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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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scene on the ground. a horrific mystery. a baby not even a year old found dead at a home in marlborough. >> the adults responsible for the infant were found in the home unresponsive. christina hager is live in marlborough. christina-- >> reporter: paula, when emergency crews got here they found a frantic woman holding a baby. adults. and a fire official says they weren't moving our talking. emts were able to revive them but not the baby. >> we're devastated obviously. >> reporter: family members are taking it hard says the cousin of this 19-year-old mom. a neighbor saw her being
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emts suspect an opiate overdose. >> teenager's mother clutching a bundle. >> my baby, my baby, i don't know what happened. and the ambulance took the baby. >> that infant was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> came out with a man in handcuffs. and he was walking out and the older woman went up to him and said what did you do to my what did you do to my daughter? it was he wasn't responding, just walking with the officer. and the female was sitting with her head down. >> reporter: the 23-year-old man was the baby's father. he and the teenage mom were taken to the hospital. >> naloxone is also known as narcan. a sign at the door says house protected by angels.
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what happened. but they know this much. >> i guess it was an accident. i don't think it was something intentional. >> that relative says the mom and her boyfriend, the baby's father, were in the hospital today and are doing better. there's a criminal investigation going on but no charges from the district attorney's office. the department of children and christina hager, wbz news. a woman is in critical condition and her boyfriend is in custody at crime scene tape surrounds their billerica home. >> reporter: we're told the victim's family is with her at the hospital. and tragically the injuries are very serious. and we're told by a source that the victim's boyfriend was
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hours at a home on rogers street. sources tell wbz a woman was severely beaten allegedly by her boyfriend. a neighbor who is a relative says she is 26-year-old lindsay ferraro who lives in the home with her boyfriend and another female roommate. >> there were probably six cruisers, she was so bad that the firemen went with her to the sp send another crew to come get the fire truck. they took her to the hospital right away. and took him -- in handcuffs. took him out. >> how badly hurt is she? >> very bad. brain bleed and broken bones in her face. so i don't know if she's come to yet or not. >> police are not commenting saying more information will be released in court monday.
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savage attack doris says. >> he kicked her in the head. that's what they say. when they put him in the cruiser, they said take his shoes, his sneakers, they want that for evidence. i guess he's going to court monday. >> and tonight lindsay ferraro is in critical condition and police are not commenting. tells us more information will come out in court jim smith, wbz news. 18 people are homeless after fire sweeps through two homes in lowell. one man walking his dog saw the burning buildings and rushed in to help. >> i was walking my dog and when i went over here, the house was already engulfed. when i ran through the front
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and-- >> everyone made it out safely from that home. the cause of the fire is under investigation but it appears of the started on a back porch. hundreds are in boston on the common for a peaceful protest of president-elect donald trump. several have been carrying signs that say love trump's hate. and trump is working to put together his cabinet. today he making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government. and he's already made one big decision. >> reporter: vice president elect mike pence will lead the transition team. new jersey governor chris christie will play a key role along with dr. ben carson, newt
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great president and i'm glad to play a small role. >> trump is working on the white house agenda, including plans for obama care. he's willing to leave some parts of it in place, something he'll have to run by the republicans. >> the american public expects us to pursue the agenda we talked about and i'm confident that's what we'll do. >> trump said he'd like the parts of obama care that prohibit -- insurers only a signed off on those because of the individual mandate and republicans don't like the policy. donald trump sat down with leslie stahl. you can see that interview here on wbz sunday night on 60
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>> with winds whipping today, boston and the nation paused for the very first time, coming together at the same moment to honor veterans. coast-to-coast, people stopped and paid tribute to those who have served our nation. this is the very first name moment of silence on veterans day. >> which is hard to believe. it was because of a westin man who spent years pushing honor. >> like all veterans day ceremonies, speeches were made, wreaths were placed, and gold star families laid flowers in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> god bless our veterans. >> peter -- and his son daniel -- this veterans day had a special moment, the kind of moment that can only be done in silence. for the first time on veterans
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ceremonies across the nation. it's an idea peter and daniel came up with six years ago. >> we've had 654 meetings. we have been repeatedly told, great idea but it will never happen in america. it's amazing that it has happened. >> because of their efforts, peter and his son were asked to take part in the veterans day ceremony in washington, d.c. with president obama. >> it's emotiol about my grandparents who served. >> the moment of silence gave sara orlando time to think about her brother. peter orlando of the united states marine corps who died in 2002. >> it's good for the world, not only just the city, to know what their service means. >> it's a dream come true for the father and son team. not for themselves but for those who gave their lives.
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see the idea grow. >> i'm paul burton, wbz news. a dedicated group of athletes making a name for themselves. >> the undefeated young team who hasn't given up a point this season. two winter wonderland is about to open. and rematch. how players are preparing to step it up against the seahawks. and we're live to talk about the winter season to come
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these young football players are sporting amazing stats.
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no opponent has scored against them. the junior raiders in wellesley has had an incredible season. >> they are now getting ready to face the biggest challenge yet. >> big game this weekend, big game this weekend. your guys ready? >> yeah! >> they are 10 and 11 years old and playing their hearts out. >> good job! >> 10-0 on and the defense puts up nothing but o's. >> our strategy all season is if they can't score they can't win. >> they compete in the state semifinals. if they win there, they play for the state championship. >> i play running-back and linebacker. >> i play quarterback.
