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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right newt 6, boston's first medical marijuana dispensary opens for business today. we have a closer look at the operation. >> donald trump doubling down despite a recent controversy taking on leaders in his own party. the latest from the campaign trail. >> and a new plan to help you know more about the restaurant you are in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 6 a.m.thanks for being here i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we will kick it off with danielle niles.
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50s for the most of the -- most of the suburbs. 54 in norwood. 59 in plymouth. low to mid-60s over cape cod and middle to upper 50s west of town. the satellite and radar across the northeast looks fantastic. you can barely see in bedford the fog is out there locally dense. quarter mile lawrence worcester keene and e after that we rise out of the 60s and 50s and through the 70s. 78 by lunchtime mostly sunny beautiful and wind off the ocean keeps the coastline a little bit cooler today. 82 for ride home mostly sunny 70s at the coast sunset at 8:01. let's check nonet commute and -- check on the commute. >> reporter: check out the view
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but the perk to getting up so early is we have seen beautiful sun ryes. we are keeping an eye on an accident that is happening on the expressway. this is northbound at savein hill in door chester. the backup is building and the drive time doubled. it's now 20 minutes from east milton square to savein hill. now back to you. right now billerica police reviewing surveillance video from two stores after two armed robberies. fi salem road. then a short time later just less than three miles away, a woman was mugged near jim's quick stop on boston road. police say the description of the suspect was similar in both cases and if you have information you are asked to call police. happening today a medical marijuana dispensary opening up in boston. it will be the first in the city. anna meiler is live in boston
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getting a look inside boston's firstmedical marijuana dispensaries. this is consider dis-- dispensary. this is where customers can come make purchases starting this afternoon. more than 200 state certified patients have preregistered to company officials say they epared to handle 150 customers a day. the company ceo says "expanding access to the natural medicine will have the potential to improve e of patients and their families. this is the 7th dispensary to open in massachusetts since vo afor medical use four years ago and this is the first dispensary to open in boston. all the products sold at this location are grown at the cultivation facility in lowell. products including cured leaf and infused edible products and concentrates. company officials say they are proud to be in boston and
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for a decade. some local businesses and residents have expressed concern about the dispensary possibly increasing safety and traffic problems. there will be a ribbon cutting at 10 this mork. we expect to hear more from company officials and community members then. for now live in boston anna meiler wbz this morning. back to you. >> thank you. a mechanic is accused of taking photos up a woman's skirt. todd mitchell of lowell is charged with secret sexual surveillance. police say he the pit area of a garage underneath a car when he used his phone to take pictures up a female customer's dress. she told police she saw him holding the phone and pointing in her direction. he posted the $500 bail yesterday after the arraignment. police in salem say two men tried to intimidate officers by talking about police shootings after stopping them officers found a loaded handgun and large capacity rifle of the both face adjudge yesterday on
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they are being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing set for next week. police were concerned the men were monitoring them using a phone app that played a live feed of the salem police canner -- scanner. wake will be held for the 7- year-old boy who drowned atn m last night the family held a vigil outside the carly community center in -- curly community center in south boston. kyzr willis drowned in the water 10 miles off carson beach. according to his uncle the boy did know how friends and family released balloons into the air in memory of kyzr. >> a lot of people didn't know my nephew but yet they came out and they looked for hem. -- him we want to to thank bpd and state police for the search and coast guard and quincy police and first responders that did everything they could to find him. >> the wake will be in mattapan today followed by a funeral tomorrow. checking in on campaign 2016 for you this morning,
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american soldier donald trump is now taking on his own party and refusing tone doors two powerful leaders facing reelection this month. hena daniels has the latest. >> reporter: the latest dust up came after trump gave a interview to the washington post withholding endorsements for paul ryan and arizona senator john mccain. referring to speaker ryan the republican presidential nominee told the post we need very strong leadership and i am not there yet appearing on fox news trump expressed similar reservations about senator mccain. >> i you know never been a big fan of john mccain and i just hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other people. i hate it. >> reporter: speaking at the white house yesterday, president obama challenged republican leaders to take a stand. >> if you are repeatedly having
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unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him. >> reporter: in a snub to trump hewlett packard ceo and new york congressman richard hanna added their names to a growing list of republicans now intending to vote for hillary clinton. campaigning in florida, clinton's running mate tim kaine stuck to message. >> hillary clinton is going to be your hired president. >> reporter: the democratic party faces internal struggle. three more top democratic national committee resigned tuesday in the wake of the e-mail hack. hena daniels cbs news. the public will not get to see donald trump's testimony in the lawsuit against trump ute university. yesterday a federal young -- university. yesterday a federal judge denied request for full transcripts and video of the deposition. trump suggested the judge mate might be biased because of his
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200,000 toars from the cdc -- dollars from the cdc to track and find zika. congressman lynch wants congress to reconven to consider the president's request to fight zika. today crews in miami will bin aerial spraying of a 10 square mile area surrounding the so- called zika zone. there are now 15 cases there in florida. the first emergency response team from the cdc miami yesterday. officials are concerned the mosquito carrying zika may be resisting insecticide. it's 6:08. eating out in boston could come with more information. >> that's right letter grades may be on display at city restaurants. wbz nicole jacobs is live for us at city hall plaza with details. good morning nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you kathryn. good morning chris. the city of boston is filled with foodies all over the place.
