouldn't believe everything we hear. >> reporter: good morning. don't you love scientific studies? i am using the air quotes because there are many studies that are careful and credible and a-- credibility and apparently some that are not. you will see a study eating a food is bad for you and a while later another study says it's no problem but this latest news
5:35 am
the associated press finds the core advice dentists have been giving for the past century good dental health depends on regular flossing is not true after all. now they claim flossing doesn't do much to fight plaque that brushing alone is enough. excuse me for waxing indignant but are you kidding me? i have a high level of confidence in my dentist and other dental professionals i dealt with over the years and every last one of beena strong flossing advocate. unless you are some kind of freak of nature with perfect teeth that never get food caught between them, you know instinctively floss sag good thing. i don't care what the researchers claim. no tooth brush can clean out your choppers the way a good brisk fluesing can and ask yourself -- flossing can and ask yourself how many times have you used floss for nondental purpose replacing a broken shoelace or belt
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citizens arrest or holding your car together after a minor fender bender. how many engagements have been sealed with a strand of mint floss around her finger until the souter can afford a real ring. yes, researcherch is fine but not all -- research is fine but not all is created equal. chew on that one researchers. share your views on the pressing issue at or twitter at ket keeler at large. >> -- keller at large. >> don't forget perfectslice of goat cheese. >> i am still flossing. >> me too. a recall from starbucks. >> instagram stake on -- take on nap chat. new -- snapchat.
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from
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that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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boston hospitals are earning top spots in the u.s. news and world report. >> mass general hospital came in think in the country for overall -- third in the country for overall care and safety. bringham and women's 13 and boston children's first when it comes to treating kids. st and new way to unlock the smart phone. >> a recall from starbucks. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning chris and kathryn. starbucks is recalling stainless steel straws because of injuries to kids. government says they are rigged and could poke children in the mouth which cause cuts so far three children are hurt. instagram launched three
5:40 am
snapchat and you can add text tovideos and pictures and will disappear after 24 hours. stories will let's users post more often without worrying about overposting. the galaxy note 7 goes on sale august 19th a fa. ulet is half phone and tablet. it has iris scanning that means it can be unlocked by at it. >> i say fabulet. >> it's kind of cool look at your phone and it unlocks. >> true. >> a lot easier they are making it easier. >> reporter: i think fabulet is brunch like breakfast and lunch. >> and brunch is great. >> reporter: obviously i am thinking about food. >> always jill thanks so much. fabulet. there you go your new word of the day. taking a paid vacation from
5:41 am
out of office with a list of employers offering to pay for your trip. >> reporter: boston's first medical marijuana dispensary opens today we will go inside 21 milk street coming up. >> and we are in for sunshine and beautiful summer weather on the way for today. one wees -- once we get through a little fog and low cloud cover out the door this morning. it's a cool start too. temperatures in the upper 50s jack says in lexington skies clear above but there's barely dense ground fo it burns off by mid-morning and we will take you through the end of the week and talk about the weekend too if you want to be a weather watcher it's easy to sign up head on over to the website. you drive with uber to make money for the things you want,
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and the people you want to be with. helping people get rides around your city is easy. just tap, and go. and only you decide when to call it a day.
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hundreds turned out last night for national night out. events were held across the city. mayor walsh along with police enjoyed time with people they and dancing. national night out is a nationwidest to improve police relations in the community and ultimately prevent crime. >> looks like they had a great turn out too. >> we have been talking about it all morning the sunrise really spectacular. but what's cool is you have this fog amid the sun. look at that. it's gorgeous. >> the sun is up above the layer of fog so if you are up in a high rise it look beautiful but on the ground you can barely see in front of yourself.
5:45 am
you are up above clear skies andjust what it sound like underneath and we have the low clouds and fog that is going to burn offer. it looks like a blanket there doesn't it. mid-morning, 8, 9 a.m. the fog will be done and we are in for beautiful sunshine a great beach day. if you are at or in on the water temperatures 74 to 79. water temperatures i've been hearing from folks saying it's warm in some of the waters it canly across cape cod and bays with temperatures in the 70s. high tide coming up lunchtime today. it will be low as we head through the afternoon. going out uv index highs make sure to put on the sun block today and 63 in boston right now. widespread 50s in the suburbs. and that fog is locally thick. you saw it in the shot. one thing to be aware of as you head out the door. quarter mile visibility in bedford and worcester and orange and keene and springfield and concord all at quarter mile visible. the fog burns off within the next couple miles.
