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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 on the dot. thanks for joining us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's monday august 8th. rise and shine people. time to get back at it. let's check the forecast with barry burbank. good morning. >> good morning. and good morning everybody. it's a beautiful morning out there. it really is. temperatures have fallen down into the mid-50s to lower 60s in many suburbs. some of the urban warmer than that like downtown boston and out at logan airport. it's 71. but it's a nice crisp morning out there. it's beautiful with a lot of high cloudiness that came through southern new england that receded to the the south. we are in good shape. we are in for nice weather a few clouds. there's a front up across southern canada that may produce a couple showers across the mountains and northern new england. but here's what's going on for the dealy planner. lower 60s -- daily planner.
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few minutes at 5:44. sunny through most of the the day a few clouds and a light breeze from the west northwest turns onshore and it looks like we have a high tide at 4 this afternoon and sunset at 7:54 this evening. that's it traffic and weather together. good morning breana. >> reporter: good thorning ms what we like -- good morning. this is what we like to see not too many people have left for work. let's look at the maps. this does not give us an idea of what traffic is major roads. it doesn't matter where you are coming from north shore south shower western -- shore western mass you will be able to cruise in the city at this hour. if you take the t or commuter rail you have a lot of luck. there is no delays on any of them. now back to you. >> thanks very much. breaking news overnight, delta airlines dealing with a computer system outage all across the country. they are responding to passengers on twitter saying that all flights are grounded. we have a crew at logan airport
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new overnight a car slams into a building and hit top liquors a on high park avenue. minor damage to the building. no word on injuries or if the driver is going to face charges. to a developing story a massachusetts native shot and killed out west. his family says this happened while he was playing pokemon go. anna meiler is live with the latest. >> reporter: calvin riley was a lowell native known as baseball star who dreamt of making it family members say he was pursuing the dream in california but on saturday night, he was senselessly shot to death. family and friends of 20-year- old calvin riley are mourning the loss of the lowell native shot and killed at aquatic park in san francisco. riley's family moved to california from massachusetts. he was known as a star baseball player in high school and went onto pitch for san joaquin delta college. >> it's unusual i would say every few years maybe every
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happens. there's a shooting but really what we see is more tourist crimes breaking into cars. >> reporter: riley's family says was playing the smart phone game pokemon go at the time he was killed. national park service spokesman says it's rare for them to see this kind of violence in the popular tourist area. police say the gunman didn't try to rob riley and didn't take any of his belongings. and it's unclear if the attack had anything to do with the pokemon go game in which players visit real landmarks in cartoon characters. he says they don't have a sus secretary in custody and they are seeking tips from anyone who may have been in the area at thetime. >> i don't know if they have specific leads. they don't have anyone in custody and they are looking. >> reporter: riley's family raised 35,000 dollars on gofundme to help pay for funeral cost and if you want to donate we have a living on
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>> thanks. police in bridgewater trying to -- searching for a man who tried to lure three young girls in his van by asking them to play pokemon go. they managed to run away and anyone with information should call police. happening today, the father of a young murder victim will be in a connecticut court facing extradition back to massachusetts. walter desilva was arrested by u.s. marshal on friday. they say he was wanted in massachusetts for a warrant not related to s murder last month. but new reports say that he is a person of interest in the case. 19-year-old sabrina devil have a-- desilva was shot and killed outside her apartment in new bedford. tewksbury police are on aliberty after a threatening message -- are on alert after a threatening message found in a skate park. >> reporter: on a beautiful weekend afternoon, play at the tewksbury skate park is a reminder of what was earlier
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inred marker and it was very small. >> reporter: spray painted parkings -- markings of graffiti with a message far from acceptable. >> it's horrible. i think it's ridiculous this is where the kids play and having a little woin don't want this -- i don't want that here. >> reporter: kill cop it read with an upside down peace sign. >> we have to look at worst case scenario so it could be a prank. >> reporter: tubesbury police are investigating this -- tewksbury police are investigating searching for clues or who is responsible. >> what happens if it is real and we have had an opportunity to do something before something happened. >> reporter: its an area where kids -- it's an area where kidsplay and no similar situations have happened. >> stand up for what you did and it was a mistake. >> reporter: authorities are putting the word out hoping anyone with information comes forward. >> that was nicole jacobs reporting. now to a developing story
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of a state lawmaker died while riding the tallest water slide. it is shut down today as police investigate how this happened. brian webb has more. >> reporter: a day after the tragic death of cal-eb schwabb at the water park officials have yet to determine what happened. >> a full investigation is underway. right now our focus is on theflame. >> reporter: he was killed on the water slid world's tallest by the guinness book of world records feature a 168 feet plunge at 65 miles per hour. 264 stairs lead to the top. >> our lifeguards are critical and it will be very difficult for them to focus after something like this. so for that roon we felt it was -- rebbe we -- reason we felt it was wise to close.