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meals. now, there is a proposal that can give them one more thing to consider before taking that picture perfect place. the mayor is hoping the inspectional services department is implementing a grading system for food establishments. and that would allow a report card clearly posted for patrons to see. this would apply for restaurants cafeterias and food trucks. those who failed to comply after the first year the ordinance would would be fined 300 dollars a day. there's a free boston food police app that would give you a firsthand look at inspecialal service report card. boston globe is reporting this is not going to cost any additional money because they would be using the grading system that's in place. the city council is expected to take up the issue today. we are live in boston nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. just about 6:10.
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heart broken and demanding answers. >> why they are blaming the mspca for the death of their cat. >> also ahead a penalty for not recycling. massachusetts city about to start fining residents. >> and a summer jam fresh from a fresh prince how stephen colbert got will smith to serenade theaudience last night. good morning. >> good morning. it is going to be a beautiful day today. once the fog burns off this morning, sunshine hour by hour we come into the 70s by the time we topping out in the upper 70s at the coastline. 80s inland i will teak you through the weekend coming up but the fog is thicker over the past couples hour under the city of boston. a little undercast. a beautiful shot of the sun. you are watching wbz this
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fans at last night's late show taping were treated to an impromptu concert by will smith. >> the house band was playing his hit song summer break when he idjump in. ? here it is ? [ music ] ?
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core dance has to be a little out of control note. & what about a groove to soothe the romance ? >> makes me want to dance. he was there to promote the latest movie. that hits theater on friday. love will smith. >> yeah. >> he can do it all. he has the music thing i want more music. >> the acting thing. >> package deal. we need to check the foreca been kind of amazing to see that. >> how cool is that. >> if you need anyone to sing get gigy with it i know it. prudential peeking through and we are on the ground with the fog and low clouds and above it, the sun is out. a beautiful start. the fog is going to be burning off thinning out and lifting over the next hour and a half or so in most communities. it out of here by mid-morning
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62 in boston right now. we are in the low 50s in taunton. 58 in worcester and manchester. and you can barely see in spots. very localized but keep that in mind. you can barely see in bedford. orange and zero mile visibility. quarter of a mile dense fog fromworcester to keene and half a mile in lawrence. same in taunton. so yes the fog is the only thing the that you encounter that will slow you down a bit. quiet across the northeast. quiet across the great lakes and we are in for a great stretch the next few days if you like the low humidity and the sunshine and warmth. highs around 80 or just shy of that at coastline. about 78 in boston with the little wind coming in off the ocean. lower to middle 80s through the interior about 85 in lawrence and fitchburg and clear and cool tonight once again a little fog may develop but i don't think it will be as widespread as what we have this
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to 60 in the suburbs. tomorrow another great day. mid-80s for boston. and upper 80s north and west of town. and the wind is coming in from the south southwest tomorrow so south coast back over to the cape and 75 to right around 80 degrees. another day tomorrow that will feature sunshine and humidity still in check. you will see it in the hour by hour map. nothing going on a couple building clouds and a stray shower way to the north. by friday we will watch the cold front that doesn't bring you a threat for thunderstorms on friday. the morning starts dry looks good too and it turns more humid during the second half of the day. this front marks a little leading edge of less humid air that comes in for the second half of the weekend. but it comes with scattered storms and that's the case as we head into the weekend on saturday. so pan mass challenge is this weekend and it will be a little warm for riders on saturday and warm and muggy with a chance of a thunderstorm starting in the
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accu-weather 7-day forecast aside from the threat for thunderstorms on saturday it will be hit or miss in the afternoon. that is dry 7-day forecast. sunshine low to mid-80s. speaking of pmc. wbz is proud to be the official pmc station and we hope you will join us opening ceremonies live this friday at 7 p.m. right here on wbz. our whole weather team is riding. we are pumped to donate and find a cure for cancer. go to the wee the rider traffic and weather together. >> reporter: let's play guess the traffic camera. you can't tell. fog has not burned off. this is eastbound in brighton. luckily it's not creating problems on the road and traffic is fairly light from the west. to the south you will hit slow and go traffic in stoughton on 24 north all the way up to 128.
