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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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gronk's latest injury what he says about the hard hit. it is tuesday, november 15th concerns about coastal flooding today all because of the supermoon. >> yeah, kate and chris, king tides with strong gravitational pull. areas with widespread coastal flooding a coastal flood advisory is in effect from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., vulnerable shore roads, basements may flood obviously right at the coastline where you saw it last month you'll flood again today that's from late morning to early afternoon whether you'll keep a close eye on that 49 in boston, 50, a lot of 40s out the door there are colder readings in the western part of
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place and there were a couple of showers along the south coast over night there were one or two sprinkles in worcester county, steadier rain to arrive by late morning and midday. between now and the tail end of your commute a couple showers you may need the wipers on intermittently for by lunchtime that's when areas rain fill in and become steadier and heavier, localized downpours and a thunderstorm possible late in the day before the rain tends to and 10, and actually ends over night tonight. have the wet weather gear with you a south coast shower areas of rain 48 by lunchtime, heavy rain downpours and localized flooding possible for your commute home. let's get you on the roads good morning. for those who live or work on the cape we have a heads up for you there is some construction happening on route 28 in both directions right here at the bourn rotary, lane
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5:30. and mass dot says that driver should expect some delays there. we also have a live look at 93 south closures inside the tunnel have wrapped up so there is nothing to slow you down out there. chris and kate? thank you very much. we begin with breaking news a car crashes into a state police cruiser in boston and a driver kept going. let's get right up to nicole jacobs live on the scene with the very latest on this, nicole. kate, we are right at the intersection of and commonwealth av, the lights are out as a result of a crash if you take a look where the boston police cruiser is, he is manning an area where the light box is actually toppled over on the ground because we're told one of the three vehicles involved actually hit that light box and then traveled across the green and ended up on the street on the other side. we want to get you right to some video right now of when the state police cruiser that was involved in this crash was
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might be involved in this crash and that cabdriver we're told did not stop and they are currently looking for that third vehicle. i can also tell you the third, another vehicle involved here was a security vehicle that's the vehicle that police believe went across that green way here. the good news, no one was injured but right now as you're taking a live look here, you can see that it can get quite bu drivers here right now as this boston police officer tries to man the area we do know is that in the over night hours the traffic lights here do go to flashing but we're told out of the time of this crash the lights were not flashing. it is unclear exactly how the crash happened but we do know that at this point based upon the information we're getting a state police cruiser a cabdriver and a security
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vehicle that did not stop and we're told they are searching for that vehicle that's the latest for boston, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. conflicting reports about rob gronkowski, taking a hit questions are swirling how serious this is. pats fans are wondering if he'll miss any games. ifs a loss against the seahawks reports that gronk may have to sit out because of a possible puntured lung. >> a cringe worthy hit in the first half of sunday's game against the seattle seahawks. that's a big hit for sure probably one of the hardest hit in my career for sure. by good player, good fast player who is like a missile. >> now there are conflicting
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health. he is believed to have a puncture lung the good news he could only miss one game but espn tweeted it is not a puntured lung instead a chest injury it was a clean hit, took it knocked the wind out of me. you ever get the wind knocked out of you you know what that's like down about a minute two, it is tough to breathe once it comes back you're good. in a press conference gronk avoided about being injury free not wanting to jinx his good health. >> i don't want to talk about it. according to espn he canceled a meeting it is unclear if that's because of his injuries, wbz this morning. 6 families are homeless
