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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. right at noon we're tracking the chance for severe weather today. a live look at the city of boston right now. things are quiet and hazy at the moment. but that could soon change. >> we are watching for some in and severe weather lasting through the evening. we're here with the weather alert. >> not much going on. we really have lots of clouds out there. there are places where the sun is out and you can pretty much pick out where the sun might be out in spots because the temperature is higher in southern new england. mostly the 70s to the north. we have the dew points which are mostly lower 60s here. so it's a little bit humid but not terrible. as you go to the south it gets very, very humid and this
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afternoon as documents start climbing later this afternoon as a warm front heads our way. so far there's not much action around us. there's been a few showers off to the north. there could be some showers and storms forming closer to this warm front this afternoon as we get some support from the atmosphere as we get deeper into the afternoon, especially the second half of the afternoon. so watch the time stamp as we go up to the lower yates in in spots but there clouds around. i think this model here is pretty much underdoing what could happen late this afternoon. the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms here at this afternoon. and most of those risks would feature primarily localized flooding, some damaging wind gusts and a low risk of any tornado. we'll talk all about this in the forecast for the next several days in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. stay ahead of storms any time with the cbs weather app. you can get current radar
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all for free. just search cbs boston in the google or app stores. this noon, friends and family say good-bye to a prince tol onner. >> vanessa marcotte is being remembered as a woman full of life, a solemn procession this morning. as police led those who loved marcotte to her funeral. wbz is live this afternoon with more. >> reporter: katherine, a very somber day here where vanessa left the church and from here they will go to woodside cemetery in westminster where the 27 year old will be laid to rest. a rainbow appears above the church in the early morning hours before a long funeral procession arrived. hundreds of friends and family members file into the church to say a final good-bye and saddened neighbors look on showing support for her
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i hope they get through this with the least amount of pain. but i know that's not going to happen. >> reporter: last week the 27 year old went for a yawing in princeton and never returned. hours later police discovered marcotte's body in the woods about a half mile from her mother's house. investigators are tirelessly powering over more than -- pouring over more than 600 tips. it has shaken the community. and here where she grew up, people are also touched by the tragedy. >> i w anyway i can. i'm a stranger but i would love to just go up to that family and just ask them any thing i can do for you, even though i did not know her. >> reporter: in her obituary, marcotte is described as a bright, charming and kind person who made many friends through school, work and volunteering. she graduated from boston university with honors and recently landed her dream job at google in new york city. dozens of her coworkers made the trip to massachusetts.
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touched now coming together. struggling to understand why they have to say good-bye. i talked to state police this morning. they tell me as of today they have received 650 tips and they're asking the public for more. reporting live, wbz news. back to you chris and katherine. >> thank you very much. police are still searching for the killer. if you do have any information that can help, you're asked to call this specific tip line. breaking news this noon. seven schools in boston found to have unacceptable levels lead. they include patrick, lee academy, josiah elementary, boston latin, s lie man winthrop and dearborn stem academy. those schools are expected to start the year receiving bottled
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undergone surgery after being shot in south boston. >> police say the teen was in a car when he was shot. wbz' nicole jacobs is live in south boston with the latest. nicole. >> reporter: chris, katherine, just shy of his sceneth birthday we're told by police, this teenager is in serious condition after undergoing surgery, this as police continue to search for the gunman. police remain on the scene at the development in south >> witnesses at the scene have said that an individual was shot at this location. >> reporter: it was shortly before midnight monday, police tape went up and blue lights swarmed, word of a teenager just shy of his 16th birthday shot. >> shot three times, and according to the doctors, there's a good chance he may survive. >> reporter: but not mystery as to who is responsible, wbz has learned the teen was inside a
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then driven to boston medical center. according to mayor marty walsh the summer has been quiet but he's looking for alternatives to cool this area he says is a hotspot. >> we have more cameras up around that facility. that's been kind of a hotspot this summer, even though there hasn't been a lot of shootings. >> reporter: but as police continue to search for clues, daylight brings more frustrations of another shooting and another boston neighborhood. and i canl very active investigation right now. police say they have very few details with regards to this shooting, so they're urging anyone with information to come forward. we're live in south boston, nicole jacobs, wbz news. >> nicole, thank you. and in brockton police are investigating another teen shot. authorities say some teens were sitting on a bench off oak street when they heard gunshots. a 17 year old later realized he
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and about two hours, convicted capitol hill ler hernandez will be back in court for a hearing in the boston double murder case against him. he's accused of killing two men in the south end in 2012. hernandez recently hired a new legal team including jose baez. a sharon woman under arrest after accused of attack ago i train conductor. fare, police say bloom refused and started to kick, punch and bite him. the officers say bloom then pulled out a knife and threatened to stab the conductor. she's due in court to face aassault charges. now to patriots training camp where rod gronkowski was not seen at practice yesterday. he left yesterday with an apparent injury. he pulled out during a drill and left the field slowly. his injury is not believed to be serious. the coach made no mention of
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one familiar face what is back on the field, ebner, he returned fresh off his trip to rio for the olympics as a member of the usa rugby team. a tragedy on the cape is under investigation. a father drowned at joshua pond in osterville while his two children were playing on the shore. the dad went for a swim when the kids couldn't find him, they asked a nearby adult for help. >> well, they were playing on the shoreline, they were very young and they looked up and they c when this gentleman showed up to go for a swim they told him they were looking for his father. >> that man's identity has not been released. a sticky situation on the southshore as three children get stuck in the mud. the firefighters were called to landing road. the children were in coo kayaks when they got stuck. firefighters went to get the kids. effect is doing okay. but they had some muddy feet to show as proof of the ordeal.
