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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now at 6 a tracto trailer ripped over a dangerous ride in everett. beaches choseed as temperatures heat up the danger that is keeping some swimmers out of the water today. and a surprising announcement overnight from a popular brookline deli. ruben's closing its doors after what the owners are saying. >> from the channeled four studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's friday august 5th happy friday to you i am kathryn houser -- hauser chris is off today but danielle is here with a preview of the forecast. we have pmc weekend and, of
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will be tracking some thunderstorms storm and it's not going to be a washout. i would have backup to get inside if you need to. look at the sunrise. >> gorgeous. >> so beautiful. sun is up and shining today. it's going to be -- it's going to be fantastic. decorating the skies of the sunrise right now. temperatures like the past few mornings are running in the 50s and 60s. it's 64 in boston right now. we are in the taunton. 55 in keene 63 manchester and lawrence. 55 to 60 on the cape. sunshine out in full force and humidity in check. so really just fantastic summer weather to enjoy your planner goes this way out of the 60s by mid morning. by 8 a.m., many of us are rising through the mid-70s, 84 by lunchtime today looks great with a few puffy clouds. south southwest breeze. and the cape tops out around
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80s and a few spots 90s. tomorrow stick crane humidity goes up significantly tomorrow morning. partly sunny skies with an isolated showers. late morning and midday a shower on the cape and south coast and scattered line of thunderstorms develops-pushes south and east. we will talk about the biggest threats and the rest of the weekend in details but first the roads with breana. >> reporter: traffic is building on tobin leverett and zakim isbuilding. traffic on northbound between milton to dorchester exits 11 to 15. the drive times from the split to downtown and the pike exet is 20 -- exit is 20 minutes. no delays on the t. outbound lowell train is 10 to 15 minutes behind scheduled stopped outside north station due to mechanical issues. new overnight a tractor trailer
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everett. check this out at broadway and beechham streets. no word on injuries in the-- and the scene is cleared. good news for people using broadway and route 99 this morning. kathryn. >> thanks so much. now to a developing story in connecticut. a powerful explosion levels a multifamily home in vernon. 7 people were inside at the time. including 7 children. several children ravel rather. four others were trapped until firefighters pulled them two adults are in critical condition and a 7-year-old boy suffered significant injuries. >> i heard a boom. >> it felt like a car hit the building. >> a cloud explosion and i thought something hit our house. when i ran out it was a big cloud of smoke out the front and the back. >> the blast was so powerfu the whom's front door flew into the front yard of a home across the street. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. four patients under the age of 16 are being treated at area
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survive. a construction worker in newton is being treated for serious injuries after getting stuck in a concrete mixer. fire firefighters tell us the worker slipped and the leg got twisted in the machine. a coworker turned off the equipment when he heard the man screaming. it took rescuers about 2 hours to take apart the mixer and free the man. he is now in the hospital this morning. right now a warning on the south shore. four beaches swimmers. wbz jim smith is live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning a beautiful morning at humarock but concerns about riptides and rip currents are a fact of life up and down the coast and yesterday that was the situation humarock one of four beaches here that was declared off limits to swimmers yesterday afternoon.
