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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 6. >> first at 6:30, dangerously hot weather. the heat advisory is in effect because of the humidity. there are cooling stations in the boston for people to take shelter. good evening i am liam marten night came merrill. martin. >> i am kate merrill. we have team coverage beginning with meteor out gist -- meteorologist pamela gardner. >> we have a heat advisory for boston until 7 p.m. and excessive heat warning in effect for southeastern massachusetts where heat index temperatures have been between
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day. temperatures still running in the mid-90s. 95 in boston. 9in lawrence. -- 94 in lawrence. and dew point temperatures have clicked down by a couple degrees but we are soupy upper 60s and low 70s combined with the hot temperatures and our heat index values are in the upper 90s to right around 100 from boston to taunton and 101 is your feels like temperature right now in providence. we are tracking the potential for some storms that we have plenty of moisture in the y we need lift and all the ingredients to come together get storms. live look at doppler radar we are dry but if i've been out and about we have had cumulus clouds trying to puff up and the only shower activity is western massachusetts and springfield and orange. very light showers but a lot of the action has been to the south and west. we could still have the potential for a storm to pop up later this evening.
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severe weather tonight but we have to keep an eye to the sky to see if the storms will develop. into monday, different forecast -- into monday, different forecast. who are humidity and we will dry. coming up -- forecast we are going to be -- lower humidity and we will be dry. the extreme heat has people doing anything they can to stay cool. mayor walsh is concerned about the dangerous conditions for people living in the city. wbz paul burton reports on how people are trng heat. >> reporter: the extreme hot temperatures are no joke. boston declared a heat emergencies. cooling centers have been set up for those without ac. today it's about coping and doing your best to stay cool. >> it's scorching and oppressive. >> like 90 something degrees. >> like 100 degrees. >> reporter: the temperature gauge in boston read 98 degrees at one point. >> we burn up out here and we are walking around and sweating and every time you turn around you feel like you will pass
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summer they are trying to keep cool for themselves and pets as best they can. >> we are new yorkers trying to escape the heat. >> reporter: on sunday afternoon, dripping in sweat, hundreds marched in the dominican repaid and -- parade on boylston street. some had to remove headpieces from time to time. >> how you try to stay cool today? >> we have a lot of water and positive energy from the people. >> walk a little bit slow but keeping it good. >>me you know they are excited about today a i feel bad for -- today and i feel bad for the performonsers who have to ware -- pr formerrers who have to -- performers who have to wear costumes. >> reporter: the mayor expresses importance of check on neighbors. >> don't do anything strenuous. >> reporter: cooling stations? >> they are opened today in the city. they are free of charge. >> reporter: the mayor
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extreme heat stay hydrated and go to the healthers if you don't have -- shelters if you don't have ac so you don't have to deal with the extreme heat by yourself. paul burton. >> a hospital in fall river lost the air conditioning today. a power outage caused the system's failure at charlton memorial hospital. the globe reports the hospital redirected ambulances because of the problem. the million department -- emergency department accepted walk-ins and workers brought cooling units to other part cleaning up from the storms last night that caused tree damage throughout the area. this was a familiar scene in quincy war tree was damaged -- where a tree was damaged and cleared from adams street. for weather updates whether it's the heat or storms down load the cbs boston weather app. it will give you live radar and hour by hour conditions and video forecast on the phone or tablet. people packed the beaches but officials closed lighthouse beach in chatham after a shark
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a man is dead after he fell into a pond in plymouth. the fife cheer says the victim is -- fire chief says the man is did -- victim is a man from taunton e was fish and went overboard and drowned. he was not wearing a life vest. his name has not been released. police continue to pour over tips in a murder of vanessa marcotte. one killed her while she wasjogging and jim smith is live where people >> reporter: well they are remembering her tonight by going for a run. running after all was one of vanessa marcotte's greatest jurors this is a show of unity love and strength. greatest joys. this is a show of unity love and strength a community in pain sending a message to the heavens remembering one of their own. tonight runners are gathering at the princeton town common for three mile jog in memory of vanessa, the 27-year-old woman
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in princeton last weekend. >> we want to honor the fact she had every right to be running on the road at that day at that time. that's a right each one of us holds in this community and that's why we are running. >> reporter: vanessa was an avid runner and this event is a way for many to show support for her grieving family. police have received nearly 600 tips in their investigation. but so far, no arrests. >> it put a big scare in male or female and i just thought it was important for us to you know to get together as a group and community and you no-show our support and love and -- to show -- you know to show our support and love and support for the family and victim and get back out there. >> reporter: so a very dramatic event. a lot of emotion in princeton. they took off about 5 after 6 and are coming back right now. we will have an update on wbz news at 10 and 11.