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lawmaker scott schwab was at the park with his family. the family thanked the community for their support adding since the day he was born, he brought abundant joy to our family and all those he came in contact with. the slide which means insane in german opened in 2014 following multiple delays. the popular attraction as well as the entire park are closed pending the investigation. brian webb for cbs news.>> according the riders have to be 54 inches tall to ride and all occupants in the 3 person raft can't exceed 550 pounds. now to campaign 2016, donald trump will be in detroit talking about his economic plan. trump will speak at the detroit economic club where he will outline hess ideas to improve economic groth if elected president. his campaign chairman says his plan will focus on cutting taxes and regulation and developing energy and new ways
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to detroit on thursday to talk about her economic policies. aides say she will argue trullp focused on the wealthiest americans. today clinton will return to florida with several stops to talk about jobs. libertarian candidates are hoping to get one step closer to being on the november presidential ballot in massachusetts. the party's vice presidential nominee former massachusetts governor william weld plans a file petitions to and party presidential nominee gary johnson are on bay state voters ballots. more than 100 boston teachers could begin their school year without classroom assignments. the globe reports an estimated 102 teachers are displaced due to budget cuts and declining enrollment. but because of the union status they must be kept on the payroll. this will cost taxpayers about 8 million dollars in salary and benefits. the school system is hoping to reduce the number by the start of the school year.
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school in boston is closing its doors. the elizabeth seton acal mi -- academy in dore chester will not open in -- dorchester will not open in september. there will be a meeting in the next couple days to help students transition to other catholic schools. a crackdown on noisy birds waking up too early. plymouth puck lib hemet-- public health director has gotten complaints about in the morning. it's due to the increase of chicken population because plymouth has more than 50 stables this town. they will meet wednesday to discuss the concerns. the u.s. will be looking to add to the medal count in the rio olympics today. last night the most decoratedolympian ever added another gold medal. michael phelps helped team usa win the 4 by 100 free style relay. it's the 19th of his career and 23rd overall medal.
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ledecky broke her record in the 400 meter free style to win thegold and will race in three moo -- three more events and alley will get another shots at at all around after losing in a tie breaker in london. she will get a chance to defend her emboweled medal in the -- gold he medal in the floor -- gold medal in the floor exercise. say mown biles also qualified. here's the medal count the u.s. italy. exciting news for a former gymnast olympian winchester alicia gave birth to the first child friday night. she and her husband brady quinn welcomed a daughter named sloan scott quinn she juan vil -- won a silver in 2008. >> i love the name sloan.
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coming forward. >> also eye head red sox taking on dodgers he. another major league -- dodgers. another major league night for andrew but was it enough to help the sox dodge a loss. good morning barry. >> good morning chris and everybody. it's a beautiful day coming up today. but across the nation it's going to be a lot of haft from texas northeastward and later this week it will be a scorching time in new england. wait until you see my 7-day accu-weather forecast.