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driver at the bank around 8:30 last night then took off in the car. officers followed the suspect to somerville where they arrested him. they say nobody was hurt. a hanover kennel will remain closed as the owner faces animal cruelty charges. the owner david ricardo reached an agreement last night. investigators say ricardo's dog attacked a three-year-old golden doodle at briarwood kennels last mont he decided on his own to have his dog euthanized. 65 years after he left to fight in the korean war, the remains of a ban are finally back home. a procession was held for army corporal ronald sparks this morning. he died in a north korea prison of war camp when he was 20. earlier this year, the military matches his dna with an unknown soldier buried in hawaii. the bronze star and purple heart recipient is being honored at cambridge city hall.
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this is thanks to a curious boy. >> the officer was at the scene of a house fire where he greeted caleb, a young neighbor out on the street. the little boy took particular interest in the officer who allowed him to get in his cruiser and even use the handcuffs. >> there you go. i bet that's like every kid's dream. still to come on the wbz news at noon, revealing the damage, the unreel picture now coming together after historic floods take over parts of louisiana. >> also ahead an important warning forot safe for pregnancy is now causing some concern. >> and celebrating the burger. a booming company comes to the sea port and the opening is
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. wanted to do like adam
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. a massive california wildfire continues to burn today north of san francisco as authorities arrest a man believed to have marked the fire. the flames have destroyed more than 175 buildings and homes, 1600 firefighters are working around the clock to get this under control. police say they arrested a man charging him with arson. he's also suspected in several
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in louisiana, historic floodwaters are slowly starting to recede, leaving behind a better picture of the stunning damage. >> at least eight people have died, more than 11,000 are now homeless. >> we're not going to give up. we'll stay to the bloody end. if it knocks us down we'll get back up and rebuild. >> reporter: overnight, voluntary evacuations were underway as floodwaters from overflowing river poured into the community. on monday, national guard helicopters pulled more people to safety from the unpresident dented flooding hitting southeastern louisiana. we went along as they took us on a search and rescue mission into the flood zone. we're now flying over deb a.m. springs louisiana. as you can see this area is covered in water right now. roughly 90% of the homes in denham springs have flood
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washed out. christina broad and her boyfriend returned to their flooded home for the first time monday. >> oh my gosh. this is my entire life that i worked my entire life for just washed away. >> it's like the end of your life, world, you know, having to start over like that. >> reporter: more than 11,000 people have been forced into shelters. >> i never thought i would see this day. >> reporter: 20,000 rescued since friday in large part due to the help of volunteers. greg's home is a loss but he's thankful for what he still has. >> we're homeless today but we're hopeful. we're going to rebuild. we'll get back. >> reporter: cbs news, baton rouge, louisiana. >> and back here at home we're also dealing with some concerns in the weather department. >> yeah, we do. we have the parameters becoming in place. we'll be getting into place later this afternoon and this evening for perhaps some severe
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>> what's the time frame? >> i think the second half the afternoon is when we have the greatest threat of thunderstorms which shthe usual typical time. right now boston is 76. the dew point 63. so not all that humid yet. the wind is right out of the east at nine miles an hour. so it will keep the coastline a little bit cooler in the afternoon than some inlet locations. so it's essentially in the cloudy side but there have been some breaks of sunshine. a little bit of sun peeking through. so it may get up to close to 80 in boston wind tries to turn more southeast. that warm front will pour through here. so it may be along that boundary where showers and thunderstorms do develop this afternoon. so we have 76 in boston right now. even some 60s way up north where it's been raining in parts of the mountains. but we only had a couple showers early this morning. you can see west of the costal plain we have temperatures up to low, middle 80s. it will be coming increasing
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70s coming back at us again for another visit here. we're going to have an extremely humid weather overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. it will dry out tomorrow. so there's the higher dew points to the south. in terms of rainfall right now, we have light showers across northern new england. we have some rain coming into central new york. but practically no lightning out there at the present time. so be watching the sky throughout the afternoon, even the models are not indicating this to be as robust as they were yesterday. still think that the parameters are in place later on this afternoon for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. that doesn't look bad at all. but really keep an eye on the sky because conditions may become a lot more favorable. watch as we go through the night and see what the temperatures do all night long. they're going to be mitigate mid and -- mid and upper 70s all night. it will be a extremely humid night. a really balmy breeze picking up out of the southwest. then tomorrow morning, the front goes through here. look when we head out tomorrow
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upper 70s, very humid. turning drier in the day. temperatures going into the unner 80s. so storm prediction center has us in an area of slight risk for severe thunderstorms and scattered spots. and the primary risk from these thunderstorms will be localized flooding and some damaging wind gusts. a very low risk at this point it seems of a tornado. that would be mainly out in western new england. watch the wind later today. here we go to tomorrow morning. 25 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow morning. throughout the day it's going to be definitely on the reason for all of this is the warm and humid air coming from the southwest. we have temperatures in the 90s. so if you're going to the beach tomorrow, it's going to be in the 80s and it's going to dry out and the tide is going to be high. here is my seven day forecast. keep an eye to the sky for possible thunderstorms will be on if anything becomes severe, and keep you posted. going to the up iter 80s to almost 90 tomorrow even though it dries out quite a bit in the afternoon.