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rip currents -- egypt and peggotty beaches. rip corns sometimes a problem. -- currents sometimes a problem. a hundred people are killed by rip currents each year when they get caught in the currents and tired and panic and drown. experts say if you are caught and begin to be carried out to sea, try not to panic. don't fie fight it and -- fight it and swim pairel and swell across once you are out of the influence of the current, try to head back to land at an angle. once again back out live here, humarock one of the four beaches beside peggotty and egypt closed for swimming. we will see what the declaration is for this afternoon. jim smith. >> a beautiful sunrise there thanks so much. new this morning boston
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believe the city and state are not doing enough to protect them. boston herald got a copy of a letter sent to the commissioner by three union presidents. long guns for patrol officers ballistic shields and helmets he and bulletproof vests more officers to cover overtime especially in the summer and take home vehicles for members of the s.w.a.t. and bomb squad. this comes as the department is trying to get officers to follow through with the requests of commissioner evans spoke and took questions at a meeting last night. some question why only officers who volunteer will be in the program and why they will be allowed to look at their body camera footage before writing police reports. >> sometimes an officer in the heat of the events his memory can get clouded be a he -- and he might not see things and the memory and looking at the video will get the best accurate
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too. he wanted a hundred officers tovolunteered for the pilot program but it has not happened yet. if he doesn't have the volunteers by september 1 the department says they will simply assign them. happening today a former fbi agent who lied during whitey bulger's trial will be sentenced. robert fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to surgery and obstruction of justice for -- perjury and as part of a plea idea prosecutors are recommending two years of probation. checking in on campaign 12016, donald trump and mike -- 2016, donald trump and mike pence will hold rallies in iowa and wisconsin. capping off a rough week for the republican nominee. highlighted by declining poll numbers and controversial endorsements. brian webb has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump struggled to move the campaign
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support for two republicans up for reelection. >> of course i support john mccain and kelly ayotte and republican incumbents. >> reporter: the high-profile endoshesment came one -- endorsement came one day after pence endorsed paul ryan who trump snubbed. trump insisted he and pence are on the same page. >> he came to me and asked me would it be okay and i gave him my blessing. >> reporter: an 11-year-old put pence on the spot earlier in the day >> you have been softening up on his. [audio not understandable] >> i couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump and we are shoulder to shoulder in this campaign my friend. >> reporter: trump has struggled to refocus his campaign on hillary clinton amid the serimiteps this week. the democratic nominee seized on the opportunity to chip away at trump's business record. >> everything he made he made somewhere else he is not put
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with cbs norah o'donnell tim kaine thought to put the e-mail scandal to bet she said i made amistake and screwed up and i will do it differently. >> reporter: a pair of polls shows clinton ahead of trump nationally and topping him in three key states. brian webb tore for crflt bs news. trump will be back in new england the globe reports trump will be on nantucket and the cape for two fund raisers where guests have to he will hold a rally in wyndham new hampshire on saturday night. new overnight, a surprising announcement in brookline. a restaurant that's been around for 90 years a staple is closing the doors today. wbz anna meiler is live in brooklyn with what the owners are saying. good morning. >> reporter: ruben's coacher restaurant announced on facebook 7 hours ago they are closing their doors for good
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shock and sadness at the sudden and unexpected announcement. the deli has been opened since 1927 and has bam favorite for many in the area earning high praise for corned beef and pastrami named boston's best deli by boston magazine in 2012 and the article said delis are endangered in the country but here in brookline one shining outpost exist and that's ruben. four years later they are closing their doors. on facebook the owners who have years thanked customers for all the good memories and wrote in part we will miss our loyal customers and we want to thank you for being such good friends to us. it was a pleasure talking with people from all parts of the world and always learning from them and enjoying being a part of the brookline community. the owners didn't share a reason for closing the business but there is still one last chance to get a taste of rubens
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now back to you. >> thanks so much. it's just about 6:11. on your friday morning. coming up on wbz this morning, the move from governor baker today over ride sharing in the state and an uber freebie. the summer deal to score today and speaking of summer savings, our wbz series continues on. this week, we are taking you outside and to the movies. and a rare sight this new orleans the damage left behind by this tornado. danielle sunshine today. look at this hour by hour forecast. just beautiful. out of the 60s quickly and we come into the 70s by mid to late morning. 80s for highs today. and i am tracking some thunderstorms for the saturday. i will take you through the hour by hour timeline. pamela was out and about visiting the which had kids -- with the kids league of westburg. new theme for each week this week was reap for the dreams and pamela talked about living
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they are celebrating the 19th anniversary offering summer camps to 5 to 11-year-old. stay with us. you are watching wbz this
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one day after earl made landfall as a hurricane in belize the damage is extensive.