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avenue in dorchester last night one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution the cause of that fire is still under investigation. and class is canceled at the bruce school in lawrence after a fire filled a classroom officials will spend the day assessing the damage from yesterday's fire that broke out in a second floor classroom that started early during the first period of the day nearly 600 students and teachers had to be evacuated there were transimportanted to near by middle school not make efforts and then started getting worse and then started getting worried and then i told the teacher to go check in the class next to us. there was smoke every where and i look to my left there was fire there. the fire department says that students and stamp won't be able to go into the building for some time. arlington police are investigating an arson inside the high school there someone set a bench in the girl's
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one was hurt and there wasn't any other damage. president elect donald trump's administration is starting to take shape former new york mayor ruely giuliani is being eyed and president elect trump will meet with president elect mike pence to make decisions on his senior staff and cabinet. hena daniels with the latest. a campaign source tells cbs news ruely giuliani is administration speaking at a forum, the former new york city mayor refused to discuss his chances he came to the defense of steve bannon tabbed at the president elect chief strategist. >> he loves america as much as
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>> many basted his appointment. >> the chief white house strategist is proof of the ugly direction trump takes this country. >> mr. obama was more diplomatic. >> it is important to make his decisions and i think the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see. in a statement last he'll work hand in hand with reince priebus. president elect trump has nearly 4,000 jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in january. hena daniels, cbs news. since the election there has been a reported increase in hate crimes across the country
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new hot line anyone who experiences or witnesses threats harassment against any protected group is urged to call also fill out a civil rights complaint form 1800-994- 3228. attorney general moore healy says lawyers and his staff are monitoring that hot line you can also contact the ag's office through their facebook page or twitter. a possible threat against the macy's thanksgiving day parade new york city police are trying to calm magazine called the parade an excellent target, also terrorist attacks like the july attack in nice france that killed 86 people. the nypd already put precautionary measures in place and they'll be lining the parade root with hundreds of blocker cars that is similar to along presidential routes. today marks since 16 weapons were stolen from an
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been used in a crime all but six of weapons were recovered according to the telegram one of the missing guns was used in an armed robbery in boston. a former army reservist were accused. two others accused of trying to sell those weapons the fbi is still offering a $15,000 reward as it tries to recover the 5 missing weapons. a creepy experience at a local target a teenager credited with protecting a brianna is back with this story. that is getting kudos for chasing off a man for targeting a young girl cameron cook spotted a man fondling himself following a girl pushing a shopping cart. cameron alerted his mom and the pair followed as that man thrust himself up against that little girl that prompted cameron to jump in.
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first thing he said i'm not a pervert. i did not ask you that sir. >> he was big cameron had no fear at all, he just stood firm on the fact that he knew what this man was doing was wrong. cameron told that suspect to leave the store and he did denying and cursing loudly most of the way and wreaking of alcohol, the store manager later call to say surveillance video showed that man exiting the store and climbing into a waiting car that little girl's mom was apparently in kate? thank you. 700 custodians at harvard could go on strike if they don't reach a new contract by today they are negotiating with the university since october last month the workers ended a strike the first in 30 years. coming up this morning parking relief could be on the way at logan airport. the parking dispute turns violent at a local dunkin' donuts. >> an unexpected visitor in one
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caught on camera danielle good morning. good morning everybody so it is mainly dry start right now we're tracking changes rain moving in and there will be some showers around for the kids at recess and heavy downpours for the bus ride home from school temperatures will be in the lower 50s we'll time out the rain and talk about the coastal flood threat coming up, had a great visit at the abundant life christian school, it was a great group of students who were concerned about climate change have a
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. a unique record broken in japan this is the scene in tokyo from dogs and their owners got together for a little yoga. 136 dogs took part in a which encourages families to enjoy time together. you think their favorite dog? has to be one of the dogs looks like a stuffed animal look at that dog right there it was just sitting there that's cute. >> if my dog were to do yoga, he would just lay down and go to sleep. >> i think that's great, awesome. they are all very relaxed.
