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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. good morning. it's 6:00 right now. thanks so much for joining you us. >> it's thursday august 18th. we're following several breaking stories. first on the auburn, it's impact being the morning comme. swimmers from the u.s. detained in rio. the pair pulled from a plane as investigators in brazil question their account of a robbery. >> and developing news this morning, a california community is on edge as raging flames move dangerously closer to their homes. >> those stories, plus a warning for women in the back bay. but first we want to get over to danielle who is here to look at our day. nice morning. >> it's been a gorgeous sunrise this morning.
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gorgeous texture and color to the clouds this morning. a really nice sunrise. the clouds will tend to thin out and actually decrease as we head throughout the afternoon. but it really makes for some nice pictures as you're waking up. 70 in boston. even some 50s on the map. there are the clouds and notice they come out ahead of some rain. but a lot of this action is going to be weakening. it's been showing a weakening trend. so tlie rhode island. i think they're not going to be all that widespread. a brief shower comes through. the rest of the afternoon looking good. varying amounts of sun and clouds. 83 degrees. a wind from the south southwest. ride home clear and plenty of sunshine. humidity in check today. 86 through the interior. right around 80 on the cape with the sunset at 7:40. back to you. breaking overnight, police investigating a crash on the
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one of the drivers, a woman, was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other driver suffered only minor injuries. we have a live look from the scene right now. again this is the pike eastbound in auburn. you can see all of that back up there. police are still on the scene. only one lane is still getting by right now. we'll keep you updated if things change. let's get a look at the roads closer to boston. this a live look at the lever nn terms of closures or any accidents. we'll keep you updated. also breaking overnight, two american swimmers won't be allowed to leave brazil. they were pulled off a plane last night. police want to talk to them about a reported robbery involving them and u.s. swimmer ryan lochte. nicole jacobs is following all the developments for us. >> reporter: chris new at this hour, we are hearing from the two swimmers, brazilian defense
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confused and shaken as to why the judge won't let them leave the country. but the judge says there are discrepancies in their stories about that alleged armed robbery. newly released video of two american swimmers as they were taken off their flight to answer more questions surrounding an alleged armed robbery where they two and other olympians reported being held at gunpoint after leaving a party. >> pulled us over, t out their gun. they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. >> reporter: a why why is now questioning the account and ordering their passports seized. she says lochte's shows one robber posting as a police officer who stole $400 from him. and james feigen reports they were robbed by several people. and for that, authorities want to know more. we are also getting a closer look at security camera video obtained by the daily mail.
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pointing out, is quote, their attitude as they arrived following the alleged crime. noting that they didn't at all seemed shaken given lochte's description of the hold up. >> he pulled out his gun, put it to my forehead. i put my hands up. >> reporter: lochte is now back in the u.s. with the remaining swimmers set to answer answer more questions today. jack conge and the two swimmers. the olympic committee spokesperson released a statement, they were released by local authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on thursday. feigen is also expected to face more questions today. lochte who is back in the u.s. also continues to be cooperative. nbc reported last night he now says the robber pointed the gun in his direction rather than at his forehead.
