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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, th is wbz news at noon. >> ce search for a killer after deadly stabbing in east boston. police say it arted as a fight between two men on the street this morning. >> one man was stabbed and left dying on the street as the othe boston anna. th is still a very active e here since just before 7 thassociate 911 call -- received a 911 call about a man stabbed on this sidewalk. several people rushed to help the victim but there was nothing they could do to save him. homicide investigators swarm an east boston neighborhood wednesday morning. blocking off a portion of paris
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>> i was thinking something was happening maybe someone got killed rough. >> reporter: a man in his -- killed. >> reporter: police say a s was multiple stab wounds to the torso and trance featered to ma pronounced dead. >> the victim th altercation ensued and he was stabbed. >> reporter: the killer people to keep a eye out. >> a red motorcycle was fleeing the scene and we are looking for help from the public on this one. >> reporter: investigators spent hours collecting evidence and talking to people who live on the street. they say there has been trouble here before. >> there's multiple calls down here for various issues and drug activity. >> reporter: residents say they are upset but not surprised to see this kind of violence in their neighborhood.
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happened, but that's all i can say. >> reporter: police are not released the victim's name. if you have any inportatg live >> thank > breaking news right now noon, more than 500 people have a burning cruise ship off the coast of puerto rico. an effort is to remove 26 crew members. the passengers are off the vessel. fire broke out in an engine room on board the caribbean fantasy and spread to other parts it was traveling the n blic and rico when the fire started. the coast guard was brought in as a rescue effort to get passengers to safety. breaking closer to home a. bicyclistrushed to the hospital after being hit in waltham. afternoon. s live with th ka this happened here in waltham a very busy street in the community and unfortunately, from what we can tell from
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crash. but let's go to the scene. it was shortly before 9 this morning when we arrived you could see the remains of the bike under the front of a green pickup truck. truck apparently was trying to make a turn when the pickup collided with a bicycle operated by a 61-year-old from carlisle. he badly hurt severe injuries and i spoke with the woman who lives close by and ran outside to try to help. >> i didn't actually see the accident b bicyclist who was down on the a fetal ti. so i immediately lled 911 behe had gotten hit and when i came out i had towels because i wanted to see = if there was bleeding or anything and went over to them and there was a off duty ti fi him at the scene and i said did you need this and he said no. >> once ain that bike rider was a 61 year old man from carlisle very serious injuries. taken to a local hospital.
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man frombuis 42 yearname has no relel?@?kas. this is all atio live in waltham jim smith wbz news now back to you. >> thanks very much. appreciatethe update. peopl after crossing the streets street in roxbury father and his 10-year-old daughter and family friend in a wheelchair were hit at and seeber street street. the father pushed the girl out of the way likely saving from serious injury. the driver did stop but had front end damagecharges have be filed. >> a beautiful day shaping up out ther getting lower making things throughout the day but how long will it last. danielle niles is here with a first look at the y danielle. >> doesn't it feel nice? >> it does. >> yon feel the relief.
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couplecumulus clouds and it wia days. weinto the oppressive humidity for the next several. there's a gusty breeze. 84 the temperature in boston. it was in the 70s this morning. so that soupy air mass is gone and. kurt sit of north -- courtesy of the northwest wind gusting over 20 dragging in the drier air. so we woke up and temperatures were in the low 80s. we are only at 84 but we will add a few more degrees by the me 82 in falmouth and beautiful out there. mid-70sin worcester and cool air cross northern where the air is drier. chatham dew points low 70s for us. it's tropical but we will see a lowering of humidity over the next several hours. a blend of sun and clouds. storm free for the rest of the day today. we have had a couple of sprinkles in northern new england but we don't have to worry about that. over the next 24 hours, ride home, beautiful and 82 degrees. partly cloudy and comfortable
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tomorrow l track that hour by in a dumb minutes. >> okay -- in a much. you can check weathery time with a cba boston -- weather any time with the cbs boston weather app and it's for free. find it in the google or apple app stores. today city leaders are addressing concerns over water safety in boston schools after 7 schools test positive for high levels wbz nicole jacobs is live in boston at boston latin with more on the story. nicole. >> repo: is that televels of lead. th the place for the short and long-term. weeks summer break and boston public school officials have been busy. >> we thought it was important to do testing this summer after water was stagnant and saw
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lead. >> reporter:levels in 7 additional schools. burke dean bore we e going to the water at those 7 schools and we are going to make sure we test and we will test and test until we make sure the water is safe and then we will turn them back on. >> reporter: 30 schools were tested school superintendent believes these results 15 parts per billion are a function of water sitting stagnant in old pipes over the summer. and to remedy the problem of aging infrastructure on the long-term. >> we are working with the federal government and state to add filters to all our drinking fountains. >> reporter: but for now the fix is to turn to bottles. >> we will have bottled water for the kids at tt of the school year and wfix it beforehand it will be fixed.