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coastline what the king tides the supermoon coming in there will be a minor coastal flooding at the shoreline here is the storm's impacts as we've got you on alert at the coast there will likely be pockets of localized flooding possible for some impact later today when the heaviest rain comes in little to no impact for damaging wind the coastal flood threat in a small area right at the coastline we'll have a higher risk and the impact beach erosion with building waves all though the waves shouldn't high tide time is from portsmouth, to boston, just after 11:00 this morning, but you can't focus on that exact time before that the tide is starting to come up so we've got a coastal flood advisory that's in effect from 10 a.m. this morning until 2 p.m. this afternoon high tide times right around or just after 11:00 for the cape and islands afternoon time for nantucket, expecting a bit of a lesser
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none the less may be a pocket of flooding along the south coast. so 49 degrees in boston right now, 41 in manchester, 46 in worcester most of us are running in the 40s out the door right now. most of us are dry too there is just a couple of sprinkles here from franklin, a quick spritz in paxton most of us are dry for now that's the key there is more rain down to the south. this rain is going to be filling in from south to north have the rain over southern new england later today by late morning and midday that's when rain fills in notice by lunchtime pockets of downpours that will become steadier and heavier, your evening commute this is the map not looking fun the cape and islands may get a lull in terms of the heaviest rain i can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm in there between 8 and 10 p.m. most of the heaviest rain is going to be tapering off in intensity and over night
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i do think we see some breaks of sunshine heading into the day tomorrow how much rain falls for most of us? either side of an inch but i think less from places like the south shore back down to the cape and perhaps more through the lower connecticuit valley. high temperatures not the 60s, 53 in boston low 50s in metro west and even 40s on the map too. tonight won't be that cold lingering clouds and patchy fog the showers end over right around 50 degrees, then high temperatures tomorrow will once again come into the 50s even some low 60s so once the morning clouds give way to sunshine, not a bad day tomorrow there will skill be some areas of minor coastal flooding not as widespread tomorrow. mostly sunny 58 on thursday, nice end to the week, weekendstarts nice. the light traffic by the gas tank and the northbound
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out for a roll over on 495 north over here this is after exit 21 for west main street it happened moments ago you can see it is not having any back up we'll see good news for travelers headed to logan airport as 5,000 new parking spaces could be on the way. according to the boston globe the massachusetts port authority says they'll build one garage in a lot near terminal e and the other will be an expansion of the economy the parking garages which still need approval from state environmental regulators would cost $250 million and construction could be up to two years away we'll always take more parking spaces in boston. a fight in a parking spot in dunkin' donuts ends in a stabbing police got a call
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shop say two women attacked her over that spot. the two were arraigned yesterday. four massachusetts hikers rescued, mount lafayette will be getting a bill. one fell in the ice and hurt her arm admitted they were unprepared for the early winter conditions so fish and game department will likely bill them for the cost of that rescue. 5 and:20 and the mystery over what caused birds to fall from the sky in dorchester may never be solved. in september and dozens sidewalks along bakersfield street the dead birds were sent to a wisconsin lab for testing but scientists say they haven't been able to determine why those birds died. the birds tested negative for west nile and bird flu. an unexpected visitor for residents a black bear hanging out there were several sitings in town on saturday people living in the areas say the bear didn't hurt anyone it just seemed like he was looking for
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>> that's probably what it was doing. coming up next, a first for northeastern in more than 15 and years. >> the latest on rob gronkowski's injury a look on conflicting reports and the hit that cost it all. celtics down to the wire
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. the celtics battling it out with the pelicans. there are conflicting reports on the health status of rob gronkowski reporting gronk has a chest injury not a punctured lung it is not considered to be overly serious. gronk was hit thomas late in the first half he was believed to have a punctured lung. and he had no problem with this. >> it was a good clean hit i had no problem with it he hit me fair and square. it was, it's football. you're going to get laid up eventually. up next to the pats, the 49