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a warning this morning about a peeping tom in the back bay. anna is with a closer look. >> reporter: residents enter this neighborhood says they caught a peeping tom in the act and called police. but that person has still not been caught. so now there are flyers hanging up all over this neighborhood warning people to be vigilant and to be on the lookout. the poster says the peeping tom has been spotted three times in all on marlborough street, police have responded and taken any luck catching the suspect. the neighborhood watch alert also warns people of a recent mugging on the same street. it says a woman was robbed and roughed up while walking her dog around 11:00 at night. the flyer also warns people to be on the lookout for a white ford pick-up truck. investigators say they have received many calls from people saying they've seen someone looking through windows, police also tell us they have extra resources dedicated to this
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call police. reporting live in boston, anna miler. back to you. >> thank you very much, appreciate the update this morning. a convicted sex offender arrested again accused of flashing women. norwood police tell us chad falcone exposed himself to two women in their early 20s near his home tuesday. he's a level two sex offender with a history of exposing himself dating back to 1989. >> kayak frankly the neighbors are fed up. they've had it. this has been going on for the neighborhood. fortunately the district court did set high bail. >> the judge ordered falcone held on $10,000 cash bail. police in new hampshire investigating a toddler's death. officers in so maniers worth say they responded to a 911 call on lyndon street just before noon on monday. they found a two-year-old girl unresponsive. an autopsy is being done to determine how she died. a five week old baby boy home alone in a hud apartment
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saved his life. a probation officer was making a visit to a client on a hot july day when she arrived, she heard the baby crying. she says the windows were closed and the air conditioning ubt was -- unit was off. that's when she called 911 and first responders broke in that home. >> you know, soshing and wailing and just immediately picked him up and was just relieve that had he was okay. he stopped crying immediately. but i could feel how warm he was him. >> when the baby's mother returned home she was arrested. probation officials say there has been a spike in child abuse and neglect cases because of the owe i don't object cases -- opioid cases. there very little progress to report this morning in a massive wildfire burning out of control 70 miles east of los angeles. it's only 4% contained. and right now it's moving closer to a small resort town already
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cbs's tom waite has the latest developments. >> reporter: the infer flow raged on for a second night in san bernadino county. fire crews are paying particular attention to the ski town where flames are inching closer and closer to homes. >> hopefully these guys will take care of it and then we can be safe, because we have no place to go. >> reporter: the fire has already managed to scorch thousands of acres and destroy countless homes homes. homeowner ron ramirez able his dogs safe and his property still standing. >> all these houses across the street are to the ground. everything is burnt to the foundation. so i didn't have much hope for our place. but we got -- we were fortunate. >> reporter: despite a mandatory evacuation order, some homeowners have mixed feelings about leaving their properties. >> it's my home. would you leave your home? >> our cars are lined up and ready to go if we have to go.
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against staying behind. >> last summer we did lose some people, fire behavior ink chaed and they refused to leave and there were lives lost. >> reporter: so far more than 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate. tom waite for cbs news, california. it is 6:09 on your thursday morning. convicted bob ster hopes the supreme court will save him. bulger is appealing his conviction on murder and other charges. he lost a lower appeal last spring so the u.s. supreme court the chance of bulger's appeal being heard are slim. and family members of the victims say that's a good thing. >> i think it's a waste of time for the taxpayers. i think it's a lot of hard ache and headache for the families to keep hearing about it. it's the only thing i admire about the guy, he has no quit in him. >> bulger's appeal centers around a claim that he should be able to mention a supposed
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trial. now to campaign 2016. donald trump and his advise or yorking on a plan to defeat terrorism. the republican candidate met with more than a dozen people yesterday. the meeting included his new campaign manager and new ceo. trump also received his first classified intelligence briefing yesterday. today his running mate will take part in a town hall in new hampshire. hillary clinton says trump's decision to shake up his staff will have little impact race. campaigning in ohio, clinton mocks the latest shuffle telling her supporters trump will be trump no matter who is running his campaign. coming up this morning, a hit-and-run at patriot place. >> the victim a young woman, what she says the driver did before taking off. it's a wbz exclusive. >> and the drought isn't just making our lawns brown, the common pest causing problems at homes all across massachusetts. >> and your keurig is no longer just for coffee or tea.
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medicine. we'll have the details. >> temperatures climbing in the 80s right around 80 on cape cod. increasing sunshine. tomorrow looks beautiful. the weekend looks great as well. that includes all events. take a look at fenway park. we have zach brown band there this weekend. the weather is going to cooperate. we'll talk about it in detail when we come back.
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. welcome back. it is not just wheatie's that wants to feature olympians. ke kellogg's is getting in on the action too. this is the gold medal edition. it features all five members of including aly raisman. all-around champion simone biles is on the front cover. >> does that make you an olympian if you seat that cereal? >> pretty much. >> if you wake up --. >> pretty much. >> you're good to go. do a couple flack flips and -- back flips and that's awesome. >> and our medal count, i have to say. so weather is looking good today. the humidity is staying pretty
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it's been a really beautiful sunrise. this doesn't look real, it looks like a postcard. you can hear a couple crick et cetera chirping, too. >> can you hear them? >> a couple birds flying by. >> are those birds or cricket. >> i think that's a cricket. >> where did the moon go? >> the moon just set about ten minutes ago. sun is now up. beautiful start to the day. 70 degrees in boston right now. lower 60s in nash with a. same in lawrence. we'l plymouth sitting in the upper 50s right now. cool, comfortable start out there. 59 in norwood. lower 60s here, all the way from new bedford. lower to middle 60s for most of us. the dew point measures the moisture, right? yesterday it was in the 70s in the morning. you remember that? it was real soupy. we do not have to con tend with that today. the dew points are in the tupper 50s and lower 60s.
