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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a jogger murdered in princeton, plus the latest for the search of the killer. a cartoon in one local paper sparking controversy. why a police union says it's inciting racial tension in the community. 0. good morning to you. it's 5:00 right now. thanks so much nor joining us. >> it is tuesday, august 16th. danielle is here with a check on the forecast. so the humidity is going back up, and with that will come a threat for thunderstorms. some of them could become strong to severe later on today. 72 in boston. out the door right now, mid-60s from lawrence to manchester. 68 in wooster. and 59 in keen this morning. it's a pretty quiet start. the clouds have been advancing and there are a couple of showers and brief downpours in the burke shears right now.
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underdone this morning. we'll get a chance for a shower north and west of the boston. there will be some peaks of sunshine. stormses to pop. not everyone is going to see one. the greatest risk is north and west of the boston. you notice the deeper reds in here. so a few storms could become strong to severe, particularly during the mid-afternoon and early evening. so your planner goes this way. isolated shower north and west of boston. building clouds with a chance of a storm. and we'll top out in t mid-80s today with scattered storms. most numerous action comes into the late afternoon and for your commute home. we'll talk about the rest of the work week coming up. traffic and weather together. good morning. >> good morning. it is still quiet out there. just a handful of cars, really on the lever connector this morning. as you approach the tunnel -- let's take an overall look, all yo major routes good to go. we have no unexpected closures or accidents.
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changes. the t and commuter rail all on time. breaking overnight a teenager shot in south boston and we're learning new details on the investigation. >> let's get right to nicole jacobs live at the scene with the latest. nicole. >> reporter: katherine, chris, we're told that teenager just shy of his 16th birthday, we are live this morning on gavin way, you can see there's still somewhat of a police presence. but i do want to get you right to some video when investigators were here on the scene. and a much fuller force. you can see they for evidence looking at clues, all of that. boston's police are telling us this morning they have very few details on this case right now. but here's what they do tell us. they say the call came in shortly before midnight of shots fired. we know the victim in this case was in a car when he was shot. and then driven to boston medical center. we did speak with police a short time ago. here's what the superintendent says about the extent of this
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medical center. he's in surgery. he is -- he was shot three times. and according to the doctors, there's a good chance he may survive here. >> reporter: so you heard it, police do believe this victim will survive in this case. but right now, they don't have any suspects. so they're urging anyone with information to come forward. we're live in south boston. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> okay. thank you very much for the shooting investigation this one in brockton. police in the plymouth county sheriff's department were on the scene near the chatham west apartments over off street. they item us one person was shot while sitting on a bench. no word, though, on their condition. a violent carjacking in charlestown. police say a man pulled a gun on a driver at the bank around 8:30 last night then took off in their car. officers followed the suspect to somerville where they arrested
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suspect. they say no one was hurt. tragedy on the cape. a father drowns while his two young children are on the shore. it happened at joshua pond in osterville. crews recovered the body after searching for about an hour. two children couldn't find their dad. that's when they asked an adult for help. >> well, they were playing on the shoreline, they were very young and they looked up and they couldn't find their father. when this gentleman showed up to go for a swim, they told him that they were looking for their father and they couldn't find him. >> the identity of the victim he is described as a money between 25 and 35 years old. police are still investigating. friends and family are getting ready to stay their final good-byes today to vanessa marcotte, the jogger killed in princeton just over a week ago. we are live for us with a closer look of how she's being remembered. >> reporter: katherine, asking is the town she is from. this is where hundreds of friends and family members will say their final good-bye.
