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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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an ink. and about a third of -- most of us will see a half inch to 3/4 before things up. the last of the rain showers will start leaving northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. and most of us tapering off drizzle by midnight. the next high tide cycle, and a pockets of minor flooding. and it will be another high tide to watch tomorrow. and we'll take a look at that and more sunshine for the rest of the week. for weather updates download the weather app. >> we have breaking news right
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oklahoma city. ryan kath is here with the latest details. >> police confirmed the person shot at the will rogers airport in oklahoma city has died. that victim is an employee of southwest airlines. our cbs affiliate is reporting the shooting took place outside of a parking garage. travelers have been told to shelter in place as police try to hunt down the shooter. tactical teams are going flights in and out of oklahoma city have been suspended until further notice. 8000 people travel through the airport daily. and we'll keep you updated on the search for the shooter. also breaking this evening. eight people hurt in a crash involving a silver line bus. investigators say a car pulling out of the parking lot hit the bus and the silver line
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to the hospital. and in other breaking news, there are major delays on the commuter rail. the inbound and outbound trains are running way behind schedule. there's a disabled train on the tracks between south weymouth and kingston. the trains that are running are close to an hour for a taxi whose erratic driving caused a chain reaction crash. the cab clipped a security vehicle. that vehicle slammed into a state police cruiser sending it into a parked car. the taxi never stopped and they are looking for it. president-elect donald trump is working to round out the cabinet. and you'll know many of the
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trump believes filling these positions with the right people is one key to his success. >> mike pence arriving at trump tower for meetings with president-elect donald trump. the two men reviewing candidates to fill the cabinet. alabama senator jeff sessions is being considered for several positions, including defense secretary. trump is looking at rudy giuliani and john bolton for secretary of state. and steve -- a former front runner for treasury secretary. >> making sure we get the biggest tax bill passed. >> there are signs of conflict within the transition. mike rogers, a foreign policy expert resigned from the team today partly because he conducted his own investigation of benghazi and found that hillary clinton had done nothing wrong.
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the bannons of this world. >> reporter: and the controversy continues over steve brannen. breitbart news has been accused of publishes anti-semitic stories. >> there's no place in our society let alone the white house for purveyors of hate and violence against any group of americans. >> reporter: president-elect trump and vice president elect presidential briefing today. that will allow them to get up to speed when they take office in january. barbara boxer just filed legislation to get rid of the electoral college. she called it an outdated. un-democratic system that doesn't reflect our modern society. even if congress approves the bill, 3/4 of the states would need to approve it within seven
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the voters sent a message to the world and that message is that economic inequality is a big problem that needs to be addressed. >> time will tell whether the prescriptions being offered whether brexit or -- the u.s. election ends up satisfying those people who have been fearful or angry and i think that's going to be an interesting test. >> president obama is in greece for his last overseas trip as president. a local community is on alert. a suspicious man who looks like this approached a little boy who was playing in his neighborhood. the boy wasn't hurt but he was scared and so are others in the community. paul burton is live with more on that.