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well, it was a successful weekend at the pmc. the wbz weather team hit road and called ourselves the wbz cyclones we had a great ride back to wellesley in the afternoon. terrific ride. beautiful weather met lots of beautiful and great people on a common cause to cure cancer here. so we took off from wellesley yesterday morning and other wbz
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and greg from the it department did the whole ride from sturbridge to ptown so congratulations to all the riders raising a lot of money for a great cause. >> congratulations. it was a fantastic weekend. what was the best part and what was the hardest part? i want to hear both? >> the hills up there but you know i'm pretty good-- i've been doing a lot of biking but the nice people out there, it it was wonder newly we saw pamela and danielle tweet a photo of afterwards and they were starving. >> exhausted. >> everybody a little hungry by the time we got to the finish behind but fantastic. but good morning to you guys and hi everybody. here's what's happening this morning. look at the shot from yesterday. this courtesy of leary -- larrytook the shot of the sunshine. another glorious sunset. it's been a beautiful summer for a lot of people especially
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but we have had a lot of nice dry air and speak of dry, man, the drought continues and goes on and on. turn into a dust bowl -- turning into a dust bowl condition. bad news for farmers and the crops are failing and our lawns looking terrible. we need some rain desperately and we may get into a pattern late this week or sometime over weekend when a front comes into the area and tends to develop or be favorable for additional showers and storms to become more widespread. maybe local downpours but none of that is happening. it's 71 in boston. so the urban centers are warm but outlying locations in school concord new hampshire 54. bedford mass 57 and on the trail to the low lying areas from bed pored to -- bedford to norwood and taunton in the 50s. mostly 60s on most of cape cod but it's a nice morning because the air is so nice and dry and will stay that way all day today. tonight and tomorrow as well.
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should be good viewing late tonight for the persaid immediateor -- meteor showers. some of the shooting stars could be great and the sky will be favorable to see those cooperative weather and they peak out thursday night into friday morning by then it may be more hazy. along the coast it will be a sea breeze developing in afternoon that will knock it to 79 to 83. we have a water temperature in the low and middle 70s. so very refreshing water temperatures to go swimming a hi so, we have just few scattered clouds possible this afternoon. none build up producing a few isolated showers yesterday. except up in the mountain it could be a brief shower and maybe going across the lakes region it's a weakening front that falls apart up there. so it looks like we will have nice clear weather for the viewing. dry weather will continue thanks to high pressure and humid weather is pushed to the south.
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had expand into the northeast. we will be having temperatures close to 90 tomorrow but at the coast 82. the air will be nice and dry hiewp it's with showers and storms on wednesday so a bit cooler. then the temp take a jump into the low and middle 90s, thursday and friday and saturday is and sunday. now, a disclaimer if a little back door front comes down it may cool the coast off but otherwise it's going to be a scorcher later this week. that's it. traffic and weat brie one ooh. >> reporter: you -- breana. >> reporter: catch the sunrise if you take the he pressway into the sit -- expressway into the city. route 3 to the split is an easy right. it will take 10 minutes to get from braintree to downtown and the pike exits route 24 can gets abouty early on but it's smooth -- bits byesy but it's also -- busy but it's also smooth sailing now back to you. boston newbury street is
5:19 am
row bam playground for pedestrian -- became a playground for pedestrians. >> it's a great thing for the city to showcase our city and that's really what happens and it's going to be a slot of flow over. i think the businesses will be coming to us saying we would love to do it more. >> it should be like that every day. >> and the mare says they are going to stud -- mayor says thre impacted sales. a new hampshire resident has claimed the winning power ball prize. it's not the 487 million dollars. that person has not come forward. but one million dollar winner jeffrey osborne bought a ticket at cumberland farms in littleton and will take home 750,000 dollars after tacks and plans on paying -- taxes and plans on paying bills and investing and sharing with kids. we are available too. >> for donations. >> to take part of that.