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august standards. we, we do have some clouds. there are a couple of showers. notice the kind of trend here. along south of the mass turnpike, can't rule out a sprinkle. a brief shower between now and late morning. that's a little disturbance of passing to our south. most of the rain going with it. after that, the skies will clear out. at least temporarily. but notice there are a few more showers to our north and west. that's a disturbance that will come in lat for us. from northwest to southeast by the time we get to midday, early afternoon. and really nice second half of the day. mraent of sunshine. temperatures in the 80s. gorgeous, beautiful end to the week tomorrow. sun and clouds, 80s, nice beach weather. can't rule out an isolated storm. start of the weekend looking dry, although we will start with some clouds saturday morning. then the trend is for increasing sunshine. notice the green on the map. mainly focused to the west.
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stray storm. we'll get a chance of a thunderstorm later on sunday. so highs today, mid to upper 80s. rockport, boston, lower 80s on cape cod. do we touch 90? i think we do. the humidity is still low. of course, fenway concert series, it's always fun, right? lower 80s, zach brown band in town this weekend. that looks great as well. mostly clear. 60s overnight. 71 downtown. tomorrow, back into the 80s we climb. a little cooler at the the weekend looking really good. mid-80s on sunday. chance of an afternoon or evening storm. there will be some showers and storms on monday to cool us off. the sun shine looks beautiful on tuesday, wednesday. breaking overnight police investigating a crash. two tractor-trailers collided around 2:30 this morning. one of the drivers, a woman, was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other driver suffered only minor injuries. this is again on the pike
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ten. police are still ton the scene this morning and only -- still on the scene this morning. only one lane of traffic is getting by. there's some back-ups there. we'll take a live look at the gas tank this morning. you are slow going as well. other than that, it's a pretty smooth ride as you make your way on up to the city. we already know repairs to the long fellow bridge will last at least two more years. now we're hearing the project could be way over budget too. the state's highway costs probably won't exceed the $303 million budgeted. but that figure is still almost 20% higher than the initial expected cost. as of now, work is expected to be done in september of 2018. now to a wbz exclusive. foxboro police are looking for the driver who hit a young woman in the parking lot of patriot place and then took off. shelby practicedly was hit around 6:00 tuesday night. she says the driver stopped, said she would be back, and then drove away.
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injuries to her face and a bruised femur. >> it happened really fast, but i knew that i had been hit by a car. >> police are looking at surveillance video. the driver was a middle-aged woman with blonde air. she was driving a white suv. if you've noticed more ants in your kitchen in the last few days, you're not alone. insect experts tell the boston globe, drought conditions are forcing ants to look for water in other places. your best bet is -- to get rid of baited food traps inch the dry weather may be to blame on this big mess. a huge oak tree fell into a home yesterday. it sliced a hole in a spare bedroom. luckily no one was hurt. the homeowner is a dpw director in a nearby town and says trees everywhere are under stress. straight ahead, a first at the olympics from a trio of u.s. women.