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preview of patriots all access tonight on wbz start your sunday with patriots game day at 11:30, pats and 9ers, on mytv38. the pats jets match up on sunday november 7th, and 4:25 kickoff the game will be seen right here on wbz. a celtics take on in new orleans. the drive with 7 seconds to go a season high 37 points tim frazier with the up, he hit one free throw, pelicans get one laps chance with point 1 seconds to go, no call celtics four game winning streak is
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64-61 it is the first one over uconn since 1985. still to come in the next half hour, political jokes ends in boo's at the garden. this is john keller, one week after election day and we still don't know which donald trump is going to be our president? the latest on his early roller coaster ride when morning continues. good morning everyone temperatures in the 40s for many of us out the door right now tracking rain is going to arrive by late morning and through the afternoon it ramps up from there, there will be downpours around minor coastal flooding all the details straight ahead the city of boston have a raincoat with you
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. breaking news at 5:30, a car slams into the state cruiser in boston we have the latest on the investigation and how it could impact traffic this morning. concerns over gronk's
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donald trump's administration starting to take place, who is being eyed and the big meeting set for today. live in the channel 4 studios in boston it is wbz news this morning. good morning everybody thanks for joining us i'm kate merrill. it is tuesday november 15th, our weather alert what's going on. chris, kate at the coastline you can thank the supermoon we're talking about cycles coastal flood advisory is in effect from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., the on shore wind is what's adding the tide is high a it has we have a wind coming in off the ocean, widespread minor coastal flooding late morning early afternoon coastal residents you kind of know the drill for minor coastal flooding basements may flood and vulnerable shore roads. 49 in boston, low 50s, a lot of
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colder spots, 28, clouds on the increase a couple showers a couple sprinkles here but most of the steadier rain will hold off through the afternoon or at least until the afternoon so maybe a shower or two through the late morning commute and through noontime rain fills in it is hard this afternoon your evening commute localized downpours even a thunderstorm possibility it is going to be a slow evening drive in spots before the rain tapers off between 8 and 10 and just a lingering shower high temperatures in the 50s today there may flooding in low-lying areas as the heaviest rain comes in late in the day we'll talk more about the rest of the week coming up we'll get you on the roads things starting to heat up. last minute closure on 495 south in andover there is a crash on 93 south mass dot just announced they are closing the left lane on 128 south between exit 29 and 30 in lexington for bridge joint repair they say they are hoping to have that
5:32 am
hawkington there is an accident involving a truck also on the mass pike in framingham heading eastbound at exit 12. kate? thank you, breaking news over night a crash in boston involving a state police vehicle a driver slammed into a cruiser and another vehicle near the intersection of com av and berkeley and kept going we are still hearing they are looking for that driver so far no reports of any injuries and developing gronkowski and the seriousness of his latest injury gronk was hit hard by seattle safety earl thomas on sunday he missed a few plays before coming back in yesterday the nfl network ian, but also said it was just a chest injury. donald trump will meet with vice president elect mike pence the two are expected to discuss cabinet and senior staff
5:33 am
pick right now insiders say new york mayor rudely giuliani is the favorite to be secretary of state john keller takes a closer look about the uncertainty around the trump transition. it's been one week since election day everybody is desperate to know what's going to happen next, that every move is being scrutinized to clues it appears mr. trump is on keeping people guessing first his victory speech followed by a cordial meeting with president obama that signaled a commitment to etiquette and a designer to turn down the volume from the exceedingly ugly campaign. then came a flurry of trump tweets, stereotyping the protesters and attacking media critics not very presidential, it makes you wonder which trump will be getting on a regular basis?