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can't wait for the other person to come forward. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> fun to dream. >> it is. still ahead, a big return for a popular patriots player. steve burton looks closer on your morning sports. >> and president obama getting into the swing of things on his vineyard vacation. who joined him on the golf
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wbz sports is driven by bmw test drive a bmw today at your
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bmw >> about 5:23a big return for an important patriots player days before the team's first preseason game. >> and the red sox wrapping up an 11-game west coast road trip in los angeles. steve burton has it all in your morning sports. >> good morning. the patriots were back at work yesterday down in foxborough and julian edelman made a return to full practice. the first time he has been in pads after undergoing two surgeries on his injured foot. they were in ll yesterday before thursday's preseason game. patriots will have the saints in town for joint practices starting tomorrow. pats had another team scrimmage as on friday ramping up the physical play. they are football players and more practice the better. >> the competition a like a game for us. mixing teams up and just battle out and see who comes out on top. >> it's progression and we will go in here and evaluate things and see how it feels and you
5:24 am
it's that kind of process. so aid day to day thing -- it's a day to day thing and you try to prove each day on your fundmentals and get the things back and they knock off all the rust. >> good to see he hadel heman in pads. red sox salvaging the final game last night against the dodgers. sox up 1-0 in the 4th when andrew up to the plate and base hit was the kid's first major league rbi. save the ball will you. sox up 2-0. but price start for boston and he was not ace like at all. 2-1 sox in the fourth. bases loaded and there's the lead. first major league hit an rbi double. price lasted 5 innings 6 runs and 3 earned 6 hits and 5 walks. l.a. led 6-2. the lead got down to one 6-5 but in the 7th a back
5:25 am
and that's the final. more baseball news say bye to a- rod alex rodriguez announced retirement yesterday. he will play one last home game at yankee stadium friday and call it quits. he will play three of the final four games at fenway park starting on tuesday. what a week to retire. that's sports for now. i am steve burton. now over to you the first family enjoying the first weekend of their vineyard vacation. president am full day on the island working on his golf game here. he played at the farm neck golf club in oak buffs and chris paul was in the foursome with the president's friend attorney cy walker and white house staffer joe paulson. still to come in the next half-hour, we have an update on two breaking stories. an american kidnapped overseas. >> also breaking right now flights grounded across the country. the airline dealing with some major issues this morning. we have updated information.
5:26 am
after a shark scare. where swimmers are allowed back in the water. barry good morning. >> good morning. if you are on the cape cod and islands the next few days and near the beaches, be in the lower 80s for the most part. beautiful weather today and tomorrow but probably will be showers coming in on wednesday. the rest of my accu-weather forecast is just a few minutes
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braying -- breaking news at 5:30. the airline outage. across the country. >> the father of a teen murder victim under arrest. his possible connection to the case. >> and fierce flames tear through an apartment building in new hampshire. officials say it was no accident. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. great to have you on board with
5:30 am
august 8th. we dart is to -- we wart is to start with barry burbank. >> it can't be beat today. good morning to you and kathryn. hi, everybody. we have temperatures that are variable from outlying locationsand low lying spots where it's in the 50s to the urban centers like boston at the logan airport it's 71 degrees. so it's a very refreshing morning and it's crisp and we had a little high cloudiness go through in the last few hours but moat of that is cleared away. so - away. we have the sunshine coming up in few minutes and looks like it's going to be a great day with a few afternoon clouds. and so here's what's going on. lower 60s for an average temperature to start out this morning. sunrise coming up in few minutes at 5:44. a lot of sunshine at mise day and a few clouds -- at midday. and a few clouds that may cool the beaches off a tad but water so warm it won't cool the air off that much either.
5:31 am
is coming up. traffic and weather together. good monday morning breana. >> reporter: good morning a hive look at expressway -- live look at the expressway from the financial district. the volume is building making are way into downtown boston. we are in good shape this morning. there's no accidents out there or any slow downs just yet. to the north 128, 93 route 1 are good ops so is 49 -- options and so is 495. route 2 route 9 and the pike are all wide open this morning. both the t and the commuter rail are running on >> thanks very much. an update on breaking news. delta airlines is dealing with a computer outage. it is grounding flights all across the country. the airline says flights waiting to leave are delayed but any flight in the air is operating normally. an announcement was made at logan airport telling passengers the airline is unable to process flight plans. we have a crew at the airport right now. we will bring you an update as soon as we can. and breaking overnight, an american kidnapped overseas.
