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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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shot at a home there. >> sources tell us that he was shot by another boy but police are calling it an accident. >> very active scene here not far from the brockton line on lynn wood street where as you said a very sad story. a boy about 11 years old has been accidentally shot. let's show you the scene as it unfolded earlier today. authorities arriving about 3:30 when scene. authorities indicating it appears the two boys were playing with the gun or examining the gun and that this was accidental. at some point unfortunate think weapon said to be a handgun went off striking the victim, the boy in the face. this is plymouth county district attorney. >> they responded for an incident where an 11 year-old boy appears to have been shot in
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that young boy has been transported to the hospital. we believe he is doing -- okay right now. like i said any gunshot wound is dangerous and anything can happen. our thoughts and prayers go out to that little boy. that is number one right now. >> back here live you can see police investigators here at at least one home. once again this young victim about 11 years old, the boy now said to be in stable condition. a police very upset about this. the other boy was obviously extremely distraught. now there is a complete investigation underway. back toe you. we have breaking news in shirley. a woman out jogging told police she was approached by a man in a van that she called suspicious. >> this is parking the interest
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>> well this is where this woman was jogging in shirley yesterday when she said a green van p pulled up to her. a man asking her if she wanted a bottle of water. she was suspicious immediately because he of how he looked. she said it is something that never happened to her before. she ran as fast as she could. >> a van was headed directly toward me as so much i to jump into a ditch. >> she posted this warning on her facebook page after her friend was approached by a suspicious van. >> he said would you like some
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weird. she hightailed and oh tail -- it to get away from him and called authorities. >> what had her on guard the warnings from authorities after the murder of vanessa still unsolved. >> we walk here all the time. everyone walks in this neighborhood. we have a lot of great three mile walks everywhere. >> when it comes to suspicious vehicles, people, activity, i recommend you call the police department, report what you i would rather have an officer respond versus not investigating at all. >> that was shirley police chief thomas golden who said this woman was able to get a par ---al plate. a massachusetts plate with the numbers 930 on it. shirley police are now running plates to look for a possible match in the area. they are also patrolling this neighborhood tonight. back to you. >> there is a new development in a new york case that has been
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in princeton. police releasing this sketch of a man who they want to track down who they want to talk to in connection with the death of a 30-year-old woman who was killed jogging in queens. let's give you a better look. investigators have not connected the crimes however they have also said they are not ruling anything out. well tonight an investigation is underway into a deadly shuttle bus crash that claimed the lives of two tois was hit and sent careening out of control. >> seatbelt use will be a major part of that investigation. as a safety expert explains there is a major reason why that attitude needs to change. >> as the hotel shuttle left
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driver of subaru slammed into it from behind. the shuttle careened into the barrier ejecting and killing two passengers from el paso, texas. shoes and luggage scattered the roadway. later we saw the shuttle surrounded in crime scene tape with a back window missing. >> when you see a crash like this, the windows pop out and occupants are thrown out. that is a veryom >> sean cane says the shuttles do not go through rigorous crash testing standards the the results are often catastrophic. >> they really don't offer the kind of occupant protection that you would expect. >> today a producer picked up the shuttle. the vehicle was equipped with seatbelts but none of the passengers had them on. >> at logan people waiting to get to their hotels told us buckling up never crossed their
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seatbelts? >> no, i don't. >> after hearing details of the deadly crash he checked to make sure his shuttle had seatbelts and said his habits might change. >> in light of what you said about the accident, i will be looking again. >> the driver of the shuttle and to other out of state passengers also went to the hospital after that crash. police are investigating to see if the driver of the 27-year-old man from swampscott, should face criminal charges. back to you. a fierce fire in allston uncovering a danger. firefighters say that building was filled with illegal apartments with inadequate smoke detectors. as thousands of college students get ready to move into that area this fire is reigniting calls for tougher regulations.
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are now homeless. fire officials say because of building code violations here, this could have been much worse. >> as thousands of college students move into off campus housing an early morning fire leaves some homeless. >> from the investigation has determined this is like a room and boarding house. >> fire officials bound building smoke detectors and too many bedrooms for this two family house. >> having 11 locked rooms in a structure certainly had the potential to have -- a fatality here. >> in 2013 boston university student was killed in a fire. that house also had violations. >> that was heartbreaking to me.
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off campus housing this week. >> that is the only thing i'm worried about. about people cracking down on what is safe is that people that can't afford on campus or can barely afford off campus may not be able to live in allston. >> i think it is very important that they are making that initiative and -- and doing that and going out there and trying to make us safer. we are like 20-year-olds and 21 year-olds and don't really know what is gog officials say fire started on the back rear end near the bathroom. if a student has a problem with their landlord officials say to call the mayor's hot line 311 and report it. >> from there a city inspector will come out and take a look at it. back to you. still to come, what is in the water. why people should stay away from parts of the charles river. we head up to main to see if
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and large snake ourselves. coming up at 8:00 we continue to track tropical storm hermine. we have a live report from clearwater, for no where they -- florida where they are bracing for the brunt of that storm. as we head to break here we have this week's wednesday's child. this is 14-year-old isaiah. he is s, shy. he loves playing sports outdoors. he said he is looking for a very special family that is positive and willing to give him some extra time and care. if you are interested in learning more about isaiah, please visit our website
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well there is something in the water of the
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bloom has taken over. health officials say people and pets should avoid contact with that water. the blue-green algae usually grow in calm, warm shallow water. it could look a bit like green paint. just when the river was being celebrated -- the algae bloom. >> it is really, really ugly. so eric seems to be pulling his this storm. >> it is all about labor day weekend. we are watching our storm system right now in the gulf of mexico. it has been a tricky one. we have been watching for it 17 days now. it has been so slow to develop. we will get into the forecast here. it is moving its way out to sea.