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more questions than answers surrounding her death. hundreds of people gather at this funeral home in fitchburg to pay their respects. a little more than a week ago, the 27 year old went for an afternoon yawing in the small sleepy town of princeton and never returned. hours later, police discovered marcotte's body in the woods about a half mile from her mother's house. sources say her body was naked and burned. investigators have combed the woods and tirelessly poured over more than 600 tips hoping to find her killer. they're asking the public to keep an eye out for a man who has scratches and brooursz from a struggle with marcotte. marcotte grad fwratd boston university with honors and recently landed her dream job in new york city workings r being as an account manager for google. dozens of her coworkers made the trip to massachusetts. described as a bright charming,
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through school, work, and volunteering. now all of those people she touched are coming together, struggling to understand why they have to say good-bye. mass will take place here at our lady of the lake church at 10:00 this morning. afterwards marcotte will be buried at the woodside cemetery. reporting live, wbz this morning. back to you chris and katherine. police are relying on tips from the public to help find vanessa's killer. the number is five steer (8) 453-7589. you can leave your contact information or remain anonymous. 65 years after he left to fight in the korean war, the remains of a cambridge man will be home today. ronald sparks died in a north korea prison of war camp when he was twend years old. earlier this year the military matched the dna with an unknown soldier buried in hawaii. the bronze star and purple heart
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with a presession and ceremony. a cartoon controversy has the boston police patrolman's association upset. the cartoon appeared in yesterday's globe. it shows two officers, one holding a sign that says mir ran at that rights for white people. the other officer with a sign that reads last rights for black people p the patrolman's association says the inflammatory can a toon -- cartoon comes at a sensitive sign. they say publishing this intoo cartoon serves only one person, and that's to insight racial tension between then racial tensions. a health clinic is apologizing after locking up and leaving an 86-year-old dialysis patient inside. this photo was taken of maureen perry by her grand daughter. she had finished treatment hours earlier -- earlier. a ambulance was called to bring the patient back. but the building was locked when they arrived.
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rescue her. now the presin just dialysis clinic admits a male staffer overlooked her. >> she was just, you know, couldn't really do for herself. had he just her residence. it takes a toll on the body. it's a very exhausting procedure. so they obviously when they're complete, they want to go home. >> fresenius released a statement reading in part, quote, we have initiated additional processes and safeguards to ensure that an incident such as this does not happen again. it be reprimanded. >> now to campaign 2016. donald trump is vowing to overhaul the country's immigration screening process. he wants to block people who simply thighs with extremist groups or don't embrace american values. he calls it extreme vetting of immigrants. versus a general ban on muslims from entering the country. >> we should only admit into this country, those who share our values and respect our
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ideological screening test. the the time is overdue to develop a new screening test. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton hit the campaign trail with vice president joe biden in scranton pennsylvania yesterday. clinton says trump is unfit to serve as commander in chief. >> but, you know, sometimes he says he won't tell anyone what he will do because he wants to keep his plan secret. and then it turns out the secret is he h >> clinton will be in philadelphia today for a voter registration event. trump has a campaign stop in wisconsin tonight. on thursday his running meat will attend an event in new hampshire. president obama is mixing business with pleasure during his vacation on martha's vineyard. hours after another r golf yesterday, the president headlined a fund-raiser for hillary clinton. some tickets for that private event cost more than $33,000.
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five took home the silver last night. biles was considered the favorite but almost fell off the beam during her routine. she will have another chance at gold tonight when she and alley raisman compete in the floor event. an exciting finish to the women's 400 meter race yesterday. american allison helix losing out in seconds. a runner from the baja ma'ams dove across the race to finish the race. felix ended up with the silver. it's her seventh career olympic medal. team usa still has a commanding lead. we have 75 medals overall, including 26 gold. speaking of simone biles, daniel niles was doing her balance beam routine. >> she nailed the landing, i
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she really did. coming um, a hoo-tech tattoo. >> one local school coming up with a way to let your skin control your smartph>> a sign ow car that will tell you how long you have to wait before that red light turns green. >> good morning. temperatures coming out of the 70s by the time we get to late morning. there will be some partial sunshine out of the gate. humidity is going up. then we're tracking a threat for thunderstorms later on today. we'll let you know who has the greatest risk for hour-by-hour forecast. that's straight ahead.