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>> a vacation nightmare to tell you about. how far tourists had to walk after an elevator broke at the
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. home land secretary security jay johnson will be in louisiana today it see how the government is handling that state. at least 13 deaths are blamed on the floods. more than 70,000 people have signed up for individual assistance. fema says it will look into finding rental properties for anyone left homeless and will consider using temporary housing units. this morning the washington monument is closed again. the national park service says an elevator cable broke loose causing a car to stop between floors around the 500-foot mark. 84 passengers were freed but had
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safety. crews will work on repairs today. no word on how long it could take to fix or when it could reopen. in your money watch, a miss step for mcdonald's. the fast food chain pulling a toy. mcdonald's it's received limited reports that the bands for its activity trackers may cause skin irritation. the company is investigating the problem the in the meantime another toy will replace the fitness trackers. now you can brew up a lot more than coffee your keurig k- cups. cvs is selling pods to make hot medicine. there are daytime and night time versions available. they come in different flavors. a comeback victory for team usa. kerri walsh jennings and april ross won bronze. they battled back after losing the first set to brazil. the win came less than 24 hours after the pair lost to the other brazilian team in the
6:25 am
100 meter hurdles. rollins took gold. her fellow americans grabbed the -- grabbed the silver and bronze. it's the first sweep in olympic history. winning gold in the long jump there. she had a career best yesterday. defending olympic champion took the vill -- silver. bad news for abbey competing tonight. she tore her acl when she tripped. d'agostino and a new zealand athlete made headlines after they collided and helped each other. here's a look at that medal count. the u.s. continues to dominate with 93 medals overall, including 30 gold. china is in second place. we have lots more in our next half hour. including a decision whether massachusetts residents should have to pay for a new utility
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are trying to reassure parents this morning over lead concerns in the water. >> also ahead, the need for speed. getting a massachusetts driver in trouble with the law. how fast police say a man was going when he was pulled over in new hampshire. >> as we head to break, here are four things you might want to know before you head out the door this morning. stay with us, you're watching
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. breaking news right now at 6:30. mainly delays on the mass pike. two tractor-trailers crashing overnight. we'll have the latest. >> also, breaking overnight, investigators in brazil questioning u.s. olympic swimmers today over their account of a robbery in rio. two of those athletes pulled from their plane. >> and police investigating a hate crime in maine.
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good morning to you. it is 6:30 right now. >> it's shaping up to be a beautiful day out there. the moon is gone, and now the sun is coming out right? >> it's been a beautiful sunrise. you're absolutely right. good morning, everybody. and it's thursday. so let's look ahead to the weekend. i always like doing that as we near the end of the week. lots of sunshine on saturday. temperatures in the upper 80s. it will be a little bit cooler. all relati a few more clouds on sunday. is that the satellite center with me? we'll be near 80s degrees on the cape and islands. otherwise, 61 in manchester. 65 in wooster. 57 in keen. so it depends ston -- depends on where you are. it's a cool start. showers too through connecticut and southern wooster county. notice the motion of them from west to east. you may get a quick shower. it will be brief and passing.
6:31 am
we rise quickly, lower 80s by midday lunch with sun and clouds. it will be warm. and then filtered sunshine for the ride home. temperatures in the mid-80s. we'll take you through that weekend coming up. let's get you over to chris. breaking news overnight. two tractor-trailers collide on the mass bike in auburn. one of the drivers, a woman, had to be extricated from the vehicle. she was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other driver suffered only minor injuries. this crash happened on eastbound right near exit 10. right now only one lane of traffic is getting by while police are on scene investigating. let's take a live look at the tobin bridge. you can see it's filled in. it's going to take you a little while to get over the bridge. it's jammed right now into downtown. also breaking overnight. two american swimmers pulled off a plane in order to stay in brazil. >> police in rio want want to
6:32 am
ryan lochte. nicole jacobs is following the developments for us. >> reporter: chris, we've just learned the plane that would have been carrying those two swimmers has just arrived in the u.s. but new this morning, we're also learning the swimmers' attorney says the two are confused and shaken as to why the judge won't allow them to leave the country. there are multiple reports the swimmers are being treated well, they were only held briefly at the airport. but more questioning is expected. you can see they rio's airport earlier this morning. it was over the weekend four u.s. swimmers, including ryan lochte reported being robbed at gunpoint by men claiming to be police officers. in the security video obtained by the at aly mail, you can see the four swimmers returning to athletes' village following the crime. the olympians say it happened after a party.
