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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight at 11:00, protesters in chicago join others around the nation in protesting donald trump. >> many of these rallies appear to be peaceful like this one in summerdale. >> as was this one held in springfield as president-elect trump gives his first interview since winning the oval office. >> good evening everyone. i'm katie brace. >> and i'm ken macleod. we're looking at what the president -- trump presidency will look like after he named two committee members. reince priebus will serve as his chief of staff and the man who ran the campaign, stephen bannon, will serve as chief strategist and senior counselor. this, as trump goes into more detail on his plans for the oval office.
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election interview to cbs 60 minutes. jim smith has the highlights. >> reporter: it's safe to say that supporters and opponents of donald trump were closely watching tonight's interview. he was more low-key than he was during the campaign but still spoke his mind. it was must-see tv, not only donald trump but most of the trump family sitting down with 60 minutes only days after the huge election win. he did review -- reveal a realization about the enor but is so enormous. >> it kind of took your breath away. >> a little bit. i think i realized that this is a whole different life for me. >> reporter: trump said he had pleasant conversations with hillary and bill clinton after the campaign. so does he have regrets about
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>> it's not something like that. i am very proud of the campaign. >> reporter: he was also asked about supreme court justices. >> they will be pro-life. they will be and terms of the holden situation, we know the second amendment and everybody is talking about the second amendment. they are trying -- trying to die set up >> reporter: many of the protesters he says our professional demonstrators. he had this to say about recent attacks against muslim americans. >> don't do it, that's terrible. i am going to bring this country together. >> they are harassing latinos and muslims. >> i am so saddened to hear that and i say stop it. >> reporter: and trump says yes, he still wants to build
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says he will retain some features of obamacare and finally know, trump says he will not take any salary to be president. jim smith wbz news. >> we're also hearing from the future first lady who will take the -- will take up the issue of cyber bullying and says she talks with his husband about his tweets. >> does he listen to you? >> sometimes. >> i'm not a big twitter. but they hit home. they have to get a point across. >> if he does something that you think crosses you tell him? >> i tell him all the time. >> all the time?>> all the time. >> does he listen? >> i think he hears me but he will do what he wants to do. he is an adult. he knows the consequences. i give him my opinion and he could do whatever he likes with it.>> stay with wbz and for the latest information on the transition of power to president-elect trump. if you haven't gotten
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and see the superman. the moon hasn't been this close since 1948 circuit is looking extra bright. emily gardner is here to explain. >> 30% brighter and 14% closer than a typical full moon. we have had tons of pictures rolling in. i posted a facebook album on our wbz weather fan page. i don't have enough time to show you all the wonderful pictures but these photos sent in by heather from ride beach and another i appreciate what you are seeing out there. the superman is the closest and 69 years. 30,000 miles closer than the apogee moon. perigee moon is when it's closest. king tides as a result. it's the highest of the year falling on tuesday. i will get to that in just a few minutes. temperatures now, very mild in boston, 51 degrees at the bus
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40 degrees and then we rebound nicely to another gorgeous afternoon. 62 degrees and a southwest wind. we will start to cool off in just a little bit and go to those king tides in the forecast as well as rain. new at 11:00, a possible hate crime. police are looking into a series of threatening letters that have shown up at a resident's door. two letters laced with profanity and racial slurs were dropped off on thursday an the police chief says the behavior does not reflect their values and the department is taking a case seriously. an arrest in the case of a murder in east williston. arthur negara is facing charges in south carolina and massachusetts but he is not charged with murder. police are still trying to figure out who killed the man who was found shot in the woods
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>> reporter: katie, there are many moving parts. police arrested one man so far. michael arthur noguera was charged as a fugitive and found in a trailer in conway, south carolina. this is the man, arrested in connection with a murder in the woods in easton. 47-year-old michael arthur noguera of lehigh acres florida was arrested in south ca he was charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact, armed robbery, and larceny. this all happened after 35-year- old daniel smith was found shot in the woods on tuesday. he died on friday at the hospital. easton residents are shocked. >> here it is now in this neighborhood. you just kind of surprised to hear it. >> reporter: the investigation isn't over. officers are still searching for the red 2016 mazda with the
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men is unclear but smith also most recently lived in florida. michael arthur noguera has not been charged with murder. a suspect will appear in a south carolina court tomorrow when the extradition process will begin. he will then be returned to massachusetts to be arraigned here. chantee lans, wbz news. developing tonight, police in brockton are looking for the armed, masked men wh the court tells paul burton -- yvette clarke tells paul burton -- the clerk tells paul burton she was terrified. >> reporter: chrisi pomales is thankful to be alive after two armed men with a gun and knife dressed in all black rush into this saab energy gas station in brockton. >> i was over here and they pointed the gun and they knife.