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hate been strengthening today. it might get right up to that area of 74 mile per hour winds. certainly much more organized today than what we saw yesterday. it is just starting it's move. we will lift it up to the florida panhandle. here is a look at the track. over the start of this track, as it moves up across florida late tomorrow night, across southeast georgia and then heading up towards the carolinas that part is high confidence. a re that is where the storm will go. we will see heavy rainfall and some strong winds as well as storm surge. once it gets up into our neck of the woods things become trickier. what that will do is stall this system just off to our south. all the impact really revolves around where exactly this system is going to stall. so if you look at the big picture, ridge of high pressure builds over the northeast. that ridge stops the storm from being able to escape out to sea.
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england. it may sit here for several days. so where it stops is going to -- determine where that rain comes. some key takeaways i don't think it will be a very powerful damaging storm for us. that does not look like the case right now. i also think the further north you go, you will probably never have a single issue here is a look at our labor day forecast. on friday and saturday we are dry. some clouds are start town crease on saturday. sunday is where that rain tries to move a little farther north and lift up into southern new england. we are watching where that band will set up. our highest chance of rainfall will come monday. i know the timing is not what any of us want but we want it to get a little bit farther north
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that could help out our drought situation. a few showers trying to move in from the west tonight. out the door tomorrow some wet weather, some clouds, muggy conditions. also a chance for a few more pop up showers and even a storm during the afternoon. that will be most likely in the afternoon across southeastern massachusetts. tonight we are in the 60s. it is muggy. few showers developing. tomorrow more scattered showers. with the cloud cover a touch cool then as we look toward the weekend, we will clear things out for friday. we are quiet on saturday before we track the tropics. we will get some big surf and rip currents either way. here is your seven day. look at all the 70s. we haven't had a day that cool in a long time. >> it will feel good.
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the legend. it has captivated the country. the search has been going on now for months. >> with pictures that seem to prove the giant snake does exist, here is the one with the snake skin. people are having fun right now try together track the snake down. today we launched a search of our own. >> it is the summer of the snake in westbrook main. for any sleuth, the first stop has to a lovely setting where some think danger may lurk. >> i do think it is real. just the -- the park is where this picture was taken. it is where this huge snake skin was discovered. they just found out that snake
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has been investigating this mystery all summer. >> it is more of a court city. >> the guys at the landing brewing company whipped up a t-shirt to go along with their beer. >> it was really popular. tap tomorrow. >> we had people asking for it. >> though it has been a lot of fun, a lot of people -- it seems like a tall tail to me. >> others believe. >> he is long. the police will get him. >> [ laughter ] we hope they are. if he is real and if it is an anaconda they hope to find it soon. they are not so sure it would
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anacondas are native to south america. what is the latest? >> i don't want any ledge end to grow. >> red socks are heading out west and leaving on a high note. the sox beat the rays today 8-6. they have tomorrow off before starting a nine game road trip out in oakland o they took a 4-1 lead early on. ramirez bailed them out. bottom of the 5th bases loaded. 7th career grand slam. sox took a 5-4 lead. the fans are loving it. a homer made it 6-4. the top of the 8th, he came in with the bases loaded and gives up a two run single to logan.
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it is tied at 6. next batter jackie bradley jr. he doubles to right for his third hit of the day. brock holt comes home for a huge insurance run. craig pitch add 1, 2, 3 night. sox win it 8-6. now a game and a half behind the jays for first place. >> we had to find a way to fight back once again. that is a care terrorism cystic [ indiscernible ] we happen to get a series win out of this before heading on the road. >> it is always good to have a win on a get away day. it felt like it really energized us. i was good to feel. >> we have got each other's back. we try to pick each other up. >> they got it done.
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you will start tomorrow night. if you are still wander what brady would do during his four game suspension today jim harbaugh told nfl network that brady will be honoree captain for wolverines when they host colorado. you can watch tomorrow night right here on station. pats and jags kick off at 7:00. last night rob was on it with the community service award brock was joking on stage but his dedication to charity is no joke. >> who would have ever thought five years ago when i was on espn every weekend drunk that i would be accepting this award. [ laughter ] football doesn't last forever. people can judge you about you play football.
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you do off the field. >> well he certainly deserves that. that is sports for now. over to you. cbs evening news coming up here at 6:30. >> tonight here on the cbs evening news -- >> we did discuss the wall. we wall. >> donald trump meets with mexico's president. is he backing down? also a tropical storm gains strength in the gulf and heads for florida. this college football player takes a cue from a play book of kindness. those stories ahead in a few minutes. well a fun farewell for big
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four hundred million dollars.
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setts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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today big papi's farewell tour reaches new heights. >> david ortiz and his son got a week peak this morning at a life size statute of him made of legos. the statute officially unveil third-degree -- under -- unveiled >> where are they going to keep it all? >> he is going to have to get a bigger house. [ laughter ] we will be right back.
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices
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end of the month back to the 70s. >> we get into september and some cooler air finally in the forecast. a lot of 70s across and also some showers. >> i have heard a lot of people this year say they are glad
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hot and dry. >> yeah. talk to me in mid february and see if they still feel the same way. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. see you back here for the news at 11:00. >> o'donnell: trump crosses the border. mending fences-- >> and i happen to have a tremendous feeling for mexican-americans. >> o'donnell: and building walls. >> as for who pays for the wall, we didn't discuss it. >> o'donnell: also tonight, the governor declares an storm hermine batters the state. a u.s. navy landing goes terribly wrong. we'll show you what happened next. and the college football play of the week, making a young boy's day. >> reporter: you looked up and there he was? >> yeah. >> reporter: and what did he say? >> he said, "what's up, dude in? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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