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i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's,
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find your walk near you at . welcome back. the trip between cambridge and boston is getting its spice back. work crews on the bridge also know bridge are putting the finishes touches on the boston icon. the 58-foot tall tours have been undergoing restoration for about two years now. they were cleaned piece by piece before being put back together. this is all part of a bigger project to restore the whole bridge by the fall of 2018. the hubway is expanding its bike service in boston. today the mayor will attend a ribbon cutting ceremony at the newest location. the roxbury ymca.
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serve roxbury and northern dorchester. they have now more than 1600 bikes and 160 stations in boston, brookline and somerville. not going to be the best day to go for the bike ride, though. you may want to have the umbrella. >> today sounds like the morning gets okay. >> the humidity is going to be going up. we have a warm front lifting through the region so the humidity goes up. thereabout a threat for thunderstorms on your right. early afternoon ishe the dew points in the low 60s. that's going to climb to about 70 by later onive humidity is coming being baa -- coming back. we have 60s on the map. 59 in concord. so there is a cool kind of mainly quiet start to the day, across new england. but the dew point is back to our south and west. buffalo new york, new york, a ts going to be movering back across
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now stretching back up towards the berkshires right now. we don't have to worry about a ton of that action. there may be 1 or 2 shores north and west of boston. additional action back to the west. that's what's going to move in by the afternoon. this is a little underdone this afternoon. a chance of a shower isolated north and west through 1:00, 2:00 we're okay. then we start to see the clouds build in. this may be a little underdone. i am anticipating scattered storms and a few of them c and west of boston is at the greatest risk. not everyone is going to see a storm. but the biggest risks are going to be for some localized flooding, damaging wind, it's a lower risk of hail or tornado. buff it is a low risk. any rotating thunderstorms that may develop. high temperatures low to mid-80s. it will to 90. probably just shy of that with the humidity factored in later on. any storms will taper off this
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it's going to stay windy tomorrow. but it's out of the west northwest. 85 to 90 for a high temperature. looking mainly quiet, too, with just a few passing clouds during the afternoon. storm-free for our wednesday. thursday as well there may be an isolated thunderstorm but most of the action is going to be focused across new york and pennsylvania. seven-day forecast pretty quiet. the humidity goes back down to tomorrow. so it will be comfortable. right on through the upcoming weekend could be an isolated storm. otherwise looking mainly drive. >> danielle, volume is rt saturdaying to build on the expressway. this is a live look at exit thish biff -- by the gas tanks. there's just not enough cars to slow you down. your drive down from the split and the pike exits is still just ten minutes. your ride in from the northshore is also short and sweet. vul no problems getting into the city. the t and the commuter rail are still running on time.
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a red light that seemed like it would never change. but now awedy wants you to count down to green. the carmaker is ibt duesing an industry-first system that wirelessly ties into the traffic light system. drivers see the count down on their dash boards. they will announce which cities are available soon. but it is not cheap. the cost for the service will be $199 for six months. chris, back to you. >> at least you know turns green. a kennel in hanover will remain closed for now after the death of a dog there whether the owner david ricardo is facing animal route charges. did he not attend a meeting with the board of selectman last night but his attorney did. an agreement was reached that briarwood kennel's license will remain suspended while the criminal case plays out. investigators say the dog grizzly attacked a three-year-old golden doodle last month. that dog died. he decided on his own to have