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the banks and the airport is close cruise ships to the island is rerouted. earl is a tropical tomorrow and will cause more flooding as it moves over mexico. in new -- storm and will cause more flooding as it moves over mexico's, in new orleans a tornado was confirmed. it took down four abandoned buildings in an area hit by hurricane katrina. crazy to believe that was almost11years ago. >> that is crazy lack of rain we have been lucky overall. >> our drought conditions they have been expanding and it's going to get worse before it gets better but there's not a ton of rainfall in the forecast. >> look at that. >> no rain there. look at that beautiful right. nice. we talked about it earlier it goes both ways. we have had really beautiful summer days. we do need the rain and we know that at this point. cirrus clouds adding a little decoration to the sky forrise this morning. temperature wise we are in the
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temperatures wise we are in the50s and 60s. 55 in keene and lower 60s in worcester and providence and right around 60 on the cape and islands. dew points in check so humidity is low. kew points in the 50s right now. you are really going to notice the difference tomorrow. dew point goes up and will be hiewp it's for -- humid for saturday. you run no a cloud cover a thin band right now. nothing going on in terms of moisture with this throughcentral michigan but ms missouri and illinois. this is the cold front that will make eastward progress and bring us a threat for thunderstorms tomorrow. so before then 85 to 90 this afternoon. we push 09 man chest he and fitchburg. 87 in boston. lower to middle 80s across southeastern massachusetts and 70s to near 80 on cape cod. bright sunshine just a few clouds that mix in today. cloud will increase tonight. 71 downtown. 70sin suburbs a little -- 70s in the suburbs. humidity going up a bit.
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again very similar to today. the difference is it had feel hotter because of the humidity. highs in the low 80s on the cape. here's the deal with the timeline tomorrow. partly sunny skies in the morning. there may be a shower or two during the morning hours. it would be isolated. then the thunderstorms do develop kind of early. so here's the map by noontime. scattered showers and a few downpours on the cape and look at this a line of thunderstorms greatest risk tomorrow and any thunderstorm that is develop will be for potential and some of the storms that could be strong to severe. i don't think it will be all that widespread and there's an isolated risk we could see a storm or two that goes severe. notice by 4 p.m. the line is pushing from the south shore to the cape and there may be an isolated storm here at 6 p.m. north and west of boston. but the bulk of the action is pushing off and weak ng along the south coast by the time we get to 7 or 8. pan mass challenge riders for tomorrow, 60s to start the morning.
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tomorrow and we rise into the 70s by 9 a.m. topping out in the 80s by the early to mid afternoon. keeping-eye out for -- keeping an eye out for thunderstorms. sunday features no thunderstorm threat. high temperatures in the 80s. humidity drops and dry start to next week and we push 90 with a chance of a thunderstorm by wednesday. wbz is the official station for the pmc. you can join us tonight at 7 p.m. for the opening ceremonies that's live from sturbridge and stay with us all are going to have a live stream of the finish line right on the website and go there to continue to support riders of the pmc. traffic and weather together breana. >> reporter: traffic is slow on the expressway by the gas tank making your way into the city. using your brakes from the granite avenue to milton to crumb why road. drive times -- columbia road. drive times 20 minutes from the minute to -- split from downtown to the pike exits.
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split. and if you take the commuter rail from lowell the 6:40 a.m. has been canceled due to me me can cal issues. take 657 -- 6:57 a.m. inbound train instead in ride sharing service getting the thumbs up from governor baker today. the governor will sign the bipartisan bill at noon. it will require two background checks for drivers and will allow companies like uber and lyft to pick up passengers at loga convention center. i'd sharing companies will have to pay a 20 cent fee per ride. and speak of ride sharing services today uber is giving away beach bags to people in the area between 11 and 2 today. uber riders can request a free beach bag use the app it is filled with hundreds of dollors of free stuff delivered to you. all tough do is use the code beach bag 2016.
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weeks of summer left, say it ain't so. but there's time to make most of things. we have the real deal on movies outdoor movies free in the area. it's a night out everyone can enjoy as we soak up the last of summer. across the region towns and communities are holding outdoor movie nights, many for free. >> don't you dare put one fin on that boat. >> reporter: from the classics to kids favorites e' >> nemo. >> reporter: in foxborough patriot plates opens every other wednesday and families fill the area. it's much more than movies with games for the kids to occupy their time before the big screen lights up. the fun starts at 6. you can grab your blankets and beach chairs and head to the harbor walk in gloucester on wednesday night. movies get started there at 8 or when it gets dark.