5:32 am
wearing military uniforms abducted an american and australian in kabul. it happened near the american university of afghanistan. both are believed to be university employees. and new overnight, a car slammed into a building in roslindale. the vehicle hit the top liquors on hyde park avenue. there a is minor damage to the -- there is myor damage to the build. no -- minor damage to the building. a developing story in california a college student from lowell shot and killed a family friend says he was playing pokemon go at the time. according to his cousin 20-year- old calvin riley moved to california to pursue his dream of playing professional baseball. he was shot saturday night near a popular tourist area. a detective says riley was not robbed and none of his belongings were missing. the family set up a gofundme page to help with the funeral cost. fire investigators think an apartment fire in manchester new hampshire was no accident.
5:33 am
night. then spread upstairs. they are calling the cause of the fire suspicious. 19 people are left looking for somewhere else to live. no one was injured in that fire. new developments this morning in rhode island. a memorial to mark the site of the 2003 night chub fire that killed -- club fire that culled 100 people are one step closer to completion them raised 1.9 of the 2 million dollars needed to build and maintain the memorial. the memorial park is expected to be completed in october. police in bridge wat remember searching for who tried -- bridgewater are searching for man who tried to lure three girls into his van by asking them to play pokeman go. they were walking around lady slipper road when the driver approached. they managed to run away but anyone with information is asked to call police. a rochester woman faces charges accused of abducting two children in new hampshire. police say 26-year-old brittany agaton pecked up the 1 and 5- year-old on saturday and never dropped them off to the legal
5:34 am
camping resort in maine. both children are okay. a north redding woman accused of vandalizing a donald trumpp sign will face a judge tuesday -- trump sign will face a judge tuesday. a video caught her spray paying a sign. when the home owner tried to confriend her she almost him him with the car. the film will be titled strangle hold and will tell the story of a boston will task force and the movie director grew up in around boston and says he'll --'s always want -- he always wanted to make a vil many-- film about the case. the mbta fiscal and management control board will meet at noon to hear a presentation about the youngest subway line the blue line. the newest line of the t connects the dunn -- connects downtown boston to east boston and revere use subway cars less
5:35 am
and green lines. they have cars that are as old as the 1980s. a majority of boston area col regulars not paying the full amount asked for municipal service like police and public works. the payments are part of a program that asked nonprofits with tax-exempt property to help the city cover cost. 14 of the 19 college paid less than what was requested. some like tufts did pay the full amount others like boston university paid about 80% of what the city harvard university paid 56% northeastern university 23% and boston college just 19%. coming up on wbz this morning, the country banning pokemon go plus why a-rod's retirement could cost you. >> also mcdonald's giving customers a glimpse into the future. >> reporter: a lowell native is shot and killed in california. family members say he was murdered while playing a
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it's been called the mcdonald's of the future. the new high tech fast-food restaurant has several new features customers will no longer have to wait in line for a mccafe item. order kiosks let customers customize the order. the highlight endless fries tore all customers eating inside the dining room. so fries for days. >> i like that. endless fries. i could eat some fries about
5:39 am
using this year you are not alone. >> if you plan to buy tickets to the week's sox yankees game be ready to shell out serious cash. hena daniels is live for us with today's money watch. good morning. >> good morning. pokemon go has been banned in iran. iran is the first country to ban pokemon go. citing unspecified security concerns. other countries have expressed worries over security related counselor which oversees online activities. are you headed to the red sox versus yankees game on tuesday? expect to pay more. a lot more. prices for yankees tickets havesky rocketed 500% after alex rodriguez announced he will play the final game this week. to give you an idea before a- rod made the announcement tickets were 75 bucks. now they are choser to $450 still climbing. americans are leaving more
5:40 am
table. a survey by the travel industry group project time off found 658 million days went unused last year. 222 million of those days cannot be rolled over and are gone for good. more than half of american workers had unused vacation time. chris and kathryn. >> what are we could go? use them or lose them. >> seriously people get on board right? >> i am just saying. >> all right thanks very much we appreciate it. still ahead, a warning >> we are following breaking news for you this morning. an airline outage grounding flights across the country. >> also ahead, one fisherman has quite a shark tale to tell and the video to prove it. barry good morning. >> that's quite the video. good morning. let's say good morning to the wbz weather watchers as well. several chiming in early on this monday morning. and let's see what's going on with low temperatures this morning. pretty low temperatures lower
