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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. live from the channel 4studios in boston, it is wbz news this morning. thanks for joining us it is tuesday, november 15th breaking news at 6:00 a reported hit and run involving a state trooper in boston. we are also following a developing story conflicting reports about rob gronkowski's injury but it may not be as bad as originally thought. and the terror threat targeting thanksgiving day parade how new york city police are responding. plus concerns about coastal flooding today. >> because of the supermoon let's get to our weather alert for us. chris, kate at the coastline that's where we'll keep you on board this weather alert in effect because of the supermoon because of on shore wind a coastal flood advisory in effect up and down the coastline of eastern massachusetts from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
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basements may flood, you are kind of used to this, if you know the coastal areas and typically flood if you flood last month you'll flood again temperature wise 47 degrees in boston, 50 in province most of us are in the 40s as you head out right now a couple upper 30s portsmouth for example at 39 and king the cold spot at 29 we have mainly cloudy skies with a couple showers lifting northward here but the studdier rain is g morning here is the map after lunchtime pockets of rain filling in yellows, oranges for your evening commute it is going to be a slow-go localized flooding keep in mind the leaves will make it wet on the road going to be slick the rain tapers off between 8 and 10 in terms of intensity and wraps up over night your planner goes this way cloudy with a showers along the coast areas of rain in through lunchtime temperatures climb into the upper 40s low 50s with heavy
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hope. let's get you on the roads how is it looning out there? we'll start with this accident on the mass pike eastbound in framing ham here causing the most back up we know it involves a truck at exit 12 you can see the back up is severe in its path 495 we have a car on its side of 495 north in hopkinton. and a closure on southbound in lexington between exit 29 and 30 they closed it for a bridge joint repair they are hoping to reopen this any minute at 6 a.m. on 495 south way appear in andover there was a crash on 93 south a very busy morning, kate? brianna thank you we begin with breaking news a car crashes into a state police cruiser that driver never stops. let's get to nicole jacobs live on the scene in boston nicole what can you tell us.
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in commonwealth av the first thing you notice the traffic lights are out as a result of this crash if you take a look where this boston police cruiser is a light box on the ground because we're told one of the three vehicles involved in this crash actually hit that light box and went over on to the green way and then was located on the other side of the road there. i want to get you right to some video of the crash shortly after it happened you can was hit in all of this has some pretty heavy damage to the front end what we're told right now is that a cabdriver might also be involved in this and that cabdriver never stopped in this situation we're told a cabdriver and a security vehicle were traveling on commonwealth that state police cruiser was traveling on berkeley and some how the three collided here at this intersection again you can see
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officer directing traffic because the lights are out here at this intersection the good news, no one was injured, so no ambulances or anything of that nature responded to the scene here everyone appeared to walk away even that security vehicle the driver of that vehicle who hit the light box and went across the green way there fortunately, did not hit any trees but right now that cabdriver that police believe was involved did not stop and they are searching for that driver right now. that's the very boston, nicole jacobs. as a developing story conflicting reports about rob gronkowski and the seriousness of his injury the big question for pats fans will gronk be missing any games? we are live at gilette stadium, a lot of people worried about this one, ana. it is a loss against the seahawks here at gilette stadium there were reports that
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lung. >> a cringe worthy hit. >> that was a big hit for sure. probably one of the hardest i got hit in my career for sure by a good player, good fast player who is like a missile. now there are conflicting reports about rob gronkowski's health nfl network reported he had a not a punctured lung but chest injury gronk described the injury to reporters. >> it was a good clean hit, just knocked the wind out of me a little built that's all you ever get the wind knocked out of you you know what that feels
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free not wanting to jinx his good health. >> i don't even want to talk about it according to espn gronk canceled an appearance. 6 families homeless this morning affair tears through their apartment building on wells avenue in dorchester last night one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution, the cause of the fire are canceled today the bruce school in lawrence after fire filled the classroom there. officials will spend the day assessing the damage from yesterday's fire that broke out on a second floor in a classroom started early during the first period of the day nearly 600 students and teachers had to be evacuated they were transimportanted to a near by middle school not knowing when they could return.