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thieves all she had but they said it wasn't enough. >> they kept saying where is the money? i said we don't have any more money and they still my pocketbook. >> reporter: the 43-year-old clerk says she worked here for 30 years and never encountered this. >> they to floor silence on the floor like that. >> reporter: she says this is the second time this gas station has been robbed in the past week. the first time the robbers came, they cut the wire to the security cameras, which is why the second robbery was not caught on tape. >> i thought i might end up dead. >> reporter: she says the two men quickly took off with about $300 in cash and they are still on the loose. >> and i don't know if they are going to decide to come out of -- to come back again. >> reporter: she is not taking any chances and plans to lock the door before it gets dark. >> my boss said to close the door at 8:00 and use the lock on the side.
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investigating. anyone with information is asked to call police. paul burton wbz news. police are working to identify a suspect in a deadly hit and run in tottenham. the car hit michael alfano who was riding his bike at the intersection of broadway and washington on thursday. michael alfano was hospitalized and died friday of injuries. police found the 2010 gray toyota vans at they think hit him, registered -- venza registered to a driver in brockton. sergei albert tells the boston globe he remembers taking a substance with his girlfriend before whacking out. emts were called to the home on harrison place thursday when both were found unconscious. there baby was also unresponsive and later died at the hospital.
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be painted as a baby murderer. prosecutors have said very little about the case. a greenbelt trolley -- a green valley trolley and a car collided but no injuries here. at least two people are dead after a powerful earthquake in new zealand. the 7.8 quake hit near the city of christchurch tsunami the city is still rebuilding from an earthquake in 2011, which killed 185 people. the french president and paris as 'mayor gathered to honor victims killed when gunmen opened fire at six sites emma bataclan theater. somber ceremonies took place today. last night, the bataclan
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reignited. >> the legal support for the hospital garden. and a winning team with an impeccable streak competes in their biggest game yet. of is a vape -- it was a perfect evening foreman gazing. this is video of that superman as it continues to shine bright in the sky. because of it, we have a flood threat. maybe some moderate to flooding. monday on wbz this morning, donald trump's first post-election interview. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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the group opposing the expansion of boston children's hospital is appealing the state decision to approve it. the construction is unnecessary and will drive healthcare they say. the project calls for an 11 story building to be built for enjoyment by patients and families. to massachusetts public health council approved the expansion last month. let's take a look at the superman over boston. we are in for a rare treat. you still have time to go outside and see it, you just kind of have to really look up in the sky. >> and the moon sets just after 6 am so you have plenty of
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we had tons of pictures rolling in. some of our best photos -- >> i like that one. >> that one is fantastic from rockport. and another one from heather showing off her skills with the superman. that's in northborough. we have another photo from sean at lighthouse point and marblehead. gorgeous with that beautiful color. because of the position of the sun and the time it rose, fantastic. -- super moon from woburn. moonrise monday night at 4:58 pm. the thing is, we may have more clouds to obstruct the view so tonight was the best night to view with but you could try again tomorrow. next time it's this close in
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high temperatures today soaring into the low 60s. 61 degrees in fitchburg, 59 degrees limits. 56 degrees chatham. a comfortable day on the cape. pretty low dew point temperatures. actual temp 51 degrees. that went from the west at 8 miles per hour. that's helping keep temperatures elevated this time of night and this time of year and elevated. but, some locations are really getting radiation cooling. manchester but we're going to stay mild on cape cod, which is typical. 39 degrees. overnight, dipping to 38 degrees. in boston, right around 40 degrees under a clear, crisp and bright sky. a south wind continues tomorrow afternoon increasing temps into the low and mid-60s. another comfortable forecast for us with temps running anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above normal.
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of new england here. the nearest clouds well to the north in canada and to the south. that is our next system going into tuesday. hour by hour, high pressure kicks off to the east. monday morning 7 am, that low pressure creeps closer and closer to us. with the king tides tuesday afternoon, we a going to see an onshore flow coinciding with that exact same time. even though we get the good rain, coastal communities will have to keep a watch for additional half foot rain surge on that -- storm surge on top of that high tide. we still have those king tides in the afternoon put it doesn't look like we're going to be dealing with that storm system so no surge on top of it and keep it dry for the rest of the week. highs in the 50s.>> looks good. the countdown is on. we are a week away from the holiday spectacular.
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it will be transformed into a holiday destination with more than 350,000 lights. blue man group, the boston ballet, and the sons of serendipity will be among the many guests joining marty walsh to flip the switch on the incredible christmas tree. we invite you to join us for the holiday spectacular next saturday night. that's november 19 right here on wbz beginning at 8:00. we have brea -- tonton of -- taunton police have made two arrests for leaving the scene of an accident resulting in a death. ryan o'dea is being charged with being an accessory after the fact. they are both due in district court tomorrow. still to come, don't look now but the bruins are hot.