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hill has -- hill has been closed but the backup is to the braintree split. we have breaking news to tell you b reports of a plane crash at the -- about. reports of a maine crash a flight from india to dubai was involved in an accident. officials say 275 passengers and crew members have been safely evacuated from the plane. we will follow this and bring you updates when they come in. a framingham family searching for answers after the lost cat ende an animal hospital. laura and allen grom-e say they spent days trying to find their cat. a new neighbor found him in the yard and took him to the mspca because they thought it was a stray. the hospital cared for him for days two days, but because he was ill and had no identification, he was euthanized. >> this is a loved family pet and they are a animal hospital don't it will meow can't handle
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where they came from. >> the mspca says it's critical to make sure pets have proper identification so they can contact you in case of an emergency. federal investigators are looking into how the city of boston handled the canceled indy car race. according to the boston herald the u.s. attorney's office and department of labor are investigating whether mayor walsh or other elected officials pressured the event to hire union contractors. two of the mayor's aide beenindict on extortion charges and the city tells the herald they have not received any spendas connected to the race. somerville says the battle against the wynne casino is not over. they will appeal the state's approval of a key water front permit. somerville has four pending lawsuits against the project. residents in one town are seeing red over efforts to go green. chicopee will start fining residents if they don't
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plastic or glass in the trash. anyone who doesn't comply will get $100 fine. the mandate comes as up making garbage disposal more expensive. thanks for being here with us. it's 6:20. ahead, gap under fire. >> the back to school clothing campaign some call sexist and that's not the only problem. >> and a proposed pokeman go ban in massachusetts. the new punish to -- push to stom sop people from
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so if you start to feel ill or notice a rash near the bite, call your doctor. 6:23. there's a new push in massachusetts to ban certain people from playing the popular pokemon go game. one local lawmaker is proposing a bill banning sex offenders from the game that has taken
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lawmakers worry sex offenders could use some feature to lure children. and new hampshire state police are arrested a driver accused of going 135 miles an hour in a 55-mile-an-hour zone. troopers say siyuan cheng from durham was clocked going that fast speeding in a blue maserati and is charged with reckless operation. arizona is under a flood watch and bracing for a second monsoon tyai hit the southern part of the statehard. the interstate that runs into the center of phoenix had to be shut down in both directions. emergency crews rescued people from at least 2 different cars caught up in the current. gap is coming under fire for another oohed this time critics say a gap kids add oohed in the uk promotes gender stereotypes and you can see a boy with a t-shirt with albert
6:25 am
him little scholar and einstein is spelled wrong. on the shirt. and the girl in the oohed is wearing kitten ears and the caption reads social butterfly. gap says eye didn't mean to offend anyone and wanted to celebrate every child. in today's "healthwatch" new research says americans weigh more than ever. they say on average americans are 15 pound heavier compared -- pounds heavier compared to 20 years ago. the number also found men and women have stayed the same height over the last new test that could determine if a respiratory infence is viral or -- infection is viral or bacteria is helping prescribe fewer antibiotic. the 5 minute blood test looks for protein that's a marker of bacteria. low levels of the protein means it's viral and no antibiotics isare-- antibiotic are necessary. group of tourist were off
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right now at 6:30 med he cal marijuana in boston. the first dispensary we are live inside with the preview. >> new restaurant review. boston wants to change the way customers find out about the results of sit they inspecs. >> and pan mass challenge days away. the special friendship between a teen of riders and a young cancer patient. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning.