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getting worried and told the teacher to check in the class next to us there was like smoke everywhere. and i looked to my left there was fire there the fire department says students and staff will not be able to go into that building for some time. president elect donald trump, administration starting to take place. former mayor rudely giuliani being eyed for a role, and will meet with mike pence, hena daniels >> reporter: a campaign source tells cbs news rudely rudy giuliani is favored, the former new york city mayor refused to discuss his chances instead came to the defense of steve bannon a right wing media mogul attacked at the chief strategist. >> he is a patriot he loves america, he may have a different view of america than
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much as you or i do while most conservatives support, democrat blasted his appointment. >> his appointment steven banon is proof of the ugly direction mr. trump intends to take this country president elect trump has 4,000 jobs to fill before he takes the oath of office in january. hena daniels cbs news. and since the election increase in hate crimes across the country so now massachusetts has launched a new hot line to report harassment anyone who experiences or witnesses threats harassment or violence against any protected group is urged to call the number you can also fill out a civil rights complaint form online so here is that hot line number 1800-994-3228. attorney general healy says lawyers and her staff are monitoring the hot line. you can also contact her office
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a possible threat against the macy's thanksgiving day parade new york city police are trying to calm fears an isis magazine called the parade quote an excellent target. also published vehicles like the july attack in nice france that killed 86 people. yesterday the nypd said it had already put precautionary measures in place like last year they'll be lining the parade route with hundreds of blockercars that security is similar to what they used al 16 weapons were stolen from an armerry in worcester now learning one of the missing guns may have been used in a crime all but 6 of the weapons were recorked according to the worcester telegram one of the missing guns was used in an armed robbery in boston in january a former army reservist is accused of stealing the six rifles and two handguns two others accused of trying to sell those weapons the nbi is
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as it tries to recover the missing weapons. a creepy situation a teenager credited with protecting a young girl from a stranger let's check in with brianna for this story. getting kudos for chasing off a young man it happened saturday inside the south bay target store where cameron cook spotted a man fondling himself while following a girl pushing a shopping cart. cameron alerted his mom and the pair followed and they the little girl and that prompted cameron to jump in. >> i went up to him, excuse my sir do you know her? he said i'm not a pervert i didn't ask you that. >> he was big and cameron had no fear at all he was stood firm on the fact he knew what this man was doing was wrong. >> cameron told the suspect to leave the store and he did denying any wrong doing. the store manager later called the say the surveillance showed
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car. the little girl's mom was apparently in the bathroom when this happened. chris and kate? frightening such, thank you. coming up, a balancing act. boston based new balance trying to distance itself from a white supremacist website. the big announcement about a fund raising drive where all that money will go. super models punches at the gym looking >> temperatures are in the 40s not a bad start to the day we're mainly dry for now but rain is going to be filling in and ramping up through the afternoon showers for recess time for the kids low 50s with rain for the bus ride home we'll take you out through the hour by hour forecast when we come back we had a great school visit actually no school visit, all right we'll have that hour by hour forecast straight
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. tom brady took hits on the football field but his wife is throwing tougher hits at the gym, they posted this video,
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seen her before in work out class and she is just, she is amazing. >> i would not mess with jazelle. >> beside these tweets. the coastline we'll have on alert we have a weather al issue later this afternoon chris and kate, the impacts from the storm today are going to be pretty minimal for a lot of folks but they are going to be very localized in terms of where they are felt in terms of localized flooding later on today your evening commute is not going to be a fun ride home tracking downpours an isolated thunderstorm that may result in localized flooding that may result in little to no impact for the wind wind gusts 10 to 20 miles per hour on the cape
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shore roads basements may flood the spots that have flooding last month with the king tides will do it again today beach erosion may be a little bit of a concern they shouldn't be too significant. high tide times after 11:00 from portsmouth down to boston we have some of the wharf that caused flooding that will bring, the boulevard may get closed in a few areas from late morning tide from, there may be a few pockets that flood by the time we get to mid to late morning 47 in boston right now same in worcester, it is 41 in manchester. a lot of clouds a couple spotty showers but mainly focused back to the western part of the state quick sprinkle here when you get down to the outer cape of nantucket, we'll wait for