6:33 am
discrepancies in their account where lochte recalls one robber and james feigen reports several robbers. all of their passports were ordered seized. nbc reports last night lochte changed his first account, now saying the assailant pointed a gun in his direction rather than at his forehead. jack conge and bentz were the two swimmers taken off the flight. a spokesperson released a statement reading, in part, the authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on thursday. james feigen is also expected to face more questions today. lochte who is back in the u.s. is said to be cooperating in this investigation. in the satellite center nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. a warning this morning about a peeping tom in the back bay. anna miler is there.
6:34 am
neighborhood says they caught a peeping tom in the act and called police. but that person has not been caught. now there are flyers hanging all over this neighborhood warning people to be vigilant and on the lookout. the poster says the peeping tom has been spotted three times in all on marlborough street. police have responded and taken down statements but haven't had any luck catching the suspect. the neighborhood watch alert also warns people of a recent mugging on this street. it says a woman was robbed and around 11:00 at night. the flyer also warns people to be on the lookout for a white ford pick-up truck. investigators tell us they've received many calls from people who is seen people looking into windows. police also tell us they are adding extra resources to this problem. we have seen a number of patrol cars in this area this morning. again, if you have any information, call police. reporting live in boston, wbz there morning. back to you. >> all right. good information.
6:35 am
portland mainz are investigating written threats urging violence against muslim residents. at least two notes were found at an apartment saying all muslims are terrorists. a man who once lived at the complex was killed in lebanon last year while fighting for isis. police are asking for people finding the person who stabbed a man to death in east boston. the victim was a man in his 20s. police say he was stabbed just before 7:00 wednesday morning jout side a home on paris street of altercation between the suspect and victim. they also say a red car was seen fleeing the area. a week and a half into the investigation of vanessa marcotte's murder, we've now learned princeton police have turned over their records to state police. investigators say they've received more than 800 tips in the case. the google employee was found dead a half mile from her morning's home hours after she didn't come back from a run. police believe marcotte fought with her killer, who they say
6:36 am
police hope someone will recognize a man wanted tore assaulting a worker. police released two photos of the man. this man is accused of attacking an mbta employee last saturday around 6:00 in the evening. if you recognize this man, call transit police. well, there's speeding and then there is is this. a massachusetts man charged with driving as much as 119 miles an hour on a stretch of 93. state police say kyle wasn't just driving fast. they say he was weaving recklessly touring yesterday's morning commute. he will be be baa -- be back in court. boston public schools superintendent is trying to reassure parents after seven more public schools tested positive for unsafe lead levels. he says he and the schools are doing everything they can to fix that problem. >> every single day, in the morning we're going to flush every single water foun tant.
6:37 am
overnight. >> affected schools well provide bottled water to schools if the lead levels aren't back to normal. massachusetts customers will not have to pay for the cost of building new natural gas pipelines. the supreme judicial court says state regulators made a mistake allowing utilities to add costs. the governor's administration supported it. a scare for one private pilot two f-15 fighters jets. why? well there's restricted airspace while president obama is in town. norad says this happened sunday afternoon. the plane was escorted and met by local police. 6:37 right now. imagine if cars could anticipate when and where you need a ride. well students and staff at one local university are working on making that a reality. >> yeah, ford motor group has patterned up with m.i.t.
6:38 am
demanding because these cars already know when to pick you up. >> you want to have the vehicle sort of predicting where the people will be so it will be there. >> starting in september a select group of m.i.t. students and professors will be able to request a ride from one of these electric cars that look like futuristic golf carts. >> we use laser scanners and cameras to track people as they walk by the vehicle. >> reporter: grad student justin miller has been working on the project for two years. >> and the purpose isn't to track rather to get a general idea of how people are flowing throughout, say, the campus. >> reporter: by tracking people's patterns over time, the cars will be able to predict when and where the most pedestrian traffic is on campus. >> so here we have a person being tracked in the camera and then as they -- it gets tracked, he's drawing his pedestrian paths here, the two people walking by. >> reporter: as each car drives, it's collecting data that goes
6:39 am
the back seat. that information eventually makes its way to ford who says they want to better understand mobility and demand in dense urban areas. >> this is an initial roll out for like the campus which is sort of a mike crow cosm of what traffic is in general. so by having a small set of vehicles on a small campus, then we can sort of analyze things that could be expanded to a city. >> reporter: but for now, miller says he's excited to provide an even more reliable way for his classmates to get aun for m.i.t. we'reth manying students can use this service to get to class, wake up, request a ride, and it's there, it picks you up and takes you to class. it can't be late, right? >> you request the rides through a special app that m.i.t. developed. but only 50 to 100 people have access right now because it's testing. they plan on eventually having these self-driving cars. makes you want to go back to college, right? >> if they just mapped us going
6:40 am
they would have to send a car. >> it would be there waiting for us. it would know all the time. >> very cool story. just ahead, a check of the dade' -- day's top story. >> the surprise visitor that may have saved the infant's life. plus who is facing charges this morning. >> a convicted sex offender arrested again. what he's accused of doing in a local neighborhood. danielle good morning. shaping up to be a nice one. >> it is. temperatures in the upper 80s today it will be a little and islands this morning. otherwise a pretty nice end to the week.