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thanks for joining us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. we have a beautiful morning shaping up and we have the fog and the sun and it's just made for spectacular pictures this morning danielle. >> and that seagull went through. and there's always a bird that goes through the camera. they want to make an appearance. beautiful shot toward the hancock and prudential tower. we have the low cloud cover and fog that's in place right now but above it the sun is shining. and that fog and low cloud between now and let's say 8 a.m. this morning for most of us. so visibility depends on where you are. so it's perfect in some areas and you can barely see in others. and that's the case in bedford. half a mile visibility in lawrence can barely see from orange to concord and quarter mile visibility in keene. worcester is up to 3 mile visibility but it was just at quarter of a mile about 20 minutes ago. 62 in boston right now. it's a cool start. mid-50s in norwood and 58 in plymouth.
6:31 am
upper 50s for most us from worcester through the merrimack valley. satellite and radar is quiet. mostly sunny skies rising out of the 50s and 60s to 78 by lunch hour. just a great afternoon with low humidity and we will see a sea breeze kick in to the coastline and beaches will be in the upper 70s today. and we will top out about 82 to 86 through the interior. ride home features no weather related issues. grab the shades 70s coast. let's get you on the road with traffic and weather together. >> reporter: traffic is especially bad on the expressway this morning. that's because of an earlier accident one exit up northbound at sabin hill a it has been cleared but the backup remains. you with bumper to bumper from braintree to dorchester slowing you down about 25 minutes this morning. to the north you are also bumper to bumper on 39 south and woburn between exit 37 to
6:32 am
drive time 40 minutes in that area. now back to you. >> we continue to can -- we continue to follow breaking news new video of of an accident atdubai's airport. you can see smoke on the runway. the confirm a flight from india to dubai was involved. officials say that all 275 passengers and crew have been safely evacuated. happening today a medical marijuana dispensely openg in boston. it -- dispensary opening up in boston. anna meiler is live with a closer look in the facility. anna. >> reporter: chris we are getting a sneak peek before the doors officially open this afternoon. this is where the products will be stored and this is the area where customers will be able to start making purchases starting this afternoon. more than 200 state certified patients have preregistered to use shop at the dispensarych the company c-eo says expanding
6:33 am
improve lives of thousands ofpatients and their families. this is the 7th to open in massachusetts since voters approved marijuana for medical use four years ago. but this is the first dispensary to open in boston the all the products sold at this location are grown at the cultivation facility in lowell. products include cured leaf infeud edible products and concentrates. the company officials say they are glad to be in restoring economic so i tality for a space that has been vacant. some local residents and businesses expressed some concern. but they they are working on boston police on safety and security. there's a ribbon cutting this morning. we will hear more from company official and community members at that time. anna meiler wbz this morning. and some big name support for the massachusetts ballot
6:34 am
recreational marijuana. the globe reports boston city council president wu and tito jackson will announce support for legalizing recreational marijuana at the statehouse this morning. mayor walsh and governor bake remember against the ballot question. police say a woman's estranged husband conphis fessed to killing her. dust las steeves strangled carmella saunders after they himself in and admitted to committing the crime. saunders fied for divorce and a restraining order against steeves stating i fear for my life. >> no one wants to believe that someone who loves you for a day or 27 years might be capable of taking your life. so, our message really is to people is to talk to a domestic violence trained' vow kit --
6:35 am
you identify the reality of your situation. >> if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, jane doe incorporated has resources to help. we posted the information on osha says the north andover chemical plant made mistakes that likely contributed to a january explosion there. the rom has plant is now facing more than 129,000 dollars infinesch the labor department says they failed to properly design and inspecifying an operate the chemical process. 4 workers were hurtch the company a a-- hurt. the company is appealing. hundreds of a animals are in a tem -- of animals are in temporary shelter. hundreds of dead and injured animals were discovered on a westport farm last month. two dozen people are now being investigated. they may face charges. police say they also found a similar situation on the same property back in 2010. police are searching for a
6:36 am
belonging to a teen with special needs. it's blue with a brown seat and large basket. it went missint from the backyard on monday -- missing from his backyard on monday a gofundme page set up by friends has raised 2,000 dollars to replace the bike. eating out in boston could come with more information the letter grades may be on display at city restaurants. any coke -- nicole jake os is live with all the -- jacobs is live with the details. >> breasted to thumb through instagram and facebook and not see a delicious plate of food before you. now the foodies that are all over the city of boston has one more thing to consider before taking the picture perfect plate of food. the mayor is hoping the inspectional services grading system for food and hav report card clearly posted for patrons to see.