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advancing in that advances northward by 1:30, areas of rain downpours it does get steadier and heavier so your evening commute will be a slow go don't forget this time of the year with left over leaves on the road those get slick when they get wet you want to leave extra drive time for your evening commute the rain will be tapering off with coverage between 8 and 10, lingering showers, tomorrow morning looks cloudy but the out and turns into a nice wednesday afternoon how much rain falls for most of us? i'd say half an inch to 3 quarters, you see some amounts over an inch that's where the heaviest downpours come in where we may see over an inch in spots later today a good soaking 53 for a high in boston that on shore wind exacerbating the flooding today showers end tonight lingering clouds low around 50s not too cold and
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of 59 mostly sunny 58 on thursday, 60 to end the week the start of the weekend looks good a couple showers possible by sunday what's going on? >> sky eye over the scene of an accident on 128 south in wakefield this is blocking the left lane here at exit 39 traffic backed up to exit 41, expect delays there mass pike is just a complete mess we have an accident eastbound in framingham at exit 12 now we have a disabled car eastbound on the pike exit 495 and then also we have a car on its side on 495 north in hopkinton look for an alternate route. 5,000 new parking spaces could be on the way according to the globe mass port wants to build a garage near terminal e and expand the economy garage along
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million and construction up to two years away, the project still needs approval from state regulators. and umass beat its found raising goal it announced it raised $390 million well more than the goal of 300 million set in 2010 the money will be use for academic and research programs scholarships and infrastructure will fund 2 700 custodians at harvard could go on strike if they don't reach a new contract by today negotiating with the university since october last month harvard cafeteria ended a three week strike the school's first to more than 30 years. boston based new balance reacting to support from a white see premise website the daily storm claimed new balance the quote official shoes of white people and called for
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elect donald trump people burned their shoes in protest new balance told the associated press the company quote does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form. the test that could predict alzheimer's. the fight other a parking spot gets physical one woman left with a stab wound two others facing charges. and looking for a companion how about a horse?
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- announcer: thousands of boston area families depend on home sharing to make ends meet. here at airbnb, we're committed to working with the commonwealth to develop new common-sense home sharing rules. we're working with policymakers to ensure our community can pay their fair share of taxes. and we support rules that protect affordable housing
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massachusetts hike. it took crews about two hours to get the women to safety they admitted they
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winter conditions only had a small flashlight and cell phone light. the new hampshire fish and game officials will likely bill them for the cost of that rescue. a fight over a parking spot outside a dunkin' donuts ends with a stabbing in chelsea police got a call late sunday morning about that sight outside the eastern av location one with a stab wound on her arm told officers two attacked her after fighting over that spot, the women from med ford and east boston were arraigned. the mystery sky in dorchester may nebraska are solved. dozens were discovered along the sidewalks in bakersfield the dead birds were sent to a wisconsin lab for testing butscientists haven't been able to determine what killed the birds the birds tested negative for west nile and bird flu. a test by a team at mass general hospital could predict the risk of alzheimer's 10 yearsin advance the study
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distinguish different smells researchers say the decline in our ability to recall and identify smells has been linked to the decline in memory because of alzheimer's, our nose could be an early morning of a person's risk for the disease. new guidelines for the cholesterol drug has been releasing saying everyone over the age of 40, being backed by the american college of cardiology and heart association sa symptoms of heart disease can actually still be at risk. a dozen horses are looking for new homes starting today themscpa is waving its $200 adoption fee the horses cannot be ridden the group says these older horses with called companion horses and over looked due to their age you can
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>> an unexpected visitor a black bear hanging out several sitings in town on saturday people living in the area say the bear didn't hurt anyone and seemed like it was looking for some food. i mean the biggest clue is he is standing right next to that bird feeder that's all he is doing. bird food. >> they always put that warning out. a massachusetts caught up in the earthquake zealand. >> mallika marshall has a warning about this high tech
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. right now at 6:30, rain moving in coastal flooding on away who will be most impacted and when. breaking over night a hit- and-run in boston involved a state police trooper and a cab the new details just coming in. there could be good news for gronk the latest developments on his reported injury. live from the channel 4 studios in boston.