5:41 am
brian says 57 in shirley. and it's nice crisp fresh start to the day but we have great weather coming up the next couple days. my accuh forecast is a few
5:42 am
packed full of flavor,
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snack time from a serious case of boring. watch babybel's big taste leap into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ? creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. welcome back. a lot of fishermen like to talk
5:44 am
and here's proof for a fisherman that it happened. >> group of guys they were out for a half day of fishing off the coast of san diego and this happened. the captain of the ship hooked a shark and he decided to make like an olympic gymnast and vault out of the water several times. the shark was estimated to weigh 500 pounds and yes the shark got away. >> what do you think they are saying. >> i don't know get this hook out of my mouth and get out of here. wild video. >> it worked. th let's check the forecast on this monday. another beauty out there today barry. >> that's something that a dolphin would do not a shark right. >> right. >> another beauty out there especially the early mornings in the summer are wonderful. get up and enjoy it because we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s and low humidity is pleasant but you know we have had a lot of 90 degree days so far this year. boston had 12 last month alone. we knew it was going to be hot
5:45 am
in recent years has been 2010 it 25. last year it has not been all that hot especially in 2014. but we are not anywhere near done. we will have many more coming up because some hot weather is around the corner. it almost made it to 90 in boston yesterday. just missed by a degree. it hit taunton and other places hit 90. fourth day in a row of 90 and they have had 24 days in pep ralph hitting of hitting 90 or -- pepperral of hitting 90 or higher. the dew point is a refreshing 55 a northwest wind that's a land breeze so will thereby -- there will be a land breeze but this afternoon it will come onshore and make a little bit of a sea breeze but won't penetrate inland that far. mainly mid-80s most pots but boston hour -- spots but boston
5:46 am
that may trickle back down a little bit at logan airport while most areas will be in the 80s this afternoon. the other current temperatures as you can see are pretty much the story across the northeast. and as far as the dew points go they have dropped as you know they are in the 50s as we showed you in boston and all of new he canland. -- new england. out to southwest you have to go -- out to have southwest you have to find it mugy and it will be a while before it comes in a great day at the beach. 79 to 83 at most beaches this afternoon. note drill uv index is high and water temperatures are high as well low to middle 70s with a high tide about 4 this afternoon. low just before 10 this morning and as we go through the hours today you can see going into the 70s and noontime will be in the lower 80s and this afternoon look at the winds start to switch onshore at 1 to 2 but doesn't penetrate that far inland. a little sea breeze here knocking it down at the beaches a little bit while it goes to 85 to 87. a few scattered showers may pop
5:47 am
clouds this afternoon but there shouldn't be showers down here at all. and it's going to cool off tonight in the 50s. and the skies should be essentially clear but 68 in boston. should be good for seeing the shooting stars. the persaid meteor showers will peak thursday night and friday morning and tomorrow just a little bit of cloudiness into the 80s to near 09 but a sea breeze that will keep it cooler at the coast tomorrow with a temperature around mainly lower 80s there. but it will be around down to the lower 80s on wednesday. that's when we could get showers and storms around the region. and some developing before noontime. and then muggy and really stifling here. triple h stuff. thursday through sunday well into the 90s all of the days but some of the beaches may be cooler and hopefully we have got showers and storms out of the heat that's coming up later this week. traffic and weather together good morning breana. >> reporter: good morning. morning commute in full effected on the expressway but
5:48 am
expressway is where you will hit traffic. that's at 128 south between exit 6 and route 37. as you approach the braintree split. 9 # south in andover is slowing down between ex-- 93 south in and goas is slows down -- andover is slowing down. delta airlines working flights. flights waiting to leave are delayed but those in the air are operating normally. the announcement was just made telling passengers the airline is unable to process any flight plans. breaking overnight, an american kidnapped overseas a security official in afghanistan says five gunmen wearing military uniforms abducted an american and an australian in kabul near the american university of afghanistan. both are believed to be university employees.