5:46 am
sunshine beautiful day today with mostly sunny skies from start to finish. and nothing going on back to the west either. so looks like we are going to stay dry and stay comfortable over the next few days. low humidity today what an afternoon. 83 in bedford. 84 nashua. at the coastline with a light sea breeze upper 70s. 82 in worcester and same in scrafry. 58 in fitchburg and lower -- jaffrey. 58 areas. tonight, very similar to this morning. clear and cool,63 downtown. 50s in the suburbs a it up of fog -- a touch of fog overnight tonight but not as widespread as right now. 70s on cape cod but warmer mid- 80s through the interior with a south southwest wind as the high pressure slips off thecoastline. tomorrow is another dry day and even on friday, too, watch the
5:47 am
once again a little fog and mainly from the south shore to cape cod on friday will burn off. and fills back in friday evening. friday is a dry day ahead of a cold front. that pumpp up the humidity late in the day on friday and into the start of the weekend. a line of scattered showers and thunderstorms. and the storms will be with us heading into the start of the weekend before less humid air comes back on sunday. tropical storm earl strengtened -- strengthened. belize will be impacted with a landfall potentially as category one hurricane. near 90 on friday. 80s for the weekend. pan mass challenge riders it's going to be humid on saturday with a chance of a thunderstorm but bright sunny mid-80s on sunday. less humidity quiet and sunny for the start of next week. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: the fog is taking over the traffic cameras this morning. this is from atop the garden
5:48 am
weather doesn't seem to be slowing things down too much. a different story on the expressway. stop and go traffic due to an accident in dorchester. this is northbound at savein hill back up to east milton square. this will only add an extra 11 minutes to your commute. chris kathryn back to you. >> thanks very much. boston's first medical marijuana dispensary opens up today. >> and billerica police vegging two armed robberies -- investigating two armed robberies. here ruer top store -- here are your top attwo surveillance videos after two robberies. one at a liquor store and a woman was mugged. the suspect description was similar in both cases. if you have information, call police. >> reporter: boston's first medical marijuana dispensary is opening up at 21 milk street. boston globe reports more than 200 state certified patients
5:49 am
prepared to hande at least 150 ltivion facility in lowell. this is the 7th dispensary to open in massachusetts since voters approved marijuana for medical use four years ago and we are heading inside so we will show you a closer look at the facility coming up at 6. big named store for mass suits ballot -- marijuana. michelle wu and support for legalizing recreational marijuana at the statehouse this morning. mayor walsh and governor bake remember against the ballot question. one person is behind bars and another on the run following a gun fight in roxbury a couple captured the incident on their dash cam they were using gps app when they
5:50 am
police arrested one person yesterday morning but are looking for the second suspect. police are searching to arburglar caught in the act in new hampshire. this is creepy video. the sur veil and system reported images of a man breaking into the home around 2 monday morning. police say the suspect is between 40 and 60 and wore blue mask and blue gloves and took a purse and left through the same door. police found the stolen items nearby. police are sterching for a -- searching for teen with special needs it is blow with a brown basket a gofundme page set up by friends raised more than $2,000 to replace the bike. >> reporter: good morning. i am nicole jacobs live in boston where the mayor has a new proposal on the table. he would like the inspectional service department to implement a grading system for food
5:51 am
he also wants the letter grade posted in plain sight for patrons to see. those who fail to comply after the first year the ordinance is adopted would be fined 300 dollars a day. coming up at 6 more on a free app that gives you a firsthand look at everything you need to know about the new letter grading system. we are live in boston nicole jacobs wbz this morning. the parents of star trek actor and are filing a lawsuit against the maker of the jeep. the vehicle was part of a recall over the gearshift. attorneys for the parents say the actor was sent a safety notice in may but didn't receive a notice that there was a fix for problem until a week after his death. a potential big change for the catholic church. pope francis is considering allowing women to become deacons. he creating a commission to look into the idea.
5:52 am
institutions around the world as well as two archbishop will sit in on the committee. research says americans weigh more than ever many they say on average -- ever. they say on average they are 15 pounds heave year than 20 years ago. the -- heavier than 20 years ago. and men and women have basically stayed the same height for the last two decades. for the first time everbottled water sales are set to overtake soda sales. consumption is at a 30 year low another reason is people are concerned about the quality of the tap water and are buying bottled because they think it's safer. >> makes sense. >> yeah. getting a paid vacation some companies offer it but you are talking about a employer willing to pay for the trip. >> that sound nice it's a growing trend that seems to be catching on. some of the companies you can work for are doing this travel
5:53 am
quarter. bamboo hr reimburses employees up to 2000 to cover expenses for their vacation and online clothing store beta brand offers most expenses paid for a trip every two months to a lucky employee. that's incredible. >> i rely on kathryn can you write me a check for my tripshe says no. >> sure chris any time. >> got to buy the dip he that's where the money goes. happy birthday to tom brady who turns 39 today. >> and while he celebrates he and his wife are getting new digs. the new york post reports the couple bought a new apartment in new york city and it's apparently in the tribecca neighborhood and cost 20 million doll overlooks the hudson river with 5, ready until 2018.
5:54 am
quite lovely. huge. >> bigger than most houses. forcing people to but the down the phones. >> one bar overseas taking a cell phone ban to the extreme. we will tell you about it
5:55 am
hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks.
5:56 am
it hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. would you go to a bar if your phone wouldn't work ebb
5:57 am
britain using technology to block out mobile signals. the owner built a metal shield to keep signals from entering or leaving bar. customers don't have problem with it saying it's nice see everyone engaging and talking about what's going on. and if they absolutely need to check the phone they just go outside the bar. what do you think about it. >> i think it's cool. >> i think it's great idea but it's something about -- says something about society. >> put the phone down unless you take a picture of morning. your top stories are straight
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right newt 6, boston's first medical marijuana dispensary opens for business today. we have a closer look at the operation. >> donald trump doubling down despite a recent controversy taking on leaders in his own party. the latest from the campaign trail. >> and a new plan to help you know more about the restaurant you are in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 6 a.m.thanks for being here i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we will kick it off with danielle niles.


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