5:34 am
trump was subdued and thoughtful as he pondered the magnitude of the job facing him but appointing anti-abortion that it could be illegal in some states trump seemed like he hadn't thought that one through there were appointments of reince priebus, and the appointment will reassure other establishment types that control. but bannon is a professional agitator who has openly courted racist, perhaps the trump presidency will be like weather in new england if you don't like it or even if you do just wait a minute keller or use twitter@kelleratlarge. hundreds of high school
5:35 am
protesting the election of donald trump the teenagers marched out of class holding signs and chanting the los angeles school district warns students who walked out telling them they could face disciplinary actions similar took place in washington d.c. denver in portland oregon. what was supposed to be a night full of laughing ended up being a night filled with booing instead at the annual comics come home event at the td garden the sykes. the boos continued saying whenhe poked fun at women, and jewish people all at a foundation for cancer.. comics need to say what they need to say as ugly as they can be, the only thing is if it is a joke you want it to sound like a joke not that you
5:36 am
saying its goal was for guests and entertainers to have an enjoyable night. boston based new balance reacting to support from a white supremacist, they said quote the shoes for white people and executive praise president elect donald trump people burned their shoes in protest, new balance said the company quote does not tolerate go less than two weeks with the inappropriate comments over women another ivy league team is facing discipline they will investigate inappropriate text messages said to be rudehomophobic and racially charged. hitting the road for
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have plenty of company. also a crash here at the corner of berkeley and commonwealth av, a cab where a hearing was also involved. weather watchers with temperatures in the 30s, 40s, and 50s out the door it is a mainly dry start which is good news let's check in west of boston shawn says it is 42 degrees over cast skies in ashland, smells like rain we'll have the time line impacts of coastal flooding
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. here is a little bit of good news on tuesday morning gas prices in the state have dropped another penny this week the average a gallon of self serve regular is $2.12 a nickel less than the national average there is that will those lower gas prices impact your thanksgiving travel? mcdonalds making it easier to find the mcrib, we are live with today's money watch, good morning jill. good morning chris the dow opens another all time high this morning jumped 21 points yesterday banking stocks are soaring that trump will ease regulation the nasdaq fell 18 shares of tech companies like apple and microsoft are falling there are concerns that trump's policies could hurt sales in companies like china, if you'redriving to the
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americans will drive a mile or more by the vegas the top destination. >> and mcdonalds making it the mc rib sandwich to find the mysterious item they are offering a mcrib finder app and share that with friends. >> i have a question do we want to find a mc rib? mcrib, apparently it has a following. apparently people absolutely go crazy for it so some do. >> okay! >> thank you very much jill, appreciate it. we need to get a lobster roll finder for up here in new england. absolutely. coming up parents be aware the worse toys this holiday season. >> plus a closer look how much people in massachusetts will spend on gifts and the city
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country. and concerns gronk may have to sit out the next game against the 49ers the conflicting reports of the
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. well the holiday season is almost here, we are four days away from the spectacular hall,
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spruce the tallest christmas tree in new england by saturday the tree and hall marketplace will be decked out with lights. the mayor will be joined by blue man group for the big celebration david wide june us for the specular this saturday night november 19th at right here. less than a week away we can get a forecast for that night. >> are you saying ain't app i can't forecast over a week out? >> when i ask for anything beyond a week. >> i'm teasing four days out you know what the weather is going to cooperate for the holiday spectacular looks like temperatures won't be that cold it is cool but 48 degrees, clouds around but we'll stay dry.
5:46 am
coastline today for flooding because of the supermoon on shore wind king tide, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. a coastal flood advisory in effect for widespread areas of minor coastal flooding vulnerable shore roads like jerusalem road near cohasit. the boston harbor just to name a few spots the low lyin in boston, 49 in taunton, most in the 40s, clouds in place a couple sprinkles too for most of us the wet weather is going to arrive by late morning and midday and ramp up from there as an area of low pressure comes over southern new england today between now and 10 a.m. notice not a lot of green showing up on the map, work north by early afternoon, lunchtime on ward when you want
5:47 am
raincoat 1 p.m. pockets of rain ramp up downpours an isolated thunderstorm your evening commute is going to be a bit of a slow go with areas of heavy rain localized urban flooding low-lying areas keep in mind any leaves in the road are still going to be slick slow it down for your evening drive between 8 and 10 p.m. most of the rain is going to be tapering off in intensity we'll have a few lingering showers this is tomorrow morning a dry start with breaks of sunshine coming out for tomorrow. most of us end up with let's inch to three quarters of an inch of rain there are a few heavier amounts in here it does look like where the heaviest downpours come down we may see over an inch in spots with a good amount of soaking rain we need more because of the drought we'll take anything we can get high temperatures today, upper 40s low 50s wind off is ocean is not damaging but that on shore wind has water for late morning early afternoon 55 to 60 the winds
5:48 am
tomorrow clouds and the sun breaks out 59 still areas of flooding it won't be as bad as today, 60 to end the week does look like for the weekend, it will be unsettled by sunday with a couple showers around brianna? we'll start with this last minute closure, mass dot says they need to close down between exits 29 and 30 in lexington for bridge joint repair so theyr by 6 a.m. up here on 495 south in andover, there is a crash and a car on its side in hawkington, and we are definitely going to see moderate delays on that.