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hoping to keep it going. dan roach has that and were
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. everyone thought the patriots and seahawks game would be great and they were right. >> dan roach is standing by at the razors edge. it's going to be awesome down there. >> reporter: we got a great
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this is a great rematch of super bowl xlv. it's been a long time. they haven't lost by more than 10 points since 2011 so you would expect a close game and that's what we have. seattle now up 25-24 in the 4th order. we have had seven lead changes. legarrette blount has been a huge story with three rushing touchdowns. dion lewis is in active. russell wilson and company have done a great job responding in this back and forth affair. remember, when the game is over, our 5th quarter show starts right here on wbz, the only place you can see live coverage of tom brady and bill belichick's postgame press coverage. the steelers and the cowboys in dallas. dulcet 29-24. ben roethlisberger hetts jesse james and hurdles the defender but stayed inbounds.
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that's the arizona-san francisco game. it came down to the last minute, a field goal and it's goodbye the cardinals. they get the job done and the arizona cardinals escape with a 23-20 win over the san francisco 49ers. game of the day in pittsburgh, here is the completion. ben roethlisberger be jesse james with 29-24 score. roethlisberger hurries to the line. to the line but does a great job here. watch the maneuver, fix the spike and instead goes up and over to go -- to antonio brown. we have seen this from dan marino. the steelers up a point with 42 seconds left. how about that? dak prescott drives the cowboys down the field and field goal range but ezekiel elliott with a touchdown run. he goes up the middle untouched.
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30 win over pittsburgh. let's go to hockey. the bruins are in colorado. they force a turnover at the center ice and to the back for a 1-0 bruins lead. and it would stay that way. payback period, colorado power plate. they keep it out 1-0. before the bruins put it away, dominic moore with the empty net. wraps with a 21 phase as the bruins win by a score of 2-0. meanwhile, seattle is at it again. doug baldwin with his third touchdown reception of the game and the seahawks now in front of the patriots with only a few moments left to play. we will see of tom brady can rally them once again but this has been everything and more. you will hear from brady and bella check on 5th quarter as soon as the game ends. i'm dan roach, let's go back to you. >> turn around and enjoy it
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about the fifth grade football team at wellesley that hasn't allowed a single point all season. >> and the plane sized patriots have one again. the junior raters scored a 37-0 victory now. they are now 11 -0 and have shutout every team they have played. the seventh grade team also won. both are heading to the state championship finals next weekend. still to come, a good time. >> fo13 owners. who they brought together, next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a birthday party in salem went to the dogs. >> but in a good way. brothers and sisters with four legs celebrated their birthday with their mom, rags. she was rescued in alabama from a high kill shelter. she was adopted in less than two weeks but what no one knew at the time was she was pregnant with survived. all 12 puppies were quickly adopted by local families. everyone including mom gathered for a family reunion. >> a lot of sniffing. we will be back with another look at your forecast
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did you get a look at that superman? >> it was just gorgeous. high temperatures around 60 degrees. that superman is lighting things up and it's going -- super moon is lighting things up and it's going to be officially full tomorrow
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you won't really get to see that point but tomorrow night, still another chance to see it in the evening with the moon rise just before 9 am. beautiful sunshine but clouds increasing right around that moonrise. tuesday 56 degrees. because we're talking about a super moon, we have some king tides to be aware of and with a storm just off the coast giving us that onshore wind. we could see anywhere from a half foot to storm surge on top of the astronomically high tides. mild to moderate flooding in isolated spots but coastal locations that saw some issues in october, we're looking at something similar. those roads that are next to the coast, be aware of standing water. >> but the highlight is 62 degrees. >> and then rain on tuesday. >> thanks. >> that does it for us on this sunday night.>> the 5th quarter is coming up next live from
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sports final. this edition of sports final, as soon as this battle ends, we will start our 5th quarter postgame show. the only place you get to see bill belichick, tom brady and their postgame conferences life. it has been a good one here at gillette but what do you say we squeeze in a little bit of baseball? fire up the hot stove. tonight's topic, levan reid
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the state of the red sox. >> reporter: welcome to sports final. we have steve bucket. >> we don't do this enough. >> we don't. i'm always away. they don't keep me in the studio. you are always someplace else. this is good. this has been good. let's start with the red sox. were you surprised about the gm meetings on tuesday that dave borkowski keep the bar low on acquisitions? >> i wouldn't say surprised. it definitely raised my eyebrows. frequently, the gm meetings are about laying the groundwork. you don't get a lot of big news at the gm meetings. of a lot of pacing and drying lines and so forth. it's entirely possible they make the biggest moving baseball history, which i don't think they will do but i wouldn't use anything that is


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