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ten mini horses recognized in -- rescued are getting medical care. animal offices removed the animals sunday. they say the owners had become overwhelmed and could no longer take care of the horz. the spca is asking for donations. we're getting the first tax revenue numbers from the state's first slots parlor. cambridge park didn't bring in as expected. it made nearly $180 million in its first year. the state will take about $88 million in taxes. but officials projected that number will be closer to 105 parlor. a warning from cambridge police to college students making their way back for the fall semester, be wear of rental scams. particularly on craig's list. police say many scam artists pose as real tors to get your personal and financial information. they warn, never wire money via western union, money gram or other service. if a rental come in suspiciously
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boston over funny pokimon go signs. an arlington copy writer came up with the design and is putting them all over the city with -- all firefighters are napping in case of a fire please catch the nearest water pokimon. it's harmless because he's not damaging public property. the mayor says if he's caught he will be fined. jones told harold, he will pay it. six new charter schools want to come to ms. massachusetts and 12 others already he expand. state caps on charter schools could prevent that from happening. voters will consider a question in november that would allow yearly increases in charter schools enrollment. tattoos getting a digital makeover thanks to one local university. >> m.i.t. teemed up with microsoft to make tattoos that can control your electronics. they look like gold leaf tattoos. but they're actually button that's can control your music,
5:21 am
other gadgets. researchers think the technology could help doctors by relaying information about your temperature, emotions, and other tying gnostics. that is crazy. >> nuts. >> and neat. >> so cool. they look pretty cool too i'll have to try it out. coming up next, gy concerns for rob gronk. plus temperatures flair at training camp. >> big poppy having a blast. steve burton h for us coming up in the morning
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. #w5b 24 right now. >> concerns about rob gronk at training camp, steve burton has more. >> well good morning. the pats and bears rob gronkowski pulled up lame. he met with one of the trainers and eventually headed back to the locker room. no video of the injury, but we do have this footage. tom brady given gronk a head-butt in yesterday's workout. after brady -- still too early to know if it's anything serious. >> the weather was hot and so was some.
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just head's up for the all the pats fans. today is the last two days to watch practice. remember wbz is the place to be for the pat's preseason game number two on thursday. starting with parties all access on thursday. pats and bears kick off at all right here on wbz. sox and indians make-up game in cleveland yesterday. sox down 1-0. 27th homer of the season. two-run blast. jackie bradley jr., he also went deep. picks up his first win since being traded to boston. they play in baltimore tonight. that my friends is sports for now. i'm steve burton. guys over to you. still to come in the next half hour, pushing for a new trial. >> a man convicted of murder and
5:26 am
why whitey bulger may hold the key to his case. >> in is john keller you would like to go to a movie but those big blockbusters don't seem very april tieing. welcome to the -- april tieing. welcome to the club. welcome to hollywood's summer of the duds. >> tracking some thunderstorms later on today. may not be until later on this evening for the cape and islands. the humidity is going up. we'll be around 80. and 80s for tomorrow and thursday. we'll time out the threat for hour by hour when you come back. stay with us, you're watching
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. breaking news right now. a teenager shot in south bost. >> friends and family getting ready to say their final good-byes to i awoman murdered while out for a jog. this as police continue to hunt for her killer. >> a convicted killer pushing
5:30 am
why he sell wiley bulger holds the key to why he's innocent. request morning to you. it is 5:30 rite now. >> thanks so much nor joining us. it is tuesday, august 16th. the humidity is cranking back up. >> unfortunately, danielle. >> along with it is going to come later this afternoon. severe outlook today, all the areas you see shaded in yellow are storm prediction center. but a slight risk also means scattered thunderstorms. so we're talking about the risk at least for a few of those storms to become damaging later on today. out the door this morning, it's pretty quiet. 72? boston. mid-60s in taunton. a lot of us running in the 70s with clouds on the increase. you notice a couple of showers just starting to come into the mix too. so you may get a stray sprinkle. a lot of this action going to pass north and west of boston.