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end and cornerback. >> this team is tight and hard working. the secret of the winning ways -- >> practice a lot. great coaches and when one line is not doing well, the other line steps up. basically how we do it. >> smarter with memorizing plays and teaching you how to be a leader. >> the value of hard work, commitment, sportsmanship and team work. and ou have good success on the footballfield as well. >> and friendships that last. >> when the season is over, i'll still be playing with my friends. [ cheering ] >> i got to say. i don't care what level it is. do you know how hard it is to
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gronk. >> and we wish them the best and we wish the best for the other team as well. other sports as soon as the snow flies. >> it's crazy to think that the slopes have been open. we've had bursts of cold here and there. and everyone is thinking about the first big snowstorm across northern new england. the mobile wer weekend. we have our team out. free candy, things to color. and this year, instead of interesting at the show, you can do it online at slash contest. and the prize for guessing the snow is a free season pass to away chew sets. get the information. and pamela and barry and myself
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let's talk about the weather. today a day of transition. the morning was nice. great to see for the veterans day parades, and inventories going on -- events going on earlier. we see a quick rebound. what we don't see is a lot of rainfall. the best chance for rain is tuesday of next week. and we have a full moon at the end of the weekend. from the upper 50s earlier on to all the way back to the 40s and some towns in colder air is going to seep in overnight. and the front came through mainly dry. and we'll be seeing clearing skies in the overnight. the main story is the wind. gusts over 40 miles per hour at times and those winds stay gusty throughout the next few hours. a few gusts here and there. and could be as high as 50. and most of them will be out of the north and west around 40.
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delivering the cold. and tomorrow and sunday are breezy days and nothing as bad as what we had out there for this afternoon or tonight. in terms of temperatures, 20s for many. and boston could hit the freezing mark. and that's the first time since april when we had the cold snap to start spring. not much weather. we have bright skies and a good couple of days. tomorrow's highs in the 40s and it will be bright. sunday it rebounds, and temperatures in the 50s which after a chilly day tomorrow. if you're just going out. bundle up a little bit. a little bit of an early december preview. and sunday it's a -- highs in the 50s in the afternoon. good news for the patriots, also good if you're tailgating. the super moon on sunday evening. the moon rise at 4:15 in the evening. right before sunset. and with that you'll be talking
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at night but very high tides. the king sides are on the way for next week. those are the highest high tides of the year. and the highest overall will be tuesday and wednesday. mainly dry over the next few days, and 60s on monday and tuesday will be the next chance for significant rain. and everyone is friendly, we're talking to everyone and getting excited for the season. your timing is perfect, impeccable. y the time and think about the ways to take advantage of winter instead of dreading what's over the next few months. >> get the chance to shake hands with eric fisher. that's why people are doing it. it's not like when you get to meet steve burton. >> that's next level. >> stop it. >> this game sunday night could be next level.
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undefeated. you know how hard that is. undefeated and un-scored upon. >> amazing. >> november 8, 2015, is the last time deon lewis played in a football game. we remember how good he is. quick as a hiccup, the kid can flat out play. and he might be back as soon as sunday. the pats took to the practice field in preparation for the sunday night game against the seahawks. and you drills with his teammates. and his coach says that's one of the final steps before getting into a game. >> working hard. this is what he needs, being around football. rehabbing and running uphills and doing pushups and all that. that's great but that's not playing football. a lot of good football snaps over the last.
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>> the fact that he's been cleared medically -- and then how he looks on the football field. >> we'll preview the pats and seahawks tonight at 7:00 on wbz. part two of tom brady's interview. and we sit down with danny amen dole. >> your snaps are down but the production is up. you'll done well on the >> just trying to help the team win. everybody has a role whether it be offense, defense, or special teams. trying to be ready to play when my number is called. >> and be sure to start your sunday at 11:30 on wbz. and after the game, the 5th quarter post game show. chris hogan is listed as questionable with a back
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the sox. mookie betts had surgery and should be ready for spring training, and pitchers and catchers report on valentine's day. and red sox -- the other thing we want to point out. sox lost the bench coach. today they filled the spot with a local guy from billerica. he managed in league system. now he'll be up with john ferrell. cbs evening news is coming up at 6:30. >> scott pelley is joining us with a preview. good evening. >> paula, david, good evening, great to be with you in boston. we're going to have at the top of the broadcast, an exclusive interview with the next president of the united states. leslie stahl sat down with donald trump and his family.
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care and talked about the phone call he got from hillary clinton on election night. all of that and the rest of the world news coming up on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. >> we'll see you then, thank you. up next, from drab to fabulous.
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three weeks from today, boston city hall plaza will tranm wonderland. >> a skating rink will whisk people around the plaza. here's a rendering. a lodge with beer and other festive drinks. shops, and santa will be there. it starts december 2nd. check out our website. but what a great way to spruce up city hall plaza. >> it needs sprucing, and i love the marketing of this. very high in the announcement
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>> the word beer. >> ice and beer. that will get you there.
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went to give you an update on the breaking news. a brush fire in the lynn woods, firefighters plan to let it burn for now. this is off ox pasture road, nicknamed the old wolf pits. because of the darkness it's too dangerous while. the flames are not threatening any homes. they'll keep an eye on throughout the night. it's going to be a late night sunday. patriots coming off a bye. and seattle is a tough team but banged up. a goodwin. >> what's the green light all about? >> that means all systems go. >> if not i'm going for it. >> steve burton has determined that's what it means.
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and we're all systems go for the 11:00 news. have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs trump backtracks on obamacare. >> reporter: are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. >> pelley: a first look at an exclusive "60 minutes" interview. also point, christie's out, pence is in, team is shaken up. an anti-trump march turns into a riot. >> we are here for love. we are not here to spread hate. >> pelley: there's a jump in accidents with more elderly truck drivers at the wheel. >> reporter: do you think his age played into that at all? >> i do, i do. >> pelley: and why would a couple wait nine years to open a wedding gift? >> you kind of wonder, you know, at the time to turn to the box.


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