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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news right now at 4:30 -- a tractor trailer flips over. beaches closed temperatures heating up. danger keeping swimmers out of the water today. and a surprising announcement overnight fro popular brookline deli. be -- from a popular brookline deli. ruben's closing after nearly 90 years. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. it's 4:30. friday august 5th i am kathryn hauser. chris is off today but i am here with danielle niles with a check of the forecast. happy friday. >> happy friday to you. >> we made it.
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today. >> that's good. >> it is going to be another quiet start and the weekend features thunderstorms but only on saturday. >> saturday is the day of concern for the pmc runners. >> it's huge weekend. a lot of outdoor activities. we will time out the thunderstorms in a second. 65 in boston. we are in the 50s just like yesterday in a lot of the suburbs. so it's 53 in taunton right now. 57 in falmouth and upper 50s in chatham as well. but mid-50s in keene. satellite and radar just like yesterday pretty quiet. we are in for bright sunshine. it's going to be with us today. you will need the shade as you head out the door. out of the 60s quickly. 84 by lunchtime. it will be warmer than it was yesterday, with a blend of sun and clouds and humidity fairly low in check today. we will be fair and warm. 86 for the ride home. no weather related issues.
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morning shower particularly along the south coast to cape cod. then as the sun breaks out notice what happens. scattered showers and thunderstorms any time from early afternoon onward and there may be a line that develops and pushes over southeastern massachusetts. it will be offshore by about 8 p.m. tomorrow kathryn but after that, we get less humid air that comes in. we will talk about the weekend in a few. >> we will check back in little bit. thanks. breaking news overnight a tractor trailer ripped apart. take a look at intersection of broadway andbeechham streets. police are trying to figure out how it happened. also we are following a developing story in connecticut. a powerful explosion levels a multifamily home in vernon. 7 people were in the home at the time including several children. three of them made it out on their own four others were trapped until firefighters pulled them out. two adults are in critical
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>> we heard a boom. >> it felt like a car hit the building. >> a loud explosion. i thought something hit our house. when i ran out it was like a big cloud of smoke out the front and the back. >> quite a scene. four patients under the age of 16 are being treated. doctors say all are expected to survive. the cause of the blast is under investigation. a construction worker in newton is treated for serious injuries after getting stuck in a nc slipped and got his leg twisted in the machine at a site on la grange street yesterday. a coworker turned off the equipment when he heard the man screaming. it took rescuers about two hours to take apart the mixer to free him. he is in the hospital this morning. right now there is a warning on the south shore. four beaches in scituate are closed to swimmers due to rip
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no matter what beach you go to officials urge everyone to check the white boards for the latest information warning and conditions as well. new this morning, boston police union says officers don't feel safe. and believe the city and state are not doing enough to protect them. the boston herald got a copy of a letter sent to the police commissioner by three union presidents. among the demands, long guns for patrol officers, ballistics blult bulletproof vests. more officers to cover over-- bulletproof vests. more officers to cover overtime in summer and take over members of the s.w.a.t. and bomb squad. they are trying to get officers to follow through with the request of its own body cameras by september 1. commissioner william evans spoke and took questions at a public meeting in mattapan last night where community activists voiced concerns. some are questioning why only
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in the program and why they will be allowed to look at their body camera footage before writing police reports. >> sometimes an officer in the heat of the event his memory gets clouded and he may not see things and his memory and looking at the video will get the best accurate picture. >> and here's thing commissioner evans says it's a tough sell for officers too. he wanted 100 officers to volunteer for pilot program but that has not happened. if he doesn't have volunteers by september 1, the will assign them. happening today, the former fbi agent who lied during the whitey bulger trial will be sentenced. robert fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to persian gulfry and obstruction -- perjury and obstruction of justice for lying including he recovered the gun to assassinate marten luther king junior in 1968. prosecutors recommend two years of poe bags as part of a plea