5:31 am
the map this morning. you notice what happens here between now and mid-day clouds stay with us and then after that, storms start to pop, a few of the storms could become strong to severe, particularly north and west of boston as we head into the afternoon and evening. and i just think that's a little underdone. so expect action not everyone is going to see a storm. but the risk is there. particularly from the 1 to 8:00 p.m. time frame. so a couple of showers north and west of boston. it turns increase look i humid and muggy through the day. chance of a thunderstorm from most of us top out in the lower to middle 80s with scattered downpours and storms for the ride home. >> there is -- let's take a live look in traffic. things are picking up further south in brain tree. you will hit some slow and go traffic back on 128 south between exit 6 and route 37. all the way out in stur bridge we have an accident. it's in the eastbound lanes on
5:32 am
they start to converge. things are just starting to slow down in that area. we will keep an eye on it. back to you. >> thank you. it breaking overnight a teenager shot in south boston. police say the 15-year-old is in surgery at boston medical center after being shot three times. they are hopeful he will survive. the teen was in a gar on gavin way when he was shot just before midnight. police are still on the scene there. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. overnight, this time in brockton. police in the plymouth county sheriff's department were on the scene near the chatham apartments over oak street. the enterprise tells us one person was shot. no word on their condition. a funeral will be held today for vanessa marcotte. hundreds of people gathered at a up burg funeral home yesterday including a bus full of colleagues from cog el where she worked. she was killed just over a week
5:33 am
mile from her mother's home. police ref more than 600 tips in the case but have not made any arrests. if you do have information on the case and you think could help investigators you're asked to call this tip line. you can remain anonymous. a convicted killer fight be for a new trial he says letters. fred weichel has been behind bars for 35 years for a murder he says he's innocent. weichel claims he was in a boston bar with fbi agent john connelly at the time of the murder. but he says bulger prevented connelly from backing up weichel's story. his lawyers say bulger wrote them letters detailing what happened. >> there were a number of letters to me that were written in a coated that without testifying i can't get into. >> a police report from 1980 recently came to light that
5:34 am
in the murder. weichel's lawyer says that report fell through the cracks and never made its way to the d.a.'s office. one new hampshire town successfully fighting in mosquito-borne i willnesses could become a model. salem has been successful in combating the west nile virus. all are from travel or sexual contact with someone who travelled to a zika hot zone. officials say zika-carrying moss key comes. near two years after the i item exposed a problem with the organ donation system, a solution is on the horizon. we introduced to patty mahoney a mother of two who needed a heart transplant. a wait for a heart in new england was more than four years. so she moved to california where she had her life-saving surgery in just a few months. yesterday the united network for
5:35 am
define donation districts. the network hopes it will equalize wait times. there is a new warning this morning about a popular painkiller and new moms. doctors say taking acetaminophen when you're pregnant may make your child hyper active. a new study found more than half of all expect ant mothers who took tylenol had children with behavioral problems. having a problem deciding what to see at the movies. well you're not alone. at the new problem plaguing hollywood. >> good morning. hey, i've got an idea. let's go to the movies tonight. that used to be a no-brainer on a hot summer afternoon or evening. but not so much anymore, according to the latest hollywood box office figures reported in yesterday's "wall street journal". it seems this has been the summer of the big budget flop from epic fantasies like the huntsman winter's war to the inevitable sequels of old
5:36 am
tarzan. movies with budgets in excess of $100 million have failed to pro. even highly touted sequels like the new ghost busters movies have bd. i think content is at the heart of the summertime slump. fantasy literature succeeds when it prompts the reader's mind to run wild. if you translate that into this literal some mind-blowing special effected unless the word spread quickly the original book or video game was better. and look at some of this summer's crop of movies that have done well. many have come from disney which scored mega hits with finding dory and zootopia. beautifully made animated movies with clever dialogue, interesting characters and stories that actually connect with real life. the movie industry has a lot of competition these days from
5:37 am
than shelling out for movie tickets. but people will pay to see creativity and or ridge malt that doesn't insult their intelligence. if only hollywood would offer some. share your take on this or via twitter. it is 5:37. still ahead, a new addition to boston's sea port. >> plus hackers targeted the four biggest hotel chains in the country. the information at risk and . plus we're live where hundreds of people are expected to gather today for vanessa marcotte's funeral. police say she was killed while jagging last week and her killer
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent
5:39 am
not just a select few.