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thursday. almost 90 again. this weekend will be a little bit drier and a little bit nicer with a very low risk of any showers and storms. the weekend is looking good. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we appreciate it. in the health watch this noon, a warning for women about a popular painkiller. doctors say taking acetaminophen when you're pregnant may make your child hyper active. a new study found more than half of all expectant mothers who took tylenol had children with behavioral problems. acetaminophen has long been considered for pregnant women. there may be a way to combat the sleep impact of using your phone at night. a lot of us do this. a team of researchers say young adult who's get a lot of daytime exposure, experienced fewer problems sleeping. researchers say the bright light exposure counter acts the blue light. so the study suggests get more time outside. ashton kutcher is coming to boston to change the world. the actor and entrepreneur will
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this summer. his firm is partnering with forbes. innovative entrepreneurs will keep for start up money. kutcher has built himself a media empire estimated to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars. today, shake shack opens its 100th location and it's right here in boston. the location is in the seaport and to celebrate the company is offering a worldwide deal, the first 100 customers in all stores today got a freeburger. but you're probably going to hurry. some stores have already hit the 100 mark. automaker oughty is trying to change the way you see traffic. they're introducing a system that will count down a red light has until it turns green. it's i don't know the car's dashboard in the counter stops before the light turns green so you can look up. service isn't cheap. it will be $199 for six months. we have some breaking news
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fire at a triple decker. this is on congress street. >> several fire crews are on scene battling that fire. you can see it looks to be out right now. we do have a crew heading to the scene right now on the ground. we'll bring you updates on this breaking news story as they come in. thanks for being with us. doing whatever it takes to go for the gold. >> the incredible last-second finish that has everyone talking. >> here's a quick quick look
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. welcome back. today is the final day >> aly raisman will compete with all-around gold medallist simone biles. laurie hernandez took home the silver in the balance deem. the 16 year old beat out biles who got a bronze medal. biles almost fell off the beam during her routine. a race to the end during the 400 meter. so many about this today. american allison felix losing
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seconds. shaw nay miller dove across the finish line as you just saw to ce> here's a look at the medal count for you right now. team usa still has a commanding lead right now. we have 77 medals overall including 27 golds. china is in second place. >> we're still cleaning up. still ahead on the wbz news at noon, drama for the biebs. >> why a back and forth with an ex has lead the singer
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. coming up, the high price of saving a life. the cost of epipens skyrocketing. we take a closer look. why the prices are so high today. that drama for justin bieber. >> the singer has deacted his instagram account. it started when bieber posted a pic of himself and a 17-year-old model. some of his followers left mean comments. his ex-girlfriend selena gomez called him out. >> the drama. >> i feel like i said that really fast, too. got through it.
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later today. have a good day. i worked years to get my medicare don't know where i'd be without it so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift nk we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it
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>> phyllis: summer, we love you. >> summer: no [stammers] just stop, okay? you said that you supported me and my marriage to luca. was -- fs ] was all of that a lie? >> victor: we had concerns, okay? >> summer: because you hate luca. >> victor: no. i did a background check on luca, as i would do on any of my employees. >> summer: luca is not just an the man that i want to be a part of this family. how could you do this to me? >> phyllis: of course you're angry, because we went behind your back. and we are sorry for that. but our goal is to look out for you, and to protect your happiness. >> summer: yeah, well, you both failed. >> luca: i doubt victoria cares much, if at all, what happens to you now that she's back with her ex, billy. >> travis: it's fine with me if victoria's back with her ex. we ended things before i left. >> luca: that's a brave face.


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