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issue to assure the drinkiwatei the superintendent says a new procedure that will be implemented this school year is that every morning at every school for all water fountains the water will be flushed out e says that's to get rid of water that has just sat simply overnight. live in boston nicole jacobs wbz news. >> thanks very much. developing right no noon a brazilian judge ordered ryan lochte and scmy fagan to stay in rio as claims they were robbed. this weekend re confronted by robsers police officers. they say the suspect pued a gun and demand they hand ovd >>a wi fire than
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evacuate. carter evans reports. >> reporter: huge flames lit the night ske cut wild fife continued the advance -- fire continued the relentless advance. it only took a matter of hours for the fire to explode to thousands of acres rning entire neighborhoods to the ground and destroying the legendary n local landmark. >> firefighters can't make their way here fl thto intense. rsmoke county. the wild fire grew shedby ng temperatures. >> this is a huge, huge fire fight here. >> so it spots ahead of itself establishes and keeps moving and jumping and leap frogging up because of the spots. >> my motor home blew up. probably 7 of my cars caught on fire. >> get out thereof. >> reporter: 6 firefighters were -- out of there. >> reporter: 6 fear fighters
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were trapped two suffered minor injuries. >> because of the wind direction we were fully engulfed with smoke. >> reporter: we found these men california. parts of louisiana under a curfew over reports of looting. 11 people have died and 40,000 homes have been damaged in the worst flooding in state history. the water is still rising in some downstream areas. taylor swift is donating a million dollars to flood relief there and isanyone who can to help to do so. in campaign 2016, donald trump will receive his first intelligence briefing today he's once again shakes up his
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to go until the election. trump is appointed a new campaign ceo known as an aggressive operative. a sign trump will not be softening the image. republican candidate is also appointed a new campaign manager. on the democratic side hilledry clinton is -- hillary clinton is facing more fallout from thest-mail controversy. -- from the e-mail controversy the republicans comparing notes from the fbi to the congressional testimony to see if there are discrepancy. philadelphia. a shocking ride, the scare at an amusement park in nnecticut that injured several people. >> is your stroller safe? the danger with the popular item and how you can protect your child. >> and riding in stylree.als c high in the school.
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this february patriot aaron hernandez will go on trial for a double murder in boston south end. hernandez was in court with the new legal team with the judge set the date for february 13th but his lawyers the judge and had difficulty getting hernandez' name right.
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>> good afternoon your honor jose ba on behalf of aaron rodriguez. if i may make a correction my i rodriguez. >> the trial date was set for february so cocatch up on the case. the amiewnsment park -- amiewpsment park is -- amiewnsment park is -- amusement park is operator says he felt a tingling when he shut the ride off. a incredible moment caht on camera. a texas husband and wife were unloading groceries when the unthinkable happened. individual crow from the home shows the flash as lightning hits the couple there. tim powell was knocked to the ouwife edcar
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bad the situation coulve been. >> a frightening moment. my goodness. >> you hear that about like ening doing basic things like getting the mail when it happens. glad they were okay. >> when thunder roars go indoors. >> you say that every time. >> absolutely. no thunderstorm risk today. humidity is dropping and feels nice an refreshing. >> weird. >> normally it's soupy. >> the wind that's the difference. it's bringing in the drier air but it's gusty. check out concord numerous gusts between 25 and 35 miles per hour but again it's out of the northwest so the cold front went through and that's bringing in the drier air. the temperatures 84 in boston right now. warmest at the coastline because that wind has and no sea breeze to cool the coastline off. 67 in plymouth. there's been cooler crisp air coming into nornnew
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we will get into the drier poar quite's prossive on the vineyard to the outer cape but drier air moved in for the rest of us. you zoom out the view, there's lower 60s points. so it's a little muggy i think like compared to the real sticky air we have had it feels more comfortable. thover us overnight tonight. so, it's blend of sun and no we ght on through the afternoon. early evening we school of pleasant though with mainly clear skies and we dip into the 60s overnight tonight. 68 downtown. and upper 50s in some of the coolest suburbs and you will le to see the full moon 65 at the other suburbs. 84 to 89 degrees. water temperatures in the upper60s to 70s. high tide around midday and urse of the afternoon and we will be right around 90 in a lot of spots.