5:40 am
. welcome back. it's 5:40 right now. a popular restaurant heading to boston. plus a new video chat app hits the market. >> and hackers tartering the nation's largest hotel chains. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morni least 20 properties in the u.s. including hyatt, star wood and marriott hotels may have been hacked. mal way may have collected names and credit card info dating back as far as march 2015. google is launching its own video chatting app for phones. it will compete with apple's face time, skype, and facebook's
5:41 am
them a glimpse of who is calling. duo is available on apple and android phones. and shake shack is opening ttz 100th location today. to celebrate, the first 100 customers at shake shacks worldwide will get a free shack burger. doors open at 10:30. >> never too early. >> we need to go get in line. >> not too early for freeburgers. >> if better use, right? >> thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow morning. coming up, tedly flooding down south, a closer look at the damage. >> plus the latest wildfire in california now considered a case of arson. the arrests by police. >> also, a 15-year-old just shy of his 16th birthday is shot here in south boston. i'm nicole jacobs with a live report on that breaking news
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. seven people have now died from extreme flooding in louisiana. the rain has mostly stopped but many rivers and creeks could still overflow their banks. south of baton rouge, people spent the day yesterday filling sandbags to protect their homes. others were allowed back into their homes for the first time to assess the damage. some neighborhoods saw more than
5:45 am
>> that's pretty wild down there. up here it's been a totally different story. >> right. we've been having such a dry weather. we're going to check in with danielle in just a little bit. >> we're going to get a check of our top stories right now. a final fair well for a jogger murdered. >> plus an overnight shooting in south boston. our top stories begin with that breaking news news this morning. >> reporter: i'm nicole jacobs live in south boston with more more on that breaking news. we've learned a 15 year old h the scene just a short time ago. this is galvin way, we're told. and police say the shooting happened a little before midnight with witnesses telling them the victim was in a car at the time of the shooting and then he was driven to boston medical center. we've learned he has been shot three times and is undergoing surgery. doctors, though, are telling police he has a good chance of survival.
5:46 am
suspects in this case, police are urging anyone with information to come forward. we're live in south boston, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. friends and family of vanessa march court will say a final good-bye at her funeral today. hundreds gathered at a funeral home in fitchburg to pay their respects including dozens of her coworkers from google in new york city. a little more than a week ago, the 27 year old disappeared during an afternoon jog in princeton, hours later police found her her mother's house. since her death, police have combed the woods and tireless poured over more than 600 tips in hopes of finding her killer. how the 27 year old is being remembered coming up. convicted killer and former patriots tight end aaron hernandez is due in court today. he is scheduled to appear for a hearing in the double murder case against him. he's accused killing two men in
5:47 am
hernandez -- hernandez has recently hired a new legal team that includes jose baez that successfully dwended casey anthony. a couple hurt in a motorcycle accident. david mitchell and romy karakostas who are riding through bridgewater when a driver cut them off. it was all captured on security cameras and police were able to find the driver. >> so when we hit that curb laying down, it flipped the bike and her and i up and off. b travel behind me and probably slammed me into the tree. >> the message i want to say is how could she not stop and leave us there to tie. i just don't get it. >> mitchell is going home from the hospital today. he tells us he knows it will be a long road to recovery. oy fishels in northern california now believe a massive wildfire that started oaf the weekend is a case of arson.
5:48 am
man yesterday. so far, it's scorched 4,000 acres leaving dozens homeless and causing an estimated $10 million in damage. crews find another body in the debris in a maryland apartment building. that brings the death toll so six. the building blew up in montgomery county injuring 30 people. one person is still missing. vegdors are still looking into the drnnv looking into the cause. imam and his associate in new york. officers picked up the suspect sunday night after he was involved in a hit-and-run near the scene. the shooting was caught on surveillance camera. police say they recovered a revolver at the home and clothes similar to what the gunman was wearing in the video. the motive is under investigation. it's being called the largest release of gaun tan mow
5:49 am
renewed push to whittle down the number of detainers held in cuba. the pentagon says 61 detainers now remain. travelers looking to enroll in the tsa's precheck program have a new option. a temporary enrollment center is opening up today at boston marriott copley place. those who sign up for the program and are approved get to use a faster security line where you don't have to remove your shoes, liquids, or laptops. ofal appointments available and walk-ins are welcome through saturday. on the health watch this morning, a new stud i finds nay stall sprays are effective in protecting children against the flu. last june, the cdc recommended against using the flu vaccine saying it was not effective. now a new study says they provide children just as much protection against flu as standard flu shots. researchers at mcmaster university in canada say the
5:50 am
report on alcohol on campus. the study finds college students drink more and are more likely to binge drink their same age not in college. but college students smoke far less. marijuana use was nearly identical i let's face it, we b. we know if can i am pajt our sleep. now there may be a solution. a team of researchers found young adults who get a lot of daytime experience fewer problems sleeping. the team found that bright light exposure acted as a counter to the blue light of our electronic devices. that disrunning mates or sleep problem. so the study suggests get more -- get outside more. well could apple's next iphone be waterproof. recently the cope ways patented highlighting editing tools for underwater photography.