5:49 am
gronkowski's health. a state police cruiser in boston stories topping that in breaking news. i'm nicole jacobs right at the corner of berkeley street and commonwealth av you can see the traffic lights are out right now because one of the three vehicles involved actually hit a light box we want to get you right to some video right now of the scene you can see the damage to that state police cruiser we're told one of the was possibly a cab and that cab kept going according to information we're getting here on the scene the good news no one was injured in this but certainly it is an ongoing investigation we're told that cabdriver if it is in fact a cabdriver kept going in this crash and so right now authorities are searching for that third vehicle. we were live in boston nicole jacobs wbz this morning. during sunday's patriots
5:50 am
rob gronkowski took a hit there are concerns he may have to sit out against the 49ers here is a hard hit we're talking about nfl network tweeted yesterday gronkowski is believed to have a punctured lung, he could miss only one game but espn tweeted it is not a punctured lung instead a chest injury and quote serious. we do know according to espn he canceled an appearance in new york today. wbz this morning. new rumors about his cabinet, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is reportedly the favorite to become secretary of state. the chief strategist has come under fire with some calling for trump to remove former
5:51 am
a spike in donations thousands of dollars have been donated in the name of vice president elect mike pence called for funds, he-- encouraging those unhappy with the results to donate. crews are rescuing thousands of people stranded by a deadly 7.78 magnitude earthquake the quake a tsunami and cutoff entire communities we spoke with a student from wayland studying abroad there says she woke up in the middle of the night to feel her room shaking. >> i didn't know what to do there is a huge wardrobe 8 feet tall i was so scared that was going to come down i tried to move out of the way. she and her host family huddled under a table for two hours and were evacuated twice
5:52 am
tsunami and then because of flooding the scariest part now is dealing with all those after shocks. a georgia father facing life in prison after he was found guilty of murder for leaving his toddler son in a hot car for hours the malice mean they agree with prosecutors that ross harris left cooper on purpose. they plan to have a hearing next month. a judge is ordering one of two convicted killers in the netflix series making a to be released from prison. brenden was a teenager when he was found guilty of killing a photographer in wisconsin a judge over turned his conviction in august yesterday a federal judge ruled he should be freed under supervision until his retrial, he has until noon today to give probation officers his address. 5:52 this morning a massachusetts-based group revealed the 10 worse toys of the holiday season world against toys causing harm or watch will make the announcement at 10 a.m.
5:53 am
children's safety also update any recall information. and speaking of the holidays new survey by wallet hub is breaking down how much bostonians will spend this year the average is $590 the most that spends the most newton, $1,600, they rank biggest spenders. wish i lived in newton. still to come on wbz another big honor. the award still piling up for david ortiz even after his
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. david ortiz adding hardware to his trophy case at the house of blues in boston the globe sports writer honored papi, ortiz thanked the fans after the marathon bombing saying this is the best tourist city in the world omitting a word. >> i think if we keep giving them awards maybe he'll never leave and we can convince him
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. live from the channel 4studios in boston, it is wbz news this morning. thanks for joining us it is tuesday, november 15th breaking news at 6:00 a reported hit and run involving a state trooper in boston. we are also following a developing story conflicting reports about rob gronkowski's injury but it may not be as bad as originally thought. and the terror threat targeting thanksgiving day parade how new york city police are responding. plus concerns about coastal flooding today. >> because of the supermoon let's get to our weather alert for us. chris, kate at the coastline that's where we'll keep you on board this weather alert in effect because of the supermoon because of on shore wind a coastal flood advisory in effect up and down the coastline of eastern massachusetts from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.


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