6:21 am
boston here's a live look right now. brought to you by wbz radio and dcr. movies begin at sundown but you have to get there early to grab the perexpect spot. tonight's movie -- perfect spot. tonight's movie the perfect dinosaur. to are more go to a lot of good tips there for you on the website. ahead an annoying problem on the orange line. the issue the mbta is hook into after complaints into after complaints from riders. let the games begin. olympic opening ceremonies gets underway tonight but is rio ready? we will have the latest. you are watching wbz this
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its way to the stadium for the opening ceremonies tonight. brazilian model lit the calderon and the tore l tour through the city today. organizers are working around the clock to make sure everything is ready for the summer games. cbs jammy yuccas is in rio with a preview. >> reporter: -- jamie yuccas is in rio with a preview. >> reporter: american tourists are snapping pictures and making memories ahead of the olympic games. >> i am excited seen it before only in television. >> reporter: armed police officers watch the crowds closely. >> my antenna is up but it's nice to see the presence here. it's what i expect at an olympic. >> reporter: military ships can be spotted right off the coast. the well maintained landscaping and beautifully painted build somethings what most tourists see along pedestrian walkway built specifically for the
6:26 am
of rio construction and worn down buildings. finishing touches are being done on a subway line expected to officially open today. it was supposed to be finished months ago. as for team usa, most members are here and ready to go. including the most decorated olympian ever spikeel phelps with 2 to med -- fell -- michael phelps with 22 metals -- medal. >> the honor and opportunity to do >> reporter: phelps is looking to add to the collection of gold and so will the other american athletes. thousands of fans from around the world get a taste of the olympics in south america for the first time ever. jamie yuccas cbs news rio. >> 6:26 lots more coming up in the next half-hour including operation teddy bear where police need help making stuffed animals this weekend. and what they will be used for.
6:27 am
in quincy. where they found a huge staff of -- stash of drugs and money and who they are looking for
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alse ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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right in you at 6:30, heading to the beach a warning as several area beaches are keeping swimmers out of the water. promising results in the fight again zika virus. the vaccine developed here in boston. and see you later alligator. look at this. wildlife crews make an unusual discovery in a massachusetts backyard. >> channel this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. it's 6:30 right now. i am kathryn hauser. chris is off and danielle nice is here and we are -- niles is here and we are kicking it off for a nice weekend. >> tomorrow it's not going to be raining the entire day but there will be thunderstorms. >> i love how you have that as a silver lining.
6:31 am
we will get through it. you will have to keep an eye to the sky if you have outdoor plans. what a sunrise this morning. take a moment and deep breath and look at that. gorgeous sunrise. the sun is up and shining and will be with us from start to finish. a beautiful start to the morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now. beach and boating at and in and on the water 78 to 86 degrees. uv index high you know the drill make sure to put on the sun block and reapply. 69 to 75 high tide coming up just the remainder of the afternoon and beach he'll estate to work with. 64 in boston. 61 worcester mid-50s in keen. 63 man chester to lawrence. humidity stays low and that's one thing you will notice. plenty of sunshine satellite and radar is quiet out the door this morning. so we rise pretty quickly out of the middle and upper 60s to the 70s in the next hour and a half or so. and we push quickly into the mid-80s by lunchtime.
6:32 am
temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s on cape cod. we will be warm for the rest of us. 84 to let's say 88 for the ride home a few spots will touch 90. set at 7:58. we will time out the thunderstorms tomorrow hour by hour zoomed in coming up. let's get you on the road and check nonet friday morning commute -- check in on the friday morning commute. >> reporter: traffic is building northbound on the expressway. this is the view from columbia road. backup starts in milton at granite avenue and you are bumper to bumper to right he from the split to downtown is the biggest problem area. drive time about 20 minutes. there are delays on the commuter rail in lowell trains running about 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. and we have no delays on the t. meanwhile a wild scene overnight in everett where a tractor trailer was sliced open at the intersection of broadway and beechham. no wore on injuries and the scene is clear. that's good news for people
6:33 am
>> thanks so much. right now, a warning on the south shore. four beaches closed to swimmers. jim smith is live for us in scituate with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn. beautiful morning at humarock beach but conditions about rip corns -- concerns about rip currents and riptides. it was one of four beaches ordered closed to swimming yesterday at about 2:30 in the afternoon in addition to egypt and pebgotty --pebgot-ty -- peggotty beaches were closed. throughout the coastline occasional problemsch these are from a few years back when warnings were posted. the government says about 100 people are killed by rip currents each year when they get caught in those currents get tired and panic and end up drowning. experts say if you are caught, and begin to be carried out to sea try not to panic.