5:51 am
we're expecting an announcement about the iphone 7 next month. all right. it is 5:50 right now. and it's time to talk about the weather today. danielle humidity is back. you say a chance of storms later on. >> so you would say keep an eye on the sky, especially 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. there's a sprinkle or two oust there this morning. it's been a really beautiful sunrise. so we're having a little issue with the weather graphic. so we're going to have a discussion here with what's fog on. few clouds this -- going on. i think weather. these clouds are actually a sign of the humid air pushing in. so the dew point is going to go back up around 70. so it will get sticky later on. the 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. time frame asking is your typical summertime pattern. not everyone is going to see a storm. they'll be scattered but a few of them could become strong to severe. there's a warm front lifting north. any time we get at a warm front there can be some rotating storms so there may be a low
5:52 am
so we're going to watch that closely. >> and we're under a slight risk. >> a slight risk from storm prediction center. it's interesting, because a slight risk you think is really low, but in storm prediction center terms it fully means there's scattered thunderstorms. you think oh it's a slight risk but that means there's a pretty decent shot. >> you wouldn't know it looking at that sunrise so we're in the clear for the morning but later on --. >> the morning should be tly fine. maybe an isolate i would safe especially north and west of boston, kind of at the greatest risk. we'll be in the 80s for the highs. >> as we go throughout the week. >> 80s the rest. week. but we turn less humid tomorrow temperature the wind will kick up tomorrow. it brings in that drier air. so tomorrow will be 85 to 90. but at least it will be -- won't be as sticky. >> roll with the punches. you don't need a graphic. she's got this. >> i'm going to go work on that.
5:53 am
and weather together. >> that's right. eastbound lanes on the pike in brighton are smooth sailing. further back, though, in stur bridge, you will run into some problems. there's an accident nt( eastbound lanes on the pike. it's just before exit nine wher. if you want to play it safe hop on route 20. avoid the pike in stur bridge all together. back to you. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. still to come a tricky situation for one new eng you don't want to miss this. who came to his rescue when it
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
. welcome back. we are now olympians. but they do have st tie ets. >> this is crazy. one player from australia. he posted a picture on online after he lost his doubles match he decided to chow down on a huge mcdonald spread. the calorie count in in picture about 9300. 1, 2, 3, 4 thing of fries. that's like two ten-piece right there. >> chicken. >> big mac. >> all right. a little squirrel with a big problem in connecticut.
5:57 am
he was spotted jumping around trying to make it come loose. when it didn't work, emt's came to the rescue. they pulled the cup off of his head. he was jumping around it. they finally get him in a toul and able to get the cup -- towel and able to get the cup off his head. >> i wonder what was in the cup? >> keep it right here on the wbz this morning. your top stories are straight ahead.
5:58 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician
5:59 am
6:00 am
. good morning. thanks for being here. >> it is tuesday, august 16th. we are following several breaking news stories overnight for you. a 15-year-old boy shot in south bost, we are live at the scene investigation. >> also ahead a cartoon controversy a plus union accusing the boston globe of inciting racial tension. >> and gronk forced to leave practice. a beautiful sunrise shaping up but changes. >> danielle is tracking the possibility of storms for us this morning. >> a couple of storms are going to be scattered in nature by later on today.


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