6:37 am
those who fail to comply after the first year of the ordinance being adopted would be fined 300 dollars a day. this is also-- there is also a free app on the boston food police app to give outfirsthand look at the inspectional service report card. boston blob reports the city wouldn't -- globe reports the city wouldn't pay additional money. it's already in place city councilors are taking up the issue today. live in boston, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. 2016 pan mass challenge is a few days away and as tough as it is riding the pmc it is-- that's powerful inspiration when you are riding even more so when your partner is a child going through the treatment. >> lisa hughes introduces us to
6:38 am
bank. the boy is living with three inoperable brain actualors. >> reporter: dylan berio is sick of cancer it gives him headaches and affects his vision but he sees the power of pmc. >> they raise money for kids with cancer and they help find a cure. >> we are happy because they are like our extended family. >> reporter: dylan's monday dawn calls pmc week answered gift. >> i think us put our focus somewhere else he. >> reporter: especially now that dylan has chemo that are pi again after nearly a year awesome was that. >> it was pretty good and got coo to see my gar -- got to see my girlfriend. >> reporter: what do you think about her. >> she is beautiful. >> reporter: does she know you are involved in pmc and this is
6:39 am
farber as a way of giving back -- danger-farber as way of giving back. >> it was nice to give them away as they went for treatment. >> reporter: and he saved some you would give this up for a rider. >> yeah. >> reporter: for his team. >> he has given me a snazzy deal. >> reporter: you've race car. >> yeah. >> reporter: five years ago he convinced his colleagues to invest in the is a pedel partner. >> we shared this year got done with the treatment february 25th and i think i got on a bike about a month later. i don't go as quick as i used to but i go. >> reporter: with dylan a driving force. >> he and the family are all an inspiration to us. >> reporter: and that's a twop- way street. >>-- two-way treat they are
6:40 am
little hurdles and bumps in if he is having a bad day. >> reporter: this weekend, the berios will cheer on riders. >> they stop in lakeville and what do you do? >> give them high fives. >> reporter: you know that powers them for the rest of the ride. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: power and hope. meeting on a sometimes bumpy road. >> it's a great way to come together and do all about. chokes you up watching that. this is great news. dylan's mom tells lisa his last mri shows the chemo is working. his actualors are stable and meaning they are not growing. >> that's awesome news. team blue hills bank is hoping to raise 350,000 dollars this year. that would bring the team total to a million dollars over the five years riding the pmc. >> we are rooting for you. wbz is proud to be the official pmc station and hope you will
6:41 am
live friday night starting at 7. for more information on the pmc or to support a rider check out >> going to be a big weekend. 6:41 we a -- we have the check of the top stories. >> and a busy night for police in billerica. the crime that may be kecked. >> and strange sight on a cape cod beach. flopping fish. experts are now weighing in morning to you. >> good morning chris. a little bit of fog burning off this morning for most of us. and it's a cool start. temperatures in the 50s. let's check in central massachusetts karen says 54 in westminster. dew point 5 #. that means there's areas of -- 5 had. -- 54. that means there's areas of fog. i will let you know when the muggies make a come back when
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
a fish mystery at a beach. people are finding fish flopping on the chores in orleansp they are called a type of herring. experts at new england aquarium say most likely explanation is they are trying to escape predators probably bluefish and are being driven on to the shore. >> the bluefish are pushing them in shallow watter to increase the probability they will be able to with each pass
6:45 am
of them disabled. >> the aquarium tells us this is part of the natural life cycle of the first and it happens every year. >> there's something ferby about the story but bad joke. >> have you had new fish. >> yeah it's good. >> a little oily not my favorite but i like it. >> let's check the forecast. we have what beautiful sunrise. fog and it's been a great morning out there. >> fog is going to burn off within the next hour and a har by 8 a.m. maybe an hour and 15 minutes for most of us out and burned off and the sun will be shining. crane good harbor revere beach in the 70s to around 80 with a light wind off the ocean. same for south shore beaches as well from duxbury and 75 to 80. and with an east northeast wind so that wind coming in off the ocean today. water temperatures warmer
6:46 am
will be a little cooler bum no one is complaining about that. 73 to 78 degrees with bright sunshine today. waves about 1 to 3 feet and high tide is around midday except for the south coast a little earlier for us. 9 a.m. from south beach on vineyard to old silver and parts of the south coast and buzzard's bay. 62 in boston. 50s for moat of us. it's a cool start. the air is dry of humidity in we have pockets of dense fog in metro west and back up through the lower connecticut river valley. most of it burns off by mid- morning and there's nothing else going on a quiet stretch the next couple days. if you like the warmth it's back today 80s for highs and bedford to nashua with the wind off the ocean. at the coast 75 to 80. and 85 in fitchburg and 81 in jaffrey and keene put on the