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probation as part of a plea deal. over to campaign 2016. declining poll numbers and controversial endorsements. brian web has the latest -- webb has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump struggled to move the campaign forward thursday once again splitting with running mate mike pence over support for two republicans up for reelection. >> of course i support john mccain can >> reporter: the -- ayotte. >> reporter: the endorsement came one day after he endorsed paul ryan who trump snubbed. trump insisted he and pence are on the same page. >> he came to me and asked me would it be okay and i gave him totally my blessing. >> reporter: an 11-year-old put pence on the spot earlier in the day at an event in raleigh. >> you have been softening. [audio not understandable] >> i couldn't be more proud to
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this campaign my friend. >> reporter: trump has struggled to refocus his campaign on hillary clinton amid the series of missteps this week. the democratic nominee seized on the opportunity to chip away at trump's business record. >> everything he made he made somewhere else. he's not put americans to work. >> reporter: in an interview with cbs norah o'donnell tim kaine put a to put the e-mail scandal to bed. >> she said and learned something and will do it differently. >> reporter: a pair of polls shows clinton pulling ahead of trump nationally and topping him in three key states. brian webb for cbs news. >> this weekend trump will be back in new englandch the globe reports he will be on nantucket and cape cod for two fund raisers where guests will give at least 2700 dollars for tickets. he will hold a rally in wyndham new hampshire on saturday night. new overnight a. brookline
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nearly 90 years is closing its doors for good. the owners of rube n's kosher deli announced on -- rebben's kosher deli -- rebben's deli a- - ruben's kosher deli announced they are closing. it opened in 1927. also new overnight, an extra long night for the red sox in seattle. let's go to the 11th. sox and mariners tied at 2. shaw leads off with a the left. the sacrifice put shaw on second and brock knocks him in with an rbi single they win 3-2 and boston begins the series with the dodgers in los angeles tonight. 4:38 is the time. coming up on wbz this morning, an annoying problem on the orange line. issue the mbta is looking into after riders are complaining. and much of massachusetts dealing with drought. many of us dealing with this.
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grass from dying and let theolympic games get underway. is rio ready? real. we will have the latest.
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ticks are out in mass. so check yourself, your kids, and your pets anytime you've been outdoors. check everywhere -- in your hair, under your arms, and between your toes. if you find a tick, remove it as soon as you can. use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin. use firm, even pressure pulling straight up, without twisting or turning. then clean the bite area and your hands with soap and water. some tick bites can make you sick. so if you start to feel ill or notice a rash near the bite,
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it's about 4:42 on your friday morning. in today's money watch apple is looking for hackers and t- mobile is taking on verizon and a new concern for jeep owners. hena daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn. happy friday. a pair of hackers who last year showed they were able to kill the engine of a jeep cherokee is able to take control of last year prompted a recall of a million and a half cheep cherokees now they -- jeep cherokee now they say they can make it speed up or turn at any speed. chrysler fiat says the hack would not have been possible on the updated software. apple wants to take a bite out of hacking and it's putting its money where its mouth is. they are offering up to 200,000 dollars to anyone coming forward with security flaws in the company's software in order
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facebook have also offered cash incentives for so-called bug bounties.t-mobile will match verizon wireless service over the next year. they want to become the fastest and most used in the nation. once known as the budget carrier t-mobile is ranked second best coverage in the u.s. better than at&t. a study from open signal measures how often users had lte service and verizon performed the best t-mobile. fish network is offering a less expensive way to watch tv it is 30 dollars including taxes and fees but doesn't include espn or main sports broadcast network but 50 basic cable channels. >>i love the idea of cheapercable. thanks happy friday to you. we will check can in back with
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is considered to be in severe drought. and homeowners with dry brown lawns wonder where the rain is. many communities issued restrictions on garden -- wattening and garden experts say it wouldn't help that much anyway but it's not stopping this guy from trying. >> you know the green is the grass is greener on my side than my neighbors'. >> one more thing don't mow. longer grass will help protect the soil from lo but that's the case for so many people's lawns my plants look sad but you are not supposed to overwater. >> we need soaking rain for days. we are in a deficit by 6 to 12 inches in many communities. >> and a lot of ways you love it because it's great beach weather and any activities outdoors but it comes with a price. >> two different sides a lot of massachusetts is in the severe drought. live look over the city of boston. no rain in the forecast today.