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mi80sin worcester. 90 in fitchburg with a light wind through the interior. plenty sunshine and an isolated storm attomorrow. here the timeline. the -- here's the timeline. the morning is fine. and notice a little the map. that's the isolated storm threat. keep on eye to the sky i am not anticipating severe weather t oa contand a disturbance may spa inland but us are dry and i think the enwe a little cooler. this is friday's map so at the coast low to mid-80s. still 85 to near 09 through the interior -- 90through the interior. saturday and sunday temperatures in the upper 80s d it's esnove and
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will be a little isolated storm. 80s by tuesday. >> thanks very much. delta taking business class to the next level. they have debuted the new delta 1 premium including a fully closing door memory foam seats and 18 inch screen. the suites will be built on new delta planes haul jets will be retrofitted to include the suites. the troubling new trend is every hour are injured in om the stroller or carrier or is tipped over. many just have to be treated br growing number are being treated for concussions as well. whls and buckle them in the stroarl and don't hang bags from the handles. still to come on the wbz news at noon. >> from needham to rio the parents of aly raisman's
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welcome back a bad break for massachusetts ste --
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5,000 final because she hurt herself. >> she and another ruer tripped during the prelimbary and deas teeny helped her up and they both crossed the line. first olympic match her partner lost to in beach volleyball sena wl play for the bronze tomorrow.simone biles adds toe count winning the floor the game and aly and she is now a second most decorated gymnast in u.s. history behind her parents say it's ovlast two decades even after aly took a year off following the london olympics. >> i don't think anyone knows how many hours goes into the training and how grueling is. >> she will never say it was hard but i think asnd being in
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harder. >> by the is not ruling out a run at the 2020 games back to the olympic gym and americans took home the silver in two events the high bar and parallel bars. leyva was originally an alternate and was added to the team just a month ago. here's the medal count for you this noon. u.s. with that commanding lead and we have 86 medals overall including 28 golds and china is in second >> yes. up next on the wbz news at noon. >> an unexpected delivery the big surprise for zoo workers
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> at 5a. billthat helps doctors keep tab dr. mallika marshall looks at how it works. a very big surprise for zoo workers in vienna. >> cted the arrival of a baby panda but when it went into labor she gave birth to bu ke yours thought they had two babies but weren't sure until they sought twins on cameras. so far both are doing well. >> double trouble. >> yeah. >> less humid air into the region feels better.
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wind gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. tomorrow near 90 anisolated storm. cooler at the coast and weekend an isolated storm and nothing to cancel the over is right se you missed it now. >> leaving news sad. >> i love you guys. >> we have had an amazing year. >> you are best you are family. >> you are good to work with >> we posted pictures on . twitter and 90% laughing. >> i am coworkers and friends and thanks for watching. >> we appreciate it. appreciate you tuning in. we will hold down fort however long. >> we will. put the phone on silent nile be sleeping. >> good. sound good. that's it for us today. next newscast is at 5. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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me locker dylan got an anonymous tip about. except this footage is less than an hour old.>>ev! >> kevin: paul, come on. this could be a huge break. >> paul: there are no breaks. the case is closed. i told you that.?uj= adam pled guilty. >> kevin: this is about moreg a. it could prove that chloe is innocent, too. >> chloe: [ sighs ]


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