6:47 am
taunton. -- plymouth to taunton. 50s in the suburbs with a it up of fog but not as widespread as this morning. mostly sunny tomorrow. looks great. 86, 70s on cape and islands with the wind from the south southwest tomorrow on the backside of the high pressure that will be in control again during the day on thursday and friday so friday morning we start with clouds and fog on cape cod. that burns off and friday is dry and we await a cold front that will swing through on showers and thunderstorms and mark the leading edge of less humid air coming back heading into the second half the weekend. next chance of wet weather doesn't come in until saturday so for pan mass challenge riders it's sticky and less humid on sunday. sunshine mid to upper 80s to start next week. breana. >> reporter: we have the second accident northbound eight at quincy before exit 9 at adams street blocking the right lane. if you can take the back roads
6:48 am
to columbia road. it's going to take you 30 minutes just to get through that stretch. further south we have an accident on 24 north in randolph at 128. traveling is bumper to -- traffic is bumper to breaking n emirates airlines says all 300 passengers and crew members are safe and accounted for the incident at dubai's airport. you can see smoke on the runway there. it is unclear what happened to the flight traveling to dubai but a pilot frommer for airline tells cbs he witnessed the plane crash land. it's 6:48. checking other stories this morning billerica police reviewing sur veil and videos from two stores after two armed robberies. >> the first was 129 liquors on salem road and a short time later a suspect with a similar description mugged a woman. if you have information on the crimes call police.
6:49 am
dispensary opens today a ribbon cutting at patriot care on mit being -- milk street. it will be opened for patients and the company says they are prepared to handle at least 150 customers a day. a wake will be held for 7- year-old kyzr willis. last night family and friendsreleased balloon at curly community centerch the young boy drowned at carson beach attending a city run program. crews in miami will begin aerial spraying of mile area of the so-called zika zone. there's 15 cases there. the first emergency response team arrived in miami yesterday. officials are concerned the mosquito carrying zika may be resisting insecticides. a top republican donor says she is voting for hillary. and meg whitman is promising to donate to the campaign as well. whitman is a hewlett packard executive who calls donald trump reckless and uninformed. still to come a big day for
6:50 am
road for red sox. boston let a 4-run lead slip away. >> while the red sox are away james taylor will play. the big show at the ball park
6:51 am
6:52 am
wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit bmw >> 6:52. new overnight things it will apart for the red sox in
6:53 am
as he held mariners scoreless through the first 6 and in the 8th, price gave up a solo home run and a few singles to allow base runners the newlyacquired pitcher gave up a 3-run homer to cap off the comeback seattle wins 5-4. james taylor is returning to fenway park tonight. the singer and huge sox fan will perform in front sold out crowd along with special guest jackson brown. we will see if he perform the red sox tribute song. happy birthday to tom brady. he turns 39 today. he will likely celebrate at pats training camp. >> while his wife is getting ready for the olympic opening ceremonies and it seem they are getting new digs. maybe a birthday present. the new york post reports they bought a new apartment in new
6:54 am
it overlooks the hudson river and has 5,000 square feet of space a lap pool and work out studios but won't be ready until 2018. >> so nice and i saw some pictures online and that's living. >> time for a closer look at what he coming up at 7. >> let's check in with gayle king. >> good morning to you kathryn and chris. ahead on cbs this morning latest on breaking emirates airlines crash lands and ivanka reacts to comments her brother make. others weigh in. the news is back in the morning.
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baseball umpires are known for togs players and coaches from the games for arguing balls and strikes. but last night a fan was ejected it happened after giants hosted the phillies. >> wow. >> philadelphia fan was heckling the umpire for several innings before he had enough and he had security remove the fan from the seat.
6:58 am
they could do that but it happens. you are out. >> i think yankees fans sometimes when they come to town need to be. just saying. just saying. no. so next couple days look beautiful. the weather is going to be fantastic. low 80s today and mid-80s tomorrow. near 90 on friday. a fry thunderstorms on saturday but sunday less humid. >> sounds good. cbs this morning is next on
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? breaking news. a passenger jet crash land in dubai's main airport sending thick smoke into the air. all 300 people on board survive. >> donald trump refuses to endorse gop leaders after they condemn his comments about a gold star family. >> sending 400 million in cash to iran. why critics say it amounts to ransom for american hostages. we begin this morning with a


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