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happened and they are glad the 10-year-old is going to be okay and he did the right thing. and now they are concerned about their own children. westin police patrolled the neighborhood searching for a man they say acted suspiciously towards a 10-year-old boy over the weekend. >> kind of scared. >> it is scary, thinking that people are after our children. >> reporter: here's a sketch of westin police said the boy told them he was walking down the road and a man turned around in the driveway near him. he sped up next to him, stopped the car, and began to approach him. the boy screamed and ran and the man drove off. >> i heard that a man drove up
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and he was afraid and screamed and ran home. >> i feel really poor for him because it's too young. >> police returned to the home and folks say it's a bit unsettling. >> this community and this neighborhood usually is very safe. it's a surprise to me. >> police say it's unclear what the man wanted or his intentions which is why neighbors are being extra cautious with their own children. >> i asked him the yard by themselves and always ask mama and dad to be nearby. >> they do not talk to strangers, people coming up. >> anyone with information in regards to this incident or they can help i.d. the man in the sketch are asked to contact westin police. >> a new hampshire woman was
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she rolled it off the road last night and rescuers didn't find her until this morning. they had to use the jaws of life to free the woman who is now in the hospital. bill shields is live with the story in epping. >> when paramedics got to her, she'd been hours. >> according to the patient, the sore shoulder -- >> this was the result. inside the car the 70-year-old. her car left the road and went into the woods. >> she went 75 feet and rolled the vehicle over. >> no one could see her. >> right. >> the 70-year-old was trapped
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seat belt and climb into the backseat where she had a blanket. and then she waited for sunup so someone could see the car. >> she couldn't find her cell phone and knew she had to do something. she corralled into the backseat and put the clothes on to keep her warm. >> she's in the hospital and the injuries are not serious but they want to keep her there to age. i'm bill shields, wbz news. patriots nation can't help but worry about rob gronkowski. the question, how badly is he hurt. some say he punctured a lung and others say he's bruised. the team is not saying anything. >> that's the patriot way. bill belichick didn't have any
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report tomorrow. there have been conflicting reports on the seriousness of the injury. it's been described as a perforated lung, a small puncture and he'll miss minimal time. no matter the real diagnosis, the pats will want to play it safe, thinking of his long-term health and the big picture, folks. and even though patriots are in a tie for the are playing the raiders, and there's no need to rush him back for this one. >> give him the time he needs to heal. we'll give you a preview of what looks like an uneven matchup on paper. start your sunday with patriots game day at 11:30.
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show. newton's first medical marijuana dispensary open todd. it's called garden remedies. and the experience of going through treatment set her on a course to try to help others. >> i had breast cancer and was unable to use medical marijuana when i underwent chemobecause it wasn't legal. i was determined to make this available for patients. >> the ju central massachusetts using organic methods. it's the ninth medical marijuana dispensary to open up in the states. >> so looking for all natural remedies? >> the new way to make sure that homeopathic cures can deliver on their promises. why victims suspect they were targeted. and you pay hundreds for apple products. how much would you pay for an apple picture book?
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when volunteers step up to salute a local veteran with a
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definitely a day for indoor activities unless you were checking out the unusual tides. >> the super moon, the super
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>> the king tides are out there still. some of the susceptible areas saw flooding this morning. the king tides come around when you've got the gravity of the moon and the sun. and they are only a few inches higher than a typical high tide in the middle of the wintertime. but they bring localized flooding even when you don't have a storm. and they offer a glimpse into level rise. >> fascinating. >> 2 feet of sea level rise, all of our tidelands, a third of the city, becomes susceptible to coastal flooding. that's financial district, neighborhoods, anything with a bay in its name is going to be a bay again. >> you think only 2 feet.
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hundred years. and that's a faster pace than most areas. what's happening in the boston area, it's not just seas coming up but new england is stinking. if you think back to the last ice age, the glaciers were over canada and the weight popped up some of the land. and now we're sinking back again. we're talking take hundreds of years. this in hampton. joel sent in this picture. and it's expected that a normal high tide would look like what we had today in about 10 to 30 years. tonight we do have coastal flood advisories out from the south shore through boston, cape ann, is seacoast not expected to be as high as what we saw today. we'll be watching the 10:00 to
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and tomorrow's high is higher. high tides around noon and there'll be spots of minor coastal flooding expected from the seacoast down to the south shore, the cape, and the islands, again, watching the noontime hour for tomorrow. tonight it's all about the rain. and the rain lifting up across the region. and pockets of heavier downpours have been mixed in. brockton, qu, and natick, and you've got the rain and it slows things around. hillsboro, manchester, 93, that's a very wet ride. and we do need the rainfall. that's a certainty. the end of it is starting to move ashore. you see the end of the showers not far away. we'll watch from south to north tonight. providence an inch of rain.
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some of the final showers will leave northern massachusetts by 8:00 and focus on new hampshire. once we hit midnight. showers and mist. and we'll have cloudy skies to start the day. and we'll work in the sun as we reach the midday and the afternoon. we stay in the 40s to the lower 50s. and temps will rise in southeastern massachusetts to close to 60 degrees for the first part of the night. we start mostly cloudy and a sunshine and it's warm for mid- november. 59degrees as we approach the early afternoon. and mid-50s and a pleasant end to the day. a high of 60 in boston. and 56 in rock port. and nearing 60 across the cape and the south coast. not much going on. really a beautiful stretch. we'll see the decreasing clouds, and lots of sunshine on thursday. and lots of sunshine on friday.
