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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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breaking news at 11. gronk hurt. the hit he says was the hardest of his career and the damage that it's done. >> political punch lines fall flat. one local comedian reacts to a charity show gone sour. >> flames char a classroom in lawrence. scrambling to find a new place for students. >> a local college student tells us how this catastrophic earthquake. rob gronowski possibly injured with a possibly punctured lung after this hard hit in last night's game. an insider report reports that he is undergoing tests and it may not be that serious.
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game according to ian ravenport. we saw him in the locker room today but he did not discuss his injury and according to den roach he didn't appear to be in any significant pain so that is good news. gronk was hit so hard by earl thomas late in the first half he had to miss a few plays after the game gronk talked about the big collision. >> that was a big hit for sure. probable one of the hardest i got hit in my career for sure. just knocked the me. that's all. you ever get the wind knocked out, you know what it feels like, down for a minute or two and you know it is tough to breathe but once it comes back, your good. >> now we will have to wait and see how injured he is but gronk did cancel a sports media tour tomorrow in new york. david. >> our fingers are crossed. >> warnings and advisories for the coast.
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that could cause flooding. the king tides are back in rain two. >> higher than october by a few inches and it makes a difference inundating those low- lying areas that do flood the easiest around the coastlines. here is the system. the rain starting to work its way northward and we are looking at the showers around daybreak. when it comes to the tides, a coastal flood warning along the seacoast. these are we are looking between 10:00 in the morning and noontime in the afternoon. the spots fill up with water like morrisey and new hampshire and easy street on nantucket. there may be local road closures around that peak high tide. in terms of the rainfall showers in the morning. midday in the afternoon. very much needed rain at that but it will slow travel down throughout the course of the day. we will look at when the rain
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storm watch right through the night watch wbz at 4:30 for the latest forecast and the latest travel conditions. breaking news now and the trump administration apparently taking shape. a senior official says giuliani is the president elect's choice for secretary of state and that official says there is no one else in the running. let's get to liam martin. trump is getting advice from president >> he says president obama know more about this. >> i think he is sincere and wanting to be a successful president. >> president obama also addressed the fears that some have about how a trump presidency may affect minority groups saying he has to work on his temperament. >> i have been encouraged about the need for unity and his
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for all people. >> from one president to one soon to be. >> it is important to send signals of unity. and to reach out to minority groups or women or others that were concerned about the tenor of the campaign. >> and in the wake of the campaign there have been dozens of reports of harassment of minorities. supporters to stop. >> i would say don't do it. i'm going to bring this country together. >> by the way hillary clinton has officially won new hampshire's four electoral votes by 2700 votes. lisa. during his news conference president obama also offered his condolences to gawen ifill's family.
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boston newspaper. she was 61 years old. booed in boston. >> things turn ugly when comedian wanda sykes got political with donald trump. lisa has the story. reporter: well, david she is not the heat. danville's native nick dapaula made fun of hillary clinton and it was a charity camp for cancer care. >> this is not the first time we elected racist, sexist homophobic president. he ain't the first one. he is the first preferred one.
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dark comedy and a comedy of errors when gay comedian wanda sykes criticized donald trump and cursed out the crowd under a roar of boos. >> you are the problem you all. >> nick dapaulo took the stage and boos erupted. he poked fun at hillary clinton's health and made a barrage of comments about liberals and boston women and jews. >> the audience should have into and this was a charity event so everyone assumed it would be nonpolitical. >> comedy is a tough balancing act. as performers weigh audience expectations and pushing the limits. >> the ability to see things differently rather than just reject them or ignore them is what makes laughter. >> and as uncomfortable as it was. audience member roger nicholson
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>> comics are the protectors. they need to say what they need to say as ugly as it can be. the only thing is that you know if it is a joke, you want it to sound like a joke and not sound like you mean it. >> and there was a statement saying its goal is to have performers and guests to have an enjoyable time. sykes and dapaula could not be reached for comment. this is ne six families are homeless after fire damaged their apartment building in dorchester. this brought out on wells avenue at 8:00. we do know that one person was taken to the hospital only as a precaution because of the fire right now. the cause is unknown. at bruce middle school had a fire and it forced the students and staff to evacuate. the windows were blown out and the classroom was charred.