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. for the first time in three years, lava from a volcano on hey a's big island is entering the pacific ocean and it's creating quite a tourist attraction. national parks has seen an increase of almost 1500 visitors every day. but this is not an easy trek. to see the lava you need to go by boat or helicopter or hike ten miles round trip.
6:44 am
helicopter ride. >> the hike seems a little nervous. whoops, there goes your foot. >> it's hot enough, like you're on this volcano. you don't need to hike ten miles before. >> but super cool images. >> super cool. it's on the bucket list. >> of things to do. >> i'm hiking it guys. come on. ten miles? piece of cake. look at this sunrise picture, chris and brianna. beautiful, look at the texture to the clouds. the oranges, the blues, thanks to gilles park for this right a fantastic sunrise with the clouds decorating the sky. the clouds are going to send back out. they'll get thicker. 70 in boston right now. 65 in wooster. lower 60s from nash with a to manchester. same in norwood. we're sitting at 59 degrees right now. middle 60s for most of us. the dew point much lower than it was at this time yesterday. so the air is comfortable.
6:45 am
it looks pretty nasty this morning. a few more showers going to come out of eastern connecticut. it may come into bristol, plymouth county, a shower on the cape between now and probably let's say 9:00, 9:30 this morning. there's another disturbance to our north and west. we really don't have to worry about it today. i think we'll toss clouds in our direction through midday and early afternoon. but then we clear the skies back out. so we'll call it varying amounts of sun and clouds. we stay mainly dry. our friday, looking good. sun and -- in the morning tomorrow. a few building clouds. could be an isolated thunderstorm but most of us won't see it. and that will be the case again on saturday, too. a little ridge of high pressure trying to be in control here. we'll start with some clouds. we do pop some showers and storms. but they're mainly focused wooster county points west. so the weekend looking good. highs in the mid to upper 80s today.
6:46 am
notice in a couple of spots. places like lawrence, near 90 in manchester. mostly clear overnight tonight. 62 to 68 in the suburbs. about 71 in downtown boston. highs tomorrow, very similar to today. maybe a touch cooler at the coast with a wind coming in off the occasion. a little sea breeze kicks in tomorrow. great beach day. by the way, yesterday we took a look at tropical storm fiona. 45 miles per hour winds look at it staying a tropical storm right on through the upcoming weekend. this is by tuesday of next week. still way south and east of bermuda. fiona storm for the fishes. seven day forecast, mid to upper 80s this weekend. some showers early on monday. then we get clearing that comes in really a beautiful air mass. sunny right around 80 for tuesday and wednesday. >> danielle, thank you. breaking overnight, police investigating a crash on the mass pike in auburn.
6:47 am
this morning. one of the drivers, a woman, was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other driver suffered only minor injuries. now police are still on the scene and there's only one lane getting by right now. asking is on the pike eastbound near exit 10 closer to boston. this is a live look at 93 south as you make your way into the city some somerville. you can see it's a little slow and go in that area. definitely pack your patients this -- patience this morning. let's get a look expressway. this is at columbia road. things moving along there. our stop stories begin with more breaking news overnight. two swimmers ordered to stay in brazil. >> yeah, they along with another teammate are expected to speak with police in brazil today about a reported robbery involving them and teammate ryan lochte. two of those swimmers were taken off a flight last night for questioning. lochte is already back in the u.s. he's standing by his story, although he has changed some of the details of what happened.