6:34 am
try to swim straight back in. instead, swim sideways. swim parallel to shore and then if you feel yourself out of the current, head back to land preferably at an angle. as we come back here live to humarock the beach ordered closed to swimming yesterday along with egypt minot and peggotty beaches. jim smith wbz this morning. >> thank you. a big drug history in police found 1.5 million dollars worth of cocaine in an abandoned amount on hancock street. they found 65,000 dollars in cash. the detectives are looking for who put it there and anyone with information is asked to call quincy police. two town workers in westport will no longer be able to perform animal inspecs. the decision comes weeks after hundreds of dead and injured animals were discovered in squaller on a 70 acre farm. according to our sister station
6:35 am
accused of failing a properly perform inspecs. mbta is addressing a annoying problem screeching wheels. several riders said they could hear the sown at back bay and tufts medical center stations. the t apologized for the loud noise. look at this video of a car fire in the ted williams tunnel. the car suddenly started to smoke before bursting no flames yesterday afternoon. e fire. and no one was hurt. aerial spraying against zika virus in miami is working. the head of the cdc says the spraying is killing many mosquitoes that pesticides on ground couldn't reach. the spraying is concentrated in a miami neighborhood where 15 people have contracted the zika virus. and as you know spraying can do so much. but a local hospital is leading the pack in the search for a zika vaccine. researchers at beth israel are
6:36 am
army institute and developed 3 experimental vaccines and vaccines have been successful in monkies. >> the protection was striking in the animals that didn't receive the vaccine all showhigh levels of zika virus in the blood streams and in the vaccinated animals there was no sign of virus. so we were very excited about the results. >> the next step is human trials and those will begin in the fall. hampshire will be ground zero for a fix fictional outbreak of diseasech state department of health and newman -- human services is conducting a two- day drill. they will identify and treat decontaminating patients to test how prepared they are to handle large-scale illness in real life. if you are looking for a fun way to do good for your kids the build a bear store is
6:37 am
to 11:30 you can build a bear that will be immediately donated to the manchester police department. police officers will keep the bears in marked cruisers and give them to kids involved in traumatic events. the owners of a local restaurant say cyber bullies slammed them with bad reviews after an employee criticized donald trump on facebook. the employee at centre street cafe in jamaica criticizing the candidate for his language within a hour they noticed a slew of one star ratings and loyal customers fired back and rallied to defend the restaurant posting positive reviews to counteract the negative ones. >> it is so obvious when someone has a negative agenda they are trying to promote and with this case it's kind of out of the world. >> the restaurant's owner says he hopes the next time the cafe
6:38 am
sent centre street cafe came in number 13 in boston magazine list of the city's top 50 restaurants. president obama will reportedly celebrate his birthday with a party at the white house tonight first family heads to martha's vineyard's tomorrow. they will spend two weeks on the island and they summered there every august since the president took office in 2009 the only year he didn't come was 2012 when he was campaigning for reelection. surprising announcement in brookline a restaurant that's been around for nearly 90 years. a staple of the community. it's closing the doors. wbz anna meiler is live in brookline with more on what the owners are saying. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they announced on facebook they are closing their doors for good. customers expressed shock and sadness at the unexpected
6:39 am
has become a favorite around here earning high praise for the corned beef and pastrami named the best deli in boston by boston magazine in 2012 and that article said delis are seriously endangered in the country but here in brookline one shining outpost exist and that's rubens but four years later they are closing the doors on facebook the owner who have run the dely for the last 20 years thanked customers for all the good memories and they wrote in part "we will of our loyal customers and we want to thank you for being such good friends. it was a pleasure talking with people from all parts of the world and always learning from them and, of course, enjoying being a part of the prokeline community. the owners did not share a reason for closing the business but there's a chance to enjoy one last taste of rubens before closing the doors at 3 this afternoon. reporting live, anna piler wbz
6:40 am
wildlife crews removed this 6 foot alligator from a home in west springfield. it was being kept as a pet in the backyard. crews say they had a tough time carrying it away because it weighs close to 180 pounds. it was taken to a local zoo while animal officers try to figure out what to do with it. 6:40 is the time just ahead a. check of the top stories including the rescue of a construction worker who got his foot stuck in a concrete mixer. and me people inside. young children are among those hurt. and you know much of massachusetts is dealing with drought conditions and we are dealing with brown burned lawns. one thing to do to keep your