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news. back to you guys. >> thank you. an update to a story first here on wbz news. we told you last night about a grandmother left locked in a dialysis clinic when workers left there for the day. firefighters had to rescue 86- year-old maureen perry from inside the fresenius clinic. she is bedridden as with a -- and was there for three hours. he they tell us of great concern and they are looking into the matter. a former uber driver head back to raping a 16-year-old passenger. he is scheduled to appear in malden district court for a hearing to decide if he is a danger to site. he is held without bail after a court appearance last week. woman remains in critical condition after a car slammed into her in south boston. that victim is a 45-year-old woman from quincy. the driver is 75-year-old man from randolph. police say the woman was hit in a crosswalk on day boulevard. she is is in -- she in cyst cal
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no word on charges for the drivers. three u.s. women what great showing at the olympic games. one is from marblehead. dan roche joins us with the performance. >> a impressive performance by the americans. women's marathon flanagan led the way finishs 6th in all three u.s. women were in the top 9. the best team showing ever for the u.s. 157 women competed with temperatures in the low to high 70s. the three women representing the united states are all familiar names in boston. desi led the pack as late as the 11 mile and fell back and couldn't recover. flanagan and her partner were able to hang in with the lead well into the race. in the 22nd mile she finished 6. lyndon 6th and the winner the first kenyan woman to win marathon gold. now next sunday meb will compete in the men's thayer
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boston of what he's done here. >> thanks very much. four olympic swimmers including ryan lochte were robbed at gunpoint in rio. he says the armed men were dressed as police and pulled over the taxi. he says the men put a gun to their heads and took their money. the swimmers are okay. the boat sinks in the early morning hours off boston. >> coming up on wbz news tonight, the coast guard rescued 6 people as the vessel went down noon the governor wisconsin readies the national guard after a police shooting sparks protest. >> and big win for the sox and mooky betts he puts his name in the record books alongside a
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a dramatic rescue this morning in boston harborch coast guard pulling -- harbor. the coast guard pulling 6 people from a sinking boat. they were rushed to an area in dorchester bay around 1:30 this morning. boston ems checked out the boaters there were no injuries. the cause of the sinking is under investigation. no walk -- milwaukee police say a black officer shot and killed a black man. >> that shooting prompted angry crowds to take to the city. wisconsin governor has activated the national guard in response to the violence. police say the 23-year-old suspect what lengthy arrest record and fled a traffic stopand video from the -- video from the body camera shows the suspect what gun when he was shot. the weather system that drenched son lieu wean -- louisiana moved into texas. most of the rivers in louisiana crested but several are rising.
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baton rouge parish. there could be flooding later this week when the water arrives in st. james parish. we have been on the other end of it. we haven't had enough rain but yesterday we what fair amount and. >> we did. >> and maybe more on the way. >> there was street flooding when i was going home in certain areas but gone today with that heat and that sun. >> oh my goodness. it was scorcher of a day today. took your breath away. the humidity made it feel like low 100s. i rode my bike and i was drenched. pamela that's the first mistakeyou don't do anything like that today. >> exercising today is a bad idea. >> and i did get tired way quick irthan usual so it's the heat. be careful. >> i was tired in the pool too so. >> oh it was a rough day in the pool. >> you had to go there. >> now we are lucky to be in the air conditioning here at wbz and it is cranked up high and i don't have a space heater
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in the middle of summer. weather watchers checking in from the rain we had last night. we had some beneficial rain and yes we had flooding issues but the rain hopefully watered the gardens out there and at least got the grass a little wet. west brookfield reported 1 inch of rain and up to 1.73 inches of rain. according to mark in gardner we appreciate weather watchers checking in with us. and tonight we have another chance for storms and a isolated severe threat. there's a slight risk for severe weather for tonight damaging wind gusts are likely and if the storms develop. and the potential for heavy rain is still there again, and crashing thunder and lightning big question is are we going to see the storms develop and so far, we don't see anything on radar here in eastern massachusetts and the forecast models not getting a good handle on anything developing overnight tonight. but, keep an eye to the sky. and we will be here this evening keeping you up to date on any storms that do develop and if they do become severe.