6:48 am
the back bay. these signs are posted there telling people to watch out for a peeping tom. police have gotten numerous reports about a man lurking and looking in windows on marlborough street. that man may be driving a white ford pick-up truck. anyone with information is asked to call boston police. a convicted sex offender arrested again accused of flashing women. norwood police tell us chad falcone exposed himself to two women in their early 20s near his home on tuesday. he's a level two sex offender himself dating back to 1989. a judge yesterday him ordered on bail. a mother arrested after police say her five week old baby was found home alone in a hot apartment. a probation officer was making ab unannounced visit last month. when she arrived she heard a baby crying. she says the windows were closed and the air-conditioning unit was off. first responders broke into the home and when the baby's mother returned home, she was arrested
6:49 am
can't say for sure how many homes and other buildings have been destroyed by a fast-moving wildfire in san bernadino county, california. but they say, that number is large. so far, the so-called blue cut fire is only 4% contained. still to come, tom brady's special guest. >>en athe red sox trying to keep their winning streak alive. how the rain impacted the game. >> and even bears have to go to the dst patient. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic.
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happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving
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. six:fwhoo on your thursday morning. heavy rains putting an early end to the sox game in baltimore. a solid night for david price. he gave up just one run on four hits. looking good out there. jackie bradley jr. putting center in the third. it would add a two-run double in the sixth. sox win the rain-shortened game. they'll begin a series with the royals in kansas city tonight. >> to football. the patriots and bears wrapped up their joint practices yesterday. rod gronkowski missed his second straight day. remember, wbz is the place to be for tonight's preseason match-up between the pats and bears. we'll get you started with
6:53 am
kick off at 8:00. stick around for after the game for the fifth quarter post game show. we don't know if tom brady will play tonight but he did some quality father and son time after yesterday's practice hanging on the field with his oldest son. >> that's awesome. it is 6:53 right now. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> let's check in with charlie rose. >> ahead on cbs this morning we're with firefighters on the front lines of the california wildfire. they say it is unanything and donald trump's new campaign manager is in studio 57. we will talk with kelly ann conway about how she plans to get the campaign back on track. all of that and more, the news is back in the morning see you at 7:00. >> all right. thank you. up next a wild rescue operation when a raccoon gets stuck, the handy ingredient that local workers used to save the
6:54 am
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. the dentist may seem unbearable to some. >> yeah. but that took a whole new meaning when ursula the bear went in for an appointment. ursula was brought enter the hospital at the zoo to of a tooth pulled. the staff was focused on keeping
6:57 am
sedated while they worked. employees say she will be a lot more comfortable now that the tooth is gone. >> the keepers are obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. but they know their animals. we watch the food intake and how they're chewing. >> ursula is 16 years old she came to the zoo in 2000 after being orphaned in the wild in virginia. >> who knew there was bear dentists. well it was a rush to rescue this raccoon stuck in a sewer animal control, police, and maintenance workers all worked to free the animal. they used cooking grease to get its head out of the drain. they probably called chris over here. he knows everything there it is to know. >> costa rican raccoons. >> i'm just saying. >> he's okay. weather looks beautiful today. low humidity. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s. there may be an isolated shower. plenty of sunshine tomorrow.
6:58 am
too. we may see an isolated storm or sunday. a nice fresh air mass comes in. it looks gorgeous on tuesday, wednesday. we'll right around 80 degrees. >> fab tastic. we are monitoring a situation on the pike out in auburn. so we will update you on that all morning long. >> cbs this morning is next straight here on wbz. cottage cheese doesn't have to be just plain cottage cheese. with hood, it can be... ? hey! ? ...peach on a bagel... ? uh-huh ? vegetable on a caprese salad... ? hey! ?
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, august 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? firefighters battling a raging california wildfire say they have never seen flames lik 80-foot walls of fire put tens of thousands of homes at risk. will donald trump's new campaign managers be able to build a ground game to turn around his eroding support? campaign manager kellyanne conway is here in studio 57. >> ryan lochte his teammates were removed from their flight home by brazilian authorities. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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