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nick. reporter: and lisa the damage goes far beyond these bordered windows. you can see along the second story of the building. when you factor in the smoke and the water damage that went with it. that's why the school is close. perhaps even longer. >> a bucket truck sat outside the bruce school in lawrence. well into monday evening. hoisting plywood to replace windows that had been shattered. >> i thought regular day. >> julio santana is a 7th grader and signature down for his first class when he smelled an odor he assumed was a science project next door. >> the smell got worse and i told the teacher to check in the class. >> when julio and the teacher opened the classroom door they realized this was no experiment.
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>> it was in that moment that smoke consumed the classroom and began to seep in the hallways. nearly 600 students and teachers were evacuated and transported to guilmette middle school not foing when they would return. >> the building will be not occupied for an extended period of time. >> we are pleased that everyone got out safe. practiced worked. reporter: and the superintendent's office toll me there is a need for speed right now in figuring out how long the clean-up project will take to get the students back in. for now, they could quite possibly keep the school closed the rest of the week. we will keep you posted. for now in lawrence. wbz news. a worker in kingston was hurt after a wall crushed him.
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two other workers suffered minors injuries. a brave local teenager shopping with his mom is credited tonight for protecting a child from a stranger inside that store. wbz's ken mccloud is live in dorchester with the story. ken. reporter: david that south end teenager and his mom were doing some shopping when when something odd caught his eye. a man with what he described as a demonic look. the teen trusted his instincts and they were right. >> as cameron cook helped his little sister with homework it was hard to not think about the little girl he protected from a pervert. >> i seen the guy grabbing himself and my mom goes cam keep walking and i am like no, something is going on. >> the 17-year-old was at the target with his mom and he noticed that man fixated on a young girl. >> i was close enough to smell
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>> it got worse when the man thrust himself against the startled youngster prompting cam to step. excuse me, do you know her and he said i'm not a pervert. and i said i didn't ask you that. >> and he was big and cameron had no fear. he just stood firm on the fact that he knew that what this man was doing was wrong. >> indeed cameron suggested the suspect leave the store and he did. denying and cursing most of the way. the store manager would later call to turned over to police. >> i am very proud of him but it is totally within his character he is not afraid to do what is right. >> and there was hard felt thanks from the young victim's mom that was apparently in the bathroom at the time. >> i am happy to be able to protect her. you never know what could have went on. >> police advised parents never to leave their small children alone in the store. take them to the bathroom with you. heather cook says the store
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climbing into awaiting car. ken mccloud, wbz news. he is a brave teenager. a local student that is shaken in the aftermath of a major earthquake. >> she describes a 7.8 quake and the frightening after shock. a closer look at those virtual reality head sets and why the maker says it is rain on the way. coastal flooding and we will talk the timeline for when the water will come in, in the
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next. well as soon as the weather clears crews in new zealand can rescue thousands of people stranded by a deadly 7.8,
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communities. i talked with walen native kate allison studying in new zealand for the semester about waking up to feel the whole room shaking. >> there's a how long are huge wardrobe 8 feet tall and i was scared that was going to come down so i tried to move out of the way. >> she and her host family huddled under a table for two hours. they have been evacuated twice. first during the tsunami warning and because of the flooding. she the after shocks one happened on the phone and don't know how they will last or how strong they will be. >> the pictures are incredible. complete roads gone. >> and the weather is so bad they are having a hard time rescuing people. >> it looks like we are having issues. >> beautiful weather today and
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night and giving us beautiful pictures. from whale back lighthouse. john mccarthy sent that in outside of portsmouth and the closeness is the reason we are having the high tides. a storm system on the coastline and as it moves northward will bring an onward flow. a little bit component. the coolest areas tonight and tomorrow. northern wooster county. you will lock in some cold. the good news as it moves in you will be above freezing and not expecting icy areas. the winds, light and as we head into the day. you will see them come onshore and good things there are no buildups. the winds going onshore and it
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water piled up and that's good news. the winds gusty through the afternoon and continuing outside of the east until the evening and the center of that storm system will move over the top of us and the winds will switch around to offshores as we head to tomorrow night. mainly late morning and an hour so on the high tide. towards the seacoast where we have coastal flood warnings and advisories further south boston and places along the wharves. not expected to an issue on the south coast. a weak coastal storm and minor flooding is expected. to the rain developing tomorrow morning and a day to bring the umbrella because there will be