6:41 am
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6:42 on -- 6:43. 62% of the state is now in severe drought. homeowners with dry brown lawns are hoping many communities have already issued restrictions on watering and garden experts say at this . it wouldn't help much anyways. one thing you can do is don't mow the lawn. longer grass will help check the soil from whatever moisture is left which is not much at this point but. >> there's lot of crunch factor with lawns. >> yeah. >> you called it shreded wheat i was great description. >> it's true there's been little rainfall and the drought was worse in 2012-- 2002 so
6:44 am
before we see some improvement. >> but we have had the amazing summer days. >> we have. so. >> solar sunshine. >> two sides to every story. and today is going to be another dry day. live look at scituate. >> nice. >> but theful sunshine. a couple clouds over the ocean. as you step out this morning, don't forget the shades you will need them. sunglasses as you head out the door. temperatures in the 50s and 60s right now rying quickly as we head -- rising quickly as we hours. 64 in boston fantastic. 55 in taunton. just like the past few mornings some of the suburbs are in the 50s and we are 55 in keene but many of us in the hoe 60s. -- inform low 60s. -- of us in the low 60s. you are not going to notice it that much it will take up a little overnight tonight and it will be sticky during the day tomorrow. back to the west a thin band of cloud cover over michigan not a
6:45 am
front will spark daytime heating and get thunderstorms going in the midwest today and that's our weather maker for tomorrow. so we will be dry this afternoon and we punish 8 -- push 58 to 90 for most of us. the 0 in fitchburg so -- 90 in fitchburg. we will be hot but hugh merchandiseity fairly low. plenty of-- humidity fairly slow. plenty of sunshine. 75 to 80s for most of us on cape cod. upper 80s again tomorrow. let's talk aboue the storm prediction center put us in marginal risk all of new england. notice that is a lowest risk on the scale but that essentially means there's going to be an isolated potential for some strong to severe storms tomorrow. so cloud cover in the morning. with peeks of sunshine and isolated shower can't be ruled out. the thunderstorms fire up kind of early midday and early afternoon. by 2 they are over the mass turnpike. don't focus on the exact placement but the overall trend
6:46 am
ton of action. it's mainly along and south of boston that we get into some of this during the early to mid after noons. see the deep reds and that indicates to me there may be stronger thunderstorms. the threats tomorrow will be greatest for locally damaging wind gusts and localized flooding and any stronger thunderstorms that do develop. by 6 p.m. most of the action should be pushing off the south coast and cape. and weakening whichw an isolated shower left over after that and clearing that comes in. so a lot of weekend ts end today through the weekend. warm and dry today. upper 80s. again chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon keep on eye to the sky mid-80s breezy on sunday and head into fenway park pearl jam tonight 85 degrees looking good. sunday temperatures right around 80 degrees too. and, of course, pan mass challenge. the whole weather team riding and temperatures will be in the upper 80s. it's going to be very hot and
6:47 am
we have had hotter pmcs so a chance of thunderstorms a gusty breeze and temperatures in the mid-80s on sunday and in fact 84, 85 for a lot of us. 75 to 80 on cape. mid to upper 80s but the difference on sunday is humidity will drop. you will feel it monday and tuesday plenty of sunshine. highs in the mid to upper 80s. push being 90 by wednesday with a chance of a pop-up storm upper 80s by thursday. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: traffic north biggest -- expressway is the biggest challenge. backup from granite avenue and milton past the gas tank to columbia road. heading further south slow and go on 24 north in stoughton between exit 20 and 139 to 128. to the north on 93 south slowdowns between exit 33 at roosevelt circle and leverett connector and the commuter rail trains in lowell are 10 to 15
6:48 am
it's just about 6:48 on your friday morning. checking top stories a powerful explosion levels a multifamily home in connecticut. 7 people were inside the home at the time including several children. thee made it out on their own 4 others were trapped until firefighters pulled them out. two adults are in crit dal condition and a 7 -- critical condition and a 7-year-old boy suffered significant vrs. construck workers is -- injuries. a construction worker got his le mixer at a site on la grange street in newton yesterday. a coworker turned on the equipment when he heard the man screaming. it took rescuers two hours to take apart the mixer to free him in the boston police commissioner says the body came ray bodyk-- pilot program will be in place by september 1. the commissioner says if they don't have enough volunteers they will assign them.