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every thursday. we brought you the update yesterday at noontime but if you missed it, the drought expanded across southeastern massachusetts in terms of the areas of severe drought now. last week it included boston and worcester and now it includes parts of northern connecticut and rhode island as well. it's expanded across southern new hampshire. condured cord and bort op -- concord and boston and worcester. no threat for rain today. tomorrow goes up about 60% chance with some showers and and we go back down sunday and monday. dry weather beautiful weather but no rain in the forecast. 65 in boston right now. 61 in worcester and 65 in manchester and we are in the 50s in the suburbs yet again. upper 50s falmouth to chatham. dew points in the 50s as well. so it's going to be a comfortable day today in terms of humidity levels. next disturbance is back to the west. doesn't look like a whole lot. showers and thunderstorms through missouri and illinois.
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fire up thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. today's dry and in terms of the temperature that we warm up warmer than yesterday. 85 to 90 for most of us. 90 in lawrence and fitchburg. so it's going to be hot but humidity will be in check. wind out of the south 75 to 85 for us on the cape and island. beautiful. cloud increase tonight. and 71 downtown. mid-60s in the cooler suburbs. and turns a little more muggy as we head into the overnight period tonight and toow will be very similar. temperature wise mid to upper 80s. low 90s in a few communities and running in the 80s along the south coast. threat for a thunderstorm tomorrow. pmc riders. 6 a.m. nothing going on. patchy cloud cover in the morning and it will be muggy. by the time we get to late morning there may be a couple showers along the south coast to cape cod. the time frame of biggest concern is from 1 p.m. onward. scattered showers and thunderstorms develop, some of the storms could contain some
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localized flooding. 4 p.m. north and west of boston we are drying out. but it's places like the south shore towards providence and eastern connecticut down to the south coast that's where we will have the chance of thunderstorms lingering until early evening. offshore by 8 p.m. pma challenge we rise out of the 60s into 70s by mid-morning and upper 80s for highs. sunday looks beautiful. less humid and temperatures in the 80s. humidity dropping beautiful start to next week. with a chance of a few pop-up storms and upper 80s on thursday. wbz is your official station for the pan mass challenge. join us tonight at 7 p.m. for opening ceremonies live and you can stay with us all weekend long for live coverage on sunday, we will have a live stream of the finish line on the website i am getting excited. >> i know i can't wait to see you ride. the whole weather team. new ride sharing
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up from governor baker today. the governor will sign the bipartisan bill at noon requiring two background checks for drivers and will allow companies like uber and lyft to pick up passengers at logan airport and the convention center. ride sharing companies will have to pay a 20 cent fee per ride. the mbta is working to address an annoying problem screeching wheels on the orange line. several riders tweeted this week that they could hear the and tufts medical station centers. the t apologized for the loud noise. the summer olympics officially kicks off today. the opening ceremonies takes place in rio tonight and organizers have been working around the clock to make sure that every thing is ready. cbs jamie yuccas has a preview from rio. >> reporter: a long rio's copacabana beach american tourists are snapping pictures and making memories ahead of the the olympic games.