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soggy stuff and maybe a few rumbles of thunder and much- needed rain that will taper off. all told it is a wet day and we will have the clouds as we look towards wednesday. rain totals a half-inch to one inch. if we can channel heavier downpours and a few towns over an inch and that would be a good thing. temperatures tomorrow in the 50s and 40s locked into wooster and after this storm, not too much to write home about. clearing skies and pleasant dayn beautiful sunshine on thursday and more sunshine and mild temperatures on friday. here is the seven-day forecast. well in the 50s on wednesday and same story on thursday and 60s on friday and a dry start to the week before rain showers return along with colder weather on sunday. david and lisa over to you. retailers expect virtual reality head sets to be the hot holiday gift and there is no question they offer a fun experience. as dr. malachi explains
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about virtual reality especially when it comes to kids. >> this is rock climbing. basketball and painting in virtual reality. >> i thought it was cool. >> the headset emerges users in a 3d world. >> i felt like i was there. >> but there is an age limit. many of the top selling warn against kids using the device. samsung gear say it is not for kids un13. 12 for sony play station and htc says it is not for young children. >> this is a big area of both interest and some concern. >> dr. joseph rizzo of mass says the research is still out. >> there is a legitimate question about whether that much exposure to artificial
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brain accepts and processes visual information. it is an unknown. >> the image is up close to the face but it tricks your brain in to seeing depth. we don't know what that conflict might mean for any user. >> the immediate concerns have to do more with the younger users because they will be prone to use the devices for much longer period of time. >> concerns like a possible increase risk of sited or how a young brain develops. >> you need to understand whether the brain is changing in some permanent way. >> what would your advice be to parents? >> you should encourage judicious use of the devices and with time period limited to 30 minutes. >> the question remains if the research will catch up with the technology. >> well there is a lot of research that needs to be done and it should be done pretty quickly because the devices are available and there is going to be explosion in their
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report coming up next. welcome back everybody. there are conflicting reports on the health status of rob gronowski. the latest was reported that gronk has a chest injured and not considered to be overly serious. he was hit hard by thomas in the first half. square in the chest. and the nfl network reported that gronk was believed to have a punctured lung. gronk doesn't like when guys go at his knees but no problem with this play. >> it was a good clean hit. i have no problem with it. he hit me fair and square.
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you are going to get laid up eventually. >> gronk didn't even play in the first two games. it was not a factor until week five. he was asked about the good fortune last thursday. >> i hate to ask this but you have been healthy. >> last year a lot of the injuries and this year not so >> i don't even want to talk about it. >> the new rule is no more asking gronk about injuries. what a catch this is. 26 yards down to the two yardline. >> tom brady took a nasty shot
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radio. >> i am sore but i will be ready to go next week. just some good treatment like i always get from my buddy, alex and i will be good to go. >> well, up next for the pats, the 49ers in san francisco. we will have a preview on patriots all access friday night at 7. start your sunday with pats at 4: 45. one more patriots note. the put out of primetime and now a 4: 25 kickoff. the game will be seen right here on wbz. celtics and the pelicans. late in the 4th thomas with a dry and tied at 105 and seven seconds to go. frazier gets kelley to draw a
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to get one free throw. the pelicans come up short. lots of contact but no call. celtics with the winning streak is over though tonight. in men's college basketball. northeaste
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even after his retirement. tonight on top of the all of the retirement gift david ortiz has more to talk about. the sportswriters honored poppy in four categories, including athlete of the year. he thanked the fans and poppy paraphased his speech after the marathon bombing saying this is the best sports city in the world was. >> uh-huh. >> things we can say on tv. up next eric will take another look at the sports. what a gracious winner.
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will be right back. tomorrow definitely a day to watch. >> finally rain coming through and barely rained this entire mon and will come down heavily. grab the umbrella.
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2:00 p.m. tomorrow. the moon is shrinking as we speak. >> are you worried about gronk? >> no. >> that's what we want to hear. e bit. >> stephen: now, with your victory, i'm sure you've been getting a lot of congratulatory phone calls. have you talked to putin? >> he actually called last night. >> stephen: i also understand he sent you a large wooden horse as a victory gift, correct? >> it is so big, it is so-- it's so enormous, it's so amazing. >> stephen: have you looked inside it to see if there's anything before you open the gates and bring it into america? >> no.


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