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good morning about 6:30 on your tuesday morning. i'm kate merrill we have a weather alert for you so let's get to danielle niles what's the issue today? the issue is going to be at the coastline with the supermoon yesterday on shore wind minor flooding you remember the king tide from last month if you flood then you'll flood again today 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. minor coastal flooding basement the coastline in spots again two hours either side of the high tide late morning until early afternoon we'll watch that closely 47 in boston 45, same in lawrence most of us in the 40s all though it is colder places like keen at 29 degrees a lot of clouds around couple sprinkles possible andover, you want the raincoat with you even though there is not a ton of rain the rain is filling in
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ramping up from there heavy rain through the afternoon this is your evening commute it is not going to be fun areas of rain downpours localized flooding the leaves get wet get slick on the road plan accordingly and budget extra time or be aware you may need it 8 to 10 rain tapers off in intensity with a few lingering showers high temperatures in the low 50s again heaviest rain late in the day your evening commute will be a mess thankfully no big weather issues brianna those last minute bridge repairs on 128 and lexington are creating bumper to bumper traffic mass dot made that last minute left lane closure so they could repair bridge joints this was supposed to be finished at 6 a.m., it is 6:30 construction is running late. also you just want to avoid this entire area 495 an accident at exit 12 we also have a disabled car further
6:32 am
here in hopkinton at 495 at exit 21 again look for an alternate route or give yourself extra time to get to work, chris? thanks for the heads up a cab collides with this state police cruiser in boston and then takes off. >> nicole jacobs is live on the scene with new details nicole? kate, state police are now confirming this was in fact a hit-and-run and they crash and fled the scene if you take a look the intersection of berkeley and commonwealth av this is where it happened the traffic lights are out you can see they are working on an area where a light box was knocked over we know now there were four vehicles involved a state police cruiser a security vehicle a parked car and that taxi cab we'll get you right to video showing you the aftermath of this crash you can see the
6:33 am
police cruiser as this is being loaded on the flatbed state police are saying just before 3:00 that taxi driver hit this state police cruiser and the other vehicle along with that parked vehicle before it fled the scene the good news here no one was injured but certainly they are trying to locate that taxi driver in term exactly what company the driver drove for taking a look here at berkeley street and commonwealth traffic as the city wakes up so to speak, this area certainly gets busy but again a taxi driver is responsible for this crash and currently looking for that driver who fled the scene we're live in boston, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. conflicting reports about rob gronkowski and the seriousness of his latest injury the question for pats fans will he miss any games for
6:34 am
>> the loss against the seahawks, there are conflicting reports that gronk may have to miss a game because of a possible punctured lung here is the hit we've talking about from earl thomas, gronk said it was one of the hardest hits of the year, ian rapoport, according to rapoport he could only but espn tweeted it is not a punctured lung instead a chest injury and not quote overly serious here is what gronk had to say about it. >> it is a good clean hit nothing against it, just took it and just knocked the wind out of me a little bit that's all. you ever get the wind knocked out of you, you know what that feels like just down for about a minute or two you know it is a little tough to breathe once
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canceled an ea sports media appearance in new york but it is unclear if that's because of his injury, reporting live from gilette stadium. president elect donald trump will meet with vice president elect mike pence in new york to discuss cabinet positions we've learning who could fill some of those spots. rudy giuliani is reportedly the favorite to become secretary of state in the new administration another possible pick u.s. meanwhile president obama has arrived first destination you're looking at live pictures of the commander and chief the president landed in athens in greece for a two davis where he'll meet with the greek president and prime minister after that president obama is heading to germany before making a final stop in peru. raids across germany hundreds of police are
6:36 am