6:49 am
shore. four beaches in scituate are closed to swimmers due to riptides including egypt humarock and minot and peggotty. still to come, sleepless in seattle a late night for the sox and fans. highlights from the extra inning showdown with the
6:50 am
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center or visit bmw >> welcome back an extra long night for the red sox in seattle. we go to the 11th inning. sox and mariners tied at 2. shaw leads off with a single to the left. and the sacrifice to put on second. and brock knocks him with a rbi single socks win 3-2. boston begins a series with the dodgeers in los angeles tonight. the patriots play the first preseason game of the year next thursday. they will face the saints at gillette stadium on wbz. the teams will hold joint practices next tuesday and wednesday in foxborough and pay rots are back in pads for a --participates rots -- patriots are back in pads.
6:53 am
the represents with jimmy g pats areon the practice field again today. the time is just about 6:53. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. let's check in with norah o'donnell. >> good morning ahead on cbs this morning our interview with tim kaine. we talk about donald trump, the 400 million dollar payment to iran and how hillary clinton is different than president obama. and ben tracy is in rio ahead of the open see you at 7. life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
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it's friday. you know what that means we arewrapping up another week of news. >> here's a hook back at the week that was. >> a new travel warning. >> pregnant women are avoid a popular part of florida. >> they will deter my travel plans. >> live your life and not let these things scare you. >> big day for casino gambling. >> wynne resort will start work on the everett casino. >> drivers in quincy are getting mixed signals from a traffic light system. >> you need a sign initially to understand the signs. >> special night for former patriots star. >> inducted into the patriots hall of fame. >> his commitment to the team
6:57 am
know. >> a pens vain in a man is putting a twist on ice bucket challenge dumping one of the state's signature items on his head. >> rather have cold baked beans or cold clam chador i was thinking warm chowder and you can grab a spoon. >> oh yarks. >> another week in the books -- oh, yeah. >> another week in the books we survived. we have a big weekend we are proud to be your pmc station and you will ride with the weather team and lisa hughes and davidwade riding and it's going to be fantastic. >> we have had hotter pmcs so even though it's going to be sticky tomorrow it will be a chance for thunderstorms sunday and mostly sunny and less humid. >>y nervous. >> no this is my 8th year riding and it's just such an amazing event there's so much support and amazing stories and you get the chills when you talk to everyone. >> you do this for your sifter. >> yes my sister will be riding alongside me which is a special thing for us.
6:58 am
so can't wait to see everyone later tonight the opening ceremonies starting at 7 p.m. and we will be at babson and sturbridge. >> your sifter's cancer survivor and she is. >> she is my inspiration. >> she is an inspiration. all right. well, hopefully everybody gets out and enjoys theweather this weekend and good -- the weather this weekend and good luck. >> keep an eye to the sky we will keep you posted. >> here's a hive look free movie -- live look for free
6:59 am
poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a new national poll shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton by the largest gap since the conventis. tells us why he thinks trump is confused. >> president obama gives his first response to the questions about the 400 million dollar cash payment to iran. he says talks about ransom blongs in a spy novel. >> do ntonight's olympic ceremo and will describe gisele bundchen as racist we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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