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high pressure in control. models at least agreeing on that. and no storm development expected monday evening. partly sunny to mostly sunny skies and it's going to be another hot one monday though less humid. high temperatures today, into the 90s. 96 in boston. 95 lawrence and because of the humidity it felt warmer. but we added to 09 degree days in boston. up to 16 for this year. average 13 a little bit above it so far and more 9 0s way. heat advisory in effect until 7 p.m. heat index temperatures between 100 and 107. temperatures right now still scorching hot. 95 in boston 91 manchester worcester at 87 and we combine the humidity with the heat and it feels like 100 in boston now. same for taunton. 92 chatham. heat index real feel tellp in falmouth 93. overnight tonight it stays humid. and still warm 76 degrees and
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clearing for tomorrow morning. tomorrow starting off sunny and temperatures will be a few degrees cooler. 88 in boston. 89 in plymouth and mid-80s on cape cod and lower 90s inland so the good news is it's going to be a fantastic beach day slightly lower humidity. 84 to 89 degrees on the coast. water temperatures 68 to 76. high tide around 9:40 in the morning. dew point trend here. notice monday we will go down to 62 degrees but back up into the 70s for tuesday and wednesday. we are not done with the summer humidity yet. but the good thing is we don't have a lot of that oppressive heat to add to it. so, we will be in the the 80s it will be uncomfortable 83 on tuesday. and with another round of storms late in the day and wednesday around a round of storms and thursday and we kind of repeat the forecast here with wave after wave of rain. and then we look to dry off for next weekend. highs in the lower 80s. >> next weekend looks nice. >> yeah. >> all right thank you pamela.
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infoxborough we will hear from tom brady when roche is back
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i don't know about the fans about a hot day for the red sox and players liked it. >> it was worked up for them. >> offense taking a bow-- takes about .3 second to warm up. very nice. red sox were hoping to complete 3- before embarking on a grueling 11-game 4 city trip starting tomorrow in cleveland. the sox did just that. top of the first we go. pedroia on first and betts launches this over everything in left field number 24 on year for him. 2-0 sox after one. now pedroia 5 for 6 today. the 5th, 5-hit game of his career. rbi single started in the second.
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2 for 2. >> mookie hits another one way back by the wall. it's gone. 3-run homer mookie betts. ready for the 1-1. and there's a long drive to right and by the pesky pole and hooking two- run homer jbj. >> 9-0 sox after 2 and that's more than enough for rick. 7 strong innings 3 hits and one run and first sox pitcher to start 12-0 at fenway since 70 years ago. 5th inning two on for mookie another one into the monster seats. he was on fire all day. off the billboard and back on to the field. 3 homeers in three at bats and a career high 8rbis. second three-home run game of the year. the only other red sox player to accomplish that ted william. pretty good company to be in.
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pitches to start and i was finally able to just swing the bat right you know. last kibble days i wasn't -- last couple days i wasn't swinging right and have been late and a bunch of different things and today i came in early and got back in the little groove. >> i will say a little groove. after two days off the patriots get back to work this afternoon. >> foxborough. another big week as they host the bears for three joint practices before meeting in preseason game number 2 thay two hours today. 104 degrees with humidity out there. that couldn't have felt good after two days off. preyedy talked after -- brady talked after practice about the dog days of training camp. >> you have to grind your way through it. so, you try to bring as much energy as you can every day. that's the only way to get the best out of yourself and get the best out of your teammates because you see guys giving it all and especially today, and maybe you know a couple days
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your body is not quite ready so you have to fight through it as best you can. >> and game 2 of the preseason thursday night against the bears. see it right here on wbz. we have a live edition of patriots all access at 7:30. kick off at 8 and 5th quarter post game show after the game on wbz. should be fun once again to see how the pats progress. >> sox should play 100 degrees every day. >> why not? mookie especially. >> all right we will be right back with a final forecast different -- at the
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first family is relaxing on martha's vineyard. >> they are in the middle of the two-week vacation to the island. president enjoying one of the favorite spots. golf course. he golfed today along with alonzo mourning who used to play basketball for the heat and others at the golf club. thinks his 6th round of golf since kicking off viecation. they also -- vacation. they also went for a hike this morning. hope they are enjoying the
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vineyard. >> it's bad. it's still bad and still in the upper 80s and very humid there. so. >> toughing it out. >> earlier in the day is a good time to go for a hike. >> and make secret service care yea squirt gun. >> and extra waters and it's going to be hot for the rest of the -- carry a squirt gun. >> and extra water and it's going to be hot for the rest of the week. humidity breaks but it's going to be toasty. and this evening we are keeping watch for an isolated damaging wind gusts so stay tuned i will be tweeting all night about it. no worries. >> it's a difficult forecast because you don't know what to expect. >> it's a summer weather pattern where you've daily chance for rain pop-up storms here and there and humidity is back and it's hot. have their you go. >> there you go. >> what's it for the patriots thursday? >> thursday, humid. hot. 80s. chance of a storm. >> i will be in the air conditioned booth.
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shall watching. >> see you again at -- watching. >> see you again at 11.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> if your model is built upon the fact that you're not going to pay a dead person's loved ones for a policy that they have completely paid in full, to me that is just a bad policy. >> leslie stahl: he's talking about insurance companies that don't pay out life insurance their customer has died. and this man's investigation found that it is more widespread than you can imagine. when you found that, what went on inside of you? >> unleash the hounds of hell. let's go after them and expose them for the unconscionable, indefensible behavior. >> logan: what have we learned about the holocaust that we


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