for members of a group known as the true religion. the government is expected to announce the ban on that organization later today. a rescue operation is now underway in new zealand crews are rescuing thousands of people stranded by a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that earthquake yesterday triggered a tsunami and cutoff entire communities we spoke to a student says she woke up in the middle of the fight to room shaking. >> i didn't know what to do there is a huge wardrobe in my room like 8 feet tall and i was so scared that was going to come down i just tried to move out of the way. the host family huddled under a table for two hours and were evacuated twice in 36 hours once because of the tsunami warning and then because of flooding in the area she says the scariest part now is dealing with the after shock. the boston mayor is proposing big changes after a
6:37 am
month. welch wants a new safety office to over see past violations last month they found 7 violations for atlantic drain where two were killed. and parts of a wall crushed him happened yesterday under construction on christmas tree lane the crew was lifting that wall into place when it fell two other workers suffered minor injuries. the night service the transit service started about riders and their needs during over night hours the t is considering two proposals offing to help cover service after regular business hours. retailers expect virtual reality headsets to be the hot holiday gift this year, no question they offer a fun new experience. as our dr. mallika marshall explains there is still a lot
6:38 am
reality especially kids. this is rock climbing, basketball, and painting in virtual reality. >> i thought it was wiked cool. it was really cool. the headset completely emereses users in a 3d reality world. >> i felt like i was actually there. >> there is an saying it is not for kids under 13, 12 for sony play station, and hct says it is not for young children. >> this is an area for interest and some concern. dr. joseph rizzo says the research is still out on virtual reality. >> there is a legitimate question about whether that much exposure to artificial visual stimuli will alter the
6:39 am
processes visual information. it is an unknown. >> the challenge for the eyes and the brain is that the images are close to the face but tricked your brain into seeing depth. we don't know what that conflict might mean for any user. >> the younger users will be prone to using the devices for a long period of time. >> concerns like a possible increase risk of becoming near sided or how a young brain develops . you understand whether the brain is changing in some permanent way. what would your advice be to parents? >> under encourage use, perhaps with time periods limited to 30 minutes or so. the question remains if the research will catch up with the technology. >> a lot of research should be done quickly because the devices are available and there is going to be an explosion in their availability and use in
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dr. mallika marshall, wbz news. it is 6:40 we'll have a check of today's top stories including no school in parts of lawrence. a classroom fire forcing parents to make other plans today and it could be some time before students are allowed to return there. plus bad moon rising why the full supermoon could be impacting your sleep. good morning everybody we're checking in with weather watchers and temperatures are mild, we've got 50s as you step outside thanks to our weather watchers, south of town john says 43 degrees in hanover cloudy skies barry had a visit, want to give a shout out for the fourth through eighth graders in abundant school, it was a great group of enthusiastic students who were concerned about climate change have a great day at school,
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. did you get a bad night recently? people get an average of 20 minutes less sleep in the days around a full moon they can't say why it causes sleep less they speculate that our brain
6:44 am
moon that has something to do with it. we want to check in with daniel. >> it actually has to do with the moon we continue to get pictures from the supermoon check this out, beautiful last night taken by john mccarthy because of that gravitational pull the closest its been, high tides highest of the year we have an on shore wind on that coastal flood advisory in effect 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. weatheralerts from late morning early afternoon if you flooded last night you'll flood today we'll keep you posted on that 47 in boston same in worcester most in the 40s a lot of clouds around tracking just a couple showers generally light from
6:45 am
cape a couple spritzes when you get along in the west of route 91 amherst to springfield. an area of low pressure that will lift northward rain will over spread the area only become more widespread and more intense through the afternoon between now and late morning it is just a shower or two midday to early afternoon that's when we get downpours that fill in and it ramps up from there it is not going to be a fun evening commute. rain heavy at times downpours maybe a thunderstorm and then the rain tapers off in intensity 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a lingering shower a lot of clouds around early tomorrow morning but i anticipate peeks of sunshine and gradual clearings to come into the day tomorrow how much rain fall? this is one depiction half an inch to an inch and a half for
6:46 am