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the east. for rest of the week, expect the sun to break out. well into the 50s -- and we could see a little bit of ocean effect cloud cover there. here's your accuweather 7-day. saturday brings with it dry conditions well up into the 50s. sunday we bring in the rain showers and a shot of colder air sunday afternoon. and maybe some flurries. sunday night as we head to monday. a >> festive almost. more americans are hitting the road for thanksgiving. 48.7million people will travel 50 miles for holiday. that includes more than a million folks in massachusetts and most will drive. gas prices holding steady, nice and low. logan airport could add 5000 new parking spaces. one garage in a lot near terminal e and another at the
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entrance. state and environmental regulators need to approve the proposal. if it happens, construction could start in about two years. the advertising claims made by homeopathic drugs -- the fcc says they'll be held to the same standards as other products. and the makers of these alternative medications need to supply scientific evidence to back up the products. homeopathic billion dollars business. and many of the products hit the market without government approval. step by step they gained fans across the country. >> and coming up. the big new kids on the block homecoming at fenway park. the first look at the new train cars. and when we can expect to see them on the track. and high school students given the opportunity of a lifetime. how problem solving skills are
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a health plan with over 50 years of medicare experience. the next chapter of your life should be all about you. that's why we're here. to learn more, contact us for our free medicare guide with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at ?
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so capital one reimagined banking... ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? on the bz feed tonight this may be the perfect present for apple fans. >> although you may not want to buy it for them. it's a $350 coffee table book made by apple. it showcases apple's designs as art with 450 images.
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pencil, the stylist for the ipad pro. the book goes on sale tomorrow. >> i almost feel like we're being punked. >> tom brady had a cookbook. >> it's called a brochure usually -- looking at products. when a fight broke out between passengers on a it decided to step in. he got on the loud speaker to ban all political discussions on the flight and told the passengers to keep their views to themselves. >> that's fine. respect each other's decisions. there's another flight tomorrow. but not this one. is that clear. [ cheering ] >> you can hear the passengers cheering after the pilot said
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you don't want -- >> who wants to talk about it. you want a buffer zone. grab the scrunchies and acid washed jeans. >> boston's favorite boy band is coming to fenway park. new kids on the block, boyz ii men. and tickets are going on sale this saturday. >> were you into the new kids? >> not so much. i their sound. >> you were more of a heavy metal girl. >> i've been outed. students at grambling got ---she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. she got the chance to be the teacher for the day.
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>> some people were bad and some people were not. [ laughter ] >> that is adorable. >> if they don't listen to her they've got real problems. >> she will be a teacher. >> lisa and i will be back at 6:00. here's a look at what's ahead at 5:30. >> thank you very much. senior citizens pressured into buying into investment right for them. the new crackdown after local seniors lost a lot of money. >> and family members of the sandy hook shooting victims fighting for justice. they've been told they can't sue a gun maker. and a windshield smashed. was it vandalism or something more sinister. wednesday on wbz this morning you don't have to wait until black friday to go
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weeks before the holiday. >> and amazon makes a return. join us tomorrow morning, we
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz rain coming down all across the region. the downpours are heavy at times. >> the rain is slowing down the commute and it's going to linger for a while. chief meteorologist eric fisher is here with the details. >> keeping an eye on the radar and the heaviest has been this afternoon into the evening and things taper down into the overnight. for now, pockets of heavier
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dark. there's a look at live doppler radar. things are starting to quiet down. heading to connecticut and rhode island, there's heavy and steady rainfall from quincy at the expressway into boston, north shore, up around the -- parkway seeing heavy rain. temperatures will hold in the 40s and low 50s. and the showers will end after midnight. we'll see lingering clouds, and although this will help it's not going to take us out of the drought. back to etch for and a half rainfall deficit. today's rain is not getting up to an inch and a half. do we have any more rain in the forecast? we'll take a look at the extended coming up in a little bit. the car windshield smashed and tonight a winthrop family wants to know, were they targeted. the family is interracial and they think the vandals saw the


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