5:49 am
into a building in roslindale. the vehicle hit top liquors on hyde park. and there's minor damage to the building. no word on injuries or if the driver will face any charges. a young boy killed on the world's tallest water slide. >> a massachusetts native killed playing a popular game. here are top stories on this monday morning. >> reporter: a lowell native is shot and killed in california and family members say that the 20-year-old was playing the popular game pok time he was murdered. police are now searching for the gunman who shot calvin riley at a aquatic park in san francisco saturday night. family members say was a baseball star and pitching for san joaquin delta college. police say the suspect didn't try to rob riley and take -- or take any of his belongings. the police are asking public to help investigate coming up. anna meiler wbz this morning. a popular water park in
5:50 am
piece together what led to a tragic accident on the park's main attraction. 10-year-old caleb schwab was killed. this is at a water slide. it's certified by the guinness book of world records it's the tallest in the world. fast moving forest fire in southern california prompting evacuations of dozening of holesp it started about 55 miles east of los angeles yesterday afternoon near size and officials say air quality could reach unhealthy levels due to the smoke coming from the fire. beaches on the cape are back opened after several great white sharks shut them down to swimmers. 6 great whites why spotted feed og and dead whale friday. official des -- feeding on a dead whale friday. officials quickly closed threebeaches but all three are reopened.
5:51 am
middle school students are drawn by curiosity flavors and friends using them researchers at yaleschool of medicine found 80% of teens who said they tried e-cigarettes to quit smoke real cigarettes continued to smoke tobacco. researchers in arizona report men with test tech lar cancer without health -- test tech lar cancer without health in-- testicular cancer with likely to die. thousands of hike he is hit the row rose to -- road to raise money for cans research. >> jim smith has a closer look at this year's pan-mass challenge. >> reporter: y might call it joy -- you might call it joyful chaos the finish line at pan- mass challenge, thousands of
5:52 am
cyclists home. >> nice job. thank you. >> thank you for riding. >> it was awesome ready to do it again. >> ready? go take a picture. >> the best ride in days. >> reporter: they ride for a cause. fighting cancer. for survivors and in memory of those who passed. >> great ride buddy. >> i lost my dad to cancer in 97 and my mom has been and it's you know for guys -- it's almost like the least we can can do. >> my wife and my mother both have fought cancer in the last couple years. i lost two cuss ipse and an aunt and so, finishing first is nice, but it's the cause that matter. >> reporter: it's a real success story. a half a billion dollars raised since this all began back in 1980. >> we raise a ton of money. men and women doing a great job. >> i am trying to get through it like everybody else.
5:53 am
wonderful. >> reporter: and somewhere in the madness we spotted our own lisa hughes a pmc stand out year after year. >> hey. how are you? >> somebody the other night at opening ceremony called it the collective joy of the pmc and think when your legs are acey or you are feeling hot or have a sunburn you get caught up in the emotion ants power of something so positive and you feel lucky to be able to do it. >> reporter: it's an affair of the heart. every mile promise to keep battling cancer. in providence town jim smith wbz news. >> what a weekend. >> it was a great weekend. airbnb is more and more popular. >> up next how previous guests could put your information at
5:54 am
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are you staying at an airbnb any airbnb user that connect to the host wi-fi when you connect you could be put your device at risk to hacking as most home wireless routeers are easy to gain access to so use a protective service like vpn when connecting online. >> that's good to know. i wouldn't really think about that. >> i wouldn't. >> you are preoccupied with other things in terms of staying somewhere else but good to know. >> yeah. keep it here on wbz.
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breaking news at 6, all delta flights grounded. the airline is dealing with a system wide outage. we will have a live report from logan airport with what you need to know. >> we are following a developing story a yuck athlete from -- young athlete from lowell shot and killed in california. his family says he was playing pokemon go when it happened. what we are learning about the investigation. >> and tragedy at a water park. a 10-year-old boy killed and wo >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> it's 6 6:00 on the -- 6:00 on the dot i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon it's monday august 8th and we are in for another nice summer day. >> a repeat of yesterday. >> it's going to be a beautiful day because humidity drop yesterday will be the same way today and we are cooler this


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