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seen it before only in the television. >> reporter: armed police officers watch the crowds very closely. >> my intent is -- antenna is up but it's noise too -- nice to see the presence what i expect at an olympics. >> reporter: military ships are spotted off the coast. the landscaping and beautifully painted buildings is what most tourists will see along thepedestrian walkway built for the olympics but this is what most think of what they think of down buildings. finishing touches are done on the new subway line expected to officially open today. it was supposed to be finished months ago. as for team usa, most members are here and ready to go. including the most decorated olympian ever, swimmer michael phelps with 22 medals. he will carry the stars and stripes at the opening ceremony. >> just the honor and
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to add to the collection of gold and so will all the other american athletes. thousands of fans from around the world get a taste of the olympics in south america for the first time ever. jamie yuccas cbs news rio. ahead a mystery for police in quincy. where they found a huge stash of drugs and money. and who they are looking for this morning. also promin fight again the zika virus.
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breaking overnight a traghtor trailer -- tractor trailer sliced open in a accident in everett at broadway and beachham streets. no word on injuries. police are trying to figure outhow it happened. and we are following a developing story in connecticut this morning. a powerful explosion levels a multifamily home in on at the time including several children. thee of them made it out on their own and four others were trapped until firefighters pulled them out. two adults are in critical condition and a 7-year-old boy cuffed significant injuries. the -- boy suffered significant injuries. a big drug history in quincy this morning. police found 1.5 million dollars worth of cocaine in an abandoned apartment on hancock street.
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cash. the detectives are trying to figure out who put it there and anyone with information is asked to call quincy police. two town workers in westport will no longer be able to perform animal inspections. the decision comes weeks injure animals were discovered in squaller on a 70 acre farm. according to the sister station in providence, two men are accused of failing to pourly perform the inspections. aerial spraying against the zika virus in miami is woin spraying is killing many moss cuteos that -- mosquitoes that pesticide on the ground couldn't reach. it is concentrated in a neighborhood where 15 peoplehave contracted the zika virusspraying can only do so much but a local hospital is leading the pack for a zika vox even. researchers at beth israel are working with walter reed army institute and developed three experimental zika vaccines.
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successful in monkies. >> the protection was striking in the animals that did not receive the vaccine all them showed high levels of zika virus in their blood streams. in the vaccinated animals there was no sign of virus. so we were very exciteed about the results. >> the next step is human trials and those trials will begin in the fall. for the first time in 128 years, the harvard gop nominee for president. the group posted the statement on facebook explaining trump's views goes against their values as republicans but as americans too. the owners of a local restaurant say cyber bullies slammed them with bad reviews after an employee criticized donald trump on facebook. the myee at centre street cafe posted video of a trump rally
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within hours, the restaurant noticed a slew of one star ratings on its facebook and yelp accounts can. loyal customers rallied together to defend the restaurant posting positive reviews to counteract the negative ones. >> it's so obvious when someone has a neglect testify agenda they are trying to promote and with this case it's you know, it's out of the world. >> the restaurant's owner says he hopes next time the cafe is in the news it's for the food and not too long centre street cafe came in number 13 in boston magazine last list of top 50 restaurants. see you later alligator. wildlife crews make an unusual discovery in a massachusetts
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this is something you definitely don't see every day in massachusetts. wildlife crews removed a 6 foot alligator from a home in springfield. it was being kept as a pet in the backyard. crews say they had a hard time carrying it away because it weighed close to 180 pounds. it's big pet. the gator was taken to the local zoo while animal officers figured out what to do with it. i don't know. but it's a strange thing to see in massachusetts. your top stories traffic and weather are all straight ahead right here on wbz this
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breaking overnight a accident in everett ripping apart a tractor trailer and 4 south shore beaches closed today over rip tide corns. the warning -- concerns. the warning from officials. a brookline tapeel closes its doors for good. surprising announcement from overnight. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz good morning to you. it's 5:00 on the dot. i am kathryn hauser. chris is off. we appreciate you being here. it's friday august 5 i am joined with danielle niles and we were talking about a lovely forecast for today. >> happy friday. >> it feels so good. >> feels good to say that on a friday. >> if you are -- it is a little lonely without chris but it's ladies' morning. >> it is and we will have beautiful day today. so hopefully you can get


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