downpours come in where the leaves get wet they get slick budget extra time that on shore wind not damaging be 10 to 20 miles per hour gusting occasionally higher highs only in the 40s, plymouth to taughten, cape cod over 20 miles per hour there were still be areas of flooding tomorrow but won't be as bad as today mo degrees the nodding won't be as bad because the tide is lower and we're talking about the wind not on shore it is going to shift around during the day tomorrow tonight is not going to be all that cold either around 50 degrees around 55 to 60 for highs tomorrow and end of the week looks brighter thursday mostly sunny high of 58, 60 on friday a touch cooler at the coast clouds increase on saturday and showers, highs in
6:47 am
we have good news construction has wrapped up on 128 south in lexington, last minute bridge joint repairs that construction is all finished up so just when you thought that this area couldn't get any worse it did get worse we have a new accident it is on 495 north at exit 23 route 9 in a disabled car on the pike at exit 11 and over turned rolled over vehicle on 495 north in hopkinton. give yourself plenty of time if this is part of your morning commute a taxi driver hit a
6:48 am
av and berkeley a light poll and fence were damages luckily no one was hurt. conflicting reports about rob gronkowski on sunday missed a few plays before coming back into the game yesterday nfl network ian rapoport believed he had a punctured lung and adam said it is just a chest injury no word yet if gronk co lawrence after a fire officials will spend the day with a second floor classroom nearly 600 students and teachers were evacuated and taken to a near by middle school the fire department says students and staff will not be able to go into that building for some time. a campaign source tells cbs news rudy giuliani is favored to be named secretary of state under president elect donald trump trump will meet with vice
6:49 am
discuss the cabinet trump has 4,000 jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in january. >> still to come this tuesday morning tom brady's update on his own injury report. >> a pat's scheduling change the celtics making 5 in a row come down to a final shot against the pelicans. you may be retired that is not stopping for david ortiz big papi adding more awards to his resume last night. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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. welcome back 6:52 the celtics winning streak is over, late in the fourth, thomas types it at 105 with 7 seconds to go, but the pelicans will come tim frazier draws the foul with two and a half seconds left, he hits one free throw to put the pelicans up 106 to 105 celtics can't get that second shot to go and lose by one. as we wait to find out about rob gronkowski, tom brady is giving us an update he took a shot to the leg, he said how
6:53 am
to go next week, treatment i get from my buddy alex and i'll be ready to go. the 49ers in san francisco will have an interview at patriots all access tonight on wbz start your sunday with patriots game day at 11:30. pats and 9ers kickoff followed by the post season show on mytv38. and the match up, is at 4:25 the game will be seen right here on wbz. >> perfect way to end thanksgiving weekend. david ortiz adding hardware to his trophy case they honored big papi including athlete of the we're, he paraphrased his speech after the marathon bombing saying this is the best sports city in the world.
6:54 am
played another five seasons might come out of it? 6:54 time for a closer look what's coming up on "cbs this morning." let's check in with norah o'donnell. good morning ahead on "cbs this morning" the newest developments since president elect trump's search to fill key positions. a more perfect union meet the group of moms to privilege students get into
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6:57 am
. well, we've seen it done in small groups this morning 11,000 people taking the mannequin challenges fans in a basketball game in australia froze and stayed quiet for nearly a did it in one take that's unbelievable. >> never heard an arena that quiet. >> i love this mannequin challenge. >> getting 11,000 people to do exactly what you want them to do that's pretty impressive. we're on storm watch we have an alert for the coasttal residents for areas of widespread minor coastal flooding late morning early afternoon because of the king tide and supermoon for the rest
6:58 am
downpours. not fun right now either speaking of the commute severe delays on the mass pike roll over accident just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to work. cbs this morning is coming up next. we'll see you back here for an update and we'll be at the cbs boston facebook page see
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? good morning. it is tuesday, november 1 th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect trump eyes r state. he's also looking at ways to give his older children top secret security clearance. raising new concerns about business conflicts. more than 70 wildfires burn across a bone dry southeast. hundreds of buildings are threatened. we're on the front line of one of the toughest sites. plus, a group of moms helping underprivileged students. a more perfect union that highlights stories of americans from different backgrounds


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